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First question I got is H 57 Medifast. Anyone have any success with taking this to loose weight ? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... Good Morning!.

September is here! Lets's Make It Count! No Excuses!!..

asked Apr 30 at 18:47

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

answered Apr 30 at 20:16

's gravatar image


Thank God that Hurricane Earl has shifted east a little bit. Does not look like we will have to evacuate but it still will be windy here starting tomorrow...

answered Apr 30 at 21:16

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New Month.

I like that!.

Why am I so hungry all the time. I am struggling but haven't given up!.

Thanks for getting us started and motivated Michelle. You're up early. I couldn't sleep and was up at 4 but then slept till 6..

Hope Earl doesn't hit you!.

Laura have a good one!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:09

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I know I was up way to early. You know how I got rid of wanting to eat all the time? I upped my water intake to 190 oz a day. I know that is crazy but it works, it is also pushing this fluid out of me. Sarah do not give up. Get yourself in the zone and run with it..

Laura hope you are doing well...

answered Apr 30 at 23:30

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Good morning ladies!.

I am the same weight. For someone overweight like me the weight should be falling off especially in the first few weeks. Uhg....I am frustrated but not quitting. I refuse!.

It is a new month...woohoo! Okay, for some odd reason I like september cause it's my bday month. However, not sure what the excitement is for cause I don't do anything for my bday and I am rapidly heading to 40. I never in my wildest dreams ever think that I would ever be this age. I feel so much younger, I feel maybe 28-32. I am 36...i think....lost count.haha..

Michelle, I don't drink any water all day. I know bad. But I just don't care for it unless I've been outside and sweating and want a really cold glass of it. But I do drink decaff instant tea all day. I probably drink nearly a gallon of it a day. I wonder if it does the same job? I mean it does keep me from snacking/hungry.

I have to have my tea and my coffee. Then I also during the day treat myself to a really big glass of Crystal light mixed w/flavored soda. I like the walmart brand ones w/blueberry or pomegranite...yum..

Sarah, if i'm annoying you w/my suggestions just tell me to shut up...k?.

As I was saying above when I am not dieting I don't do this at all. When I am dieting my beverage treats take over to replace my food treats. I am constantly drinking lots and lots of stuff. Of course I have omitted my beer.

But all the other ones I've talked about have replaced the snacking all day and it really does help my munchies..

It won't be long before dieting will just become habit and your body will adjust. I had alot of temptation yesterday. I went out to lunch and just was sick of dieting and w/no result. But as I got to the point of ordering I ordered a salad and lean and did very well. Of course to no surprise...no loss. But I am waiting for my body to finally realize it just isn't going to get any bad food and finally start letting go of this fat..

Okay, I think I rambled enough this morning. Already had two cups of coffee so I think my fingers are running on caffeine...

answered Apr 30 at 23:44

's gravatar image


Laura you will start to lose again. Maybe you should try to at least get the 64oz in. I have to go to the grocery store and fight the masses for hurricane supplies. I will be back later...

answered May 01 at 00:38

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Good morning!.

I finally lost a pound...yay..

Hope everyone has a lovely OP day!..

answered May 01 at 02:11

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Good morning ladies! Hope everyone has a great OP day and weekend...

Sarah hope that you come back soon!.

Laura- Hope that you are still being strong..

Xoxoxo ladies...

answered May 01 at 03:04

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Good morning Michelle and Sarah and any lurkers(is that a word?).

I am down another pound. I feel like maybe I can celebrate it now that it appears to be staying off. Woohoo!.

I am feeling strong but this is going to be a super hard weekend. The part that makes it super hard is that I'm stuck home w/dh and that alone is stressful (biggest reason for my binging) not to mention the temptations he makes. I'm going to try keeping busy w/yard work and exercise w/kids..

Hope you all have a nice long OP weekend!..

answered May 01 at 04:42

's gravatar image


Laura that is great anothe pound. If you are tempted to go off plan cause your hubby is being a grrrrr.....

..just think of the way you feel loosing these pounds. Get on here and look at photos..do what you have too..

Sarah- I hope that you are ok..

Be specific in what you want, and use specific words. Empower yourself, and become the person you dream about...

answered May 01 at 05:52

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Well so far so good.....

Hope you girls are having a great day!..

answered May 01 at 07:01

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Hey Girls!.

I was in this group last fall, but after the holidays I went away. Bad idea..

Now I am back and ready to recommit!.

Just started this morning, and I am excited about the journey ahead! So glad to hear people are still here, losing weight, changing their lives and inspiring others!!.

