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First off, Any tips on starting the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++.

Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstinence from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

We accept anyone who follows the Medifast plan 100% as written, but not limited to, the Quick Start Guide. We recommend participating on the team for 1 week prior to requesting the Tough Love Banner to ensure that compliance to our bylaws is do-able for you..

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!.



asked Apr 28 at 09:47

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161 Answers:
Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

answered Apr 28 at 11:23

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Thanks for the coffee Cindy!.

We are supposed to be warm and sunny here in Ithaca NY today - a much welcome change! Enjoy your day TL!..

answered Apr 28 at 12:19

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I forgot to ask....

Has anyone flown with Medifast in thier carry on luggage? Did the TSA give you a hard time? I will be gone for a week and want to take all of my food in my carry on. I have had my luggage lost before and losing my underwear was bad...losing my Medifast would be traumatic!..

answered Apr 28 at 13:13

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Lol... I agree you can always go commando but no Medifast food.. AAgh!!!.

I have flown with Medifast in my carry on and never had a problem!!.


answered Apr 28 at 13:38

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Good morning,Tough Lovelies! Thanks for the coffee, Cindy!.

GC, I've heard that the only Medifast that might present a problem is the RTD shakes..

I am back down a full two pounds this week, which puts me just about where I was, give or take a tenth of a pound, two weeks ago before I got sick. So, it's not a real WHOOSH, but I'll take it!.

Cindy, I agree about smacking anyone who complains about the heat today! After the winter we've had, 80 degrees is a VERY welcome change, even if it IS gonna be rainy and humid. Note to self: extra goop in the hair today.....

answered Apr 28 at 14:43

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Morning Lovelies!.

Thanks for the java Cindy! I need it today. Eyes are all bleary still! Holy smokes what a schedule you have this week! You have got yourself one active boy! LOL.

Morning Gone Country(sorry can't recall your real name without more coffee...) and Penny! I so will NOT complain about any warm weather...just so long as it's heading my way too!.

Kay. Need to wake the Wee Beastie (wish me luck, he does take after his Mamma in the "Rather Be Sleeping" department..

Official weigh in this morning shows I am down -3.0 pounds Yippee!..

answered Apr 28 at 15:06

's gravatar image


Congrats on the nice loss, Keri!.

I'm also off to get the little one onto the bus. Today is my early day, so it's off to the salt mines by 8 for me. Gas station, post office, then work..

See you all at the office!..

answered Apr 28 at 16:07

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Thanks for the coffee! Enjoy your nice weather..


I've taken lots of other foods in my carry ons and as long as it's not liquid had no problem. I fly tomorrow but I sent a box to my dh ahead of time so I'll only carry 5 or 6 bars..


Yippee for losing !.


Yay on your loss also!.

My stomach hurt like heck yesterday, like I'd had lactose which I hadn't. I think it must be stress from having to fly and find a place to live. I am down 2.2 lbs to 178 even for the week, up a tiny bit from a day or two ago. I plan to make sure the bottom level of my house is cleaned up and finish up packing today. Oldest goes to the ortho at 4..

Have a great one everybody!..

answered Apr 28 at 16:50

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone..

Today is my weigh in day and I'm down 0.6 pounds. Considering I am also bloated, crampy, zitty, mean, weepy, and retaining enough water to fill a kiddie pool, I'm happy to see the scale went down at all..






, congrats on the BIG losses!..

answered Apr 28 at 18:19

's gravatar image




I get stressed every time I have to fly...go figure. Do I have this that or the other thing. Add your last couple of weeks together, and it sounds to me like you have all the ingredients for a stress sandwich. Feel Better!..

answered Apr 28 at 18:59

's gravatar image



I hate flying (to add to the rest), the doctor nicely gives me some Xanax so I don't come unglued during the turbulence. Five hours is a long time to be in a plane.

(it's really inconvenient to hate flying when your husband is a pilot LOL).


