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My 1st question is: Has anyone used the diet pill Medifast? does it really work? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... BRONZE TEAM CHAT.

SSS: the final week let's CELEBRATE to MOTIVATE!!.

This has been a fantastic challenge and we're down to the last week! Okay, so nothing is perfect our lives go on and don't become perfect even when we decide to lose weight but we are working through the easier times and the times that are...well, are not so easy. Certainly it is helpful to focus on the positive - easier times or not so easy times alike. PLEASE share your successes since you started Medifast and/or your successes during the challenge. Don't forget how important this can be to you recognizing the changes that we are making and the good things that result is a great motivator as we move forward!.


For this week's weigh-in thread..


For the previous team chat thread..


For challenge rules and information. The rules will change for the next challenge. The link will be posted as soon as the new rules are posted..


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Bellie - Janet.

Bloomingkinder - Chris.

Carolroberts - Carol.

Casper62 - Pat.

Dinahoop - Dinah.

Gypsysmom - Angelina*.

Insideout - Sarah.

Iwilldoit4me - Vikki.

Ktbrideib - Katie.

Lala1321 - Chanda.


Lisa_R - Lisa.

Maryd1112 - Mary*.


MerryHeart - Linda.

Mommappainter - Carolyn.



Pammi - Pam.

Redbigler - Dawn.

SAnderson - Sandy.

Scrapnfriend - Lisa, TEAM CAPTAIN : ).

Sejacobson - Sarah.

Slender - ~S~.

Soliel - Susan.

ToniAnn - Antoinette*.

Wantmylifeback - Glenda.

Wearestardust - Sherry.

*Team member's stats will not count toward the team totals for the challenge..


asked Apr 30 at 22:02

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181 Answers:
I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

answered Apr 30 at 22:36

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How do everybody and hope everybody is having an awesome weekend!!..

answered Apr 30 at 23:31

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Thanks! Looking forward to the next challenge. Never done one before. Little nervous...

answered May 01 at 00:42

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Welcome Leslie..I must have missed Carol's birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, Carol....


answered May 01 at 02:07

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Lisa, please include me for the next challenge!.

Leslie welcome to the Bronze Team!.

Carol, and many more...I hope you enjoyed your day!..

answered May 01 at 02:30

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Thank you guys, I did have an awesome birthday!.

You know I think nothing can be better than to stop every now and then and think about are we on plan. Because sometimes slowly over time we have strayed a bit or more than a bit. some stop measuring, some stop logging, the bites the tastes the licks, the first thing we should do when the weight isn't coming off like it should is too get back to the basics. Just like day one. Totally basic..

That is going to be my challenge to myself these next 2 weeks. totally 100% 5 & 1, no BLT's, I have two new exercise videos, I will do the shorter one the first week and the longer the second and I will have the last of my moving weight gone. I can't tell you how much of it is left because I am in a challenge with somebody, no names mentioned.


Who thinks they can kick my butt in losing weight. NO SAYS I! So anyways, all that means something to somebody, no names mentioned.


I have a couple of short vacations coming up. Only one week between them, so I have to enter that period lean and at my fighting weight. So thanks for the challenge! I have always thought the challenges should be more about staying On Plan, after all if you stay on plan that weight can't stay it has to go and that is what we are all here to do...

answered May 01 at 03:06

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Okay, I GOOFED UP!! Lisa says we have another week to go. I am without my calendar so I checked the "official" challenge dates thread and it says that the challenge ends on August 16th/17th. ???.


And then please tell me what I am reading incorrectly. Oh, well. I am sorry for the misinformation! I still think it is a good time to share our successes to consider the good things that are coming from the efforts we are making...and use them as motivators to propel us especially as we wind up one challenge, get the kids back into school mode, etc..

Okay, with that I am going to post the weighin thread...and change the initial post of this thread. What a WINGNUT!! Can I blame it on vacation brain? Can I blame it on the thread that I THINK says that the challenge ends this week? : )..

answered May 01 at 04:37

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Hi Bronze Team !.


Ditto. It was VERY HARD to stay TOTALLY OP!.

I was happily going to relax for two weeks.then I saw Sherry's post & Lisa's post(Ha! Ha! Lisa.. made me look. This is the end of week 6.) Sherry's post reminded me that IT IS A BREAK FROM THE CHALLENGE> IT'S NOT A BREAK FROM THE DIET! I need to stay OP! I guess I need to ditto Sherry's idea.. a 2 week self challenge..( I went to the doctor. He suggested I take a break from the diet once a month. Does anyone think that's a bad idea? Maybe if I stayed 100% OP..

Learning opportunities:.

I only managed 10 perfect days. I need to weigh and measure my food. ( Right Dinah?) Also, I need to stop eating "emergency" snacks, follow my late night SOS plan, no BLT's, and just go to bed! I drink too much crystal light and condiments are way up!.

I learned that I gain 5 pounds a day when I really go off plan. Too big a price to pay! My most difficult time is at NIGHT! (Swimming - didn't make that/got sick.).



I fit into a student desk, got into size 18 jeans, crossed my legs for the first time in ages, swam 18 laps, met super new people, 3 grad classes done (all A's) and still lost weight. The Sizzling Summer SlimDown got me back on track by providing.


I achieved my 30 mile walking challenge..

I am so close to One-der-land! Will I make it? ( Late night eating a snack again!.


"On PLAN" to me means:.

