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Question I have... Do anyone now about this new diet thing called Medifast? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




asked Apr 30 at 16:46

's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

answered Apr 30 at 17:28

's gravatar image


No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance..


Some give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than ever before..


Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish...

answered Apr 30 at 18:43

's gravatar image


Just quickly read through last night..


- Glad the knee is better..


- We love your random crazies...NEVER stop that!.


- For the love of Pete - would you SLEEP already! It makes me nervous!.


- Back the truck up sistah....slow it down...breathe....You need a spa day!.

Thank you all for the good wishes for my S'Dad. I only hope that things go well and that he starts feeling better and has an improved quality of life...and, most of all, a more positive outlook. Maybe that he will appreciate his health a bit more. Truth be told, he's been quite the hot mess since Lorraine is gone. I'm actually going to offer him to come and stay here for a while when he gets out of the hospital if he would be comfortable with that..

Don't worry,.


...he will be gone when you get here. Not that you'd mind him being in the guest bedroom when you arrive, you filthy hookah!.

That's all I gotz..

Send me some strength...cause I sincerely can not believe I'll be spending yet another day in a hospital..

Mad love...

answered Apr 30 at 18:51

's gravatar image


Lori ~ I am sending all the strength I can muster (up at 2:11 in the morning) your way. Hospitals just aren't fun, there's no getting around it and you have spent more than your fair share there over the past year. I think S-Dad will have many more years and a better quality of life, if he'll let himself. Does that make sense? I mean that only in the kindess way. My grandfather had a pig's valve put due to blockage and lived another 11-12 happy years. I have a good feeling about how it will go today (for him...you're gonna be bored as hell).

It may actually be easier on you to have him there, rather than you running two households..

This cracked me up: Don't worry,.


...he will be gone when you get here. Not that you'd mind him being in the guest bedroom when you arrive, you filthy hookah!.

Ok, I have rambled enough. I hope I made sense. I have got the worst headache EVER; I can't breathe (well, obviously I am); nasty cough; and the right side of my body hurts like H1ll! OH! and my hair looks like shitz and was a total waste of time..

Again, you'll be in my crazy, random thoughts today Lori...

answered Apr 30 at 20:25

's gravatar image



Have a wonderful day! I certainly hope there is a casino involved! There is, isn't there? My fingers are going fast than my brain...they can't be stopped..

Love you!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:04

Ezekiel's gravatar image


Hang in there Lori! What time is the surgery? Let us know as soon as you can, how he's doing. Cyber hug to ya!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:19

Josiah's gravatar image


I need to go back read, I completely missed surgery..

Good morning ladies!.


answered Apr 30 at 22:51

Lawrence's gravatar image


Mornin' Ang!.

What were the final results for Kaitlyn? I may have missed something last night, AFTER the Dr. appt...

answered May 01 at 00:30

's gravatar image


They're taking him in b/t 8-8:30..

I'll text Angela to let her know what's going on...

answered May 01 at 01:20

's gravatar image


Hey there Lauri....

First, all my love, energy and positive vibes are headed to NJ for stepdad for Lori...

AFM, Kaitlyn definitely has ringworm. I had to go by jock itch stuff to get rid of it, lol. It just gets better and better. The stuff is Lotrimin AF? Anyway, hopefully that helps..

Then, over the weekend I managed to find Kaitlyn's and Samantha's halloween costumes at the thrift store...baby is going to be a pirate princess and Kaitlyn wants to be Hannah Montana (I got her costume for only 3 bucks...Hannah montana must be on the way out, lol).... so last night Olivia starts that she didn't have a costume, blah blah so off we go....

Poor thing, she's too big for kid costumes and the adult ones don't fit right. So after, count them, 6 halloween stores trying to find a BRIDE of CHUCKY costume with no luck, she decides that she wants to me a ax mudering fairy....long story short we got an axe, fake blood and a woodland fairy costume at Target and I didn't wind up murdering her myself...

answered May 01 at 01:40

's gravatar image


Ok, I'm off to see if I can fix the beautiful orange (halloween or tiger-like) stripes in my hair..

