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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does anyone know where I can buy GENUINE Medifast from in the UK? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... KISS ROCKS!!.

Well KISS it's HERE!.

Week 3 Weigh-In.

The Use It And Lose IT.

Remember this challenge is DIFFERENT!!!!!.


New Members we welcome you! This a great group of women who take joy in supporting each other. Here is the code for the KISS Banner! Just copy and paste in your signature and take out the ***.


Our Team.

Aileen Marie4.















Cheer leaders!!!.


Here's to another awesome week of good health, support and friendship!.


asked Apr 30 at 17:13

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can help better...

answered Apr 30 at 18:35

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Well, we all have our ups and downs here..

Yesterday I was down more, but playing it straight:.

WL: -1.00.

OP: 5.

Water: 7.

My off-plan moments were actually planned and designed around the holidays. So I was prepared. I'm thinking this will be a better week!.

H8: down is down! I'm take it any way I can get it!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:08

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Faith maybe a lttile slowdown but still a respectable amount under 300!!!!! Take care of yourself my friend!.


answered Apr 30 at 20:12

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Woo Hoo!! Week three here we come!!!!.


Went to lunch with DS and in a hurry. Too much dressing on salad and I was really hungry.....

answered Apr 30 at 21:31

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Oh Pam.. I forgot to say that having KISS in the clubhouse is a great idea~!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:11

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Sheryl Thanks! I think so too. In case everyone didn't see my post, I suggested that we start a thread under the Clubhouse board for chat so others who aren't in the challenge can join in the support. We would still keep this thread for weigh-in and stats..

Please everyone chime in with your opinion.

Did I mention that the Jets beat the Patriots today??!!!!!..

answered May 01 at 00:06

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Pam - I'M BACK!.

So ready to get back on the Medifast wagon. Can I join with you ladies?.

No weight loss for me this week. Starting back at 264..

For those ladies who don't know me - I think that's all but Pam.


Pam and I began Medifast together in Mar/April of 2008. I lost 80 pounds in 6 months with the faith for a baby. I have 2 sons ages 11 and almost 10. I have been believing for a daughter for 9 years. The boys are both miracles. John took 3 years and alot of prayer to have.

He spoks so clearly that I could have a daughter when I lost weight. So... I tried. No luck. So many programs and such and very little success.

So I started Mf. When I hit the 80 pound lost mark, I got pregnant. And she is beautiful! Abigail Deborah joined us on July 14th and I owe a lot of that to MF. And I thank the Lord for showing me to MF. - hmmmm I might need to add this blurb to my page.

I will get new pics on my page with me and Abby this week...

answered May 01 at 00:21

's gravatar image


What a great story Beth - so glad to have you here..

Girls I was abyssmal this week - worst week I have had in a long time and it really scared me straight bc I see how I still have so long to go in reigning in my eating. I started every day with the best of intentions. Even when I went off I tried to still remain true to plan and eat the right things six times a day. I am far from goal...not weight mind you, but my mental goal of being in control of food. This week showed me how thin the line I walk is. BUT I am back now and ready to try again.

Stats are +4 , 0, 7. Sorry team...

answered May 01 at 00:54

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Hi team! Imagine...week 3 already. Time is flying..

-1.0 / 7 / 6 (oops).

Pam - I like the idea of a chat thread in the clubhouse in addition to this stats board for the challenge. I'm still looking forward to the day when I can remember everyone's names on these boards...think that will help?.

Have a great week 4 everybody!.


answered May 01 at 01:01

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Hello everyone!.


7 w.

6 OP.

I went off pland this week due to a "short" meeting that lasted 9 hours zzzzz. I was not prepared. It kind of annoyed me becos I did not want to go OP, it was somewhat involuntary, lol. So I had a piece of cheese pizza and really thought (while chewing it) this isn't even very good.!!.

Oh well, a great week to all!.

Kai 180..

answered May 01 at 01:08

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-.8 / 6 / 6.

Still traveling and really trying to get in all that H2O! Little easier to stay on plan, but the needle moved only a little for me..

GREAT LOSSES everyone!..

answered May 01 at 02:13

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Morning, KISSers!.

-3.7/7/7 thanks to OP at Oktoberfest!.

Have my Medifast packed for upcoming 12 day trip - am unsure how I will get to post/weigh/etc on the cruise, so if I am MIA next week, drop me out of the challenge if you need to!.

~Beth, welcome and congratulations on your newest miracle, Abby. What a wonderful gift your story is to all of us..

~Michele, hang in there, girl. Sounds like you are learning hard lessons but consciously absorbing what you need to go forward. (I know I still have lots to learn about me and food - and I am thinking maintenance is gonna be a booger for me).

Hope everyone has a good week, I don't know when I'll get to post again so stay strong KISS team! Lillian..

answered May 01 at 03:44

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Good Morning KISSers!.

WELCOME Beth!!! Congrats again on that amazing gift from God! I live her name.

Can't wait for pictures. My children also came staggard a bit. I now have a sr. in college, a freshman in college and a 6th grader..

Well ladies looks like a tough week for some. What shall we do? I say we rely on each other for the support we need to get through TODAY 100% OP. Post often! Remember we are all with each of you everyday! I love my KISS friends for the wonderful people they are and know that if someone is in need they can reach out to anyone here! For others a great week!.

What ever you do don't keep the struggles to yourself! YOU can do this a couple bad days with food does not define you! They are just a couple of bad days nothing more. Don't give a couple of slips the power to knock you down! You are more than that and will achieve a healthier new you!!!.



answered May 01 at 04:25

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It's encouraging to see what others in the team lose because it proves that we can do it..

I am a daily weigher and Friday I was 169.2 and I thought for sure I will be less than that today but nooo, I went back to what I was last week: 170.8 exactly!.

I don't understand my body or how it loses or gains weight like that, fluctuating by more than a pound in a couple of days when I am OP..

BUT... I understand this: if we are faithful everyday and we don't give up, eventually we will be at goal, it is as infallible as best science..

So with that positive attitude I provide my stats:.


answered May 01 at 05:48

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Hello, my dear KISSed and Blessed teammates!.

First of all, I am so happy to see many of us doing so well! And, of course, I reiterate what Pam said: "a couple of bad days with food does not define you!".