Glad to be back!!.


answered May 01 at 07:03

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Glad to have you back Christine. We are kind of slow right now but it will pick up..

Laura so glad that are doing well..hope that you are enjoying your weekend..

I am so glad that Autumn is almost here. it has been so hot this summer and I am over it LoL....

answered May 01 at 08:31

's gravatar image


Good Morning ladies....

Sarah get your butt in gear and get back here!! Lets make this a great day!!..

answered May 01 at 08:44

's gravatar image


Good morning ladies!.

Christine, it's so good to have you back!.

Sarah, we're missing you....

I'm down another 2 pounds...yay! I can't figure out it i'm doing something different or if the weight finally wants to come off. Whatever the case, i'm very happy about it..

answered May 01 at 09:23

's gravatar image


Good Morning Ladies..

Can you believe I saw a Christmas commercial yesterday?????.

Have a great day all......

answered May 01 at 09:41

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I saw one too! For Dr. Pepper! Man, they sure do rush the seasons!!.

Well, I am off to the LA County Fair! I've got my stock of food for the day, and need to make sure I stay clear of all the food stalls. I'll try to spend as much time near the animals so I won't want to eat..

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day!.


answered May 01 at 10:48

's gravatar image


Good afternoon all!.

Hope everyone is having a nice long weekend. Mine is going well. I'm nervous about a few things on Tues. that I volunteered for. I sometimes have some issues w/anxieties...another reason for my binging. When I get nervous/anxious I deal w/it w/food.

My daughter asked if I wanted to share her chips and I said no I'm being good. She asked, "are you still on your diet?" I said, yeah...the longest time i've been on one so far(that she remembers), huh? LOL.

Christine, I looooove county fairs but haven't been to one in a long time. I love to do the rides but since getting big I'm too scared to get on any...worried they'll break. haha.

I bet the smell of that food will be tough. Just stay strong and have a great time!..

answered May 01 at 12:05

's gravatar image


Ok was feeling a bit down and depressed and came on here to face my friends and your motivating me!!! Thanks...enough feeling sorry for myself!! See you tomorrow morning.

Welcome back Christine!!!..

answered May 01 at 13:25

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Hey Everyone!.

Hope you are enjoying the last few hours of this holiday weekend..

The fair was a lot of fun. I was very proud of myself. I watched while my friends ate fried foods and sweets, and I managed to pass them all up. I had my bars and puffs, and then for dinner I have a chicken skewer and corn on the cob. I know corn is not on the plan, but it was the only vegetable in the entire fair that was not fried...and I figured the 6 hours of walking we did made up for it..

So, feeling pretty good! I hope everyone else is well!!.


answered May 01 at 14:53

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Busy morning this am in my house. First day back to school..(whoo hoo).

Christine..looks like you did well when you went to the fair. Glad that you had fun..

Sarah-Glad that you are here..

Laura- hope that you are ok..

Well I will be back later to post again.....

answered May 01 at 15:30

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Good afternoon ladies!.

Sarah, it's good to see you here. Hope you're doing well today..

Michelle, if you don't mind me asking, how many children do you have?.

When mine started school (going into the third week...i think) I was missing my babies so much, especially my daughter since it was the first time I was going w/out having her near me. But I am kinda enjoying my time. It's amazing how much you can get done w/out children around.

Christine, it sounds like you did great at staying OP. I can imagine it was probably not easy. WTG!.

I did my volunteering and survived. My feet and body ache so bad from standing non stop. I do not miss having to stand on my feel all day. I didn't eat or drink anything all day. I know not good but it was better than eating something bad. I'm trying to catch up in my food now. I'm sure my body will rebel and gain weight but tomorrow i'll be back to normal...

answered May 01 at 16:19

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My kids are 17 and 16. They both graduate this year. At least you did not eat off plan! You are doing great...

answered May 01 at 17:50

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Just thought I would check in before heading to bed. I've been tired the last few days. Hope that subsides soon..

Talk to you all tomorrow!!.

Sleep well!.


answered May 01 at 18:01

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Good Morning.

What do you all eat. I think I am eating too many bars...not too many but I don't think they hold me as well. Just want to see what your plan looks like L&G too?.

Make it a good one!! Off to work.

Happy Wednesday!!..

answered May 01 at 19:40

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Good Morning everyone..

Sarah I try to stick to all shakes. I have always seemed to lose more weight weekly when I do that. My lean and green is boring. It is always shrimp and a salad. Tonight I might try to go crazy and substitute mushrooms for a tomato..lol. I need to really try different things because thats why I always go off plan because I am bored with the food.

