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My question is Has anyone tried Medifast? Does it work? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' THURSDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




asked Apr 30 at 16:57

's gravatar image


I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

answered Apr 30 at 17:43

Emilio's gravatar image


Good morning my precious friends!.

Would you look at this...it's Thursday (as indicated on post #1) and it's October, as indicated on the title of the thread. I still feel like I'm missing something though. Hmmm...

answered Apr 30 at 19:13

's gravatar image




~ Welcome back. You know what to do AND more importantly...you CAN do it! Sounds like you hit it 110% yesterday. Way to go!!!.


~ Are you feeling any better with the prescription you got from the doctor? Seems like it's taking a long time, huh? At least you are resting some. Sounds like you had a beautiful day outside yesterday. Perfect temp. for me..


~ It was awesome to see you back with your incredible shoutouts! Do you know the last time I wore a size 10 in pants? NEVER! I vaguely remember a 9 (probably for a day...but it was in Jr. High; straight to an 11; and then to a 13 where I stayed for a very long time...and then there were kids). I'm so happy for you!!!.

I can't believe the weather was in the 60's there. CRAZY!!!.

I hope Val is doing well, too. You do know that you do for us what she did for you, right?.

This is what you said and I think this is what you do for many of us:.

"I have really needed a good motivator for the exercise when I don't want to go and she was always there telling us all her fun things she was doing and it totally made me want to be like her.".

Sorry for the extra pressure...but it's true!.

For everyone else, they start at:.


~ Read through Kori's posts and you'll feel like you're totally caught up. It's pretty quick reading, but of course, very worth it..

I hope you're feeling better..

A big ole whoop-whoop for Asshat being gone until Monday!.

I was reading about the pain in your calf, moving from the left side to the right now. That is what my body does to me. Besides the constant uterus PIA...do you have other pains? With the Fibro., I may have a pain on one side of my body for months (unbearable), then as quickly as it comes, it goes and some other part of my body hurts...again for a very long time, until it's time to move to another spot. It is the most bizarre thing. The doctors; surgeons; MRI's; X-Rays; blood tests; etc. show nothing ever.

Maybe you could look up "symptoms of Fibromyalgia" and see if anything else looks familiar and then you could mention it to your doctor. It is brought on by stress, typically. I'm not sure if you've had any of that or not...yeah, right! I just want you to get better..

Sorry S-Dad was a grump. Glad Joe was the one who got to witness it and not you. I hope you sleep past 4 am today. (fingers crossed)..

Ok, I think I'm all caught up from yesterday/last night..

I am sorry if I've been negative lately guys. I try to keep my happy face on most of the time, but I've been in a lot of pain and I've got the nasty cold. I don't understand the edema going on in my legs, but it scares me. If you made it to my response to Sandy on the last page of last night's post...the Rheumatologist left me a message that said "edema is not typically a side effect of the new medicine." I did, however see where it has been for several people. I feel VERY heavy from the lower back down; my legs feel like they could split open (my skin is so tight); it hurts to walk; I feel like the fluid is putting pressure on nerves and sending a very sharp pain down my leg..


~ Any suggestions on the above? Would I look like an idiot going to the E.R. for the above symptoms? I have read where leg edema can be related to blood clot in the leg; blockage in the heart; etc. Let me know what you think. The advantage to the E.R. is that they have all the equipment there...lab; ultrasound (for leg...no baby); etc..

Oh! The good news (if it is edema), is that each leg could be holding between 5-10 pounds of fluid. That would mean I'm not such a big f-ing failure at everything..


~ Good morning. Is Olivia 100% better? How is Kaitlyn doing? I'm sure Sam is as cute as can be ALWAYS! Have a good day..


~ I think I already wrote this on yesterday's board...but I hope you had fun "shoe shopping". Find anything cute? When it starts to cool down, I want to get me some ankle boots. I had some years ago and I LOVE them..

Ok all...it's 1 am...I should try to get a wink or two of sleep..

I love you guys!..

answered Apr 30 at 20:22

's gravatar image


Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power..


There are admirable potentialities in every human being. Believe in your strength and your truth. Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself. "It all depends on me..


Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential...

answered Apr 30 at 20:30

's gravatar image


Thank you Lori. Now I'm crying...Just happy to "hear" you say that. Thank you, again..

I guess I spoke too soon. I just wrote on your page that it was a good sign that you weren't here yet, as I hoped you were getting some well deserved sleep. Perhaps your nightcap (Nyquil) did you some good last night? That used to be my OTC drug of choice. lol.