I, myself, have to remember that..

I had a wonderful OP week, however I am STILL in the plateau mode. I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale. I was sure that I finally lost this week. I have been religious in documenting everything that I have eaten this week...watching condiments, even using the Momentum infusers and the Momentum Banana Shake...but still NOTHING!.

My initial reaction: quit the group, go binge...start up later (maybe that would give me a kick start into losing again.).

But all that is stinkin' thinkin' ! I will just have to continue to be patient and wait it out. I just keep thinking about another Medifaster who said it was FIVE weeks before she lost..

So, dear friends, I will just keep plugging along. I would at least like to get to 123 which is only 7 pounds away. I think the worst thing I could do is start this binge cycle all over again...it just isn't worth it!.

Thanks for letting me get this out. So stats are as follows:.

0 / 7 / 7..

answered May 01 at 07:16

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Morning Girls!.

So do we chat here or is there another thread? I'm obviously not in the challenge and until I see how the nursing mothers plan affects weight loss rates, I don't really want to be..

Well, today is day one back OP. So far today I have had a banana and a Medifast Mint crunch bar. On the NM plan you are allowed unlimited fruits and veggies. There are 2 plans, a 1500 and a 1800. I am working on the 1500 calorie plan but am a bit concerned that having so many extras may make me go off track. I am using the MyPlan function - which I have always used faithfully.

I did request Medifast to look into adding that..

I am trying to get a NM group going as well. There is a few ladies who started talking last week and my goal is to get them on fire..

Thanks for the welcome and I will do my best to be a great K.I.S.S.E.R!!!!.

Pam, pics will be on my page by the end of today!..

answered May 01 at 08:54

's gravatar image


I'm always chattin' here so I don't have a problem with other people doing it hehe. And Kartingmom congrats on the baby joys. Breastfeeding really is the best nutrition for a new baby. I nursed my daughter for a solid 2 years. They say it also reduces your risk of breast cancer. I hated using the breastpump but I'm glad I was able to nurse her so long.

I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever have a second baby..

Oh my numbers for last week are.


My body was losing well at the start of the week then bounced up .4 and then stayed there for a couple of days. I suspect it's just not ready to get rid of that .4. (This morning it was gone again so I'm hoping that it's not coming back) Though it could also be because I haven't been well. I've been struggling with headaches and mild nausea in the evenings as well as a light fever so I think I came down with something but have had such good nutrition it never became a full blown yucky sick mess..

ARGGH!!!! My next month of Medifast hasn't come yet. I'm really hoping it shows up on my doorstep today because I'm really running out of interesting foods. It would be great if all I wanted to eat all day were bars and shakes but those get old if that's all you're eating. I want my soooooouuuuuuuppp! I also ordered some of the fruit drinks since the summer splash package looked like a good deal dollar-wise and I don't mind replacing an in-between meal with a drink. The hot cocoa has even grown on me. I also got TWO lovely boxes of peanut butter crunch bars on the way yummmm..

But it's not here yet so I'm trying to sort out what I have left so I don't end up having the same shake all day long in the event that it doesn't come until mid-week. As long as I don't have to crack open the swiss mocha shakes (I hate coffee)..

Though I guess I should celebrate a little hehe. 1 month on Medifast and 12 lbs down!..

answered May 01 at 10:27

's gravatar image


Hi girls -.

Joyce loved what you said..a couple of bad days with food does not define me. And it will not define us! I am back on plan and onward march as they say. Went to the gym and did 35 monutes cardio and weights. I am squatting with 50lbs and doing 10 minutes miles on the treadmill - so I will not allow self pity to take over and binge and go back into that cycle. Last week scared me straight. I see how you can easily fall back into old patterns and put it all back on.

If we are to post elsewehere, let me know..


answered May 01 at 11:24

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Hey Becky we posted at the same time. 12 lbs down is great!.

Lilian have a great trip and Nancy just keep with it, you know it works..

Joyce ride out the plateau...at this point they can last longer than a week or two but you will be rewarded soon..


answered May 01 at 12:27

's gravatar image


Lillian almost 4 lbs and a victory reinging over Oktober Fest? you go girl!.

Becky when you are short on the things you like you are forced to try some new recipes..

I would trade my soups for your bars anytime! I haven't had a Medifast bar for months and I am needing a change soon..

Michelle, I really admire your honesty and I applaud you giving a lot of consideration to your eating habits when you go off plan. If this is your first time doing Medifast and you want to do it your last you really have to be committed to get the last pound off and go through maintenance completely. I tell you this after having lost weight in MF, being only FOUR lbs away from goal and never going through maintenance.... eventually gaining all my weight back because deep down when I went under 145 I thought I looked pretty good and everybody told me the same thing. Clothes fit perfectly and I got bored of Medifast food by then..

Take it from someone who has strugled all her life with weight: I have never been happier than the time I was losing weight and was on plan. Guilt is a terrible thing, and knowing what is right and not doing it is a sure way to experience guilt...

answered May 01 at 13:35

's gravatar image


How true! We decive ourselves when we think we are happy eating. Pre-Pregnancy, I was so happy while on plan. It was so empowering to feel in control of my life. And by being in control of my eating, I felt in control everywhere! It was so awesome!!! I can't wait to regain that feeling. And you are right about the guilt. I never feel guilty when I make the right choices, only when I make wrong ones...

answered May 01 at 14:01

Sam's gravatar image


Beth you are sooo right. So glad to have you back "sister"! I lost control bigtime from about march to the end of July and regained alot of weight. It is so easy to do and I felt awful about it. I'm firmly back OP and it just totally lifts my spirits. When on Plan I feel so good Physically, mentally, and spiritually! I wish I had gotten another baby out of it but all I got was the belly! LOL!!!..

answered May 01 at 15:12

's gravatar image


Howdy all! Been a rather crazy week for me. Out of town for my brother's wedding last week, which meant not really on plan. Then came back and had a nasty headache and skin lesion things that the advice nurse for my health care plan thought was chicken pox. Luckily it wasn't, but it was a crazy immune reaction that now has me on mega-steroids..

Thus the week has been spent with little useful sleep, tons of hunger, big mood swings, tons of hunger, no patience...and did I mention tons of hunger???.

