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Quick question... Has any one used the diet pill Medifast? Hoping for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I am turning 40 this year and I am determined to begin my 40s on the road to healthiness! Instead of saying when I actually turn 40, now it is time to get healthy. I previously joined Medifast for a short burst of time (just wasnt ready then to commit) and I knew it was the best plan to follow for this challenge. So I called my friend Lisa and the conversation went kind of like this:.

Me: I have this crazy idea what about 100 days @ 100 percent on Medifast? Come on we can do it!.

Lisa: (silence).

Me: Come on!!!.

Lisa: When?.

Instead of just the two of us taking on this challenge, we decided to open it up to everyone on the message boards interested in joining us ..

The only requirements are that you are willing to be and receive support & dedicate yourself to be 100% on plan..

Our group objectives:.

By Wednesday April 6th.

: Post your starting weight & a personal goal you would like to achieve..

Ex. Kellys personal goal is: I would like to look at my birthday photos and not want to screen every single one of them because I look so unhealthy..

Lisas personal goal is: To fit in my size 10 Express jeans.

Then Every Wednesday.

: You will provide your new weight or how much you lost. In exchange, Lisa has graciously agreed to chart our weight loss over the next 100 days & post the chart every Thursday or Friday..

During the week we will encourage each other to 100% success! (No haters or snotty remarks please all it does it hurts instead of uplift)..

Every week we will cover a topic of interest.

Ex. Best recipe on plan, Favorite song to work out to, etc...

This weeks topic will be: introduction and support.

Looking forward to everyone joining us on this journey!.


asked Apr 30 at 13:07

Edgar's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

answered Apr 30 at 13:53

Emilio's gravatar image


OK, I obviously screwed up giving you the banner address..

Let's try that again- i.


That if you take out the red stars, it will work..










answered Apr 30 at 13:59

's gravatar image


Oooh! I'm in for sure!!!!!.

What a great idea you guys!.

Just curious - when is 100 days from April 6th?..

answered Apr 30 at 15:32

Omar's gravatar image


I calculated July 15th. Is that right? Hehe =)..

answered Apr 30 at 16:42

Jamarion's gravatar image


I am in! I want to be at goal weight on July 15th! What a great challenge! 100 days at 100% on plan...seems so realistic!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:54

's gravatar image


Welcome Sarah and Sue! I calculated the same date- July 15th. You are so right Sue, it does seem realistic!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:33

's gravatar image


Hi, I restarted on Friday and would love to join your group! I am enthusiastic and ready to stay 100% on plan for the next 100 days, and I am excited to be doing it with others that want to stay completely on plan. Talk to you soon!..

answered Apr 30 at 18:10

Brooks's gravatar image


I am SO excited about this challenge!!! Thank you for opening it up to all of us and providing the tracking!.

My weight loss has slowed down in the last few months. I think it's because I went off plan some around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a decision I made that I'm fine with. However, since then, it seems that the "little cheats" have become a part of what I do WAY more than before the holidays. The sloooowed weight loss is proof that having little tiny bites of peanut butter (that likely added up to 2 T or more) and adding "just a touch" of chocolate syrup to my 1 oz of nuts really does NOT cut it! A 100% on plan challenge is EXACTLY what I need!.

I'm a Friday weigher, so I'll wait until Wed to post... but it will reflect the Friday before. For some odd reason, Wednesday tends to be my heaviest day of the week. Anyhoo... it may take me a bit to remember to post on Wednesday, but I'll try! :-) That will also help keep me on track b/c I'll have 2 days during the week that I really focus on my SUCCESS! :-).

All that rambling being said....I'll go ahead and give my start weight/goals..


GOAL WEIGHT: 199 (onederland! Down 36.5 pounds for the challenge.).

OTHER GOALS: Wear shorts in public and look good/feel comfortable with myself..

Intro..... I have struggled with my weight all my life. I think it was a protective boundary I put up, but guess what.... I do NOT need it anymore! :-) I earned a Ph.D. in psychology in 2009 at the age of 40, and I have finally figured out what self-care really means. Losing weight is the absolute best thing I've done for myself (and my 12 year old daughter).

Ok, this sounds like a personal ad! Hee hee! I look forward to getting to know you all!.

Best wishes on your 100% journey!..

answered Apr 30 at 18:15

's gravatar image


I just started today and would love to join in this challenge!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:22

's gravatar image


OK, here's mine....

Starting weight - 201.

Goal for this challenge - fit back into my motorcycle gear (need to be around 170 for that)..

answered Apr 30 at 19:50

Dane's gravatar image


I'd would like to be a part of this challenge. My goal is to be in onderland in July..

