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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Anyone know about Medifast Green Tea Weight loss patches? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... From Harvest to Holidays Challenge Week 4 Chat.

Are we continuing to improve our numbers? You are all a success in so many ways. Did the scales translate all of your efforts? Believe in you, I do! You have so much to celebrate. Find something you can claim as a victory. It's there. Search for it. Find it.

Don't forget to weigh-in before midnight Monday night. Share your celebration here!.

New Weigh-in Thread Here..

asked Apr 30 at 21:07

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

answered Apr 30 at 22:03

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Forgive the numerous errors of grammor (and the spelling of this word- is grammor spelled this way?) I am a sleepy dreamer too...

answered Apr 30 at 22:32

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Morning Dreamers...hope everyone is doing well..I had a very relaxing weekend reading and doing assignments for class in between cat napping...I want to go shopping so bad...but trying to wait until I go home to NYC for Thanksgiving...hoping to be in a 10 by then...because my 12s are a little loose...anyway...just wanted to stop in and say good morning...bbl...smooches..

answered Apr 30 at 22:39

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Good Morning Dreamers,.

Another great November day here in TN, 63 degrees at 1030 in the morning, and only going to get warmer. I would love to get some yard work done, but my first priority is the painting. I can trim the bushes all winter. I had a great day yesterday. I have two clean, freshly groomed dogs, and had fun at the craft show and wondering through antique shops in the downtown area of Fayetteville, TN. I was really glad I had packed a cooler with shakes, bars, and water.

She is also on a diet. We were both good all day, but I wasn't hungry all the time like she was. Years past I would have been eating the fudge, cookies, and bacon cheeseburgers with fries. The saying is true, being thin (or in my case thinner than I was) is better than any food tastes..

Denyse, it sounds like you are not only a sleepey dreamer, but an exhausted one also. That's a lot of house cleaning. It sounds like everyone at your house is feeling better. Have fun shopping with your girls..

Pepi, aren't lazy weekends great? Although, I always found the studying mentally exhausting when I was doing my MBA. Hold out on the clothes shopping until you get to NY, you'll have more fun doing it with family, and you.


Be in those sz 10's by then..

I forget who posted about UK, Kathy maybe? Anyway, while I am not a fan of stick and ball sports anymore, my dad is is a huge UK fan. He has UK rugs, flags, shirts, hats, license plates, what ever. He and my brother went to the UK, Vandy game yesterday. I'm not sure who won since I haven't talked with either one of them today..

Off to get my walk in, then on to the painting for the afternoon..

Have a good OP day everyone...

answered May 01 at 00:13

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Aftermorn, Dreamers! Looks like the weigh-ins are terrific so far. Everyone OP, everyone on water, and some great losses to prove it. Five reporting in and averaging over 3 lbs a piece is a great start for my day..

Rain is leading the pack at 5 lbs. What a consistent performer you are! Cindy also has her medigrove on this week..

I need to get in the fall spring cleaning mode. I read about a site run by flylady, I think. I looked at it briefly but it is supposed to get you organized and starts with the kitchen sink. It looked like a lot of links, so I didn't have time to just browse around. I need to find that motivation..

I still have my last walk on my ipod, so I'll download it and update my miles for last week along with the start of this new week. I was reviewing my weekly progress and discovered that I had slowed down to 4 days a week without being conscious of it. So the challenge is getting me back into it..

The mother is coming out in me Denyse, it's grammar. I drive my kids nuts when they chat online with me, but secretly they appreciate it. Why is it the kid with the best grades is the worst speller and vice versa? I think maybe creativity ignores the details..


answered May 01 at 01:22

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Good morning and congratulations to all who have put their weights in alreadyexcellent losses! I was very pleased with my 3# loss and so thankful to have last week's gain gone along with a bit more. Patience is not one of my best traits and Medifast has shown me that patience and perseverance does pay off, nicely, in the long run..