Love you guys! Hang in there Lori!..

answered May 01 at 02:32

Ernesto's gravatar image


Ang ~ The costume thing is too funny. I almost wrote above (before I got your message): Ang ~ Try not to kill anybody today. I guess I should have...just in case. Although I would start with (note the quotations) Kaitlyn's "Mother"...

answered May 01 at 02:44

's gravatar image


LOL...I was a much happier person when I smoked....speaking of which...how is that going for you?..

answered May 01 at 03:48

Luis's gravatar image


I totally understand Olivia's delima. I was ALWAYS the tallest kid in school and I hated it. My friends were all short. I looked like Godzilla next to them (because of the height). One year, while Trick-or-Treating with my friends (and having a GREAT time), we went to a house where the man wouldn't give me candy and said "aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?" I was crushed!.

Natalie didn't fit into kid costumes either when she was Olivia's age. It was very sad. You got it all figured out though and they will all be happy. You get Mom of the Year today for making it work (and for running around to h!ll and back for Olivia). I waited one year until the day of or day before the school parade. All they had was a green teletubbie costume.

LOL I'm not even sure she knew who they were. At least I didn't make her be the purple one with the purse (Poe). Of course, that story came out later. Not that there's anything wrong with that and if they would have had him, I probably would have gotten it, cuz he had a purse and I didn't know he wasn't a she. LOL..

answered May 01 at 04:51

's gravatar image


I have been avoiding the subject...but since you asked...let's just say "I'm a much happier person right now"..

I am still determined to do it, but Lori was right...I took on more than I could handle at one time. I'm embarassed, but I have got to get this weight thing goin' again...

answered May 01 at 06:25

Gregory's gravatar image


Hey, No judgement from me....I tried quitting bunches of times before it stuck...and honestly, I think it was my time...I was to the point where I was smoking a pack and a half a day, b/c why do anything halfway, lol, and was hacking up a lung all the time...

answered May 01 at 07:43

Johnathan's gravatar image


And I don't know if I could quit and not eat at the same time either...

answered May 01 at 08:16

Porter's gravatar image


Wish me luck today guys...that I don't kill anyone, too!.

Ya know how I was supposed to go to my mom's last week? I didn't make it, cuz I came down with this cold and I don't want my folks to get sick. My dad (step-dad) was off work yesterday and he really wanted to see the kids, so I figured we would go over and just stay outside and play...although I felt like crap and am in more pain than I have been in a long time. So, I told my mom we were coming. Then she said, "can you come over Tuesday, too to help me clean the house". BTW, there is no helping...she can't do it because of her artificial hips and her knees are bad...so she basically tells me what to do...usually before I'm done with the thing I'm working on at the moment. She wants the house cleaned because my brother and his family are coming to visit my Grandma, who we just learned has lung cancer and has 1-6 months left (I know, I know).

So, my reason for going was to visit Papa we won't get to see him, cuz he's working; I feel like crap and am in so much pain I want to cry; and I get to bend; stoop; reach; breathe dust; vacuum; shampoo carpets; etc. which I'm sure will help with the pain and headache. I love my mom, but she can be quite selfish most of the time. So now when my brother comes, MY house will look like shitz; I will feel like shitz; and then they'll all wonder why I don't come and spend more time there while they are here..

Ok...no more negative thoughts. At least I'll be swaggerin' with my sexy orange hair. Yahoo!..

answered May 01 at 09:35

Damien's gravatar image


Morning Shammies.

Sorry about the disappearing act happening more frequently..

I am always here, just lack of main computer..had to do a complete clean up and need to re-install Windows..sux, but I do have my Laptop. Had meeting for re-opening of restaurant last night....my dd is going to start working there with me this season. How kool is that!!.


My thoughts and prayers are with you for strength and for a complete healing (physically as well as emotionally) for your step-dad. You are a very kind, strong and wonderful woman/daughter/friend. I am sure your being there for him is what will keep him focused on getting well and getting on with his life. You are a wonderful step-daughter..