Have a great day w/o asshat..


answered Apr 30 at 20:54

's gravatar image


Not again! The Medifast server is being naughty again...

answered Apr 30 at 22:10

Jace's gravatar image


I woke up at 2:30 and then again at 4:00..



Not this hookah..

I have been known to hit the bottle of Tylenol PM, though!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:07

Johnathan's gravatar image


Good Morning All...

Hi ya Lauri...sorry your feeling so craptastic. Did you decide to go the ER?.

Olivia 100% better...but now it's Kaitlyn's turn...She threw up and diarahhed all at the same time...it was like a massacre of pooh in the bathroom...poor or not I just threw out the bathmat, the jammies and the towel that were the poor victims of this unfortunate escapade...

answered Apr 30 at 23:37

Andres's gravatar image


Still not sure on the E.R..

Poor Kaitlyn. Poor bathroom. Does her "mother" realize the risk she puts her daughter in? Besides the fact that she brings it home to the rest of you. It's terrible. I know that sometimes "stuff happens" and kids get "stuff"...but it sounds like she's getting it because of "filth" in da hood. Not cool.

Lol I hope she starts feeling better soon. I'm glad Olivia is 100% though...

answered May 01 at 01:15

's gravatar image


Ok kids...all of the sudden I'm feelin' like I'm gonna be sick(er), so off to sleep on the couch for a bit..

Have a good day y'all..

Much love!..

answered May 01 at 02:19

Edward's gravatar image


Feel better Lauri. And don't get me wrong, I got three kids and work part time my house is winning no super clean awards...but it's never filthy...

answered May 01 at 03:40

Dalton's gravatar image


Ang ~ I TOTALLY know what you mean..

Ang & Lori ~ 8 more days!!! YAY!!!.

Ok...off to the couch. See y'all soon...

answered May 01 at 03:54

Drake's gravatar image


I can't budge from 164 and this annoys me..

answered May 01 at 05:25

's gravatar image


Lauri - feel better!.

Ang - Sorry about K..

Okay - I'm procrastinating..

Gots to go..

(Lauri - Ang's ticker is allassedup....it's a week from today!)..

answered May 01 at 05:44

's gravatar image


OOOH, only 7 days then. Wooo-freakin-wooo. YAHOO!!!.

Oh, Lori ~ I colored my hair again...cuz it looked like shitz. I chose a color that said "chocolate cherry mouse" and I can't remember what hightlight color is with it...but guess what??? It's auburn. lol I like it! If I can get the rest of me to look presentable, I will take a picture and post it. I feel all bloated and blech..

Ok, really gonna go now. I just had to make my rounds before I fell asleep...make sure DH's alarm was REALLY set; get his lunch ready; charge his cell phone & IPOD. He CAN do all of these things, but they are less important to him (like the cell phone...if I need him, I want to be able to reach him...whereas, he would just say "oh yeah, my phone went dead". lol..

answered May 01 at 06:38

's gravatar image


Good Morning....too funny.


, your hubby sounds like mine. Glad you like your hair color...and I am sure as soon as you clear up this terrible bloating issue you will be happy with yourself..


, Tylenol PM never worked well for me.....Try a combo of three inexpensive ingrediants: Melatonin, Valerian root and L-Tryophan...it will put you to sleep in 20-30 minutes and sleep good and awake refreshed!.


, I would have done the same exact thing...as a matter of fact I have thrown away good towels that my gb's got sick on...just couldn't deal with all the grossness...LOL Don't get discouraged about the scale....my goodness, look at the start point of your ticker. You are AMAZING!!.

OK, gotta go do something...no work till tomorrrow!..

answered May 01 at 07:49

Braylen's gravatar image


That sounds like a lot of work..

I'd settle for a morphine drip...

answered May 01 at 07:56

's gravatar image


Good morning Gorgeous,.

I was thinking about you yesterday and sent you a text..

Have a happy Thursday, mi amiga..

Mad love to you!..

answered May 01 at 09:11

Alec's gravatar image


Good morning all...

Lauri.. thanks for the link to yesterday. now that I'm all caught up, have little time to chat. have work appts this morning and afternoon. ill try to check in. I'm so tried.

Dont know how he does it each day..

Lauri... really hope you are feeling better. hair sounds great. love that shade. we do appreciate you so much..

Lori.. glad sdad is doing ok. is grouchy a good sign for him, like more like himself? hope he you and Joe have a great day today..