This morning, so far, has been a laid back one. I love these quiet, slow motion days. I need to do some closet cleaning even though I'm not ready to try on anything to see if it fits. I am seeing a little bit of difference in some items of my clothing (things are loose and baggy) but not enough that I believe I'm ready to move down into the next smaller size. At my goal weight I was in a size 6 jeans, they were so tiny that I marveled that I fit in them everytime I got dressed (LOL). I did try on a pair of flannel lined size 6 jeans the other day....nope! No way were they even close to fitting.....no way, no how....oh manugly! LOL The zipper was on each side of my tummy....it was not pretty..

I'm guessing that Chick is right....20# for each size and now that I had regained 38#, perhaps I have more fat than I had before (lost lean muscle and gained all fluffy fat?). Maybe those size 6 pants aren't going to fit at goal. Oh well.......all I can do it lose the weight and find out..

I haven't drank any water yet today.....I'd better go grab my water bottles and get to drinking. If nothing else, this challenge has made me drink my water each day...

answered May 01 at 01:27

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Hi Dreamers:.

Hey Chick - I should know better than to post late on a Saturday because of transitioning. I'll wait until Sunday next time. I did cut and paste my last post and modified it as well as add to it. So ladies, apologize in advance for the repeat novelette..

Yesterday I went through my dresser and dumped - shorts, underwear, bras, etc. that are just too big. What a good feeling!.

Denyse, I'm having the same problem now with clothes. Newer pants that I bought about a month ago are now getting really, really loose. In another month, they'll be outta here!.

Hey Pepi, I'm going home to NY too for Thanksgiving. I'm glad because my family makes a wonderful variety of veggies for the meal. Last time I was home for this holiday (2007), I counted 13 different kinds! Size 10s are in near future for me too. I was in Penney's today with my MIL and held a pair of size 10 jeans up. A few months ago I never dreamed I could be in a size that small..

I'm now not worried about Thanksgiving. I told my Mom about my weight loss and she's very happy for me. I was talking to her today and she bought a pile of Morningstar burgers for me because she saw them and remembered that I mentioned I'm eating them. I love my Mom!!.

Cindy, I LOVE cauliflower mashed "potatoes!" It's the yummiest!.

Chick - I went into the city once to see the Macy's Parade and it's madness. Streets were 10 people thick and the trains back to Long Island were packed. Instead what we've done in the past is go into the city the day before, go up to the Museum of Natural History where they are blowing up the big balloons. That's a lot of fun to see! The kids (my son and sisters' kids) loved it. So did this big kid! I LOVE Flylady - she has such great ideas..

Well, big NSVs for me coming in the form of the costumes that I wear for my Polish Dancing. First one was Thursday night at practice. Our group is reviving a number that we haven't done in years (before my son was born so it was a long time ago). The costume director was sizing people and at the end of September I tried on the costume that I had worn for this number. The costume is a pinafore and at that time it didn't fit - there was a 3" gap and I couldn't do the hook and eyes. Well, the other night, my friend suggested I try on that costume again since that was about 12 lbs.

Needless to say, the darn dress fit fine. Score one for the Digger!!.

Also, the costume I'm wore last night (which I haven't worn since June) it was huge! It's a pinafore too, but the costume has an apron so I had to tie it tight. However it wasn't the pinafore that made everyone notice that I lost weight. One part of this costume is a choker necklace. One of our group members custom made all the women necklaces to neck measurements. My choker was hanging off of me - I lost lots of inches in my neck!.

I'll be weighing in tomorrow a.m. I think I had a good week...

answered May 01 at 01:51

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Good morning all. I weighted in today and I am a little indifferent. In the middle of the week, I had lost 1.5 lbs already and then on weigh in day the scale did not move much. I am going to buy myself a meat scale, my mom seems to think my meat portions are smaller than I might think. Mama knows best, I am hoping that will help a little...

answered May 01 at 03:25

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Evening Dreamers!.

Sorry I haven't been around much. Mainly just life, so much to do, so little time!!!.

Tntahj - You're momma's right (aren't we always????) I have started measuring my meat again. I always tend to lean to the lighter side. Do you log your food anywhere? I use myfitnesspal.com. It also logs your sodium, carbs and protein All of these will affect your weight loss..

Got to get to laundry and stuff..

Have a great night!..

answered May 01 at 04:45

Griffin's gravatar image


Blurg...I went up .4 lbs.

