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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Availability of Medifast gordonii capsules for obesity in Karnataka, India? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... Good Morning Miracles. Here's our in between chat thread. It's going to be another hot one here today.

It's supposed to reach 90 degrees today and 92 tomorrow. I think my neighbor's pool is calling my name.

There is still some discussion going back and forth so as soon as I know the final rules I will also post them. I need to get Lance out for his walk before it gets too hot..

Here's the weigh in thread for this week!!.

BBL with the new rules!..

asked Apr 30 at 20:42

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

answered Apr 30 at 22:02

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- Hi and how nice that you stopped in. Things are going ok on T&M and at work. Didnt jump at the promotion as of yet. It is still up for grabs, just not sure yet. Thanks for asking..

Well team......I have officially made my final goal. Still in the 3rd stage of transition so it is possible to lose a few more pounds, but I am not going to aim for that. Just being able to wean off of the last Medifast meal and maintain for life is what I now want. They claim that only 5% of the people who reach goal actually maintain for a year. I plan on being part of that 5% Club..


, one day I will will be asking you for the banner code, lol!.

I was never one to "treat" myself to gifts for mini goals along the way, but today is different. I am heading over to the Elizabeth Arden counter at Boscovs for a new make-up makeover! I have been wearing the same colors for years and I want to try something new. I like their products a lot, so I will let one of the supposed "artists" do me up. I am thinking maybe peaches and browns. I have been in pinks and mauves for years. If nothing else, it should be fun..

Check back later people!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:54

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Here are the new challenge rules as I know them today. 50% for weight loss, 25% for water and 25% for being OP!. In addition to the 7 points for water you can earn 7 points for being OP. There is discussion about what OP means. OP says 5/1 or 4/2 (and a few others) but also includes 64 oz of water a day. Im not sure if water is going to be considered part of this category since there is a separate category for water.

There are NO more exercise points (but of course I encourage everyone to continue to exercise)!.

Currently the way the challenge works is less than 1% for weight loss, 49% for water and 49% for exercise. I was playing around with the spreadsheet and our team should do very well with the new challenge assuming we stay OP every day. Our weight loss is terrific week after week!.

If anyone has any questions let me know and Ill try and do my best to answer them. If I cant I will submit the question to the other thread and get an answer..

So that we can get in the habit of the new rules why dont we start posting the new criteria next week. For now well say OP means you ate your 5&1 (or whatever plan your following like transition) and didnt cheat! Water will continue to be a separate item. Does that sound like a good idea?.

Let me know. Thanks!!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:39

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I'm sorry to hear that they are considering OP as part of the challenge scores. My idea of OP means following your 5&1 (or whichever) to the letter,.

No BLTs.


One slip and you were NOT OP..

Honesty is going to be the key factor from here on. I guess it always was to some degree. I feel the exercise is soooooo much more important and should be considered. Oh well, things change. I really hope that everyone still concentrates on getting their daily exercise anyway. In any case, no matter what the rules are, I am confident that The Miracles will do well. Just keep doing what you have been doing and you will all succeed!..

answered May 01 at 00:00

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Hi everyone. Went to my neighbors and swam today. It was hot outside!! Left Lance home in the a/c so he was happy (or at least I think he was)! Had my L&G over there which consisted of steak and salad. I still have a hard time eating that much meat at one meal but I didn't want to be rude and not eat what was on my plate. I think it may have been even less than 5 oz but I didn't want to run home and weigh it!! LOL!!!.

At least the house is cool but I will be turning up the a/c in a few minutes. I often wonder how we survived years ago before this invention..


- I understand your feelings with the OP part but unfortunately everyone voted for it. OP is a gray area because it really depends what your health coach/doctor think. I know I don't always eat enough carbs so I'm allowed to eat additional carbs to bring my carbs up to the 80 to 90 level. It will be interesting to see what happens with this challenge and whether they go back to the current challenge. Any luck on match.com? Are they still winking at you? Keep us posted..

I need to read the newspaper before it gets too late. Since I went swimming I never got the chance. BBL!!!..

answered May 01 at 00:51

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I am emailing someone from Match. It started today so we will see where it heads. We seem to have quite a few things in common though, so I will keep my mind open. I'll keep you guys posted...

answered May 01 at 01:58

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Hello All - I am really struggling this weekend - nothing too major - just feeling a little burned out. Plus, my kids begged me to make my Ravioli Lasange that I have not made in quite a while. So - I did and must admit that I tried some. I was so disappointed to read about the new challenge criteria - the "on plan" part - because I too think "on plan" means no BLTs - however, I have lost really well with a few tweaks here and there - not that I would EVER encourage anyone else to do so. I like to exercise more than the 45 mintues and because of that I find that I need a little extra - which is why they do not recommend more execise time I'm sure. Oh well - I'll have to think about whether to be in the next challenge - I do not want to mess up the team's stats and why even do it if I'm not going to be honest.


answered May 01 at 02:48

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In my last post I meant "I" hope to check in more this week. Sometimes I type faster than I read...

answered May 01 at 03:15

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Today I went to a celtic fest. it was hot. I have been going to this event for years and it was weird not being able to eat my old favorites. I had planned for it by eating my L&G before I went. but a few times today it was like I was on autopilot and would be thinking about what I would eat later. then I would wake up and realize I wasn't buying anything to eat there.

Caryn - glad the match.com came up with a potential match and that you have things in common. it will make it easier to have conversation. congrats on reaching your goal, you must be so proud. that is quite an accomplishment. those of us who have been trying for years to lose weight understand that. and I am sure you will work hard to get the 5% banner..

Michelle - cooking off plan foods for the family is a hard thing to deal with. with watching my grandsons I have been having more snacks in the house but have avoided them so far. my teenage son doesn't eat sweets so it had been easy to keep them out of the house..

Laurie - glad you are doing well. I see your blogs on running and you have made great progress..

I changed my ticker after my weigh in today and I am under 10 lbs. to my first goal. I had so much to lose when I first started I agreed with my doctor I would at least get to 250. Now that I have done Medifast for over 4 months I plan to continue but I can't decide what a realistic goal would be. I guess I will talk to my doctor/health coach about it when I see her on 9/1..

Caryn - do you have any advice on choosing a goal?.

Anne - glad you were able to get some relief from the heat. thanks for posting the new challenge rules. For me, I don't think the challenges provide much incentive to do better so it doesn't much matter to me. I just didn't think that so little emphasis on weight seemed right. having to come to the team thread and post that I went off plan if I did, and weighing myself each week are what keep me on plan...

answered May 01 at 04:43

's gravatar image



H A P P Y.

B I R T H D A Y.

L A U R I E..

answered May 01 at 05:05

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Good morning ladies.

Ann I have my wt posted yea me not loss though not for sure what up I lose a few pounds then for a few week nothing dint really understand but I guess it is better than gaining so not going to complain to much.

And laurie if you are here first.

Happy bithday love ya sis..

answered May 01 at 05:08

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Happy Birthday!.


If you are struggling, then I DEFINITELY participate in the next challenge and post the weeks in between. This is the time when the accountability is crucial!.


As for a goal. I chose one that I thought I could maintain. I felt that the Dr and Medifast goals were too small. Not realistic for me. I chose a 10 pound window. When I hit the 10 pound mark, I started transition and lost the rest there.

As long as I am between there, I am ok. Once I hit the 6th pound? Back on 5&1 until I lose it again. I would rather fight with 6 pounds than 106 pounds again. Nip the issue early on. I think you will know when you are comfortable with yourself enough to stop..

Gotta jump in the shower now. See ya all later! Have a nice day everyone!..

answered May 01 at 05:43

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Good Morning Miracles! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the new week!!! Weekends fly by in my opinion. Just came back from my morning walk with Lance. It's going to be hot again so my motivation to get up and out made the walk a little earlier! Still need to drink some more coffee though.