Hope everyone is having a good day I will be back later to post and check in. xoxo..

answered May 01 at 20:16

's gravatar image


Good morning (almost afternoon) ladies!.

I am soooooo sore today. Michelle, we have the same TOM schedule (mine started today) so I don't know if i'm just hurting from back cramps or if it's sore from standing so long yesterday. Whatever the case I gained FIVE POUNDS! But I was kinda expecting it since I know w/TOM and my muscles hurting so bad that I was going to gain but I just wasn't expecting that much of a gain. Hopefully they come right back off..

Sarah, I usually try to stick to maybe only two bars during the day. I actually some days try to go w/out and do shakes all day. I like to mix my shakes w/coffee so they taste kinda like a mocha shake or a cold coffee drink. When I do this my shake ends up being sometimes where I have seconds. I shake up the shake in a Medifast shaker and then add it to iced coffee w/SF vanilla coffee cream...yum! For my L&G sometimes I split it up so I can have two. But usually for the bigger one I have grouper and green beans or spicy (w/franks sauce)chicken w/green beans...yes, i'm not a big veggie eater.

You are drinking your water also, right? That helps keep you full. I like to force(can you tell i'm not a big water drinker?) a glass or two down w/my L&G and I am usually stuffed..

Christine, I hope you get your energy back. I always hate that part of MF..

Hope everyone has a lovely OP day!..

answered May 01 at 21:29

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Well I just put in another order. I had too...

..Starting next week I will not be working from home anymore. I actually have to go to my office so I needed to order bars and puffs so I can just shove them in my purse and go. Sigh I love working from home but I am so easily distracted so for now I have to get back into the office. Laura- sorry about the gain thats why my butt will not go near the scale till next week...

answered May 01 at 22:33

's gravatar image


Today is my 1st day of Medifast and so far so good.

Would love to join your group if not too late!..

answered May 01 at 23:05

Diego's gravatar image


Welcome!! It's never too late!.

I am on day 5 myself!.

Looking forward to hearing how things are going for you!.


answered May 01 at 23:24

's gravatar image


Good Morning lovelies! Welcome luv2scrap! Just jump right in and tell us something about yourself. Well ladies I have to exercise and shower before I get to the office. Hope everyone has a great day. I will pop back in later and check on everyone...

answered May 02 at 00:10

Arthur's gravatar image


Good morning ladies!.


Michelle, I hope you have a wonderful day at work..

Sarah, how are you doing? You know even if you're day isn't so OP we're here to encourage you everday. I mean I owe you alot of encouragement since you encouraged me when I was struggling:-).

Christine, have a lovely OP day!..

answered May 02 at 01:26

's gravatar image


Ok...I need to unload a little here..

I am stressing a bit today. Typically instead of typing about it i'd be in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. I do have to say it is easier to resist though being that i've been OP for a few weeks now..

My dad has been struggling w/his health this past year. He's constantly in AFib and had a pacemaker put in and he just has physically and mentally gone down hill. Well he had a some tests done and he has two nodules on his liver. I am so stressing about this. We won't find out til next week the results on what these nodules mean..

I also have decided i'm letting dh know i'm done w/us and I want him to find a place to live. I've just had enough..

I have so many other smaller issues I'm stressing about but don't want to bore you all w/them. But thanks for listening to my whining..

I will be strong and resist temptations! My kids pulled out the homemade oatmeal cookies and they were their greeting me this morning (the cookies that is....

). I stared at them for a moment and held them in my hands for about 30 secs while thinking about how wonderful tasting one would be(knowing also that I wouldn't stop at just one) and then I put them away in the fridge. It was sooo hard but I resisted...

answered May 02 at 02:09

Kristopher's gravatar image


Laura I am so proud of you for putting those cookies up.So sorry about your dad I will keep him in my prayers. You need to do what is best as far as your husband goes ..tell him to take a hike..lol...

Well I messed up today but I am strong and back on. Have my purse ready for tomorrow with bars and puffs as I have 3 clients closing on new homes tomorrow..xoxo..

answered May 02 at 03:42

's gravatar image


Hey Laura!.

Wow, sounds like you are going through a lot. So sorry to hear that. Just don't let all the feelings you are experiencing now, make you turn to food. It will only make you feel better while you are eating, and then you will regret it afterward and feel awful. And those feelings of pain, frustration, sadness and grief will not only still be there, but they will be worse. Turn to us, or friends, or a counselor...anything that will help.

And that you are incredibly strong..

