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Maxi Dresses Galore on Sex and the City 2

Aside from the exciting story of Sex and the City the Movie 2, you will love the fab four’s flare for fashion in their latest hit movie. Although there have been a lot of things going on in the lives of the Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, there is one thing that stayed the same- their passion for great fashion.

The fab four always parade their TV shows and the silver screen with exciting and astounding clothing. Even when their ages hit 40, you will still love what they’re wearing and wear their outfits even if you’re 14! In their sequel to their first movie, you can see a lot of vibrant colors. Carrie as always surprises us with her fashion sense and carried a puffy bubble skirt with a Dior top.

Another noticeable fashion style in the movie is long maxi dresses with vibrant colors and great fit. Each maxi dress each woman wears is different from each other- from their colors, necklines, prints, and materials. In the picture Miranda wears a beautiful low neck maxi dress that fits her perfectly lean and tall figure. Carrie wears a beautiful tie dyed patterned maxi dress and sexy Samantha wears a revealing bright yellow maxi dress. Charlotte always goes for the pretty and romantic with this nice layered and ruffled maxi dress.

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Maternity Fashion

I have a wedding to attend and can’t figure out what to wear. I am 9 months pregnant and oh so big. I browsed most of Angelina Jolie’s fashion statement when she’s preggy and most of her dresses where maxi dresses, long and single- colored. I tried one maxi dress in blue green, and it makes me even fat- like an elephant. So, no to maxi dresses for me at this time.

I settled on an above the knee black dress, (about an inch above the knee) halter type, so it shows a little sexiness. I don’t want to show my flabby arms, so I picked a cropped shrug along with the black dress I got. I also pair it up with matching gray shoes. Will post a photo pretty soon when I managed to get some.  It is somehow similar to the fashion of Nicole Richie when she’s preggy (see pic below).

For those who want to get an idea on how to they can wear fashion during pregnancy, here are some ideas from the celebs.

Angelina Jolie Maternity Fashion

Nicole Richie Maternity Fashion

Jessica Alba Maternity Fashion


A&E Rocks!

Guest post by Kevin Gertrard

One of my favorite channels to watch on satellite TV is A&E (Arts and Entertainment). The shows are very diverse, but encompass everything I like to watch. I am more favorable to the real life crime shows such as, Investigative Reports, Intervention, and City Confidential.

The other shows that I also enjoy are the crime dramas. The original Law and Order will always be my favorite, no matter how many spin offs they do. I have watched just about every episode they have made, and I can always catch my favorite re-runs on A&E which is only available on some of the satellite systems in texas.

The informational programs like Hoarders and Paranormal State are running a close second to the crime shows. Before I started watching these, I had no idea that these issues existed out there. For a time there, I was on bed rest at the end of my second pregnancy. I had A&E on the entire time, except when watching the local news. I was kept entertained and never got bored with what I was watching.

A&E has had some of the most informative, entertaining, and enjoyable shows to watch for several years now. They always seem to be on the cutting edge and have up to date, in depth looks at some of the serious issues that we face as a society today. I am excitedly anticipating what the future brings.

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Get a Wrinkle-Free Face: EliteSkin Products Review

There are more than one reason why wrinkles appear in your face and neck. This can be caused by old age, pollution, or your diet. If you want a flawless skin and get rid of wrinkles, you can do away with expensive surgery that will cost you hundreds of dollars. All you have to do is to find the best wrinkle cream for your skin and you will realize there is no need for expensive surgery anymore.

Online wrinkle cream reviews can help you in deciding what wrinkle creams to buy. Whether you are buying a natural wrinkle cream or a chemically produced one, they can both be effective. What you can do is to buy trial bottles and observe what changes and improvement the product can do to your skin.

One of the more popular wrinkle creams in the market is the EliteSkin Age Defying system. Price at $129.99, It is quite a beauty investment. Some of the advantages of this Elite Sytem product are as follows:

• Long terms results
• Advanced ingredients
• Clinically tested
• Stimulates collagen re-growth
• Fast results
• Made in the USA, FDA-approved

This product also comes with a money back guarantee so you can be assured of its quality. For neck cream reviews and other wrinkle reviews, you can check out before spending your money on the next wrinkle product in the market.

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How to Wear Leggings

Leggings of all sorts are lining up stored displays in fashion hubs. You can find colored and printed leggings, solid colored leggings, cut-out jeggings (I am still in search for a reason for this style) and the hottest high fashion piece of clothing today- the wet look leggings.