I bet next week you'll have a great loss, hope your PMS goes away soon!..

answered Apr 28 at 20:19

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Whoops Missed you.


! Good Morning! Congrats on showing any loss with Tom around. He can be a real killjoy as far as weight loss, but you still flipped him off and showed a loss!.

Sorry about the symptoms. Supposedly, I suffer from all of the above as well...sometimes hard for me to recognize until I'm holding a shiv to DH's throat asking what he meant by what he just said? LOL At that point, he ususally asks if I've taken a Pamprin or a Midol, and maybe I should look into it. LOL..

answered Apr 28 at 21:46

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Thanks guys, DSO just asked me when or if I was planning on going to work and I just snarled and made an unpleasant noise. It isn't helping that she's off all this week and is happily flitting around the house like a freaking woodland fairy..


, I was scary like that this weekend!.

But, I do need to go to work, so happy Monday to all who follow. I love seeing all our Monday weighers and our great losses...

answered Apr 28 at 22:24

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Anna! Too funny., I feel your pain. What was really horrible for me was when I'd have to fly anywhere when our little guy was a baby/toddler. I'd be stressed about flying, but couldn't take anything...Needed to have my scat together. It's really funny, though. We'd be boarded and (when we could, we'd fly business class) because of his car seat, it was so much easier. But he is all cool as a cucumber...and I am saying Hail Mary's under my breath!. I always tell DH, when we fly, you can tell who the AF Baby is and who the Army Baby is.....

answered Apr 28 at 22:51

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Morning DW'ers!.

No chopped tofu - but GREAT JOB on the losses. I'm out all day on an in-state trip. Back later tonight..

Have a great OP DAY!..

answered Apr 28 at 23:59

's gravatar image


Good morning Tough Lovelies!.

Congrats on the losses!.

I am not the greatest when we fly either, my doctor gives me zanex or ativan. Both help and make the experience tolerable..

I am home sick from work. For some reason I am incredible dizzy and unable to move. I think my sinuses are the culprits but knowing that isn't making the dizziness any better!.


answered Apr 29 at 01:05

's gravatar image



That's funny. My boys also love to fly. I don't mind hauling kids and stuff through the airport, that part I can do.

It's in the air bumping that gets me. Thankfully no more carseats and strollers in my life!.





answered Apr 29 at 01:44

's gravatar image


Yeah, I think he no longer has to use a booster or a car seat any longer, either. Truly, that was just the "hassle" portion of flying..."he can't be in the stroller or the carseat, if he can walk, he can go through security by himself..." Then trying to round up all our stuff with a thousand people waiting behind us. That wouldn't be so bad, that part is a PITA, but not bad. It just adds to the stress level (the non medicated stress level!!) of my anxiety about flying. I have to admit, though, TSA and most every airline we have used are very accommodating and kind. Stewards and Stewardesses mid flight when I needed to go the ladies room, playing with and sitting with the Wee Beastie.

Morning MT and Tracey!..

answered Apr 29 at 02:05

's gravatar image


Geez - I feel late to the party over here!!!!.

Good Morning!!!!!!.


- thanks for the coffee - ugly rain here, but nice and warm - I LOVE the warm weather, wet or not!.



Hi from lower NY!.



- going to the Post Office??? I'm SO happy 'bout that (love, your favorite jewelry freak). And good job on the sort-of whoosh!!!!!.

And a very Good Moring to you,.

Miss Keri.

! Best of luck getting up your wee beastie!!!!.



- Great job on the loss!.

Good Morning.


! I hope you are feel more human very soon! Your SO will appreciate it greatly! :-).



!!!! Thanks for the fly-by!!!.


MT Cup.

! Have a fabulous OP day!.

Good morning.


- hope you feel better!!!!!! Take care of yourself, ok?.

I hope I didn't miss anyone - So far it's drizzling crap over here - but at least it's not cold. My shipment of pancakes has not arrived, I am officially dissapointed..


