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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does Medifast really surpress the appetite? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... I am 5 weeks out and I am noticing that I can't tolerate a lot of meat products. I know that tastes change after.


But I am finding the only meat I can eat is ground beef and ham. I can't tolerate pork,steak, chicken or turkey. (Luckily I can tolerate beans, shrimp and nuts so I get some protein in).

I had some chicken the other day which was in the.

Chicken soup.

I made and was very juicy and I was sick for 3 hours. I vomited twice and them had a horrible spit up session for the rest of the time and I ate only about 1 oz of the soup. At first it felt like sticking and then it clearly was dumping!.

I am also noticing that melted cheese bothers me. Its like I can hear and feel it go down and the gas bubbles start and I feel like burping. I can eat cheese uncooked with no problems. Has anyone ever heard of sticking due to melted cheese? Maybe it's a texture thing?.

Lastly, I know I need to.

Stay away.

From high fat and stick to protein but what are the guidelines on Bacon or sausage? The regular kind. If the make a low fat version of regular sausage or bacon is it ok? I don't want to get into a habit of eating the wrong proteins because they feel better. I am kind of scare to try the turley kind since a slice of deli turkey had me sick for a whole afternoon recently..

Any suggetions would be helpful. I am finding myself very limited/bored with what I eat and I feel like I am forcing myself to eat when I'm not hungry and if I can't find a way to figure in some flavors I'm going to be in trouble!..

asked May 09 at 13:30

Cullen's gravatar image


Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

answered May 09 at 13:57

's gravatar image


When I first started solids, I had the same problem. I thought it was dry meat but it was just too soon. I am about 8 weeks out now and not having the same problems. I just have to remember to cut very small pieces and chew thoroughly. Give yourself some time...

answered May 09 at 14:40

Jax's gravatar image


Did that.

Chicken soup.

Contain noodles? Are you sure it was the chicken and not another ingredient that made you ill?.

Also, at just five weeks out (I'm just a couple of days behind you), you may be trying too many things. I find pureed chili works well, as well as split pea soup, shrimp, eggs (no problem for me) esp. the salad, Greek yogurt, cheese or hummus on a few ww crackers...

answered May 09 at 16:04

Beau's gravatar image


No better time to cut down on meat than after.


Poached chicken sliced very thin and meats run through the Bullit and mixed with FF Mayo are the only ones I eat..

Bean soup, tofu and turkey bacon rule!..

answered May 09 at 16:33

's gravatar image


Hmmm,,, I am at 9 months..

I can eat anything and am almost over dumping completely but I can't eat soup..

It has nothing to do with the type of soup but rather the fact that the Medifast food is being forced through my system at such a fast rate by the liquid that my body can not cope..

That could be part of the culprit..

Just sayin.....

answered May 09 at 16:36

Jorge's gravatar image


I'm 8 weeks out and it is getting easier. At 5 weeks out beans, lentils, cheese (but not melted), milk based soups, minced up tuna salad, & crab were the only foods that felt good in my pouch. At 8 weeks I can comfortably eat med-rare thin sliced beef, moist eggs, any moist seafood, goundbeef / meatballs (usually with sauce), thin sliced deli meats, and most cooked veggies as well. Chicken & turkey remain on my black list... even when it's ground in a meatball & slathered with sauce. I anticipate that my dining options will continue to expand... but after several painful experiences with poultry I'm not trying to rush that one anymore...

answered May 09 at 18:04

Everett's gravatar image


Seafood and lentils, splitpea, and refried beans and cottage cheese seem to do best in my pouch but I do eat chicken and beef too. I eat them super slow now after getting awfully miserable a few times..

My daughter says I had a buzzard stomach before.


And could eat anything without issue and my pouch is pretty buzzardy too. LOL.

Edamame ( soy bean pods) is really yummy, like kabobly suggested, and we have it available freah at our Costco. Sure worth a try..

Each week things change in very good ways-good luck...

answered May 09 at 19:21

's gravatar image


I am 5 weeks out too... and I cannot tolerate chicken, turkey or eggs... My doctor said to try poultry again in a couple of months... I can't start red meats until 6 months post op... :(..

answered May 09 at 20:48

Dominick's gravatar image


I am a year out and still have problems with sticking if I eat too fast and/or take too big a bite. As long as I take small bites and chew well, I do okay. I have had some problems with chicken, but figured out that if I cut it up and cook it in something or chew very very thoroughly I can still eat it. I don't like soy of any kind, but I have found that sunflower seeds work on my bad days when I can't find any appetite for anything. I did make sure it was okay with my nutritionist if I seasoned my foods, and after I started the pureed portion of the diet, I seasoned everything a little and worked up from there, just to vary flavors...

answered May 09 at 21:15

Orlando's gravatar image


I just wanted to respond to your bacon and sausage question. Those are both basically fats. I would plan to use very sparingly, like in tiny amounts to flavor other things..

Turkey bacon and turkey sausage may sit OK, but they are also higher fat than other forms of turkey..

At 5 weeks you might want to try milder stuff like: cottage cheese, re fried beans, soups, chili, laughing cow, etc, etc..

Good luck...

answered May 09 at 22:08

Levi's gravatar image


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