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How to Even Out Skin Tone

Even if you have the most expensive brand of eye shadow or lipstick on your cosmetic bag, nothing beats a clean and even skin tone, especially on the facial area. I love the look of a clean face. It’s always the in thing. It’s really nice when you get to play with colors but would it be better if you feel confident even if you do not have too much color on your face.

Even Skin Tone
You can follow these easy steps to an even skin tone:

Exfoliate- Get rid of those dead skin cells that make your skin looks dull. You can try a number of skin products out there in the market like facial scrubs, microderm abrasion cream, beta and alpha hydroxyl pads. You can also undergo chemical peeling and microdermabrasion. Taking Vitamin A can also do a lot of help.

Moisturize- You can plump your skin with moisturizer with SPF15. Also remember to put on primer before applying make-up so that your face would not look dry or dull.

Foundation- If you are to use make up, you can use tinted moisturize or liquid foundation that is a shade darker or lighter than your skin color. Apply only in the areas where you need to.

Cover-up- Use a concealing cream under the eyes and on your dark spots and blemishes. Just pat it on and don’t rub!

Add Natural Color- Use a bronzer or a blush and swipe it on your cheeks, nose and forehead. These are the areas where the sun naturally hits. Use a large brush and carefully choose a natural color for your face highlights. Make sure that you don’t over do it.

Remember to shop for skin products that are appropriate for your skin type. If you want to pay less on your beauty supply, you can always shop online.

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