Starting weight I will record on Wednesday...

answered Apr 30 at 20:27

Lucas's gravatar image


Hi All! Thanks for the new challenge! I would love to join in as well..

I have had good success staying OP in the food area but NOT in the exercise area. So my 100% OP will include some kind of exercise - every day..

I am currently 214, my goal is to reach 185 in 100 days..

My 40th birthday is at the end of August so I can COMPLETELY relate to the need to censor my pics. That is great motivation - I may blow up a current pic to remind myself what I don't want to look like come 40...

answered Apr 30 at 21:56

Desmond's gravatar image


Count me in! Thanks Lisa and Kelly for the inspiration..

Start weight: 160.

Goal weight by July 15th: 150 and following transition correctly.

General goal... to be as physically fit as I was 12 months ago..

To get back into my size 8 jeans.

Ahhh. These last 10 are the toughest because I am finding it easy to make excuses. I reached goal last March and maintained goal weight of 150 until the "holidays".

Tired of the up and down of these 10... I am ready for no more excuses. When I was 100% OP the pounds melted off..

Thanks for the reminder Lisa and Kelly that Medifast works great when you do it the right way..

Going food shopping for my L&G right now!..

answered Apr 30 at 22:35

's gravatar image


I just got on quickly before I leave for a haircut and I am SO excited to see so many of us on here! It gives me motivation! I'll be back later to check in and do shout outs!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:02

Ashton's gravatar image


Hey everybody! Back from the haircut- I don't know why they insist on straightening my hair. It is curly people! Let it be..

Anyhow, only one more day before Day 1. Get those Big Macs in girls. LOL I'm just kidding!!! Step away from the burger!.

Again, welcome to.

GrandmaSue and goldenfishie.



I'm glad a few of us are restarting together. I was afraid everyone else was gonna be in the groove and it would take me a while again..


My holiday time was not my best either. A cookie here, a holiday drink there, it all added up! Thank goodness there aren't any major eating holidays coming up!.


Pretty cool goal! How long have you been riding a motorcycle?.


Onderland is TOTALLY doable!.


- I HATE exercising! We can motivate each other to get our booties movin'!.


- Good for you that you are only 10 away! Sometimes it's hard to just follow the basics of the plan. It definately works. You've done an amazing job!.

Have a great night!!!.


answered Apr 30 at 23:15

's gravatar image


Hi All! I would love to join this challenge! I have seen other groups doing challenges and have hoped I would find one where everyone seems friendly and this looks like it is it! It has been my goal since starting to stay on plan so this is great!.

My start of Medifast weight was 245...

My current weight is 229..

My goal is to start doing my Jillian Michaels wii workout at least twice a week..

I started Medifast about 2.5 weeks ago and I cannot wait to see the results after 100 days OP!..

answered May 01 at 00:53

Leo's gravatar image


Hi PerfectManda! I have been wondering how the Jillian Michaels Wii workout is. I can't wait to see your results. I have Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, and Walk It Out. I'm always looking for new Wii games..

Good luck!!.

Ps- I totally want to see a picture of your feather earrings when you get to 220!! How cool!..

answered May 01 at 02:23

Roberto's gravatar image


Count me IN!!.

My goal Id like to acheive is ummmmm.....to fit into my 1x pants I have waiting for me by the end of this 100 days is up :0).

My starting weight is 257!..

answered May 01 at 03:18

's gravatar image


I think I am meant to join this challenge. My birthday is July 15! How weird! I've been off plan and looking to start again as I'm trying to just "eat healthy" is not working. I need Medifast...

answered May 01 at 03:58

's gravatar image


What are some exercises you can workout to wii??.

( I have wii and I dont even play it in months LOL)..

answered May 01 at 05:27

's gravatar image


Hi Everyone!!!!.

YAHOO!!!! We have a group of very motivated supports! I am thrilled to embark on this journey with all of you for the next 100 days! (I read this to Lisa over the phone and she said "gag me!") Ok so I get corny! You will soon learn I will be the inspirational one and Lisa will be the straight forward one.

To clarify the challenge end date:.

You were right Sarah! July 15th it is! That is the end date BUT my actual birthday is the 18th. I decided 103 days @ 100% seemed odd so I went with 100 days and decided the completion of this challenge is my early birthday gift to me!.

So far our team consist of 10.

: Me, Lisa, Sarah, Grandma Sue, linda, Steph, Olivejuice, Hotcocoa, Zeeta and Jaynie..

These are the personal goals we have posted so far:.

Kellys goal:.

I would like to look at my birthday photos and not want to screen every single one of them because I look so unhealthy..

Lisas goal.

: To fit in my size 10 Express jeans.

Steph's goal:.

Wear shorts in public and look good/feel comfortable with myself..