: please meet me in the kitchen at noon and bring a pancake packet, ok? Thanks!.

Off to pretend to work..

Waving HI!!!!!!!!!! to all I missed and to all that follow!.


answered Apr 29 at 02:26

's gravatar image


Good morning losers!.

Thanks for the coffee.


I'll take one now and one to go..

Congrats to.

All the losers.

This week. Very nice. Very nice indeed..


- Sorry about the TOM symptoms. Sounds like you had a deecent loss in spirte of the curse. I'm the same way, a half a pound loss before. Then two or three days into it, down 2 lbs. You might want to smack DSO on your way out for her flitting around happily. Or you could use Keri's idea and have a shiv handy..


- I hope your anxiety level lowers a little..

Keri and Penny.

- I need to get my wee beastie up too. We so do not like Monday mornings in our house..

It's going to be nice and sunny here today too. I agree, if anyone dares to complain about the heat, I think I'll borrow Keri's shiv..

Hi and waves to everyone and I'll catch up when I get to work...

answered Apr 29 at 02:52

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Good morning all...thanks for the coffee Cindy..

Hit and run for me this morning. Birthday girl today is staying 100% OP regardless of all the emails my husband has received from co-workers asking what flavor sludge I like best. He told them I wouldn't eat it and not to bother just say happy birthday. They then asked about fruit sludge, this time he responded no fruit sludge and she loves carnations. We'll see how this day turns out. My boss is out sick so I have to cover there..

Have a great OP day!..

answered Apr 29 at 04:02

Oliver's gravatar image


Anna: from sea to shining sea! You are going to have such a good time! Busy, but very, very good..

Congratulations on all the losses, Tofuties!.

I have posted yesterday didn't make it on site. It was long and rambling. Smile! God loves you!.

Enjoy your days and your muscles..

We enjoyed tow absolutely beautiful days on Sat&Sun, now 60s but still pleasant, even and the ground is wet. No big storms here. I was able to keep my window open all night!.

What a treat open windows are. I take my Claritan each day and I'm god to sit..

I keep losing weight. I joined a new weight loss program led by Colette Baron-Reid with active new members from all over the world. We can't weigh ourselves for 1 month and the class is 5 weeks long. We have to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Big deal if you've been using food as emotional batting, but easy for me and MF..

I also signed up for Deborah King's on line course for Energy Healing.So, I'm a wonderfully busy bee right now. I had stopped listening to hayhouseradio.com probably about a year ago, but had signed up for long term members benefits. Hay House was one of the things that has sustained me all these yeras in bed..

Okay. I'll shut up now. Don't worry: God still loves each and every one of us very much..

I need breakfast and some coffee..

Enjoy your beautiful days, all who have them. It is drizzly and here and the world is turning green, the trees are budding and all my daffodils are smiling at me. Check on my Earthboxes yesterday. Some Wiley Opossum was digging around in my nice organic beds! YIKES!.

So, dump it all out and start over when I can. Earthboxes are pretty quick from seed to.

Food, so I'll try again..

DH will be off and at home this week. He's taking me to 2 MDs appointments, so I think we'll stop and get some more organic soil and seeds too..

I feel like Elmer Fudd with a Wiley Possum!.

Love to all Tough Lovelies,.


answered Apr 29 at 05:35

's gravatar image


Cheri, did you try the gel on your nails? I skipped my fill last week and now I need a whole fresh set. I've been pulling them off as they loosen and I only have one left. And it's not looking good for that one!..

answered Apr 29 at 06:25

's gravatar image


Happy Birthday Sherry!.

Hopefully they'll bring you flowers, or at worst, a vegetable tray!.

Have a great day!.


answered Apr 29 at 06:29

's gravatar image


'morning and thanks for the coffee. Weight is up .2 from yesterday, taking dogs to the vet and my car is overheating-maybe I'll just cancel the day and have a pity party..

