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Quick question... Can I follow the Medifast Diet as a college student? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... Anyone want to join up with me in a group where we can cheer each other on and not feel guilty while we journey on together?.

I make mistakes and will never be perfect; life happens..

For myself I don't do well if I put a designated time on when to lose a certain number of lbs. etc. I get anxious and then make even more mistakes and then feel like throwing in the towel..

So I just want to journey along with support and friendships posting our progress here and gaining strength through sharing experiences and anything else positive that you want to share that helps you on your journey..

For the banner just use the following code in your sig and remove the two ** in the code..


I hope I'm not alone.

Today was a beautiful spring like day and I was able to take a 30 minute walk YAY!.

How did you do today?.


asked Apr 28 at 17:31

's gravatar image


Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

answered Apr 28 at 18:43

's gravatar image


Thank you angie; I saw that type of ticker on someone else's sig and liked the animation; it makes it more fun; I'm such a kid at heart..

As we go along we discover how are bodies respond to different foods etc. - my body likes pickles!..

answered Apr 28 at 19:39

Caiden's gravatar image


Yea, some days I crave pickles, sometimes sweet, sometimes salt. seems everyday I want something tho so am wating for cravings to disapppear as they say they do..hmmmm..i am going to try to get that ticker!..

answered Apr 28 at 19:55

Jose's gravatar image


You can get the ticker here angie:.


Enjoy your night! I'm going to set out my packets for tomorrow...

answered Apr 28 at 19:56

's gravatar image


I would Love to join this group. I am in...

answered Apr 28 at 21:21

Wesley's gravatar image


It is in the 70's here today. I just got back from taking the dogs on a nice walk. I love this weather. I can not wait till the summer this year...

answered Apr 28 at 22:12

's gravatar image


I love the message of this group, because I am sure as heck not perfect but as long as I am making progress I'm not going to beat myself up for the slip ups I have made! Good Luck everyone!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 22:19

Braeden's gravatar image


The weather IS gorgeous today; I am going out for another walk in just a bit but wanted to say HELLO first!.


, having a dog to walk sounds like fun; maybe I should consider getting one; we've had mostly cats in our household for years but there's so much more you can do with a dog; cats like to sleep a lot, lol..

Glad to see you all here; I have one liter of water down so far and I'm feeling great!.


You are so right; we have to be our very own best friend and give ourselves credit for our efforts; each successful step creates more confidence and a desire to make another successful step..

Remember to do something special for yourself today to make you feel wonderful...I tried a new color of nail polish today that makes me feel pretty!.

Enjoy your new day.


I'll be back this evening to let you know how the rest of my day went...

answered Apr 28 at 23:52

's gravatar image


I really like this theme! I'd love to join the group. I'm pretty new and learning lots. So, I apologize in advance for any dumb questions!!!! What is the banner cut and paste?.

Thanks all and have a wonderful / successful Friday!..

answered Apr 29 at 00:35

's gravatar image


For the banner just use the following code in your sig and remove the two ** in the code..


We can never ask too many questions because I figure we'll be forever learning even through eternity so it's all good.


! Love your enthusiasm!..

answered Apr 29 at 01:51

's gravatar image


WOW - I just said to a friend today that I need to stop trying to achieve perfection & just be happy making progress! I think this may be the group for me. I am on day one of my second time with Medifast. I lost 36lbs in 9 weeks last spring - only to fall off the wagon & gain it all back plus another 10 - Yikes. I'm committed to the long haul and trying to enjoy the journey! I'm prepared that the next few days will be difficult & I'm being very forgiving to myself - good book & early to bed. Thanks for starting this group!..

answered Apr 29 at 02:52

Jace's gravatar image


Yay ,.


, for moving ahead with your wtloss goals and getting back to making your dreams come true!.

Many of life's lessons bear repetition to finally be conquered and overcome..

Life is good..

