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Quick Hair Care Tips

Hair care tipsYour crowning glory- the hair- can even break or make you. Even if you have the best dress on, with an ugly hair, you can’t really be the star of the show. A lot of people are taking their hair for granted. Split ends, dandruff, frizzes and scalp psoriasis are just some of the enemies of your strands.

How can you take care of it and make it shine all throughout your day? Here are some few tips:

  • Never brush your hair when wet. This can make your hair prone to damage.
  • Keep your hair away from blow dryers and heating tools as much as you can.
  • Trim your hair at least once a month to avoid split ends.
  • Shampoos with tea tree oil and mint are great for the hair.
  • Apply conditioner on your hair every day. Leave on your hair for 2-3 minutes then rinse well.
  • Stay away from chemicals like dyes and hair relaxers.
  • You can give your hair some tender loving by buying beauty products for the hair like hair masques and deep treatment.
  • With a great and healthy hair, you can always wear your hair down. A hair-do and hairsprays are not always requisite to a great looking hair. Everyone loves a shiny and healthy hair. I do!

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