<3 condiments, protein 100 gms, carb's < 85, calories <900, fat < 34, sodium <2000; Exercise 5 days minimum of 20 minutes, drink 8 glasess water minimum, 4-5 L & G's (sometimes I substitute breakfast for egg whites, or my own special muffin) ; weight & measure your portions...

answered May 01 at 05:27

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Okay, so the joke is on me that I cannot change the thread name without switching to a new thread...so the IT'S NOT A BREAK THREAD is staying...and I guess it works since it's really NOT A BREAK afterall..

LESLIERENEE, the challenges can be alot of fun...so don't be nervous we're all here to support each other. I hope you will start posting with us now just for the fun of it...and we'll all introduce ourselves a bit more at the beginning of the next challenge. It's a bit slow around here right now because several of us are on vacation and others have just started school for our kids or are starting in the next week or so....

CAROL, just following up to what I said earlier happy birthday to you!!.

SHERRY, okay me too!.


SUSAN, first of all it is WAY FUN to read about your successes...and, well, I enjoyed reading your post all of it. Hmmm...I am not sure that I agree with your doctor about breaking from your plan once per month. I will say that I think that we all have to find our own way of doing things and making this work means doing what works for ourselves and our bodies. The first reason that *I* would not take your doctors recommendation is that it is just too hard for ME to get back on plan...and it seems to just mess up my body in a not so good way when I eat off plan. Perhaps there is a difference though in eating off plan AS IN EATING - let's say MORE PROTEIN for a day or two versus eating off plan AS IN EATING CRAP. Eating more protein wouldn't affect your carb count and might not make it difficult to get back on plan like eating crap might...

I am also finding that even a bite or two of certain foods can be high enough in calories and carbs to seriously undo the effort that I otherwise put into eating well. I am also in a mode of trying to figure out if eating well can become something that is more inherent for me...a sort of natural extention of who and how I am now...that reflects great change in how I care for myself. I guess that eating some extra protein or even a salad or something would not directly oppose that goal for myself...but I imagine that giving myself permission to eat off plan would likely lead to eating OFF PLAN more than eating an extra ounce or two of chicken. Thus, a short and quick path AWAY from what I am trying to accomplish. Okay, I am simply too tired to think and write right now...

Speaking of....

Cute story about FREE FOR ALL... My sons and husband were recently preparing to NERF BATTLE. My husband asked the kids "Are we going to have teams?" and my oldest son replied "NO! IT'S A FREE FOR ALL!!" as he started shooting my husband. My youngest son then said "it's not a.


For all it's a.


For all!"..

answered May 01 at 05:55

's gravatar image


Hello and Happy Sunday everyone!.


29??? You certainly don't look much older than that you skinny little thing....

WELCOME LESLIERENEE!! So glad you joined us..

Wishing you all a beautiful day! Gonna go walk the dog... because I can...

answered May 01 at 06:18

's gravatar image


I went to the movies by myself today to watch the Hotman from Scotland play in The Ugly Truth (awesome show...I laughed so much, I almost peed my pants)..

I've been told twice this weekend that I needed to stop dieting. I stopped dieting in April (duh!!). My aunt said I was a stick. HEEHEE....

I bought some little girl size XL shorts (14-16) and THEY FIT...Can you believe that? I can shop in the little girl's department. My hubby said it would be interesting to see me in one of their skirts...NOT...they would be too dang short and my ahum would be hanging out...

Anyhoo.,,two things in my favor this week..I look like a stick and I can fit in sizes my little 12 year old cousin can wear...HEEHEE.

On the flip side, I had two very public panic attacks this week. Too much friggin stress at work is playing havoc on my nerves...SHEESH.

Happy Sunday,.


answered May 01 at 07:48

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Angelina and Susan - Congrats on your successes!.

Sarah - when do you get back to reality?..

answered May 01 at 08:18

Danny's gravatar image


Good Morning all,.

This has not been a great challenge for me. My goal was to adhere to the plan as it was written, six weeks later only a -2.7 lose, no surprise that I did not meet my personal challenge, and I also fell short of my exercise challenge by 2.1 miles..

For the last 6 days I have stayed true to my plan...and I'm finally going to make it my responsibility to continue to do so, because no one else wants this more than I do, and I am the only one who can control this...this is my choice, and I chose what I eat and drink each and every day. With that said I chose to be true to my plan..

Have a wonderful on plan day all...

answered May 01 at 09:14

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I am so sorry you are struggling to stay with the plan. I just cannot think of anything that would help you. But in my opinion, a 2.7 pound loss is better than no pounds lost or a gain, right? Hang in there, girl.

My experiment into the world of little girls clothes was fun but.Guess what? The little girls size 14-16 shorts that I bought are in actuality larger than the size xs womens shorts that I wear. Go figureIt is fun though to be able to say I can wear little girls shorts if I wanted toHEEHEE.

Do any of you ladies experience panic attacks or have ever experienced a panic attack? I am going to have to visit my brother (Ive told you about him, he is a neurologist, grew up together, two only children, lived next door to each other ALL of our lives, etc.) so he can give me some meds. I refuse to take meds on a daily basis so I am hoping he can give me something I can take when I feel I am having a bad day. When I think about the panic attacks, I would rather live with them (even though they are extremely embarrassing) than have to take meds every day. Every day meds do not work for me because I forget to take themThat is why birth control was not an option for me. LOLAnyway, I am going to go see him in the fall when I can take a day off to go in...

Happy Monday,.