- was on plan all week but didn't get all of my exercise in...here's to a new week to keep moving forward!..

answered May 01 at 05:50

's gravatar image


Just a quick hello to everyone! I have tons to do today since I am at home instead of at work. You know, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc., etc..

Glad to see all the great losses so far this week. Keep up the good work everyone and have a great OP day!..

answered May 01 at 06:20

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Good morning, losers! It actually is still morning and I have a chance to get online early, walk earlier, etc. Sun is shining and looks a little crisp. Great walking weather..

Yep Mindy, some great losses coming our way again. Since it is early, we have a lot more check-ins to be done. Can we hold our own this week? We are averaging over 2.5 lbs a piece, so we'll see how it fares out..

Mary, that is a minor blip, don't let it scare you. You had a huge loss last week and sometimes it levels out..

Dee, great NSV on the costumes. It would take a while to wipe the grin off of my face. So you are a flylady fan, I see. I have to check it more. No DGD this week because my DS is back to work. So sad, but yeah.

Kind of neglected when you play with a 2 year old. Also the pace is slower, so I need to kick it up a knotch..

I have been hovering at 2 or 3 lbs within goal, but this morning I was up more. I realize how vigilant I must be. I never was a big eater, but a few wrong choices with the pain meds can hit you fast. Can't stop the pain, but I can stop the poor choices that I've learned don't work together. My b-day is in 10 days, and I want the goal showing up on the scale as my celebration. Sounds a little whiney, huh? Knock it off, Chick!.

T, a food scale is your best friend. There seem to be more people who short themselves, then actually eat too much. I think fish is the biggest bargain of all. 7 oz can give you a lot of it and a lot of variety..

Talien, don't fret about the clothes size ahead of time. It is progress and you never know how you'll shape up in the end. Any one a vegetarian on here? I think it was Dr Oz who said if you go vegetarian for one month, you will totally reshape your body dropping the fat. This is a meat household so unless I went solo, it wouldn't work. Be interesting to see though. My DD works at a health food shop and gained weight.

Renee, have you decided on a new goal or just going to play it by ear? You've come a long way, baby!.

Let me get this day going. Off with me now. BBL. OP all the way, one day at a time...

answered May 01 at 06:31

Emmett's gravatar image


Good Morning Dreamers...hope all is well...I am feeling way better today...but will be working from my hotel room anyway...I am so excited to go home on Thursday and be away from the site for two whole weeks...I am so ready to be in my own house and going to NYC to visit with my family and SHOP...anyway...I am down 2.5#s this week so I am 5.5#s from my first mini-goal...hoping to get there by next week...can it be done?...I believe so...bbl...smooches..

answered May 01 at 07:36

Tanner's gravatar image


Hello all!!.

Down 1.4. I expected a slow-down the last 10 lbs or so. Guess I am going to get to fight it this last 19 lbs I am now in my teens to loose.

Did miss some exercise days last week - guess I will have to be more diligent..

Winter is in the air - low of 30 overnight..


answered May 01 at 08:56

Skyler's gravatar image



I HAVE LOST 5.5 # THIS WEEK I have been so busy and sick that I really can't belive that I lost this much. I haven 't had time to read all the post again but will try to catch up in the next few day. Hope everyone had a great week ..

Talk to ya soon..

answered May 01 at 09:25

Theodore's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers..

Quick check in. Congrats to everyone!!!! We're doing good..

Chick - I've decided not to put a number on my new lower goal. I'm gonna play it by ear and see where I end up. I'm not satisfied to stay here, I know I want to go lower. At this point the number on the scale isn't that important. It's a reference point. What is important is the way I look and feel.

With the two different exercise programs that I've done/am doing, over the last 2 1/2 months, I've lost a total of over 20" on my body. So, right now, I'm really paying attention to the measurements. I'm buying size 10 & size 8 jeans/pants. Tops are still a large, cuz of the bust area..

So, guys, take those measurements!!!!!!! I didn't measure anything when I started Medifast. Too embarrassed. But, it's a good thing to know. You can see how far you come. Sometimes measurements will change, the scale will not..

