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Question I have... Do you know any delicious and simple Medifast recipes? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Hi all so I'm in the pure phase an I haven't been given any ideas as to what I can eat apart frm the examples that came with the discharge form eg scrambled eggs for lunch pure chicken for dinner have you any good recipes that I can try I've been told I can't have tomatoes yet due to it being to acidic I have two weeks left In this phase before I move onto soft foods plz help becoming very bored of the same thing everyday..

asked May 09 at 14:47

Braeden's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

answered May 09 at 15:57

Noel's gravatar image


I have been at this stage for a few days. So far, I've tried chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, scrambled eggs with a small amount of salsa and sour cream, sugar free power pudding......

answered May 09 at 17:18

Corbin's gravatar image


Thnx for I'd comments so far I was wondering iweaver64 how do you manage the salad do I pure that down or eat it As normal?? I thought I would try a sausage casserole for dinner and chew it really well which has gone down on fingers crossed all other ideas r much welcomed an needed..

answered May 09 at 18:06

Leonardo's gravatar image


I ate scrambled egg beaters, soups, egg salad, cottage cheese, protein pudding, tofu, pretty much anything that wouldn't gross me out if I pureed it..

Best of luck to you!..

answered May 09 at 18:57

Trenton's gravatar image


I am starting this phase also, I was told refried beans with cheese is good, eggs, pudding, tuna, yogurt, oh and baby food.....

answered May 09 at 19:09

's gravatar image


I make my salads(tuna,chicken,egg) with eggs, onions, mayonaisse and pickle relish. If the consistancy is too thick I put it in the Ninja and pulse it a few times...

answered May 09 at 19:13

's gravatar image


Scrambled eggs with picante sauce and sour cream is good too. Are you getting your protein in? I use homemade protein shakes, power pudding and power milk to get mine...

answered May 09 at 20:05

's gravatar image


I find the refried beans to be a bit dry. I use enchilada sauce to moisten them up some and melt cheese with them. Not too bad...

answered May 09 at 21:23

Scott's gravatar image


Lweaver64 thanks for all your suggestions. I will be 2 weeks out tomorrow but don't see my Dr. until Thursday. I'm praying he moves me to the puree stage as I can't stand full liquids anymore...

answered May 09 at 22:47

Jaylin's gravatar image


Hi all so I'm in the pure phase an I haven't been given any ideas as to what I can eat apart frm the examples that came with the discharge form eg scrambled eggs for lunch pure chicken for dinner have you any good recipes that I can try I've been told I can't have tomatoes yet due to it being to acidic I have two weeks left In this phase before I move onto soft foods plz help becoming very bored of the same thing everyday..

answered May 09 at 22:59

Erick's gravatar image


Bean soup with turkey bacon, tofu cubes, celery, carrots, tomatoes, green pepper and onion. Natural season salt substitute (herbs)..

Great in a crock pot and you can blend whatever in the bullet, until you can tolerate it. I usually add sour cream. Often eat it cold! Sometines with FF ranch and coleslaw dressing... Also sometimes add chicken and quinoa meatballs to it..

Blend boiled egg, tofu and chicken in the bullet, add FF mayo for a tolerable texture salad...

answered May 10 at 00:38

's gravatar image


I'm on purees now and was told today to delay moving to soft foods for another week. So far my favorite has been Egg face's (who listed her link earlier) crock pot pot roast. My family also loves this (though they get to chew theirs :) Psychologically I couldn't handle pureed meat, so I served it over 1 tablespoon of loose mashed potatoes & called it gravy... OMG, it is so good!!! Now I eat it plain (having a hard time getting all my protein in) and love it. I also like refried beans pureed with some LF cheese & a little salsa and pureed soups. Black bean & lentil soups pureed with some LF cheese are yummy and high in fiber to keep your intestines cheerful.

Good luck!..

answered May 10 at 02:00

's gravatar image


I did the scrambled eggs etc, but I really like the refried beans with cheese too. I bought some frozen meatballs, cooked them, pureed them and added them to the beans for more flavor. Two weeks seems like a long time, but it really does go by pretty quickly. Good luck!..

answered May 10 at 02:32

Josiah's gravatar image


Thank you all for your replies it has all been so helpful I have since tried scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage casserole blended and have been fine on those I'm really struggling to get the protein shakes in I'm lucky if I have one a day most days I'm too full up frm lunch to have it, there must b more ways that you can take this other than drinking..

answered May 10 at 02:38

's gravatar image


I haven't found a good unflavored protein powder yet. So far it all tastes chalky to me. I can't do that texture. When I find one, I plan on mixing it in with my Medifast food for added protein and doing away with the homemade carnation protein shakes..

