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My 1st question is: Anyone used Medifast? Reviews please.? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Welcome to Team Purple Royal Chatter!.

Home of the Weight Loss Royalty.

Newcomers/Newbies! Jump in and join us now (NO COVER CHARGE!) ~ you won't be sorry. Sit down, hold on and enjoy the ride!! Please get to know your purple teammates, give and get support, encourage and be encouraged!.


asked Apr 30 at 12:48

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105 Answers:
That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

answered Apr 30 at 13:08

's gravatar image


Christommeg was the winner of our water war friday. Here's the banner for you signature part of your posts... Be sure to just erase/delete the ** to make it work..


answered Apr 30 at 14:32

's gravatar image


Happy Sunday peeps!! I posted a couple of pictures of me in a pair of size 14 slacks that were tight when I started Medifast on my page. Take a look. I can't believe it only took me five months..

Tomorrow starts week three of transition for me and I get to add dairy. I bought some plain fat free greek yogurt to try. This week was fruit and although I enjoyed it, I did find that if I ate it to early in the day it triggered sugar cravings. I started eating it later in the day and that seems to have worked...

answered Apr 30 at 14:58

Kellen's gravatar image


Donna you are doing so well. T&M scares the bigebers off of me. I have an appointment with a Registered Dietician next Friday to go over the plan and make sure I choose Diabetic friendly choices..

I go to my internist tomorrow for a checkup. It will be my 6 month recheck! I do have to fast until my bloodwork and my check up. I am taking a bar in my purse to eat right away..

I also turned in my notice at Curves. After 810 times there, it is just not doing much for me. I looked at the LA fitness near me, and will go to 24 hour fitness tomorrow...

answered Apr 30 at 15:25

Adan's gravatar image


I started a 100% OP T&M thread, so all of you lurkers or those in T&M, close to T&M or interested in asking about it come share!!..

answered Apr 30 at 15:28

Jesse's gravatar image


I was out of town this weekend. I'll post my weight tomorrow..

We went to San Francisco and had a great time - some walking, lots of public transportation and OP for food. It was just hard to drink enough water... hard to find a bathroom...

answered Apr 30 at 16:13

William's gravatar image


Good Monday morning everyone! Its actually a miserable Monday here in Jersey as it is raining and I'm sure the traffic on 80 will be so much fun!!.

Robin, boy do I wish I was in San Francisco right now. I've never been to California yet...but I will someday. WTG on staying OP!!!.

Marni, love the new pic and the new haircut!! You look great!!.

Donna, you look AWESOME! The pictures are great and I particularly love the one of the scale showing 134.4 - I can't wait to see that number!! It must be so exciting to see that! You're gonna have fun shopping for bathing suits this summer.

I am off to another interesting day at work with our crazy temp..

I just try and deal with it the best I can. Have a great day everyone!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:56

's gravatar image


I am the only one who has posted my weight in the challenge - OH NO!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:09

's gravatar image


Oh yea me.....I won something.....

Glad you had a nice OP trip Robin..

Donna and Marni-you both will lots of T/M advice when we get there..

Want2lose-Its pouring in NY too...

answered Apr 30 at 17:31

's gravatar image


I posted!!! We have Sunday and Monday to post and I wanted to wait and see what the scale would to... glad I did because yesterday I was UP 3.5 pounds!!! Today I was down 5 pounds from all of it. So... I am happy I waited..

Robin, well done on staying OP on vacation!!! Did you have a nice time? Do share!!.

Donna, you are swimming in those pants!!! WONDERFUL!!!!.

Since the scale moved, I am feeling less manic. However the hubby and I are still going to adjust our eating for a couple days.... stick to shakes and eat earlier in the day. Also avoiding condiments and snacks. I don't think it is a bad thing to eat food as it comes to us (not spicing it up), it gives us the opportunity to appreciate foods (meats and veggies) in their natural form. And eating earlier in the day gives my body time to digest...

I think it takes me longer to digest food than most people. Additionally we will try to have a hot drink with each of our meals and log all of our foods into the Medifast site... we have stopped doing that lately..