- I agree with Caryn about the challenge. Don't be concerned about bringing the team down. Try your best to follow the plan and you'll be fine. I can't imagine having to cook for a family while doing Medifast so I completely understand. Since it's just Lance and I it makes it easier..


- Nice to see you stop by. Congratulations on not gaining any weight!!.


- Sounds like you had fun at Hunter Mountain. Was it cooler there? I'm glad you were able to stay away from all the food. Going there for years you must have been so use to a routine with eating. Did you bring your puffs? Do you have any plans wth your grandsons today. I am looking forward to the heat breaking. It's just too hot to really enjoy much.

I need to go throw some clothes in the dryer. I've been trying to do a load in the morning before it gets too hot. BBL!!..

answered May 01 at 07:10

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Caryn - thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. at this point I have no sense of what will be a good weight for me. I haven't been below 240 in over 20 years. I know I have a long way to go certainly under 200 but I will just stay on program and see what happens as I get near to 200. I trust I will get a sense or a divine message as how much further I have to go. I doubt I will be able to get to the 'chart' weight of around 154.

Hope match.com is going well. and that mollie is holding up in this heat..

Anne- it was 83 at hunter mountain about 10 degrees cooler but it was still hot. I was going to go swimming today but I think it is too hot to have them out for any length of time even swimming. so my son went to their house to play video games with them and we will do swimming tomorrow. a day off, I have computer work to do for a hockey league I volunteer for so I will take care of that on my day off..

Donna - nice to hear from you and hope you have a better weight loss week...

answered May 01 at 08:29

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Enjoy your day off. I thought about swimming again today but I just don't enjoy being outside in these temps. I also got a little sun burned yesterday and I don't want to add to it. I'm just going to sit home with the a/c on and look outside!!!..

answered May 01 at 09:48

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Anne - I agree to be in the house and look out it looks like a beautiful day. I went to the mailbox and it was way too hot. stay inside. my husband even brought the dogs back home today. too hot for them to be riding around all day or too hot for him to be taking them for their walks, which I agree with. he has to make customer visits, don't want him to be all hot from dog care too.

And the cinnamon pretzels are growning on me for my morning snack. they take a long time to eat and they are easy to drink a lot of water with. bbl...

answered May 01 at 11:21

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Linda - For some reason the new foods make me thirsty which is a good thing. I normally drink 2 glasses of water with them. I think part of the thirst is because they are "dry" instead of moist. I have really taken a new liking to the chili nacho puffs. I actually had them for breakfast!! On hot days like today it's easier to eat something crunchy and salty rather than something sweet like the bars. Next month I'm definitely going to order the oatmeal and try the cookies. Do you freeze what you don't eat or do you just wrap them? They sound delicious and it will be a nice treat!..

answered May 01 at 12:36

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I freeze them, I was told they need to be refrigerated or a couple of days or frozen if not to be eaten by then. I package them separately and take out a pack each day. they do take a couple of hours to defrost. they are really easy to make. and if you use parchment paper, no oil needed and no cookie sheet to scrub...

answered May 01 at 12:44

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Hey all. Just a quick stop by. Was feeling better but now I think I am slipping backwards. The headache is back and my eyes hurt reading the monitor. So a quick hello and hope everyone is doing well...

answered May 01 at 12:52

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Hope you're feeling better this morning. It's no fun feeling under the weather. Do you still have a sore throat and swollen glands? How did you make out with the makeover?..

answered May 01 at 13:08

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answered May 01 at 14:22

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Good morning all.


Wow way to go good job and congrats to you that is amazing job well done and in a short time you rock this program..

answered May 01 at 15:03

's gravatar image



What a terrific job you have done! You should be so proud of yourself!.


- Throat still sore and glands still a little swollen. you're right not fun. The makeover was fun. I took my before pic with me and showed it to the woman. She was so happy to help. She said it felt like a scene out of " Pretty Woman".

Not too bad..

I am looking forward to a few days off next week. I have the rest of my vacation time scheduled for Mon, Tue and Wed. Not doing anything special, just enjoying the time off. Hope I feel 100% by then. Off to walk Mollie now and head into work. I'll check back later...

answered May 01 at 15:29

's gravatar image



Congratulations on your amazing loss!!! You must be elated!!!..

answered May 01 at 15:46

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Sean Great Job, that is truly an accomplishment to be celebrated..

Good Morning Miracles, I hope everyone is doing well today..

Laurie I know I am a couple days late but thanks for stopping by and continuing to cheer us on. The size 12s go up and button but OOOOH the Muffin Top ha ha ha. I will get there sooner rather than later. I think Michelle has this one in the bag though she is doing soo well..

Caryn get some rest!.

Well this was just a quick one so take care all and have a great day!..

answered May 01 at 16:32

's gravatar image


Sean - 100 pounds, that must feel so great. congratulations!.

Caryn - sorry you are still not feeling well. glad you have some time off coming up..

Anne - another hot day. keep cool..

Erica - glad your size 12's are fitting. your shopping trip coming up must be a great incentive..

Off to go swimming, a short one but the grandsons really want to go. bbl..

answered May 01 at 16:45

's gravatar image


Sean - Way to go on the loss!.

Ericiki - Sounds like we are about in the same place on the 12s. I do have some 12 pants that fit fine, but I think they are made larger than normal 12s. Most of what I consider my real 12s fit, but with the muffin top that you mention. I'm still hoping it will be good by the end of the month..

Caryn - I hope that you are feeling better. Glad you enjoyed your experience with the new make-up shades. I'd like to do that sometime too..

I am doing okay today - back on plan and feeling good. For some reason the week before TOM is really hard for me. I will participate in the next challenge. I do need the accountability..

Does anyone watch MadMen? I just love that show for some reason - it is about the only show that I make sure to catch. The season premier was this past Sunday night..

Have a nice day everyone!.


answered May 01 at 16:47

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Hi Miracles! Well it's another hot day today and I am at the melting point!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly cooler but with less humidity. I hope they're right!! I feel like turning the sprinkler system on and running through but I don't want to embarrass myself. LOL! I could go swimming next door but I'm too cranky and hot that I don't even want to put the swimsuit on. Plus I'd need to shave!! I had to go to the store today to buy some more cottage cheese and lettuce. That's all I've been eating for the past 5 days. I don't have an appetite so it's been a real struggle to get all 5 Medifast meals in..


- Great job with the 12s. You must be so happy knowing that you're going shopping soon and have a new size to buy clothes for! When do you leave for Miami?.


- Great job to you as well getting into the 12s. We may actually have a tie between you and Erica! I'm glad you decided to participate in the next challenge. I'm sure we will all do well! We are all human so the occassional BLT is likely to happen. As I said before I'm lucky because I live by myself so I don't have any food in this house except MF!!!.


- Hope you didn't melt by the pool today. Did your grandson's enjoy themselves? Did your husband leave the dogs home again today or did they go to work? If you were to pick one oatmeal for the cookies which one would it be?.

I'm going back to read a book. I should be cleaning because 5 couples want to see the house in the next 5 days. I don't like glistening and even though the a/c is on I still feel sticky and hot because the dog wants to go out every hour or so. He's driving my crazy today with his antics. He is a long fur dog so you would think he'd want to stay inside where it's cool. Of course once I let him out he stays outside for 5 minutes so the cool air is going outside and the warm air is coming inside!!! BB in a bit!..

answered May 01 at 17:14

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I just turned in the last spreadsheet for the challenge. First off everyone did a phenomenal job. There are a few people though that should be acknowledged for their accomplishments!.

First off.



Old7sourmash- Mike.

For being the biggest loser!! He is Tinas husband and he lost an amazing 25.2 pounds in 6 weeks!! The runner-up was.


Who lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks! I think a huge round of applause is due to these individuals!!!.

