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Quick question: Does that new diet pill Medifast actually work? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... Private Thread Early Risers Healthier Holidays Challenge.

Wake up, Early Risers! ! This is the Healthier Holidays Challenge! !.

Early Risers Group members only, please..

If you are not already a member of the Early Risers Group,.

Please do not post to this thread..

We welcome you to join our Group Thread, but this is a closed challenge.


The challenge week will run for ten weeks, Nov. 1 Jan. 8. Please log onto this thread between Friday night and Sunday night and log in your points earned that previous week, no matter what day your week starts on. Example - I weigh in on Friday, so my week will cover the previous Friday AM to that Thursday PM, then I report that week before Sunday PM..

To calculate percentage of weight lost, take the pounds lost that week and divide by the weight at the beginning of the week before the loss. Then round up or down from .5. So for example, in a week I started the week at 149.0# and lost 2.2# during the week, my calculation for percentage lost would be 2.2 divided by 149.0 = .014765. Move the decimal two places right (1.4765) and round to two decimal places, 1.48% lost..

We earn -.

1 point for each day 100% on plan.

1 point for each day drinking at least 64 ounces of water.

1 point for each day of exercising at least 20 min. at your target rate.

1 point total for any weight loss that week, enter % of weight lost.

So a weekly report will look like this -.

Kim Week 1 -.

On plan 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 3.

Weight 1.48%.

Total 18.

(Total is made up of 7+7+3+1 point for losing weight that week).

Then Lin will total everything up, give 1 point to that week's Biggest Loser Of The Week! (kinda like Employee of the Month but better!) and have the updated scores posted here before the following Friday. Maybe sooner, but she's a busy lady!.

*There - that's the nitty gritty*.


*Here's to Healthier Holidays*..

asked Apr 30 at 15:48

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191 Answers:
Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

answered Apr 30 at 16:24

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Lin, my starting weight is 201.5. Thank you for managing the challenge, and good luck everyone!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:51

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Hi Lin!.

I changed my weigh in day to Fridays, and I weighed 187 this morning...

answered Apr 30 at 17:43

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Hi Lin, Thank you so much!! My starting weight is 149...

answered Apr 30 at 18:47

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Hi Everyone,.

Just weighed in for the challenge... : ( gained from tuesdays weekly weigh in...so my staring weight is 170.6..... weighed the same yesterday so this is the weight I will use..

Thanks to everyone who has posted their weight so far.....to everyone else please post weight by 5:00pm EST Sunday. this will be the cut off time every Sunday to post our points..





answered Apr 30 at 19:54

's gravatar image


Hi folks-.

I'm weighing in at 190..

Good success on the challenge all!.

Thanks much Lin!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:49

's gravatar image


Hi all!.

So I guess it's me, Lin, Tammi, Bridget, Jaynie and Kelly here. Is that right? Dawn and Diane have decided not to participate. All the more reason to keep the challenge posts her, we don't really need to use the ER thread for the posts related to this. We can just use this thread for all things and discussions related to the challenge from now on...

answered Apr 30 at 22:21

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Hi Kimyep, looks like the 6 of us. Good little group! This health challenge will help us stay on track..

At least, it helped me drag my bod out of my warm bed to walk in the crispy cold this morning!.

My hopes for this challenge... saying it it writing to make it more "real" in some way....


1. I would love to be down one more pant size by Christmas. You knowbe able to wear something a bit slinky for the holidays..

2. And be able to take aerobics or Zumba without gasping for breath 3/4 through the class. My desire is to be able to stay at my target heart rate and have true STAMINA!.

Good success allas we are really competing against... ourselves!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:38

's gravatar image


Amen to that!! We are competing against... ourselves!! I don't mind a small group one bit. Actually it will be easier to really get to know each other..

My goals for this challenge? I haven't made any goals beyond dropping the 20lbs by Christmas. LOL!!.

ETA: I meant to officially say somewhere that my week will be Saturday through Sunday, with weigh-ins on Saturday morning...

answered Apr 30 at 23:02

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Jaynie, Something slinky, Ooh, hadn't even thought of that! Maybe I can even buy it somewhere besides the Torrent 16+ store! Size 14 or less, that would be great! Actually, I may be a 14 now! It has been a long time since I thought about being sexy.GOOD motivation, right there. And you know the stamina will come, you just have to work it!.

Kelly, I thing 20 pounds lost before Christmas is a very good goal. I didn't really have any set goals or "rewards" either, the weight loss and better health were my reward. Then DH & I started fighting over the laptop every evening since I started MFing, so now I want a netbook when I lose 30 pounds. The idea is that will happen around Christmas, and it can be a dual gift! 15 pounds between now and Christmas, I can do that! You only have 11 pounds to go? No prob!.

Oh, I had a thought regarding exercise. Oh no, here we go again! NO, really. I was thinking about the raking I did yesterday, how do I count it? So I went to Myplan. I entered "raking leaves" for 1 1/2 hours, and it said I would burn over 500 calories. Really? I checked on another site, and yes, that's so. So I entered "aerobics, general".

SO, my thought is that if the number of calories you burn doing activities like raking leaves are at least the amount Myplan says that you would burn doing the 45 minutes of "formal"exercise, should we count it? VOTE, PLEASE!.

Have a great on plan day, you guys. I'm off to move all those leaves!..

answered May 01 at 00:24

's gravatar image


Kim, I say "yes" to raking leaves. I think it is a vigorous activity and very good exercise..

I am very thankful for the challenge. Without it, I would certainly have quit today. I am feeling run down and teary today. I am following the plan and not losing...or at least the scale didn't reflect any loss this am. It is frustrating that all my discipline isn't giving me the pay off I so want. I sooo wanted just a "normal" breakfast this morning and my beloved Coke that I haven't had in weeks.

I am going to "put my big girl panties on and get over it". Oh, and I need to buy more toilet paper because I've never drank so much water before in my life!!.

Thanks guys..

Ps. I thought Dawn and Diane weighed in?..

answered May 01 at 00:52

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100% yes that yard work and housework should count as exercise. I don't mean daily stuff like doing dishes... but the stuff that is vigorous above and beyond normal duties: like raking leaves and scouring the shower..