Well, I have a kid with a doctors appointment today... time to get going. Hugs and loves!.


answered Apr 30 at 18:17

's gravatar image


I managed to bring in a goose egg today. It has to be that I didn't drink enough water on the heels of a really huge week last week..

My official weigh day is Thursday, so you better believe I'll be flooding myself until then. Watch out on Wednesday! You all have been challenged..

San Francisco was a lot of fun. It was a quick trip. We have friends who have an extra home in the City. They are very generous about letting us use it. It's a short walk to public transportation so it's easy to get around. We went down to the Ferry Building and ran through Farmer's Market.

I wish I could've bought a bunch of veggies. There was one farmer who only sold mushrooms. He had probably 15-20 different kinds. Some were crazy looking. It was raining off and on, but that just made things more interesting.

On Saturday they had the March for Life right near where they were. The crowd was huge..

Later that afternoon we went to a family party (late Christmas). I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving. They were all very supportive and telling me how great I look. It's hard to hear because I don't see it and I'm still mostly wearing the same clothes..

Off to the bathroom.....

answered Apr 30 at 19:53

's gravatar image


Hi Marni ~ I found it thanks to Debbie. I have been behind in reading my threads...and now I have one more...lol... way to go on starting the T&M thread. We should get a lot of good info for when we get there...which is soon!!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:41

Isaias's gravatar image


Well, since you and I shared the BL award for last week, we both had to have a low count for the week I suppose! Better than gaining!!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:19

Saul's gravatar image


What did you all have for your L&G today?.

I finally read how to make good eggplant. I cut it, salted it in a colander for 1 hour then rinsed rinsed rinsed it. I then used 1 healthy fat and put Olive oil and garlic powder in a baggie and shook the eggplant in it. Then I used my George Foreman Grill and cooked it. It was yum!.

I also took extra firm tofu that I took the water out of and sliced and put it in the baggie with some Butter no stick spray and garlic powder and shook it up. Then I grilled the slices. It was great!!.

What about you?..

answered Apr 30 at 23:01

Brenden's gravatar image


Hey all! I finally posted.

Adrienne will post too, however, she had surgery on Monday and was off plan for two days as she battled nausea from the anesthesia. She had her knee redone... major ouch!.

Eggplant sounds so delicious! One day... for now I keep my meals very easy. I could easily eat the same thing every day LOL. Today will probably continue with ground beef - super duper lean from a grass fed pretty much organic cow on our property - cooked up with celery and what not on a bed of cooked spinach... at least until payday when I can go buy more shrimp...

answered May 01 at 00:27

's gravatar image


I LOVE eggplant! However the thought of tofu makes me want to caulk my shower....

I have to highly recommend the recipe in the recipe section for buffalo chicken on celery salad... OMGOMGOMG... best L&G I have had yet. I used cooked shrimp and the lowfat blue cheese salad dressing (made with yogurt) I counted as my fat servings. It was really really delish! HOWEVER... Today I ate my L&G earlier in the day to avoid the rock in my gut feeling I get when eating too late in the day.

Great stuff, very filling..

I have to highly recommend the TSFL shaker with mixing ball... I made a shake here at work in it and it worked out great! I even made the strawberry (which I have had to choke down before in standard form) shake and it tasted just like strawberry milk. I guess my tastes are changing! Tomorrow is the same L&G as today..

X's and O's my beautiful friends!!.


answered May 01 at 01:47

Chance's gravatar image


OUCH!! I hope she is OK... anesthetic and pain killers make me very sick, I sympathize!!! BEst wishes!!.


answered May 01 at 02:33

's gravatar image


Everyone had/has until today (monday) to do it... so no fear... they will report!..

answered May 01 at 04:01

's gravatar image


My first 40# lost... everyone was seeing it but me... My clothes were a little looser... but it was hard to see that there was too huge of a difference - until I looked at my photos. Then I saw it...

answered May 01 at 04:17

's gravatar image


I had cottage cheese. I kinda snacked on it through the day..

At dinnertime there was about 3/4 c. left. I mixed it with smashed cauliflower and some parmesan. It was really good and super filling..