Four people also reached.


During the challenge. A big.



Erica, Michelle, Shelley and Suzan.

Another round of applause is due these folks as well..

Is everyone ready for the next challenge? It will be here before we know it!..

answered May 01 at 17:37

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Thanks anne for sharing how well the miracles did on the last challenge. sean and mike you did great. and to the ladies that went below 200, michelle, erica, shelley and suzan that is awesome..

Anne - back from the pool headed for the shower and then off to a hockey game. at least it was a little breezy today. but it was still really hot. the dogs did stay home today and probably will be home tomorrow too. I like the blueberry oatmeal the best but I like the apple too. I still have a lot of peach oatmeal to use so I make them too but they are my least favorite..

Michelle - glad you are doing better today. Medifast can be a struggle at times. if it wasn't for these boards I am afraid it would be more difficult for me. I appreciate all the support I get from my team mates..

Hope everyone has a great evening...

answered May 01 at 17:38

's gravatar image


Hi Team. Thanks for the well wishes. Its really strange, I start to feel good and then WHAM, it hits again. This is a new one for me..

I see everyone did really well on this last challenge, good job! A special SHOUT OUT to the guys! Really GREAT job. Hope everyone is gearing up for the next one..

Came home late from work. Had some serious storms come through. Lost electric so I stayed to clean some stuff up once it came back on. Need to go make dinner now. Actually hungry! Yes, the hunger comes back after weaning off of the Medifast stuff. Self control and will power needs to be a factor again..

Have a nice night all...

answered May 01 at 18:57

's gravatar image


I thought of a name for the next challenge,.

READY,SET, FALL Challenge!.

Ok, maybe not. Just an idea, must be the fever...

answered May 01 at 20:31

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Good Morning Miracles! Hope everyone had a great day yesterday and has a great day today! The heat wave is suppose to break today and only be a high of 85! LOL!!! Still cooler than 90. It's actually nice right now. I've got the door opened so Lance can go out and play with the bunnies. He just circles them so I'm not afraid. Need to finish my coffee and then take him for his morning walk,.


I submitted your name for the next challenge to the post. Hope you're feeling better today and that you can put this bug behind you..


What are your plans for today? Are you going to go swimming again? I think I'm going to order the blueberry oatmeal and make the cookies. Do you normally make a week's worth at a time?.

Need to finish the coffee and then go for my morning walk so I'll be back in a bit!..

answered May 01 at 21:10

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I wish Mollie would just circle bunnies, but we know that isnt the case,lol. I would hve to babysit her. Its only in the low 70s right now, nice but expected to hit the high 80s with a high humidity level this afternoon. Most likely some storms to go with it as well..

Got on the scale and gained a pound this week! My first reaction out of habit was terror!.

Then I realized that my body is still settleing in and that I will never be the same exact weight each and every day. I will most definitely fluctuate. So I calmed down and will stay on the current food schedule and see where this goes. Always learning..

Feeling better this morning. Hope I feel this way later on. Lots to do at work today so need to feel good..

Have a nice day everyone!..

answered May 01 at 21:43

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Good morning miracles. no plans for today but tonight my dh and I are going to dinner with friends to a wake and then to my son's hockey game. of course if the grandsons get bored I will need to think of something to do this afternoon..

Caryn - glad you are able to stay calm about the weight gain. saw your post on another thread, hope things go great for you on Sunday..

Anne - you were up early today. I do make at least 6 packets of oatmeal cookies, sometimes 8. don't want to turn on the oven too often in the summer. looking forward to the cooler weather...

answered May 01 at 23:23

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Good Morning Miracles, just a quick stop, I hope everyone is doing well today. Anne thanks for the special mention it is much appreciated. I am looking forward to going shopping in Miami. I leave on the 31 Aug so I still have a little time to lose a few more pounds..

Caryn I actually like that name for the new challenge..

Well that's it for now got to run very busy here today. Take care all!!..

answered May 02 at 00:11

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Hi everyone! Just popping in to see how everyone's doing. The board has gotten quite quiet lately. Maybe it's the hot weather. I know I don't feel like doing much of anything although it is a little cooler today. They say next week we'll be back in the 70s. HOORAY!!!! I ran over to the farmer's market today and picked up some fresh tomatoes and zucchini.

I still don't feel like boiling or steaming anything on the cooktop!!! I still don't feel comfortable wearing shorts in public so when I go out I wear khakis and I came home all sweaty! Yuck! It's a short trip but by the time the A/C in the car starts cooling it down I feel drenched. LOL!!.


- I'm going to trade a box of soup for the oatmeal and try the cookies. I have a hard time with the soup right now because it's too hot. I've basically been eating bars, puffs and the occasional honey mustard pretzels. I miss my COB and COT bread but I don't want to turn the oven on unless I absolutely have to. I may experiment tomorrow and try microwaving them and letting them cool and see how it comes out. It's worth a try, right? Enjoy your dinner tonight.

I avoid them now unless I absolutely have to go. Enjoy your son's hockey game. Which team does he play for?.


- Miami is right around the corner!! How long are you staying for? Are you in the hurricane's path or is it supposed to miss you?.


Hope you're feeling better today and the fever finally leaves you once and for all. I'm glad your not feeling bad about your weight gain. It may only be a shift in water weight and may disappear this weekend. How many calories do you eat a day now? Just curious..

Look's like we're about to get a t-storm. Hopefully the humidity will come down a little for a little bit! One can hope!!!..

answered May 02 at 00:48

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The weird thing is that with ALL of the food I am now eating, I still barely break 1000Cals! So I know that the gain isnt due to overeating. And I am still logging everything, so I know that my cals, carbs and fats are within the range that I am happy with. I am sure it is simple weight fluctuation, that is why I am not panicked about it..


Thanks about Sunday. I hope it works out well too. I'll keep you guys posted..


The more I thought about it, the more I liked the name too.Thanks! Happy clothes shopping. It is going to be so much fun now..

Feeling much better today. Had a productive day at work. So busy I didnt eat all of my foods so I will have to eat a lot tonight or skip a meal. Will most likely skip a bar. Not something I usually do, but I would rather not go to bed with a really full belly..

Pouring rain right now, some distant thunder. I will be sooooo happy once this bad weather passes. I am off from work tomorrow and have Mollie scheduled to see a new Vet. Just an annual check up and her yearly shots. He has a really good reputation and is nearby. My usual Vet is good but it is a real trip to see him.

If I like him, I may schedule Mollie for a teeth cleaning next week while I am off on my vacation days. I need to see the cost too. Her teeth were always in need of some tlc but it is so costly. I think if I weigh the cost now versus the costs down the road if they are ignored, I am better off doing it now. They are strong but I can see (and smell, ugh) the tartar build up and would like it removed if I can swing it.

Have a great night all!..

answered May 02 at 00:52

Lukas's gravatar image


Finally got home. it is still hot and muggy out this late at night..

Anne - my son plays for the LaSalle HS summer team. my dh coaches the team. they won again tonight so tomorrow they are in the championship game against shenendehowa, a real rivalry. they beat them last week, so here's hoping, but my son has to work tomorrow night so I don't think he can play. I don't eat soup in the summer either. I do make chips with the soup and have salsa with them.

Caryn - tooth care for dogs is very expensive. our jack russel needs to be sedated to have this done. he has to have a muzzle to be groomed and he still manages to eat the groomers comb. and then our sweet mixed breed lets you do anything to him. hope you like the new vet..

Hope all the miracles are enjoying the summer weather. talk to you tomorrow...

answered May 02 at 01:36

's gravatar image


I realized about halfway through the day today that I was about the only Miracles who had failed to say congratulations to my husband for the 100 lbs loss. Of course I told him in person (and bought him a new tie and a gift certificate for a massage) but I want to say here: Congrats Sean!! I am very proud of you and I love you! Peace, Maria..

answered May 02 at 01:38

's gravatar image



- Mollie is pretty good with the Vet and groomers however she would need to be sedated or the cleaning as well. That will be the costly part. I'll let you know how much when I find out..