Olivejuice's goal:.

Fit back into my motorcycle gear..

Hotcocoa8's goal:.

To be in onderland in July..

Jaynie's goal:.

To be as physically fit as I was 12 months ago.. To get back into my size 8 jeans..


I wasn't sure if your personal goal was the same as mine due to your 40th birthday coming up in August (great idea about blowing up a picture - I am going to totally do that also)..

When I will be on the discussion board:.

I will be the one posting later in the evening due to availabilty. I will be on every day and I will share, answer any questions & respond to postings..

Tick tock tick tock - Wednesday will be here sooner then we all know it - so shop for your lean & greens & eat your last big mac (threw that in for you Lisa!) It will be hard work but SO worth it because each one of us is worth it!.

A quote I read recently and I thought it was fitting for this challenge:.

Do or do not - there is no try!.

- Yoda.

Nite All!..

answered May 01 at 06:16

Reece's gravatar image


Well, happy early bday LOL....

Well, July 15 is the end of 100 days?? WOW!! Just in time for me to shed some POUNDS off this beautiful bod lmao...when I see my family I havent seen in forever this summer.


answered May 01 at 06:40

's gravatar image


There are a TON of actual workout games for the wii... My personal favorite wii games are Just Dance 1 and Just Dance 2. They're not actual workout games, but you sure work up a sweat and have SO MUCH FUN doing it!..

answered May 01 at 08:05

Pablo's gravatar image


Welcome PerfectManda and Sneakysteph! So happy you are joining us!.

PerfectManda: Happy you decided to join our friendly board.

I also can't wait to hear about your success with the Jillian Michaels wii workout. I don't own a wii but have debated it lately. Perhaps your success will get me to buy one..

Sneakysteph: I chuckled when I read your post because I thought " I just want to maddness of buying the next size up in pants and start fitting in the current variety of sizes I have in my dresser drawers".

What a great feeling it will be to fit in the size 1x and then gladly donate the pants that are now to big on you!.


answered May 01 at 08:21

's gravatar image


LOL, I know...I am waiting patiently to squeeze my butt in them..

answered May 01 at 09:47

's gravatar image


I want in! Today is the start of my 14th week, but I've had 2 or 3 completely off plan days in these last 95 days. I know I need 100 days FULLY OP..

I will begin weighing on Wednesday, but I think my current weight is 205 (I'm 5'10) and I want my goal on July 15 to be 180. I will be going on vacation on July 1 with the fam and my psychologist stepmom that specializes in eating disorders is quite the food pusher believe it or not....so I'm already having anxiety about that..

My fitness goal by then is to run 2 miles without stopping and to get back into the pool (I'm an ex college swimmer)...

answered May 01 at 11:05

's gravatar image


Welcome ThisIsIt!.

You are so right! This challenge is totally meant for YOU! Wow! your birthday being the actual end date of the 100 days! So happy you are joining us!.

Welcome JennMU.

Run 2 miles straight is a great accomplishment! I miss running so much! It is my exercise goal to start running again. Perhaps we can share "running talk" time to time to keep each other's running goals on target. Stepmom who addresses eating disorders and pushes food is a whole other conversation.

We will get strong together so when you do go on vacation you will be able to handle anything!.

Just want to say as I now head to bed - our offically group count is now up to 14! YIPPEE!..

answered May 01 at 12:34

Porter's gravatar image


I want to be at goal by July 15th.

Today I am 204... I want to be 160 or less by July 15th!..

answered May 01 at 12:49

Luis's gravatar image


Count me in, please! I just started Medifast two days ago and I believe this is the kind of support/accountability I need to succeed..

I'm 5'10" and my current weight is 296..

My goal...well, here's the story: About a week ago, I got a message from one of my Facebook friends that he and three other friends from high school (two of whom are former boyfriends whom I haven't seen in 26 years) will be taking a motorcycle trip to Colorado in August, and they'd like to see me while they're here. I was mortified, but of course I said, "Hey! Great! Can't wait to see you!", thinking I'd just make an excuse when the time got closer. (Ridiculous and sad, but true.) Then I had a better idea why not do something about it, so instead of being embarrassed I'd be confident and happy to see them?.

And here I am..

So. Nutshell - my goal is to feel gorgeous and confident when I see a couple of old flames after 26 years..

Thank you Kelly and Lisa, for coming up with this fabulous challenge!.


answered May 01 at 14:11

's gravatar image


I want to join this group. I just started Medifast on 4-1-11. I actually committed to do the plan to the letter for 100 days. I wanted to give the program time to make sure it would work for me..