I'm off to get another 4c of water. That'll put me at 16c for the day... plus some decaf tea...

answered May 01 at 05:57

's gravatar image


Robin, I challenge you with water today!! I managed 19 glasses of water yesterday, my new record. I have only had two sips from my water bottle today... make me work for it.

My scale started moving again and I am relieved... I knew it would and logic told me it would... but I just had to control it myself..

Great start to a good day. I start my first bachelor's class today!!.


answered May 01 at 07:07

's gravatar image


Hi Everyone,.

Just running through to say hello. Auditors are coming in starting on Wed. so I am soo busy. Glad everyone is doing great. I will participate in the water war tomorrow..

Need to push myself...

answered May 01 at 07:49

's gravatar image


Went to the Dr. yesterday and they called with my EXCELLENT BLOOD WORK just now. My A1C is at 5.3 (was 5.4 3 months ago, but 10 when I started MF). YEAH for Medifast!..

answered May 01 at 08:53

's gravatar image


Oh lord I am slow....

I just figured out what Robin meant by drop a goose egg.


Good luck in your class Jessica..

Auditors?!? Good luck.. Hope they don't cause you to sweat too much....

Congrats on the bloodwork Marni..........That is awesome..

So I am just starting TOM for the first time OP......I have to decide if I should or shouldn't weigh myself on Friday. I don't want to be discouraged. I do know why I cried when the cat ate my meatloaf now though and why everything has had me a basket case......Even through it all I did not have one single craving....A little hungrier this week and now I know why. I am one of those girls that don't get warning signs, it just appears...

answered May 01 at 08:55

's gravatar image


Hard to say what you should do... to weigh or not to weigh. If you weight, you will understand what you body might do NEXT TOM... I know that I gain 2 lbs a day for the three days before my period and then as long as I drink a lot of water I will drop 1 lb per day (give or take) and the next week it will get caught up..

ROBIN!! I am on my 3rd bottle of water... 32+24+24... how are you doing darling??..

answered May 01 at 09:53

Reece's gravatar image


Another busy day where I haven't been able to sneak anytime on the boards....

My water consumption is pitiful. I'll be lucky to get 8c in before bedtime..

BUT! bring on Water War Wednesday. I plan to be floating through my day!..

answered May 01 at 10:42

Jared's gravatar image


I managed 216 oz of water today... whew. I challenge all to go beyond that tomorrow... I don't want the toilet award!!! lol..

answered May 01 at 11:52

's gravatar image


MJPeter had the biggest loss for our team this week... with -3#. WTG.

Here is your biggest loser banner!!!.

Be sure to take out just the **.


answered May 01 at 13:22

's gravatar image




Drink up and visit your bathroom often!..

answered May 01 at 14:29

Nathan's gravatar image


Thanks, I'll wear it proudly.

It's funny that I've lost the same amount over the last five weeks within a half pound..

Regarding Water Wednesday....I'm going to be out on appointments all day, so I don't know how much I'll be able to put away until tonight, but I'll try..

Marni...congrats on the blood work....that's fantastic!!..

answered May 01 at 15:07

's gravatar image


WOO HOO! Jen! Way to be a loser!.

I'm at 32 oz so far...

answered May 01 at 15:44

's gravatar image


I would take that trend Jen.. I am not quite done with week 3 so not sure how things will shape up with me..........

I have about 60 ounces down...

answered May 01 at 16:39

Luca's gravatar image


I am catching up Robin... 32+24 and on my 2nd 24oz... when I get to work I seem to drink three of my 32 ounce bottles..

answered May 01 at 16:56

's gravatar image


Still drinking but I am up to 112 ounces (5pm) and will probably do two more 32 oz bottles before the end of the night. How is everyone else doing?..

answered May 01 at 18:30

's gravatar image


80 more.

152 so far.