So, here's my update. Good news is I am back on the wagon as of today!!! Onward and downward!.



answered May 01 at 16:22

Collin's gravatar image


Bah, I still haven't gotten the shipping confirmation for this month's food. It was supposed to be processed the 19th so I'm hoping it was just because it was the weekend but sheesh! I shouldn't whine so very much. I live close enough to Medifast epicenter that humdrum regular mail is essentially next-day delivery..

And on a happy note I was wearing my Misses size 18 jeans the other day. They probably won't be really comfortable until I lose another 5 lbs but I was in them and comfy enough that I wore them out of the house. I threw out my too-big jeans (womens size 18 with flared leg) I liked them when I bought them because I needed blue-jeans but over time grew to hate them (they always took forever to dry after I washed them too).

So if I want to wear jeans I'll wear my too-tight ones and like it *laughs*. The pants I have on today are too lose. They're semi-dress pants with a little stretch in them. I like them because they're slacks that don't need to be pressed but they gape about an inch and a half at the waist and they feel like they have too much fabric in general especially in the hips...

answered May 01 at 17:18

Chance's gravatar image


This NM plan is HARD! Been op all day but am really struggling. I know I haven't had enough dairy and I am probably down on fruits and veg. I am really going to have to tweek this alot!.

Sarah -.

Glad it wasn't the pox but sorry that you are still having issues wiht it. Steroids always makes me hungry. Keep some healthy snack on hand..

Pam -.

Unfortunatley the baby is my excuse for the extra weight. And I used her as an excuse to eat - "I'm eating for 2." Now I really regret using that excuse and am so ready to get this weight off!..

answered May 01 at 18:50

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Big wet Kiss!! I love you guys!.

Thanks for the words of wisdom from gals who have been there. I know we have all struggled with our weight and I will not give up. I will hit goal one day and I will go through a by the book t and M bc I know it is the only way it works!.

Beth I am very impressed that you are nurisn and on MF. I nursed all three of my kids and never could get on a program, which stunk bc I was heavier when I weaned them. I am glad they have a NM program so that you can still nurse and not affect your milk supply AND lose weight. What could be better than that?!.

Becky - good for you for having pants that are too loose! Keep with it and you will have to get rid of most of your wardrobe..

Sarah - I hope you are feelinjg better. So sorry you are on steroids. Hope they have you go off real soon. Hang I n there..


answered May 01 at 19:11

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Thanks Michelle. The NM plan came out last year. When I started MF, there was a lady who started wtih me and was having problems. Support told her she ahd to stop the program bc she was BF. I am so glad they saw the need for a plan and crafted one! Now, if only they would update the My Plan function so it will allow for NM. Right now it says I am over on veggies and down on Medifast meals! Well Duh! That's because i'm following your plan for NM..

Hopefully they will fix it..

Have a great evning ladies. I have early morning as tomorrow is picture day at school so I will actually have to be present. For those who don't know, I work in gifted education - from home! GLORY!.

Nighty nite!..

answered May 01 at 20:21

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Hey ladies - Beth does that mean you home school multiple kids in your home?.

I re read your posts from yesterday ladies and you all offer such insight and guidance. Thank you. I feel more in control while on plan and better in all aspects of life too. So I am back on plan and hopeful to stay there. Off to the gym - at least that has not been something I have been deviating from! My little guy met his preschool teachers yesterday. I dont think he had a clue it was his new school.

It will take 9 sessions before he is left for the full two hours. I am desparate for those 2 hrs 3x a week for myself!.

Have a wonderful day - I will check in later..


answered May 01 at 21:19

Camron's gravatar image


Good morning KISSers! Welcome Beth! How exciting and what an awesome blessing you received!.

Michele: Hang in there. This really is a tough thing we are doing and even though we struggle with food we are trying to make changes along this journey, and that is not always an easy process..

Sorry I have not been around much. I'm not sure what is going on with me. I just don't feel much like being around anyone right now, even cyber friends. Oh well, just a phase I suppose. Life just gets complicated sometimes. Anyway, I'm on plan, drinking my water and working, working, working..

Have an awesome OP day everyone!.


answered May 01 at 21:29

Dakota's gravatar image


Hey all-.

Sounds like it was a little rough last week for everyone. I know traveling (even though it is not an excuse) has me farily dis-combobulated. Trying to stick with, but it is hard. I haven't been as supporting as I would like, but I am throwing everyone good vibes for this week!..

answered May 01 at 21:31

's gravatar image


I need all the good vibes I can get!.

I am writing this during a break from an all day long training where there has been yummy food available. I ate an Medifast oatmeal cookie for breakfast and then a bar for a snack..

For lunch they had salad and sandwiches and I got a salad and ran outside as fast as I could so as not to be tempted by all the carbs around..

Right now they had brownies and other breads for a snack and I opted for coming here and post to you guys..

I wanted to share that I did an experiment yesterday to find whether the 1.6 lb I gained over a couple of days was water retention..

My method was to drink a water pill and more water than usual (4 quarts total) and sure enough, this morning I woke up weighing 1.6 lbs less!!!! hurray..

Bad news is that I am retaining water, good news is: IS NOT FAT!! so this explains why I have been losing at such a slow speed or not losing at all..

Another news is that I went to a specialty shoe store to have my feet evaluated before buying running shoes. I have flat feet so walking even is very painful, add weight and you have me in tears after 10 minutes of a workout..

Guess what? supposedly I am a size 8.5 shoe size- BUT they sized my feet and I am really a size 10!!!!.

How can that be? I got a size 10 pair of running shoes and they fit loosely but they fit..

I went to the store later and tried a few size 10 regular dressing shoes and they were so loose I doubt the validity of the test..

Has this happened to any of you?..

answered May 01 at 23:02

Payton's gravatar image


Afternoon ladies. Long day for me..

My MIL and FIL are here from South Africa helping with things. This is such a blessing for me but means there are days of shopping. Today was one of those days. However, one GREAT thing came out of today, I got my dining room chairs back! We had them reapolserd and I was worried they wouldnt be ready for this weekend. DH turns 40 on Sunday and I am having 20 people over for dinner. Also had annual today.