Isn't that how Mr. Miyagi trained Daniel? Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off..

Bridget: How frustrating to not see the scale move. Glad this competition is keeping you motivated! Because as you know... if you stick to the plan, you will get results!! Doesn't help while you're watching the scale being stuck on one number. :P.

I'm going to think about my goals while we are out watching the Red Wings game tonight. Instead of eating at the restaurant... I'll focus on diet goals. LOL!..

answered May 01 at 02:29

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HiKimYep to raking leaves. Absolutely. That stuff is HARD work! (againglad for children still at home... we have tall trees!) It is a work out..

BridgetI hear you woman. It is frustrating when the scale won't comply..

I recently tried something new that might work for you. On Diane's suggestion I tried 2 full days of eating shakes only for my 5 Medifast meals (plus my water and L&G of course)..

That lower carb approach seemed to work. I lost my "I WENT ON VACATION AND COULDN'T PASS UP THE WINE" weight from Sunday to this morning..

Think the trick is lower carb stuff..

Unfortunatelyuntil my next order arrives, I have lots of the soups and pretzles left. Ordered the drinks Diane suggested for the low carbies..

Has anyone tried the chili? I ordered it and the beef stew. It is cold here and I welcome a hot snack..

And Bridget I used to drink COKE for breakfast. So beloved? It was!.

Kelly- your Mr. Miyagi comment made me laugh. Funny!.

On our challenge....

My dog is getting in good shape along with me. I decided to start work later to walk briskly around the lake behind my property (3 miles). Brave and fit little MalteseI only had to carry him the last 1/4 mile. Leaves in full splendor. Magnificant..

Have a good exercise/OP/h2o day tomorrow all...

answered May 01 at 03:40

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Jaynie: I love the beef stew... and I like the chili, especially when I add chicken or veggies to it. Definitely feels more like a "meal" than some of the other options..

I'm going to have to start getting up earlier to exercise before work. Unless I workout tonight when I get home (we're going out to watch the Red Wings game)... I'm going to miss a day of exercise. I guess exercising at 10pm won't be too bad. I can get 20 minutes in now that I think about it...

answered May 01 at 04:53

's gravatar image


Thanks you guys....

Had a good day. Cleaning the house and catching up on laundry. Happy to have a day off and I am so much happier when my home is in order..

Kim, I am using the "my plan" and have been consistently measuring and recording. I do allow 1 T of creamer per day and count condiments like cocktail sauce. I started out with carbs under 80, but have bumped it up. For example, today when I finish my "Frosty" tonight, I will end up with 86.5 carbs, 11 fat and protein 109.3 (Usually fat is closer to 20 and protein closer to 95) Calories somewhere between 800-1000. I'm putting my scale away until Friday and hoping for the BEST!!.

I was totally addicted to Coke and thought this program would be next to impossible if I couldn't have my Coke for breakfast. Today was the first day I missed it, but that quickly passed. I am starting actually starting to like water!.

Okay, grasshoppers...time to wax on wax off!..

answered May 01 at 05:25

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I am personally thrilled to meet someone else who drank coke for breakfast. I got such flack for it from family and friends that I became a "closet" coke drinker. Reallydrank my coke out of my stainless steel Starbucks mug to be undetected..

Like you, water is my new drink of choice. Especially with getting more active. I am actually craving at least 9 glasses a day. My hair got shiny. Anyone notice changes in their hair?.

I wanted to take Dawson out for a late night walk a bit ago (I carry a flashlight for our night walks). ManI must have walked that wee one a good bit lately. When he saw the flashlight he took off for the couch! DH thought that was very funny. My beloved doggie will be 11 in February - guess he isn't used to being so active..

Night all...

answered May 01 at 06:41

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" I am going to "put my big girl panties on and get over it". Oh, and I need to buy more toilet paper because I've never drank so much water before in my life!!".

Bridget, as far as the panties go, I think cute little girl ones would be much better!! Then at least you'd feel sexier. Or. Depends! That would save me from getting up 5 times a night!.

LOL! Really, that is a bummer. BAD scale! All I can think of is to continue to work with the myplan until you find the balance. I am convinced that is the key to success. Like Dane said on the ER thread, there is no way BUT to lose weight if you're on plan, the numbers demand it. I know since I have gone to 80+ carbs (I was eating under 80), 100+ protein and under 20 grams of fat, about 850 calories, I have lost more this week. Is it the change? Is it dumb luck? Who knows.

That's why I'm also trying to exercise about 30 minutes total, almost daily. IT WILL HAPPEN..

Patience, Grasshopper. You will find the true path. I know, it's not Karate Kid, best I could do..

Jaynie, sounds like you're gonna have to walk in the dark if you want that poor dog to get out there! Hide the flashlight until you're out the door! Isn't it funny, the things that they clue in on? I used to walk my Sheltie around our little circle twice. Then he figured it out and would stop at the driveway when we went by, to only go around once! So I started turning around at the house before ours and going around the second time the other way! He figured that out too! Would go right by me when I turned around and sit in the driveway. Too funny. Now he won't even go past the end of the drive. He is 13, though, so I leave him here now..

Kelli, the Karate Kid reference was a hoot! Two years ago, I went to a Halloween party some friends of ours have every year, usually a theme thing. The theme was "80's movies" that year. One of the guys concocted a complex costume involving a backpack and a square over his head made of PVC piping with a shower curtain hanging all around him. He was dressed as Daniel in the shower scene! SO FUNNY! He would open the shower curtain like a flasher all night. This year it was a candy theme, My DD went as a box of Redhots and made her BF be a box of Nerds!!.

Haven't had the Beef Stew, but I love the Beef Veg. and the Maryland Crab soups. Actually, I like all the soups I've tried, usually have them for lunch. I nuke it the first time when I have my 9 AM snack, then put it in the fridge until noon. The chunks seem to be better that way. I also tried Cream of Chicken as a Cup of Soup, you can go to Dunkin's or Starbuck's and ask for a small cup of hot water and it is perfect.

Has no chunks, so this works pretty good..