, too cute about the costumes. I remember all to well when my three were younger and the constant changing of thier minds on who/what they want to be dressed like. Thrift shops are the BEST fro costumes. I have actually found custom (handmade) costumes that some moms actually had the time to make.



, I love you AVI...are you the queen? LOL Please post some pix of your new Tony the Tiger look (orange stripes)...that has happened to me numerous times. I am sure you will be able to fix it..

Gotta go file my unemployment....TTFN..

answered May 01 at 09:52

Hugo's gravatar image


For what it's worth, I have slowed down on the # of cigs per day. Not to make excuses, but between the scale being an Asshat; me not being able to figure out what I'm doing wrong; the IRS issues; the mental health issues (Nate); teenage girl issues (Natalie); my mom; social security confusing the h!ll out of me; Nate's surgery (supposed to be on Friday, but he's got the nasty cold, too. I'm wondering if the anesthesia would be a problem...I would think it would be a problem); and trying to get Nev services for his autism issues...it helps calm me a bit...

answered May 01 at 10:00

Dominick's gravatar image


Jo ~ First of all, I love you and would do just about anything for you. Having said that, there is no way in H!ll I will be posting my Tony the Tiger hair color...it's not: "GREAT!". Get it? lol.

IF I can get it to do something else that I can live with...I will post a pic. OR I will have to go back to Faceinhole.com to find another picture. lol.

OH! I should have told people the Tiara was part of my halloween costume, huh? At least then they wouldn't know I was crazy...they'd think it was "normal". I've gotten a couple of questions. lol..

answered May 01 at 10:33

Elliot's gravatar image


I will get there. It makes me sad to not only let myself down and you guys, but especially Sandy. She cheered me on for an entire freakin' month and for what? Although it did make me smile every single day and I didn't hurt anyone, so I guess it was all good. Sorry Sandy...I was too embarassed to tell you...

answered May 01 at 10:42

Dakota's gravatar image


Ok...gonna go see what we can do with Tony the Tiger; Ronald McDonald; Tigger; you name it. LOL..

answered May 01 at 11:15

Jaxon's gravatar image


Hi jo! Making breakfast for my kids..

Lauri, over the weekend at walmart they had a black t-shirt for 5 bucks that said cheap ninja costume....it cracked me up!..

answered May 01 at 12:06

Carson's gravatar image


I LOVE it!.

We haven't taken Nevan "trick-or-treating"...he's 4. Craig and Sis (Natalie) usually take him to the Mall for a little while and then we let him open the door with Natalie to give out candy. He thinks that's what it's all about. LOL Now that he's going to go to preschool pretty soon, some little munchkin will probably tell him about the tooth fairy; what the Easter Bunny is REALLY supposed to do with those eggs we color (not just leave them in the fridge, cuz we forgot to hide them); and that you're SUPPOSED to go around and beg for candy from the neighbors. LOL.

One of his favorite movies is Charlie Brown Halloween...he probably want to stop at every house to see if "he got a rock". lol Cuz you know that's all Charlie Brown gets. LOL..

answered May 01 at 12:27

's gravatar image


Morning hookers!.

Lori- good vibes your way for a long hospital day and for Sfax sx..

Lauri- sorry mom is being selfish. Hope you make it through without too much pain. Hugs your way, you've had a tough time lately..

Ang- love the costumes. My oldest is mad because she also wants to be some kind of scary thing and instead has to bs a hippie. Must be the age, wanting to be scary..

Jo- that is cool that dd will be working with you this season..

Taking kiddie to school, taking car in for recall work, hubbie eye appt and lunch out with him. Need to get packed for camping trip tomorrow and need to look at cruises for next years girl trip with my cuisine. Have a great day!..

answered May 01 at 13:18

's gravatar image


Miss Lara ~ Thank you..

You have a busy day ahead of you! Don't you just love the recalls? Are you camping for the rest of the week and into the weekend?.

