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My question is Does anyon know if Smartburn with Medifast is any good for a diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... Hello, my darling Greenies! Let's get the weekly business out of the way..

My stats: 167.2 (-4.4) I KNEW that was water weight!.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise: 4/5.

Report in, peeps! This is the final weigh-in for the summer challenge!.

Speaking of which, I know we have lost several members along the way, and I honestly don't think it's a good idea to try to pull together 8 for the next challenge. It's a little demoralizing, at least for me, to keep coming in dead last when we basically get disqualified for not having a full team. If anyone really wants to compete, I think joining another team would be much more motivating for you..

That said, I.

Don't want the Greenies to disband.

! What do you say if we move ourselves down to the Clubhouse folder, and just keep chatting and checking in with each other? We could have one thread maybe a month, with no real set topics but anyone can jump in and discuss whatever is on their mind? We could still do weekly weigh-ins and Credits & Goals, and hold each other accountable in a less formal way than the challenge..

Cast your vote, speak up and let's discuss our options!.


Lastly, PinkTulip posted in the last thread that she was having a health issue and would be off the boards for a while. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Chris}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, be well, and know we are all praying and sending good vibes for you!!!! You will be sorely missed. SORELY, my friend...

asked Apr 30 at 19:32

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

answered Apr 30 at 19:37

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Hi Greenies..

Wt is 195 : -3 (back to pre-vacation weight). 7 water, 5 exercise (barely)..

I have almost caught up from vacation, am expecting a new medifast shipment and am determined to get to my next goal (not obese) in the next several weeks. So I definitely plan to be checking in regularly again. I find the challenges to be good motivation for me, even though I am not exactly a star performer. But I can do the challenge with another team if there are not enough Greens. Thanks, Kristin, for doing the stats for us each week..

I'm sending out my hopes and wishes for excellent health for Chris and all of us...

answered Apr 30 at 20:00

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Weight: -4.4 (mine was a bunch of water weight, too!).

Exercise: 5/5.

Water: 7/7.

I, too, think it would be best to just move our discussions to the clubhouse forums. I check the Green chat board at least once a day, even if I don't have time to reply...even though I'm no longer using Medifast, I like checking in with you all...

answered Apr 30 at 20:33

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I'd love to reconnect with the Greenies and move over to the Clubhouse board. I am doing a recommit until Christmas, which is 130 days away. I will stay on plan, regardless of how stressed out life becomes, how much I "deserve" a treat, how much the food pushers at work nag me, and so on. Day 130 is done! Santa, here I come!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:58

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Hello gals!.

I was away on vacation so no official weigh in...since my scale was not with me..

Clubhouse for chat is great. I am home now and will make it a point to check in more often...

answered Apr 30 at 22:10

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Woohoo, look at everyone checking in!.


, that is EXCELLENT advice about us all paddling together! This especially was worth repeating:.

Oh my gosh, so true! I am also using your 10-week plan as inspiration for a 16-week challenge I issued myself over on.

My blog.

And it looks like.


Is doing something similar. See what one little idea can turn into! Can't wait to see how we are all doing by the holidays; won't it be nice not to have to use up our New Year's Resolutions on "losing weight"? We'll all already have that one in the bag..


, I hope you do continue to check in on our Clubhouse thread even if you do go find another challenge group; I love hearing from you, even briefly! I'm so glad you're chugging away and finding your success. Eventually we will even get a picture of you some day, I can feel it!.


, are you blogging or commenting somewhere else now that you've switched plans? I so enjoy reading your thoughts on your transformational journey (because it is not just about weight loss anymore) and I want to continue to follow you wherever you are!.


, so funny that you came up with your 130-day plan the same day I came up with my 16-week challenge. We are seriously sisters, aren't we?.


, hope your vacation was great! I got back from ours last week, and I still haven't completely come home in my head yet..

I will start a Clubhouse thread at the beginning of next week, and we can keep chatting on this one until then. I want to make sure any lurkers or visitors get a chance to see that we will be moving..