Nah, I'll drink more water, take the car to the mechanic for a guesstimate & the dogs to the vet, maybe the mechanic can find the problem & fix the car on Wednesday while the dogs are at the vet's all day for their dental..

I should just stop by a dealership, after the vet's office this morning, and buy myself a brand spankin' new car....now wouldn't that frost Mr. Talien's Medifast oatmeal muffin (had to refrain from any mention of off program food...


Sorely tempted but would never do it (purchase a new car without his knowledge)..

Hope your day is a good one...

answered Apr 29 at 06:44

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I haven't tried them yet. Tell me, if it is a polish that goes over your existing nails, do your nails have to already be the length you want? I mean, the gel polish doesn't extend them right? I might go this coming weekend. I really want to try it soon...

answered Apr 29 at 07:04

's gravatar image


Not sure if I like the idea of southwest scrambled eggs. Need to read the ingredients..

*running off to look*..

answered Apr 29 at 08:20

's gravatar image


Cheri, it's just added after your regular fill/polish. If you have polish, then they use a clear, thick gel and you put your hands under the UV for a couple of minutes. It dries super hard, and much faster than clear polish. If you just have the acrylic and nopolish, like I do, then it's a clear polish-like gel they use and you go under then UV. Since I'm starting with a fresh set, I think I will get a color - probably just white - and the gel on top. It protects the polish, too, and makes it last longer without the tips rubbing off. Nothing worse than handling some important papers at work and seeing a big, red or pink smudge mark from your nails on it!..

answered Apr 29 at 09:13

's gravatar image


Happy Birthday Sherry!!!.

WOOT to all you losers out there today!.

Tracey - WTH is DW'ers?.

Penny - SW eggs hold no appeal to me. I like the regular fine. Anything else new coming out?.

You East Coasters are going to be as warm, if not warmer than AZ is supposed to be today. Can this weather GET any screwier?.

Must have caffeine......

answered Apr 29 at 10:45

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And Good Morning to all the other Tough Lovelies out there and congrats on everyone's losses!! You guys have been busy spring bees this morning.

No chopped tofu today, it's been a very busy weekend and I have rehearsal again today and tomorrow for my group's performance tomorrow night at Lincoln Center!! Whoo hoo!.

Have a fantastic day everyone!.



answered Apr 29 at 11:17

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Thanks for the coffee Cindy. It's going to be hot here, but I won't complain..

Hi gonecountry, tkd, MT, Melissa, Cheri, Beth, De, and Lisa!.

Congratulations to Penny and Keri on your losses..

Anna, sorry your tummy was hurting yesterday. Stress will definitely do that! Good job on your loss..

Zoe, good job to you too on your loss. You had me laughing so hard at the "woodland fairy" comment!.

Tara, get better!.

Happy birthday, Sherry!.

Talien, get the car!.

I am feeling pretty good today. Day 2 and 1/2 (let's just say 3) of no smoking and of course have been OP. Down some more this morning, just losing the weight I gained. I'm happy about that. My husband got the kids ready for school this morning without ever waking me up, so I got to sleep in! He's so good to me. Not much to do today except clean the house and wash clothes.

His speech has really improved. He's practically a talker now. Seems like overnight he learned 100 new words and is actually using them! I'm so proud of the little guy!..

answered Apr 29 at 11:20

Collin's gravatar image


De, I'm not sure of any other new products. There was a big Medifast get together out there in Phoenix over the weekend, where they probably made the announcement. I found out through FB. It looks like they are changing the formula for the regular eghgs, too, but will be selling "original recipe" for a limited time. That means until they run out...

answered Apr 29 at 12:03

's gravatar image


I can't see that they could do much but improve on the eggs. hehe. I like them well enough, but there is definitely room for improvement..