Angelina (136.2) (too much popcorn this weekend)..

answered May 01 at 09:37

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Good Morning All!.

Well, we decided to come home (ran out of money). Rome was great. Istanbul was FANTASTIC!! We had the BEST TIME EVER!!! (Can you tell we had fun?) Came home 10 pounds heavier, but I don't care. We got to go places and see things and meet people that we will never be able to do again. Got hundreds of pictures - 2 GB worth - all of which are stuck in my camera because my adapter for the computer broke (it's a special size and doesn't fit in the ports in the printer). I ordered another adapter and it should be here this week.

Don't have time to go back and read the last 3 weeks' worth of posts, but I did figure out by reading this week's thread that we have a new member. Welcome Leslie!.

Have a great day all!..

answered May 01 at 10:33

's gravatar image


My mother is here for the week. I was not dreading it since she usually does not stay with me anyway. However, for some reason, she has been up my since Saturday and she is making me crazy (she has not talked about going anywhere else for the rest of the week). She is always asking what we are going to eat. It's like having my hubby home for the week and since my hubby went back to work after being home for 21 days, I was looking forward to a reprieve. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...I stuffed my face all weekend from nerves (she makes me nuts).

If she goes to my paran's (the one who recently lost his wife) she usually cleans his house. I imagine that is why she is not going there now. I was making myself my usual daily lunch of veggie pizza (all veggies, w/pineapple, ff cheese, and wheat crust) and when I told her she could find something else to eat (she cannot have jalapeno or pineapple, she had the nerve to ask when I was going to stop dieting). I AM NO LONGER DIETING, I have been practically shouting that to everyone for a while now. I am eating healthy, there is a HUGE difference.

My theory is...I am finally starting to lose the flab, maybe, hopefully, one can hope....Sheesh...I really feel for you ladies who have little ones at home, because having my mother here is just like that, always worried about what to fix for the little ones, makes you think about food constantly. I love my hubby but after having him home for 21 days, eating whatever he wants, whenever he wants, having to fight the hunger pains from the food smells coming out of my kitchen, I was ready for a little break and then she shows up. Ok, I am finished ranting...Thanks for listening...LOL.


answered May 01 at 11:34

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Sandy, how many days did you have to cut your vacay short? I am glad you enjoyed what time you had over there, though.....

answered May 01 at 12:43

's gravatar image


Hello everyone! Well, it turns out this IS the last week of our challenge afterall... I will wait and change the intial thread again once I return home tomorrow. Yep, we're heading back to face all of the back to school stuff orientations, meet the teacher nights, etc...and, more personally, I am heading back to face MYSELF (and the gym) because I have sort of taken a vacation from diligence, awareness...and...even caring about much of anything other than having fun...which, as it turns out, isn't so fun stomach aches, headaches and the BLAHS of lower energy. DUH. My husband is still on vacation until September...but it might turn into clean out the garage, etc. time..

See you tomorrow!!..

answered May 01 at 14:03

Trevor's gravatar image


I didn't actually have to cut vacay short (most of it was paid in advance anyway). I just joked about not coming home until we ran out of money - which we did. Do you KNOW the exchange rate between the Euro and the dollar? And the British pound is even worse!! The only place we could really afford to shop was Turkey - which was fine with us since it's a more exotic place anyway...

answered May 01 at 14:33

's gravatar image


Hi Teamies. As most of you have noticed I have been MIA for most of this challenge as far as chatting and not always up to date on my reading either. I have still been in the background keeping our teams stats and sending them in weekly for the challlenge. Sarah did not get the challenge dates mixed up....it was me!.

After nearly 2 years on Medifast and on Team Bronze as Captain I have given the reins over to Sarah. I am going to be doing Gastric Bypass Surgery. I had a Nutrition and Exercise class this morning and I meet with the Surgeon at the end of this month. In my case with my health issues the surgery will make the difference that I could not keep up with MF. I am happy to say that I had at one time lost 70lbs and know it is doable for most here just not in my case. My original plan was to do the surgery and continue Medifast but it will not work out that way after all....the Medifast meals do not have enough protein and some have too many carbs for the surgery program to start with but maybe down the road a while after surgery I will be able to switch back..

In the meantime I wish all of you well on your weight loss goals and will check in here once in a while. I will always be a Bronzie!!! Your friendships and support have meant soo much to me...

answered May 01 at 15:56

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I am so envious Sandy..I want to see Scotland, any foreign land besides Mexico (been there, done that) really..

Congratulations Sarah, our new team captain....

Lisa, I wish you all the luck with your gastric bypass. I hope everything works out for you. Please keep in touch, even if you just check in once in a while. We will miss you....


answered May 01 at 16:30

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I suffer from anxiety attacks and if I don't catch them in time they lead to panic attacks...I would not wish them on my worse enemy. I don't use medication for them ...for some reason the idea of take the meds only intensified the attacks and made them worse. 23 years ago it took about 9 months going from emergency room to emergency room...doctor to doctor, must of seen half of the specialist in the area, before they could diagnose me and then another couple of months where we could agree on a form of treatment...not a fun time. I finally found a doctor that helped me deal with them, first to be aware and realize they are coming on, and then use meditation and relaxation to work through them, and if I catch them in time I'm fine if not I've learned to deal with them. I hope you find a solution. (((hugs))).

I also think that everyone asking you "when are you going to stop dieting?" does not help this situation at all...

answered May 01 at 17:06

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Good Morning Team,.

Doing great...made it through another day..