Also, I still need numbers from.


! Once I get hers, I will send in the last week's stats to Bianca. We didn't do too badly overall, actually!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:35

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Here I am (Waving).

I have still been wrapped up in mom's surgery and the new business starting and the real job..

Weight: -2.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 5.

I will see folks on the clubhouse thread- it is great to see everyone checking in. I still like posting our stats each week, whether we are in a challenge or not. It keeps me honest..

Chris, sending you big giant hugs...

answered Apr 30 at 22:51

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Hey All.

- I see life on this thread!! Yay!!!!.

For me the spirit is optimistic but the body is mad. The new shipment arrived - The 10 week/20 pound final goal odyssey has begun and Day 1 is underway. I think I am going to sleep till Thursday.......

Hey there Kristen and Kate.

!! Heres hoping your paths to the "loo" are a little more clear then mine!! I will say - it is nice to have company these first few days!!.

And love the blog Kristen.

- I cant figure out how to comment (I think I need to register somewhere) but I will puzzle it out on a day when I am capable of stringing two thoughts together coherently...........

Was that 10 weeks or 10 days???? Phooey........................

Oh - did I tell you all I signed up with eHarmony (I think I told you last week?) Figured it was time to put a toe back in the water. A TOE I said. My gracious - it is a wild world out there!!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:16

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Joy, Congrats on sticking the toe in the water. It is funny, I have two dear friends who put the same toe in the same waters and are now having great relationships..

Hey, I am with you guys. I started being OP with extra protein last week to kick start my lazy procrastinating self into gear. What started it was a photo I saw of me at my latest 5KNOT what I want to look like. I am.


To be under 150 for my triathlon next month!!!.

Hope the headaches and loo breaks ease up soon for all of us...

answered Apr 30 at 23:27

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- I stand in awe of your willingness to take on the re-entry period to Medifast with all the issues you are dealing with for your Mom. I guess I need to go apologize to Daisy and take her for a walk after all................... (she will be relieved - her little legs were going to be crossed mighty tight after 3 days.).


answered May 01 at 00:23

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Good Mon evening all green gals...I hope that the green thread is still active for today, I will certainly look at the clubhouse site now to see how that works..

I am hoping to stay connected when I can with all greens old and new. I am worried to see the post from Chris, our little tulip. I will hold you in my heart for sure. Quick and complete recovery as soon as possible for you! I can really appreciate the difficulty in dealing with a serious health issue and trying to post, daily chatting and trying to stay positive. Timmy is still very ill and we are deep in searching for answers. However...we set up our Wii and my new delivery arrived today and my goals are clearly recorded for weight loss and fitness.

I do try to peek at our threads when I can even if I don't have anything to say or add, so please keep going here or there and I will too...

answered May 01 at 00:29

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Morning Everyone! I am supposed to be honchoing a thought-provoking foodie thread on Tuesdays but am tapped out of theme-specific ideas. So - for today you are stuck with:.

"Joy's Nosey Questions.".

Question #1.

- OK - what fun activities are on your plate (ok - there is a food reference.

) for these last few summer days till Labor Day? Surely everyone is doing something fun in the next couple weeks. If not - what do you wish you were doing????.

Question #2.

- Why don't they just put aspirin in the dang Medifast food packets to offset the headaches of people restarting the program? (NO - you don't really have to answer this one..................).

Still cranky but it is time for OATMEAL!!.

I will be back to answer my Question #1 in a bit..

Have a good day!..

answered May 01 at 01:07

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I am a teacher who works for the IT department in the summer. I usually get 2-3 weeks off in the summer and those ended last week. I'm back at work, but the kiddies don't come back until August 31. The good part is that I only work 7-2 in the summer, so I'm home in the afternoons. We've been swimming, going for walks and going to the library so far. Nothing really exciting planned, just hanging around and trying to relax before school (and grad classes) start up again.

I do plan on pampering myself (and making my husband and boys do the same). I am the queen of the house, after all. My first weigh-in after restart will be Monday, so I'll check in with everyone then..