Jo... great to see you here..

Ang... poor olivia. I have thrown away my share of stuff. it's unavoidable. thats why I buy cheat stuff from walmart. it can all be replaced.

Kori... loved the shoutouts and returing clothes. shoe shopping was great. hit payless like you and got a pair of flat boots that go up to my knee (black) and brown flat shoes. I could have bought a bunch more but not on the budget. cant beat 2 pairs for $55.

Thanks to Medifast and you guys, ill be wearing dresses with boots this fall..

Gotta get ready for meeting.. dont want my employees walkin in and seeing me chatting. hope yall have great OP days....

Hi sandy when you get here... how was the dr?.

Oh night with BF was great... not how I planned but still great...

answered May 01 at 09:23

Jeremiah's gravatar image


Morning Lori- text received with a BIG smaile - thanks! how's your leg today?.

Lauri - if it's both legs and no new pain - call your regular doc. If new pain (usually sharp) go to ED STAT! another thought is to check your B/P. does your "local" walgreens, Bartells, CVS, Walmart..... have a free or cheap b/p machine? if it's high - go to the ED!.

Ang - 162 was my number. you can power through this..

Jo - Enjoy "something"..

answered May 01 at 10:32

Sam's gravatar image


Hi andi... hi lori. ok I know I say I have to go and then dont. Lauri.. can you write me a letter about this is something?.

Forgot to say hi to Melissa who was here yesterday... hi Melissa!..

answered May 01 at 10:43

Elliot's gravatar image



Haven't seen him for about 30# (or since 2008 but Really - what's more important!).

Can't wait!!!.

But gotta work and running late. check in from my walk.....

answered May 01 at 12:07

's gravatar image


Andrea - What'd you & BF do now????.

Andi - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for Dad. I recall you were supposed to have a visit and something happened at the last minute. I'm so excited for you! Take some pix!!!!.

Mad love to all...

answered May 01 at 12:51

Gerardo's gravatar image



PS - I'm 129.

Now I just need to hold it for a week...

answered May 01 at 14:28

Alex's gravatar image


WTG Lori!! How's everyone today? Nothing much on the agenda. DH had an early EMG appt. for his back that it killing him. I didn't want to get up that early. Think I'll just drink my coffee and catch up on posts...

answered May 01 at 15:11

Joseph's gravatar image


Hi from work! Ick. I hope all the sickos start feeling better soon! I'm sniffly, but it's not too bad anymore. How do you make your coffee OP? I stop every morning at the gas station and get coffee and I add cream and sugar. I can't drink it black. I've had it with non-fat creamer and splenda...is that good enough? (I should just get a coffee pot, it would probably save me lots of $) I hope you're all having a super awesome day and stay OP, drink your water and get your body moving! <3..

answered May 01 at 16:37

's gravatar image


Angela - Sorry about sick one. What a mess. Hope scale quits being an asshat soon. I will come and sit on it. OH, that won't help..

Lauri - glad you like the hair color. Hope you get some relief soon. I think you are always positive and so supportive..

Andrea - YAY on the great night..

Andi - hope you have a nice visit with Dad. Where does he live?.

Lori - WOW 129. You will hold for you week for sure..

Barb - hope you ae feeling more like you. Glad you got some sleep this morning..

Jo - any good things on the list for today..

Just normal day for me. Hope the sun shines on all shammies today...

answered May 01 at 16:57

's gravatar image


Angela - Sorry about sick one. What a mess. Hope scale quits being an asshat soon. I will come and sit on it. OH, that won't help..

Lauri - glad you like the hair color. Hope you get some relief soon. I think you are always positive and so supportive..

Andrea - YAY on the great night..

Andi - hope you have a nice visit with Dad. Where does he live?.

Lori - WOW 129. You will hold for you week for sure..

Barb - hope you ae feeling more like you. Glad you got some sleep this morning..

Jo - any good things on the list for today..

Just normal day for me. Hope the sun shines on all shammies today..

Post isn't going. This may go 3 times or 0...

answered May 01 at 18:04

's gravatar image


Seems like the server is having problems again today..

Melissa - not sure as I drink my coffee black. But I am looking for SF pumpkin spice stuff. I love the lattees this time of the year...

answered May 01 at 18:57

Gage's gravatar image


Hi slores!.

Super busy! hope everyone is doing great!..

answered May 01 at 19:53

's gravatar image


Hi from work..

Only 3 hours left..


Barb - Hope hubby's appointment went well..