Enjoy your journey!..

answered Apr 29 at 03:51

's gravatar image


Welcome everyone. I am going to lay down. I have a bad headache. Talk to everyone tomorrow...

answered Apr 29 at 04:29

Maurice's gravatar image


I hope the rest will do you good.


And your headache be gone; see you tomorrow!.

I got all 17 cups of water down that I had planned; we also went to watch 'Unknown' with Liam Neeson - it was a great movie and great distraction, lol; all I had there was a diet coke....I feel wonderful this evening - I have one more packet to go which will be my bedtime hot cocoa..

Hope you all had a lovely day!.

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.".

~ Golda Meir..

answered Apr 29 at 05:18

Amari's gravatar image


Good morning everyone. Another gorgeous day here. We are all going to make it. Going for a walk and to drink some water. Be back later. xoxo..

answered Apr 29 at 06:57

Walker's gravatar image


Plannning to stay strong as I can today and look at the positives (i.e., getting healthier so that I can feel happy with myself and be there for others). I live in a pretty small town and sadly I received word last night that my daughter's friend committed suicide yesterday evening (age 14). The town is grieving. Difficult to feel motivated today :-( I just want to be available for my daughter at this very sad and confusing time. I am concerned about the affect this sudden devistating situation will have on my kids, as they had to cope with their own father's suicide attempt several years ago. I imagine this stirs up some horrible memories, as it does to me..

On a bright note...the sun is finally shining, so this alone should help lift people's spirits..

Have a great weekend!..

answered Apr 29 at 08:18

Juan's gravatar image



- glad you are feeling better and enjoying the nice weather; so refreshing.

Outdoors! And yup we are going to make it woohoo!.


- I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter's friend and the memories it.

Stirs up; life is so fragile. Take care, do your best and know what a great mom you are..

As for me I'm looking forward to a bright fun successful Saturday ; remember to do something nice for yourself today and have some fun...

answered Apr 29 at 08:40

Henry's gravatar image


Hi there!.

It is a cold, blowy Saturday where I am. Soooo looking forward to spring & looking forward to being in a better place physically by then too. Day 2 going well. Son made brownies with frosting & I'm not tempted.

Michelle - I can't wait for better weather to get outside - enjoy your walk!.

Grasshopper - so sorry for your loss. Be good to yourself & your family!.

Shapely - thanks for all the positive words of encouragement.

Happy Saturday - I hope everyone is feeling strong..

answered Apr 29 at 09:55

Esteban's gravatar image


Good for you.



My WI is tomorrow and I'm totally excited!.

Thinking of all of you and sending you some positive vibes; keep up the good work!.

Be strong! We can do it!..

answered Apr 29 at 10:38

's gravatar image


I thought I was the only one on the boards and chat that wasn't 100%! It's good to know that there are others. I've had "progress" although not as fast as others here...

answered Apr 29 at 12:00

's gravatar image


Hello everyone. I will be in the car most of the day.(yuck)I will be back here tonight to get caught up on the posts. I am sooooo tired of being fat. Here is to a great OP day...

answered Apr 29 at 13:34

Hunter's gravatar image


Great thoughts Shapely! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!..

answered Apr 29 at 15:04

's gravatar image


Congrats on your phenomenal progress purplemom.

And it's great to see you here!.

I just had to reduce my stress and be kinder to myself; I believe it paid off - today is my WI and I have 8 lbs. LESS on my body now WOOHOO!.

Thanks for all the positive vibes!! Enjoy the rest of Sunday everyone!..

answered Apr 29 at 15:16

's gravatar image


Love your words of encouragement! We all need them one time or another...

answered Apr 29 at 15:27

Garrett's gravatar image



Good morning everyone. I am not weighing myself until the last day of the month. My scale puts to much stress on me. I am off to clean and exercise be back later...

answered Apr 29 at 15:46

's gravatar image


Great Job!!! I had a bit of rough weekend and cheated.