Glad I can offer suggestions! I try to give what I take away from this forum. I doubt I can give as much as I get though.....:c)..

answered May 10 at 03:26

's gravatar image


Tonight I'm going to try steamed cauliflower mashed with cheese and more ricotta bake..

I keep telling myself this is only one week... then on to softs!..

answered May 10 at 04:23

's gravatar image


Pureed foods make you feel kinda crazy I understand but I promise it is only a temporary sitch.... in the mean time here are some of my faves that got me through those 2 helish weeks....

FF Refried beans with a dolop of hidden valley ranch fiesta ranch flavored greek yogurt & LF cheddar- yum yum!.

Greek Yogurt flavored with SF Torani Syrup (i usualy use raspberry or a combo of raspberry & vanilla).

Protein Pudding- you choice of flavor with an added scoop of protein powder ( I use Max-thanks to Shelly).

I make a killer chilli in the crock pot- I use either boneless skinless chicken breast, tomatoes. onions,.


, kidney beans, green chilli, red chilli, salt n peppa to taste... I let it cook overnight- for about 12 hours - break your meat apart (shread the chicken with a fork) wiz this in the bullet with some cheese and greek yogurt- YUMMY!!! and packed with protein!.

In a pinch when I have not gotten in enough protein for the day I will do a Protein Hot Chocolate- by using a cup of hot milk & a scoop of Max Chocolate protein powder- last night I added a splash of SF Torani Carmel Syrup- OMG Delish!.

So there are a few ideas for you- expieriment and see where your pouch takes you!..

answered May 10 at 04:34

Conner's gravatar image


Recommended Medifast food for Stage 3: Soft Foods.

High-protein foods:.

Eggs (cooked with minimal fat).

Light or low-fat yogurt.

Low-fat cottage cheese.

Soft fish (baked, broiled, grilled).

Small or baby shrimp, scallops, crab.

Tuna fish (fat-free mayo is okay).

Tender cooked or ground poultry.

Tender cooked or ground beef or pork.

Bean and lentil dishes and soups.

Fat free refried beans.

Low-fat luncheon meats (turkey, roast beef, sliced thin).

Shredded or soft low-fat cheeses.

Tofu (soy) mixed in soup or vegetables.

Other foods:.

Oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits (thinned).

Softened cold cereal.

Cooked, soft vegetables.

Soft fruits without skin or canned in natural juices.

Crackers and pretzels chewed well.


Low-fat soups.

Very dry toast.

Soft lettuce (green leaf or Boston Bibb).

Soft foods to.



Sticky foods.

Bread (may tolerate if toasted).

Sticky rice.

Pasta (especially overcooked or large noodles).

Melted stringy cheese.

Macaroni and cheese.

Peanut butter.

Crunchy fibrous foods:.

Raw vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable skins.





Iceberg lettuce.

Tough or rubbery foods:.

Tough meat (steak, pork chops, ham, hot dogs).

High-fat foods:.

Butter, margarine, oils.

Sour cream.

Cream cheese.



Fat back, bacon.


Whole milk.

Salad dressing.

Hard cheeses.

Fried foods.

Bologna, salami.




answered May 10 at 04:36

Jeffrey's gravatar image


My nutritionist gave me this recipe and it was delicious!.


Bring 1 cup water to boil, turn.


To low & stir 1/3 cup polenta in to water, a little bit of salt &.


Cook for about 15 minutes, adding water as needed to keep texture loose. Add 1/2c LF ricotta or cottage cheese, 1oz fresh Parmesan cheese, 2 oz fresh mozzarella cheese chopped. Stir until melted. Again adding water as needed to keep it loose..

Blend 1 cup spaghetti sauce (I used home made, cause I had it) and 3 oz of meatballs until smooth (I had to add a little water to the mix.) Top 1/4c polenta with 1/4c sauce = 8.5 gr protein per her calcs. Yummy... though one serving is 2 servings for me. I think next time I'll make the polenta with milk (to up the protein)...

answered May 10 at 06:14

Declan's gravatar image


Thanks again for all the feed back on my question it's been great help an don't know what I'd do without this group, I will b on stage 5 soft foods frm next week and have been given loads of ideas by urself for this also I.


You all are doing well with your stages anymore tips will come in handy..

answered May 10 at 07:02

's gravatar image


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