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Why Travel?

Don't Forget the Sunblock - Puerto Gallera '09
Don’t Forget the Sunblock! 2-months preggy @ Puerto Gallera ‘09. Hehe.

CAUTION: In Taglish :-)

Why Travel?
Masarap kasi. Kung may pera naman, sure why not. Sa dami dami ng problema ngayon- sa bahay, sa eskwela, sa kaperahan – travelling is a way to unleash your stress and relax. Relaaxxx. I like that word.

Travelling is pretty much like shopping. Therapeautic. Relaxing. Addicting. You go from places to places, bring home trinkets and souvenirs, eat all the local food you can get your hands on- and before you know it- wala ka ng pera. Pero, so what? You get to enjoy every single moment of it anyway. You can earn your next few thousands on your way back to Manila, back to your 8-5 job, back to the city jungle.

Plus, it’s exciting to post your travel pictures for all the world to see on Facebook, Friendster, Multiply and all that jazz. Daming maiinget. For sure! I remember one of my friends saying “Picture picture tayo dito (referring to the front area in MOA, greeneries, coconut trees and all) tapos post nten sa Friendster sbehen nten we’ve been to Bahamas”. Lol.

It’s also a sweet way of saying to your ex “See, I moved on.” You on a two-piece swimsuit with a swarm of people under the hot sun of Puerto Gallera- yup, you’re doing a good job of moving on. Congratulations!

Iniisep ko pa lang ang beach, naamoy ko na ang kakaibang simoy ng hangin. Kapag nagsama ang buhangin at dalampasigan- literal na “a breath of fresh air”. Travelling for half an hour (that’s Tagaytay) or a half a day (that’s Bicol) is really worth all that pain in the butt from that long drive when you get to stand up, stretch a little and reach new grounds. That’s when you can spread your arms to the sun and say “Ninoy, thanks for Independence! I’m free!”. Travelling is freedom.

The breathtaking surroundings, the smiles of strangers, and the odd smell of the food you are reluctant to get a taste of (baka kasi kinalaw na ’something’) - all these make you feel like your Kat De Castro (I could have quote Ian Wright) -minus all those extra pounds.

It’s a sad thing that most Filipinos don’t get to travel Philippines, their own country, for a hundreds of reasons. Number one reason- finances. But you can get around this. How?

*Save up a few hundreds every salary and you can get to travel at least once or twice a year.
*Attend family reunions so you can get a free ride to your province- that’s travelling, nonetheless.
*If you want really cheap air tickets to Boracay or elsewhere, Cebu Pacific offers cheap rates if you book a year ahead of your travel. Yes, a year ahead.
*Travel with your whole barkada, take a road trip and split expenses.
*Never miss a company sponsored travelling spree (team building, convention, run a boss’ errand, etc.)- that’s a way of travelling for free too!

Pag pinoy nga naman, kung gusto may paraan. See, there are a lot of ways on how you can travel Philippines at little cost.

Going back to the question- why travel? Because YOU can!
So game na, enjoy Phillipine travels! Philippine tourism advocate? Join Let’s Go Sago anniversary contest!

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