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First question I got is Anyone have good results with Medifast (specifically the brand Hoodoba)? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... Harvest to Holidays Challenge Week 6.

This is it Dreamers! The last week of the challenge but certainly not the last week we need to stay OP and get healthy. What have the last 5 weeks taught you about yourself that you can bring forward and improve your choices? Did you reach your challenge goal? If yes, celebrate away! If not, still celebrate your losses and recognize whether your goals were a little too ambitious or if those BLT's caught up with you. This is a learning experience and let's hope we all learned something about how our body responds to weight loss. A little heart to heart with yourself will reassure you that your body is unique and the weight will come off faster or some, slower for others. Take heart you are to be commended for taking this first step toward the finish line..

Follow the link below to the weigh-in thread:.

New Weigh-in Thread Here..

asked Apr 30 at 20:07

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

answered Apr 30 at 20:25

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Mornin dreamers-.

Weighed in, not the huge loss I thought but a personal- challenge best for me. I hope somehow the challenges can continue as it pushes me to achieve, I don't want to let anyone down. Hopefully, we can find a solution..

So this is our last week and I have 1.5 lbs to go to make my personal goal of 15lb. I am not sure how to take that, usually I will have a big loss and then a small loss and a big loss etc. For me a big loss is 2-3 lbs. This week I lost 4.5 lbs a huge loss for me. does that mean my small loss will allow me to reach goal or am I going to spend the week trying to hold onto my big loss. time will tell.

I hope the scale is as kind to all of you as mine was to me this week..

Today I will clean the house. I have nowhere particular to go so I get to putter around all day, cleaning, caring for kids and soon I will do some Christmas baking- not as much as in years past ( I ate a lot of the goodies I used to bake), But I have to make some cuz kids still love em and I am hosting the Annual Christmas Eve dinner this year. I expect my parents, sisters and their families. sometimes my Aunt will come and sometimes some spare friends will come depending on plans. There are usually 20+ people at the winning house. I last hosted about 4 years ago so I am excited to have this "Burden"- others don't enjoy it as much but I love it.

I know I will have spaghetti (homemade saucefamily secret recipeyummy) I am going to make myself spaghetti squash instead of noodles. ( I have been eating them lately and I like them better than pasta), of course thats all I know. I want to have food I can eat as well but doubt I will even eat much since I will be so busy...

Sorry for the long post. Chick- thanks for posting the results- I thought we'd pull in #1. oh well maybe this past week. Or this last week. Come on lets "do this" (Cheerleader cheer- Rah, Rah, Rah). Good luck to all at weigh in...

answered Apr 30 at 20:40

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Hi everyone!.

I was 100% on plan this week and lost only 2 pounds. I have been doing Medifast long enough to be thrilled with this progress nevertheless. Any loss is a good one! And my stats say I have lost 17 pounds in the last four weeks - so that is a good average loss. I am truly happy with it..

I finally posted some progress pix of myself on the "Success Photos" area and added some additional ones to my page. I have a new avatar too! I am finally feeling good enough about the way I look to pose in photos again. I used to avoid cameras at any cost and I have my sister TinaRN (she is also doing Medifast and is on the boards here) to thank for managing to produce some photos of me at my heaviest. I don't like looking at myself morbidly obese and unhealthy and miserable - however - it is a powerful image of what I never want to go back to. I am glad I have those horrible photos as a point of reference. They sure helped me stay on plan this Thanksgiving!.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and did well on their plans over the holiday. It's a real challenge and my hat is off to all of you - especially those who had to cook off-plan food for others and managed not to partake!.

Yayy team! Together we are strong!.

Love & Light,.


answered Apr 30 at 21:25

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I'm so torn! I was very cold so decided to take a hot shower. I've been having some abdominal pain tied to irregularity (trying to be as delicate as is possible) for the past few days. Thankfully feeling better now. Before stepping into the shower, I weighed myself again. 162.5#!!!! My first weighing, this morning, was at 6:15 the second was at 9:30 a.m.. I quickly thought that I could adjust my weight for this past week's challenge...but then wondered if that was allowed....then remembered that we do not have the ability to edit..

I wished that I had waited to report my weight loss for the week, but how would I know that I'd feel better and that my weight would drop within hours. Shoot!.

Anyway, I guess I am stuck with 164# as today's official weight and I've already made progress for next week's weigh-in (so long as my body holds onto *this* weight loss, LOL)..

I am currently 4# from being in the 'normal BMI' weight range!!!.

That has me smiling big..

Excellent reports so far...congratulations to Denyse and Rain. I'll check in later to see who else has reported in....

answered Apr 30 at 22:11

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Rain, you are stunning! So glad to put a face to a name and what a gorgeous face. No reason to hide at all. Your journey is and will continue to be an inspiration for others no matter how much weight they have to lose. For those who have a greater challenge, you are spot on and proof that you can't and won't give up..

Denyse, what a great week for you! One of the hardest weeks of the year, and what a reward. A loss really keeps you on track and a big one is a big boost and reassuring that you have a goal to be met and can reach it! Kudos for doing that big dinner and a wonderful positive attitude that you can handle it easily..

Talien, I am watching your attitude evolve and glad to see that you recognize your success. Some people set goals they can easily obtain, some set impossible goals for themselves, and others don't set goals at all. You need a goal, you need something to strive for to get this weight off. It doesn't have to be a certain # of lbs but it has to have meaning for you and some method of measurement. You've done that. You're looking to get healthy and every lb puts you closer to that all important goal..

Oh, Rain, my son got me a big DVD set of Zumba. Now mind you, I asked for a starter DVD so I could check it out..

It should be here this week, so I'll be taking the plunge. My DD was going to classes and loves it. They have a tight budget and she had to take some time off, but she really was so happy with it. She moved from Honolulu to a small town (400 people) in North Dakota. Said Zumba was the only thing she like at it..

Finished making the turkey noodle soup last night. So that is the meal of the day. Company arrived, so got to go. Hope this is a great day for all..


answered Apr 30 at 22:59

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Afternoon Dreamers,.