Got to go, time to let the hairy beastie (dog) out! Have a great on plan day with lots of exercise, but not too great, so I can win this challenge!!..

answered May 01 at 07:10

's gravatar image


WOW! DEJA VU!!! What the heck happened there? ROTFLMAO!..

answered May 01 at 08:39

's gravatar image


Why didn't someone mention the shower curtain costume before Halloween?? ROFL!!..

answered May 01 at 09:58

's gravatar image


There's always next year! It will probably take that long to figure it out. I'll check Facebook and see if I can post a pic - it was as riot!.


answered May 01 at 10:25

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Not wanting to miss an exercise point is the only thing that got me to do my arm exercises with free weights last night. Still haven't managed to drag butt out of bed for an a.m. workout. Getting home at 7pm... dealing with dinner then chores... does not exercise motivation make. So thanx to this challenge for keeping me on track!..

answered May 01 at 11:53

's gravatar image


Me too Kelly! I was going to skip yesterday, but decided to walk on the treadmill on my lunch break b/c I didn't want to miss a point. Good motivation. Oh, and I've got to drink more water earlier in the day. I have to finish it too close to bedtime and it's waking me up!! LOL..

answered May 01 at 13:26

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Hi all.

Getting ready to go to the club to meet DD #1 (oldest child) ..

It is COLD here (Maryland), yet I want my little point. So I am going to drag myself out in 30 minutes. My youngest wants to play racketball with buddies and I am waiting for the child to get it lined up. It could take all night...teens!.

Going to try the cardio stations in the gym tonight. I've belong to this gym but haven't been since last year as DH takes the non-drivers with him to club. We have had a family membership since 1987 as DH plays competitive tennis and DD #3 goes 4 or 5 times a week. Bargain for the kids since we get the discount family rate. Great in the summer as it includes the outdoor pools in my community-something I enjoy much..

The big fall rage sport out here for the 20 something crowd is kickball and volleyball leagues. My kids do both. I played v'ball until my 7th month with DS #1. Loved that game. We had a net set up in our yard this entire summer and the kids liked it. DH played at DD #3's college grad party in May.

I am going to try the women's gym tonight and treat myself to a sauna. AHHH..

Hope they don't have to carry me otta there!.

Have a good OP/WATER/ACTIVE day tomorrow..

Night now..

Have a great OP day ladies...

answered May 01 at 13:45

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I hit the 10 lb mark today. Woot woot! I was afraid to step back on the scale and verify it.

I hope I am posting my results correctly.




Weight-(down 2.4/149=1.61%)-1.


answered May 01 at 14:50

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Way to rock the points Bridget! I think I'm going to hit or pass the 10lb mark this week too. Don't want to count it until my official weigh-in tomorrow..

Jaynie, how was the gym? I was supposed to be signing up this week for a local college gym... but it got pushed to next week. What kind of cardio stations do they have?.

Kim, I read in the other thread how your walk coincided with hunting season. Oops! Is there somewhere else you can get in a good walk so you don't get bored of your home gym?.

As for me, I finally tried my WiiFit plus last night. It's nice because you can get fit credits more efficiently by stringing workouts together. Before it took me like 50 minutes to get 30 minutes of exercise. But last night I got 35 minutes in only 45 minutes of time. They also added a funny new game where you flap your arms to fly and land on targets. LOL!..

answered May 01 at 16:27

's gravatar image


Thanks Kelly. I had decided not to exercise yesterday and then I volunteered to coordinate pizza for my son's basketball team. I am not familiar with pizzarias near the school so I ordered from a shop that will deliver to the games. I HAD to try it to make sure it was okay for the boys.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it! It was heavenly. Back on plan today.

I don't feel like exercising today. Really need to step away from the computer and clean my house, but I think I will let the family go to the football game tonight and I will plug in the WiiFit. Great idea and my lower motivation days!! Thanks.....

answered May 01 at 17:41

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Lin -.

My points this week are -.

OP - 6 (damn wine!).

Water - 7.

Exercise - 4.

Weight loss - lost 5.5 pounds - 2.94%, eat my dust!.

Really, I'm sure it is a miracle never to happen again..


answered May 01 at 17:44

Declan's gravatar image


Lin -.

My points this week are -.

OP - 6 (damn wine!).

Water - 7.

Exercise - 4.

Weight loss - lost 5.5 pounds - 2.94%, eat my dust!.

Really, I'm sure it is a miracle never to happen again..

WAY TO GO BRIDGET! Exercise 6 days? AND ten pounds gone forever!..

answered May 01 at 17:58

Cade's gravatar image


Lin -.

My points this week are -.

OP - 6.

Water - 7.

Exercise - 4.

Weight loss - lost 5.5 pounds (2.94%) Eat my dust!.

WAY TO GO BRIDGET!! 6 days of exercise AND ten pounds gone forever!..

answered May 01 at 18:14

's gravatar image


OMG!!! What the F**K is going on with the discussion boards? SORRY!..

answered May 01 at 19:08

's gravatar image


Yea, I figured you were just bragging. 3 posts with "eat my dust". I get the point.

I think it was the wine that boosted your metabolism!!..

answered May 01 at 20:44

's gravatar image


As to the snafu in the posts... are you guys getting a blank page when you "post?" Then trying to post again? I've found that even when it doesn't look like my post went thru... that it actually is there if I refresh. Just a thought that might be the reason for the multi-posts. :P.

You guys online now? Available for chat?..

answered May 01 at 21:45

Nathan's gravatar image


Yeah, yeah, yeah. No problem with the boards, I MEANT to post three times!!! LOL!!! Bridget, you did whup me in exercise, that's for sure. Keep it up, it WILL pay off..

Wine for everybody! Fine, never mind.Have a GREAT on plan weekend guys!!.



answered May 01 at 22:24

's gravatar image


Hi all..

Kim you did great! Fantastic weight loss. Woo hoo. Congrats! And... I rather like the wine for all idea!.

KellyThe boards seem quirkylast week I had a deju vu again and again...post without doing anything..

Bridgetglad the pizza was good enough for the kids. Good mom to test it out in my view!.

I would have done the same!.

I am going to post my results on Sunday since I go Sunday to Sunday. Caught a cold on the plane and feel icky sicky. Coughing fool..

But eat Kim's dust? No way! Nuh ugh! Zumba calls my name.....