But my WI was today and I am down 1.2 lb so yay it may have been more but any loss is good..

answered Apr 29 at 17:17

's gravatar image


Well here I am on my second journey with Medifast and I have lost 7.2lbs. in my 1st week..

I did very well on this plan in 2005 but as alway's I allowed myself to gain it all back. I have 107.2 more to go to reach my goal of 150lbs. I reached it last time and I will do it again. This program works and it works well and I am kicking my self in the behind. All my hard work and I have to do it again. Best to you all and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!.


answered Apr 29 at 17:52

's gravatar image


Welcome back Cindy. I have done Medifast before also. I lost over 75 pounds and gained it back. Not this time...

answered Apr 29 at 18:05

Alberto's gravatar image



Hello everyone!.

Hi Michelle and Thank You!.

I don't blame you about the scale; sometimes I weigh at 2 wk intervals. Avoiding stress is a big key! Keep on keepin' on! You CAN DO IT!.

Welcome Cindy.


Congratulations on 7.2 lbs. lost!.

Keep workin' it girlie!.

You are welcome Sadie.

And I hope you will give your banner another try; I can see that one of the brackets didn't get copied in front of your first.


; after that you should be good to go on your banner; that happens so easily when copying..

Amber, Thank You!.

Your weekend was rough but you still made progress in the right direction;.

Congratulations on 1.2 lbs. down.

; keep it goin' girlie!!!.


answered Apr 29 at 19:36

's gravatar image


~ Lee Iacocca.


You've got to say to yourself; I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it..

It's called perseverance..


answered Apr 29 at 20:20

's gravatar image


Good Morning! Umm err well so a friend of mine landed a job yesterday after losing her mom and job a couple weeks ago so to celebrate we of course went out to eat I did have a salad at the restaurant but that salad was accompanied by chips and cheese quesadillas.

I have got to get my head straight and Shapley your motivating posts are such a big help Thanks girl!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 20:43

Ryder's gravatar image


Amber DO NOT beat yourself up. Just climb back on board. We can do this....

answered Apr 29 at 21:00

's gravatar image


Down 2lbs from last week, should have been more but sat. I was not 100% OP. Got right back on and doing great! Happy with 2lbs. Starting wk 5 today and have lost 16lbs so far, very happy with that...

answered Apr 29 at 21:02

Ahmad's gravatar image


Thank you Shapely. I see it worked this time.


answered Apr 29 at 22:31

's gravatar image


Real proud of you.


For gettin' right back on; enjoy your day!..

answered Apr 30 at 00:00

Nicolas's gravatar image


Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising up every time we fall. ~ Emerson.

Keep on keeping on and with each time you get back on; you WILL get stronger; keep going.


; you CAN DO IT!..

answered Apr 30 at 00:14

Brendan's gravatar image


Good morning.

Angie, michelle, grasshopper, mia, purplemom, cindy.

! How are you gals doing? Remember to do something today to make yourselves feel good and pretty!.

As for me; I'm getting my brows done today; got my water and meals set out for today too! Wishing you all a wonderful day of progress! Hugs all around!..

answered Apr 30 at 01:29

Jason's gravatar image


Good morning and Happy Tuesday everyone! Today definitely feels like a Monday here at the office. Just wanted to ck in and say "HELLO" and wish everyone an awesome day and send a wish out that everyone reaches their personal accomplishments one day at a time! For me this week may be the most challenging. I have a mini goal set and it's coming up quick! My plan was to break a barrier by February 27th. Well, now that is only HOW MANY DAYS AWAY??? OMG! I have to do my best to stay OP or as close to it as possibly so that I don't kick myself, come Sunday!.

I'll put a few questions out there for anyone who wants to answer:.

1. What is your occupation and how long have you been at it?.

2. What is your vice when you aren't OP?.

3. How many children (if any) do you have?..

answered Apr 30 at 03:05

's gravatar image


Happy Hump Day Everyone! Hows your week going? My son started soccer for the season again last night so I am now trying to refigure my schedule to fit in dinner times and time to exercise since I am sooo wanting to start C25K asap!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:43

's gravatar image


1) Real estate agent- 2years(before that I was a R.N. since I was 20.) I am 38 now..

