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Christina Aguillera had a Minor Accident on the Road

It is not everyday that we hear celebrities having a car accident, unless of course if it’s someone like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Just before Christmas, Pop star Christina Aguillera had a minor car accident in Los Angeles on a Tuesday night.

Aguillera was not on the driver’s seat but a passenger on a white Range Rover. The car is driven by her femal assistannt. She rear-ended another Ranger Rover, a silver one, driven by a West Hollywood woman.

The incident did not turn into a big news or scandal and there were no police who were called to the scene. Christina Aguillera sufffered no major injuries. The passengers also did not have any injuries along with the female assistant. Aguillera continued with her celebrity schedule and left with her bodyguard leaving her assistant with the damaged Ranger Rover.

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