- No I dont home school. I did when the boys were little but not anymore! My children attend a private school here in Columbus Ohio. I am the Gifted Education Administrator for the school. I work part time, my own schedule, and mainly from home. I only go to the school if I need to test a student or have a meeting with a parent or teacher. I am not a teacher.

This is grades 3-12. Good luck in getting your little one settled into preschool..


- thanks for the warm welcome! I also like how you did your tickers. I think thats how I will work mine as I start loosing this time around! Help me see where I have come from!.


- Kudos for coming online during a time of temptation! That is one of the great things about the boards, people there know and understand what you are going through. Unfortunately I havent experienced the show problem. I am guessing their size 10 was a special show that is sized differently? Who knows.

Well ladies, I hope everyone has a great rest of the day...

answered May 02 at 00:21

's gravatar image


Hello KISSers! I missed my morning sign-in because I had no internet, phone, or cable!.

Major bummer when my fav thing to do in the morning is get up extra early so I can have my coffee and come and read and post. I was totally lost without internet!!!!.

Now that I have finished entering all of our info into the spread sheet I can finally say HI.

Well ladies our stats wren't the best this week as a whole but what did we learn. As I read through all the post for the week I see KISSers figuring out where they went wrong, forgiving themselves and moving on LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Yes I said love it, because that's what we should do in this crazy weightloss journey. Figure where we went wrong, what set us off and how we turned it around..

For the rest of the week I would like everyone to keep a journal. It doesn't matter to me when you write in it or what you write, just do it everyday. Some folks like to do it first thing in the morning, kind of like a plan for the day, starting out with positive thoughts. Some like to do it in "the heat of the moment". Something has them angry, upset, happy, thrilled, sad......and they need to work it out on paper. Still others like to do it at the end of the day as a reflection.

Did it help you see any patterns, stay on track, or whatever you want..


answered May 02 at 01:22

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- Is the challenge one between all groups or kissers only? If it is us only, please acoutn for my starting weight and I'll be a part of it...

answered May 02 at 01:26

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Good morning KISSers!.

Beth we are part of a challenge with other teams but please post your stats anyway! Then we get to cheer you on also.

This coming weekend I am going to start a weigh-in thread here and a chat thread in the Clubhouse! I think more people will benefit from the chat there! Have a happy OP wenesday and remember that journal!.


answered May 02 at 01:46

Emanuel's gravatar image


Hey there KISS'ers!!!.

What a few weeks Ive been havin.....

We went camping last weekend which turned into a few days. We had such a good time..

Since Ive been out quite alot past few weeks, work has piled on my desk, SO Ive been MIA..

Hope you all are doing wonderful!!! and staying OP!!! Welcome to the new members, we are glad to have you here!!.

Ok, so I am still down with tummy trouble and dr's cannot figure out what it is,.

SO Ive decided to cut cold turkey my DIET COKE!!!!!!!!! Starting today......

The strange this is, I have not been on Medifast for 1 month, been eating old habits, and still have not gained. I thought my scale was broke because it kept reading 169. When I was weighed at the dr, I was 167. Strange to me because usually I would gain automatically when not on MF. So to me there is something wrong, and yet no one can find it..

They must think Im crazy because they are sending me to a pain management center (because they cant figure out whats wrong!!!!).

Ok enough of my babbling! Was supposed to be jump on and say good morning but ended up telling ya'll my life story the past month! lol.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, I am pretty sure I'll be back to check in..

answered May 02 at 01:49

's gravatar image


Toni - great to "see" you. I hope you get your stomach issues resolved soon. That stinks to suffer from this and still have no answers..

Nancy - kudos! You totally resisted what could have been a disaster and your still in ketosis - yeah! Slow and steady, you know the drill..

Pam I like the journaling idea. I find that I post adn that helps me to work out my issue of the moment. Today - no issue thankfully. Busy, but OP and feeling good..

Have a great day ladies..


answered May 02 at 03:08

's gravatar image


Toni!!!! Awesome to hear from you. I hope they get to the bottom of your belly pain. I'm curious to see how you feel after a few days without soda.

Michele glad to hear that you'tr having a good day..

Has anyone heard from Aileen? I left a message on her page but haven't heard back. I miss her..

Lillian I didn't get a channce to congratualte you on an awesome week...So CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!.

Faith I do miss hearing from you often but I know how hard you work! Keep taking care of you too.

Well gotta run now, ttyl..


answered May 02 at 04:19

Gage's gravatar image


Heya all! I'm looking forward to the clubhouse thread..

I definitely like to gab haha!.

I had a good day today. I even took a moment to go into 'my plan' and enter a journal entry there as my first one. I thought it was a useful exercise to consider how I really feel and what stresses me out (which oddly enough has nothing to do with what I eat but everything to do with how I eat and when I eat)..

But today was a happy day in general because my food order finally arrived. It was funny because I woke up steeling myself for a day full of tired shakes. I had like 2 bars left and one of each of several flavors of shakes so I was going to cry if I had to try to stretch it out for another day beyond today..

I grabbed up a chocolate crunch bar first thing and started poking around on my computer to see if they'd shipped it yet and YAY I had the email confirmation with a shipping ID# datedSo I clicked on the order tracking to see where it was and it said "DELIVERED". I laughed, got up and looked out on the doorstep and there it was..

This was really good in general since I had made plans to go see "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" at the theater with my daughter and parents and I was going to be semi-unhappy with smelling popcorn and not getting to eat it..

I sneaked myself some nacho cheese puffballs and garden veggie crackers into the theater with a bottled water all in my purse so I had plenty of crunchies to enjoy at the theater and I wasn't the least bit deprived..

It was a fun movie even though it centered around food. It is interesting to note how the mayor's eating is completely out of control to the extent that he is rolling around on something at the end instead of walking. It amused me that I wasn't that moved by the enormous food falling from the sky. It was kind of gross actually and I cringed when they showed little children chowing down on mountains of ice cream. The inventor character who is the main character remains rail thin through the entire movie though and he is barely ever shown eating at all in the movie. (Yeah I know I was probably overanalyzing the eating habits of the characters in the movie).

*laughing* In fact I'm not feeling hungry enough for my L&G tonight which has me a little worried. I'm going to try again in a few hours..