Numbers for today - 153/07/46......

answered Apr 29 at 12:10

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone. No time to read..off to work and payroll and phone/computer guy coming to give me an estimate to move upstairs..keep your fingers crossed. It will be nice not to have to rinse dishes out in the bathrooms. I'll catch up later...

answered Apr 29 at 13:01

Khalil's gravatar image


Good Morning.


! Yeah, I think we're supposed to be getting close to 80 degrees today! And of course we're crashing back down tomorrow! Ah, spring in New York, always an adventure!.

Loving my s'more bars today and looking forward to stinking up the WHOLE house with my oatmeal pancakes at lunch time - hopefully it will dissapate by the time dd comes home this evening! And if I'm really lucky I'll be getting my pancake order in tomorrow....


Will definitely help brighten my day!.



- sounds like you're hanging in there. We're all rooting for you!!!!!.







Not sure who else I missed - but HI!!!!!!!!!!!.


answered Apr 29 at 14:30

's gravatar image


Good moring tough lovelies!.

Zoe, I totally feel your pain on TOM. I cried all weekend. It sucked, but I stayed on plan..

The eggs, neither the original formula nor the SW, hold any appeal for me. They smell the same going in as going out.....

answered Apr 29 at 15:25

Jorge's gravatar image


Agree 100%. Medifast eggs... the one Medifast food that did not agree with my stomach..

Oooohhh and I bought some of that mio stuff this weekend. Strawberry watermelon. Yummy...

answered Apr 29 at 16:26

Clayton's gravatar image


I just don't need a packet of something that's on plan anyway. If I want eggs, I'll eat eggs. Of course, I have chickens, so my opinion is a bit skewed..

There are a lot of alternate flavors for other existing Medifast foods I'd love to see happen though...

answered Apr 29 at 16:55

Drake's gravatar image


LOL! I find that to be true of many Medifast meals. Especially the sweet ones...

answered Apr 29 at 17:42

Ricky's gravatar image


I was feeling sooo good and now I am irritable as hell and don't know what to do with myself. Sure, I have plenty of housework to do, but I don't wanna lol. Whiny little brat I am. I just want a damn cigarette. I know if I get off of my skinny little butt and get busy it will pass quickly enough. I think I am going to go for a run as soon as I finish my last cup of coffee.

As long as I stay busy!.

And oh yeah, I have finally lost 20 pounds!..

answered Apr 29 at 19:14

Tristan's gravatar image


YAY! Congratulations, Kris! That is a surefire funk-buster!.

Dang, it's warm <ducking>...

answered Apr 29 at 19:58

Fernando's gravatar image


Kris - WOOT on the 20 lbs!!! Now go for that run and take your mind off the cancer sticks!!! Let's call them by what they really are. Maybe that will help, but then maybe not..

Just remind yourself how much easier it will be to run without that crap poisoning your body and destroying your lungs...

answered Apr 29 at 20:11

's gravatar image


<snort> As I sit here in the desert freezing........

answered Apr 29 at 21:39

Bryce's gravatar image


Good morning, ladies! Can I just say how much I love that we've lost our panties by the FOURTH post of the day??? Hooray for the MF'in Commandos!.

I had an amazing weekend. From Friday night through to Sunday night, I worked on citations until my eyes crossed. It was like 4 hours Friday, 9 hours Sat, and 8 hours Sunday. That's definitely more than I can take..

But it's pretty much done, and that was my last Source & Cite ever. One group photo, one banquet, and one Mass Edit, and I'm done with Law Review forever too..

I still have to hang in through December to graduate from school, but boy it's going to feel like a cakewalk after getting LR off my plate..

