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How to Remove Stretch Marks

It can really be frustrating to wake up one day and see ugly marks on your skin. I’ve just given birth. I’m happy to see my healthy little boy smiling every morning but not the stretch marks I have on my belly. It’s dark, uneven, unsightly and ooh so ugly. Can it really be forever? Will I never get to wear a two-piece ever again?

how to remove stretch marks

I scampered all over the Internet and look for solutions on how to remove stretch marks. I read that stretch marks are considered as scars. And scars can really be hard to remove permanently. I found a number of scar treatment products online, some you can get for less than $50 and some can cost you more. Some of the articles I read also says that stretch marks is just a matter of evening out your skin tone so you can just buy some products to whiten skin. My friend who just been pregnant uses a gluta-cream on her belly and it works well for her.

I heard that cocoa butter is a good thing to use to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Shea butter also works well. Taking Vitamin C can also help. Of course, eating the right foods that are rich in protein, fruits and vegetables can also does magic. Drink lots. lots of water. Oh well, I guess, it’s a long way to go before my stretch marks can fade. But hey, there’s always the first step.

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