We have seen them on Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, but when you buy a pair, you will find yourself asking, so what the heck should I pair this up with? Remember that the wet look leggings are attention grabbers on their own because of their ultra shiny fabric, so you might one to have a simple top to contrast with your pants. Ftted blazers paired with solid colored pumps or flats are great ensemble for wet look leggings. You can also wear long tunics or mini dress with them. Some people can get even away with just wearing a simple shirt over it.

If you want to buy various types of leggings at affordable prices, you can check out where you can also shop for sequin dress and sexy dresses at the site!

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Various Designs of Replica Watches

Eva Longoria wearing Rolex for WomenReplica watches are gaining popularity since these watches look really good but they do not cost a lot. There are various kinds of replica watches with designs meant to please everyone. This blog will provide information on some of the popular designs of replica watches.

Metal replica watches are usually considered old fashioned this is not true. These watches resemble the metal watches made by popular brands like Tag Heur, Swatch and Cartier. Fake designer watches are also made from leather and leather watches look extremely attractive. The leather used to create these replicas is usually of good quality but this will depend on the price of the watch.

Based on the dials replica handbags watches can be categorized into 4 types. The first type of dial is the analogue dial that resembles a small clock, the second type of dial is the digital dial, the third type of dial is the single dial that has one display and the fourth type of dial is the dual display which either has two displays or two watches in one display. Some dual display watches have one analogue display and one digital display where as some watches have two analogue displays meant for two different time zones.

Fake designer watches are available in various colors and while it is possible to get traditional metal watches with black or silver dials, it is also possible to get colorful watches with dials that have various designs. Some fake designer watches also have straps that are imprinted or engraved with designs.


What are Body Wraps?

Body wraps are getting popular nowadays. If you have tried everything you read on diet pill reviews and nothing seem to work, you can try body wraps. Body wrap is a type of treatment where ace bandages or plastic wraps cover the body tightly. This is believed to cause weight loss through the concept of vasolidation.
There are various slimming body wraps that you can find on the market today. But most people say that this is a temporary solution to your lose weight. Body wraps can be used with other natural ingredients like seaweed, clay, mud, and algae. You can also use lotion and creams with it. A person is usually wrapped for about 20 minutes to keep the body warm. Body wraps is also used for detoxification making it a good solution to weight loss.

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How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp

scalp itching, there are a number of products that you can buy in the market to prevent it. You can buy over the counter medicines, natural home remedies and shampoos and other hair products made to stop itchy scalp.

Anti-Dandruff shampoos
Most often than not, itchy scalp is a result of another hair ailment, like dandruff. If you can stop dandruff, then you can stop itchy scalp. Buy a hair product that contains ketoconazole which you can use once or twice a week.

Essential oils
You can also apply essential oil to your hair. Essential oil can help reduce irritation and itching. You can buy oils like rosemary and thyme.

Shea butter / Coconut oil
You can also use coconut oil or shea butter on your hair to stop scalp itching. Aside from having anti-itch properties, they are also good moisturizers for your scalp and protect your hair from being brittle.

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How to Remove Stretch Marks the Natural Way

A lot of women who’ve given birth have a large problem about stretch marks. It can be a result of pregnancy or weight loss. These are really very unsightly to look at and you can no longer sports the sexy dresses and bikini outfits that you have stock in your closet. Having heavy stretch marks can really make you self conscious. Today there are many, stretch mark cream that you can buy in the market. You can also go into surgery or consult collagen skin care clinics on how they can help you remove stretch marks. Meantime, here are some at-home and natural ways on how you can minimize your stretch marks:

• Use loofah when you shower and use it on affected areas in a circular motion.
• You can massage cocoa butter to your stretch marks.
• You can also use Vitamin E oil when massaging your body.
• Buy tretinoin creams for stretch marks. This will need a prescription from your doctor.
• Have a healthy diet and eat foods that are rich in Vitamins A, E and C.
• Add zinc to your daily diet. It is good for the skin.
• Eat foods that are high in essential fatty acids like vegetable and fish oils.

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How to Fight Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are raised scars that can be caused by injury, severe acne or surgery. It can be a physical discomfort and can cause you great embarrassment. But you do not have to bear the sight of keloids all your life; there are many ways on how you can get rid of them.

• Stay away from piercing if you want to stay away from keloids.
• You can apply tea tree on affected areas. Some people attest you can see results in just a few weeks time.
• You can also use steroids on your keloids with the advice and supervision of a doctor. Steroids is known to flatten keloids in just 3 months.
• If your keloid is caused by acne, put pressure on it for about 3 times a day. This can help flatten the keloid.
• You can also use silastic gel on your keloids.
• You can go for surgery if you want to get rid of keloids fast and permanently.
• Talk to your dermatologists or a collagen skin care expert and ask their recommendations to remove your keloid scars.

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