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Not Your Usual Plaid Shirt

Breezy Jennifer Aniston in Plaid Polo Shirt

Breezy Jennifer Aniston in Plaid Polo Shirt

Who would have thought that the Plaid trend would make a comeback. A lot of celebrities are now gracing the streets with these loose hot-looking wear. What do I love about plaid polo shirts? They are very comfy to wear, not too tight and not body hugging. So if you have those bulges that you might want to hide, put the plaid polo shirt on and you would be all right.

Don’t think it looks sexy? Sure it does. Just open up a few buttons of your polo top and reveal a little skin and you are sure to get some envious glance (not too low though!)

Plaid polo tops are best worn with jeans. Lindsay Lohan wants to wear them loose and large and pair it up with some leggings and high boots.

Jennifer Aniston looks so girl-next-door in this shot. Breezy, comfy- even without Brad.

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