Chick - you whiney??? At least you know which choices to change..


answered May 01 at 09:47

's gravatar image


Pepi, another great week for you. I can "hear" the excitement in your voice getting ready to go home. Shopping is the icing on the cake!.

Kathy, nothing wrong with 1.4 loss at all. I'd have to look at my stats, which I still have, to tell how long it took the last 20 to come off. It was a steady decline with some weeks .5 or 1 lb losses, but always something. It was in the last lbs that the love handles and the better fit in clothes took place, so it was very rewarding to finish..

Elaine, what a smashing week for you! I have 2 MIAs at this point, but you are the loss leader right now. Terrific job..

Great advice, Renee. I did do the measurements, but hated the pics. I waited too long to take a before pic. I had to rely on photos by others and since I was very adept at avoiding the spotlight, there are very few to choose from. So get those pics and measurements done, no matter how painful. You might not believe it but you will definitely want them when you finish the journey..

Our overall numbers are better than last week depending on what happens with the last two dreamers. So let's hold steady. Still more work to do but we are closer. 14 totally OP and water. Makes a captain proud!..

answered May 01 at 11:12

's gravatar image


Hi ladies. It is great to see everyone is doing so well. Today was one of the best days I have had in a long while. I went to a dinner in my sister and laws honor. As soon as I got there all I heard was everyone telling me how good I looked and all I could see was a smile on my husbands face. He was so proud of the all the nice things everyone was saying.

When people told me nice things I would never belive them, but today I agreeded with them. Ladies I was smoken hot lol. I posted a pic on my page it is the one in the black dress. I am so happy tonight..

answered May 01 at 11:33

Emerson's gravatar image


What? I'm the first one on today. Say it isn't so. Who's sleeping in?.

Shantae, that was a great loss and you are smoking hot, no doubt about it! Congrats on the new decade of loss. You wear it well..

Got a lot to do today, so I'm off like a herd of turtles. Have a great OP day. Great numbers to finish off the week. Makes 15 OP. Let's shoot for that perfect score. We can do it, we are worth it!.


answered May 01 at 12:28

's gravatar image


Hi, all...just counting down the days to leave TN and go home...NSV to report..I went to a department store today at lunch and was tempted and tried on a pair of very cute pants...size twelve was a little too loose...the sales lady told me to try on a 10...THEY FIT PERFECTLY.....


...I was so stoked...I did not buy the pants however, because I really want to wait until I go home for Thanksgiving to shop...I am on cloud ninety nine right now...I HEART MF...so as you may know I am smiling like a cheshire cat.

...I feel so good right now...anyway...back to work...just wanted to reach out and say hello...bbl...smooches.

@Shantae..you should be so proud of yourself and you do look SMOKIN' hot...keep up the good work...it is so worth it (as I am sure you already know).....

answered May 01 at 13:12

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Hello Everyone!.

Renee I keep on meaning to measure myself, but forget. I should at least measure my waist because thats where most of my weight is. You made me realize that when I reach my weight goal, Im not going to stop there. There are parts of me that are really, really untoned and that Im going to have to do more (like you) than just lose the weight. You always say stuff that really hit home with me. Thanks for your insight.

Shantae you look great in your dress!! Congratulations!!.

Pepi WOOHOO to YOU with your size 10s. Happy shopping in the Big Apple!.

Well, this Friday is my birthday. Ill be 47 years young and have no problem with it because Im looking and feeling great. Im leaving work early to treat myself to a sushi lunch (no rice) and then go shopping. I want to buy myself a nice blouse or sweater to wear for Thanksgiving when Im home for the family. Im also going to try on pants to gage where I am in sizes there. Im sort of in between sizes now size Im wearing is getting loose, but the next size down is still too tight..

Its going to be a challenging weekend for me. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Ill be performing with my dance group at Milwaukees Holiday Folk Fair. Saturday is going to be the worse. Because my DS is performing as well, well be at this festival from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Im really going to have to rely on my portable meals (bars, puff & sticks) that day as well as really examine all the food booths to find food I can have.

In the past I would be chowing down on all the greasy stuff and high-calorie ethnic desserts NO MORE. I know one thing, Ill be staying away from my beloved Polish food haha. So wish me luck!.