Rain, WOW, I just checked out your photos. Love the sunglass photos, your face is so thin now, you look great. You continue to be such an inspiration..

I, too, do not like to have pictures taken. I never have, I don't have the photogenic gene. Even when I was thinner and younger..

Not a good loss this week, although I agree any loss is progress, the lack of exercise this week is showing. Making the committment to exercise has been the hardest part of this journey for me. I can always find an excuse not to exercise. Too tired, not enough time, too busy. I think Rain has inspired me to recommit to the exercise. I am going to get out those Zumba dvd's TODAY..

I wish exercise was still part of the challenge. I did better because I wanted to be able to report those exercise points..

Bye for now, good work everyone...

answered May 01 at 00:04

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Talien you can post your stats up until tomorrow, Monday, night, so just put a second post on the weigh-in thread for your new weight. It's perfectly legit and you deserve a break from that nasty old scale..

Pam, I'll be venturing into those Zumba DVD's soon. The problem with the exercise as part of the challenge was that although it helped some keep track and do their formal exercise regularly, too many were just taking credit for everyday activities because the rules allowed almost anything to be considered exercise. It was just too difficult an area to define..

After the weigh-ins are over, we can all discuss the challenges more thoroughly. Interest always wanes toward the holidays then sparks up again at the start of the year with all the other New Year's resolutions...

answered May 01 at 00:06

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Hey fellow dreamers!! I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving, and it looks like some good losses here also.

Rain - all I can say is WOW!! and you posted those pics at just the time I needed a little boost. my resolve was starting to waiver, but you have re energized me into thinking that I really can do this! Thanks!!.

Chick let me know how those zumba dvds go...I took a class at the Y, I would have liked it - but just didnt feel comfortable in a "class setting". esp since I have never danced b4 and apparently I have no rhythm.

Anyway, I hope these challenges can go thru the holidays, like Denyse it motivates me to achieve, and it holds me accountable which is something I need. I stayed OP all week - thanks to my husband!! ok this is one of the lowest moments yet, nope it is the lowest. I am embarrased to even tell anyone but I am putting myself out there!! Peanut butter is my absolute weakness and trigger food. it is "tom" and I literally was desparate and just crazy out of my head for pb!! anyway, in the midst of my craving I tried to sneak a jar of pb (while at my mom & dads, do not have the stuff in my house!) anyway, I thought I hid the jar under my now big sweatshirt and headed to the bathroom (yes that bathroom, told you I was desperate!) well apparently I wasnt as slick as I thought I was cause DH saw me, followed me to the potty and confronted me and my Jiff extra crunchy. geez, how humiliating...but I guess on the bright side I didnt go OP and realize now how much more work I have got to do mentally & emotionally. then to top it all off, didnt lose an ounce - after all that!! arrrrrr.

Thanks for listening (reading) all my craziness...here is to a better week!!..

answered May 01 at 00:47

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Cindy, confessions are good for the soul. I used to take the packaging to the outdoor trash can or bury them under the existing trash, so I wouldn't get "caught." That only added to the guilt and recognition that I surely wasn't supposed to be eating those goodies..

Anyone else willing to share?.

Missing a lot of Dreamers on this weigh-in. Let's go team!..

answered May 01 at 01:42

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Hi Dreamers:.

Back from the east coast. Had a great time with the family. Just touching base real quick because I got lots to do - upack, help DS with study for a math test he has to make up, plow through emails..

My biggest triumph this week was NOT gaining weight. I stayed the same. I was off plan, but my choices for the most part were really good. I'm proud that stayed away from things that I usually chow down on while in NY, i.e. the pizza, Italian food, desserts on Thanksgiving, etc. Also, EVERY day and I did a 30 or 45-minute walking exercise tape.

Weigh-in this morning was at my parents' house. I asked Mom for a scale and she fished around in her linen closet and pulled out the old family scale that was in the house when I was still living at home. I laughed when I saw it, and Mom swore it was pretty accurate..

Compliments of my weight loss came from all the family members who hadn't seen me in several months to a year. What a nice reward for my hard work..

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice holiday. I'll catch up with everyone soon...

answered May 01 at 03:17

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Evening dreamers- Just want to congratulate you Dee on making good food choices while on holiday. It shows that you have learned/ are learning what it takes to maintain your loss..

I will confess to my food sins but it may amaze you all..

First I am a huge stress eater (good and bad stress) lending to the huge body.. anyways......

1) I used to be a homecare nurse and over 90% of my time spent in my car- working on laptop, making calls, or drivingI also ate. I would have breakfast, lunch and dinner at fast food joints- McD, BK, Taco Bell, Arbys whichever happened to be near my location I never had a salad.

I would eat my way through my day breakfast lunch and dinner out then I would go home (making certain to dump the evidence) and make supper for the family and eat a "small" portion myself- telling my family I was too busy to eat. What a big liar I was...

2) my other mental behavior was when Id buy holiday candy. I would buy "family" candy and a second set of my own candy. I would hide "my" candy in the fluffy couch which had a hole in the stuffing (noone sits in my place- it's called moms corner )when the family was gone or busy I would pig out. Sometimes I could eat a whole bag of those snack size candy bars. I would zone out and not realize what Id done until the bag was empty in my hand..

Anyway, things are not the same now, I don't buy candy and I quit homecare to save myself from an early heart attack..... I know I was on my way there. I still want to stress eat but oddly am now craving vegys and swiss cheese ( low fat ). I feel embarrassed to admit to my eating sins. No one understood why I was gaining weight since I rarely ate. What a joke and I actually had myself fooled.

I think my eyes are finally open. So don't feel bad Cindy, you did not actually cheat with the PB. You have a gaurdian angel in your hubby..

Take care all I am going to care for a crying cherub. Hope everyone stays op with no temptation..

answered May 01 at 04:05

's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers,.

It sounds like everyone had a good holiday weekend. Back to work for me today..