We are here for you! We know you can do it!!.


answered May 02 at 04:28

's gravatar image


Thanks Michelle and Christine for your encouragement. I am feeling quite bummed today...i guess my depression is really kicking my butt again. I promise I will be more postive in a few days. I think I just need a good night sleep and maybe some exercise or something to kick me out of this funk..

Before I could talk to dh he apologized and said he'd change. I have heard that speach so many times but i'm willing to be stupid enough to give him a chance..

Hope you all stay strong and make it a wonderful OP day!..

answered May 02 at 05:39

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Afternoon Babes!.

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. Tomorrow morning is my frist weigh in! Looking forward to the results!!!.

Hope you are all well!.


answered May 02 at 06:01

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Well, I just had my first weigh in and I am down 9 pounds!! Woo hoo! I love that first week..

I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!.


answered May 02 at 06:33

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Congratulations on the 9 pound lost the 1st week. I have my first weigh in on Tuesday and hope for similar results. Starting Day 4 with a 5 pound loss. Have a great OP weekend..

Katherine, Phoenix, AZ..

answered May 02 at 07:14

's gravatar image


WOW!! What a great weigh in!!.

Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday. xoxo..

answered May 02 at 08:40

Cooper's gravatar image


It's Sunday ....Time to reflect on the week ahead and making new goals!.

((HUGS)) to all..

answered May 02 at 09:40

Kaiden's gravatar image


So a new week is beginning and i'm ready for it. I'm going to the basic & simple shakes and very lean L&G. I have to admit I haven't been counting my calories and haven't been weighing my lean or drinking my water. I mean i've been staying OP but i've just been doing it carelessly I guess. So I am tired of not losing as fast I typically do when I am dieting so it's time to do this seriously..

I did oopsie today which totally stinks. But i'm not going to beat myself up for it...or at least try not to. But when Monday comes I am back OP and very strictly. I hate spending so much time trying to track each and every calorie, carb and fat but I know when I did it before is when I was really losing. I think i'm adding to many this and that's and probably going over what I should be..

Well I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. Congrats christine on your loss!..

answered May 02 at 10:26

's gravatar image


Good morning ladies!.

How was everyone's weekend? Stay OP? not me if you read above. I was planning to get back on the wagon today but it's not happening. I'm stressing...I know not a good excuse. But I will get back OP tomorrow and do it back to the basics way. When you start doctoring things up is when the weight loss starts to slow..

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!..

answered May 02 at 10:28

Tristen's gravatar image


I am here and still chugging along. Had a bad weekend. I let old habits in. Today has been good so far. xoxo..

answered May 02 at 11:59

's gravatar image



Yesterday I tried having my L&G around noon instead of my usual evening meal, and discovered it was not a good idea. It made me hungrier the rest of the day, and I was counting down the minutes until I could have my next meal. Good to know though!.

Searched a whole bunch of recipes today on the boards, and am going to try making pizza and cookies and stuff so I don't get bored of the same stuff..

Hope everyone is feeling great today!.


answered May 02 at 13:13

's gravatar image


Hey Babes,.

Just flying by to see how you are doing. I am thrilled to share that I wore a bikini for the first time ever this past summer! And I looked good in it too!!.

I do have to admit, that I enjoyed my summer a bit much and gained 10lbs, so I am back to 5/1 until I drop those added pounds..

Christine - so good to see you! I never did well with L&G at lunch. Congrats on your re-start!.

Sarah - I have missed you, hoped all is well with you and your family.

Hi Laura, try to drink your water, it is different than tea. Use the flavor infusors. But I swear by water. I drink over 100 ozs a day..

Wishing all well!..

answered May 02 at 13:44

Cullen's gravatar image


Good morning all. Here is to a great day ahead. xoxo..

answered May 02 at 15:17

's gravatar image


Good afternoon! I feel good today. Back to basics and lots of water for me! I have to say it was a struggle today after cheating for the past couple days. I wanted so bad to just keep eating what I wanted but I forced my first shake this morning and am feeling better now that I am back OP. I'm still not giving up my coffee but will try to replace some of my iced tea w/water.

Good news! My daddy is gonna be ok. His nodules on his liver are this big long word that I am not going to try and type down...but they are benign. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!.

What a freaking relief! Now if I could eliminate some more stress from my life (like my dh...haha)...

answered May 02 at 15:21

Andrew's gravatar image


So happy about your dad. So happy that you are OP! I am back to basics also. I am tired of being obese!! We will do this!..

answered May 02 at 16:23

's gravatar image


Good Morning! I am going to drink some water and fix my first meal. Will be back in a little bit..xoxo..

answered May 02 at 16:31

Dane's gravatar image


Good Morning Been back OP since Monday...it is a positive start for me. Taking deep breaths and knowing I can do this! I want more out of life...even if it means having to quit my job!.