Here's a foodie question for everyone (sorry to step on your toes, Joy!): Describe your favorite salad..


answered May 01 at 01:21

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Hey Kate.

- Glad for the help!! And I hope you are looking forward to a great birthday weend!.

Now - for both questions:.


Summer Roundout.

- These last few weeks of summer get busy as things start to kick into gear for Fall. I do some mentoring work in the middle school here and all of our training and orientation sessions are beginning now. And I am headed to Rehobeth Beach (Delaware) on Labor Day weekend to help a friend check out and reclaim her place after a season of it being used as a rental. Sometimes it is a rude awakening for her but ususally it is pretty manageable..


As for Salads.

- I tend to keep mine simple. Mixed greens, cucumbers, celery, bit of radish for color and tomatoes (sometimes some green or red pepper). I will add a chicken breast if it is specifically my L&G meal but usually it is a side salad accompaniment to something else. For a long time I mixed my own low cal dressing but I finally decided to make it simple and use Paul Newmans Light Balsamic Vinegar dressing. It has enough flavor for me to dress up the greens pretty well..

Have a good afternoon!..

answered May 01 at 01:52

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While I am thinking about it - if you are on Medifast foods and have not tried the new puffs then you may want to consider it. I included some of both flavors of puffs (parmesan and chili nacho) as well as the pretzel sticks in this new order. I can't speak to the pretzel sticks yet but the puffs were good - particuarly the chili cheese puffs. They were not overly spicey and have a nice crunch. The parmesan puffs were crunchy but a little bland. I have a feeling I will like them better in a couple weeks when my taste buds adjust back to the diet fare.

And the bags are a decent size so it takes awhile to get through it. Filled me up for now!..

answered May 01 at 02:11

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! I am in awe that you are starting up the plan with so much going on in your life! (Same goes for you,.



Glad you checked in with us,.


! We will be here, in one spot or the other. Many good thoughts headed your way for you and Timmy..

Now, onto the questions (teehee, Joy's Nosy Questions):.

1. We don't have kids so August and September is no different than any other month for us..

But this weekend our condo group is having a tag sale (they're calling it something else stupid of course, a "block sale" I think), and we've got a lot of junk in the basement we'll bring up and unload. Whatever doesn't get sold will go immediately in the back of my car and head out to Goodwill. I've been meaning to get rid of it that way anyway, so this will prompt me to do so, finally!.

Then we are driving to the far south suburbs so we can babysit my littlest niece while her parents attend a wedding for a good friend of theirs here. (They live in Detroit, so they're driving in.) We'll be hanging out at their hotel with sweet baby Sophie, pretty much..

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend we are going charter fishing on Lake Michigan again..

Other than that, I am just going to try to hit the town pool as much as I can before it closes after Labor Day, and renting kayaks until that season is over too..

2. My favorite lettuce salad is: romaine, bell peppers, thin cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, celery, handful of cranberries, and light blue cheese, and some balsamic vinaigrette. Chicken is optional. Or scrap the cranberries and cheese, and add cold crab meat and some cheddar cubes, with a light honey mustard..


, did I hear a rumor that you were running a 5K on your birthday? I was thinking about running that same length in solidarity with you in the morning!..

answered May 01 at 02:32

's gravatar image


I forgot to register for the race on my birthday, but I'm going to go and register at the race. The last one I ran I was on plan and almost passed out. I'm going to prepare better by doing a 4 and 2 the day before the race and eat a bar right before and right after the race. Any other advice, Robin? Anyone?.

My favorite salad- romaine with some fancy greens mixed in, topped with cucumber chunks and celery and some grilled chicken or steak. I love the Wishbone spray dressings, just enough flavor with none of the guilt. I miss sunflower seeds and will definitely be incorporating them back into my life in transition and beyond. I love the nutty crunch on a salad...

answered May 01 at 03:57

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Cool, what time is your race? I will run a 5K at the same time for you!.

