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On the Hunt for the Perfect Locket Necklace

I am no fan of locket accessories, but when I had my special boy, I wanted to keep his picture close to my heart so I want to have a locket necklace (isn’t that cheesy?!). Oh well, as I am a big online shopper, the first thing I checked is E-bay and I found a number of very nice looking locket necklace at good prices.

Cameo Necklace

My eyes get caught on a nice cameo locket necklace, which is very classy and elegant. I would want to wear it with a long chain and use it as a statement necklace somehow. I found the gorgeous cameo necklace above at, but don’t bother checking it out, the item is sold out.

I love this locket necklace, it’s very victorian yet have a modern touch to it. I love the touch of little pearls surrounding it. I also love the twist of the chain necklace, which is very unique. Oh well, another one on my wish list!


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