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The Pricey and Scary Monogram Baby Carrier by Gucci

Priced at $895, I would have to think ten times before I purchase this baby carrier. But at first look, it is certainly to die for. I’ve been looking in and around eBay and bid on one infant carrier by Enfant (which for me, is one of the leaders of infant products), then I chance upon this one great looking baby carrier. Who wouldn’t want to carry their little angles in style? Mommy would truly look chic and trendy carrying this around. Hot mommy celebs like Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears are spotted carrying one of these cute carriers.

But don’t be mislead with the posh designer look. The top priority for baby carriers should be safety. Do you think your precious little angels would be safe in one of these? Sure, Mommy would look posh and trendy but will your baby feel just as happy? Take a long hard look at this designer piece and you would know what I mean.

The straps do not look all sturdy to me. In fact, they look like belt buckles or better yet, bag buckles that you would often see in a Gucci bag. It’s as if you are carrying your nappies instead of your baby. And aside from the buckle issue, its straps are very thin too compared to the usual straps of the usual baby carrier.

I fell in love with this baby carrier at first look, I’m glad I gave it a second look. Anyway, I think I wouldn’t afford its price anyway, even if I work my butt off for months! 

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