I have been struggling the last 15 years with being obese. I have list 6 pounds in 3 days. My goal for the 100 day challenge is to loose at least 45 pounds. My current weight is a shocking 309.5 pounds. I put on 50 pounds sense August 2010. What a difference that additional weight made to my overall well being..

I love the idea of the extra encouragement and support..

Thank you for letting all of us join in. This seems to be one of the great benefits of this program, all if the incredible support from the Medifast community..

Good luck everyone..

answered May 01 at 14:57

Jett's gravatar image


Ok....I'm in too! 100 days sounds so daunting and temptation lurks everywhere! My goal is to lose 43 pounds in 100 days. My starting weight as of today is 198.6. My weight at the start of Medifast 3 weeks ago was 213.3. So, my goal for July 15th is: 155 pounds! I will celebrate with a full day of beauty at the spa and continue on to my final goal of 125 pounds...

answered May 01 at 15:19

's gravatar image


I too am turning 40 in a few months. Can't believe I just admitted that!! LOL. Definitely not thrilled about it but can't change it either. Out loud I am going to say I am 39 again!!.

I will check in tomorrow...

answered May 01 at 16:38

's gravatar image


I don't ride, just ride on the back of hubby's bike! I'm too scared to learn...

answered May 01 at 17:56

Salvador's gravatar image


Good morning! I'm reading all these posts about turning 40 and wished I had found Medifast back then. I'm now 41. Oh well, I'll look great at 42, right?.

Have a great day, everyone!..

answered May 01 at 18:04

's gravatar image


Hi everybody!! Just reading all your posts makes me even more excited and ready to get this weight off! My personal goals for the 100 day challenge are to exercise 4-5 days a week (I also have Wii Fit and just got the Jillian Michaels workout but haven't tried it yet) and to have lost 30 pounds by 7/15. (Gulp) I am psyched and ready to get healthy again, and since I'm being held accountable this time, I have to do it! I am so happy to have all of you for support, and I am here to support all of you 100% too! Have a great day!..

answered May 01 at 19:30

Victor's gravatar image


Good morning! My fifth grade class is at health so I figured I'd check in!.


- You hit it right on the head! This board is going to keep up all accountable. That's one of the reasons why I'm so excited! We are all going to work together! I'm gonna try to work out 3 times a week in the beginning..


- 40s are the new 30s you know..

I always wanted to learn but was always scared as well. My ex-boyfriend had one and I loved when we went out on it..

Amdata -.

Yeah- another b-day! You are gonna look great!.


Oooohh, a spa day sounds great!!!! I'll have to talk to Kelly- maybe we can do that for her b-day!.


- You go girl! I can't wait until you see 299 and never go back!.


Reunions are stressful sometimes! By then you will turn heads!.

Brookelea179 and JennMU29-.

Onederland here you come!!! Keep it up!.


- I haven't done just dance 1 or 2 on the wii but they look like fun! I use Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Walk It Out, and Mike Tyson's Punch Out! The Walk It Out lets you walk around an island and open up new bridges, lands, songs, rainbows, etc..

OK- They are back and we have to get ready for math!.



answered May 01 at 20:42

's gravatar image


Greetings fellow MF'ers. Count me in! I started Medifast again last Wednesday after a two year hiatus. Having been on every diet and combination of food known to womankind, Medifast is the only thing that has worked in living memory. My name is Sarah but to avoid confusion with the other Sarah I'll use my middle name Cameron for the duration. I'm up to my ears at work this week (don't they know that all these assignments are interfering with my social life?) but I shall find the time to catch up with all of the posts!..

answered May 01 at 21:36

's gravatar image


This has helped SO MUCH already!!!! There were several instances where I almost took a bite of something.... one Reese's miniature (1 wouldn't hurt), a chip, a bite of a bagel, etc. EVERY time I said to myself, "NO... I'm doing this 100%!!! That worked! It also makes me realize how many of those "1 little things" there must have been lately..

Anyway... thank you for setting this up! Great idea, and I can tell it will make a BIG difference for me... and hopefully our whole team! :-)..

answered May 01 at 21:42

Kaleb's gravatar image


Hi everyone, if this challenge is still open, I would LOVE to be a part of this. I like the positive theme of what you're trying to accomplish. I'll be turning 49 in August and my one goal is to lose my "age" in lbs by then. Thanks for getting this started!!.

Again, thanks Kelly for getting it started and to Lisa for taking the time to track us!!!..

answered May 01 at 22:30

Preston's gravatar image


Starting weight:.


Personal goal:.

My goal is to be under 150 pounds. I have never in my adult life weighed less than 150. Even in high school, I was 155 at my lowest. So being under 150 pounds on July 15th would mean the world to me!.