Happy Monday!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 22:22

's gravatar image


And now I'm caught up (on today, anyway), with the news that Penny's poop smells sweet. Hooray!..

answered Apr 29 at 22:51

's gravatar image


Yep, not quite roses, but close enough! I haven't blown anything up in forever...

answered Apr 29 at 23:36

's gravatar image


Well, I went on my run, but it was cut short by a little less than 10 minutes because it started to rain. But, I did run faster than EVER (hooray), so I was thankful for the rain! Got the cancer sticks outta my mind and now I'm off to take a bath! Hope everyone is having a great day!..

answered Apr 29 at 23:43

Leo's gravatar image


Just got off the phone with my hubby. He is going to have to have surgery next week to repair a hernia. This was apparently the cause for his ER visit a week ago. Happy happy! NOT! <sigh> At some point someone, somewhere needs to say enough with the stress being dumped on De already!.

Some of you may know what comes next...Actually started this weekend. Yep. Fibro flare up. It's good to be me...

answered Apr 30 at 00:42

's gravatar image


Me too! It is yummy! Right up my alley...

answered Apr 30 at 01:24

's gravatar image


UGH - so sorry De. Best wishes to John. At least he'll be better before September. Good thing he's getting it fixed before it gets worse. Now as for YOU.....

answered Apr 30 at 02:16

's gravatar image


De, that blows. I'm so sorry about the flare and the surgery. Yuck...

answered Apr 30 at 02:49

's gravatar image


Sorry to hear that De...ouchy...for both you and your DH..

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

Poked my head in before I start yet another project. How do I say this without saying it....hmm...a certain someone, with whom I work, has already been to my office 4 times today and I still have 3 hours left. How about saving all the questions and hitting me once? (sigh)..

answered Apr 30 at 03:29

's gravatar image


Stress: enough is enough!.

Don't bother De anymore, ever..

Dear God, please check De's pulse from time to time..


answered Apr 30 at 04:04

Drew's gravatar image


Can I complain here about my headache? I really try not to complain often, but I feel like if my head were to split right down the middle, it would feel a whole heckuva lot better....

On the bright side, the nice weather must have a LOT of people thinking about fitting back into those shorts. My email is going nuts over here with people looking to get started on MF!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:26

's gravatar image


Can't decide which is worse. DH shuffling around moaning and groaning about his pain before surgery, or DH shuffling around and moaning about his pain after surgery. LOL. I really do feel for the poor guy, but he thinks I'm not very sympathetic. After the whole ER thing, he still didn't have a definitive answer and he was just being a beyotch about it. He didn't like it when I reminded him that they way he felt right then, is what I live with 80% of the time for the last 18 years and he either needed to suck it up and deal with it, or take action and do something about it.

Big meanie...

answered Apr 30 at 04:34

Brendan's gravatar image


Anna - enjoy the trip. just ask your doctor what the dosage is on the xanax. a lot of times they give you the lowest possible allowed - which may not even help if your anxiety is extreme - ask before you go, how many you can take so it actually helps and you aren't freaking out "why isn't this helping?!".

Cindy - awww good mommy have fun!.

Congrats for all the losers - way to go!.

Sherry - happy birthday!!!.

Kris - yay on kidlet! I just wanted to say - you've had so much on your plate - wl, quitting smoking, worries for your kids - it's A LOT. way to go, I think you are doing great..

Melissa - just ordered the smores bars b/c of your gushing....

Freya - woot! that has to feel so good. only 8 more months till graduation!.

De - positive thoughts to you and your hubby. sorry -that sucks..

Hi everyone else I missed..

Nothing much to report. just work and life today..

Have a great on plan day everyone..

Xo -teri..

answered Apr 30 at 05:57

's gravatar image


Beth - This just made my day. It's not going to be my pulse he needs to check, but rather my blood pressure!.

Penny - Complain away. Headaches BITE!! I have heard that March/April are actually bigger months for people jumping on the weight loss bandwagon than January, exactly for that reason - Swimsuits and shorts...

answered Apr 30 at 07:25

Nolan's gravatar image


De - lol. i'm a big meanie too. I think he's a chronic complainer about aches - something is ALWAYS hurt and he say's i'm not sympathetic enough. your guy at least has an actual doctors note. doctors note means you HAVE to be nice. maybe...

answered Apr 30 at 07:29

Keegan's gravatar image


Well, I was gonna say to De that men are such big babies when it comes to pain and then I realized we're in mixed company....