The one bad thing about going to the movies was that I had to pee about halfway through it and I opted to hold it..

So I was bursting at the seams by the time I got home. My mom told me I was lookin' good with the weight loss, but I have trouble believing her. C'est la vie. I'm more looking forward to thanksgiving in november when there're people there who haven't seen me in a few months and I SHOULD be in overweight territory by then instead of obese. (I can hope, right?)..

answered May 02 at 04:59

Braylen's gravatar image


Becky I so enjoy your post! They always put a smile on my face. I'm glad you tried journaling. It's great to journal on a good day too. A couple of months from now it is great to go back and read where you were compared to where you are. Thanks so much for sharing your day!.

KISSers the results are in and we slipped alittle.Let's use that as motivation to get things back on track and take Care of OURSELVES this week. That is what we are really doing. Taking care of our health, giving us a bright look at the future!.

Jouranlling has been great for me this week because work has been so busy!!! In the past I would have comfroted myself with f#$&!(food) Yes it is a 4 letter word sometimes.

Have a great day..


answered May 02 at 05:43

's gravatar image


Good morning KISSers! Yes! It is I, Faith, here in the morning, shocking I know.

My first patient is later in the morning and I had to kind of reschedule my day because we have a staff meeting this afternoon so I am home a bit later this morning - which means I get to check in here!.

Becky: LOL! I have done that at the movies before too....I can't anymore - my bladder is too unstable! Also, how in heck did you get your Medifast delivered without having to sign for it? That annoys me to no end, that I can't just have it dropped off, they want a freakin' signature every time!.

Anyway, this is what I am in for today: Everyone at work was telling me they are ordering in pizza for lunch because our staff meeting is at 1:00 and can't I have just one piece? Uh, NO! They are also getting cake for the September birthdays (my birthday is this Sunday) and can't I have just a small piece? Uh, NOT! LOL! They can't believe I can't have just a taste....I get comments like "you have so much willpower!" Well, not really, just tired of being FAT. "How do you do it?" Um, one freakin' SECOND at a time! It is nice that they notice I have lost weight, but it gets tiring being asked constantly "how much have you lost now?" I understand, since I look kind of different, but it is tiring. Plus it makes me feel all pressured, like I have to lose a bunch every week or they will be like "well, weren't you at that weight LAST week?" Oh well, at least they are not asking me "have you gained weight recently?" LOL!.

Well, have a wonderful OP day all my KISS pals!.


answered May 02 at 06:32

Wyatt's gravatar image


Faith and becky - such funny posts! tHANKS , needed the laughs today..

Faith stick to your guns...let them ask...let them be food pushers. You can do this! I am thrilled by your determination and honesty bc hell it is sometimes a minute by minute on this plan..


answered May 02 at 08:01

Brian's gravatar image


Becky you are funny! We went to see that movie last Saturday to a drive in and my older kid had a blast. I hated popcorn because I knew I had to clean the truck the next day and I paid to have it cleaned. Popcorn sucks... LOL.

Have you seen the thread with radiationgirl's suggestions for a full-menu thanksgiving dinner using MF? Here it is for you and all the rest who need ideas for that holiday (and you will definitely look great so nobody will dare criticize you for eating something diffferent):.

Here is the Menu:.

Turkey (duh?).





Relish Tray.

Pumpkin Pie.

I have also seen recipes on the boards for:.

Green Bean Casserole.

Apple Crisp.

Green Bean Casserole (MF Recipe).

6 cups frozen cut green beans.

1/2 cup onion, chopped.

6 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese.

1 packet Medifast Cream of Chicken soup.

6 oz. water.

1 packet Medifast White Cheddar Soy Crisps.

Preheat oven to 350 deg. Combine gr beans, onions & parmesan in a medium baking dish. Mix Medifast Cream of Chicken soup with water & add to gr bean mixture. Bake about 45 minutes. Remove from oven & stir. Crush soy crisps into small pieces & crumble on top of gr beans.

Cal 140, Fat 3.5g, Chol 10mg, Carb 15g, Pro 11g (4 srvings).

Medifast Mock Apple Crisp.

2 cups raw zucchini slices.

3 T lemon juice.

1/4 cup Splenda.

1/4 tsp cinnamon.

1/8 tsp nutmeg.

1 Medifast BS&M or AC Oatmeal.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Peel zucchini & slice lengthwise. Core/seed the halves then then cut into 1/4 inch slices (or however thick you like in order to look like apple slices.) Put slices in sauce pan with 3 T lemon juice. Bring to boil & cover & cook for 5-6 minutes, until tender. Drain throughly. Place the slices back into the pan & add the Splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg & 1 tsp of the Oatmeal powder.

Pour into small oven safe bowl.

Melt 1 T trans fat free margarine & pour over remaining oatmeal. Mix. Sprinkle over the 'apples' & bake in the oven for about 30 minutes or until 'apples' are bubbling & topping is browned..

3 green servings of cooked zucchini (approx 1.5 cups cooked).

1-2 condiments (juice is drained so don't know how much is retained).

1 fat.

1 medifast meal__________________.

Caulipotatoes (This is a RG Recipe).

1 cup raw Cauliflower (amount dependent on # of servings.. This is for ONE serving).

1 tblspn fat free feta cheese.

1 tsp low carb half & half.

Salt & pepper to taste.

(this is easiest for a single serving to make in a MB or Medifast Blender).

Take cauliflower & put in the MB with cup of water & add steamer lid..

Microwave until soft (about 2-4 minutes depending on your microwave).

Drain water.

Add 1 tsp half & half & feta cheese (might need a splash of water).

Add the chopper blade & whip until smooth..

Serving size should be cup cooked!.

My family STILL Doesnt know that it is cauliflower & I'm CONVINCED that the feta helps with the texture!.

Relish Tray.

Jar of dill pickles.

Can of whole pitless black olives.

Take jar of dill pickles & open.

Take out pickle spears & put in a nice serving dish with 2 sides.

Open can of olives with can opener.


Dump into other half of serving dish..

Sage Stuffing (This is RG's Recipe).

1 package cream of chicken soup ( I tried it with Cr. Of Broccoli. There isnt a lot of difference taste-wise, just watch it in the oven because it seems to cook faster than using the Cr. Of Chicken bread!).