P.S. You probably already guessed this, but your present will not be arriving on time. LOL! But it is in process and I will ship it out this weekend, hopefully. It is a labor of looooooove for my little sister...

answered May 01 at 05:10

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Race is at 9 am on the beach in Stratford..

I love presents, so yours will be a nice surprise!.

Whenever someone asks the boys what they did on vacation in Tennessee, they say, "I caught my first fish. We fished with Uncle Richard. We went to Graceland. Auntie Kristen taught us how to play Gin Rummy. We saw a snake on a really long hike and Mommy freaked out.".

By the way, love the boyfriend cuffed jeans on Low Fat Dressing, glad you returned the others. Have you tried Christopher John jeans at Nordstrom? Several people at work LOVE them. I hope you got that shiny tote, it was really pretty..

Love ya!.

127 days to Christmas!!!..

answered May 01 at 06:23

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Morning all!.

Kate, what day is your Birthday? I'll run with you, too. Glad your race is in the morning. It is HOT HOT HOT here. For running or other strenuous exercise, there is a general rule that if your exercise is for about one hour duration, you should have a carb/protien loaded food of 100 calories one hour before you exercise. No more than one hour and no less than 1/2 hour. If you are exercising 2 hours then you add a 200 calorie meal 2 hours, and 100 calorie one hour before.

You should also have 100 calories (or so) of mostly carbs every hour.


The workout. It is really important to replace carbs after you have a strenuous workout. So don't wait long after your run to get nutrition..

When all was working well when I was training and on 5&1 (and losing weight) I would have a 200 calorie bar within the hour before I ran then have a 100 calorie bar afterwards with LOTS of water. Remember to up your water for how much you lose when exercising. It is easy to figure out how much you use (you too Joy when you are doing all that yardwork in pantyhose.

) I only went to the 4&2 if I was going over 1 hour training. It was too much food and I started to not loose and get very discouraged. Getting that food in right after your run should help you. Just make sure it is something that you can digest well..

Answering yesterdays questions: I have millions of favorite salads. Currently it is one just loaded with all the summer veggies: lettuce, squash, tomato, zuccini etc. If it is L&G then some grilled salmon on top. I have been using the Walden's 0 calorie dressings or Newman's low calorie ones. YUM. When I get off of 5&1, I am like Kate, love that crunch.

What to do with the rest of summer? I count summer right up until the leaves turn and I have to wear a sweater. So, hopefully I will get some swim time in on the lake. It seems I have been destined to not be my usual mermaid this summer. Next weekend is the town wide olympead here with lots of events going on. I may do the 5 mile run or the race to the top of Chimney Rock. (that will be tough).

There will be fire works and ski shows etc to watch. I am part of the dragon boat team for Saturdays races. We always loose!.

Mom and I are making our annul trip to S Ohio for the sternwheel festival (her hometown and we stay with high school friends of hers) the first weekend in Sept. Then the next weekend to the Beach for my triathlon and anniversary celebration with DH. In between we are having the new cottages delivered and put up each week in Sept for grand opening in October. LOTS of stuff going on..

Enough rambling. Have a great Day Greenies..

Shout out to Darlene and Chris.... {{{{{{{{{{{hugs for both of you}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}..

answered May 01 at 06:50

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My birthday is Saturday, August 22 (i'll be 39 this year). I'll definitely take your advice on the run prep. It's only a 5k, so it will definitely be less than an hour of running. LOL I will bring a couple of bars so I can have 1 before and 1 right after. I'll put it in my husband's pocket for after I cross the finish line. I'll start hydrating up the day before.

What I won't do this time is run 3 miles the day before the race, can't remember why I did that last time, what an idiot!.

I did finally buy a pair of Nike+ sneakers, so the sensor is inside my shoe now. Last time my feet hurt, so I definitely needed new sneakers..

Hopefully, some of the Greenies can go for a run this Saturday at 9am. We can burn calories together all across the country!..

answered May 01 at 07:33

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Count me in - 9:00 Saturday morning (East Coast time) I will be hiking early near Old Rag Mountain here in the Blue Ridge and will even burst into a run in solidarity (shocking the beejesus out of my buddies)! Lets all post a picture on Saturday if we can!.


