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Got a quick question: Does Medifast Diet work? And for how long did you follow it? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Well, I did Medifast three years ago and had quite a bit of success. Unfortunately, I gave up too soon and didn't meet my goal weight. I decided last week that enough was enough and decided to come back to MF. Little did I know that in the next week I was going to have the biggest wake up call of my life.

The surgeon also said her diabetes was beyond out of control and that if she doesn't change her habits and lifestyle she won't be here much longer. I look like my mother, I am built like my mother and I know that if I don't make my changes now that I will be following right in my mother's foot steps!.

So, I am planning to stay on track and make it to my goal this time! I am looking forward to making friends with fellow Medifasters and gaining the motivation I need to stay on track. My food was delivered yesterday and Day One is today!!..

asked Apr 28 at 05:24

Alan's gravatar image


Yes sir! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can help better...

answered Apr 28 at 06:44

Luca's gravatar image


Welcome back and congratualtions on taking an important step to stay healthy. I am here for the long haul myself. Hopefully we can cheer each other along...

answered Apr 28 at 07:10

's gravatar image


Hi and welcome, CONGRATULATIONS, for making the choice to give yourself life..

I'm lucky in that my weight hadn't caused any life threatening conditions, but it had stolen my life. I now have my life back, and I remember to choose every day, do I want my life, or do I want to overeat..

It's as easy as that, choose, choose everytime you put something in your mouth, do I choose life or death, to I choose to really LIVE or just exist..

I'm here to tell you that it is a plain and simple truth, those size 6 jeans (GET OUTTA HERE) give me so much pleasure every time I put them on, hang them on the washing line, or just even THINK about them, it makes it easy to choose...

answered Apr 28 at 08:31

Rafael's gravatar image


Welcome back to MF. I am awful sorry to hear about your mom. Hopefully she fully recovers and takes the opportunity that the surgery has given her to make the most of the rest of her life..

None of us want to face what obesity really means until we are ready to make the changes. You already know you will find lots of support and love here. Good luck..

answered Apr 28 at 09:04

's gravatar image


Welcome, chick! I am sorry to hear about your mother's poor health, but I am glad to hear that it was the wake up call you needed to get back on track to your own good health. Maybe your mother will see your success (and her health scare) and will take the steps she needs to get healthy, too..

I had only one weight related health issue, and that has disappeared along with the excess weight. However, diabetes and other health issues are also in my family, and I could see where I was heading if I didn't lose the weight, too. I hope to be an inspiration to my sister, who is quite obese, but I know that the impetus has to come from within, so I am not holding my breath. I do know that I can be the healthiest person I can possibly be, and I intend to..

I wish you much success this time around...

answered Apr 28 at 09:08

Dean's gravatar image


Thank you all! I am having a terrible time today with the food!.

I have to make it through this!!..

answered Apr 28 at 09:25

Ashton's gravatar image


You may not believe this now, but the food does get better. There was so much that I just didn't like when I started, but I stuck it out and eventually ended up actually preferring some of the medifast food to so-called "real" foods. I even actually had a moment of sadness when I ate my very last Medifast oatmeal! LOL! Of course, now I am reaping the rewards of so much hard work (and the initial feeling of sacrifice) by maintaining my weight loss. Let me tell you, it is soooooo worth it to go through that awful first week in order to get to this point..

Keep up the good work, and keep coming back here for support...

answered Apr 28 at 10:36

Nicholas's gravatar image


You mean I have to stop eating Medifast oatmeal.

I remember, like so many people, going into total panic mode when I had oatmeal as meal one on day one, I thought I'd made the biggest mistake, but it really and truly does get better..

Make things ahead of time, anything that is eaten 'wet' is better for having set up for an hour or two first. For me the breakthrough was dicovering that mixing a shake with a cup of water, leaving it for a couple of hours, then adding a cup of ice and blitzing it in a blender, makes a huge and tasty shake, then I knew that I could survive, and even enjoy MF. The bars and the puffs and pretzels helped out as well. Just keep trying things, and finding ways TO like them..

Most important thing when starting out...remember that you are not choosing Medifast as a punishment for being fat, you are choosing it as reward, becuase you are worth it, you are worth being the best that you can be...

answered Apr 28 at 11:30

Anthony's gravatar image


Welcome back...a couple of more day and you'll be feeling better (((hugs)))..

answered Apr 28 at 13:05

's gravatar image


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