- Sean deserves all of the congrats he is getting. And the gifts. Great job by him. And you too!!!.

Rainy out this morning. Heading into the shower now to get ready for Mollies vet trip. Need to eat breakfast too..

I added my extra protein as of yesterday and dropped my last Medifast meal. Now I am eating only 2 of those per day. I have added an egg with my toast for breakfast as the extra protein. I will also use 4z of turkey breast, or 4z of cottage cheese or things along those lines as the extra protein. I will add it as a lunch item so that they are spread out. This is how I am planning to finish out transition and head into maintanence.

I will stay this way for another 6 weeks or so. The end of September should do it. Still logging everything. I cant stress this enough to you guys. It is the most important part of what I am doing right now.


That you will all do it too..

Check back later...

answered May 02 at 02:06

Johnny's gravatar image



The results for the final week of the challenge and the overall results are out. You can find them at:.

We finished 7th out of 17 overall which I think is excellent!!! Great job to each and everyone of you!!..

answered May 02 at 03:22

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The names for the new challenge beginning 8/30 8/31 are now listed. Thanks to Majella for all of her contributions. Now it's time for the team to select the next name. Majority wins! The poll closes Monday, August 24th so I need your input before that so I can vote. Here are the choices:.

Fall Makeover Challenge.

Fall Prep Challenge.

Fall Revival Challenge.

Falling Back into the Groove Challenge.

Fit for Fall Challenge.

Ready, Set, Fall Challenge.

Summers End, New Beginnings Challenge.

Use It and Lose It Challenge..

answered May 02 at 04:45

's gravatar image


Anne - I will vote for ready, set, fall challenge. hopefully it is appropriate that we are all ready and set to go. looks nice outside but I haven't been out yet so not sure if it is. off to do errands with my son and grandsons, have to get some things for my son to go back to school, banking, etc. hopefully the grandsons will not get too bored. my dh went to the funeral this morning so he should be home this afternoon to help out keeping the boys busy..

Caryn - I have stopped tracking my food the last couple of weeks. really busy with the grandsons. but thanks for explaining how important it will be through transition and the beginning of maintenance. makes sense as you add food to be able to monitor it against weight results. I am sure we can not all be at the same calorie level in maintenance so tracking to get that info will be critical to success. good luck a the vet..

Maria - sean is lucky to have someone to recognize his milestones. that was very thoughtful of you to get him those gifts. especially the tie, for me that would be a reminder each time I wore it, of what a great milestone it was for..


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Hello. I am new to the Medifast program. Today is starting day 3. Yesterday was a hard one. Last night I felt like I had fever and was aching and tossing and turning all night. Was that my body detoxing? Was that normal? Just a bit scary.

I am doing the full fast with 5 shakes a day...

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Yes, what you experienced was completely normal. We all went through it. Some for longer periods than others though. You are cleansing all of the junk from your body, mostly the bad sugars and carbs. Stick it out, you will feel so much better afterwards. The 5&1 is 5 Medifast meals of ANY type plus your 1 Lean And Green Meal.

You will be less likely to be bored. But again, whatever works best for you. Ask any questions you need to whenever you like. We are all here for you and these boards are great for learning..


- Went to the Vet. WE really liked him. He actually got down on to the floor to play with Mollie. That meant a lot to me. I could tell he really liked the animals. He also doesnt think Mollie needs a dental cleaning.

He would like to see her get into a habit of likeing it. I'll try but I dont think she will be happy with it. All in all, it was a good visit..




Vote for Ready, Set, Fall Challenge.

Because I am sure ready for it!.

The rains stopped and the sun came back out. TOO HOT AND HUMID!! I cant stand it anymore. I am getting ready to get back into the shower again. Then just hang indoors with the AC on. I would like to be outdoors but it makes me so uncomfortable. Have a new book checked out from the library, may start it this afternoon. Hope everyone is having a great day...

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Good afternoon All, Hope everyone is doing well..

Anne the hurricane missed us it was east of us going north so we were lucky. We didn't even get any rain. The seas were very rough though. I am a bit nervous about my trip to Florida, it was kind of dumb to plan it at this time of year, Sept tends to be the most active month for hurricanes. I just hope there are none while I am there, or none here while I am there, I will be there for 10 days...

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Hi Miracles! Just came home from Urgent Care. My asthma has been getting worse everyday thanks to this weather. Last night I woke up three times coughing and not able to fall back asleep. In addition to the asthma they said I also had bronchitis. Stopped at the pharmacy to get the antibiotic filled so I'm hoping I feel better in the next 24 hours. I didn't really feel sick like I normally do but she explained it's just the beginning so the antibiotic will take care of it..


I'm so happy Mollie does not need to get her teeth cleaned. Lance has had to have his done the past 2 years and it's not cheap. I know it's better for him in the long run but I dread bringing him to the vet to have it done. I'm always afraid something will happen. I try and brush his teeth but he wants no part of it. They also gave me a rinse for him but he just spits it back out at me so I've given up..


It was beautiful this morning and then the sun heated up the air again. They keep saying next week it will be cooler. I hope they are right because it's been going on too long. Of course come December I'll be complaining it's cold. LOL. Does your son go to LaSalle?.


I'm glad the hurricane missed Antigua. I'll say a prayer that the hurricanes stay away while you are in Miami. Besides shopping what else do you have planned while you're in Miami?.

I'm going to try and lay down for an hour and see if I can get my heart rate down. They gave me a nebulizer treatment which elevates my heart rate. It doesn't hurt; it's just uncomfortable. I know it will pass but the sooner the better! Be back in a bit!..

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Anne - sorry to hear the weather is getting to you and you are not feeling well. hope the antibiotics work quickly. my son graduated from lasalle last year, but my dh and I still do a lot of fundraising for them and my dh has coached hockey for the jv and summer varsity for about 6 years..

Caryn - glad you liked the vet. if I used a gauze toothbrush on my jack would be injured. I guess he will just have to forego dental care unless we have him very sedated. I love him but he certainly is touchy, can't pick him up, can't touch his feet. he is very socialable as long as he is not in a vehicle. but he is the boss.

Erica - glad the storm missed you. do may hurricanes hit your island. I have 3 sisters that live in south florida and they have had their share of hurricanes..

Took the grandsons and sons shopping for school clothes. I am worn out...

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My nephew graduated from LaSalle 3 years ago. He was on the football team. How's your sister doing in California? Is she settled in? Do you speak often? Where is your son going to school in the fall? I'm already beginning to feel better but I don't feel like eating. Need to step it up so I can be OP today. Ugh!!! I only feel like sipping ice water. Hope you get a restful night tonight. Are you still going to the hockey game?..

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Anne - hope you are feeling better. my sister is doing well, she is waiting to hear if she passed her social worker ceritification so she can apply for jobs. she is a substance abuse counselor. she and her friend have rented a house which sounds very nice. a long story but after accepting a scholarship to hartwick, my son decided in june he didn't want to go away so he is going to hvcc. we are disappointed but it is his choice to make.

Went to the hockey game even though my son couldn't play. they lost, that ends this season. tomorrow my son is watching the grandsons, I have a retirement party to go to for a friend of mine. next week my oldest son(the chef) and his wife and daughter are coming from new hampshire to stay for four days. need to plan a menu so I can stay op...

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Good Morning Miracles. I'm up early again today! It's already hot and humid outside. I think I'm going to skip walking today. I feel a lot better this morning but I don't want to push myself..


