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My first question is Can someone please tell me the basics of the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. I have been doing really well for 12 weeks straight. But for some reason, this week (unlucky number thirteen I guess) I just cant get with it. I didnt lose a pound for five days, then I lost one pound. Then last night I got into a huge fight with my BF and I ate a small combo from Jack in the box.

But obviously that caused a one pound gain today.

Last night was the only time I have cheated with fast food. But this whole week I have been adding extra lean. I am adding LF cheese to my soups. I am not drinking enough water... I also lost my job last week, so I am sure the stress of it isnt helping.

I HAVE to do this! I am also moving to San Diego where I cannot cover up with hoodies and fleece zippies anymore..


What do you guys do when you know you are having bad weeks?.

Also... What was the big thing that made you get off your butt and start working out?! I really need that push too..

Thanks you guys for all the continued love and support. I really need you all right now!.

PS I posted this in the staying possitive part, and realized it may be more helpful to post it here. We all have a lot to lose here. Im really struggling...

asked Apr 28 at 11:14

Brian's gravatar image


Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

answered Apr 28 at 12:50

Ayden's gravatar image


Sorry to hear about all of the stress in your life! I honestly can't say that I can compare the stress in my life to yours but I can tell you that I've also gone through a lot of strange stuff since starting this program..

What I do when life seems to be knocking me down is focus on the fact that I might not be able to control the other stuff in my life, but I can control what I put in my mouth. Sometimes just being able to be in charge of one thing, when everything else is falling apart, can make a big difference in giving me the strength to keep going..

I could give in and eat something off plan but then I would be losing control of that too! Being OP makes me feel strong and powerful and I won't let anyone or anything take that away from me..

Don't kick yourself for having a stumble... this is a life long journey so you can't expect perfection all the time! It is really important right now that you find the inner strength to get back on track. If you do that, the little stumble won't make a difference!.

Good luck and I hope that life gives you a well deserved break!.


answered Apr 28 at 13:11

Brayden's gravatar image


Stasia, girl we have been here together since almost day one, and here is some tough love-Snap out of it! You are rocking this program, and you need to tell yourself you are fabulous and so worth it. We are all human, and noone is perfect. Just look at yourself in the mirror today and tell yourself that you are a beautiful human being, and you deserve to be happy and healthy. All you need is one day to get back on track, and that day is today. Good luck and we are rooting for you..

answered Apr 28 at 14:27

Bryce's gravatar image



What I do when life seems to be knocking me down is focus on the fact that I might not be able to control the other stuff in my life, but I can control what I put in my mouth. Sometimes just being able to be in charge of one thing, when everything else is falling apart, can make a big difference in giving me the strength to keep going..


I love your quote. I used to binge eat as my way of being in control of food when everything else was falling apart. It was like I was saying "I can eat what ever I want and no one can stop me!" Well, I was wrong because I could stop me. Now I have positive control over what I put in my mouth. I still slip up at times, but don't dive in completely to the urges like I used to. Medifast is helping me retrain my thinking.


I am so sorry for all the stress in your life. Like others have said, this program is the easy part of a stressful life. Don't beat yourself up for "cheating". You made a change for the good in what you chose to cheat with. Get back on program ASAP and drink as much water as you can stand. I struggle with drinking plain water. I keep a filter pitcher on the counter at school as I don't have access to a refrigerator, the filter takes enough of the funky taste that I can down a few glasses of water each day in addition to the diet soda I drink...

answered Apr 28 at 15:31

's gravatar image



I am new to MF, but not new to diets. I think you should be super proud of the weight you have lost. 54 pounds is great! And 12 weeks OP is awesome. You are a testament that Medifast does work and that you CAN do it :-).

I think everyone has given you great advice. You have to forgive yourself and move on. The scale will come back down because you can do this, because you are doing this..

Love yourself, you are worth it..


answered Apr 28 at 15:34

Jonathan's gravatar image


Oh my gosh....you CAN do this. I know because you HAVE been doing this..

Yes, you are probably going to have some cravings after Jack's meal, however, that is temporary. Yes, you are probably going to have a slower loss this week, however, that is temporary..

So you went off plan. Now, get back on plan. This moment in time will not last. You will always have times of stress. Think of this as a chance for you to discover new ways to deal with stress. This is your first opportunity to figure out how do deal without running to food.

You CAN grow from this..

This is not a setback but an opportunity for growth and healing!!!!!.

Fight with every ounce of your being to stop playing around with the plan and follow it. The plan works. You have done great.....get back on there and do your 5+1 and drink your water..

You are going to be stronger for doing it...

answered Apr 28 at 16:31

Clayton's gravatar image


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