Have a great evening all!..

answered May 01 at 13:23

's gravatar image


Renee, I read your post and I started measuring myself when I first started MF, but, have not done so in a while...I think I need to start again, because like Dee (the Dancing Queen) I carry a lot of weight in the middle...I can also tell now that I need to do more toning exercises along with my cardio...I can't wait to shop in NYC...I love clothes and shoes (especially shoes) and buying a smaller size is going to be so great...I just hope I don't go overboard $$ wise...anyway...hope everyone is having an OP day...smooches.

@Dee - the festival sounds like fun...I know that if you stay focused and really seek out the grilled meats and healthy options you will do just fine...I think it is way cool that your son performs as well...btw...I too have no problem telling my age (44) because even more than ever before I look and feel so good...Enjoy your birthday and I wish you the very best...birthday smooches to you.....

answered May 01 at 13:37

Brock's gravatar image


Hi everyone! I'm holding steady at my Sunday weight (3rd day at this weight so I feel comfortable in 'keeping' it, LOL). I have 2 water bottles at my elbow and am working on getting them drank before dinner. I left home this morning without the water bottles and had a rotten time with the head hungries about 11 o'clock. I know it was more 'thirst' hungry than true hunger...but try convincing your mind of that,.

I did fine and made it home, began drinking my water and now am trying to keep the hungries away. Poor planning on my partI filled the water bottles up, sat them next to my handbag and then drove off without them. Menopause brain fade?!.

It sounds like a great week for everyone. I'm eager to see the comparison for week 3. There are so many winners - everyone who is sticking to program and losing weight is a winner...

answered May 01 at 14:17

's gravatar image


Evening Dreamers,.

Just a quick drive by..

Pepi, great nsv on the pants. I'm sure you will have many more while at home..

Renee, I agree that the measurements tell the real story. I am short and round and struggle to find my waist. I do have measurements from when I started, but like Chick, will have to rely on a before picture taken by others..

It sounds like everyone is having a good week. I'm going to keep this short. I bought the Start Trek movie and plan to watch it before I go to bed..

Bye for now...

answered May 01 at 15:18

Zander's gravatar image


Good evening dreamers!! I had my 1st dr appt 2day since starting mf, was happy w 65lbs dwn, was hoping my blood pressure would b good enough to see if he would lower my dosage so I could maybe get off of it soon, but it was 143/90 so no chance of that!! oh well, I still hope I can get off of them sometime in near future, I hate the way they make me feel... oh well, onward & downward and we shall see.

Now, fiber question...i am avg 26g of fiber a day, dr recom 40 to "keep things movin'".... I looked at the fiber supplements, pills, chewables & powder but all had too many carbs & cals.

....now what??.

** Pepi, enjoy "skinny jean" shopping in NYC - how fun!! you deserve it!!.

** Dee, I hope you have a wonderful bday Fri.!! you have already given yourself the best gift ever by starting this journey - anyway, enjoy your day!!.

** Chick, I agree w you on the b4 pics....i had a pic taken the day I started MF, it is too painful to look at or share yet, but I know when I get to goal I will be glad to see how far I have come, looking forward to that day!!.

Good night dreamers and wishing everyone a blessed OP rest of the week!!..

answered May 01 at 15:51

Nickolas's gravatar image


Pepi congrats on the 10s. You'll be moving past them in no time, so I know how hard it is to shop and not overbuy with the next size around the corner..

Dee, you'll do fine at the Folk Fair. Some times it takes a little digging, but those foods that are OP are out there. You are one of the best Diggers we know, so no problem for you. That is so great to have your DS joining you. Is he a dancer or another type performer? Happy almost Birthday! November is a great month. Mine is around the corner, too.

Tough will all the holidays, but fun to have a constant celebration..

Talien, way to be confident. That weight is gone forever. Glad to see you are making up the water, you need it..

Pam, enjoy that Star Trek movie. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening..

Have a great evening, everyone and I'll catch up to the rest of you in the morning...

answered May 01 at 16:41

's gravatar image


Hey Cindy, I was posting or composing while you were posting..