Stacy woo hoo way to go you look so good!!!.

Michelle, Laura and Christine have a great day!.

Christine share your recipes if you find something you like..

answered May 02 at 18:09

's gravatar image


So excited about Halloween next month. I think it is because for me it kicks off the holidays..

I am working from home today.(yay). I was a nurse from the time I was 19 till a year ago. I then decided to become a Real Estate Agent..(love it).

Sarah- so glad that you are OP!....

answered May 02 at 18:31

's gravatar image


Good morning ladies!.

Back to Basics OP day 1 down....zero loss...1lb gain. Wow depriving me from the little bit of extras is really worth it. (sense the sarcasm?).

I hafta say, I better see some results in the sacrificing or i'm going back to the extras. When I say extras I mean the cream in the coffee and the many packets of artificial sweetner, the whip topping on top (only 20 calories) but a couple times for my couple cups of coffee, an extra ounce or two of my lean, sauces such as low cal bbq sauce or salad dressing, or the extra egg or two that I add to my Medifast eggs in the morning. Things like that do add up to maybe a couple hundred calories but I was always short calories by the end of the day. Anyway, I can lose doing it that way but figured going back to basics would speed up the weightloss....not..

Ok, my tantrum is over. I'm gonna be patient and give it a few days to a week.

Here's my menu/numbers from yesterday:.

3 dutch chocolate shakes.

1 vanilla pudding.

1 vanilla shake.

4oz chicken (salt, pepper, garlic & onion powder).


Cal. 670, Fat 13.9, Carbs 77, Prot 94.

Anyone know if this is good? It seems to me the calorie count might be a little low but everything else seems right...not sure..

What do you all try to aim for? Which one do you try to watch mostly?.

If anyone wants to share their menu and numbers, I'd love to see them..

I also opened an outdated package and it tasted funny, anyone know if they go bad? I guess I should be asking these questions to nutrition or something but I hate posting anywhere but here...

answered May 02 at 18:58

Mark's gravatar image


Your calorie count seems to low..try to stay around 800-900. that might be why you saw a gain..i do not know medifast is hard to figure out sometimes....

answered May 02 at 20:32

Oliver's gravatar image


Grrrrr...my five minutes of editing were up..

I just wanted to say...Michelle, hope you have a lovely working day at home. I kinda figured from a previous post that you may have been in real estate. I can imagine that job has to be less stressful than nursing..

Sarah, I've often wondered the things you say in your post if you aren't happy in the job you do. 8 years ago (when I found out I was pregnant w/my first son) I went in to work and kinda knew I wasn't happy working where I was working and knew that I didn't want to bring this stress to my children. My boss was being a jerk that morning and I was like, this is it...I'm outta here. I was a bookkeeper/secretary. I loooved my work but I hated my boss and the atmosphere of where I worked and how it made me feel everyday. I was so worked up that day I quit (but before I had walked out) and wondered what this stress was doing to my unborn child.

I'm certainly not telling you to quit Sarah, jobs certainly don't come easy these days. But I just wanted you to know I certainly understand how you feel if you aren't happy (which it kinda sounds like you're not). And I have to say that quitting there has to be the best thing I did. I have a small night time job now so that I can be home for my kids and I am overall happy..

Sorry about the long posts today...guess I'm feeling chatty...

answered May 02 at 21:25

's gravatar image


Good afternoon all. I received a phone call from kids father last night(ex husband). He is the same age as me (37) and was giving me a heads up that he is having surgery tomorrow for blocked arteries...

Now as much as I despise this man I would not wish this anyone but what blew me away is he is sooooo young, and it is all caused by the crap he shoves in his mouth. That was a huge wake up call to stay OP. He was telling me because he was telling the kids and just wanted me to know in case they were upset..

Wowza..im in to goal!!..

answered May 02 at 22:40

's gravatar image


Laura there is a expiration date on the front of the packets so yes they can go bad.....

answered May 02 at 23:23

's gravatar image


Afternoon Girls!.

Hope everyone is doing well!.

Today has been busy, but good. It's my TOM, so all I want to do is be at home on the couch. Unfortunately, my boss makes me come in and work..


answered May 03 at 00:17

's gravatar image


Good morning all...Such a pretty day here in virginia...

answered May 03 at 01:39

's gravatar image


Really beautiful here in California too..

Of course now that the fall is coming, it is starting to get hot. We had a really cool summer. Hope it keeps staying warm..