A gal I used to work with used to come up with the funniest homemade costumes. One year, she wore light blue scrubs; cut out some white fabric in the shape of clouds and put them onto the scrubs; filled a spray bottle and carried it with her. When someone asked what she was, she sprayed them and answered: "partly cloudy with a chance of rain". I loved it!..

answered May 01 at 14:28

's gravatar image


Jo ~ How did DD's birthday go? Did she LOVE her album? I'm sorry if you already answered and I missed it...

answered May 01 at 14:50

Jameson's gravatar image


Morning lovelies! just checking in..

Logging done yesterday. was WAY too high but I faithfully logged everything.... can only get better. tonight hubbie has another late night and th'at when munchie monster hits me. I will be better tonight. need to kill the TM Lori-style..

Hope all have a GREAT day..

answered May 01 at 15:07

's gravatar image


Hi andi... I forgot to stalk you about that. guess that makes me a stinky stalker. sorry. I'll be sure to find you tonight while hubby is at work. good job gettin er done!.

Lauri... not sure if you posts are makin me laugh or cry. oy vey. I'm alone in the office so noone could hear me do either. my heart is with ya, honey. you got a lot goin on.

Like lori's quote about perserverance. you got that and you are a survivor. hate to quote a country music song, but theres a line that I like to say when I feel beat... something like... "walking is easy when the road is flat.

Im bad with quotes, but you get the picture. I also like.. "if youre going through He!!, keep on moving, dont slow down, if youre scared dont show it. you might get out before the devil even knows youre there." guess I'm a fellow redneck now! hope you are gettin some rest and dealin with mom..

Lori.. much love and good vibes to you and my neighbor state of NJ..

Ang.. please let us know how lori is doing. thanks. you are an amazing mom. I can see myself in target in your position. you get an award for not going insane.

Poor kaitlyn. hope the medicine helps..

Barb... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... may your day be filled with relaxing pedi/mani/hot tubs... winning lottery tickets... casinos that hand you money... lots of love from your family...

And maybe a random hot dude thrown in there too. Hey, girls can dream. hope your day is special just like you!.

Lara... busy day. enjoy lunch with the hubby..

Jo... great to have dd close by. thats cool. also forgot to ask if she had a nice birthday. how are those grandbabies?..

answered May 01 at 15:17

Kevin's gravatar image


Wow.. so happy the site is working better today... I need to get some work done today, so may have to log off for a while..

Hi sandy.. when you get here later. hope golf meeting went well..

Love the costume ideas. the fourplay one was harlarious. in college, I went as a rabbi. I had really long hair, so I put it up in a yalmukah (sp?) and left pieces down for paes. dressed like a guy and that was it. sounds weird but was cute.

LOL. my answer was... "well let see what we are workin with, and then ill decide" hey, I was young, in college, and single. good times, good times. I gotta find an old pic and post it..

Well hope yall have good mornings and see ya lunch time!..

answered May 01 at 15:31

Damien's gravatar image


Oh, forgot to add this... I sent my mom my side by side photos. this morning I asked if she got them, and what did she think. Only a mom would say this... "you were beautiful before and you are beautiful now". I wasnt going to argue (odd for me.

) but we all know that wasnt quite true. nice to have a mom who sees more than my weight and loves me for me...

answered May 01 at 16:05

's gravatar image


HI all from work...no word yet on Lori's stepdad..

And Andi you are and were beautiful...but now you healthy too!!!!..

answered May 01 at 16:21

Bennett's gravatar image


Awesome job with the shoutouts! You are a ROCKSTAR, too!..

answered May 01 at 16:50

Desmond's gravatar image


AFTER you kill the T.M., report to the Shammy board STAT! We'll keep yo azz from the munchie monster...

answered May 01 at 17:58

Keith's gravatar image


Bless her!.