So excited about this challenge! Thanks for setting it up for us! And HI TAMI!..

answered May 01 at 23:13

's gravatar image


Count me in. I started again the end of January, had a rocky time for a couple of weeks in February after going off plan for the Super Bowl, but doing pretty well since. I would like the accountability also as the it really does make a huge difference for me..

Current weight 214..

Challenge goal would be 185..

answered May 02 at 00:37

's gravatar image


Afternoon all.

Well today is day 99 right? If so, I'm just stoked to get through these 100 days of being OP!!!.

Thats little more than three months and we can lose up to 50 pounds...WOWSY!!!.

Hope you all are having a great day!.


answered May 02 at 02:06

Brody's gravatar image


Ive seen thats dancing stuff on wii and I definitely going to look into it!..

answered May 02 at 03:29

's gravatar image


Well, I have been in your shoes with that "one wont hurt" but for me I took the plundge.

Ive had my ups and downs over the last year since being on mf...but Im still here 101 pounds lighter and did something right in betwn my down falls LOL....

Thats great that you didnt fall off...believe me...NOT worth it..but we just human!..

answered May 02 at 04:11

's gravatar image


Oh and what are you all having for LG?.

Me I'm having boca burgers with mashed cauliflower and LC light swiss..YUMO!..

answered May 02 at 04:43

's gravatar image


Hey Steph - I think the official start is tomorrow 4/6 - but I could be wrong..

My favorite L & G is 6 oz of 96% lean beef, 1 cup of mushrooms (actually 2 cups raw - cooks down to 1 cup), 1/2 cup of alfalfa sprouts, and a dash of cayenne pepper (I brown the beef ahead of time, weight and freeze) throw it all in a frying pan and cook until the mushrooms are done..

I eat it almost every day - maybe some day I will get tired of it..

answered May 02 at 06:05

Angelo's gravatar image


LOL, whatever works right.

Well I guess the 100 days count down starts tomorrow than heehee.....

answered May 02 at 07:32

's gravatar image


Me too! Me too! I want to be part of this challenge. I have been on Medifast for 2 weeks and I am having a hard time doing it @ 100%. I have lost some weight doing it with some extra food here and there, but I am sure I could loose alot more if I would just make the 100% commitment..

My starting weight for this challenge is: 218.

My goal weight for July 15th is: 175 (I haven't been doing Medifast very long, is it reasonable to expect to loose 45 lbs in 100 days?. If not, maybe I will adjust my goal)..

answered May 02 at 08:01

Lincoln's gravatar image


Yes especially for you since you wanna lose 100 pounds? (no pun intended)..the more we have to lose the more that we lose each week (not always..but more common) I have 97 pounds left to lose and well in three months time I probably could lose close to 50 perhaps!..

answered May 02 at 08:32

's gravatar image


Hi all. I have an idea of what my goal is. I would like to lose 60 pounds in 100 days. I know it can be done at my starting weight. I do not know my exact weight right now because my weight is going over the limit on my current scale. I'm going to go to store tonight or tomorrow and weigh.

So 60 it is...by my birthday on 7/15. Good luck everyone. Will we be checking in daily?..

answered May 02 at 09:37

Luis's gravatar image


I don't think hairdressers speak English - I don't know why they bother asking how you would like it cut as they don't seem to understand a word one says. I have curly hair syndrome too and they simply don't understand the phrase "don't cut it too short!" Half the time I look like I've been scalped! grumble grumble...

answered May 02 at 10:43

Maxwell's gravatar image


I want in!!.

I've been struggling like crazy lately and have been looking for something like this!!.

I started Medifast May 2010 at 196 lbs..

My current weight is 160 ( TOM is back so I'm just going to use it. I was at 155 before.).

My goal by 100 days?? To be 2 weeks into transition. Only 25 to go..

answered May 02 at 11:52

's gravatar image


Wait I need to change my goal!! Can I do that?? LOL I forget June comes before July.

Blond day.

I want to be a whole month into transition!!.

I want to be at my goal of 135 by the end of May. I'm training for my first 5k and it's May 7th and I want to be very close to goal then at least 7 pounds away.. I can do 20 pounds in 2 months right??..

answered May 02 at 12:41

's gravatar image


Hi all I am definitely joining ...

My goal is to be at my goal weight and to be thru transition.. I'm also hoping to be able to run at least 10 miles by July 1.. I am running a half marathon in September and hoping to start training this month.. Just waiting for the weather to change...

I will post my weight tomorrow!!.


answered May 02 at 14:20

's gravatar image


Are we all ready to roll 100% from tomorrow until July 15th?.