I have a friend visiting this weekend, including trips to Magic Mountain and such, so will definitely be a challenge. But looking forward to it!.

Hope you are all having a great day!.


answered May 03 at 03:11

John's gravatar image


Just wanted to stop in and say hi. My daughter is sick and needy so I don't have much time. I've stayed perfectly OP and did lose a pound. Still not what I usually experience on my first couple days of being OP but maybe once my body knows it's not going to get anything else it'll start to lose..

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!..

answered May 03 at 04:43

's gravatar image


Hope your daughter gets better. WTG on the pound..

Christine have a good day..

Sarah hope you are ok..Check in with us..Miss you....

answered May 03 at 05:40

Conner's gravatar image


Hi Can I join your group? My goal is to be in my bikini at the beach in Sunny Florida by the time summer comes around. I was there 3 years ago and kept it off and wore my bikini for 2 summers (the tail end (oops, no pun intended :-) ) of the summer before reaching my final goal and also the summer after reaching goal), but I gained it all back slowly after that so I am here to do the work all over again and get back into that bikini to stay!..

answered May 03 at 06:03

's gravatar image


Welcome Shauna...would love for you to join. We are not that active of a group right now but hopefully we will be soon. Jump right in..xoxo..

answered May 03 at 06:20

Cohen's gravatar image


Good Friday evening all!.

My daughter is feeling a bit better...yay..

I lost another pound however I spoiled it i'm sure cause for some very stupid reason I cheated just a tad. I don't know what got into me but I am kicking my butt. Weekends kinda stress me and I'm kinda stressing about this weekend so I guess I let the stress win.

I am back OP and hope that I don't have anymore weak moments. I hafta tell you the cheating sooooo isn't worth it. I feel really bad and feel like I really let myself down. Oh well, it's over w/..

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Stay strong and remember those cheating moments aren't going to make you skinny, they'll just leave you feeling really bummed..

Shauna, welcome!! We're glad to have you here. Like Michelle says, it's kinda slow here but we are a great supportive group...

answered May 03 at 07:04

Alec's gravatar image


Welcome Shauna!.

I am happy it is Friday as well. I have to go home and clean my apartment. My friend arrives tomorrow morning and my apartment is in pretty bad shape..

Hope everyone is doing well! Tomorrow morning is my 2nd week weigh in. Week two combined with TOM...I will be happy with even the slightest weight loss..

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!.


answered May 03 at 07:29

's gravatar image


Good Morning Everyone!.

Actually did well this week.

Busy week...actually month with getting back to work/school. My body is doing strange things, had my TOM last week and then got it again this week UGH not fun. But it explains why I felt so bloated!!.

Laura glad your daughter is feeling better.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!!.

Christine hope you got you apartment clean ...have fun with your friend!.

Michelle love your graphics this week...makes me feel good!.

Welcome Shauna!!!..

answered May 03 at 08:21

's gravatar image


Thanks for the welcome. My first weigh in is tomorrow and I am excited. I am hoping for a good loss so my DH will get motivated to go back on plan with me. It would be nice to have a "partner in crime" in the house..

Laura, last time around, when I wanted to cheat I would pop Eclipse (or other really strong mint) gum into my mouth and chew chew chew. I counted it as a condiment and it worked for me. Maybe it might help you when you are tempted. I am glad your daughter feels better. It's no fun to have a sick child in the house! My DD is in middle school...

answered May 03 at 08:23

Jameson's gravatar image



Well, I weighed in this morning and I was down 2.5 pounds! I will take it!!!!.

I got most of my apartment cleaned. Now I just have to mop and vacuum..

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!.


answered May 03 at 09:55

Aidan's gravatar image


Wow, this board really is slow..

Just wishing everyone a very happy Sunday! I am off to Six Flags to ride some coasters!.

Hope to hear from the rest of you soon!!.


answered May 03 at 11:11

Ronald's gravatar image


Happy Sunday everyone!! Have a great time at Six Flags Christine!..

answered May 03 at 12:11

's gravatar image


I lost 3.9 pounds this week. I am happy with that for a first showing. I am hoping to gain some momentum and get to Onederland by my next weigh in. I know it's a tall order, but if I visualize it and say it outloud, maybe I will speak it into happening..

Xtine- My daughter and I went to Busch Gardens this morning to ride all the coasters too!! It was a perfect half day with mild weather and lo lines. Have fun at six flags..

answered May 03 at 13:49

's gravatar image


Hi! I am Mary. New to Medifast and looking forward to getting to know you laddies..