Have fun at your retirement party today. It sounds like you'll have a busy week with your son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter being with you next week. Will your son do the cooking or will you? My daughter wasn't planning on going away to college either. She wanted to stay home. Honestly I was sort of happy. I knew eventually she would want to be out on her own but I would have missed her tremendously.

I need to figure out what to eat for breakfast so I can take the antibiotic. I'm not really in the mood for a bar but I'm thinking that's what I'll have. BBL...

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Good morning. I actually woke up late this morning which is very odd for me. So a quick Happy Friday to everyone..


Glad you feel better..


Are you ever NOT busy? Whew, just reading your posts I get exhausted...

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Good Morning Miracles - I'm happy to say that I am feeling MUCH better. My hunger is gone and I have more energy again. I am feeling super committed again. I'm starting to get a lot of comments on my loss - which is great - but I do not want to get complacent either..

Anne - Sorry to hear about your Asthma - my youngest has it too so I have a lot of experience with the Nebulizer. It is so sad to see her struggling to breath sometimes. Hope you are doing better today..

Linda - Hope you have fun with all your plans and good luck staying on plan with the company..

Caryn - Hope things are going well for you and that you have a nice weekend..

Not too much special planned for this weekend for me - "Meet the Teacher" is later today and I have some school shopping to do with the kids tomorrow. I will probably take them swimming tomorrow too since the pool closes in a couple of weeks. I don't really get to swim, though, since I have to keep an eye on them the whole time..

I'll try to check in later today - hello to all!.


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Good morning all.

Just dropped in to say hello and congrats to all of you big looser..

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Tgif, gloomy friday here. hope everyone has a great day..

Anne - glad you are feeling better. when my son comes we will probably share the cooking, but I want to have protein and vegetables that are on plan for me. my dh is still eating l&g with me. in fact he went to his cardiologist this week and he is off his cholesterol and high blood pressure medicine. so although he only eats the Medifast food as snacks, he has certainly benefitted from the program too..

Michelle - glad you are doing better. good luck with the school shopping, I went yesterday and everybody has different tastes, so it took a long time to get what fit and they liked..

Caryn - I guess busy is what I like, but I am home alone a lot too, usually but with the grandsons here most days, I need to find things for them to do. they go back to school in 3 weeks and then my life will be more normal...

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- So glad to hear your doing well. Good luck shopping tomorrow with the kids. Are they at the stage where you can still pick out their clothes or do they have particular tastes already? When do they start school? Hope you have fun watching them swim! When they're small it's hard..


The t-storms finally arrived. YEAH!! I just hope it cools it down even a little bit and the humidity drops. My lawn is so dry that I'm just happy we're getting rain..

Lance is barking at the storms and giving me a headache. He runs around the house going up and down the stairs barking and howling. He really wants to go outside but I won't let him. A few minutes ago I got up from the couch and he rain to the front door and laid down in front of it. Once he realized he wasn't going out he ran upstairs and resumed the barking. He's one of a kind!..

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Motivational Quote of the Day: One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done..

- Marie Curie.

How often we fail to appreciate what we have already accomplished. Take a moment, right now, to congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished today, this week, in your lifetime..

One day at a time will bring you to your goal and a healthier lifestyle. Mary.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World..

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I forot to say how wonderful that your dh is off two drugs. I stopped the crestor and avalide a few months ago and I felt like I had conquered the world. Even though your dh is using Medifast as a snack he must be feeling better. Medifast works as long as you want to add it to your diet. Your dh is a prime example!!!..

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Hope everybody had a good day..

Mary - hope you are doing well. is the job any less busy? summer is almost over, is your daughter ready to go back to school?.

Anne - yes my dh is very pleased and so was his dr. he hopes to lose 10 more pounds. be nice if that was all I had to lose. we both have learned new eating habits that hopefully will last a lifetime. tomorrow I have a wedding shower for a niece. don't know what the food choices will be but that stuff doesn't even phase me anymore.

If there are I will eat part of my l&g..

Caryn - I know you have some time off next week. hope you have good weather and enjoy it...

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After work today I will have 4 days off in a row!!! Havent had that since I was unemployed, luckily this wont be the same feeling. Looking forward to it even though I dont have much lined up. Just need the break..

Had a potential date for Sunday from the Match site. We were emailing a lot and seemed to click so I asked him out for a quick bite or a cup of coffee. Havent heard back from him since. Guess I scared him off. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I will keep trying, never give up, right?.

Looks like one more really bad day of storms today. They have been really nasty, the scary type. Tornado warnings along with them. I'll be glad when this system clears out of here..

Everyone still plans to weigh in tomorrow, right?? Remember that the accountability is still needed even if there isnt an official challenge going on at the time. Has there been a name selected for the next challenge yet?? Have The Miracles casted their vote yet?.

Hope everyone has a great OP day today. I'll check back later!..

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Good Morning All - The lawn service is here bright and early. Besides waking me up (even before the kids) I'm sure the neighbors are not going to be happy. At least it gives me a little uninterupted computer time..

Anne - My kids will be in 2nd, Kinder, and Pre-K and they start on Tuesday. Surprisingly to me, they all have pretty definite ideas on what they like to wear. This is sales-tax free weekend - so although I'm glad for the break - the crowds will be terrible..

Linda - Good news about your husband getting off the meds! It is good he supports the new healthy eating. I still have not got my husband on board yet. He is doing better - but he will NOT give up his chip habit. Luckily - I am not even tempted by chips anymore. My problem comes with the casserole meals that I make for the kids. They are what I grew up on and what I know how to cook best.

I did some scrapbooking last night - Last summer I went out to Colorado to visit my two sisters - that was the trip I was working on last night. I weighed between 240-250 then. I don't know if anyone watches that show - What not to Wear - but I was at the point where I was trying to dress up in spite of my weight. I remember thinking how cute I looked (even though I was fat) in all my new "flattering" clothes with the thought out accessories. WELL - I was a little shocked to see myself in those pictures. The size I am now is the one I have been at most of my adult life and the size I have in my head - even when I packed on more pounds.

I have mostly been focusing on avoiding health issues - but I did NOT look good then. Especially my bloated looking face! Yuck!.

Looking foward to spending the day with the kids - after my gym workout. I'm going to go ahead and get up there when they open at 8am. Have a nice day everyone!.


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Caryn - Sorry to hear your "date" did not work out - but seems like you have the right attitude. I was married before the internet thing started - but I know several people that have found their husbands via the internet. Hope you enjoy your days off! I would love 4 days off in a row. 3 is the most I get with long weekends sometimes. My next vacation is at the end of October when my husand and I are going on a week long cruise. Is it too early to start counting the days? : -)..

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Good Morning Miracles. How is everyone doing? The antibiotic is definitely working. I feel much better and actually slept through the night. I feel so much better! Took Lance for his morning walk and that felt great. We had t-storms come through yesterday and it cooled down although it was still humid. The lightening actually hit a tree in my back yard but it's in the wooded area so I don't mind.


Haven't voted yet on the name because I was waiting for a few more people to post their choice. I know Lynita is back at work so I'm hoping she posts over the weekend. Also haven't heard from Tina or Mike and Maria and Sean. I have until Monday to vote so there is still plenty of time!.


Enjoy the shower today. You're right about food. If I go out to a neighborhood party and there isn't things I can eat it doesn't bother me any more. I just eat a bar and bring my water with me and I'm happy. Actually the site of non Medifast food doesn't appeal to me anymore..


Enjoy shopping with your children. My daughter had definite likes and dislikes at those ages. I don't remember being that young and being picky but I guess times have changed. I remember being at Macy's and picking up what I thought were cute outfits an she would have no part of them. As she got older it only got worse and I wouldn't dare buy anything unless she was with me!.

Tomorrow night I'm going to dinner with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday. It will be the first time I've been out to dinner since I started MF. I'm a little nervous. I'm sure there will be something on the menu that is OP. Then on Wednesday I'm going out again with a girlfriend. I figure I have to be able to start socializing a little more and go out. It'll be an interesting week!..

