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Got a quick question: Does anyone have any easy chili Medifast recipes? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... So to those experienced out there. Please Makeover this example. Keep in mind I don't eat fish of any kind or pork. Hate fake sugar.

But I do want to start changing. Don't start pre-op until after new year's..

Starbucks cold mocha.


Chobani greek blueberry yogurt.

6 chicken nuggets.

Mashed potatoes and gravy.

Chocolate cake with buttercreme frosting.

Green tea.


2 large slices pizzeria pizza.

That's today but doesn't change too much from these types of 'american' comfort foods. Most days don't even have a 'meat'. But I eat lots of dairy and carbs. Sometimes I eat only cookies and candy for my meals but usually I try to eat some real food...

asked May 09 at 04:47

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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

answered May 09 at 04:54

's gravatar image


Want, please go to eggface's webpage, she has lots of Medifast food makeovers, the bites thing she has going on is so fantastic for a person who likes to snack. I am sure you will find something. lots of luck.


answered May 09 at 05:43

Danny's gravatar image


Yes do go to eggfaces' site, she has made over lots of goodies..


answered May 09 at 06:02

's gravatar image




With Torani SF chocolate syrup and non-fat milk.

Chobani plain, sugar-free yogurt with a tablespoon on Smuckers sugar-free jam (pick your favorite flavor).

Chicken breast, coated with multi-grain flour and oats and baked.

Use a dipping sauce such as honey mustard..

Inspire German Chocolate Cake Protein shake.

Green tea.

, hot, no sugar.

Shelly's pizza bites or one of her high protein pizzas or her baked ricotta...

answered May 09 at 07:30

Alfredo's gravatar image


Dear want....

We all ate shitty Medifast food that's why we ended up here. Now some will have a prob with that statement and "I was a healthy fatty" or something like that! BS.

And your list of things you like are pretty bad but big deal..

What you should undestand is in the very begining you just can't eat enough of anything so it'd better be some form of protien etc. Now down the road a bit it gets way easier to eat poor foods and that is where the regain prob is. Hopefully during your meltdown phase you'll simply get enough momentum to carry you to the finish line..

FYI I wouldn't sweat that stuff yet just keep.




answered May 09 at 07:45

Brock's gravatar image


Thanks everyone....

I actually just found eggface's site right after posting and then bariatric tv, etc....

Pretty interesting stuff.

I love eggfaces' "day in my pouch". I read through pages of those..

I just don't think I can switch to fake sugar! It tastes awful, and I swear it gives me headaches, and I personally don't think it is more healthy..

But hey, neither is the ice cream love affair I have.... hahaha.

I really am a split personality. I want to eat pure and healthy and "perfect" natural foods, but wind up eating easy, quick, and crappy..

I can't cook to save my life either, so don't know how well I can make any recipes, although her pics look scrumptious....

I think I will live on yogurt, fruit, and protein shakes post op long term...I have hard time chewing already (missing some important molars!) So the hardest thing will be drinking separate from eating & chewing well enough not to choke!.

But whatever it takes, I will say goodbye to my past foods, I'm just thinking ahead to what I will eat to stay on track. I do not want to go back to old habits and the sugar that got me fat!.

And I need to start switching some things now since I hate all the meds I'm on, and I feel like crap!.

I have a protein shake I already love, but it has 14 grams of sugar! The yougurts I love have 20 grams of sugar! No wonder I liked them... I read the post about 8 grams of sugar or less. So I have a lot of changes to make.....

And I can't.


At all due to other medical conditions right now, so I must do it all through the Medifast diet right now....

Thanks for.


And responding......

answered May 09 at 09:08

Griffin's gravatar image


Good luck Want, you can and must do it...

answered May 09 at 10:37

's gravatar image


Yes, you do have lots of changes to make. Stevia is all natural, plant based, no aspartame, no calories and best of all is NOT fake. It might take getting used to how much or how little to use, but it's the best!..

answered May 09 at 11:42

Jackson's gravatar image


You're off to a good start by wanting to get on the right track; at the point you're at now you can best benefit by.






About good eating habits and good foods. With education and.


You'll find how much easier it is to make the right decisions. I'm only 9 days PO, but I spent a good part of yesterday trying to find better recipes that will fill my body with protein instead of the yummy carbs that got me to an almost 300-unit-per-day insulin dependency, and 14 prescription meds drug habit. You're still so young If you want to be around in another 37 years, now is the perfect time to get started!.

I new basic nutritional needs and prepared good foods and meals for my family for decades.... but when they were satisfied and away from the kitchen, I'd scarf down on another piece of cake, another handful of cookies, another half-container of ice cream mine was always sweet, carby, comfort food... heck, it was my reward for taking such good care of everyone! So while I was getting my "reward", I was actually damaging my body more than I knew..

Fortunately I've always loved plain, white, FF Dannon yogurt, just by the spoonful. I know, I know, people gag at the thought!! But I've been whirling it in with my shakes and eating it over jello these last couple days and I'm having very little problems getting my protein in. Oh, and I'll put in a couple tablespoons of dry powdered milk (loaded with protein) in my shakes both easy, inexpensive ways to get in a bit more protein..

You can do this. You're taking good first steps and we're all here to help energize you through it. Whatever questions you have, just ask!..

answered May 09 at 11:53

's gravatar image


Just a reminder, you won't crave a day like that again (or for quite some time to come) as you work through getting enough Medifast food to survive on. I know! Crazy, right?.

I can see what you are doing, I think I would have done the same thing. As Lu says (in different words), it's a paradigm shift - you need to work on changing the way you think about food. I have worked on a banking model and am now working on changing it to a nutrition model..

The bypass is a translator. Your stomach, a foreign country. You need to learn to speak the new language, not make the original occupant learn yours. Eventually, your translator is going to move on and just work with you on a casual basis, then the work is all yours...

answered May 09 at 12:29

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