Lisa, Thank you for all you have done in getting this team started, and kept it going. I also thank you for accepting me a member of this amazing group...my journey has not been a perfect one, but without the support of this group I would not be where I am today. Once Bronze always Bronze. I will be keeping you in my prayers and thoughts, wishing you the best as you undergo g/b, and then a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated on how things are going...we will miss you..

Sandy, Welcome back, I'm glad you and DH had a great time...I can't wait to see some pictures..

Sarah, glad you are heading back, been missing your posts..

Hi to everyone enjoy your new day today let's make it and on plan day and drink plenty of water!..

answered May 01 at 18:24

Trenton's gravatar image


My mom left to go stay with her sister for a few days. Hubby returns today. I am not having a good week as you can tell by my daily weigh-ins. I hope everyone else is doing better and staying OP..

Happy Tuesday,.

Angelina (138)..

answered May 01 at 18:32

Braylon's gravatar image


Just checking everyone...all is going well on my end..

Stay strong Angelina...it's mostly water weight...

answered May 01 at 19:30

Michael's gravatar image


Vikki - Great job on day 6...or is it day 7 now? I'm behind..

Sandy - Glad you had a great time! I'm sure the 10 lbs was worth it..

Angelina - No on the panic attacks. Glad you are getting break from ma..

Sarah - Hope you made it back just fine and dandy. When does school start?.

Lisa - Good luck with the consultations and surgery! Keep us up to date..

Hmmm....Where is the rest of our team? Gosh, we are missing ALOT of peeps...

answered May 01 at 20:15

Douglas's gravatar image


Thanks...it's day 7 and almost over and everything is going according to plan..

How are things with you?..

answered May 01 at 20:33

's gravatar image


Hi gang.

Well I guess where all busy !!!! That's OK it's the last week of summer for me. The DDs go back to school on Monday.....

Which reminds me.

How fast life is really TRAVELING..... OMG.. are we really getting this OLD..

answered May 01 at 20:53

's gravatar image


Ack!!! Flying by yet again. Hope all are well..

Dawn, not me...after losing more than 100 lbs. I feel YOUNGER lol....but you are right, life is moving FAST..


answered May 01 at 21:58

's gravatar image


I have been gone so long and only read a bit of these weeks. My plan suddenly is more solid. I don't feel like I am straining all the time to stay on track. I have made some new lean and green recipes and that has helped..

Good news for my laid off DS he now has 2 dovetailing jobs that get him close to his former salery. No benefits but it will get him through this downture. His 2 college classes started and he was able to pay his portion of that. It is an answer to prayer..

Lisa- good luck on the surgery. I will keep you in my prayers..

Toni- I hope that you are having a great week.

Vikki- 7 days, that great! Keep it up..

Dawn- I feel like I'm living at warp speed!! I have promised my self once a day to take a break and slow it down. I don't really want to remember my life as a blur..

Linda- Great that you feel younger. What an NSV!!.


answered May 01 at 23:36

's gravatar image


Just checking in with my fellow babes....hope all is well. Hope we all wake up tomorrow morning slimmer!..

answered May 02 at 01:00

Nathaniel's gravatar image


I feel like my life is a blur...Too much work, not enough play....

Happy Hump Day, I hope you girls all stayed OP....

Angelina (137.2) going down, going down, I have faith...HEEHEE..

answered May 02 at 01:48

's gravatar image


Hi everyone,.

Here to report another on plan day..

But I do have a funny story DH came home with cheesecake tonight, I wanted to kill him...no I didn't have any and neither did he....no blood on the floor just blueberries. I asked him why...said he wanted cheese cake...and claims it was lite (gotta love the man he so cute always thinking of me too)...ha ha...every hear of lite cheese cake, I'm thinking instead of 3,000 calories per bite what is it 2,500? Let's just say he won't be bringing home cheese cake for a very long time...LOL!.

Slender, it's nice to have you back, and I'm glad your son the jobs, and can pay part of his tuition..

From you month to gods ears..

Angelina, your going down...yeah!.

Linda, love your enthusiasm...you are younger!.

Hi Dawn..

Well good night everyone...

answered May 02 at 03:07

's gravatar image


Work, work, work, no play...I am so tired. I would love just a 12 hour reprieve..

Happy Thursday,.

Angelina (136.6) going down sucker...HEEHEE..

answered May 02 at 04:04

's gravatar image


Good afternoon team I hope everyone is doing well..

I'm having an another great day...it feel so good to be back on plan!..

answered May 02 at 04:58

Victor's gravatar image


Sorry...my kitchen floor has already been cleaned and mopped!..

answered May 02 at 05:23

Justice's gravatar image


Morning everybody, hope you are back "in town" sarah. Last two mornings when I get up for the second time to go to the bathroom I have trouble falling back asleep so I decided this morning to use the time to catch up on what you guys are doing..


What did you do with that cheese cake! Hehehe.


Cheese cake makes your butt look like cheese cake!..

answered May 02 at 06:06

Jamarion's gravatar image


Thanks Carol you RUINED Cheesecake for LIFE...

Everytime I think about it now; i'll have to look at my BUTT.

TGIF everyone....

Woo hoo i'm calling in sick !! YUP ~ going to spend the last day of summer with the DDs ....

Oops I mean {{ cough, cough}} fever coimg on, need to go directly to bed !.

Hee hee { with a evil snicker} Sun - FUN - Summer !!! going out with a BLAST !!!..

answered May 02 at 06:29

's gravatar image


Happy Friday All,.