Of course I have my own set of food-alcholic confessions. Too many to list really. Like Denyse, I ate most meals at FF for the past several years, but wanted to eat at home too, so I would bring home a pizza or something. Even living alone, I used to hide the chips and fold up the empty bags very small and tape them so they stayed that way in the garbage. It's crazy the mind games we play with ourselves. I don't think I was fooling anyone.

Bye for now...

answered May 01 at 04:18

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Hello Dreamers,.

Looks like everyone did pretty good through the holiday. I had so many leftovers that tonight we had Thanksgiving again ( did I really eat that much b-4) I didn't eat just medi fast for me not even l&g ..

Let me tell I had plated everyones dinner and all of a sudden I was putting the stuffing in a bowl and mixing it with some mashed potatoes mind you I don;t like the stuffing but I was doing it anywayI looked at the bowl as I started to eat it and decided not to and through the whole thing away ( the bowl was paper)now what the hell was that I think I have gone off the deep end..

Its getting late had all my water and I am ready for bed .Talk to you in the am..

answered May 01 at 05:32

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Hi everyone. I'm dragging this evening, spent the day helping care for the new grandchild and the other 2 grandchildren in that family (3 year old twins). It was a long day (on program!) and I brought two of the children home with me so their parents could have a little bit of a break, only having to care for the new tyke..

Chick, thank you for letting me know I could have re-done my weight check in. I did not get to keep all of the weight loss that I saw late morning yesterday and the difference this morning from my official weight was only .5#, so I am not going to fuss with it. Of course, I'm praying that we don't lose the week by .5# .......

answered May 01 at 06:15

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Good morning! The children are just waking up, once I feed them breakfast then we'll head to their house and another day of helping their mother with the baby. Tough job (holding a newborn) but some one has to step forward to do it ..

Weight this morning shows me 1# below ticker so that is nice, still not as low as I was the other dayso, again, I am glad that I did not change the ticker..

As for eating...I did all the things that others did, hid the food, hid the wrappers, binging during the daytime while I was alone and then forcing down a dinner so no one would know that I wasn't hungry because I had been eating all day long. Each night, I'd lay in bed, hating myself because I ate my way through another day. I'd lay there and plot, plan, figure out how much weight I needed to lose, how many pounds per week I could lose and how many weeks until I would be at my 'goal' weight. I'd do so much math in my head along with visions of imaginary calendars (to compute the weeks to find the goal date) that there was no hope of sleep for a long time. I love that with Medifast, I no longer have to lay and do the math each night while I berate myself for overeating all day long. Not hating myself at bedtime, is wonderful..

I hope everyone has a good day, I'd better get myself dressed!..

answered May 01 at 07:04

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Rain...you are simply beautiful...loved the pics and so glad that we get to see just how lovely you are...you are truly an inspiration...smooches..

answered May 01 at 08:15

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Hi, everyone...hope everyone had a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving...well I am back from a great time in NYC...stayed OP the entire time and I must tell you...IT WAS ROUGH...my sister did a great job preparing OP options for me but I really was tempted by the cakes and pies and dressing...but...I managed to stay TOTALLY OP...no BLTs...went shopping which just reinforced my commitment to this program...I was able to buy size 10 pants and skirts...what an awesome feeling...anyway...I am actually at work in Atlanta this work and have much to get done...just wanted to stop by and stay hello to all and wish everyone an OP week...bbl...smooches..

answered May 01 at 09:50

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I loved the confessions. It is very reassuring to know that we aren't crazy and not the only ones. Unless there were other medical issues, most of us didn't gain the weight overnight and it won't come off overnight. We do have to show patience and celebrate our successes no matter how small to stay on track..

Pepi congrats on the size 10's. Single digits are next..

Elaine, great restraint on the unusual combo of potatoes and stuffing. It was a rough holiday for many, but we are survivors..

On the challenge front, we have lost 3 members completely due to lack of reporting in. In addition we have 4 MIAs. Holiday weeks are tough but you have to jump back on the wagon or be left behind. If you gained or didn't lose, you still give the team credit for those days you had all your water or were on plan. This is the final week and we are here to get you through it. Pm me or email if there is a problem or question..

My ipod lost a couple of runs for me, so last week shows up short and I've already lost a day this week. I like to keep my overall numbers consistent with nike+, but I will patch this week to get current. I'm still shooting for 120 miles and plan on making nike produce those numbers no matter how much I exceed goal by..

Tomorrow we will talk about the future challenges and I will scout the boards to see if anyone else stepped up to take over. Sometimes people sit back and wait to see what others are doing, but I'm hoping they are reading the posts. The team can exist with out the challenge and we can do our own internal challenge. Be thinking about it and we will go from here...

answered May 01 at 11:06

's gravatar image


Good evening everyone!!.

My confession My dh used to work 3 nights a week. I would make/eat dinner with him before he left. THEN, I would go to Sonic Drive-in for chili dog, tater tots or Dairy Queen for a blizzard. My oh my!! Eating it onsite so I would not have to dispose of the trash at home..

Going to mall to walk. Don't know if those darn Christmas shoppers will be out shopping and in my way..

I have a new ipod with some Christmas walking music that I would like to try out. May have to get up early to get to the mall for walking until after Christmas..

The fed-ex lady visited my house today. Have a new supply of Medifast for the month. No matter how I portion my meals, I always run out of bars and they are my treat each day. Haven't had a bars for almost a week..

Rain, your pics are absolutely gorgeous!!.

Pepi, size 10 jeans - way to go girlfriend!!.

When I started MF, I said I would be happy in size 12 jeans. I have been wearing those for 2 weeks now and 10's are around the corner. Since I work at home, I wear jeans and now long-sleeve t-shirts. My shirts are hanging on me again. I bent down to pick up one of my little ones and flashed one of my dads - the neck of my shirts are just way too big..

I am seeing a trip to Kohls soon..


answered May 01 at 11:14

's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers,.

Today was a great day all my water and stayed op with out any trouble. I need to start to get all of my x-mas stuff out I feel so far behind just not enough time in the day!.

