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Asian Pearls: Classic Jewelries For All Occasion

Pearls are classic and timeless pieces. One of the best suppliers and makers of pearl accessories in the entire world can be found in ASIA. The seas of Asia produce the best kinds of pearls of all kinds, colors and quality. If you want to export pearl accessories, you can email

I personally like pearl earrings because it brings an instant brightness to my face. Asian people, specially the Filipinas, have a brown skinned complexion which can be perfectly paired with a pearl accessory to give the face a lift and some flair.

In some Asian traditions, the bride is not allowed to wear pearl accessories during her wedding. This is because pearls can be a symbol of tears. They are pretty much the same as the shape of tears and to think that they come from the waters. And because pearls are favorite wedding accessories, the thing that can contrast such belief is to choose a pearl ring or accessories with a diamond or swarovski on it so that it won’t represent the shape of tears any longer.

The pearl is a hard and round object which came from a soft tissue of a shelled mollusk. It is made up of calcium carbonate. The best pearls are very round and very smooth. The perfect pearls can be priced as much as gold jewelries. In 1934, the world’s largest pearl was found in the Philippine waters in Palawan, weighing 6.4 kilograms.

Here are just great pearl pieces to die for:

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