Melissa - Sometimes non-fat creamer (or anything) will have more carbs than regular or low-fat. Check in to that before your next refill. Splenda is okay, but definitely don't go overboard. I have a low-fat 1/2 & 1/2 that I use and it's delish..

Sand - Thanks for the vote of confidence. LOL! I hope you're right. Have a good day and give Ginger some love from Aunt Lori!.

Erin - Good to see you. Don't be such a stranger..

Okay - I should go and try to eat or something. I've been feeling lousy all morning..

Mad love...

answered May 01 at 21:04

's gravatar image


A cautious GOOD morning to all my good luck Shamrocks today!.

I am in the purgatory waiting mode today for a doctor call back as well. Tim needs a MRI done under sedation to confirm and map out the abdominal vessels that need correcting for the vascular surgeon. All signs are leading to this cause of his pain, weight loss,non functioning stomach, bowels and more. It is extremely rare in someone his age, but my Timmy is a rare one in many wonderful ways, it doesn't surprise us. more on that as info comes in.....

We have tickets to see a fabulous theatre production of Peter Pan tonight. I will be pulling all my tricks to have Tim comfortable and well enought to go. The show is called 360* productions. In a tent with cirque du soile type suspensions. The stage is in the round with a full 360* projected images on the tent walls. London, Neverland etc...always changing and the sensation of soaring is great.

I will give a review tomorrow so you all can watch for it in your part of the woods. I am sure excited to get out and play normal grown up...oh thats not right.

.."I won't grow up" -Peter Pan.

Hugs to all.

Ps Melissa- I had to smile at your question. Just this morning I was thinking how grateful I am that coffee is so wonderful, so delicious, so necessary and I CAN have it OP. small miracles..

answered May 01 at 21:21

's gravatar image


Hi darlene.. I hope all works well with Tim to get that production tonight. it sounds amazing. I too love my coffee..

Melissa... great to see you here. I use skim milk in my coffee. just enough to change the color a bit. hope you have a great day.

Barb... have you watched glee yet this week? I'm going to try to watch it tonight. hope you and DH are feeling better..

Lori...love when you can escape work a bit to chat. so close to your weekend with ang. love hearing all the fun details and planning. did you ever say if you were getting a new tattoo?.

Ang... hi from work too!.

Hey sandy... thanks for the shoutout. hope ginger is doing ok today..

Work has eased up a bit. bossman is somewhere today. feeling really hungry today for some reason. gonna keep drinkin my water. bbl..

answered May 01 at 22:41

Damian's gravatar image


Love Love Love Love Love when he's not here!.

I think I'm getting a sore throat!..

answered May 01 at 23:58

Danny's gravatar image


Barb... have you watched glee yet this week? I'm going to try to watch it tonight. hope you and DH are feeling better..

Yes Andrea, I watched it and it was good as usual. Next week I think they're doing more duets which should be very cool...

answered May 02 at 01:20

's gravatar image


Having my L&G - crab and salad and then head to doc. Hope everyone is doing OK. Oh, and I need to drink a ton of water...

answered May 02 at 02:12

Hunter's gravatar image


Hey Barb... I'm excited. 10 pm, me on the couch watching glee with a big cup of tea! perfect!.

Lori... boss man is back... boo..

answered May 02 at 02:58

Randy's gravatar image


Hi andi- school=hard work, stressfull, busy, no sleep!.



Thanks for asking!..

answered May 02 at 03:44

's gravatar image




But going on TM now..

It's a great day..

I was bossless at work and I'm husbandless at home tonight..

WooooooooFreakinHoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!..

answered May 02 at 05:05

Jayson's gravatar image


Lori, enjoy your alone timeI love it too. Took a little ride today and the fall colors are just beautiful up here. It's been a gorgeous week with nice weather. Hope everyone has a great night...

answered May 02 at 05:30

Cade's gravatar image


Best laugh of the day! Thanks capt gassy =) reminds me of Waynes World fo sure..

I want to hear how Lauri is doing with the swelling and pain...worrisome for sure..

Timmy having good day today xxxxxxx and looking good for Peter Pan...check in for me much later..or in the morning. I have one quick hour to get Tim to eat something, do quickie for DH- dinner you dirty minds ;-), slather some make up on my dark eye circles and find something to wear ummm..live theatre but in a tent, evening at Orange County Performing Arts but Peter Pan, expensive tickets but sitting on stadium seating...??.