Rain your pic are great!.

Pepi- size 10 thats great I cant wait until each leg is at a 10 haha.

Talien-Congrats on the new grand baby just love the smell of a new born.

Have a good night..

answered May 01 at 11:57

Jack's gravatar image


My Zumba DVD's came today. Of course I had to get started to see what it was all about. Now I was always an athlete, always a great dancer, but I got to tell you.... I have never felt so uncoordinated in my life. Basic? Basic, you say? Holy cow, that's not basic. Maybe because my back is fused now, but jiminy it is tough.

Somebody tell me it will get easier..

Evening to the rest of the dreamers. Glad to hear some OP days are still left in you! WTG, Elaine! Kathy, sounds like great progress... except for the flashing part..

BBL or tomorrow morn...

answered May 01 at 12:12

Jax's gravatar image


Good evening dreamers!! another Op day behind me, and it was so much easier once I got home and back into my routine...I really wasnt expecting Thanksgiving and being away from home to be such a hard way to go, got some work to do so I can confidently face Christmas!! But good news is Christmas is at my house and if mama cant have it, nobody can have it!! tilipia, salad and steamed veggies for everyone!! ha ha...oh well, hopefully it will be easier..

Chick, right there w ya on the Zumba, but it does look like alot of fun once you figure out what and how to do it!!.

Pepi - welcome home & glad you had a nice trip home...and congrats on the size 10!! toooo cool!!..

answered May 01 at 12:43

Christopher's gravatar image


Good morning Dreamers. Yesterday was another good (on program) day. I had to do some serious drinking (water) from 5 pm to 8 pm to get my last 3 glasses drank, but did it. The day was so busy and hectic that water drinking wasn't high on my list of priorites until I got back home, collapsed into a chair..

I love the scale..

Yes, you read that right.....LOLThis morning I love my scale. Now to keep the losses that have been recorded for the last 2 days. I'm getting closer and closer to being in the 'normal weight range' on the BMI chart. So excited and eager for that day to arrive..

Today is another busy day and tomorrow morning is a 1.5 hour dentist appointment. I dread it....hate going to the dentist for anything more than a cleaning. This is only preparation for a permanent crown (we have good dental insurance right now and the tooth is fractured in two places so time to grit my teeth and just have the tooth fixed before it breaks into pieces then I would need more work done). I get a stomachache whenever I think about it........so, (in my best Scarlett O'Hara imitationwhich is really lousy) "I will not think about it today"..

I hope everyone is doing well...

answered May 01 at 12:48

Trenton's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers!.

Sorry been MIA. Just busy and tired. Sat down at the computer last night to balance the bank statement. Fell asleep while trying to do that!.

Food confessions - Oh Boy! It's nice to know I wasn't the only one doing that. I always after the kids were in bed or not home. Tried not to eat junk in front of them. But whatever I ate, it was usually the whole package. Whenever hubby was out of town, I'd go to Sam's and get supersize whatever - cake, ice cream, candy bars, etc. In fact Jan and Feb of this year I was in that mode.

Not to long ago I told hubby about one of my weekends of eating when he was gone. He couldn't believe I ate all that. Unless you do, you will never understand it..


answered May 01 at 14:03

Maurice's gravatar image


Afternoon Dreamers. I think the holidays have really got us all preoccupied, making it hard to just sit down and post. It has a snowball effect of not having much to say, no one to say it to, and then not responding because so few have posted. I completely understand. I didn't have a team through these holidays last year but I was on one. People tend to get "lost" this time of year, then rejuvenate after the first of the year..

Before I get further distracted, Talien you are doing so great. I love your sense of humor which is carrying you through each day. You'll be a winner for sure!.

I've searched around the boards and not a creature is stirring. I've "chatted" with the spreadsheet queen and there has been nary a query. Poetic. The year's schedule for the challenges has been completed so it appears to have been removed also. The next dates were Dec 20- Feb 1. A tough time to get people interested and reporting.

Those with New Year Resolutions will be two weeks behind the group and have to wait 6 weeks to join a team..

I reviewed this challenge stats and there were 9 teams involved. By the end of week 4 we are down to less than 100 people. Now that's 100 who are being helped by participating but a big dip from past challenges. The NY's challenge last year had 25 teams and over 400 participants. By the spring challenge there were 18 teams and less than 300 losers. Keep in mind that teams do dissolve.

New teams spring up but sometimes are short lived. The economy has also impacted challengers who have had to "scale" back. Lot of mix in the formulas..

So it's out there. We as a team can decide our fate. We can stay connected by just continuing the thread. We can do our own internal challenge and report our stats and continue to encourage and support. I could contact the other captains and see what the interest is for them. No one is aggressively pursuing taking over the spreadsheet duties.

Let's hear what you think. Who's interested in continuing to participate and on what level? There are always new recruits, just awkward timing this year. What say you?..

answered May 01 at 14:43

Javon's gravatar image


Hey dreamers, It feels much better knowing others have the same love hate food obsessions. I consider myself a recovering food addict but unlike drugs or alcohol we must eat to survive so food will always be a challenge..

Speaking of challenge- I don't know chick, I would like to have the dreamers stay together and continue but it is hard when everyone is so busy. I am sure we could come up with our own challenges but it would be fun to challenge other groups as well. I only post here lately. When I first came back I posted on another thread but noone ever responded to me and I started to look for more "action" and found the lovely dreamers. I also happened along just in time to start the challenge so I guess it was a double blessing. I know a group can't exist if noone responds or communicates with each other- it gets rather sleepy-so hopefully everyone will want to continue to challenge each other and keep going but I guess we will see what you all have to say..

On the scale front- GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!! stupid thing gave me back a pound grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully it won't hang around but who knows. I will be around off and on tonight. hope everyone is doing well and staying away from temptation. take care..

answered May 01 at 14:58

Braeden's gravatar image


I would definitely like to see our group stay together. I have some very definite goals I would like to see accomplished by the 1st of the year. But I know as the month goes on, I know I will be really busy. This is the only place I post..

