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Crowd Control in Concerts

If you were one of the big fans of any rock band, you will definitely know what a crowd stampede is. One false move and you can seriously hurt yourself in the pool of crowd.Crowd control is very important in events where a lot of people is sure to flock in like concerts, political rallies and other similar avenues. Aside from security people, there are also a number of tools and equipments that event organizer’s can use to protect the crowd.

There are a number of equipments that can be used for crowd control. These include stanchions,velvet rope, barricadesThese can easily be customized if you want your company or event name to be on the rope or belt. Aside from branding, these crowd control products can add security and peace of my for the attendees of your event.

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Palahnuik does Hollywood

Guest post written by Tim Perdue

I’ve read about every book that the author Chuck Palahnuik has ever written and I’ve loved all of them. I might even say that he’s my favorite author, after Ernest Hemingway, of course. So I always get pretty excited when I hear that he has a new book coming out and that was teh same for his one that came out a few months ago, called Tell-All. It’s all about Hollywood stuff.

I was a little apprehensive about reading it even though the writer’s had his brushes with Hollywood by having a few of his novels adapted into movies. So I did some more research on it along with reading some omre reviews of it. When I was doing that I ran across some info about a satellite internet company offer. So I decided to Click for more details and I think I might change my internet provider to this company.

But once I finally read the Tell-All book, I thought it was like exactly how, well, a tell-all book about a celebrity should be, filled with lots of gruesome details.

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito

Filipinos all over the globe are eagrly awaiting the fight between Philippine boxing champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.

Manny’s straight left is the reigning deadly weapon among his boxing techniques and he is set to give Margarito a taste of his prowess. Pacman is fast on his feet and has a great control of distance. As my dad, who is a big fan of boxing, will say- Manny fights not only with his fists but with his brains. Big thanks to Coach Freddy Roach who has stand behind Pacman all the way from training to his fights. I think that he was the ‘wind beneath Manny’s wings’- no matter how cheesy that sounds.


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Why Travel?

Don't Forget the Sunblock - Puerto Gallera '09
Don’t Forget the Sunblock! 2-months preggy @ Puerto Gallera ‘09. Hehe.

CAUTION: In Taglish :-)

Why Travel?
Masarap kasi. Kung may pera naman, sure why not. Sa dami dami ng problema ngayon- sa bahay, sa eskwela, sa kaperahan – travelling is a way to unleash your stress and relax. Relaaxxx. I like that word.

Travelling is pretty much like shopping. Therapeautic. Relaxing. Addicting. You go from places to places, bring home trinkets and souvenirs, eat all the local food you can get your hands on- and before you know it- wala ka ng pera. Pero, so what? You get to enjoy every single moment of it anyway. You can earn your next few thousands on your way back to Manila, back to your 8-5 job, back to the city jungle.

Plus, it’s exciting to post your travel pictures for all the world to see on Facebook, Friendster, Multiply and all that jazz. Daming maiinget. For sure! I remember one of my friends saying “Picture picture tayo dito (referring to the front area in MOA, greeneries, coconut trees and all) tapos post nten sa Friendster sbehen nten we’ve been to Bahamas”. Lol.

It’s also a sweet way of saying to your ex “See, I moved on.” You on a two-piece swimsuit with a swarm of people under the hot sun of Puerto Gallera- yup, you’re doing a good job of moving on. Congratulations!

Iniisep ko pa lang ang beach, naamoy ko na ang kakaibang simoy ng hangin. Kapag nagsama ang buhangin at dalampasigan- literal na “a breath of fresh air”. Travelling for half an hour (that’s Tagaytay) or a half a day (that’s Bicol) is really worth all that pain in the butt from that long drive when you get to stand up, stretch a little and reach new grounds. That’s when you can spread your arms to the sun and say “Ninoy, thanks for Independence! I’m free!”. Travelling is freedom.

The breathtaking surroundings, the smiles of strangers, and the odd smell of the food you are reluctant to get a taste of (baka kasi kinalaw na ’something’) - all these make you feel like your Kat De Castro (I could have quote Ian Wright) -minus all those extra pounds.

It’s a sad thing that most Filipinos don’t get to travel Philippines, their own country, for a hundreds of reasons. Number one reason- finances. But you can get around this. How?

*Save up a few hundreds every salary and you can get to travel at least once or twice a year.
*Attend family reunions so you can get a free ride to your province- that’s travelling, nonetheless.
*If you want really cheap air tickets to Boracay or elsewhere, Cebu Pacific offers cheap rates if you book a year ahead of your travel. Yes, a year ahead.
*Travel with your whole barkada, take a road trip and split expenses.
*Never miss a company sponsored travelling spree (team building, convention, run a boss’ errand, etc.)- that’s a way of travelling for free too!

Pag pinoy nga naman, kung gusto may paraan. See, there are a lot of ways on how you can travel Philippines at little cost.

Going back to the question- why travel? Because YOU can!
So game na, enjoy Phillipine travels! Philippine tourism advocate? Join Let’s Go Sago anniversary contest!

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Going Local

Ok. So I might do a major revamp of this site. It’s about time! I haven’t touched this blog in years. After investing on this blog a few years back, I wanted a piece of the blog fame going on around here. I want real traffic and real comments from real people. So- I am going local! Yep, I am Pinay and proud to be. So if re-opening this blog means I need to go through 100 spam comments a day. So be it!

Will get ready for real work this time. Good luck to me!