Tsp baking powder.

3-4 tblspns of water.

1 tblspn onion.

1 celery stalk.

1 tspn ground sage.

1 tsp ICBINB spray.

Make bread.

Combine Medifast soup, tps baking powder & 3-4 tblpsn of water. Plop on a glass plate in the microwave for 2 minutes. (it is ok if it is dry you want it to be for stuffing!) Microwave time varies!.

While bread is cooking, dice celery and onion (or be lazy like me & buy pre-diced onion.. No crying necessary!).

In a bowl combine the rest of the ingredients. Break off the bread into small pieces & add to the bowl..

Stir well..

Put in a glass baking dish (I used the same one I use for my shake cakes)..

Cover with tinfoil and Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes or until moist! (you CAN stuff this into a turkey if you have room for optimal flavor but will probably add more fat from turkey juice but will make a moister stuffing!).

**side note**.

The first time I made this I did NOT use celery, I used 3 tblspns of raw shredded cauliflower (shredded in MB). It was moister due to the water in cauliflower when you shred it but the texture was a little different, more like stovetop stuffing! It is a personal preference!.

Pumpkin Pie!.

There are 2 different versions of this recipe..

One, IMO tastes the MOST like real pumpkin pie but doesnt have a crust. It's more a snack option.

The second is more LIKE a real pie and counts as a MEAL but is higher in carbs so dont eat a bar too!.

Both recipes have been approved by Medifast & the breakdowns are included..

Each recipes statistics are for ONE FOURTH of the pie. Therefore, if you are using the snack option (13 carbs) and wanted to LOWER your carbs then eat 1/8 of the pie instead (6.5 carbs). All of my kids love thesnack version.

Pumpkin Pie as a snack (This is RGs Recipe).

Medifast French Vanilla 55 shake 1 pkg.

Pumpkin Pie Spice 2 tsp.

Egg beaters .5 cup.

Splenda 2 pckts (optional).

Libbys canned pumpkin (15 oz can) 1.75.

Add 12 ounces of water to vanilla shake.

Mix all ingredients..

Pour into ungreased 9 inch pie pan.

Bake in preheated 425 degree oven for 15 minutes..

Reduce Temperature to 350 and bake 45 more minutes or until fork inserted in middle comes out clean!.

Cool on rack for 2 hours..

(this one is 88 calories and 13 carbs but could be counted as a snack or veggie... it has no crust!).

MF Response to snack recipe.

Option 1.

Total Calories: 307-358 (used 332.5 as average = 83 calories for of recipe).

Total Carbs: 52.6-54gm (used 53.3 as average = 13gm for recipe).

Total Protein: 27.9-30.96gm (used 29.43 as average = 7.35gm for recipe).

Total Fat: 4.1-5.78gm (used 4.94 as average = 1.23gm per recipe).

This recipe sounds yummy and could be used as a snack IF the person has the appropriate budget allotment in terms of calories and carbohydrates. This recipe option 1 recipe is not quite high enough in calories and/or protein to be considered a meal replacement, and possible could be used as a vegetable option as 3 servings of broccoli is equal to 81 calories, 5.58gm of protein, 16.8gm of carbohydrate and 0.96gm of fat. The vitamins and minerals from the Medifast shake & the pumpkin would also be adequate to be used as a vegetable..

Pumpkin Pie as a meal (This is RGs Recipe).


2 packets M&BS oatmeal or peach.

1 tsp I Cant Believe it's NOT Butter spray.

Tsp baking powder.

8 tblspns Water.

Mix oatmeal with ICBINB spray (1 tsp) and 8 T of water..

Press into the bottom of the pan. (barely covers bottom of the pan).

Bake in oven @ 350 degrees about 15 minutes.

Remove and set aside.

Turn heat in over up to 425..


2 vanilla shakes (or 1 vanilla shake and 1 chai tea latte).

1 cup pumpkin.

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice.

1 cup water.

C. S/F gingerbread or spice blend or vanilla davinci syrup (optional, if you dont use, add c. water).

C. egg beaters.

In the MB mix vanilla shakes (chai and vanilla is even better) with 1 cup of water and cup of s/f davinci syrup (or extra water), pumpkin pie spice and egg beaters..

Transfer to a large mixing bowl and slowly mix in pumpkin..

Dump in already cooked shell. Bake for 15 minutes..

Reduce heat on oven to 350 and bake another 30-35 minutes or until a fork is pulled out clean..

This accounts for 1 meal and .25 cups of veggies (pumpkin)..

I know that pumpkin isnt really in the 5/1 plan, however, of this pie would still be equivalent in carbs to a bar and lower in calories..

MF Response to meal recipe.

Option 2 (both databases came up with the same numbers!).

Total Calories: 482 (120.5 calories for recipe).

Total Carbs: 80 gm (20gm for recipe).

Total Protein: 50 gm (12.5gm for recipe).

Total Fat: 5gm (1.25gm for recipe).

Option 2 sounds yummy too and could be used as meal replacement on the 5&1 meal plan due to the higher calories and protein level, just advise clients it is closer to a bar in the carb content, therefore they may want to use this in place of a bar.

I hope this helps!.

**please note that these recipes and statistics are for 1/4 of the pie!**..

answered May 02 at 09:37

's gravatar image


Good day Kissers! Here I am back on the boards and I am doing a poor job of popping in regularly! Sorry..

It has been a crazy couple of days. DH turns 40 on Sunday and I am having 2 different parties for him. I have been doing lots of baking. Abby is on zantac and has been fussier than ever. Pediatrician says it's due to the lower acid in her stomach due to zantac and my increased dairy consumption due to the Medifast nursing mothers plan. SO...

I am finding NM very difficult to follow. Too many extras which I know are weak points for me. I am seriously considering moving to the 4&2 in order to help me stay on track better. I will make that decision after 1 week on NM and see how it goes....


- what a happy day! I still need to place an order. I am still on hold due to prgnancy and so far I am trying to use up what I got in the cupboard. But I do need to orer bars! and soon!.