Ok, so even if there is no challenge, I would like to see the Dream Team continue..


answered May 01 at 15:59

's gravatar image


I am with both Denyse and Kathy I would love to see the dreamers stay together through the holidays I know that I will need everyone to stay op. I think that we all have streached the trouth about what we are eating or if we can have this or that BUT here we all can be honest we are all on the same bus ,on the same road going the same way.I know that I haven't posted as often as I should (busy here also as well as everyone else) but when I do come to the board it helps me to stay on track. Even if we fall off it would have been a lot worse..

Sorry if I just rattled on...

answered May 01 at 16:52

's gravatar image


Good evening fellow dreamers... I agree with the others, I would like the dreamers to stay together and at least challenge ourselves if not other teams. this is my first group and challenge that I have joined but I "feel at home" , we have a good group here who listens, supports and encourages one another. This will be my first Holiday Season on Medifast and feel more comfortable knowing I can hop on here for that extra booste when things get tough...sorry to ramble, anyway, my vote is to stay together and challenge ourselves thru what is the most challenging time of year..

answered May 01 at 18:02

Jaylen's gravatar image


HI Dreamers:.

Busy couple of days. One thing I've been doing is helping my DS with make-up homework. He's not the most academic of kids, and he has some poor grades that we have to get up or he's going to be benched from basketball. Since he's the team's tallest kid, their center and best rebounder, that would be tragic..

Rain - thank you for sharing your pictures and your incredible success. You look terrific!.

Pam - I agree with you - wish exercise was a part of the challenge. I'm enjoying my exercise time a lot and feel bad if I don't get it in for the day. But as Chick said - it's tough to gauge. There are so many different levels of exercise..

To all who stayed on plan during the holiday: You had my total admiration. I had a hard time in New York. Although I made healthy choices, my portions were too large and on some days I had more than one L&G meal a day. I won't beat myself up too much - I'm back on track now. I just needed to get back into my routine..

Pepi!!! Congrats on your new size, girlfriend! Gosh, can't you go CRAZY with the shopping in NYC! I was drooling at the window displays thinking in a couple of months I could wear THAT!.

Talien - good luck with your dentist appointment. I dread the dentist too. Kiss your scale for me!!.

Chick - I'm all for continuing this team and was counting on that challenge with the December 20th start date. I'd also like to do what you after you've reached your goal - do an exercise (miles) goal/challenge. I am a tad nervous about transition and maintenance. I certainly do NOT want to undo, what I've done (what I will accomplish, I'm determined to reach my goal), and I feel that these challenges and chat boards help me be accountable. That and I enjoy talking with you ladies! Would miss you all if this went away..

Denyse - I agree with you that it's nice that we all communicate to each other. I get a warm and fuzzy whenever I see my name in someone else's post making a comment about what I said..

Lordy do I ramble on!! Well, got to shoo DS off to bed and get a walking tape in. Sweet dreams!..

answered May 01 at 18:29

Marvin's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers,.

Welcome back Pepi and Dee. It sounds like you both had a great time in NY visiting family..

Just jumping on real quick before going to bed. Early day tomorrow. My service group is having our monthly meeting tomorrow at 0730 downtown. I have to be out the door by 0630. That's early for me, I won't have time to do a walking tape in the morning..

It sounds like everyone is having a good week. I must admit that I am spending most of my online time searching for deals. Except for a couple of gift cards, I do all my shopping online and am looking for the best deals..

This has been my third challenge, I really like them. The challenges have helped me keep focused and give me some accountability. I was also looking forward to the challenge that was supposed to start Dec 20th to get me through the next couple of holidays. I think we could do either, just stay together as a group for the support, or create out own challenge, just for the fun. But, I am a little bit competitive by nature. I noticed somebody started a 12lb challenge starting now through Jan 5th.

I like to have a goal..

Chick, I hope you are willing to stay with the group through this transistion phase. Although, I'm not sure to what we are transitioning. You have been a great leader and cheerleader for the group. The glue that holds us together..

Gotta go get the dogs out and get to bed..

Bye for now...

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I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and comments concerning the challenges and the team. What a wonderful group you are! You keep me focused, you keep from going off the deep end. You keep me exercising and caring how I look and feel. So I'm selfish. I think I'm doing it for you, but I'm doing it for me, too. There are times I feel I need a break but someone always picks up the ball and runs and it renews me..

The Dream Team is here and will remain here as long as there are postings. When I started the thread I was talking to myself for days. Then over time, they came. The team evolved. I still have contact with many who no longer post but benefited from the team experience. We have so many witty, bright, resilient folks here that it is a pleasure to read your posts and anticipate the next chapter in whatever effects our lives.

Our friends in the same profession, our families, our coworkers, our competitors can't always relate to our weight issues. They don't get the guilt, the regrets, the highs, the lows, and the excuses that center around eating. We can take the weight off. We've done it a half of a dozen times. It's keeping it off by learning something through the weightloss process..

I will contact a few of the other team captains who have been here a while and see what their thoughts are. We may be able to compete by posting our stats on a common thread that everyone can look at and not have to assimilate the data. Just eyeball and celebrate everyone..

Keep the thoughts coming. I'm looking for ways to make it work and you are inspiring the ideas...

answered May 01 at 20:09

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Good morning Dreamers!.

I'm emotionally running close to empty and am so looking forward to Saturday & Sunday when I will not be needed away from home (hopefully). I love being able to help my family when they need my help, but I am also so ready for everyone to be okay on their own so that I can have some quiet days with no outside commitments..

This morning I have a dental appointment and then we are possibly taking the newborn to the doctor. Yesterday it was obvious that he wasn't feeling well and appeared to be in pain. Hopefully it was just a passing thing, perhaps some trapped gas or ? His momma started him on some gas drops to see if those would help, I do not know the results yet. I hate seeing little ones sick..

Weight this morning was back up .5#, so my love for my scale has waned a tad bit (oh yes, my love for my scale is a fickle thing),.