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Hope all the miracles are having a good day..

Caryn - thanks for the update about your 'date'. so what do you think about your plan for asking him out. you decided not to email for a prolonged period and ask to meet him. so if he doesn't respond then I guess you will move on. I like that you did not spend a lot of time emailing, but got to know him a little, decided you were interested and then proceeded with attempting to meet. sounds right to me.

I am glad you are being so proactive in reentering the social scene. I know it must be anxiety provoking after all this time. or at least that is the way I would feel..

Michelle - I agree it is hard to do the change in ourselves day to day. but see a before picture and it becomes obvious and should spur us on to stay on program. good luck shopping. I hate the crowds when shopping with kids. do you try the stuff on in the store. I did that the other day and it took hours.

I had three kids with me too, but they are older so at least they could get the items on themselves. I found lots of great sales though..

Anne - hope you enjoy your dinner tonight. I go out to eat many times in a week and I have never had a problem finding on program food. eyeballing the portion size is the only issue. most times we eat at the same place where in the beginning I actually bought my scale to discretely weigh the meal I ordered. I have 3 meals that I eat over and over. most restaurants are very accomodating.

How did your house showings go this week?..

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Dinner is not until tomorrow. I haven't seen the menu in a couple of years but I'm sure I'll find something. Worse case scenario is I'll order shrimp cocktail and salad and bring my own salad dressing. I haven't seen my brother since Xmas because he lives downstate so it will be interesting if he notices I lost weight. At Xmas time I was 270! Yuck! My biggest dilemna is what to wear. I'm back to being in between sizes.

I was going to go over to Macy's One Day Sale but I can't see spending money on clothes that hopefully I'll be out of in the next few weeks. Somehow I'll figure it out! How was the shower? When is your niece getting married? Did they have OP food?.


I didn't realize you emailed the gentleman. Are you disappointed? You'll find someone! It may take time but before you know it you'll be telling us about your dates!.

Lazy day for me. I have so much to do but the Levaquin is packing a punch. I actually took a nap which I hope doesn't interfere with my sleep tonight. I only have 2 more days of this stuff thank goodness. I was taking it in the morning after I walked Lance but today I forgot and took it early afternoon. Oh well. It's making me feel better so that's all that's important...

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Anne - the shower was nice, too long for my liking. she is getting married 10/17 at the century house. at the shower they had boneless, skinless chicken breast and green beans that was op. the rest was not. but that was fine. I had a little of each because I want to eat with my husband tonight.

I bought 3 pairs of pants about 2 weeks ago, size 18(they have spandex) they fit fine. I couldn't go any longer with what I had. hope you feel better...

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Ok update. My Match finally got back to me. He was shorthanded at work and was putting in long hours. He wasnt able to accept my Sunday invitation but offered to go to dinner during the week. I think I will take him up on it since I am off from work for a few days anyway. I think more than anything, I just want to get past the first date jitters.

I'll keep you posted...

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Caryn - I think you have a great attitude about this. hope you have a fun time. enjoy your days off...

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I'm using my phone to do this so I hope it works. Here's the thread to post OP, water and weight loss!..

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Wow, a lot has happened in the last week. Tremendously busy, but today I am going to slowwww.....down a bit and catch up with you all..

Laurie - Belated Happy B-Day! Impressive on the running. I am no where near that...yet. Just finished WK7 and can do the time, it's just building the stamina. Plan is each week to bump up the treadmill pace and total miles each a 10th of a mile. So far I am up to a 2.8 pace and 1.8 miles. Baby steps, baby steps right! I'm of two minds in my attitude toward the exercise.

Maybe it is just the process of making the new habit of exercise, when I would rather have my nose in a good book!.

Sean - wonderful accomplishment!.

Caryn - glad you liked the makeover and I would like to be in that pool that takes bets on you being a member of the 5% club..

Michelle - I struggled with wanting to do the challenge with the new rules also. I like the focus more on the exercise and water, just a better fit, but I will participate too as I would miss you all!.

Linda- sounds like you are almost there in getting those kids ready for school. I remember those days well, the beginning of summer was exciting because I was tired of the routine, but by end of it, I was ready to get back to the more predictable routine!.

Erica- Wish you luck in making it safely back and forth on your trip and that you have loads of fun shopping!.

Anne-glad your meds are kicking in and you can get back to your old self. Lance is such a character isn't he!.

Angela - welcome and promise you will feel so much better soon!.

Hello to Maria and Yakity!.

Off to start the laundry, it is a challenge in figuring when to do it when we don't have a/c downstairs. I can't imagine doing this with kids at home. I think I would have to resort to a clothesline again!.


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I hope.


Participates in the upcoming challenge REGARDLESS of the change in format. In a way, nothing has really changed. The idea is to stay OP which to me means eating your 5&1, drinking your water and getting in 30 minutes of exercise..

Its the reporting that is different..

By still concentrating on all of the above, you will all do really well..

This last week of transition was really weird for me. I am where I will be with my food intake for the next 4 weeks or so. Nothing new to add or remove. I weighed in at one point and gained a pound and decided to ride it out, to see what would happen. I was hoping to just lose that pound and as it turned out, I lost it plus a bit. I am not really interested in losing anymore, so this is the point where I see if it levels off, or I will start to increase my calories over the next few weeks.

My body seems to adjust better that way rather than anything sudden..

Today I am going to do something different. I was planning to go to a singles dance tonight, but I am going to line dancing with a friend instead. Never did it. Supposedly if we get there a little early, they give lessons to newbies. I thought it might be fun (and probably a little embarassing) and a good way of getting in some exercise..

Laundry and grocery shopping in the AM, manicure this afternoon and then we leave at about 5:30. So I will try to stop by again before heading out. Have a great day everyone...

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The first law of success is concentration..

Concentration is your magic key that opens the door.

To accomplishing anything..

When your physical and mental resources are focused,.

Your power to resolve problems multiples tremendously..

To do two things at once is to do neither..

Bend all of your energies to one point, and go directly to that point,.

Looking neither to the right nor to the left..

Nothing can add more power to your life as much as concentrating.

All your energies on a limited set of targets..

The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus..

Success is the result of well directed energy..

Copyright 2008.


One day at a time will bring you to your goal and a healthier lifestyle. Mary.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World..

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- Good quote! Being focused on anything, in our case our goals, is definitley the key to success. Thanks!..

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Hopefully this will clarify the new rules to the challenge..

Being OP for the challenge does.


Include exercise or water. It simply means you had your 5 & 1 with no cheating! Although I believe exercise is important, if you don't exercise but followed the 5 & 1 then you are considered OP. Water is a separate category. You earn a point for every day you drank at least 64 ounces of water. Therefore, it is possible you could get 7 points for being OP and if you didn't drink all your water one day you would only earn 6 points for water. Again, I believe water is important as I find it helps in the weight loss..

If anyone has any questions let me know!..

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Ok, so I guess for the challenge, Annes explanation would apply. I know that there have been debates for a VERY long time as to what actually determines one being OP. My personal opinion is that it is a whole package. This is one of the reasons that OP hasn't been a factor in any recent challenges, because of too many opinions on the guidelines. I am sure that there will be further discussions along the way, since all of the Medifast Teams are new to this. Like all things new, or any changes, it will take some time to adjust, but it really is NOT a big deal..

This should be easy. Just stick to the plan as it is written, and you will all do great! Drink your water in addition to it and exercise anyway, just because it is good for you. The Miracles have all done so well since their creation and I am confident that they will all continue to do so..

Anybody doing anything interesting this weekend? I know these boards quiet down for them but I hope everyone is still posting their weekly weigh in results. It is a habit you dont want to lose..

