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Straw Fashion for Summer

I am a big fan of straw handbags and straw purses. To date, I have one big woven handbag in natural brown color and some black details. It’s just a shame that my bag is kind of worn and I am yet to replace it with a new one. I am eyeing on a nice straw handbag with great patterns that I saw on What I love about these bags is that they are very light and comfy. The only downside is that they are less durable compared to vinyl or leather bags. So you need to give it some extra loving care.

I love the look of this bag. It is great for the coming summer. You can wear it on your usual day out on the beach. You can pretty much stuff this bag with anything you need for the beach. But just keep in mind to keep it off moisture, so don’t put your water bottles in here or soda cans. Get a different bag for that. If you are to bring a straw handbag to the beach, make sure that it have enough space to carry your things. Else, you can do damage to your precious bag.

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