After my abysmal CA week I had to go at this week with vigor..

Take care and good OP week-end gals...

answered May 01 at 22:40

Noel's gravatar image


Kelly: Week 1.

On plan: 6.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 5.

Weight: -1.09%.

Total: 19.

Woohoo! I'll take my 2.4 lb loss..

Never looked at it as a percentage before. If I lost 2.4 each week, it would continue to increase in percentage. LOL! I guess that's why losses start to slow down as one approaches goal, eh?.

Halloween is why I didn't get 7 points for being OP... and knowing I'd already lost a point helped keep me 100% OP when we ate out last night. Water points are the easy ones... I just increased to 5- 20 ounce bottles per day and even if I use an infuser in one, that's still 80 ounces of plain water. *grin*.

This is fun! Thanks again to Lin and Kim for organizing a challenge!..

answered May 02 at 00:19

Clayton's gravatar image


Jaynie, NOT abysmal week, wonderful vacation. Who cares about a little cheat that is over and done with? It's not like you and HD will ever go to Napa alone again! We all would have done the same, you know. I hope you feel better - better go get new cough medicine this time. Try pills. Zumba clears the sinuses, they say! LOL..

Kelly, it is fun! I like having the two threads, too. The fact that we use it for accountability and a motivator is great..

HE HE HE, you can edit, if you're really fast!..

answered May 02 at 00:26

's gravatar image


Jaynie, OOPS, I meant DH, not HD! Unless you have a Harley somewhere..

Guess I didn't edit enough!..

answered May 02 at 01:44

's gravatar image


Lin, my points this week are:.

Tammi Week 1 -.

On plan 4.

Water 7.

Exercise 1.

Weight .74%.

Total 13.

Had a tough week this week.

At least as far as Medifast goes. I will try harder next week. Good job your points this week!!..

answered May 02 at 02:08

Waylon's gravatar image


TAMMI! How are you doing, girl? We miss you!! Come back...

answered May 02 at 02:18

's gravatar image


Hi Everyone.....

Didn't even think of checking this board to see if people were posting during the week.....DUH!! granted I didn't have internet a few days but the thought of checking this board out never crossed my mindjust thought this was going to be where we posted......DOPE SLAP !!.....lol.

KimYOU GO GIRL !!!!.

Kelligreat loss!!!.

Tammi sorry to hear that you had a tough week...you still had a loss.....that good!..

answered May 02 at 03:54

's gravatar image


OPPSSS!!! Sorry girls....need that edit button......lol.

Bridgetsorry I missed you in the lst post....2.4lbs..10lbs gone foreverwoo hoo.

Weekly weigh in #1.

OP 6.

Water 7.

EX 6.

WT loss 3.6 2.1% ( KIMso close!!!!! ).


If it wasn't for those cosmos......lol maybe I'll catch you next week !!!!.


answered May 02 at 04:36

's gravatar image


Hi allHere are my stats.

OP 7.

Water 7.

EX 7.

Weight loss 5.8 pounds (now 184.2 -was 190) (1 point for weight loss).

Percentage of weight loss- 3.0%.

Points= 22.

TammiSorry about the tough week. I had one the previous week. Glad you are hanging in there! Know the scales will comply for you this week! And good news for youyou lost 3/4 of a pound. When I went off program in CAI gained a pound. So congratulate yourself for the loss! Good success to you! I'm glad to hear from you..

PS Need to change my weight tracker and will do so when I get back from service...

answered May 02 at 04:50

's gravatar image



Thanks for getting all your info posted..

Slow afternoon so I thought I would post the results ASAP. Here you go......if you haven't figured it out already!! lol.

WOW ! I guess when we are challenged we put our butt into gear!.

It came down to the last ER"s post when Jaynie bumped Kim out of being BIGGEST LOSER OF THE WEEK!!!!!!! QUEEN OF THE EARLY RISERS !!!!.


EXERCISE 675 461.

OP 676 6 64.

WATER 777 7 7 7.

Lost wt 111111.




Lbs lost2.4.


%wt loss1.6%.


1.1%2.9% 2.1% .74%.

If I have made any mistake PLEASE let me know........

GREAT week to everyone..let's keep up the good work!!.


Sorry about the chartI have tried many times to get it all lined up...It looks great until it's posted!..

answered May 02 at 05:41

's gravatar image


Yay! We all lost! Congrats Jaynie!! Damn I'm jealous..

answered May 02 at 05:51

Larry's gravatar image


Hi all.

We all lost weight. Woo hoo! That's great. Fun to be this week's "Biggest loser".

I was sort of surprised at my 5.8 pound loss this week. Kimyou lost a lot this week. Did you do something different?.

I am wondering if eating more in CA (I gained full pound that week...) jump started my metabolism again..

Perhaps I should test this "eat more" theory out again on Christmas Eve where there is a party that is hard to resist indulging at?!?!.

I've been mixing Zumba up with brisk walking and biking..

When I do the zumba....well, DH and my kids keep poking their head in my office to smirk. No lock on my French doors to my office or I would certainly lock it..

I wonder if I need to move it to the health club? I feel I am not quite ready for prime time Zumba-ers yet. I can't quite get that hip thing going. It probably is a bit laughable..

What did other folks do this week for exercise?.

Glad to have this healthy competition. And so good to meet milestones together!.

Let's have a great healthier holidays week.

PS BridgetI would give my eye teeth to be only 16.6 pounds from goal! You must be getting so excited at the prospect. And Dianeall I can say is I wonder if I will ever truly see size 4 even at goalyou see, "my hips don't lie"..... (My fav Zumba song!Shikira. I sing it in the shower, maybe in my sleep....).

Wellthis cold is driving me bonkersbut the competitive spirit moves me on...

answered May 02 at 06:19

Curtis's gravatar image



Clearly you need to drink more wine so I can win next week.LOL! Congratulations!! I did try to change up the combo of fat/protein/carbs to be a more even ratio. Maybe I was just due to lose, who knows? I do lots of step aerobics, it's what I used to teach. I oove it! Like Zumba, you need to concentrate, helps pass the time..


answered May 02 at 07:36

Colby's gravatar image


Hi folks.