I did expect the fluctuations, but held a secret hope that it wouldn't happen... LOL.

I had visited this site when I first began Medifast back in February 2007. I did not read consistantly so never became comfortable with navigating the site. I came here again 5.5 weeks ago and happened to find this challenge on that visit. I still do not find it easy to get around the site and to follow threads other than this one so I do not feel that I should offer up any suggestions about the challenges. I do know that it has been very nice to hold myself accountable to this group during the last 5 weeks, win or lose, and it is sad to think that others might not get that same opportunity. It is easily understandable that people become burnt out in leading the challenges, especially when that part of their journey is completed...

I guess I should go, it is time for a supplement and then I should be myself ready for the trip to the dentist (whine & groanLOL)..

I hope everyone has a very good, on program, day...

answered May 01 at 21:47

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Talien, how did that dentist appointment go? You survived, I just bet. Not fond of them either but I have a mouthful of root canals and crowns and grateful that I don't have to take them out at night..

I send a pm to the existing teams that are in this challenge. I know others but when the former scorekeeper went MIA, I emailed the captains from a list I was given, and got bitten on the hand by a few. One was particularly nasty about being contacted, so that method is so not worth it for me! I even preceded it with an apology because we had to scrape something together... just not good enough for some people. So that is why it can be hard to get volunteers..

Anyhow, we will see what the interest is. I see a lot of little challenges popping up and you certainly can do as many as you like. I'm kind of liking the idea of a separate thread for the results where everyone can see each others results as teams and praise the results. You could pick up a lot of inspiration from attaching names to accomplishments and each captain can do their own bragging rights to make sure no one is missed..

We could dispense with the tracking down people to get them to report, just help those who want and need help. That is the toughest part of leading a team. Wanting to save every soul. You just can't. There are a thousand excuses, many legit, but it is sometimes annoying, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes simply disappointing to not get the numbers you need and keep it real. I hope you all understand, seems like most of you do..

There would still be a roster, still be a weigh-in thread, there would still be a start and stop date. There would still be commitment but that will rest on the shoulders of the individuals and not burden the team..


answered May 01 at 23:25

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Chick - thanks for making the effort to contact other captains. Sorry some of them got snarky with you - that's wrong..

I echo what Pam stated - you're a terrific leader and are keeping things together. Thanks for your hard work..

Sometimes I lurk through some of the other boards on the forum and see people who post "I started today" and "need a diet buddy" type of threads. I'm tempting to drop them a reply inviting them to come to our team. We have such a nice bunch of folks posting..

Just my quick two cents...

answered May 02 at 00:36

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Evening Dreamers !!!.

Dee- Glad you had a good holiday,(any warm and fuzzies.


I think it's a good idea to invite others to join us. The more the merrier.

Talien- I hope your grandbaby is well, It is so miserable when the little ones are sick, they can't tell you whats wrong and the crys are heartbreaking. You do have a say in the groups future since you are a member of the group. This is my first challenge also and I can directly attribute my success and commitment to the team... Yes I am doing this for me but I don't like to let my dreamer buddies down. My first time around (in 2007) I never really got to know any of the others on the boards at that time and I never felt a part of "the Medifast lifestyle" I always felt like an outsider so when I feel it was easier to quit on myself. This time around it's different...

Chick I want to thank you too for all you have done for this group. I can't believe people can be rude and nasty just for asking a question. A question is just that. If youre not interested all it takes is a no- I am not sure but somewhere people have lost the art of politeness. Whats the old rule treat others as youd want them to treat you. I teach that to my children, I also teach my sons to hold the door for women (others as well but my sons will not grow up and slam the door on a woman- as I have seen others do).

Pam- I do most of my shopping online too. last year it was Amazon, This year though I think I will need to hit the malls last minute. I am absolutely broke until Dec 17 then I will have to hit the stores. I am shaking as I write- I hate crowds and people get so goofy around the holidays..

Well now I am the rambling one.

Have a great night all..

answered May 02 at 01:42

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Your feedback is great, as usual. I've only heard from one team so far and that captain just put out the new start date as December 20 and left it at that. No responses from her team, but she said they weren't very chatty. So I'll wait on the rest and she will contact me when her team responds..

So we will basically do the same. Stick to the December 20 date and see what evolves in the next week. Many are still preoccupied with this challenge. Which reminds, no results as of this afternoon, but I'll look now to see if we have anything up..


answered May 02 at 02:04

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Nothing up yet on Week 5. I know the scorekeeper is busy which is why she has stepped down for the next one. She's pretty good about getting things together fast, but sometimes there are problems and if she has to contact a team, who then has to contact a member to straighten it out (rather than just exclude them), it could take a day or two. I'll keep my eye out and check back later..

Have a great OP evening and for your early risers, make tomorrow meaningful. OPOWOE..

answered May 02 at 02:46

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Evening Dreamers,.

Chick, thanks for making the effort on our behalf. I'm in for whatever form the next "challenge" takes..

Talien, I hope your grandbaby is better, and you get some "me" time..

Really long day today, and for the first time since I started MF, I forgot to take my meals.

I was down to just two backup shake packets in the van. So I had three shakes to sustain me for the 14 hours I was away from home. Can you say hungry? I thought I would have a L&G meal mid-day, but the analyzer I was working on did not cooperate. It's too late to eat, so I am having an all Medifast day. I got my latest food shipment today. I am crunching through a bag of chili nacho cheese puffs from the new shipment.

I'm not going to dwell, just enjoy..

Bye for now...

answered May 02 at 03:25

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Good morning Dreamers! I still feel badly that I'm not yet 'knowing' who everyone is without backtracking, and time always seems too short to feel that I can go back to take notes. Not a good thing, when I do enjoy getting a comment directed at me in others' posts. Please accept my apologiesright now, I could have taken the time to scroll/page back to re-read and make notes instead of typing this apology....but the thought feels somewhat overwhelming and the apology is easier. I am a slacker.....

I will repeat that (this is kind of like a public floggingself induced, LOL)......

I am a slacker. Sigh... the truth is so ugly at times..