- it is hot-hot-hot here too. Coupled with humid-humid-humid..

Now if I can just get past the old headache - headache - headache. Day 3 so surely it will pass soon............... I might be willing to give the old pantyhose a try if it would assure the headache would leave. (Then I would be peeling those pantyhose off in nothing flat....).

Off to whine someplace else.................

answered May 01 at 09:06

Easton's gravatar image


Whoops - meant to add that someday Robin I am going to get the lowdown on the "cottages" being delivered and some of the new comings and goings you have hinted at. I suspect I missed a post (or three) somewhere but sounds like you have some interesting goings on in your neck of the woods!...

answered May 01 at 09:37

's gravatar image


Joy- No posts missed and yes a lot of goings on. It has been a long saga and I haven't gone into here on the boards but now.... ready or not... here it is. Feel free to ignore this..

My DH and I live in a 200+ year old property (we got it on the national historic register) that we owned in half with his brother and wife. Jim (DH) has loved this place and always wanted to live here and worked here every summer of his life, even when traveling places like Nepal. Brother has visited and never put much effort into the place. Jim's grandparents started renting cottages here in the 30s and his grandma kept at it until her death in 1989. The family kept up renting (Jim doing the work) as cottages gradually became too run down to rent since Jim had to run his own business at the same time. Segue to this year, Taxes went up last year by 430 PERCENT making it impossible for us to keep living here and pouring money into this.

The property is costing Jim and I too much and his bro and sis & family have never helped with maintenance either in time or cost. We put our feet down and drew a line in the sand saying either ante up or get out. We had some secret ammunition to force the issue. They got out after months of negotiations and mediation. Now, Jim and I have to have the property make some money.

Another full time job to add to the ones we both have but hey, we live in paradise. so Pine Gables Cottages should be up and running in October of this year. (fingers crossed)...

answered May 01 at 11:16

's gravatar image


Wow what a fun post Robin! You are living a life that sounds like a Praire Home Companion novel! I am so jealous and excited at same time for you. It is 180* away from the over developed, expectant, strip mall infested life we have here in So. Cal. I would love to hear more. My mom always wanted to be a Inn keeper and enjoy the different people who may pass through. Maybe someday I could visit North Carolina.

I will join you gals with a run/something with my new Wii. Happy early B-day Kate, you youngster! I turn 51 next week ...yikes..

Thanks Joy ;-) x2 headaches here too!.

Love to all you greenies- stable day for Timmy- back to doctor tomarrow am to talk turkey about test results...

answered May 01 at 11:46

Johnathan's gravatar image



- That sounds wonderful! I have a friend in Charlotte who is bugging me for a visit this Fall. I may have to take a little side trip too!..

answered May 01 at 12:04

Brodie's gravatar image


OMG, a Greenies group run at 9am Eastern Saturday is GENIUS!! I am in! We definitely all need to take pictures when we are done. Oh my gosh, everyone make sure you have a sign reading "Happy Birthday Kate!" in the photo! Hee!.

Although that is also the exact time of my WW meeting, so I think I will do my run as soon as the meeting is over..


Happy Early Birthday to you too.





, good luck with the cottages! I'll bet it's a lovely area...hmmm, I wonder if I can convince DH to make a trip out that way. We'd much prefer fall/winter for a stay down south, so maybe next year!.


, good luck getting through Day 3. You can do it, you can do it!.


, the patent bag was way too big and too cheap-feeling for the price, but I will keep an eye on it for when it goes on sale. The boyfriend jeans are my total favorite pair right now, and I have some others on order from ON and Gap. I'm not ready to buy premium denim yet that is my final goal reward! Also, your sons are totally adorable and awesome and I miss them both. Give them hugs from me..

Lastly, you will appreciate this all of you might! Mom emailed to ask if she could forward my contact info to the daughter of a family friend (the Tennysons) who recently moved out to Chicago and is struggling to make new friends, etc. Of course I said yes..


