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First question I got is Can you mix Pure Medifast with something else like Zantrax 3 or something with ephedra? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question I got... This probably has been a topic before, but I'm gonna ask again! I'm 6 weeks out and just now eating pureed/soft foods. (yum) anyways, I can tolerate about 4 ounces. My nut only wants me taking 2-3 ounces but I'm still hungry after that. Of course it depends on what it is too! Anyway, she says I should be at 8 ounces in 6 months and stay there the rest of my life! Really???? I feel like the rate I'm at, I'll be there in no time? Do you think I'm pushing my pouch and should just suffer the hunger feelings??? I don't feel like the nuts understand completely sometimes so I've turned to my DS friends for their thoughts! I'm still losing so it's not like I've done something wrong! At least I don't think I have! But I don't want to screw things up either cuz I have swim suits to fit into by summer :) And I'll have to buy new ones after buying 3 new ones to go to cancun 2 summers ago but they won't be near as attractive the ones to come:).

Thanks friends!.


asked May 09 at 04:01

Eric's gravatar image


You betcha! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

answered May 09 at 05:17

's gravatar image


I've said it once and I'll say it again. Those are guidlines! Your body is.


For protein, not Medifast food in general. If you can eat dead animal, blend some up. Your body is hungry because it needs something your not giving it. Brandi, not shitty stuff just protein. So if it's from a box or a bag that's for down the road. I don't know what Medifast food yiur pouch tolerates but find a go to protein source that you can rape for the next few months so you have at and ALWAYs one thing that feed your melting body and doesn't knot up your big potty..

So for the grapics but you're a nurse and can deal with it..

As for NUTs. My policy with anyone offering ME advise is one thing ONLY. When did you get yiur GBS and what do you do to suvive..

Oh "you didn't have surgery" , "well what the fuck could you ever tell me that I couldn't read in a book myself"?.


They don't know shit about how your pouch feels or works!.


Brandi, goop topic! :))))..

answered May 09 at 06:50

Isaias's gravatar image


I'm with Lu. I push protein, protein, protein, and occasionally make room for some fruit, only cause I love it. :D.

How much I can eat depends on what I'm eating. I can eat 4-5 ham slices with a sliver of cheese in them, those are about an ounce apiece, so figure 6oz with the cheese at a year out. And I have to space out the 5th piece and sometimes I can't even finish that one..

This morning I made some egg salad using 5 eggs, and ate it out of the bowl, I got about half in before I was full, so I stopped and had the rest for lunch..

I can eat a 6oz yogurt and a large tangerine with no problem.. though yogurt is a slider and probably is already passing through by the time I get to the tangerine..

Just take your time eating, and when you're full you'll know it. Eat protein and you'll feel full faster..


answered May 09 at 06:57

Donovan's gravatar image


Everyone's plan is so different. Some people started solids after being discharged from the hospital while others had to transition back in to foods..

Im 2 mos out and can eat 3/4 cup per meal depending on the protein it can be less. There are days where depending on my activity such as.

Lifting weights.

For whatever reason I do get hungry but I also do compensate my extra calories for that day with my activity..

Eat b/c you are hungry and until you are satisfied. There are days where Im not hungry and there are days where if I see a cow- -it is going down...lol.

As everyone already mentioned eat protein first. I don't evem bother w/ starches anymore unless I do mixed veggies (that has corn). It will supress your appetite for a longer period of time...

answered May 09 at 07:25

Chance's gravatar image


Thanks guys! I only eat protein because that is all I can tolerate! So far I've tolerated beef, chicken(dark), fish, and shrimp! I haven't even tried any sugar or carbs. Don't intend on it! If I make lasagna or spaghetti, I pull out the noodles and eat the sauce with added cheese and meat of course! Right now I'm enjoying one of Shelley's pumpkin shakes and it is mmmmm good!.

You hit it on the nail LU, thanks!..

answered May 09 at 08:36

David's gravatar image


Joritz is right about the plans they're all different. I'm supposed to push protien, so that's what I do. I had no liquid died pre- or post-op. After a 1-week bariatric clear diet, I'm not on protien-protien-protien 2-4 T. at each meal. My body is shrinking and I can feel it calling for protein.

I've tolerated every Medifast food I've tried well so far (knock, knock, knock on wood.) Yet, it's all been protein or something to make protein moist. That's what works so far... And so far, so good...

answered May 09 at 08:41

Ahmad's gravatar image


I love that pumpkin pie shake that Shelly has out there. Yummy!..

answered May 09 at 09:22

Austin's gravatar image


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