I can't wait to do this!..

answered May 02 at 15:17

's gravatar image


I will have to find time to get on this everyday.. 100 days 1 day at a time Love it!!.


answered May 02 at 16:49

Zachary's gravatar image


Hi All! I'm excited and ready to start our mission!..

answered May 02 at 18:17

Trent's gravatar image


I am SO MAD!!!! I just wrote a whole post, updated, shout outs, reminders and then I hit the wrong button OBVIOUSLY and it was gone! AAAAHHHHH!.

Ok Lisa breathe through it and don't throw the laptop across the room.......in, out, in, out.

Let's try again.......

Good evening ladies! The adventure begins in a little over 4 hours. This week is gonna be tough. Starting Medifast again, getting a new car (thanks to Kelly and friends for driving me everywhere), and having an interview in front of administrators, peers, and my superintendent tomorrow for Teacher of the Year. Oh Boy! I would SO be eating and drinking tomorrow night. LOL.

I am planning on getting a lot of rest tonight, pick out a great outfit for tomorrow and really take time to do my hair and make up tomorrow. The better I feel, the more confident I will be and the better the choices I will make..

I am TOTALLY nervous about getting on the scale tomorrow. I am scared to see how many pounds out of the 35 I lost I gained back. I'd be happy if I was 174 but the way I've been half a**ing the program, I'm not so sure. I just have to keep moving ahead. I can't go back and change anything..

We'll soon find out!!!.


PS- Take your measurements tomorrow! Sometimes those are just as great!..

answered May 02 at 19:31

's gravatar image


Hi Everyone!.

Wow! Its great to sign on and see so many people reaching out for support & enthusiasm to join "our team" - this is going to be an awesome next 100 days for all of us!.

SneakySteph & Zeeta:.

Yes you are right Zeeta - start date is tomorrow 4/6! WHOO HOO!!!!.


You can check in as often as you wish or need.


Your goal to exercise 4-5 days a week & lose 30lbs by 7/15 is achievable! I am also psyched and read to get healthy with you!.

Amadata (Tami):.

Welcome! You are 39! And in a few months you will proudly say "I am 40!!!" Glad another fellow 39er is joining our group!.


Welcome! Full day of beauty @ a spa sounds lovely as a reward! I am so going to do this also..


Welcome! I can totally relate to you feeling the additional weight gain of 50lbs since August. I have also gained almost 50 pounds and I feel awful! It is one of the reasons I started this challenge. I'm tired of feeling awful! I am glad you are part of this team!.


Welcome! I could hear myself saying the same words you have said & thought after reading "Hey! Great! Can't wait to see you! Thinking I'd just make an excuse when the time got closer". It is not ridiculous, Not sad and yes it is true BUT we are on our way to meaning what we say and not having to stall or cancel because of the way we look..


Welcome! 160lbs or less by 7/15 - that is awesome! I hope to say that in the fall..

Anoushka (Sarah Cameron):.

Welcome! Hang in there at work! Catch up when you can (read Lisa or My post that usually will recap if you need a quick glance) & I am happy we will be part of the "social life" you do have time for.


Welcome! I think it is great that you are running a 5K May 7th! How exciting! Back in my days I ran 5Ks and I loved them. What a great goal to want to be a whole month into transition. I am inspired to one day say that myself..


Welcome! Your goal to weigh 185 by 7/15! Is great! Congrats on doing pretty well since the Super Bowl - Looking forward to helping each other stay accountable!.


Welcome! Your goal: "under 150 by July would mean the world to me" Almost 3 years ago I was at my lowest of 156 and it felt great! I could only imagine what under 150 would have felt - you will do this!!!!!!!!.


Welcome! Your goal: "lose my "age" in lbs". I am glad you have found the board to be positive! That is how it should be - lifting each other up to be our best! Glad you are here to be part of the positive support..


I so agree, all of those " 1 little things" all add up and hurt our success! Simply by staying NO! Proves you/we can commit to this 100% one NO at a time..


Welcome! I definitely think your goal is achievable! Removing the "extra food" will definitely bring you to your goal. Glad you joined us!.

Laxin: Welcome! I like the "100 days 1 day at a time" it will be the best approach taken! I am planning on counting down the 100 days each day see it as an accomplishment to complete it.

It think it is awesome you are planning on running a half marathon in September. I am hoping to run again and accomplish one in late fall - can't wait to read updates on your training..

Olivejuice: I think SpongeBob words it perfectly in anticipation for tomorrow to start:.

"I'm Ready I'm Ready I'm Ready!".

Very Excited for tomorrow to come!..

answered May 02 at 20:50

's gravatar image


Hi all. Is it too late to join this challenge? I'm back on Medifast after about a month of being off. I need to get back to taking one day at a time!..

answered May 02 at 21:22

's gravatar image


Sorry everyone. I should have read from the beginning! I'll go ahead and give my start weight and goals - but mine are pretty similar to drsteph's! :-).