My mother did not know my correct phone number. Hahahahahaha!.

(Okay, in her defense, it was my old landline number at our current house...which we turned off last year. And she probably just pulled it and my address out of her address book instead of getting it off speed dial on the phone. But still! She had my number wrong!)..

answered May 01 at 13:15

's gravatar image


That 7 AM here and I am usually at the gym door waiting to get in. I will sprint up to my favorite eliptical machine and do 5 k on it (how many miles is that?) Cant promise a picture though..

My week is going OK. Not quite as on plan as I want to be but today is good. I need to get out those ketostrips; I find them motivating for some reason..

My summer is really over as of tomorrow when school starts for the kids. My college age kid goes back in 10 days (sob) and then it will really be over. I'm hoping to get in one more hike with him, though...

answered May 01 at 13:26

Jameson's gravatar image


Come on Bess, post a picture!!.

Happy Thursday my fine green friends. Hope everyone is having agreat day. Mine is a bit off. I was up off and on last night with a terrified big dog and little kitty because of wild storms. Power going on and off and then DH had to leave at 4:00 to go to Raleigh for a day..

Darlene, what day is your Birthday? I have been practicing for next year saying I'll be Nifty.... you are going to be nifty one!.

Joy, we are 1 and 1/2 hours from Charlotte. Kristin, come on down. Winter here is nothing like your Chicago winters...

answered May 01 at 14:12

's gravatar image


Bess, you could hold up the sign for Kate over your face, if you want to hide in the photo..

Or better, just hold it so you are peeking out above it!.

Oh, I am cracking myself up, thinking of all the ways you could hide behind the sign and still be "in" the picture. Just your hand? Your shadow? LOLOLOLOL!..

answered May 01 at 15:15

's gravatar image


Okay, forecast for Saturday morning is a thunder and lightning storm, with torrential downpours and hail. It all depends on how fast the storm moves across the country. I don't mind getting a little wet, but that's a little much. We'll see how it pans out. I might be skipping the race and running inside on a treadmill. I'll keep you guys posted. Rain or shine, I will be getting a 5k run in on Saturday morning!!..

answered May 01 at 15:39

's gravatar image


Rain or shine sounds like fighting words...good for you! Robin my b-day is 27th. My 50th was a honest blur with my moms recent passing, so I feel like I am ready to celebrate the HALF century right this year....omg....Timmy is having surgery on Weds to place a new feeding tube in intestines. It will be my best present if it works well for him..

Happy Friday to all....

answered May 01 at 15:46

's gravatar image


Another late night. I really should be sleeping. I wonder how getting 6-8 hours of sleep at night might improve my wt loss..

I just really read your post about the cottages, Robin. It sounds idyllic, except for the part about 2 other full time jobs and the family strife. But honestly, I'm jealous. If I get to NC some day, I'm going to visit..

OK, because I will be at the gym on saturday, doing my eliptical machine 5 k, cameras are an absolute no-no. But I will post some kind of picture soon...

answered May 01 at 16:33

's gravatar image



- Getting good sleep will very likely improve your weight loss - especially if you are only getting a very few hours right now. I did a lot of research into the effects of sleep and won't dump a zillion details on you, but the bottom line is that the body will release hunger hormones and stores extra fat when it is sleep deprived because it needs to get it's energy from somewhere. There is no doubt in my mind that a significant part of my weight problems started because of sleep issues I was having ages ago. And I think that getting good rest now made it a lot easier to lose weight. It certainly is a whole lot easier for me to slow down these days then you have trying to juggle a full house. But anything you can do at all is a step in the right direction..

Well - I am cautiously optimistic the headache is gone. Dont know why "re-entry" was more complicated this go-round. I have been off for awhile but eating right near 1400 calories with low carbs and few sweets. I "thunked" it would be easier to get back under the wire!..

answered May 01 at 17:57

's gravatar image


Bess, listen to Joy for she is wise..

I have to get at minimum 7 hours or I am a mess all day. And I get up at 5am!.