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Philippine Social Networking Revolutionized

If you love Friendster and Facebook, you should definitely add Fizzer to your list of addicting sites on the web. Fizzer. is the fastest growing Philippine Social Networking site that does not only allow user to post their blogs and meet family and friends over the Internet, you can also shop for digital goods and win exciting prizes.

Fizzer shop offers a wide array of digital products that you can buy ranging from load credits from Globe Autoload Max, Sun Load, Smart Prepaid and Red Mobile Prepaid. You can also buy smart link online, buy club e coin and buy e pin. Aside from cell phone load, you can also buy Level Up game cards, Skyblade, Legen of Mir 2, Game Club, Ran Online, Cherry Credits, Granado Espada and Epoints.

The great thing about Fizzer, unlike other cell phone load shop, is that it caters to everyone. Even if you are in the Philippines or abroad, you can buy from Fizzer with no problem at all. For regular customers, load credits can reach your cell phone or your account for as fast as less than a minute! You can send load and game credits either to yourself, to your friends and family here and abroad. What more, they have a dedicated online support team that you can talk to for any inquiries or for any other issues you may have.

Fizzer offers shoppers convenience with a wide range of payment options that you can choose from. Costumers can buy with Paypal, Master Card, Alertpay, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, and Visa. If you pay with Paypal, you can buy digital goods without divulging your credit card information or other financial info, which makes it a safe gateway to buy stuff from the Internet.

Now, for the fun part. Fizzer is not only an online shop, but it is also a social networking site. You can connect with your friends and family, wherever they maybe in the globe, and get to talk to them like they are just a few houses away from you. You can upload photos and share events with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also go to their blog section where you can post your thoughts and get other people to read your opinions and exchange comments with fellow members of the site.

If you get bored over at Farmville, Fizzer offers a number of games that you can enjoy on their site. You can challenge your friends over a game of Darts, Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, Sudoko and other exciting games.

Once in a while, Fizzer shifts the fun offline and you can join in actual events where you can meet fellow Fizzer members face to face. A Fizzer event is a definite must-attend event where you can get to meet some of your favorite Filipino celebrities too. Fizzers also offer contests that you can join in to win loads of exciting prizes or play just join for the fun of it.

Want to experience Fizzer for yourself? Join today and check out

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Jesse James Made Thousands of Dollars on eBay

Ebay is not only for Internet marketers or at home moms with a lot of stuff to unload. Jesse James also uses the ever famous auction website to sell his stuff and declutter. He sold his extra stuff and personal belongings and cashed in a total of $118,088.95.

After the break up with celebrity producer Sandra Bullock, Jesse James continues with life and reorganizing his stuff is may be his first step in putting his life together. This West Coast Choppers CEO sure had helped a lot of people dress up right with his pick of clothings that he sells of at eBay. He also sold his beloved bike!

Jesse James owns a Chevrolet Silverado, but sorry for those who want to get hold of that, we don’t see that in any of his auctions. If you are one of the owners of this nice looking truck by Chevy and by any chance you need a brake job, you can go to any Dallas auto repair shop if you are anywhere in that state. For a quick search of repair shop in the country, check out some good listings from our friends at

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Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives Beauty Secret

All the cast of Despearte Housewives are over 40 except for Eva Longoria who’s 30+. To keep young looking on screen she says ‘never to overdo your hair and make up’. Eva loves to do simply waves on her hair and add a bit of highlights to her dark hair. Gold shimmer cream is also a must to add glow to her cheeks and forehead.

How to look young? Eva answers ‘you should know your best features and highlight it’. For her, she shows off her legs but not her breast. Never use to much foundation or concealer, else it will go down your fine lines and the things that you want concealed will end up showing horridly.

If you want to get the look of Eva, wear tailored tops, blouses and jackets. Tailored clothing will always fit and flatter your body. Eva is also fond of skinny jeans. Boots is also a staple in Eva’s ensemble. She wears it with almost anything from dresses to skirts to jeans.

If you can’t get enough of Eva, you can always watch Desperate Housewives on your television and learn from her style and glamour. If you want to watch the latest episodes of your favourite television serious, you can check out for great packages for HD channels. LocalTV-Satellite offers Direct TV (which is better than cable) at very affordable prices. You can subscribe for as low as 29.99 per month.

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Charice on Glee Next Season

Asian talents are getting more and more discvored day after day. Thanks to Oprah, the little girl singing sensation of the Philippines was exposed and her sheer talent just keeps earning her merits for her talent- and a TV show as well. What else can a talented Asian singer in her 18 join in Hollywood? You guessed it right- Glee.

Charice will play a foreign exchange student who’ll rival lead singer Lea Michaels in the said show. Charice on her twitter announced that she was officially on the cast of Glee next seson. Charice even went through a botox treatment to prepare for the role.

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Fab Flat Fashion

Yes, high heeled stilettos can give your butt a lift and can make your legs slimmer- but, boy, they can really be a pain sometimes. Remember those nights when you have those blisters and aching toes? If you want to look fab - minus the pain- you can ditch your 3-inch heels shoes and grab your flats!

How to Wear Flats?
Flats, if not used wisely, can smash your frame. Wise up and use it with something that can flatter you. Pair it up with an ensemble that can make your silhouette look lean. You can go with pencil skirts, straight cut trousers, slim cropped pants or a tailored suit. At night, you can possibly be without heels and pick a flat with those glittery and racy metallic.

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