Svisionguy, that picture is the cutest thing I've seen all day! Welcome! But I won't call you a Tough Lovely. Yet...

answered Apr 30 at 08:14

's gravatar image


I agree with De Penny-complain away! For many (most?) of us, keeping the emotions in is what caused us to emotionally eat in the first place..

De, so sorry to hear about your hubby's surgery and your fibro flare up.

Those both really suck..

Penny, headaches blow. I hope your's goes away quickly..

I feel hungover today, not from drinking sludge but from crying all weekend. The guy I've been hung up on for years has truly put me in the friend category and chose another woman. I cant believe I've wasted so much time on him and also how easily I was tossed aside. Add TOM to this and I was a weepy wreck. But, I'm getting back on the horse and wrote a bunch of dudes online this morning. Plus, the scale is being kind to me and already showing a loss halfway through my week, and I'm just a few pounds from being at my lowest adult weight ever. Trying to concentrate on the bright side of a hard life...

answered Apr 30 at 09:45

's gravatar image


I have a Dr.'s not and nobody treats me any differently! LOL I'm sorry, Penny, mixed company or not, I have yet to meet a guy that wasn't a horrible patient!..

answered Apr 30 at 10:33

Aiden's gravatar image


Agreed. The swimsuit people are worse than the New Year's resolution people. At least they were when I did WW..


answered Apr 30 at 11:26

's gravatar image


I am ecstatic to report that the person whom I wanted to choke with frozen broccoli, still in the bag, with a rusty fork, has choked herself instead! I love come-uppance! Please let me not laugh out loud.....

answered Apr 30 at 12:29

Jameson's gravatar image


Okay, let's see..

Shout-outs to the losers -.








! Did I miss anyone?.

I laughed at.


's description of DSO as a woodland fairy!.

Happy birthday to.



And sympathy for.


In regard to the flare and DH's surgery..

And that's all I've got. Lame, I know. My brain is just kinda muddy...

answered Apr 30 at 13:19

's gravatar image


Oh, laugh Penny! It may make the headache go away! Of course, it might be better to leave the room first......

answered Apr 30 at 13:57

's gravatar image



Sorry to hear about your dh and you having a flare up too!.


Hope the headache goes away..


Happy BIrthday!.


, I was lucky last time I flew to be sitting next to a pharmacist who informed me of the Xanax dose.

It was actually close to what my doc had said, this time I weigh 60 lbs less too...

answered Apr 30 at 15:12

's gravatar image


I am going to have to leave the area and go laugh. I did take some Excedrin Tension Headache Relief and I hope it helps before the Diva gets off the school bus!.

Looking at some interesting new jewelry ideas, too.....

answered Apr 30 at 16:30

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Hello my peeps!!.

Congrats on the losses..

I'm super busy at work but I wanted to stop in and say Hi! while I could..

Hello to all the newbies! Hope I get to know ya better when I have time to catch up..

Have a great day..

answered Apr 30 at 16:38

's gravatar image


I spit water across the room when I read this!.

I love our group!.


answered Apr 30 at 17:35

Cruz's gravatar image



, I meant to say something and it exited my head. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with that guy. I know you know you deserve better, but that doesn't make it hurt less. It can sometimes make it hurt more because of the lost time and all. Thinking of you and hang in there...

answered Apr 30 at 18:48

's gravatar image


De, Hope you and your DH feel better soon! Feeling crappy AND having to listen to a whiny DH sucks on multiple levels. I've been there..


answered Apr 30 at 19:23

Kyler's gravatar image


Hello to all!.

Not much time to post...still, but wanted to congratulate all today's.


And extend my sympathy (and empathy) to all the stress and/or sadnesses I've read about today. I'm just so happy we have each other!.

Also a quick.