- I had to laugh at you post! I have so been there! When people ask me about saying "no" to things like cake at a party, I just say "I'm saying no for now, not forever." My motto: "Never trade what you want now for what you want most!" When I first started Medifast in 08, I printed this and posted it on the pantry and refrigerator doors. Helps me think before I eat!.

Have a great day girls! Time to go pick up the kiddos from school!..

answered May 02 at 11:00

Nathaniel's gravatar image


I'm going to post some recipes in my blog today because I want to cook some cabbage tonight and I'm not sure how I wanna cook it. (Got that head of the stuff in the fridge that I'm just itching to cook up into something.) The semi-bad news is that we've got someone coming on Saturday to help us figure out what to do about curtains on the 1st floor of our house and my living room is a scary mess so I need to spend some time cleaning today and cleaning is one of those things the child in me despises so I always have to work myself into it. (which is why it gets so bad to begin with). I'm hoping that that bad child will behave today and get it done. She's been so good about giving up her candies and treats..

Beth - I'm really cheering you on. I loved being pregnant and I would say that having my daughter was one of the best experiences of my life. I actually did the whole L&D thing WITHOUT DRUGS which still shocks some people but I'm a staunch believer in the notion that gallstones are way worse than labor pains and I didn't have drugs for those either. The whole baby's birth story is one I love to share since the doctor in the delivery room seemed utterly clueless and I had to have her in triage instead of in an actual delivery room. I want to be pregnant again though and it's rough when your body isn't going along with the idea. I want to give it another couple of years before I see a fertility specialist (I'm 34 and very aware of the increased risks with age).

I'm very enamored with the idea of having a pregnancy where I don't go overboard with the weight gain and I can spring back into beautifully healthy shape afterward (idealist, I know, but if I get my weight down finally I want it to stay down). I have so much more control over my eating right now than EVER and I want to stay on top of it..

Nansoli - I saw that Thanksgiving thread! I thought it was awesome. But my big problem is that my in-laws intend to have a restaurant Thanksgiving (like they'd *gasp* cook all that food?) My mother-in-law is a fabulous cook but they're also the sort of people who will typically buy things rather than inconvenience themselves in any way. They also have THE PERFECT house and used to maintain unstained white carpets too (now they have shiny polished hardwood). I'm really not sure how I'm going to handle a restaurant thanksgiving except that I might get lucky and have something truly non-thanksgiving-ish on the menu like a grilled chicken vegetable salad which would be OP but make me kind of sad since I'd rather have a medifast thanksgiving menu like the one you posted. It's funny because when I first heard 'family dinner' I felt a panic feeling that I would never be able to stay OP for that and now, like a week later I don't really want to go off plan. I'm comfortable with that idea now.

Michele - Oh! I checked out that Skinny b!ch book you mentioned. What a hoot! I'll never be a vegan. I can't stand the MSF Vegan grillers. They taste awful compared to their other varieties. I also like my dairy and eggs way too much. According to their philosophy it's ok to eat dead rotting vegetables, but not dead meat? yeah, ok.

It's useful to know how some people stay skinny and they really do point out that there's no excuse for coffee in the morning or diet sodas and certain kinds of snacks. There really isn't and that I agree with wholeheartedly. I have an Aunt that used to live in the country in Pennsylvania and she actually helped raise cows for another farmer that were going to go for slaughter and those cows weren't kept in tiny little stalls. They had pastureland to roam in and she actuallly named them (all names that started with 'B'). That year we had a freezer full of Bodo meat.

I love animals. I also love to eat animals..

Faith - I remember birthday cakes at work. I can't say there was ever one I didn't indulge in. We also had a donuts rule. I was a software engineer and so we had a lot of people working on the same big piece of software. And the donuts rule was that if you broke the build (we compiled and rebuilt the source controlled code base every night after the office closed) and if it failed to compile for some reason in the morning and YOU checked in the broken code then you had to bring donuts for everyone the next day. I only had to bring donuts once ever.

I should add that the boss was so overweight he had gastric bypass surgery and he was probably the source of the cookie epidemic to begin with. But yeah, I attribute my diet coke and cookie habits to working with computer/engineering nerds so much because I didn't consume quite so much of that before I started working in those places. It was while I was working at the 'donut' place that my weight crept up to 230 lbs in the first place which is still my highest non-pregnant weight ever (was creeping over 250 while pregnant but shed that weight very fast). It goes to show that there are some work habits it's not really that good to adopt...

answered May 02 at 12:16

's gravatar image


Good evening KISSers! Well, I survived the pizza/cake lunch today. No biggie. I do miss pizza, but as you said Beth: "Never trade what you want now for what you want most" (awesome saying by the way - thanks)!.

Becky: My last job was that way. I was all the way up to 415 pounds the year before I quit! That was the first time I did MF. We always had cookies and donuts and pizza and candy around there. It was crazy! And that was in a mental health program - I was as much addicted to food as most of my clients were to drugs and alcohol!.

Well, I am in need of sleep since I only get one day off for the weekend. I will "see" you all tomorrow - well, maybe not until late....my first patient is at 8 a.m. and it is an hours drive from me!.


answered May 02 at 12:19

Adrian's gravatar image


Oops, forgot to mention. I posted a birthday video on my page....it is my favorite song for my birthday each year....and why I put the saying I put under my ticker..


answered May 02 at 13:34

's gravatar image


Good morning KISSers!.

Faith Congrats!!! Doesn't it feel good?.

Quick wave! I'll be at a course all day so won't be on til later. Have a great day!!!!.


answered May 02 at 14:01

Elias's gravatar image


I'm hoping you can help me. About a month ago, one of the KISS members had mentioned a cleanse or flush that helped them get their weight loss going again. I lost the recipe and would like to get it again..

If you know what I am talking about, I'd be grateful to you. I want to say one of the ingredients was cranberry juice..



answered May 02 at 15:39

's gravatar image


Hey kissers. I hopped on the scale this morning and am down 3 pounds from my re-start on Monday! YAY! Have cut out the dairy as the Dr. said..

Now, to survive not one but two birthday parties this weekend! Oh well, as the host, I am making sure I have stuff available for me!..

answered May 02 at 16:50

's gravatar image


Congrats Beth! even with a modified Medifast if you are faithful in following it and you keep nursing you will drop weight like crazy..