Cute right!?..

answered May 03 at 14:04

Cooper's gravatar image


That is very cute! Welcome to the Bikini Bound Babes! Glad you are here...

answered May 03 at 15:21

's gravatar image


Does anyone else ever find it difficult to fit in all 6 meals into their day? Is it bad to eat one of your meals right before bed? Ugh this has been worrying me...

answered May 03 at 16:31

Waylon's gravatar image


Its ok to eat one of your meals before bed. I usually make the one before bed a shake. My l and g is the hardest for me. I am always like this is way to much food lol....

answered May 03 at 17:55

Maddox's gravatar image


Here is the banner for anyone to put n their siggy..remember to take the* out from the beginning and the end....


answered May 03 at 18:12

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Good morning ladies! having puter issues so I wasn't able to be on as much as I like..

I also am not OP and really just don't care right now. I feel super stressed and just can't deal w/it and dieting. I will hopefully get myself back OP tomorrow..

Shauna & Christine...congrats on the weightloss!!! Shauna w/alot of determination I bet you'll make it to onderland. Sarah, WTG on being OP. Hey Michelle, don't want to leave you out...hope you are doing well. Any weight loss?.

Welcome Mary! looking forward to getting to know you! I took a peek at your page and noticed you like the chili. I hafta ask...do you do anything to doctor it up? I have tried everything to like it and just can't..

Hope all of you have a wonderful OP Monday!!!!!..

answered May 03 at 18:43

Xavier's gravatar image


Laura, I have used Chili as a base for my veggies a couple times. I really liked some sundried tomatoes in them, and maybe even some peppers. I usually put a condiment serving of season salt in it as well. I always put mine in the fridge in the morning to let it soak (so I don't chip a tooth on one of the beans, haha!). I have never tried putting any meat in it but that would be interesting. I just find it to be a good base to start from...

answered May 03 at 18:48

Sebastian's gravatar image


Good Morning!.

Well ladies I hope everyone has a great day. I will be back later to check on everyone..xoxo..

answered May 03 at 19:49

's gravatar image


Good morning ladies!.

I am in a mood today and feel like doing a little venting so WARNING a long rambling post follows....

I am seriously having some issues w/dealing w/my stress and staying OP. The moment I feel like I have a few stressful issues I'm dealing w/at once, I have this very strong desire to deal or relieve it w/food..

To make a very long story short the school called me to pick up my daughter due to a simple human typo on her vaccine card. They would not listen to me at all despite the fact I had the issue resolved 15 minutes after I got home w/my daughter. So my daughter missed a fourth day of school (she was out three due to being sick) for absolutely nothing other than a typo which really ticked me off..

Because of that stressful issue and some other smaller ones I stopped and got coffee and of course not just coffee but the lovely cappacino type of coffee that's full of sugar and then of course doughnuts..

Uhhggg...Why can't I do this? am I destined to be fat? AND not to mention raise my daughter w/the same bad habits?.

(no one has to answer that being that I don't even know the answer...just throwing them out there...just ignore me).

Well I'm going to some of the other boards to find some motivation cause I am sooooo not into the "diet" thing today but know that I DO NOT want to be fat for the rest of my life..

I hope my moaning and groaning bummed out mood hasn't gotten anyone bummed out...so sorry if I did..

On a more positive note though...I really do wish you all a wonderful "happy" OP day today. If any positive can come of this for you all you can look at it as you certainly don't want to be feeling like me so let this be a lesson (saying this in a motherly tone) to you all...STAY ON PLAN!.

Okay, here I go rambling this long venting post again. Maybe I should start blogging. I just don't really understand the whole blogging thing though. I don't ever read them and then wonder why strangers who don't know me would want to? Anyway...if you took the time to read this long ranting post....thanks...

answered May 03 at 20:19

's gravatar image


Mary, that is a great idea about the chili. I kinda do that already w/the chicken noodle soup, don't know why I didn't think about that for the chili. Anyway, thanks for the idea!..

answered May 03 at 20:49

's gravatar image


I meant to answer this yesterday for you. I think like Michelle said it is ok. If you don't like eating late another idea is combine two of them together. I do this a couple times and especially if I get started late. For a treat I actually make a pudding and a choco shake (w/less water) and combine them and freeze them (since I don't have the soft serve yet) for icecream and I eat it probably a half hour before bed and still lose...

answered May 03 at 21:05

George's gravatar image


Afternoon everyone!.

Glad to see everyone is doing well!.

Laura- Have you read that book Women, Food and God? It might be of some help to you. I am not religious in the least, but it talks more about dealing with the reasons you eat and how it relates to your higher self. Just a suggestion!.