I don't really have a Fashionista Friday idea this week, but I wanted to share two things:.

1. Tomorrow I will start our new thread down in the Clubhouse, so look for us down there! I will probably keep it open for longer than a week; we'll just see how long it gets and how hard it is for people to keep up. I'm thinking new threads at 100 posts, but we'll see. Speak up if you have another suggestion!.

2. I read this on one of my favorite fashion blogs last week, and it makes me grin every time I re-read it. I think it's appropriate for our group 5K run tomorrow..

We can bleeping do it!.

Have a great Friday, Greenies! (Glad your headache is finally gone, Joy!)..

answered May 01 at 18:31

's gravatar image


Yep, we can bleeping do it.. Love that blog ladies. Rain or shine, I'll be celebrating your birthday Kate with a run. Although I hold the right to change the time based on hail and other scary weather stuff!..

answered May 01 at 19:44

Curtis's gravatar image


Happy Friday my green pals- It is some kind of record for me in recent days to post a few days in a row whoo hoo! And the ticker could be updated in the right direction. I am so glad to know the greens will be a click away in case I go missing in Timmy land again..

Joy-I think my headaches are much better too weird huh? Do we know why we headache at start? Can I also mention under my pinched nose the other lovely side affect..starts with a g and ends with s.. =) What the heck? We are working on looking our best, being "attractive" and toxic emmissions abound. I can't stand myself at times. OK TMI, I'm sure..

Looking forward to a good week end. Calm days for Timmy and good friends coming to visit. We can't get away so they are bring the fun to us. I am showing them our Wii and hope to run/walk Sat am for Kate's bday..

Have fun all..

answered May 01 at 19:49

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Morning All!.


Vey wet weather (courtesy of "Bill") has kept me from my hiking trip this weekend so Daisy-Dog and I are headed out to honor Kate's run. Hope she is having good weather and a good time! And.

Happy Birthday Kate!!.


- I do know Mr. G _ S very well indeed. What was worse was when I went off program into maintenance and re-introduced legumes (especially lentils). There was a week or so when I should have been quarantined!!..

answered May 01 at 21:18

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Hey everyone! I didn't go to the run in Stratford due to the thunder and rain I woke up to, plus my DH had to work this morning, so I took my boys (7 and 10) to the high school track and hammered out a 5k run. They ran with me for part of it, which is good practice because they have to do a mile run in school in fourth grade and sixth grade anyway. I posted a picture on my page that I had my husband take when he got home..

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me with a run, a walk, or just an op day. We should do this for everyone's b-day...

answered May 01 at 21:58

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I was late but ran 5 miles in your honor. No photos. My camera is lurking somewhere nearby but successfully hidden from all eyes. Just for you I sang happy birthday as I ran up my nemesis hills. I still had to walk some but I made myself laugh puffing out the song..

Have a great day all..

Darlene, I am sending out prayers and good thoughts for Timmy's surgery this week...

answered May 01 at 22:06

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I am on my iPhone at my tag sale so I will be brief. Happy birthday little sister!!! I ran 5k at 6am this morning thinking of you the whole way. I will have photo up later once I sell all my junk..

This will be our last day up here. Tomorrow I start the new thread down in the Clubhouse. Come one, come all!..

answered May 01 at 23:02

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Whew, sold most of our crap (one computer and monitor left, both are going to Salvation Army), and now I'm catching up on online stuff before I jump in the shower and head down to the south suburbs to babysit my niece Sophie (BIL and SIL are here to attend a local wedding)..

Here's the blog post I wrote for Kate over on my Kudzuplanet blog. Hope she doesn't kill me! LOL!.


I also posted my photo to My Page as well!..

answered May 01 at 23:52

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That was one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten..

I may have thrown the mud first, but you shot me with the water gun first! LOL.

Love you!.


answered May 02 at 00:50

's gravatar image


(hugs my little sister).

Come one, come all, down to.

Our new home in the Clubhouse.


answered May 02 at 01:02

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