I breatsfed my two sons (the first for two years and the second for one year) and did not lose but did not gain either..

To all my Medifast family, I am happy to report that today marks one month of re-starting Medifast and I have lost 7.8 lbs and a total of 9 inches!!!.

I have been losing very very slowly and I have had lots of female troubles but I am finally accepting that a loss is a good thing, even when that is .2 lbs at a time. Slowly but surely I am getting to my goal and I have to thank you all for your support and great tips!..

answered May 02 at 17:32

Randy's gravatar image


Hi Nan,.

I lose slow too, but I tell myself it didn't all go on in a day, so it's not going to come off that fast. The good news is that I am within 2 lbs of my Oct 1 goal, I hope to make it in the next 5 days or pretty close. And I am fitting into old clothes that I could not button before. They are small victories but keep me going..

I hide the scale from myself, going to try not to be so obsessive about it, lol ( yeah right)..

Take care all.


answered May 02 at 17:37

Kolton's gravatar image


Kai I weigh in everyday. It helps me more than depress me. In my case, I retain a lot of water, so I used to lose large amounts of weight (mostly water) during the first weeks of dieting. Not this time and it is because I had my period for 38 days so all my first month in Medifast I had my period!!! You can imagine the amounts of water I am retaining. I have already proved that when last week I took a water pill and dropped almost two pounds in one single day. Since I know that I am not taking any more water pills.

And guess what? I just found out I have my period again!!! I had only one week of a break... aggggggggggg..

answered May 02 at 18:17

Nikolas's gravatar image


Hey there LOSERS!!! {Waving to all}.

TGIF!!!!!! I am totally looking foward to the weekend! Can you believe it is almost October!!.

Not much longer we all will have to go through the holdiay snacking appropriately! that is the hardest for me, all the family over, and eating!.

Follow the plan and you will survive!!!! woo hoo! ok so thats my cheer! lol.

Gotta come up with a good one..

answered May 02 at 19:11

's gravatar image


Congratulations Beth and Nan! That's super great..

I've been very remiss in coming here.... and I do apologize. I just forget!.

Everyone here is so enthused, it's a pleasure reading these threads, I must say. The level of encouragement and support that I've found since day one is unsurpassed anywhere..

I finally had an NSV today! I was finally able to put on a pair of my smaller pants that had a zipper and a button!!!!.

I cannot tell you how that felt to me! Yeah, I've got a long way to go, but it's "happening"!!!!!.

A little goes a long way on this journey!.

Have a great night, and I wish you all a great weigh-in this weekend!..

answered May 02 at 20:33

's gravatar image


Sheryl congratulations!!! I love that feeling of snuggling comfortably into jeans, even when they just come out of the dryer....

And I heart the quote you have under your ticker, it is hilarious!!!..

answered May 02 at 21:02

Rowan's gravatar image


Nan... lol... but hey... after all these years who hasn't got those "special" voices! lolol.

If you want a chuckle... go to my page and look at my video... I laughed til I cried when I saw it......

answered May 02 at 22:03

's gravatar image


Good evening KISSers! Well, it's Friday! Yay! Unfortunately I only have one day off this weekend. I have to work on Sunday (my birthday too, bummer)..

Beth: Congrats on the three pounds. I guess you just need to "tweek" the NM plan a bit to suit you..

Nancy: Hang in there. You are doing a great job. And if I had to deal with a month long period I would probably kill myself!!!!!!.

Kai: Woo hoo! You are so close to that October goal - keep it up!.

Sheryl: Yippee! I LOVE those NSV's, especially when clothes are involved!.

Toni: Good to "see" you, I miss ya!.

Well, have a good evening everyone. I am going to try to get some sleep. I have a TON of stuff to get done before next Thursday and my trip!.


answered May 02 at 22:52

Titus's gravatar image


I want to see your video....but I don't have ANY idea how to get to someone elses page unless they have sent me a message or invited me as a friend - even then I'm not quite sure. How do I go to other member's pages?..

answered May 02 at 23:17

Angel's gravatar image


Faith: To go to someone's page, just click on their name above their picture on the left, and then choose "view my page"..

Coffee time..

answered May 02 at 23:44

Cohen's gravatar image


Morning Everyone.

It is a wonderful Saturday....feelin lazy after grocery shopping so Im going to lay down with the kids to watch a movie "underdog" and wanted to stop in and say Hello!.

Have a great OP day!!..

answered May 02 at 23:54

's gravatar image


Good afternoon and a big kiss for all!.

Faith, Way to stick to your guns. I hope your weekend comes soon.....

I've been staying OP, being a good girl. Feeling a little down in the dumps (not sure why). DH has been working alot of hours, it really takes a toll on him these days. Guess I'm a little too protective. We take a lot more time to recharge than we use to. We're all safe and healthy, I have a lot to be thankful for..

Hope everybody is having a great OP weekend!!! Check with you all later, big hug to all...

answered May 03 at 00:46

's gravatar image


Hellooooo KISSers! Sorry I have been MIA but I had a cont. ed course yesterday(sooooo boring) and a faith formation class all day today(awesome!!!!) So here I am with some freetime. hubby is amking coffe so I can stay awake. A busy work week followed by 2 days of mostly sitting is exhausting. Tomorrow I can sleep until 8 yay!!! Then church, soccer game and football the rest of the day..

Tomorrow I will start a check-in thread here and a chat thread on the clubhouse board.


answered May 03 at 01:13

's gravatar image


Howdy all! Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. It's been rainy and cloudy here all day, but earlier this week it was in the high 80s and our A/C is kaput so I'll take rainy and 60s any day!.

This week has been a better week for me, even though I haven't completely turned things around. Nearing the end of the steroids so I'm not as hungry or crazy or tired or...so I've been able to get back OP. Today was my day of headaches (day 2) so tomorrow should be the day it all gets better. I'm lucky in that it only takes me a a few days to get back into ketosis and if I make it through day 2 I'm all good..

I've also been really focusing on my water lately as I had gotten too laid back about it. Can definitely tell I'm not track had to get up in the middle of the night twice last night to head to the bathroom....

Hope you all enjoy your evenings...wherever you are!.


answered May 03 at 01:24

's gravatar image


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