How goes the exercise? I am feeling very energetic. Pushing through this cold by sheer will because I would like to see those size 14's by Christmas (All I want for Christmas is my size fouteens, my size fourteens... OH and would like to keep M-Y crown! It is very shiny, quite nice actually. Fits perfectly!.

Last night, I dreamed I was jazz dancing again. Back at age 22. Waist length hair, all tied up in a pony tail wearing this cool Danskin neon leotard with flashing lights (on the bumno less!). So weirdsince in my dream I was married to DH and he was his current age. Freud anyone? LOL..

answered May 02 at 07:43

's gravatar image


I've jogged the last couple of mornings and it's getting easier! The cooler weather helps. I feel so good afterwards. It's the getting out the door part....

Ha! I am always younger and thinner in my dreams. Can't say I've been covered in flashing lights though.

Please keep the crown polished for when you hand it over to one of us. Did anyone share with you the clause that if you win it twice in a row, you are removed from the group?.

Don't think I'll win it this week...the scale isn't budging, but I feel so good anyway!!..

answered May 02 at 08:05

Joseph's gravatar image


Bridget, I know how you feel. I also feel great even though I haven't lost any weight this week so far. I have enjoyed several NSV's this week, and have crossed the 20 pound barrier, so that helps! Every day when I get on the scale, I'm still amazed it doesn't read 200! Someone asked me what I weighed yesterday and I had to think - wait, is my weight in the 170's? Yes, it is! I've been 200 for so long..

Jaynie, I dreamed about posting here the other night! It was so funny to wake up and be thinking about writing to you guys! The lights intrigue me, I wonder why they were on your butt? At least you didn't have pasties on! I weigh 178 (!) and am now in a 14, you can't be too far from fitting in them. AND - That crown isn't gonna fit if your head keeps swelling like that!!! You'll have to send it to me..

We seem to now have two challenges going on here - The overall challenge, and the fight for the crown! Of course, for now Jaynie happens to have both in the bag, but that will change...

answered May 02 at 08:29

Riley's gravatar image


Hi all. It sounds like you all are doing great!!!.

I want to apologize for not participating as much as I should be the past couple weeks. Life has been pretty hectic lately. Not an excuse for my lack of support to you guys and the program, so I will work on that! I am still working and losing though, I am hoping to reache the 20lb mark this Friday..

Kim, congrats on the 170's!!! I am so happy for you! My goal for the 170's is a new pair of jeans from Maurices. I love their clothes and they don't have a "womens" section..

Janie, lights on your butt, huh, who woulds thunk it? Well, keep it in mind, maybe next years Halloween costume?.

I have been going to the Y and doing a few miles on my lunch hour every day. It feels great to get it done and not feel too exhausted and guilty in the evenings if I don't feel like excersizing. This will be my plan of attack for a while. Then, walks and activities with the kiddos on weekends..

So, what is this about a crown? I must have missed that post. Do tell......

answered May 02 at 09:26

Isaias's gravatar image


Finally going to sign up for the gym that has racquetball today!! They have a great track and elliptical machines too. Plus free step-aerobics classes too. (Well free after you've paid to join. LOL!!).

They have exercise boot camps too... but I tried that once and was SO out of my league with all the young college age kids. Oy!!.

*excited tigger bounce dance*..

answered May 02 at 10:22

's gravatar image






Fun, fun ,.

Fun FUn, FUN!.

Tigger Bounce Dance Song!..

answered May 02 at 10:24

's gravatar image


I am wondering if there are mind altering medications in our Medifast food?..

answered May 02 at 10:38

's gravatar image


Kim and Bridget.

I checked the site right before turning off my computer. Eating my last nibble of Honey Mustard Pretzels I started laughing and a piece went down the wrong pipe..

Chokingly yours...

answered May 02 at 10:43

Jorge's gravatar image


We can only hope so. Perhaps that's how they get us all to stay on plan for so long..

Jaynie, does DH know the Heimlich maneuver? Maybe you could choke, sue 'em all and own MF!.

I LOVE Winnie The Pooh! Woo hoo hoo hoo, in the words of Tigger!.

TTFN (get it now?),.


answered May 02 at 11:59

Ezekiel's gravatar image


As Bridgette posted on the other boardI miss those days of little kids..

On characters-I confess to loving the "Bad Girl" of DisneyTinkerbell. I took DD #3 to Disney World for her high school graduation (DH and I do one get away per child with just that child upon high school grad-a fun tradition.) Anyway DD and I discovered Tink memorabilia and liked her spunk!.


I posted a water question on the regular board. While I do like my crown indeed- I like you folks losing too! EXTRA Water is working for me and might for you..

Jaynie had one off OP day this week... so far... who knows may be more by Sunday AM.....

BTWI got off program by accident yesterday. I ate 2 cups of 1% cottage cheese (see what happens when I don't refer to my food list? I only have had cottage cheese once before and my menapause memory made me think it was supposed to be 2 cups per Lean- wrong1.5 cups)..

It was REALLY hard to eat all that protein and I had to put it in the fridge for later and force myselfshould have known something was up. DH kept saying"Wowthat seems like a lot...".

So my running streak of OP was broken for one day..

And then I forced myself to eat the choking pretzels. Only realized mistake when I clocked my foods on my plan..

Let me ask: Say I discovered my overeating accident prior to eating my last Medifast meal..

Should I have eaten 1 less Medifast meal?.

I am not talking about for our competition, I still would have been off projectbut just in general..

How would you folks handle an accidental over eat?.

Gotta go (said Runs to Bathroom)..

answered May 02 at 12:32

Riley's gravatar image


If I'm understanding correctly... as long as your calories are under 1000 and your carbs under 100... you're still on plan..

I definitely wouldn't skip an Medifast meal for just an extra 1/2 cup of cottage cheese... only 81 calories, 1 gm fat, 3 gms carbs and 14 gms of protein..

Now if you ate 1/2 a pizza or something... then we might talk about how to handle it. LOL!!..

answered May 02 at 13:06

Isaias's gravatar image


Hi Everyone....

You guys crack me up...... you are all such a great group.......