I know I'm not putting my mom in a very good light this a.m., but when we talk about weight loss, she says things like "you carry all your weight in your tummy, don't you?" OR "you're not smaller than me. I don't know why those fit you and not me." OR "Oh, no! You weigh less than me? I better do something about it." Sucky, huh?..

answered May 01 at 18:30

's gravatar image


I LOVE everything you wrote...by I REALLY love what you "wish" for Barb!..

answered May 01 at 19:46

's gravatar image


Ok...gonna try to sleep for a few. I may have 20 minutes available to me...

answered May 01 at 20:34

Sean's gravatar image


Thanks Ang... always nice to hear..

Lauri.. you are a sweetie-pie. hope you dont think I was comparing moms. mine has said her share of rude things too. she has improved greatly over the years. both my aunts used to say things like that to me all the time.

NOT. you know how you say you are going to get some rest but come back here shortly?... thats what I do when I say I'm going to work... LOL.. here I am...

answered May 01 at 21:51

Jacoby's gravatar image


Morning shammies,.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Just wondering, does being the oldest if our group offer me any more wisdomsure doubt it!! Lori, hope everything goes ok with s-dad. Prayers coming your way along with strength to help all of you get thru this trying ordeal. Sorry to disappoint Lauri, but no casino trip for me today. Trying to save up for this weekends trip (unless I get too much of an urge todaylol). Not alot planned cuz hubby has a standing date on Tuesdays that he drives a friend back and forth to a counselors appt.

He told him no yesterday but I told him to just go ahead and do it. Poor kid can't seem to find anyone else to drive him. Gotta go yack with hubby for a bit (who just woke up)I'll be back soon. Love ya!!..

answered May 01 at 22:06

's gravatar image


MOrning guys...drive by form work...been carazy busy here yesterday and today 9already) trying to get ready for Open House next week Tuesday...need to make everything look BEAUTIFUL for the parents!!.

Lori~Hoping and praying all goes well for step-dad's procedure!!.

Happy Birthday Barb!!.

Everyone else...have a GREAT day! It si ALMOST hump day!..

answered May 01 at 22:42

Angel's gravatar image


This made me laugh...cuz here I am, too! The "window of opportunity" (for sleep) was slammed before I could get to the bedroom. lol Oh well...another day...

answered May 01 at 23:20

Connor's gravatar image


Did H!ll freeze over and I missed it??? lol.

Probably better to save up (I guess). I love the part of your birthday wish from Andrea where she said that she wishes for the slot machine to hand you money..

Your hubby is very thoughtful to take the kid to rehab..

You have a wonderful day! You should probably try to rest up and kick that cold in the azz for good...

answered May 02 at 00:43

's gravatar image


Are you still on Cloud 9? I bet you are. (OM gosh...I sound like Mr. Rogers...lol)..

You will make sure your room is beautiful for the parents. Their kids are lucky to have you as their teacher. Want me to write a letter telling them so? lol..

answered May 02 at 01:38

Abraham's gravatar image


Andrea ~ I wish I had thought of this yesterday, when you could have used it...but watch it...seriously...the ENTIRE thing. It will get you through ANY and EVERY rough time with the ex..


To everyone else...PLEASE don't read anything into it...it's just funny (in my warped little mind)..

Love you all!..

answered May 02 at 03:06

Francisco's gravatar image


Lori, almost forgot to thank you for my kitty ninjasthey always crack me up. Andrea, would love to find that slot machine. Lauri, don't work too hard at moms today. I know how bad my plain ol arthritis has been hurting lately and your pain is a zillion times worse so take it easy. Family shouldn't care how our houses look as long as they're filled with love. Speaking of families, my younger sis just called (they're up north camping this week), and she and her DH are stopping by in about an hour.

Dogs and my German Shorthair isn't crazy about them. Oh well, mine can stay outside and hers can come in. I think they'll be fine together but those dogs are her kids and she's over the top hyper about them so gues it is was it is. Gotta go get some stuff done so I'll catch you guys later...

answered May 02 at 04:09

Easton's gravatar image


Lauri... dont be silly... I wasnt working. been stalking Medifast peeps that I havent heard from in a while. I'll have to wait till boss man goes to lunch to watch the video. but I will.

Barb.. nice of DH. enjoy your day no matter what..