Slow start this morning, ooh the pain! No gym today, I may have overdid the spin class yesterday, I don't want to push myself, and since it's already hot, hazy, and humid outside I have date with my treadmill at some point in the day...oh yeah and I'm still on plan..


Please make sure you get plenty of rest.


Hehehehe! I threw it on the floor..


Carol is right, think about your butt.

Have great o/p day all!..

answered May 02 at 07:20

Chase's gravatar image


Hi guys, just checking in. Mom finally had her surgery this week (she is doing okay, still in the hospital, surgery was Tuesday), so I am beyond busy and snowed under. I am nowhere near on plan... sigh. But I'm leaving my ticker alone for now. It's like...

I guess that's when the worst of the stress hits me or something. I dunno. I just want my life to be back to normal...

answered May 02 at 08:59

Brendan's gravatar image


Motivational Quote of the Day: One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done..

- Marie Curie.

How often we fail to appreciate what we have already accomplished. Take a moment, right now, to congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished today, this week, in your lifetime..

One day at a time will bring you to your goal and a healthier lifestyle. Mary.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World..

answered May 02 at 09:04

's gravatar image


Mmmm, cheesecake with strawberries on top. Ewww for the cheesecake buttLOL.

Oak, Stress is such a killer on a diet. Try to make sure you have something healthy YET filling at 4. 4 is my downfall, too. I have been eating a small tsp of low fat PB with an apple to ward off the munchies. It holds me through supper..

Vikki, You are doing great my girl. Goal will be yours before you know it with the right attitude (which you seem to have found after a while of struggles). I probably would have eaten the cheesecakeLOL.

Hubby and son went crabbing this morning so it looks like boiled crabs for supper (which are not very bad for the buttHEEHEE)especially since you get tired of cleaning them before you get full so you dont eat as much. My mom is still here but is staying with her sister. My daughter took my grandpuppy to the vet and she will need surgery to remove the tumor. I am so worried about that. That little dog has seen my daughter through some hard times and is her child. Speaking of dogs, how is Zack (I cannot remember who posted about their walking partner Zack)..

Anyhoo, my weight is fluctuating but I am approaching my TOM so no worries for now. As long as I stay within that five pound weight limit I set for myself, I am good..

Happy Friday (doing the happy Friday dance),.

Angelina (137.4)..

answered May 02 at 09:22

Grady's gravatar image


I work all week and then come here on Saturdays to chat and where is everyone???? LOL.

Happy Saturday All,.

Angelina (138)..

answered May 02 at 09:43

's gravatar image


I'm here, and still on plan!.

Happy Saturday.

...I hope you are all out there and enjoying it!..

answered May 02 at 09:44

's gravatar image



The first law of success is concentration..

Concentration is your magic key that opens the door.

To accomplishing anything..

When your physical and mental resources are focused,.

Your power to resolve problems multiples tremendously..

To do two things at once is to do neither..

Bend all of your energies to one point, and go directly to that point,.

Looking neither to the right nor to the left..

Nothing can add more power to your life as much as concentrating.

All your energies on a limited set of targets..

The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus..

Success is the result of well directed energy..

Copyright 2008.


One day at a time will bring you to your goal and a healthier lifestyle. Mary.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World..

answered May 02 at 10:23

Christopher's gravatar image


Checking in, another good day...hope yours was good too!.

Hi Mary, Angelina..

Where is everybody?..

answered May 02 at 11:05

Pierce's gravatar image


Great job Vikki!.

Oak - Hope your mom gets better..

Angelina - Did I just call you "Angela" recently? Sorry, if I did. Do you work full time? Oh and thanks for that bed info - I forgot to thank you..

I'll be busy all week. I signed up to take a writing class at the local college - all online. I teach the girls all online, but haven't taken a course online. I'm excited to return back to school..

Have a great week everyone!.

Yeah, where is everyone? Hey losers, where did you all go?..

answered May 02 at 12:44

Xander's gravatar image


Happy Monday All,.

Antoinette...have a nice day in school!.

Can you tell I'm still bored...

answered May 02 at 13:45

's gravatar image


Had a great day yesterday DH and I did lots of walking around the outlets (wonder if I can counts that towards exercise) we got some really good deals, along with the great deal were lots and lots of temptations, and boy, the cravings were hitting me hard so hard to say no to, but I did say NO and that feel so good. The nacho cheese puffs helped, so many of them, and I'm loving the option of something crunchy and not sweet...verdict is still out as far as being a trigger, I'm waiting to see how it goes when I have a bag at night...lol!..

answered May 02 at 13:47

's gravatar image


Good Morning All!.

Well, last week was hard and very busy. Had a ton of work dumped on me, and on top of that, one of my friends died (he was in his 80s and on hospice, but it was still hard). So no, I was not on plan last week. I still lost about 3 pounds, but it was most likely the water I had retained over vacation. Back on plan as of today, so I'm going to get this weight back off! DH isn't so happy because WE are back on plan, but he'll live - he needs to lose his disability/vacation weight too!.

Lisa, I hope everything goes well with your gastric bypass. Remember, Medifast can still be a very good tool to use after your surgery, as it has all the vitamins and minerals you need..

Sort of skimmed through all the posts I missed, so sorry if I missed someone. Hope everyone has a good day...

answered May 02 at 15:07

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Vikki - Awesome job! Thanks for the smile-y - THAT was FUNNY!.