Been having a few hard days here....believe it or not trying to get all my Medifast meals in. I started the week with a migraine (now gone) but now I have some damn virus that is doing me inDr said it has to run it's course..... take some OTC meds why do med have so many carbs in them??????. AND believe it or not I am not hungry at all.....wait did I say that.....never thought I would say I am not hungry...lol a couple of times I have had to double up to make sure I get them all in.......

Keep up all the good work...


answered May 02 at 14:42

Andy's gravatar image


Poor Lin! I hope you feel better soon! You know, maybe you could take some medicine before bedtime so you can get a decent night's sleep..

Jaynie, I agree with Kelli, as long as the goof-up didn't throw you too far off plan, it's all the same. Plus, I think going off on accident doesn't count SO much, especially if it was still close to on plan. I figure out my day's food in the AM, so I know ahead what to eat. Don't kick yourself, it really does beat the 1/2 a pizza. I guess...

answered May 02 at 15:43

's gravatar image


Hi allthanks for info. I was under the 1,000 calories and under the carbs since I ate all shakes and the Medifast fruit punch drinks because I was on deadline yesterday and couldn't take time to eat..

Lin- Wonder if yours came as as a part of your virus. Take care. I know what you mean about the meds and carbsremember I wrote that they got me out of ketosis in Sept? Hang in there! You'll be in our thoughts..

Another thing ladies who want my crown.. all that pizza talk. My weakness. And chips... DH called me "the Chipster".

And... no, waitI love Medifast foods. I crave a strawberry Medifast shake (a lie) right now!.

Question: What else to you make with the Magic Bullet? That little machine is powerful! It says you can tons of stuff...

answered May 02 at 15:47

's gravatar image


Jaynie, Haven't you seen the infomercial? OMG, it's great. You can get them on eBay for $50 to buy 1, if you don't want to dish out $100 for two of them. I have a Medifast Healthmate, pretty much the same thing but no juicer. I use it to mix the shakes and puddings, but I also used it to make salsa last night. Go online and watch the infomercial, you'll be "simply amazed"! Hide the credit card first! LOL! HEY! I'm craving an orange shake, no not really...

answered May 02 at 16:32

's gravatar image


Week Two.

Happy Friday all!! I am a little happier posting this week than last I went to the Y every day this week, and I feel great. I am going to strength training today though, I have a feeling that I will be quite sore tomorrow and Sunday. Oh well, I am sure I will get through it.

You guys have a great Friday and safe weekend. Looking forward to seeing all your week two posts!!.

OP 6.

Water 7.

EX 7.

Weight loss 5 pounds (now 195 - was 200) (1 point for weight loss).

Percentage of weight loss- 2.5%.

Points = 21..

answered May 02 at 17:54

's gravatar image


Hi Tammiwow! you did great!.

I personal messaged you a minute ago, but this quirky sitenot sure if it went through..

Kimmy DDs saw the infomercial. I never saw it. Now they want to borrow- nope. All mine! They can use it when they visit. Borrow? What a hoot!..

answered May 02 at 19:05

Russell's gravatar image


Great job Tammi!.

No crown for me this week, but a loss is a loss.




Weight loss -1 0.68%..

answered May 02 at 19:41

Jorge's gravatar image


Kelly: Week 2.

On plan: 5.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 7.

Weight: -1.2%.

Total: 20.

Yeah, well... it would have been 6 days on plan (I had already splurged last Saturday), but we decided to have a pizza lunch Friday at work. It was good for a change of pace..

Today I decided to try the MF-chicken noodle soup crust pizza. Not bad... but I would have used more pizza sauce than the recipe called for because it was kinda dry. The recipe makes 4 servings... so pizza for me for a couple of days. LOL!..

answered May 02 at 20:02

Jacob's gravatar image


Week of 11/13-.

On plan - 7.

Water - 7.

Exercise - 5.

Weight - 3.5 pounds, 1.9%.

That's all folks!..

answered May 02 at 20:52

's gravatar image


Janie here.



Days (I followed Kelli's suggestion here- While I ate 2 cups of cottage cheese for L&GI did not go over 1,000 calories).







Weight lost-.

3.2 pounds.


Total points- 20.

Bye bye crowni loved you so!..

answered May 02 at 22:16

's gravatar image


Hello Early Risers.

Everyone did so well this week I hate to post my stats. Not very happy as I had no weight loss this week. DEPRESSING !!!.

I will blame it on the meds as I have nothing else to blame it on. Hopefully next week I will have a decent week..

EX 6.

OP 7.


WT 0.


Tammi is the BIGGEST LOSER OF THE WEEK !!! QUEEN OF THE EARLY RISERS !!!!with a whopping 5 pounds and 2.5% LOSS!.


EXERCISE 657 561.

OP 677776.

WATER777 77 7.

Lost wt 1111 01.

TOTAL PTS 2020202020.


Lbs lost13.23.50.


%wt loss.68%1.7% 1.2%1.9%0.


Great job everyone!!!!!.


answered May 02 at 23:28

's gravatar image



Thanks for all the get well wishes. This thing just won't go away. Trying to stop the meds as I think (or hoping) that is what stopped the weight loss. Jaynie I do remember you posting that when you will ill the meds did bring you out of ketosis. There is hope for next week !!!.

Although I didn't exercise "hard" I did manage to slowly ride my bikeGoing to try to pump up the exercise .... I have to start the strength training to rev things up..... Just came in from a long walk with DH...it was a cloudy but warm day here..

Tammi great job on your victory !!! Wear that crown with pride!!.

Kelly Having Pizza for lunch didn;t hurt your weight loss and you jumped right back OP...Did the "pizza" taste like pizza? I want to give it a try as I miss pizza.....

KimWOW a 3.5 weight loss week after your 5.5 week....the change you made seems to be working for you !!.

BridgetA loss os a loss....hang in there and the crown will be yours one week!!!.

Hope everyone has a great OP CHALLENGE Week !!!!.

Who will wear the crown next week???????.


(I notices that my signature was an old oneI wonder what happened??? I think it's fixed now...lol)..

answered May 03 at 01:07

Braxton's gravatar image


Lin... you still got 20 points even without a loss. Way to stick to the plan even when you're sick. I'm sure it's the being sick/meds that put you on a plateau, we'd all better watch out next week..