Happy Birthday.



! And congrats to.


For getting through LR..

Construction work and whatnot in my basement this week. Car on the fritz. DH in Hawaii for another 2 weeks. (Yes, Hawaii. It's not all roses for him though...he works from sunup to 10 pm most of those days. It is NOT a vacation.).

I will likely only be drive-by posting for the rest of the week but will definitely be reading. I've never had a group of cyber-friends quite like the Mfing TLers! I find the comic relief so refreshing!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:03

Jesus's gravatar image


Sassy - sorry about the guy friend situation. I know that's a really hard one..

But you will find someone better..

Penny - lol I like that them choking on broccoli wasn't enough for your twisted mind, you needed a rusty fork too. woot!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:22

's gravatar image


Anna - in that case - you will just be sitting back smiling contentedly - kids can be screaming, babies crying and there is anna sipping water, smiling....lol...

answered Apr 30 at 20:48

Brooks's gravatar image


Hi Everyone!.


- let me know what you think of the s'mores, ok?.


I'm sorry I missed the whole thing about why you would want to choke someone with frozen broccoli and a rusty fork, but visually, I'm having a hard time figuring out you would do this... :-).


- I'm so very sorry about the cranky dh who needs surgery and your flare up! I have a dh/child at home who sneezes and it's moan and groan time, so I really understand!.

PomBerry with diet tonic.

That is a WHOA! Sitting here drinking the starwberry watermelon - YUM!!!.




Hello to all I missed!.


answered Apr 30 at 22:21

's gravatar image


Wow, you're all moving so quickly... but I shouldn't expect less from the TL thread. I've been busy studying for my psych exam, and the closer it gets, the more concerned I am. This week is totally crazy for me! All I can hope is that the stress won't make me retain water (does that even happen?)... this week is pretty crazy for me. Thesis meetings, phone interviews (!!!), financial aid meetings...

So... that said... how's everyone?..

answered Apr 30 at 22:46

's gravatar image


Claire - Stress may or may not make you retain water, but it can DEFINITELY slow or stall your weight loss. Just a thought, but since this is such a stressful week for you, why not just avoid the scale until it's over and you get back to some semblance of normal? The last thing you need is the added stress of worrying about what the scale is going to say. Missing a week of weighing isn't going to hurt, and might just help tremendously!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:07

's gravatar image


What De said. The fat burns whether you watch it or not...

answered May 01 at 00:20

's gravatar image


I would do that, but I pay at WW to weigh in, so I feel like it would be a waste of money to not go... I know it sounds like a small price to pay for peace of mind, but I am quite poor. I was very annoyed when there was a snow day and the WW meeting was canceled (and there's not another one within 25 miles), meaning that my money was just wasted...

answered May 01 at 01:45

Kellen's gravatar image


Oh, Melissa, every office has one. This particular woman makes the rounds - she hones in on someone and it's THEIR turn for a couple of days, and then she is on to the next person. So it's not just me. She is a mean and nasty person but good at the primary function of her job, so they keep her on. I try to see the good in everyone, but she has me stumped..

Off to the nail salon for some girly time with the little one! Then I'm shipping her little butt to the Y with her dad so I can make some jewelry!..

answered May 01 at 02:51

Waylon's gravatar image


Ah, thank you for enlightening me!!!! Phew, glad it wasn't one of us!!!! I hate rusty forks, just saying.


answered May 01 at 02:56

's gravatar image


Good Morning tler's.

Coffee is on and there's lots of it!!!.

Forecast today is 80 degrees... Woo hoo.. If I hear anyone complain it's hot today I will smack them....

Crazy work week as usual but I have to leave early all week for 2 track meets 3 lax practices and 1 lax game... It will get nuts but I do plan to get some workouts in while my son is at practice... I will never miss a game or meet!!!!.

I hope everyone has a great day and I will try to pop in as often as I can.


answered May 01 at 03:33

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