Dawn.. you teachers work really hard. hope it goes fast. I had good teacher vibes with me yesterday. homework with little ds went really well... go figure!..

answered May 02 at 04:39

's gravatar image


Someone emailed me this saying on a t-shirt..



answered May 02 at 05:26

Frank's gravatar image


Love it Barb... I feel the same. yesterday I went home for lunch and it was painful coming back.....

answered May 02 at 06:27

Dakota's gravatar image


I think you will enjoy it, considering what an asshat your ex can be. My daughter played it for me and I thought, wow that is such a pretty song...and then...it just became very funny...

answered May 02 at 07:45

's gravatar image


Don't know if this will work but here's the card my sister sent me:.


answered May 02 at 08:02

Joaquin's gravatar image


Hey guys...you know me...I hate when I do stupid things, when I think I am above averge intelligence (I just choose not to show it...lol)...but can someone take a look at this and tell me if this seems right? I know it's not a HUGE deal, because someone would need to know your exact user name...but...I NEVER would have posted a BEFORE picture (or probably any of my pictures) had I been aware of this:..

answered May 02 at 08:31

Aaron's gravatar image


Oh yeah...it worked! As soon as Nev heard the music, he came running over...I'm glad it stopped when it did. LOL..

answered May 02 at 08:51

Landyn's gravatar image


Heard from Lori...still no word on stepdad...he should be in surgery until 2. Will keep y'all updated...

answered May 02 at 09:52

's gravatar image


Quick check-in from work. Just starting another crazy day in my classroom. Hope to have time to check in and read up from at least today at lunch time..

Mucho love...

answered May 02 at 11:00

Ethan's gravatar image


We hope so, too Kori. We miss you. Ang had sent out a.



answered May 02 at 11:38

Fernando's gravatar image


Happy Birthday Barb.

Love the card..

Lori - Hope you do OK today and everything goes smooth for SDad..

Lauri - sorry to hear about headache and breathing. I would like you to take care of you and Mom's house can just not get done. I know if I was in your shoes I would do it but I would want to say no under the conditions. I hope you find an easy fix for your hair. I hate bad hair..

Angela - I do not know what to say for poor Kaitlyn. Good news is you have a treatment plan..

Lara - hope you have fun with lunch and trip planning..

Andi - happy logging. I will need to learn more about logging someday. It is pretty easy with the 5's..

Andrea - love the rabbi story. Glad you had a good homework session..

Dawn - here's to a pretty classroom..

Jo - Yay on DD. Scrapbook? I am sure it was a hit..

Ginger is back into surgery. Her spot on her neck became swollen again yesterday. It started bleeding about midnight. They are removing the whole hard spot. Rich and I thought they did that last time. So Ginger gets another cone and we get another bill.

We should be able to go and get her later today. Surgery should be soon. Not happy...

answered May 02 at 11:45

Kolton's gravatar image


We are doing great on posts today. I am not sure what I am going to get done. Feel like just being mad..

Golf meeting/brunch went fine. I am going to be on the Board of Directors. I am OK with it. Feel like I should serve while I am younger and then can sit back and enjoy the league...

answered May 02 at 12:13

's gravatar image


Guess I will go get my daily chat with Mom done. Be back later...

answered May 02 at 13:04

's gravatar image


Sandy ~ I'm sorry about Ginger. That really bites! And the cone...oh the cone. She's gonna think she's done something really bad...

answered May 02 at 13:05

Kaden's gravatar image


Drive by from work.

SANDY - poor ginger...send her love from us in Pennsylvania!.

Still no word yet..

And I have no internet at home again. I hate verizon...

answered May 02 at 13:35

Greyson's gravatar image


Oh sandy, poor ginger. I'm sorry for her and you and your wallet. that really sucks. golf board sounds good..

Ang... thanks for the update. we will hate verizon on your behalf..

Lauri... loved the video.. too funny.