Sandy - Great job on 3 lbs - sorry on your friend. Getting old sucks, huh? I'm learning that I'm "learning" more about myself as time goes by - by the time I figure out myself - I'll be dead. It's a slow process for me; come to think about it - why am I putting off getting to know myself? Oh well...perhaps in my next life.....

answered May 02 at 16:30

's gravatar image


Hello...I am anxiously waiting for my first package of meals to arrive (hopefully tomorrow??). I got on the scale today, expecting to see my weight to be aprox. 270 pounds. I was shocked and surprised to see it read 286 pounds instead. Obviously, I need to stop this downward spiral of weight gain, get control of my life and start feeling good about myself again, both physically and emotionally. I am looking forward to being on this journey with everyone else here and to making lots of new friends. I would like to join in on the Challenge with your group...

answered May 02 at 17:52

's gravatar image


Hello EVERYONE!! I cannot begin to explain what all has been going on for me... I am well but life is a bit or alot more than a bit crazy right now. I have been missing you all. Please know that I will make time to read your posts (tonight) and be more active... Meanwhile, I hope you are all well!..

answered May 02 at 18:54

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ANWBLACK, welcome to the BRONZE TEAM!!.

I am glad that you are here!..

answered May 02 at 19:16

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ANWBLACK, welcome! We love new members! You're just in time for the next challenge! If you need any help or advice, please let us know. We're a very supportive group (if I do say so myself)...

answered May 02 at 19:56

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Just dropping by to say hello to all of my wonderful Bronze friends..

I am definitely in for the next challenge.

, and I promise to get back here tomorrow and attempt to post something more substantial..

Thinking of you all......

answered May 02 at 20:31

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Alana, WELCOME!!! We are very glad you are here...you chose a great team and we are so happy to have this opportunity to get to know you!!.

PAMMI!!! We've been missing you!.

Hi everyone, I had another great weekend...and then tonight we (DH, DS and me) took the dog down to the Bluff (small beachfront area on Long Island Sound) to watch the sunset. I'm having a terrific summer...best in years...because I finally have the energy to participate in life..

Our middle child (DS19, almost 20) returns to college this Friday for his Junior year...the time is slipping away so fast!...and I will miss him terribly. Our oldest (DS22) did not go away to school and is working now as an EMT for FDNY (New York City Fire Department). Our youngest, our only daughter, will be 16 this October and we are planning a really fun Sweet 16 celebration. I'll let you know all about it once we work out the details..

Sarah, I am not sure whether I want to do this next challenge. Can you let us know what the new rules are? Thanks..

I will see various friends for lunch tomorrow (restaurant), breakfast Wednesday (diner), and lunch Friday (my house). I've been missing them! We are all too busy to socialize much during the summer, so this will be fun. And Medifast makes it SO EASY to stay on plan. I can always find something good to eat at any restaurant..

Well, enough rambling! Will try to be back soon..


answered May 02 at 21:33

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Toni, Angela, Angie, Angelina, it's all the sameHEEHEE.

I usually work in the a.m. and then again in the p.m. but since my tag team partner in crime is away for two months, the workload is all on me so I am working full-time, from morning to the time I go to bed with breaks in between. We have a very busy transcription account and if we work together, it's not all that hard. Working it alone, on the other hand, is the pits.

Vikki, hitting the mall is so very hard with temptations at every turn. I have a hard time passing the cookie factory. Congrats on avoiding the temptation and getting some exercise in the process. I count every strenuous thing I do as exercise, even sex. LOL which at the moment, is about the only regular exercise I am getting in. I know I need to make time for other forms of exercise but you know how it is...too busy, not enough time, where did my day go??.

Sorry about your friend Sandy.

Welcome to the bronze team, Anwblack. You have come to the right place for support and friendship..

Welcome back Sarah and Pammi..

Linda, I am glad you are enjoying your summer. I miss having the time to enjoy mine. All work and no play makes for a very irritated person. My only joy is looking out my front door and watching the world pass me by. I need a vacay (I know I just had one but since then, I have been working non-stop, one month, no days off, and I am TIRED!!!!)..

My mom LEFT on Sunday. My hubby returned to work this morning. My son started college again yesterday. Life goes on, eh.

Angelina (136.2)..

answered May 02 at 23:04

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Good afternoon all ,.


I'm sorry about your friend, my thoughts and prayers are with his family..


I hope all is well..


Welcome back..


I look at this way any kind of physical activity is exercise, but I do hope you find some time to rest now that hubby's back..


I'm so happy that your enjoying your summer..

Alana, Antoinette,.


I'm still.


00% on plan and feeling better than I have in a very long timetoday is day 15, and I'm soooooo focused right now it scares me! In a way waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I gotta tell you been working hard to get here again harder than I have in a long time.

, so still taking it moment by moment..

I will check back later. Enjoy the rest of your day...

answered May 03 at 00:14

's gravatar image


Well, this is day 2 back on plan after vacation. I'm STARVING, but I can do this! Once I get back in ketosis, all will be well......

answered May 03 at 00:37

's gravatar image


I really do...and I've tried to stop by and at least keep up with all that's going on with everyone, but I'm afraid it's been impossible lately. I need to make it a point to come back...I MUST come back! The "thing" that is happening in my life isn't going away anytime soon, and it's going to be tough going at times, but I really need your support to get back on track and not lose myself and all the good work I've done because of this "thing"..