Start: 241.5.

Goal: 199.

Also, I would like to be able to do the couch-5k. Right now, I feel like my weight is too much to run because my knees hurt after I've tried it, which is frustrating!..

answered May 02 at 22:09

's gravatar image


Of course you're in! Welcome! I look forward to hearing about and sharing the next 100 days!..

answered May 02 at 23:03

's gravatar image


Hi darlings! I would love to be added in on this challenge!.

My starting weight for Medifast was 215 when I started the last week of January. My starting challenge weight is 188. My goal in this 100 day challenge is to reach goal!!.

Thanks for starting this, what a great idea!.

Good luck everybody!.


answered May 03 at 00:18

Devin's gravatar image


Definitely not to late to join! Welcome Dietwalker & jelizabeth!.

Glad you are joining our team.

Dietwalker: What an amazing accomplishment it will be for you to reach goal in 100 days - We are excited to cheer you!.

Jelizabeth: Couch to 5K is achievable! I will join you on this goal. I use to run but now that I have 100+ pounds of weight back on me my left knee hates me. I am hoping as the weight comes off the knee will be able to handle the training. Let me know when you are ready and lets start training!..

answered May 03 at 01:00

Jonathan's gravatar image


Wishing everyone a wonderful night and day 1 starts tomorrow of our 100 days mission :0) Im super excited and we know it will FLY by!..

answered May 03 at 01:07

Gunner's gravatar image


You too Steph and I hope you're right about the flying by thing...

answered May 03 at 01:25

Andy's gravatar image


Jen - do you go to Mizzou? I went there for grad school (2003-2008). I saw the MU in your name and thought I'd ask!..

answered May 03 at 01:35

's gravatar image


Yeah I'm totally in...even more motivation to stay OP is good for me!!.

Current weight is 198.2. My original goal had been to lose 26lb before my 26 birthday...that's still my goal, but what I'd really like is to be able walk down the vegas strip at a cool 170lb. Which puts me at halfway to my goal. I've changed my new weight to 140lb. I'm really not sure what I'm going for weight wise, but I know that as long as I'm in a size 6 by the end of this weight loss I'm a happy girl!..

answered May 03 at 02:44

Rocco's gravatar image


Dear all: What a great group! I hope it isn't too late to join. (It's still Tuesday night where I live!.


My weight is 187, and I'd like to reach my goal of 150 by the end of this challenge...

answered May 03 at 03:44

's gravatar image


Sign me up if it's not too late. I lost 90 lbs on Medifast in 2009 and I have had some major health issues since Oct and gained 40 back. I need 100 days 100% OP to get back to goal...

answered May 03 at 04:43

Walter's gravatar image


How tall are you? I'm 5'8" and went from a 22 to a 4 the first time I did this...

answered May 03 at 05:08

Justin's gravatar image


Hmm I think I rambled too much.

My goal is to be 170lb. at the end of this challenge. If I can lose an average of 2lb. a week I can totally accomplish that goal. I also want to stick to ChaLean Extreme which is a 90 day program I started on April 3rd, so I should be done with the program a week or so before our challenge is over..

Has anyone thought that by doing this challenge, and being OP for 100 days we're less likely to go off plan afterwards for the duration of our weight loss? We'll also be able to test the theory that 100% OP really works. I can't wait. The hardest part for me will be condiments...yep that's my downfall..

Welcome to the 100 day challenge ladies!! It's here <3 and happy Medifasting!!..

answered May 03 at 05:25

Greyson's gravatar image


I'm 5'3 (short I know). I'm currently in a loose 12/14. I'm thinking I'll shoot for a size 8/10 for the end of this challenge. I want to be a size 6 at the END of my total weight loss....of course I dunno I could possibly lose all off or at least most of the weight I need at the end of this challenge and be in that 6....wow didn't think about that but it's totally possible. 30lb. is the goal...

answered May 03 at 05:28

Ryder's gravatar image


Good morning all.....

So happy to start Day 1.

My starting weight is 137.8.... Looking forward to getting to know all of you over the next 100 days.. I hope we all get to where we want to be on july 15!!!.


answered May 03 at 05:51

's gravatar image


Happy Day 1 everyone - may your dreams come true! My starting weight is 222.2 pounds and my goal is to stay OP and increase my physical activity...

answered May 03 at 07:11

Logan's gravatar image


Jeez - I went to update my ticker and was excommunicated from the site before I could add it to my post. The cheek!..

answered May 03 at 08:24

Corey's gravatar image


Good morning! Happy day 1 of the challenge!.

What's your first meal of the challenge?.

For me it's the hot cocoa made with coffee instead of water. I'll definitely be putting this on my next order! Yummy!.