Barb.. awsome card!..

answered May 02 at 14:54

Shawn's gravatar image


I hate them, too (because you have no Internet at home)!..

answered May 02 at 16:26

's gravatar image


Cleaning house. I think this should count for getting Lauri's Moms house cleaned as well. Working out frustration...

answered May 02 at 16:31

Jalen's gravatar image


I just texted Lori - stepdad still in surgery..

Lauri - see your PM...

answered May 02 at 16:52

Juan's gravatar image


Sandy, sorry to hear that Ginger needed repeat surgeryhope all goes well. Glad you guys liked the cardit made me smile...

answered May 02 at 17:39

Colten's gravatar image


Barb ~ We LOVED the card. Too funny!.

Did you watch the video I sent? You need to watch the whole thing. I think we've all felt like that at times...

answered May 02 at 18:32

Jake's gravatar image


I think it should count, too. Although I did get a "stay" for today. lol But I MUST show up EARLY tomorrow...

answered May 02 at 19:06

Brady's gravatar image


I have slow internet but at least it's on.

Lori just texted me...surgery went well..

answered May 02 at 20:41

's gravatar image


Oh good! Thanks Ang!!! Tell her "hugs" from the rest of us (if you don't mind)..

Love ya!..

answered May 02 at 21:18

Alex's gravatar image


YAY - glad surgery is over and went fine. Lori, I hope you are doing OK..

House is cleaned. I have piano practice and fitness routine left to do. We will see how much I get done..

Lauri - I am glad you get a day delay. I hope that means you will feel better tomorrow. I worry about you pushing too much and getting even sicker...

answered May 02 at 22:20

's gravatar image


Ginger is out of surgery. Went longer than anticipated. We get to bring her home in 3 hours. Sigh. She needs to be able to walk. She is sitting up. Poor puppy...

answered May 02 at 23:40

Edgar's gravatar image


I'm glad your baby is out of surgery. Poor puppy is right!..

answered May 03 at 00:45

Antonio's gravatar image


I'm waiting for my doctor to call me. I've got edema really bad and I think it's pinching a nerve...which is why my hips; legs; feet; etc. hurt like heck...

answered May 03 at 01:09

's gravatar image


Lauri - I hope doctor hurries up. My fingers are crossed...

answered May 03 at 01:42

's gravatar image


I'm going to go lie down for a bit...

answered May 03 at 01:59

's gravatar image


Coughing more than usual today and now getting a headache from it. Think I'll go lay down for awhile. Thanks again for making my day special and I'll see you guys tomorrow...

answered May 03 at 02:02

's gravatar image


I was going to try and do shout outs but I don't think I can. I have been mad busy at work and with life in general. However, I have been staying OP and doing my thing. Eating my Chocolate Mint Soft serve right now as I am catching up a little bit..

Thanks for all the love and comments Shammies!.

Need to jet to the store so I can pick up stuff to bake with my students..

Mad love hookers...

answered May 03 at 02:48

Solomon's gravatar image


Ginger is home. Going to take care of my puppy. Night all. See you in the morning...

answered May 03 at 04:18

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Night-night Dawn & Sandy..

Sandy ~ I hope Ginger is as comfortable as possible...

answered May 03 at 05:11

's gravatar image


Lauri... hope the swelling gets better. keep us up to date on how you are doing and what the dr says..

Ang.. thanks for the updates on lori's sdad. glad he is doing ok..

Sandy.. poor ginger. glad she can be home with you..

Hi kori and dawn....

Goodnight barb... I'm glad you had a good day..

Im so tired. my kids are staying up to watch soccer, but I have to go to bed. see you friends in the morning... much love!..

answered May 03 at 06:12

's gravatar image


Andrea - thanks for stopping by tonight..

Lauri - what did you find out from Doc? Hope you are on the mend..

Thanks everyone for your words of support for Ginger. You guys are the best...

answered May 03 at 06:58

Jerry's gravatar image


Oh, we have to make 100. I have not done great with my 100s today but at least I can get us to 100 posts...

answered May 03 at 07:35

's gravatar image


YES - 100..

Hope Wednesday is a great day for all shammies and their loved ones...

answered May 03 at 08:51

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