No where near done..

answered May 01 at 19:13

's gravatar image


40 oz more - 192 oz and still counting..

answered May 01 at 19:50

's gravatar image


GOOD!! I hit 176oz today and I am stopping or I wont get to sleep! GOOD JOB GIRL!!..

answered May 01 at 19:51

Timothy's gravatar image


56 oz more and I'm done at 248 oz!..

answered May 01 at 20:38

's gravatar image


Way to go Robin. I only got in about 120 yesterday...

answered May 01 at 21:21

Tony's gravatar image


Wow Robin that was a lot of water. I thought I did good at 196 oz. Congratulations...

answered May 01 at 21:38

Jaiden's gravatar image


Morning Purple Peeps ~.

Just a pop in to say "HI" !!.

Not much going on today. Going to walk on the TM in abit. Need to get in some more miles for my nike + challenge..

Have a Great Thursday !!..

answered May 01 at 23:11

Moises's gravatar image


Great job on the water ladies! I didn't get over 200, and I was up peeing all night long, lol..

On about the 3rd time, my husband said "What's wrong with you?".

I should sleep on the other side closer to the bathroom door...

answered May 02 at 00:00

's gravatar image


LOL... a bunch of potty monsters we all are!!! Well done Robin, you blew me out of the water!! Way to go!! Everyone else as well!! EXCELLENT!!.

What is on the lean and green menu for tomorrow?.

I boiled some chicken and tossed it with low sodium soy mixed with splenda brown sugar and grated ginger... over chopped celery and shiritake noodles cut small like rice. mmm..

answered May 02 at 01:26

's gravatar image


WOW!!! WTG!!!.

Obviously... you were the WW winner for wednesday. Keep the banner til next wednesday. I think the winners should keep the banner til the next week... if they so choose to. Remember to take out the astericks.


answered May 02 at 01:43

's gravatar image


There was some great water drinkers wednesday... WTG team. We should see some great losses this week again with that kind of water intake!.

WW Friday time!.

I'll make sure I announce that one early saturday morning... or late night since I'm PST...

answered May 02 at 01:50

's gravatar image


Wow, you guys were crazy on Wednesday with the water war. I don't think I could manage getting in that much water. Congrats, Robin!! Today is another water war isn't it? I'll give it a hoot but I know I won't come close to Robin..

My lean and green tonight will probably just be some grilled chix and broccoli. I've been having pizza for lunch! Anyone else try it?? There is a recipe on the boards where you use your chix noodle soups to make the pizza crust and then top with a little sauce and cheese - YUM! Its something different so I am enjoying it..


answered May 02 at 02:51

Carson's gravatar image


Hello Purple Peeps, I go to a dietician today to help me make wise Diabetic choices when I move into Transition in a few weeks..

My new goal is not about weight, but body fat. I want to get my % of body fat down to close to 30 (It is about 38% right now). After that I will decide how much more muscle I need!!.

Happy Friday!..

answered May 02 at 03:07

Gunner's gravatar image


Marni ~ Good luck today and let us know what they tell you. That is something I need to work on too...that darn body fat. I have a scale and when I weigh it tells me my BF. I'm around 35..

Would like to be around 27.....

answered May 02 at 03:31

's gravatar image


Hummm... did anyone drink their water today??? LOL.

I downed 135 ounces...

answered May 02 at 03:40

's gravatar image


I've heard of people using the tomato soup... Cori does that I think.... I hear that the tomato soup is great for the crust. Might consider trying that too...

answered May 02 at 04:18

's gravatar image


Yep...Your right Kristie. I do use the Tomato Soup for my pizza crust...

answered May 02 at 05:10

's gravatar image


Hey all. I'm still here... just been busy. Still totally on program, but at a standstill.

I'm having trouble balancing my electrolytes... was having headaches and dizzy spells, so added extra salt ... gained 5 pounds and am bloated, but at least the dizzy junk and headaches are gone. Now I'm working on going back down again... that's it for me...

answered May 02 at 06:29

's gravatar image



New Thread Started... for the new week!..

answered May 02 at 07:34

Corey's gravatar image


I have a friend who hasn't ever been to Multnomah Falls and I had told her about it and wanted to go. So sometime when the weather is better I am planning to make that trip and hike...

answered May 02 at 08:40

Robert's gravatar image


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