2) My vice is potato chips lol.

3) I have 2 kids. My daughter will be 18 on march 31. My son just turned 17 on Feb 2nd. I will be a gma in July...

answered Apr 30 at 04:53

's gravatar image


I remember soccer season. lol. Hope that everything fits in your schedule. My week is going ok. My daughter only goes to school for 3 hours a day(she is a senior) so I need to go pick her up. Have a great day everyone. I will be back later...

answered Apr 30 at 06:14

Maxwell's gravatar image


~ Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn..

Hello girlfriends! I'm running errands all over the place today so I wanted to stop by and say 'hey' and wish you all a terrific day full of progress and joy!.

BBL to let you know how I fared today; hugs all around!.


answered Apr 30 at 06:57

's gravatar image


Amber - Oh how I miss those days running the kids to soccer practice. I co-coached my daughter's team for a few years. It was so much fun! I've thought of volunteering to coach the little 5-6 year olds!.

Michelle - Our kids are similar ages.. My oldest daugther turns 21 in April. My son is 19 and my youngest (girl) is 14 - - a Freshman. Such a different phase...they are all becoming young adults!.

Shapely - Thank you for your encouraging words ALWAYS :-) Have an awesome run around day!..

answered Apr 30 at 08:10

Zander's gravatar image


Amber - Oh how I miss those days running the kids to soccer practice. I co-coached my daughter's team for a few years. It was so much fun! I've thought of volunteering to coach the little 5-6 year olds!.

Michelle - Our kids are similar ages.. My oldest daugther turns 21 in April. My son is 19 and my youngest (girl) is 14 - - a Freshman. Such a different phase...they are all becoming young adults!.

Shapely - Thank you for your encouraging words ALWAYS :-) Have an awesome run around day!.

Time to drink more water and eat my soup!..

answered Apr 30 at 08:43

Jaydon's gravatar image




I just received my order yesterday afternoon of this CD from Amazon.com for ten dollars and it is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! I listened to it when I went to bed so it was the last thing I heard before falling asleep. Today it really helped me as I faced FOOD temptations today;.

If anyone of you are interested in it; message me and I will let you know more.......

What a great gift it was to myself!.

For some reason today I am very dizzy but not uncomfortably just a little annoying, lol!.

It is actually hot outdoors today and there are those annoying webs floating around already..

I noticed that I am still out of breath when I walk fast in the heat....got to get all of this excess fat off before the really hot weather gets here, eh!.

Got all of my errands done outside our home and now tackling inside chores so see ya.

Later and STAY STRONG!..

answered Apr 30 at 09:27

Camden's gravatar image


1. I've worked in many places at different jobs and moved around a bit but mostly in the.

Medical field..

2. movie popcorn n' sweets but I'm changing my relationship to food and getting stronger.

3. I am outnumbered with all males around me, my hubby and three sons, lol.

Hope your day is going great girlie; be strong.



answered Apr 30 at 10:25

's gravatar image


Shapely I read the book The Jon Gabriel Method and I LOVED it! It was soo inspirational and made soo much sense. It also talked alot about meditating to get your mind right so that your body wants to lose weight and there was a cd that came with it that you were suppose to listen to as you fell asleep. I should get back into listening to that since now I have Medifast backing me!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 11:19

Ricky's gravatar image


I haven't heard of that method before but always love to learn new things; I will look it up and thank you!.

We gotta find what works for us for sure! You sound so cheerful today and that's great....my feet hurt from all the running around I had to do; I'm stopping for the day and going to rest now....watch some tv and then sleep!.