Chat later! Off to walk Mollie!..

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Good Morning Miracles. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It's definitely cooler today but the humidity is high. Took Lance for his walk and came home and had to take another shower..


What night are you going to dinner? Have a great time tonight line dancing. That sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy your time off. When do you go back to work?.


Glad you had fun at the shower. I haven't been to the Century House in a couple of years. Use to love going there for dinner. I actually went to a wedding there once and it was great..


Hope things quiet down for you! Have fun doing laundry. I need to get mine started soon. I don't have much but it would be nice to get it done and out of the way. Congratulations on the C25K. You are doing so well. I'm envious! I'll start again in the fall and see how I do..

I need to rummage through the closet and find something to wear tonight for dinner. It's frustrating being in between sizes. Somewhere I have a black suit that should fit. I just have to find it! Black was my signature color so I have to go through and find the one that is the right size! BBL!..

answered May 03 at 12:04

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Caryn - glad you are up for trying new things, enjoy yourself tonight..

Anne/caryn - thanks for the clarification on the new rules for the next challenge..

Anne - good luck going thru your closet to find the right outfit. imagining you doing that just struck me as funny, sounds frustrating not being able to just pick something out to the closet. I guess that is a reward for losing weight. I hope you have a great time tonight, you deserve it. you have been so busy for so long. I had my retirement party at the century house.

They have lots of nice rooms there..

Suzan - hope you take some time for yourself today. thanks for stopping in. have a great week..

Mary - thanks for the inspirational message. concentrating is something I need to work on...

answered May 03 at 13:30

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Good Afternoon All -.

Well I'm finally on the losing end of things again - I love Mary's quote today. I need to be focused again. Some things have really gotten me off track. I haven't shared with anyone, but I feel that if I'm going to suceed at this - I might as well lay it all out for my Medifast friends. In June, I found out that my son's fiance was pregnant. Not the dream I had for him, but I do love her, and she's so good for him.

He has since gotten a really good job, gotten his own apt, and seems to be really happy. I got to go to a sonogram with her, and I get to go again tomorrow. Now - I'm really excited. The dr. said he thought it was a girl.

They are also planning a big wedding - soon...Don't have the final date yet, but it should be in Oct. With all of this, I have become so distracted, but I have managed to at least pull myself together this week to have a 1.4 weight loss. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster now with emotions..

I know that God has plans unknown to me, and they say that everything happens for a reason, so I will trust in God and His plan, and try to become refocused on me. It's a little hard sometimes..

Well now you all know what I have been going through, and I will do my part on this team in the next challenge. My next goal is definitely 20 lbs before the wedding..

Plan on talking to you all more often this week. I need the support to stay OP..

Have a wonderful Sunday...

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I'm so happy you came back. We missed you. You are right that God has a plan and although we may not see it right away there is a reason for everything. At least that's what I believe. We will all be here for you. You have our commitment.

They must be very special people. I hope you have some time this week to jump on the boards. We're here to support you and everything that is going on in your life now. Are you looking forward to the next sonogram tomorrow? Back when I was pregnant they only did them if they were medically necessary. Needless to say I didn't have one yet I know my sisters who had children after I did seemed to get them every month.

Take care of yourself and again I'm so happy you're back!..

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Shelley- our youngest daughter got pregnant when she came back from succeeding at basic training in the National Guard (19 yrs old). She married the guy had another child, divorced two years later. I don't want to be too negative about the ex as he gave us two wonderful grandchildren. Anyways, she remarried another man two years later who has custody of his two children (I might add he is an awesome person too!). In the midst of all that she graduated from college, completed Officers training in the National Guard and has secured a great job in Web Design. Somehow the young get it all done and more..

In the beginning we were really nervous too, but gave all the love and support we could and still do. Last week I found out this blended family of six just found out a new addition is due next February. Holy cow!.

I guess I just wanted to tell you that it will be fine, might not be perfect along the way, gets kind of bumpy, but the BONUS is the joy in celebrating the beautiful new addition to the family who will give you the greatest joy..


answered May 03 at 16:23

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Suzan and Anne -.

Thank you for the kind words. I must admit that I am excited about having a baby around again..

One more reason to get back on track and get the weight off...

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Hello everyone,.

Sorry we have been MIA. Ethan's 3rd Birthday was yesterday. I took Thursday off to prepare for the party and then Sean and I both took Fri. off and went up to the NC mountains with my parents. The party was yesterday. We had some close seminary friends over for lunch and Tie-Dye.

We did have a cake for Ethan and when the big moment came to sing and blow out the candle, Ethan tripped and landed on the cake. It probably would have earned us $10,000 if we'd have had a camera on him. Today Sean and I led three woship services and then came home and collapsed. My folks go back to Fl. on Tuesday.

On the Challenge Name vote, I'll go with Ready, Set, Fall and Sean says the same. Peace to all this night, Maria..

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Ok, are you sitting down ( most likely you are.

). I never made it to the lessons tonight. Long story short, I was given wrong location directions by someone. I went to a place that was closed and remained that way till I left the empty parking lot. My friend (who I was going to meet) was at another location in another town. New friend and I didnt have her cell number to call.

Mom was the one who passed on the directions. She called her daughter and we all had a good laugh. Mom couldnt apologize enough. I will attempt it the next time. Maybe even tomorrow night..

Havent heard back from my Match yet confirming our 2nd attempt at a date. He said he would be busy today, so I am not surprised. Maybe later on tonight or in the morning. If he is available for Mondy dinner, ok. If I dont hear from him, line dancing it will be..

On another note, when I visited her Mom, Mollie was with me. She welcomed me into her home she shares with her 3 yr old Yorkie and 12 yr old Portugese Water Spaniel. I asked if she was sure? She said she has had other dogs visit without issue. Well Mollie attempted to play with one of the Portugese's brand new toys and this did not set well with her. She attacked Mollie and we had to break it up. Mollie was bit in her leg it bled pretty bad.

Poor baby was all shook up. Lesson learned for me. Never trust a dog I've not dealt with before, especially on their turf. No matter what the owner says. I took my eye off of her and that was my mistake..

So, not a very successful night for me. I will keep you guys posted. Hopefully the next adventure will be a better one. However, I will pat myself on the back for going in the first place. Outside my comfort zone but I made the effort, so chalk one up for me..


- welcome back! Glad you are committed again. You can do it!.


- Happy belated birthday to Ethan..


Hope you had a good time tonight...

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- I'm so sorry to hear about Mollie's incident. I do hope the other dog is all up to date on his vaccines. It must have been very un-nerving for you. I am so happy that you got out though, even if things went haywire. Enjoy your days off! Peace, Maria..

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Caryn - what a night! hope mollie is okay. make sure you watch for infection, sorry I am sure you will but it is the mom in me. sorry you night out didn't happen. was hoping you would have a great time..

Shelley - like the others have said things happen for a reason. having raised 3 sons I know things happen that we didn't plan on for our children. but because of our love for them we continue to support them and help them to make the best of the situation. He obviously is handling this in a mature manner by getting housing for himself and a job to support his new family. you should be proud of him for doing that. will this be your first grand child?.

Maria - you had another busy weekend. happy birthday to ethan. what a fun age he is..

Suzan - congrats on the upcoming new additon to your family..

Anne - how did your birthday dinner for your dad go? hope you had a good time. what did you eat?.

Hope everyone has a nice evening...

answered May 03 at 19:59

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Maria - what a memorable 3rd B-Day Ethan made for your family, really tickled me..

Caryn - sorry your evening didn't work out well, on a positive note, you handled it! Poor Mollie though!.

Thanks Linda I am excited, just wished I didn't live clear across the country, but we will be there to visit in less than four weeks, but who's counting?.

Everyone have a great OP week!.


answered May 03 at 20:38

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Up early and plan to take Mollie to the vet. She isnt acting herself and is favoring the leg. Better safe than sorry..


