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How to Apply Mineral Make-Up/ Foundation

I am a big fan of liquid foundation. I tried a couple of local brands and they worked perfectly well for me. What I like about liquid foundation is the even coverage it can give my face. Aside from giving me an even skin tone, it can also work as a concealer to hide uneven skin tones and some blemishes. I just bought a new bottle last Sunday and then I came across a bargain site selling mineral make-ups and I plan to buy one myself.

There are a few questions I have about mineral make-ups. On top of my questionnaire is – How to use it? So, I searched through some info sites and read that you need to have a Kabuki brush to apply it on your face. Kabuki brushes can be quite costly. Compared to a liquid foundation, where I just used my fingers to apply the foundation, mineral foundation seemed complicated to use.

So for those who bought their first few jars of mineral make up, here’s how to apply them:

1. Give your mineral jar a good shake. This would help loosen up the minerals.
2. Open the jar and pour a very small amount to the lid.
3. Using your Kabuki brush, dip the bristles and tap the handle. This would remove the excess make up and help spread it over the brush evenly.
4. Sweep the brush from your jaw line and to the rest of your face in a circular motion. Go up your forehead and finally sweep some on your nose and on the cheeks.
5. Use the Kabuki brush to even out the coverage of the mineral make up.

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