Oh how I love my fickle nasty scale this morning! (Nasty because it is so fickle). I am down another 1.5# from yesterday...which puts me at 3.5 down for the week so far. I sure hope that my body - and that fickle scale - let me keep this loss instead of bouncing back up on Sunday! LOL In either case, whether or not I get to keep the loss on Sunday, it is making me smile right now..

I have to leave here soon and I'm not dressed yetguess I'd better get moving..

I hope everyone has a great day...

answered May 02 at 04:40

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Hey Talien congrats on the scale being kinder, mine is not so kind.

Dont worry about not remembering everything about everyone. I sometimes have trouble keeping up too but as time goes on I find myself remembering more. I don't think we get graded on memory- I am sure I would get a D..

Today has been good for me- slow and quiet- the kind I like. Went grocery shopping after work and there was barely anyone shopping. I was surprised. Maybe everyone went to the mall HMM... Well I am excited for the weekend. I love Medifast on weekends.

That is my routine every saturday I am home, sometimes the kids make me go out and do something. I am such a homebody. Weekends are so nice and easy for me- usually no temptation at all..

I would be up for a challenge starting on Dec 20 but I'd like to keep up the chatter while we wait. Hopefully I won't be here alone..

Well have a good night all and keep OP !!!..

answered May 02 at 04:49

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Evening Dreamers,.

Denyse, I hope you don't end up talking yourself (chatting alone). It's funny, but between the last challenge and this one, I was more active than ever on the chat thread. I try for every day, but like the exercise, only end up posting a 4-5 times a week..

Talien, I'm also not very good with the shout outs. I think I need to take notes or something..

Good OP day today. I went out to dinner with a friend, no wine this time, just water..

Going to go do some more online browsing, I still need to find a gift for my dad. He may end up getting the same thing as last year, a Wall-Mart gift card. He lives in a small town where the stores are very limited. He bought himself a new coffee maker. I would have never guessed that he wanted a new one. I'm hoping for some inspiration from some of the gift lists on the net..

Have a good OP weekend everyone...

answered May 02 at 06:23

's gravatar image


Good evening dreamers...so 2day was a good day, full of energy and got alot of things around the house done. got to go thru my closet and toss out my first batch of "Big Girl clothes", 2 garbage bags stuffed!! that was such a sense of accomplishment! taking to goodwill 2morrow and maybe pick up a few pair of pants while I am there..

Denyse you sound like you have way tooo much energy in the mornings!! ha ha. I am so not a morning person, I don't even function well till 11 or noon. I do need to try to re train my body though bcs the kids have conspired against me and decided they are morning people..

Oh well, that is a goal I am going to start working on in next couple of weeks. going to bed earlier to make sure I get enough rest. it will be hard bcs when everyone is in bed it is "my time" to read or catch up on computer stuff or just chill. oh well starting to ramble here...

Got stuff planned all wkend. going to a horse & carriage parade in morn, then out to lunch for DH bday, ending the day with a trip out to look at Christmas lights with the kids. Sunday is church then getting family pics taken in afternoon then back to church in evening if the pictures dont tweek me over the edge. we had family pics taken last christmas and when I looked at them I was disgusted at how I looked, that got me thinking I really need to do something about my weight. it's funny how I was in such a state of denial I really was shocked at how I looked. wow I sure am chatty 2nite.

So what does everyone else have going on this wkend? whatever youre doing, I hope everyone has a blessed OP couple of days!!..

answered May 02 at 06:50

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Quick drive-by.... very late. Glad to see you guys keeping the conversation going. That is the way it should be. Closet cleaning, weekend schedules, all is good..

I fell early Fri morn and may need to go for an xray. Dragging my feet, and now can't do it locally, so I may just not. Stupid maybe, but if the pain is bad enough, I'll go. If not then I must be healing, right? Physician heal thyself..

See ya in the morn!..

answered May 02 at 06:56

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Morning dreamers, it's 6AM my time.


Chick- I am so sorry about your fall, hopefully you didn't hurt anything other than a few muscles. I fell back about 6 months ago and IT HURT, didn't break anything but did hurt and it probably lasted about a week. I hope you wont hurt as bad as I did.

Cindy- I am such a morning person, get my best work done before noon.

, course I end up being awake late as well but it's in a semi-comatose state.

Well got to get busy, I'll check back later..

answered May 02 at 07:20

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Morning Dreamers!.

Sorry been MIA this week. I have been trying to read the board each day though. Just not enough time to sit and post. It's been busy and work and home, well, you guys know how that goes..

Yep, I'm a morning person too. Always have been. I know I'm pushing the limit now by getting up at 4. I'm rarely in bed before 11. Today we're going to Dallas to go shopping, so I can catch up on some sleep in the car. We're spending the night, so I'm sure I'll sleep in a little at the motel.

I'm glad we're going to keep the Dreamers going. Even without a "formal" challenge, it's good to have people to talk to..

Chick - If you need to go to the Dr. - go to the Dr. Isn't that what we always tell our kids!! Hope it's not anything serious, just soreness. Get better soon..

Gotta get around. Told the girls we're leaving at 8:30 and I haven't even gotten in the shower yet!..

answered May 02 at 08:01

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Greetings from a very cold west Texas - the thermometer on my dashboard reads 20. I am headed to Amarillo (2 hour drive) with dd for some shopping. Our guys headed out about 2:30 this morning to go deer hunting. DH is not a hunter, but thought it would be a good bonding experience with son=in-law. Hubby likes to take pictures and thought it would be a great time (him words) to get some good sunrise shots. There is no way I would get up at 2 am and sit out all day in the cold.

Chick, sorry about your fall. Please take care of yourself..

I used to be a morning person before my sleep apnea days. The c-pap is greatly helping with sleep. When I go back to the dr in Jan/Feb, I am going to have her review sleep apnea. When I was diagnoised 70 lbs ago, she told me weight played a big part. On one hand I would love to be able to sleep w/o the mask and hose, but then I slept so poorly for so very long and am sleeping so very well now..