See you girls in the morning!.


answered Apr 30 at 11:31

Jayce's gravatar image


Snow here. Schools are closed, so staying in and working at home and heading out to my daughter's friend's funeral later this afternoon. Our little town is mourning....15 year old boy took his own life on Friday evening. It's going to be a trying day - - Staying at home with food temptations! Planning to Stay OP. I think that at the end of the day I'll feel better about things if I persevere!.

Enjoy your day all!..

answered Apr 30 at 12:15

Mathew's gravatar image


So Sorry to hear about the tradegy that your town is going through! It really makes you thankful for the people you have that are dear to you! My thoughts are with you today!..

answered Apr 30 at 13:28

Wyatt's gravatar image


Good morning ladies,.

I have been absent for a few days - Medifast was having a problem with their webpage & I was having difficulty logging on & manipulating the pages - things are much better now. I'm trying to catch up. The snow is flying here & this is the end of week one for me - I'm down 7.3 - very happy with these results but trying not to obsess that if I had stuck with Medifast my first time around - I would probably be at goal now. I suppose I had some more lessons to learn -.

Have a great day & I hope the sun is shining where you are!!..

answered Apr 30 at 15:03

's gravatar image


That is great. I would have been to goal by now too, but you are here and doing it now. That is all that matters..

We have another group also for anyone interested..the thread is over here..come join us.....

answered Apr 30 at 15:54

Ernesto's gravatar image


We are in a weather advisory here too; so very sorry about the loss or your town's young boy; prayers being said for all of you; take care and do your best girlfriend!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:09

's gravatar image


Well we are in the snow advisory too and I've had lots of appts. to go to ; one of them being my temporary cap came off and had to get another one placed yesterday pronto!.

So that's where I was yesterday girls, lol; but I'm back today and still feelin' great!.

I'm lovin' my meditations for wtloss cd that I listen to before bedtime and boy it helps me stay so OP! My love for water has returned and am drinking my gallon a day..

Wishing a successful funfilled weekend to all my wonderful girlfriends!.

Happy Friday Michelle, Mia, Amber, Cindy, Grasshopper, Sadie , Purplemom, Angie, and anyone I may have missed unintentionally; love you all and hugs all around!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:49

's gravatar image


Hey girlfriends, this is another fabulous group I am in and we think alike; I was asking Michelle if maybe we could combine the two groups; what do you think?.

Check it out and let me know what you think ok!..

answered Apr 30 at 18:42

Declan's gravatar image


I'm in! That Bikini Bound group looks fun! Looks like they share cute bikini pics. That's motivation right there...... My 3 kids and I, along with my boyfriend's family (which will be a total of 16 of us) are going to Cabo for 8 days in December. I'll have to be shopping for swimwear sometime in the next 6-9 months!!! WOOO HOOO.

Shapely, thank you for your kind words! I love your posts!.

Have a great weekend!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:19

Matteo's gravatar image


Good morning.


And thank you much! I'm glad you are.


; just go over and introduce yourself and just start posting there; I'm glad you are so excited; STAY STRONG GIRLFRIEND!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:21

Jakob's gravatar image


Hi girls,.

I am from the Bikini Bound Babes is my 2nd round on MF. In 2007 I met goal and kept it off for nearly 2 years before it started to creep back on. I wore bikinis at the beach (in public) for two seasons after that success..

I knew the weight was coming back on, but didn't act until it was all back. This time I know where I went wrong. I have fixed those mistakes and this will be my last time needing to lose weight..

My two changes for success are:.

1. I donate ALL clothes that are too big. I don't want them in my closet because last time it was OK when my clothes got too small. I just got the bigger sizes back out. I know myself and I know I will not want to spend money on bigger clothes if mine are getting too small..

2. I have a favorite pair of goal jeans (my mermaid jeans... they are my avatar) and they are going to be my Friday uniform for life. I plan to use them as a weight gain alarm. If they are too tight Friday morning when I put them on, I will go back on 5+1 for two weeks to maintain my goal size..