Not sure if we were weighing in today so I did anyway...still at 201...

answered May 03 at 10:00

Jason's gravatar image



Hi girl! Missed you! We can do this!.


I look forward to doing another challenge with you!.

Hi everyone, I'm a Wednesday weigher, so I was down 2.2 pounds today. I keep truckin' 100 percent on plan...

answered May 03 at 10:20

's gravatar image



I had hot cocoa with a splash of coffee. I haven't tried mixing it with straight coffee. I'll have to give it a try!..

answered May 03 at 10:39

Hunter's gravatar image


Good Morning Everyone! I just started Medifast April 1st and have list 8.5 lbs so far. My starting weight is 307 for the 100 OP challenge. I am excited to track the results. Saying a prayer for everyone in the group...

answered May 03 at 11:55

's gravatar image


I highly recommend it!.

I think I'll try making an iced drink out of it, too! Next time...

answered May 03 at 12:45

Drew's gravatar image


Top o' the morn!.

My starting weight is officially 204 today, but was 245 on January 3. I want to be at 175 by July 15 and beginning to transition...

answered May 03 at 14:02

's gravatar image


Good morning 100 dayer's, hope everyone is off to a great start. My current weight is 136.2 and my goal is to stay OP each and every day regardless of what stressful situation my appear...

answered May 03 at 14:12

's gravatar image


Good morning! I started on 4/1 and have dropped four pounds to 170 this morning. So my starting weight for this challenge is 170. Good luck everybody! Have a great OP day!..

answered May 03 at 15:33

Marcus's gravatar image


I want to join! I started back today. I had a really difficult time last time I started back and only lasted a couple of days, I got really sick..

I am hoping this time I can stay healthy and get this weight loss going!.


answered May 03 at 17:11

's gravatar image


I almost had an oops moment while getting my youngest her breakfast. She wanted some shredded wheat and I almost popped one in my mouth. I stopped myself! Thank goodness! It would be pretty bad to goof up on day 1 of the challenge!..

answered May 03 at 17:16

Miles's gravatar image


Morning everyone. Staying OP works...I lost 1 pound since My Monday weigh in! I'd like to change my starting weight to 240.5...

answered May 03 at 17:24

's gravatar image


Good morning ALL!!!!!.

I have only a minute while my daughter runs around the house with a frog towel on her head saying "froggie, Froggie, froggie".

Very excited to see more joiners - later I will catch up with you all.

In the meantime, I want to say YAHOO!!! DAY 1 has officially started! & I am thrilled! We can do this everyone! and I am happy as a team we will take on this challenge together!.

I started this thread on Sunday with just myself and my friend Lisa on board and it is Wednesday and we are at 30+ Unstoppable support!.

With this said, My starting weight is 267..

I am off to capture my froggie and off to work & daycare we go!.


P.S. one of my top favorite medifast meals is Hot cocoa & coffee! I mix in a medium dunkin donuts cup and then drink in a meeting or while at work and I know I am enjoying a meal that is yummy!..

answered May 03 at 18:28

Alfredo's gravatar image


Hi all... Just a thought... Should we start a new thread each day of the challenge... This thread will be huge and it will be easier to read everyones posts and get to know each other...

Each day we can just call it day 2.. day 3... etc... It's just a thought... There are a lot of us in this and it's great if we can do this and bu supportive to all......

Day 1 started 99 to go!!!.


answered May 03 at 19:48

Aaden's gravatar image


I don't normally like daily threads, but in this case I think it's a really good idea! I like the idea of...100 Days @ 100% Challenge - Day 1 (or whatever day it is)...

answered May 03 at 20:43

's gravatar image


Good morning 100 Day Challengers! So far I have not fallen off the wagon...lol. Good luck to everybody! I need some L&G ideas that my kids will enjoy with me. I don't like having to prepare different meals. (I usually add in some whole grains to the kids dinner.).

Also, anybody know of any Medifast groups for nursing moms? I am following the 5 & 1 plan as I only nurse 2x per day. I would like to talk with some others who have been in the same situation..

Anyways....At least after 3 weeks of doing this, I am learning to enjoy the Medifast meals. The first 10 days were rough on me!..

answered May 03 at 20:56

's gravatar image


Morning everyone! Starting Medifast for the first time today! Already had breakfast and about to have my mid-morning meal..

Starting weight 4/6/11 : 226.

Goal by July 4th : 163.

My personal goal : I would like to fit into my waist sized 36 Tux again by July 4th. Will be in a grooms party for my cousins wedding. My entire family will be there. Will love to look my best! 3 back to back weddings from that weekend onto the rest of July...

answered May 03 at 21:30

's gravatar image


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