, love the "mom in you" advice. I am taking it to heart. It looks like there was a 2nd puncture that I didnt notice until I took her bandage off. Towards the inside of the leg just below the pit (?). I was concentrating on the outside of the leg. The perils of motherhood..

Looks like line dancing tonight if Mollie is ok. My Match emailed me and explained that his work has been unusually nuts due to company reviews. I gave him my schedule for this week and told him to let me know what will work for him. So who knows?.

Off to get ready now. Will check back later.Have a nice day...

answered May 03 at 21:15

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Good Morning Miracles. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Can you believe the next challenge starts in a week? Where does the time go?.


Sorry to hear about Mollie. I think it's a great idea that you're bringing her to the vet's. They may want to put her on an antibiotic as a precaution. Lance was attacked by the next door neighbor's dog and that's what my vet ended up doing. I'm happy to hear you're going to go line dancing this evening. I bet you have a lot of fun!.


Happy Birthday to Ethan. That was such a cute story about him falling into the cake. Was he upset? That's is so nice that your parents were able to join you and Sean for his birthday. What was Ethan's favorite gift?.


Dinner was fun. I had salad, filet mignon and green beans. I think the green beans had been tossed in butter or something because they tasted greasy. I ended up eating half of the meat and brought the rest home. I measured it when I got home and discovered I only ate 3.5 oz of protein. I was so stuffed so I ended up having a few tbls of cottage cheese and gave the meat to Lance.


You were up bright and early!! How long are you going to visit with your daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren?.

I never did laundry yesterday so I'm off to throw a load in. BBL!..

answered May 03 at 21:38

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Good Morning All -.


- yes this will be my first grandchild. Thank you for your words of encouragement. And yes, I am very proud of him for the responsibility he has taken. She is older than him and was already in college - that's a positive for me. They really seem to love each other. He had given her a ring last August, and they had dated a year prior to that..


- Thanks for the laugh - sorry it was at your expense, but your evening although I'm sorry that Mollie got hurt, was pretty crazy... Hope you get a good report from the vet, let us know..


- Ethan sounds like he had a wonderful b-day party. One for the memory books no doubt..

To all My Medifast Friends - have a wonderful OP Day!!..

answered May 03 at 23:00

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Me again. Back from the Vet. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds. Seems she got bit right in a muscle, so yeah, ouch. Did I mention that today is also Mollies 3rd birthday?? The Vet noticed and gave her a birthday biscuit. They are really nice there..

Heard from my Match (Jeff btw) and he has explained that his hours are crazy this week due to some reviews. So this evening wont work for him. I gave him my schedule for this week and left a date up to him. He apologized and said that things are not usually this busy for him. So Line Dancing it will be for tonight...

answered May 04 at 00:35

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Good Morning All -.

I had a nice, but busy weekend. My "baby" started Pre-K today. She is so outgoing and conifdent -not shy at all - takes after her dad more than me. She was really excited - especially about wearing her back-pack..

I'm still losing - but it seems slow the last week or two - I'm ready for a 3 or 4lb week! Maybe this one will be it..

Maria - Sounds like you had a nice time with Ethan - I love the birthday parties..

Shelley - Welcome back - lots going on for you - Congrats on the new grandbaby - even if the timing is a little earlier than originally planned..

Caryn - So sorry to hear about what happened to Mollie. Keep us posted on what happens with Jeff this week and enjoy the line dancing tonight. I want to get my husband to take dance lessons with me - but haven't checked into it too much yet. It seems like it would be fun and good exercise too..

Anne, Linda, and Suzan - Hello to you ladies too. You are all so good about checking in and being encouraging to everyone - thanks!.

Have a nice day!.


answered May 04 at 01:33

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Anne- will be visiting for nine whole days. Actually both my girls and all the grandchildren live there. One daughter was living in Texas and moved back after we moved away! Sometimes I wish we had not made the decision to move, but everything was pointing this way. One great thing is that we all appreciate each other more when we do get together!.

Also Anne thanks for the nice words about the C25k, but I have to say I admire how you can go for such longggggg....walks! I would never make it that far, and I know you loved it, so you will get back to it when you can. Got to each find our own pace and what works for us huh..

Also I have to let you guys know that I had my alone weekend last, and a couple of times when I was in the pantry my eyes did gaze upon DH snacks longer than necessary, but I just told myself that even IF they tasted good, I would feel so bad mentally and probably physcially that it was not worth the crime. Plus do I really NEED to eat junk food? Are there any redeeming qualities about this food that makes it worth the point of eating it? Couldn't come up with one good reason, so went on about my business of keeping OP and treated myself to some skin products from the Bath & Body Store at the mall..

Linda - your baby starting pre-k that is a milestone isn't it. Isn't it great that she is not shy as I know I struggle with it. Funny both my girls were shy too, but the grandkids are totally not and it so refreshing..

Caryn - I'm glad Mollie is OK and she has her antibiotics. Good luck with your Match.com guy..

Well got to go log my food before lunch hour ends..


answered May 04 at 02:17

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Suzan - congrats on staying op on your alone weekend. you must have felt great about doing that..

Caryn - sorry to hear that mollie's injury is so serious. have you heard from the biter's owner? have a great time tonight..

Anne - glad you enjoyed dinner. I have found when I have steak I cannot eat the full portion..

Michelle - I have not had a loss larger than 2.something in a long time. I keep hoping every week, so I know how you feel. and then I think 2 times how ever many weeks adds up to a lot of pounds lost. but a bigger week now and again would be great. hope your daughter enjoyed school...

answered May 04 at 02:39

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Glad to hear Mollie will be okay. Do you have to clean the wounds? I know when Lance was attacked I also had to put a cream on him in addition to the antibiotic. How is Mollie taking pills. I think that was the hardest with Lance because he would lock his jaw as soon as he saw me coming. Then once I got the pill in his mouth it was a struggle to get him to swallow it!! The joys of pet ownership!.


Did it seem strange sending your baby off to Pre-K today? My daughter was shy and cried the first day. It broke my heart but I had to do it. By the time she got to Kindergarten she became the social butterfly. As a matter of fact one of the comments the teachers made was she talked too much. I was proud because in Pre-K she wouldn't talk to anyone! How did the shopping go? Did it take awhile with your 3 children?.


I love to walk. I'm in my own little world when I walk with the dog. It is getting much easier though and I think I need to pick up the pace. I'm not out of breath and my muscles don't hurt from walking. I definitely want to re-start the C25K but I'm going to wait until the fall with the temperatures are down. I know I can do it; it's just a matter of taking the plunge..


When do your son and family come? Have you done your menus and grocery shopping? Will you also have your grandsons? When does your son start school? It must be soon right?..

answered May 04 at 03:27

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Anne - my son and family will be here midday tomorrow. I did my grocery shopping yesterday. my youngest starts school next week. I still have my grandsons until school starts. I have not been feeling well for 4 days. goes from mild to severe stomach discomfort.

I don't think I could have been on Medifast for so long and then it would start bothering me. I emailed my doctor this morning but haven't heard back from her yet. It will be difficult having company the way I feel. I didn't eat any vegetables yesterday so I guess I wasn't op. I had eggs as my lean..

answered May 04 at 05:06

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I hope you feel better soon. That's what I experienced last month and it wasn't fun. The only thing I could get down was the protein and ice chips. I know I got my water in because I would lay down and just crunch on them. That's basically all I felt like eating. My HC suggested making the chicken noodle soup and at least drinking the broth because that's where the nutrition and protein come from but I had a difficult time doing that. Take care and I hope your stomach feels better soon...

answered May 04 at 05:49

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Anne - so do you think it was related to Medifast or just a virus? still waiting to hear back from my doctor...

answered May 04 at 06:32

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