You'll be off the meds in no time. Despite my DH's loss, the dr is keeping him on most of the meds until he is confident the weight is off for good. I appreciate him being conservative on this one. So far no ill effects from keeping things the same..

As far as the fiber, it is tough to get the quantity in without adding some supplement. Try for the highest fiber veggies but my dr said the same thing to use OTC products or fiber bars or fiber cereal. None of which work well with the plan, but put them in your food diary and see if you can tweek enough to use them as condiments. I make it a habit to read every bottle or box I buy and will choose the one with the least amount of impact..

Good for you, getting the beginning pic done. I know your pain, but it's so worth it!..

answered May 01 at 18:20

Jaden's gravatar image


Hey Dreamers!.

Well, today was the start of another new part of my journey. New student orientation at the local college. Fortunately, I wasn't the oldest one in the group. Actually, most of the people were my age or older. So, I didn't feel out of place. Wouldn't have mattered anyway.

DH keeps bugging me about what I'm gonna go to school for. Well, it's for me. I'll prob just do some sort of business degree. He said I should do what will pay $$$. It's not about the money, it about the goal and accomplishment and that fact I didn't finish what I started.

Right now, my kids, soon to be grandkid is the most important thing..

Better get to bed. Falling asleep as I'm typing!..

answered May 01 at 18:52

's gravatar image


Evening dreamers- actually it's almost midnight so it will post as a morning but I am still on night and need to get some sleep soon..

Renee- school is always a good investment no matter what your age. College is definately not just for the young students anymore and once I get my life on track I plan on returning to earn my masters in Nursing. What holds me back is the cost, I don't qualify for any type of assistance and with 6 kids to care for they have to come first..

On the before picture topicI just couldn't do It I have a stack of before photos from previous failed attempts, I felt that if I took another I'd be traveling the same path. But I do have before pictures and in every one I find I look sad and miserable, even in the photo I have with a smile- I look sad. When I figure out how to scan them into the computer I will post them and then- since I have lost nearly 70lbs since beginning my weight loss journey (I started my journey prior to MF) I will take a "progress report" photo..

Shantae- you look FABULOUS !!!! (speaking of the famous black dress) you have a right to be proud- you're doing so good.

Well dreamers I'd better get to bed I feel an urge to keep writing but I have to be up by 5AM in order to get to work on time so I will have to stop by tomorrow evening. Take care and stay OP..

Chick- anxiously awaiting our results from this last week. I feel that we must have done better........

answered May 01 at 19:38

Cameron's gravatar image


Morning Dreamers....all well here in TN...leaving here tomorrow bright and early to go home...wanted to weigh in on some of the posts...Renee...I understand fully about your wanting to go back to school to accomplish a personal goal...that is the reason I am working on my graduate degree...I don't need it...I have a great job which pays well...but, it is about the personal fulfillment...don't let anything stand in your way...go get that degree girl...best of luck to you in this new endeavor...Pam loved the Star Trek movie...my boyfriend informed me that he purchased the dvd and I am looking forward to watching it with him this weekend...Cindy I know you will be off those meds in no time...I was amazed at how quickly my blood pressure went down after starting MF...although I was not on meds...I was on my way to having to start...my doc was so pleased that he did not have to prescribe any...especially since high blood pressure runs in my family and I was not really doing anything to prevent it (diet and exercise)...well it appears that everyone is doing well...if you don't hear from me after today for a while...please know I am just enjoying my time at home and staying OP and thinking of each of you...will try to get on a much as possible because I really do need the support you guys provide...bbl...smooches..

answered May 01 at 20:15

's gravatar image


Good morning. I'm at day 4 of being the same weight. It could be worse-it could be day 5, or it could be a gain..

I did get the water drank yesterday even though I got started later than I planned and I was able to make it through the head hungries without doing any BLTs. I'm having a real blah couple days, mood wise and need to give myself a mental slap upside the head, remembering all my blessings instead of focusing on those things that I have little to no control over in my life. Focusing on the frustrations and negative things will not help me attain my goals.....being positive and finding all the hidden blessings will keep me from eating off program and help keep my focus where I want it to be. So much easier to say instead of do....but I am commited to winning this war (along with all the little battles along the way)..