Six Flags was AWESOME! Then we hit Universal the following day. Now I am back at work and still wishing I were on a roller coaster!.

Congrats to everyone on their weight loss! You are inspiring!!.


answered May 03 at 21:48

Charles's gravatar image


Just checking in... It's a school day so that means I am out the door at 5:30 am to get to school and prep my classroom for the day. Makes for not much computer time during the week, but I just wanted to say hi..

Laura Chin up. We all have good and bad days. I can relate to your hating it when stupid stuff derails your day..

Titania I also have problems getting all my meals in. I had no problem when I taught elementary school because you have short built in breaks when the students go to specials and lunch. Now that I teach high school, it is much more difficult. I get 4 minutes between blocks and each block is 90 minutes. Today I tried to be mindful of the clock and drink a fruit drink I made ahead this morning at 9 and 12 because I had my coffee at 6. I started the first one at 9, but when 12 rolled around I still had an inch left in the bottle.

So now it is 8:20 and I still have 2 meals to go for the day. :-( The irony is that my problem is eating TOO LITTLE food. Some would say that is a good problem, but....

Christine Glad six flags and universal were fun. We have passes for universal orlando. Do they have the Harry Potter attraction in CA? We went right before school started and it was totally awesome. Well worth the hour long wait in line..

Enjoy the rest of your day!..

answered May 03 at 23:15

's gravatar image


Laura, I am sorry about your frustrating issue with the school's administration. Chances are your use for food as an outlet for stress is the reason you became overweight in the first place (I know for me, that is a big part of it). To lose the weight it is necessary to find the willpower to break your addiction to comfort food. Alas, you obviously DO need that outlet for the stress in your life but you need to find a new outlet..

During the summer I wasn't very busy so every time I got stressed I would grab my iPod and go for a jog. The music+running relieved my stress and was actually GOOD for me. Now that I don't have all that free time to run whenever I want to I have taken to sugar-free mints or studying. Since I joined Medifast I took the commitment to PUSH myself through those urges and focus on doing something productive instead. Anywho, just try and find a way that you can relieve your stress in a less Calorie-filled way :P.

Sbshaw, I am senior in highschool so I have to deal with the whole class issue as well. I don't really want to tell my friends about the diet (until I lose a more significant amount that I want to brag about it!) so I often put bars in ziplock baggies (that don't read MEDIFAST across them) and schedule to eat them during classes when I know I will have an opportunity to do so. It's actually funny, alot of my friends have tried some of my bars or my puffs and they're always like "Mmmm... these are good! Where did you buy them?". My little white lie is that they are homemade health food I bought at the local health food store. Hahah...

answered May 03 at 23:19

's gravatar image


Christine, thanks for the suggestion...i'll check out the book..

Shauna and Mary thanks for your encouragement. I was really having a bad day and it didn't get much better. My son is autistic and he had a complete meltdown when he got home. Never really could figure out what it was that caused it. He absolutely hates school and I feel like i'm torturing my son by sending him everyday..

I sure hope his day is a bit better today..

Today is a new day however and I am starting out OP...woohoo. Yesterday is one of those days that you think, I am soooo glad it is over and feel so relieved that it is a new day. I'm going to force myself today to get out and do some gardening. It's going to be in the nineties but there's going to be some wind which should feel nice..

I didn't weigh myself this morning but I am assuming that I've probably put back on the weight I lost. It's funny when i'm dieting I sometimes weigh myself a few times a day but if I fall off the wagon i'm to scared to step on it...sometimes takes a day or two before I get brave enough. LOL.

Wishing everyone a lovely OP day!..

answered May 04 at 00:01

Jayden's gravatar image


Laura- Sorry about your son, I hope today was better for him..

Hope everyone else is having a good day. I have a huge headache today and no matter what I do it will not go away. I will catch up later with everyone. Head is killing me..xoxo..

answered May 04 at 01:32

Tyson's gravatar image


We had a "slide day" and clubs at school today so I had no trouble eating all my food on time. I was able to have my coffee at 6, my fruit drinks started at 9 and 12, and I was munching that bar at 3... Now I just need to be able to do it when I am "on stage" teaching all day..

Tomorrow is conference night so I will be at school 6am-6:30pm. It will be a VERY long day and the food they will have on campus for us to purchase is fried chicken so I guess I'll have to pack dinner to go with me..

Titania good luck to you. Making a healthy change now while you are young will make a big difference as you grow. You'll be glad you stuck it out. If anyone makes fun, just know that you'll have the last laugh in a few short months. When you walk for graduation, you will own that stage...

answered May 04 at 02:34

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