I have let myself fall on bad habits, but I know better...I know that eating does not resolve my grief, anger, sorrow, frustration, etc....and I will not lose me with all of this. So, I am back...maybe not full swing...but I'll do what I can..

I also really hate the fact that I can't talk about this "thing", that sure makes it a bit hard at times...I only have two people in the world that I've shared this with. It sucks..

In other news, it looks like my niece will not be returning to work, as she doesn't like working with "old" people! That would be old, as in anyone over the age of 25...LOL That is great news for me, since it means I will be able to continue working full-time, or at least very close to it...something I need for many reasons. It doesn't leave me with a lot of free time, but I will adjust..

Now, to be getting to bed...and wishing you all sweet dreams...

answered May 03 at 01:29

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Pami, we miss you too. Please take care of yourself. Abusing yourself, and that is what a all out eating frenzy or even not mindful eating is, surely will not solve your pain, only make it worse. Looking forward to when you can make your way back..

answered May 03 at 02:57

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Its been long day and I off to bed...sweet dreams...

answered May 03 at 04:00

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Hi Carol!.

Pam, been missing you too..

Sandy, a couple of more days and then it's smooth sailing..

Alana, wishing you a good day 1..

Have a great day all...

answered May 03 at 05:22

's gravatar image


We miss you too Pammi and know that we are all here for you. You can get back on track. Nothing is worth letting go of all that you have accomplished. You can do this and we are all here to help you get focused again. Hugs and prayers, Mary..

answered May 03 at 06:22

's gravatar image


Hi Sarah, miss you too. I know how you feel. I'm doing great although life is really busy for me now in a great way. We have to talk soon. Maybe once I get Mina back in school, she does not start until 09/10. We have a lot to do before then..

I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful OP day. Mary.


Sooner or later you'll encounter a crisis in your life,.

And how you meet it will determine your future happiness and success..

Since the beginning of time, everyone has been called upon to meet.

Such a crisis..

Close scrutiny will show you that most "crisis situations" are opportunities.

To either advance or stay where you are..

Indeed, most people make changes in their life out of either.

"inspiration" or "desperation.".

Personal growth is the process of responding positively to change..

Whatever comes your way, give it meaning and transform.

It into something of value..

A precious stone cannot be polished without friction,.

Nor humanity perfected without trials..

Copyright 2008.


One day at a time will bring you to your goal and a healthier lifestyle. Mary.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World..

answered May 03 at 06:24

's gravatar image


Hello! Started college today (online class, of course)..

Pammi - Great to hear from you - hope your thing becomes a.


And gets into the past quickly!.

Vikki - Day 16!.

Sandy - I hate starving!.

Angelina - Life is going by tooo fast!.

Linda - I had no idea your son was FDNY! Kudos!.

Sarah - When is life not busy?.

Alana - Welcome!.

Hello to the rest of you; good to hear from you (Mary, Carol, gosh, who else?) Hello, hello, hello - see ya in a couple of days!..

answered May 03 at 06:43

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A quick stop in to say Hi...and now I'm off to bed. It's a bit early, but I'm beat! See you tomorrow...

answered May 03 at 07:47

's gravatar image


HELLO! I am still here.....just been real crazy! Checking in for now to say hi...will hopefully be able to spend more time on here very soon!.

Hope all is well!..

answered May 03 at 09:18

's gravatar image


Vikki, you worked so hard to get where you are today. Temptations come your way, and you just slap them away. You can do this....I KNOW YOU CAN!.

I decided to eat a Medifast ck soup for lunch and I had to force myself to eat again at 4. I was not hungry. Now, if I ate what I normally eat at lunch, by 3, I would have been starving. I think they put something in the Medifast food(confused).

Hi Sandy, Sarita!!!.

Pammi, I can hear your pain and I wish I knew what I could do to help. I am thinking of you and adding you to my prayer list. HUGS.

ToniAnn, Stop the train so I can get offMy life is so hectic right now.

Oak, where are you?.

Angelina (not happy about working all the time but what can I do??)..

answered May 03 at 10:17

's gravatar image


Thank you to everyone who greeted me with a very warm "welcome". I have now completed my second day OP. It has been great so far, very easy and I am liking the food. Of course I do have my preferences already. I tend to like hot meals that make feel like I am eating a meal (soups, chili, eggs) over the "sweet" foods (shakes, oatmeal, bars, etc.). Everything tastes OK to me so far, thank goodness I am not a picky eater (how do you think I got to my weight now?...not by being picky).

I know that is a personal preference...that's just me..

I had a few times of feeling hungry today, but nothing I couldn't manage. I am off to bed soon and feeling very satisfied at the moment..

Just wanted to let everyone who has offered me their support and encouragement know how much I appreciate you all. I already know that I am going to succeed at this because I have all of you to lean on..

Love and Blessings to all!!!.



answered May 03 at 11:17

's gravatar image


Good Morning Everyone,.

I had a late start this morningdropped off DH at train station and fell asleep when I got homelol!.

But I look at this way the more I sleep the less time I have to think about food. Some.

Days are still a constant mental moment by moment fight, but I am doing it..


I miss you too, and thanks for the lovely quote..


I hope you had a good night sleep..


Wishing your classes are going well..


Welcome back...missed you too..


I've been on that train plenty of time...hoping it's pulling into your station soon..


Congrats on finishing off day 2...you're doing great, we're always here to help with anything pertaining to the plan...just ask..

Hello to everyone else..