I found this article in my local news this morning. It is called "Lose These Top 10 Diet Mistakes" and really has some great points to think about... Enjoy.


answered Apr 30 at 21:47

's gravatar image


Way to learn from your mistakes Shauna!.

You're totally doing it right this time! :]..

answered Apr 30 at 22:43

's gravatar image


1. For the last 7 years I have been a teacher. This is my 2nd year teaching at an International Baccalaureate high school. I teach Information Technology in a Global Society, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Before that I taught at an International Baccalaureate elementary school. I taught 3rd grade there..

My degree is Math and Computer Engineering. Before I taught, I worked in the corporate world in tech support and software design. My husband and I founded a software development and technology services company in 1994 and that was both of our jobs for many years. When my daughter was in kindergarten, I volunteered in her classroom and decided it was my service path in life to teach the next generation as my positive contribution to our world..

2. My biggest vice is bread. After that it is the European chocolate my MIL pushes on us every time we visit..

3. I have one 13 year old DD. She is a nationally ranked fencer and plays soccer. She also plays trumpet and violin and attends an International Baccalaureate middle school. One thing I have seen being a high school teacher is that busy teens are good teens...

answered May 01 at 00:11

's gravatar image


Going to the movies this afternoon to watch.

The Eagle.

; everyone have a great progressive day OP and have some fun!.

~Janis Joplin.

Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got..


answered May 01 at 01:03

Jimmy's gravatar image


Hi Everyone !!.

Since I am not perfect because I still dont weight my L & G I think I need to join this group.lol.

I am a Hairstylist.

My weakness is sweets and carbs..

I have three kids (24yr old son Law school, 20 yr son sophomore college 19 yr old daughter freshman in collage) a wonderful husband of 30 yrs and two cats and a horse..

Hope all of you are doing well and getting ready for spring with a new attitude...

answered May 01 at 01:09

's gravatar image


Welcome everyone....Next Month we will be merging both groups into 1..

We will be psoting the new link on the 1st...

answered May 01 at 02:28

's gravatar image





I have my meals all planned, am drinking my water well and I'm so excited that we are.

Merging with the Bikini Bound Babes.

Already in progress and will be starting out newly MARCH 1st - watch for the new link - woohooooo!.



answered May 01 at 03:26

Axel's gravatar image



I'm really thrilled that we will be combining our groups and so looking forward to it Michelle! You are awesome!.

I emailed you!..

answered May 01 at 05:00

's gravatar image



GLAD YOU WILL BE JOINING US KA! You've a lovely family and a great attitude; I can feel your enthusiasm to live a healthier lifestyle; we can do it together; we deserve it!..

answered May 01 at 05:40

Cory's gravatar image


I am definitely a protectionist, that isn't a perfect-dieter so that makes me constantly frustrated. :P..

answered May 01 at 05:47

Jayce's gravatar image


I agree with you; before I started being kinder to myself I would have a lot of difficulty even beginning a diet for fear of not being perfect ....I would think about it obsessively and do nothing........now I do things differently......I do my very best each day and get lots more done that way and make lots of progress. Keep on keepin' on girlfriend! Have a great day!.

Even the best needles are not sharp at both ends. ~.

Chinese Proverb..

answered May 01 at 07:20

Kevin's gravatar image


Popping in to wish everyone a Happy Monday! It's a super busy one for me; but I wanted to say hello and looking forward to the merge!.

Legal Assistant with a Law Degree - - long story.....

Vice: Pizza.

Kids: 20, 19, 14 (girl, boy, girl).

Awesome, supportive loving boyfriend with no weight issues (lol) of 2-1/2 years He's 6ft, I'm 5'1.

3 cats, 1 dog, 1 guinea pig (lol).

I'll ck in this evening hopefully if I can home from my daughter's Cheer Banquet early enough..

Until then....best wishes......

answered May 01 at 08:37

Kobe's gravatar image


This thread is closed. We are know located over here......

answered May 01 at 09:39

's gravatar image


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