Sorry I forgot to include my loss which was 2.6lbs. I did update it in my signature at least..

(BTW: I know you can't edit the chart now, but I only got 5 points for being OP... the total is correct though.).

I PM'd you with the link to the pizza recipe, but here's the link in case anyone else is interested:.

I used the one with 3 Medifast chicken noodle soups and 1 Medifast eggs... making a 4 meal pizza. Like I told Lin... I liked it, but didn't love it. More sauce was definitely needed! I think I'll stick to the recipe that uses the tomato soup because it doesn't need sauce and you can make 1 meal at a time...

answered May 03 at 02:07

Dennis's gravatar image


Morning all..

Boy are we kickin' butt. Way to go Tammi!.

Congrats all..

Linhope you are feeling better. I am still on the mend after catching a bug on the plane home from CA. These things linger..

It was 68 in MD yesterday and again today. Going to walk in the woods and around the lake! Beautiful fall foliage..

Zumba aerobics this morning..

Kelly- I bought the Cream of Tomato soup to try the pizzahaven't done it yet....

answered May 03 at 03:20

's gravatar image


Great job everyone!.

I will be more than happy to flaunt the crown this week. It takes a heck of alot of effort to earn it with this group!!! I have the same plan of attack this week, so if you want the crown next week, it will probably come down to percentage of weight lost.... Good luck all!.

Lin, I hope you recovered some over the weekend and are feeling better..

Everyone had 20 points last week! That is super! Way to get revved up for the holidays!!.

You all have a great week. I am anxiously waiting to post my stats on Friday. I am hoping for 3-5 more pounds.....

There was no crown icon when I updated my ticker, so I chose the trophy for the week. Feels gooood, real gooood..

answered May 03 at 04:23

's gravatar image


Ohthat trophy icon is so cute..

I plan to have it on my ticker next week Tammi. Don't get so used to that baby as I am working to reclaim my title!.

In earnestwe are kicking (loosing) butt!..

answered May 03 at 04:44

's gravatar image


I forgot to congratulate you Tammi!!!!!.

Way to go!! Woot!!!..

answered May 03 at 05:53

's gravatar image



Tammilove the trophy icon..... CONGRATS again !!!!.

Kelly sorry about the mistake... It was a typo...I have it right in my chart. : ).

I added your weight loss to my chart....Thanks for the link....

Jayniehow was the water Zumba??.

Actually feeling somewhat better today....thanks.


answered May 03 at 07:32

's gravatar image


WOW, nice job done by all of us! This challenge is gonna be close all the way through. Just what we all needed to kick ourselves in the a** and get moving!! I'm so proud of us all..

Lin, you did manage to get those 20 points even though you were sick, that makes you a threat for next week, if you ask me! If you had lost any weight, you may have won, so close! I'm sure it was being sick and taking meds, you'll be back on track next week. Congrats, Tammi, I guess you are out there in MFland somewhere, kicking our collective a**es, very quietly. WELL DONE! Enjoy that trophy while you have it!.

We should all be proud of ourselves, and each other. I think it is agreed that none of us would be sticking to this program so well without the encouragement and/or competition of this group!.

Now, pat yourself on the back, and get back to exercising!!!..

answered May 03 at 09:11

's gravatar image


Well you guys better watch out... 'cause I'm planning to get 7 points for being OP this week!! Tall words from someone who's had at least one "off" day each week, eh? LOL!!! I mainly want to see if it makes a difference or not..

*looks around for measuring tape to see how well that crown is going to fit*..

answered May 03 at 09:39

's gravatar image


Oh Kelly-just when I was going to pass on that extra exercise! You gals keep me hopping!.

Good success the rest of the week all! Kellygo for the perfect 7!!!..

answered May 03 at 09:44

's gravatar image


That's OK, Kelly, I blew this week right away with wine last Friday night, which is day 1 of the week for me! You don't have to get all 7 points, I don't mind!.

Jaynie, I think you deserve a day off from exercise, come to think of it! LOL!..

answered May 03 at 10:58

's gravatar image


Tough week me...off and on plan, off and on....





At least I didn't gain..

answered May 03 at 11:18

's gravatar image


Bridgetyou'll get back on the Medifast horse. You have had a tough week.

I think it may be tough to have as little as you have to loose nowonly 15 ish pounds..

As Kim pointed out earlierif only I had been as smart as you and hopped on Medifast when I had only 25 pounds to goal instead of....nearly 70!.

So hang in there and kick our buns next week!.

Hi everyone else!..

answered May 03 at 12:56

's gravatar image


So true, Jaynie. And if I ever gain again, I will hop right back on the Medifast train!.

All right, dammit, I want that crown!.

On plan - 6 - wine night..

Water - 7.

Exercise - 5.

Weight loss - 4.5 lb.!!! 2.5%!!!.

Total of 19.

Good luck everyone (but not too good)!..

answered May 03 at 13:01

's gravatar image


Wowlook at that weight loss Kim! You are cooking with gas girl! WOWWOWWOW!.

I think I need to step up the intensity of my workouts. Your results are absolutely amazing..

I weigh in on Sunday morningso will check in then. I am 6 for 6 in exercise todayyet wonder if I need to switch it up a bit...only doing 30 to 45 minutes. Kimshould I be doing longer?.


answered May 03 at 13:27

Rodney's gravatar image


Well Kim, here's your chance!.

After all the trash talking I did last week, I had a horrible week this week!.

All in all, my eating habits were not that far off plan on the days that I was off. 2 of the days it was beer that put me off plan. I did stay on all with Medifast and L&G though, and did my usual excersize every day. So I still should have had some los. But, it is time of month too. So, who knows, better luck next week I guess..

On plan - 4.

Water - 7.

Exercise - 5.

Weight loss - 0.

Total of 16.

Not only do I have to give up the crown.

But I also have to give up the trophy icon.

This weekend is up to visit my family, and next week is Thanksgiving. A great holiday, but hard on the waistline. Anyone have a plan of attack yet for next week???..

answered May 03 at 13:52

's gravatar image


Jaynie, What are you doing exactly for exercise, and how many days? PM me if you want, and we can check it out..