It is so good to read how well everyone is doing!..

answered May 01 at 21:21

Antonio's gravatar image


I was just checking in while eating lunch, but had to comment to Talien..

Talien - I know just how you feel. I was in the same spot, but mine didn't last for a few days, it was a couple of months and almost completely got me off MF. You are right, concentrate on the positive, but deal with the negative. If you don't, it will continue to eat at you. It has taken me years to finally figure that out. I dealt with my negatives, or at least came up with a plan.

Gotta get back to work...

answered May 01 at 22:34

Alfredo's gravatar image


Hi all! I get to read most of the posts in my email if I delete them as I go. Unfortunately, I forget that I haven't been to the thread yet. So here I am. Tada..

Renee, congrats on going back to school. I did it too. I was almost finished the first go round in my youth, but was in the wrong program. I never have figured out what I want to do when I grow up, but I have always been employed, mostly self-employed. I wasn't whole until I finally did finish. I started back by taking photography classes, something I love.

I can't honestly say that I needed or even used my degree, but it was the fulfillment of the goal that drove me. Also inspired my DD to get her degree which definitely made a difference in her career. So, go for it Renee. Give it your all. You will easily fit in because you are all there with those who have a common goal, like we do here..

Denyse, let us know when you get those photos up. I'd love to see the work in progress..

Pepi, be safe on your trip home and have a great time. We'll be thinking of you if you can't check in, so know we are here for you. I'm anxious to see what the shopping spree brings your way..

Talien stay positive and you'll work your way out of that funk. We all go through it but sometimes you have to just force yourself to shake it off. Find the positive that is hidden within the negative. It might take a little digging and some creativity but in the end you will be able to smile when you think about those things that used to get you down. Staying OP during this process is a great motivator..

I'll be back later and hopefully have the results for this week...

answered May 01 at 23:56

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Evening dreamers-.

Chick- I will let you all know when I get pics up it may not be till later this weekend. Im so swamped at home and work and not all that computer savy but I will definately let you all know..

Talien- I am right there with you my weight is stalled again. hasn't budged an ounce yet I am hopeful something will come off this week but who knows, It could be TOM time but don't know I am so irregular. TMI sorry.

Anyways just keep with it and eventually the scale will make you smile..

Hope everyone is having a fantastic night (OP of course)..

answered May 02 at 01:21

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Weight the sameday 5..

I know the scale is going to move downward, just wish the darn thing would hurry up and just do it!.

Hope everyone has a good day!..

answered May 02 at 02:07

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Boy is the competition tough this time around. You have all done such a great job but with weightloss as 50% of the score, we missed first place by what .005! Just a tweak on the water, and that one last day OP and we will get our title back...

answered May 02 at 03:35

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Evening Dreamers,.

I've been busy with work again this week. No 18 hr marathon sessions, just a couple of 10-12 hr days and dinner out last night with a friend..

Third place is good. It looks to be a tighter challenge this time around. That means first place is within reach..

Talien, don't worry, just stick to the plan, get your water and exercise in and that scale will move. Mine stays the same for a few days, then I drop for a couple of days. It is the long term that counts more than the day to day. But, I am like you and want instant gratification. Hence the daily weighing. That stupid scale goes up and down, but if I would only weigh once a week I would not see any of that.

I am making a double layer pumpkin cheesecake to take for one of the pies at thanksgiving. I made these last year and I think I gained a few pounds eating a few pieces. Not this year, not even a taste. I am also taking a big salad for the table, just to make sure there are veggies I can eat. This side of my family is not big into the veggies..

Have a good Friday everyone..

Bye for now...

answered May 02 at 04:51

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Hello Dreamers!! Took a sick day today I have had a urinary tract infection. It started at the first of the week, went to the doc on Wed, was really ill by yesterday afternoon. Slept from 8:30 last night till 8:30 this morning..

Haven't stepped on the scale since Monday and haven't had much of an appetite also. Making myself get my 5 Medifast meals and eating some left-over grilled chicken when I take med..

Take care everyone. Heading back to bed..


answered May 02 at 05:24

's gravatar image


I hate my scale (yep, it is still stuck! LOL)..

