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Got a question... Has anyone ever tried Medifast for weight loss? Does it work? Hoping for any response. My 2nd question... So I thought I'd share some things I have learned since having my GBS on Nov. 11, or rather mantras that keep me going..

-Listening to my pouch. The moment I get that full feeling I stop eating. No matter what I have left on my plateOr else I get nauseated super quick and feel like throwing up..

-Speaking of throwing up, we will never eat sugar again will we. Um, no, because we made that mistake on Thanksgiving and we spent the evening in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god..

-Other people Medifast food still smells good, and that's okay. Yummy smells are around me every day, fast Medifast food , pasta, treats. But, I've been down that road and I know exactly where it goes..

-Eat protein first. I love fruit and would be satisfied eating it all day, but I have to make sure I balance it with some turkey or something..

-Gulping drinks and taking big bites not anytime soon thanks. Gulping fluids hurts, owie, and I kinda look like a little bunny when I eat because I take tiny bites..

-Find Medifast food you like-I love dairy products(bring me the cheese and milk fairy please) and I love fruit.

-I still am not up to the amt of protein I should be at, and I am still under on the fluids too, but I have spoken to my doc and as long as I am going to the bathroom I just need to work on it..

-I have lost about 30 lbs, but I haven't lost a clothes size yet, and thats okay, because the little things my body is doing are awesome. For instance, I have a watch that always pinched my wrist, and now it's completely loose. My ankles are dainty (who knew). My tight pants, oh yea, they're loose. Incedently, I just realized, I may have grown out of this bra I'm wearing. I've been adjusting the girls all night..

-I am so lucky to have family and friends who understand and are there for me, even if they've never been overweight..

-I don't weigh myself everyday. I never have before and frankly I don't want to start every day with a stressor. In the beginning it was fun, but now, meh..

-One last thing. If I had to do it all over again. I would. In a heartbeat. Up to now, it's the most important life decision I've ever made..

Thanks for.


All and I.


In the coming year we all have exciting stories to tell..

Hugs, Theresa..

asked May 09 at 05:31

Uriel's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

answered May 09 at 06:26

Jaime's gravatar image


Theresa: I second all your mantras, except I haven't had any pain or nausea due to eating. I'm still trying to decipher my pouch's soft cues. Ah, well. Also, I'm down about 30 lb., too...

answered May 09 at 07:11

Logan's gravatar image


Sugar has pretty much been my only real problem. So as long as I.

Stay away.

From stuff that has added sugar I'm fine...

answered May 09 at 07:27

's gravatar image


I get up and read the posts every morning, but it is this type of post that keeps me coming back..

MissTBerry, I love the way you write, I love how well you've done but most of all I just love you little girl..


You just made me smile and that makes my day!..

answered May 09 at 08:10

's gravatar image



Your post makes my heart sing!!! I look forward to hear more stories in the coming year!..

answered May 09 at 09:22

's gravatar image


I love positive people. This was a very positive post and I know you meant it. Good job on your life changing situation!!!..

answered May 09 at 10:49

William's gravatar image


Thanks for sharing such positive feed back, it's so nice to hear.. Good luck in all you do...


answered May 09 at 11:36

Harrison's gravatar image


What a wonderful one-month report!!! You are obviously so in tune with what your body needs at this point that this entire journey should be a breeze for you!!.

Keep up the fantastic work!.

~ T..

answered May 09 at 13:05

Ryan's gravatar image


Thanks so much for sharing this Theresa!!!.

It's posts like this that keep me motivated and moving forward on days like today when I am making cookies, and brownies, and my favorite rice crispy treats!!! for my daughters fundraiser...and working my ass off because I am a new cook and everything takes more effort right now...and I can't even be "rewarded" for my hard work by eating the one of the yummy treats...and I'm still pre-op...and how am I ever going to be able to do this for the rest of my life?!.

Whew! That was a mouthful!.

Seriously though, I read this and felt all better. :-)).

Thanks for inspiring me to keep moving forward. You are a superstar!!! Love you!.


answered May 09 at 13:08

Sergio's gravatar image


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