I warned you guys that when I work out, I WORK OUT! I am surprised that it hasn't slowed my loss yet, it is bound to happen. All I am doing at present is step aerobics. But I really.


Them. I try to maintain a heart rate of 145 for the full 45 - 50 minutes of the working part of the DVD. Having done step for so long, the moves are kind of imprinted in my brain now. My absolute favorite workout DVD's are from Cathe Friedrich. She does all types of stuff, step, circuit, cross training, straight lifting, etc. I think she now has a new series out, like that Tony Horton's p90x or whatever that is.

I also like Kathy Smith's older videos. eBay is awesome!.

I do need to get started weight training though, I think if you don't start to build muscle and burn more energy all day, the weight loss will slow down for sure sooner or later. We have given up on the basement/gym guy, DH & I will be hanging a new suspended ceiling on Sunday. Oh boy. Then paint. It would be nice if he'd show up to paint..

Tammy, Plan of attack.I've got NO plan of attack. Cook, don't eat. Obviously turkey is OK, veggies, plenty of them. I am making myself mashed cauliflower. And low fat gravy is easy. I am gonna try and stay away from all else! I'm not making homemade stuffing, that is my downfall.

Then I get to go to my MIL's in CT Friday, and cook all over again. Deep sigh. I'll probably go off plan one day, to some extent. Not far. No potatoes or biscuits (or stuffing) or anything like that.

BTW, I feel beer is a perfectly acceptable cheat! Wine too.both healthy and natural - LOL - And TOM can really mess up the week, or so I hear. I get to do without TOM, YAY! DH is named Tom, though. He can be a real pain!.

Have a great night, all!..

answered May 03 at 15:30

Tyler's gravatar image



Fantastic loss! You'll have the netbook next week!.

Everyone have a great OP Weekend!.


answered May 03 at 17:04

Jace's gravatar image



OP 7.


EX 6.

Lost WT 1.





answered May 03 at 17:59

Jacob's gravatar image


Kelly: Week 3.

On plan: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 6.

Weight: -0.37%.

Total: 21.

0.8 lbs, at least it's a loss. *sigh* I think I had better results with my one splurge day each week. Bear in mind, the splurge day isn't like a free-for-all... I still end up around 1200 calories which is considered extremely low..

Also, I exercised consistently this week... except somehow I missed Wednesday. LOL! Even on Thursday when my BF was on deadline and had to miss racquetball, I still went to the gym by myself and walked the track, rode the stationery recumbent bike, and used the elliptical machine..

Guess it's just my week to have a slow loss...

answered May 03 at 18:51

's gravatar image


Jaynie and all, I was lurking the discussion boards this AM (what's new) and I found this Q&A that I thought you might like to read..

Someone asked about beginning a weight training program, and the answer is actually quite thorough. Definitely more general information included than the workout I sent you and Lin. It gives a much more basic workout than I do, and it gives good info on selecting the amount of weight you use, and set and rep. progression..

Lin, DH now says I have to wait until Christmas for the netbook. Nothing like instant gratification. Guess this effort doesn't count for that much in his book. deep sigh. Hey, he did want to take me out to dinner. I declined. What the ****!..

answered May 03 at 19:25

Carlos's gravatar image


Morning Everyone.

SORRY I was in a hurry when I posted and didn't notice I didn't enter the weight info:.

-3.5 2.2%.

Was hoping for a little more after last week......but after gaining a fraction I will take it!!.

Kimsorry to hear that DH decided you should wait for the netbook.... : (.

You are doing awesome ! Almost 30lbs and very close to your 1/2 way to goal mark! WOO HOO......


answered May 03 at 20:46

's gravatar image



-3.5 pounds? Not so shabby! I know you didn't lose the week before, but that is a nice week's loss right there..

Kinda funny, I didn't really feel like exercising yesterday, so I decided to take a walk. I live on a 2/3+ - mile loop dirt road. There is a hill, so it goes up on one side and down (duh) on the other. Being me, I had to walk as fast as I can. I actually got around it four times in 45 minutes! That is about 4 MPH, pretty fast. Well, you'd think I'd feel fine, being the step queen and all.

My legs hurt. Too funny. It just goes to show the benefits of switching up your workout. What I thought would be a light day turned out to be a good cardio event, and reminded me to work out in different ways..

Let's not talk about H right now. I've removed the D, you can replace it with an F! P*** me off. Too funny, Medifast censored the word P***!.

Have a great day, I gotta go help H with the basement. Great...

answered May 03 at 22:14

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone..

Here are my weekly stats.

Exercise: 6.

Water: 7.

OP: 7.

Weight loss 4.2 (was 181, now 176.8).

Percentage: 2.3%.

Total: 21.

Everyone is doing great! Wow-this challenge seems to be helping all of us stay on track..

KimThanks so much for the link- I will read it today! Thoughtful of you..

FYI Kimmy exercise routine is:.

Deep water or regular water aerobic - 3 times a week (the class depends on when I can get to the gym I have a choice of 3 in my town association planall in 15 minute distance from home). Class is 45 minutes long. Deep H2O is the most strenuous by far..

Recumbent bike, treadmill, or walking in neighborhood4 days a week (I mix it up depending on my kid/work schedule). Do these 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Bike longer since I am at the gym for that and with tween kidplaying B'ball while I work out and he always likes to stay l-o-n-g-e-r!.

Free weights or my gym eqpt in house or gym2 days a week on the walking- bike days).

I can do brisk walking with PR and ankle bracebut no jumping or twisting of ankle. Also- must walk on straight surfaceno woods briskly or no trails unfortunately as I love walking in the woods behind our home with my friends and dog. I really miss that!.

I am finding it VERY hard to make so much time to get to the gym because I got additional end of year contracts and am working long hours and volunteerism, and kiddos and DH has been out of town (back home nowyippeee!) so kid stuff on own. Been taking GS#1 our Tween with meso that is helpful!.

If it was not for this group and this challengeI wouldn't be as inspired. I love that all of us are in this together. For me? So helpful!.

Have a good day all!..

answered May 03 at 22:39

's gravatar image


Lin: My starting weight is 142.8. Thanks for your efforts in keeping track of points!..

answered May 03 at 22:41

Grayson's gravatar image


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