Hope you feel better soon, Kathy. Bladder infections are miserable...

answered May 02 at 06:26

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Hey Kathy sorry you're ill -UTIs can be so painful, make sure you are getting lots of water in. It will dilute your urine and help to flush out the bacteria..

Talien- I am right there with you on the non-moving scale, you are getting closer to goal so maybe your body is trying to hold onto the fat for whatever reason. Me, I have no excuse- I only know I am doing it all right. Maybe my body is scared to be alone without all of this fat..

Oh well, the only sure way to get to goal is not to give up. Yet enjoy where we are now. Eventually our bodies should take the hint and let go of the load..

Hope everyone has a great OP day, the week is almost up..

answered May 02 at 06:30

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Pam that is an interesting cheesecake dish. Don't think I've had anything like that, especially double layer. Sounds goooood! Next year..

Hey Kathy, hope things are improving. Hate to have your weekend spoiled feeling yucky..

Talien, hope your scale suddenly surprises you. Lots of water and flush it away. Sounds like a rhythm of hold, hold, hold, then release..

Denyse, you have a great attitude! I'm certain you will be very successful on this journey. It can't defeat you, too much self-confidence and will power..

Got all my miles in already this week besides losing 3 of them when my Ipod reset. So I'm a happy camper. I don't have to walk on the weekend, but have a ton of yardwork to do to take it's place..

If you are headed out of town, be safe. People are already on the road for the holiday..

No email messages of posts today, so I'll have to check in more often when it is this unreliable. Anybody doing their Christmas decorations yet? I so look forward to the electric bill this time of year...

answered May 02 at 07:48

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Morning Dreamers, I think I may be the first up today- actually I have been up since 4AM- already got in a 45 min workout. Scale still the same. grrrrrrrrr .......

Chick- congrats on the workout success !!!! Yardwork makes for a good workout. I have a secret....... I never did any yardwork for my whole life until my husband and I seperated wow it was so hard at 1st trying to mow and rake and maintain the yard. my endurance was about 5 minutes long. I never thought it was that hard... till I actually had to do some.

In fact I stilllll have raking to do. makes me want to cut down the trees and fill my yard with gravel, today has to be the day though. I have heard snow rumors for Sunday then cold all of next week. I guess it's back to cold crap days. ( I live in Minnesota and hate the cold...go figure.).

I do plan on Christmas decorating this weekend.....if the raking gets done. I do have the help this weekend of my bigger kids. Hopefully, that will equate to more work getting done..

Hope everyone has a great.

Op day...

answered May 02 at 09:18

's gravatar image


Afternoon, Dreamers...so excited to be home...I slept so well in my own bed...just wanted to check in and say hi while I had a minute...I am working on a paper for class and still have a couple of assignments to complete before the Thanksgiving break begins...will try to log on again tonight or tomorrow...bbl...smooches.

Kathy- hope you get to feeling better soon.....

answered May 02 at 09:56

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Quiet weekend. Did n't get to the yard work. Did some shopping and bought a dress sweater, a shirt and a pair of corduroy pants. Tried them on at home and I am still amazed that they fit and I am the same size. Woohoo. Still not used to it.

Pepi glad to hear you made it home. Too bad work had to go with you..

Denyse, how did the decorations go? Get a chance to put anything up? We do ours the weekend following Thanksgiving. Looks like DH has some traveling to do, so a good chance we will actually stay on schedule. I try to keep it organized so I only take down the outdoor stuff and not the tree stuff. Doesn't mean it got put up in the garage that way. Crossing fingers not to have to deal with a mess..

To the rest of the dreamers, I'll put up the new thread later tonight. We are going to put a log on the fire and watch a movie. Haven't done that in a while although that is our Saturday night routine. So here's to a relaxing evening at home!..

answered May 02 at 10:12

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Stop!! Thread Ends Here!.

Do not post below this entry or use the quote function..

This is the end of the 4th week of the challenge. Follow the links to the new chat thread and the official weigh-in thread for the From Harvest to Holidays Challenge. See you there!.

New Chat Thread Here.

Week 4 Weigh-in Thread Here.

Remember you must report your weight stats before 11:59 pm EST on Monday November 23...

answered May 02 at 10:27

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