Denyse, isn't the BBC show a hoot. I love the "fizzy" drinks, biscuits and scones and LOL at the analyzing the poo. Since you mentioned infomercials - let's play true confessions again.

Anyone bought anything from an infomercial? I used to be a real exercise jukie and back in the days infomercials were the only place to get them. I bought Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies, some Leslie Sansone and I used to be really big in the Firm and have several of their systems. I still like to check out the "as seen on tv" aisle at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the drug chains..

PD, I always give my mother a WalMark card. Not a typo, that is what she calls it - I guess as 79 she can call it whatever she wants. I also put in several books of stamps and gift card for her grocery store. She told me several years ago she didn't want anything else to look at and her clothes were just fine..

Talien, sounds like your scale has a little Jeckle/Hyde complex. I talk very, very nicely to mine each morning - even have her named, DeLila..

Opps, just looked at the clock, gotta get in the shower. Looking forward to spending the day with my dd. I was the one suggesting the shopping trip to Amarillo, ulterior motive you say - darn right! I wanted some quality time with dd..


answered May 02 at 08:37

's gravatar image


Okay I am a sucker I had a thigh master, Richard simmons, leslie samsones videos, carmen electra aerobic striptease, the 6 week body makeover, "leg machine".

(cant remember real name but I still have and use, it's supposed to make your thighs firm), I bought a aerobic breathing program, and a differant thigh machine which was a lot like a thigh master with little weights on it, I bought a stair climber and a bike type machine which came out and was crap and had a weight limit of 200 lbs- What I still have is Richard Simmons videos, leslie samsones videos, carmen electras videos, my leg machine, an exercise bike and a stair machine- I actually have loads of exercise bands and weights and actually still have the aerobic beathing program- tried it once for about 3 weeks and felt so stupid. The biggest waste of money for me was the 6 week body makeover I followed it religiously and lost 2 lbs after 4 weeks and said "forget that" and quit. I am just thinking of all my videos and fitness equip. I could start my own "low class" gym. Oh I was a infomercial junkie looking for the magic workout. Now I watch mainly for the before and after stories, I would like to try the kettle bell workout but I am poor right now.

, my community ed has a class but it's like 80 bucks for 1 month and it is out of my ability right now, I need my medifast foods not the kettle bell, and I have way to much at home to use..

Oh and Kathy I am an addict to that you are what you eat show and I even know how many stone I am (for those who don't know what a stone is it is as follows 14 lbs = 1 stone) Its a weight unit used in England. from what I read it's used mainly in talking about the weight of people but I guess it was used more extensively years ago- I also think it is/was used elsewhere but am not certain. If youve never seen the show it can be fun. This dietician lady selects people to makeover in 8 weeks. she makes over their diet and gets them active and they usually change their whole life around. I love to see the afters.

To get them to change she uses some odd methods- I wont get specific but it makes them think about the junk they are eating and what they are doing to their bodies..

I made homemade choc chip cookies for the kids, I was a little tempted but turned away and when I looked back the whole plate was gone.. Good... I like to make treats sometimes for the kids but Sometimes I still get week. Stayed OP another whole week and I even exercised ever day this week..

Well I will check back later and see how everyones day went. And Kathy I love Texas was last there so long ago and at that time it was like 110 degrees- I melted and came home looking like a lobster but I love the open spaces. We went to Riverwalk in San Antonio and Of course Sea World, the space center and local areas around my step sons home- lots of little Mexican restruants and the best homemade fajitas. Do I sound hungry? it was such a fun trip, I enjoyed it so much. Doubt I will ever go back though remember it is my ex husbands family. and he actually is living there..

All right I will shut up now..

answered May 02 at 09:33

's gravatar image


Hi Dreamers! I didn't realize I hadn't checked in this morning until now. I'm dragging the last couple of days and think it is just tiredness from running errands for others along with babysitting so much. I think I'm just mentally wore out and used up.

I'm hoping that this upcoming week will be a bit easier and then the following week, just maybe, I'll get my life back. I hope so anyway..

I'm a whiner..sorry! LOL.

This morning the scale wasn't as nice, up a pound from yesterday morning. I really do not care, too tired to give it (the scale) more than a quick 'stink eye' as I walked away from it. I know the rotten piece of metal is just a cold hearted player with people's emotionsI refuse to give it power over me any longer (rofl!)..

I think tonight will be baked chicken salad, hopefully DH will find it appealing. Guess I'd better get some chicken into the oven soon..



Is having a nice, relaxing weekend! (I am still feeling the guilt over not personalizing my posts.

, thus the underscore on everyone...I am an idiot! LOL)..

Chick, hope you feel better soon!..

answered May 02 at 10:09

's gravatar image


Good morning Dreamers! The scale was not my friend again this morning (LOL). Officially I lost a pound this week, which is nice, except that mid-week I was down 2#. My darn body took back the weight and held onto the majority of it until this morning, when it (probably begrudingly) gave up another half pound. Darn fickle body...rotten, accurate, honest scale. ;^).

This week I stayed on program. It was not easy and I did have some dicey moments along with more foody thoughts than I've had for months. I am happy with myself that I did not give into my cravings for all the holiday goodies, I guess I was so unhappy with the scale because I did believe that my body 'owed me' for being compliant. I'm like the stubborn donkey, who only moves forward if I have a carrot dangling in front of my nose. I'll stick to program, happily and contentedly, IF the 'carrot' is a rapidly moving (downward) scale..

So, this past week, along with the last few weeks on this challenge, are teaching me that I won't always see the obvious 'carrot/prize/benefit' from making wise choices when I'd rather make poor (but tasty) ones. The benefit/prize may come much later....but it will come..

So, this week I have a 1# loss for a total of 7.5# of the 10 I set as my 6 week goal. I have a chance to make it to that goal.....but even if I do not, I will be proud of myself for sticking to my plan, even when I would have much rather gone back to my old ways of celebrating a holiday..

I hope everyone has a great weigh-in...

answered May 02 at 11:03

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