Jeans and sweater-but with stillettos...little black dress but flats?um...lets go plumage the closest. Might have a quick min before out the door. xxxxxx= fingers crossed..

Hugs Darlene..

answered May 02 at 05:47

's gravatar image


Darlene -.

So glad to read Timmy's having a good day..

And I know you're going to have a good night..

And I'm glad I was able to give you a good flatulence chuckle..

Have a great time..

Mad love...

answered May 02 at 05:52

's gravatar image


Hey Shams,.

Just spoke with Joe who is driving around in circles in Philadelphia ("Look kids, Big Ben!") trying to find where he's supposed to be. The guy can rock all of the boroughs of NYC like it's his J.O.B. - but take him out of the city and he's a disaster..

Anyway, it's going to be a late night for JoeJoe. I wish he'd just stay over instead of coming home at that time..

I had a great dinner - turkey meatloaf, asparagus, a wedge of LC lite...good stuff. I'm really happy with how things went on the TM, too. Although, I'm not gonna lie - my calves are a little sore. I'm trying to stretch them out..

I'm going to take Sparks for a spin around the block. I never take him any more because, somehow, every dog in town is out when I do. And, for as much as I love my boy, he just isn't good around other dogs - especially when he's with me. I don't know what the hell happened to him or what's wrong - if he's trying to protect me - if he's just lost his mind...I dunno. But I didn't have the pet sitter come today and he needs a good stretch..

I talked w/S'Dad and he's like the Prophet of Freakin' Doom. I know he doesn't want to be in the hospital any more - but if he's not there feeling sorry for himself he'd just be at home feeling sorry for himself and at least they're taking good care of him there. I told him to call me if he needed anything and otherwise I'd call when I'm driving in to work tomorrow. He was hoping to get out of there tomorrow - but I know that's not going to happen. Looks like it'll go in to next week fo' sho'..

Dats all I gotz for now..

Mad love to you, hookers...

answered May 02 at 05:56

Quinn's gravatar image


Me, too! I almost cried in Payless when a pair of knee high boots zipped up, over jeans!..

answered May 02 at 06:24

Titus's gravatar image


It makes me giggle every time you call the Emergency Department, ED. It makes me think of two things, Emotionally Disturbed or Erectile Dysfunction!.

I can act like such a 12 year old some times...

answered May 02 at 08:03

's gravatar image


OK, I am getting weird error messages every time I try to make my shout outs so I am just going to post quickly and come back later to do my shout outs..

Been a baking fool here the past couple days. Made some caramel apple muffins that made me want to scarf them down. I settled for just smelling up the house like apple cinnamon. YUM! My student's loved them! It was a great treat to the end of our Johnny Appleseed lessons. Made Peanut Butter Pretzel cookies today with the students for their cooking lesson and they loved em! Again, smelled wonderful but I can definitely resist! Baking for others makes me just as happy as eating the food so that works for me! Need to bake chocolate cupcakes for my neice's party tomorrow and some oatmeal cookies to make "Disappearing Ghost cookies" for a Halloween activity at school tomorrow..

Will try and get on later but not sure if I will be able to. Have appointment with the trainer. She wants to put me in the gym's "Success book". Need to bring before and After pic for her tonight. Then have baking to do..

Mucho love hookers..

Peace out...

answered May 02 at 09:43

's gravatar image


Funny thing..

I go to walk the dog - we have a great walk - no problems - he's such a good boy..

But, then again, we didn't encounter any other dogs..

The whole time we're walking, I have one of my favorite songs in my head..

So I come back home and BLAST it and danced around the house..

I haven't done that in forever..

I love to dance. It makes me happy..

Then I check Facebook real quick and find this on JoJo's page....

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass - it's about learning to dance in the rain..

And I loved it. So I wanted to post it here...

answered May 02 at 10:02

's gravatar image


Song in my head, in case anyone's interested in a dance break..


answered May 02 at 11:22

's gravatar image


Lori... you sound so great tonight. I feel this great positive vibe comin from ya! I heart you! glad sdad is being well cared for. great dinner, TM and walk with doggie! you know how to rock an evening, sista!.

Kori... yes I almost cried in payless too. you need to remind that trainer that you really are a rockstar. she should be impressed with all that you have accomplished!.

Goodnight barb....

Darlene... hope you and Timmy have a great time tonight..

I'm stuck watching soccer till 10 PM. then it's time for my shows when kids go to bed. what would I do without my dvr. feeling good about checkin in here at night. makes me an honest woman.....

answered May 02 at 12:02

's gravatar image


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