Have a great day...check in later...

answered May 03 at 12:18

's gravatar image


I forgot to acknowledge Mary in my last post...Hi Mary!!.

Happy Thursday,.

Angelina (136.2)..

answered May 03 at 13:32

's gravatar image


Hi everyone,.

Nothing much new to report today. Hope you all are well. Aggravated with the choices our eldest is making...shades of grey, fudging the truth...<sigh>...wish we could talk some sense into that boy, but he is 22 so obviously knows better than us. Ah, the joys of parenting!!!.


answered May 03 at 13:45

's gravatar image


Hi everyone, miss you all, just wanted to stop in and say hi! I'm giving up daycare and going back into the field of nursing. I'm so excited, last time I was working as a nurse I was almost 100 lbs heavier!! I'm putting in applications, so please pray for me,.

I posted this on someones blog and I want to put it here to give you all food for thought...

What a wonderful blog! I am with you...whatever happened? When did we STOP moving? I was the girl who played and ran as hard as any of the boys! I climbed trees, buildings, huge rocks, whatever..I played double dutch, hop scotch(sp), dodge ball, O-U-T-OUT, baseball, and hockey. I went skating and dancing and just had a ball..and then I got pregnant and gained my first 100 lbs, and the rest is history! Thank God for Medifast! I just ran a race against my sister last week, and won, and I fully plan on jumping rope, skating and playing dodge ball again! I will be praying for you, this plan is not hard, but it's not easy either. Stay strong and never, ever give up!..

answered May 03 at 14:35

Cruz's gravatar image


Hi guys. Just checking in. Mom had her surgery finally, so I am even more MIA than usual here. I haven't had the guts to get on the scale, but my clothes still fit, so I'm hopeful that the damage I've done hasn't been that bad. I'm not pigging out all day every day or anything, but things are definitely not as they should be in my world either. And it doesn't help that I am flipping exhausted, both mentally and physically...

Yuck. Blah!.

Anyway, hope you all are doing well and hopefully soon I'll be in a better place. ((hugs)) all around...

answered May 03 at 15:32

's gravatar image


Hi gang.

Thankfully it's almost FRIDAY........

Glad to read everyone is doing great with MF....

Well at least that's ONE thing is our crazys life that is SIMPLE !!!.

I'm just about to finsh Transition ~ so i'm happy about that.. still afraid of wheat though. so i'm going to take it slow....

answered May 03 at 15:52

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I know that I haven't been around much lately, but when I've skimmed over things I haven't seen much talk about the next challenge...and I believe it starts this Sunday/Monday, doesn't it?.

I saw that Lisa turned things over to Sarah, and Sarah asked me if I would co-captain with her...but it seems she's been scarce here too and I don't want to let things fall through the crack here..

So, if I'm not stepping out of line, can we at least take a tally of those that will participate in the next challenge?.

Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

Please...copy the title, list the names, and add yours. I hope we have a team to participate!..

answered May 03 at 16:13

's gravatar image


And I hope I am not stepping out of line, either, but here is some information about the new challenge rules, quoted from a discussion board for team captains. The official rules have not been posted yet...or maybe I just couldn't find them, I don't know...but this will give us all an idea of what to expect:.

No exercise points this time! It is 50% weighted to weight change, 25% for water, and 25% for being On Plan!.

OK, so if someone does not exercise but does everything else, are they 'On Plan'?.

In my humble opinion, I would say yes. Sorry if you disagree but there are recommendations to exercise, but no penalties for not other than perhaps a slower weight loss. As a team captain, I'm going to recommend exercising as a routine as a part of their overall fitness program, but I'm not going to deduct points simply because they don't interpret the rules the same way as someone else..

I'm sorry, everyone, but I am not going to participate in the next challenge. But I wish you all the best!.


answered May 03 at 17:14

Douglas's gravatar image


As always, I will be a cheerleader but not participating....

Linda, I hear ya about the kids. They never do stop giving us gray hairs, huh? No matter the age, their circumstance, we as parents, ALWAYS worry...Sheesh...Nobody said it would be easy though, eh....Hang in there, he will grow up, eventually...HEEHEE.

Oak, the worst thing you can do for yourself right now is avoid that scale. Get on it ASAP, find out how much damage was done, and start over. You can do it girl....Its better to learn you have gained 10 pounds now than to wait another month and learn you have gained 20. Having something besides your mom to worry about might be a good thing, too....Take care of numero uno first...HUGS....

Some neighborhood dogs stepped on our property today and Gypsy rolled them over. They ran away with their tails between their legs and unfortunately, I heard one of them crying as they were running. I hope she did not do any damage. Even though we live in the country, I wish people would keep their dogs on their own dang property. My girl stays on our property and does not venture out. People think we have one of those invisible fences since she will go up to the road but never step foot on it, even when people are out there getting exercise.

I hate that...I love Louisiana but I hate the fact that I live in a zoo....


answered May 03 at 18:02

's gravatar image


Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

Katie would love to participate in the upcoming challenge if the Bronzies will have her. Sorry my loser butt has been MIA. I have been lurking and reading, just not posting but promise to do more. Work has been killing me lately but I guess I am just glad to have a job..

Love to all you Ronzers!.


answered May 03 at 18:06

Sergio's gravatar image


I am new to this program, justing finishing my third day. I would like to participate in the challenge with you. Please let me know more about it and how to go about participating, ie. where, when and how to report. Also, I am not sure if I did this correctly, listing my name. Oh, one more thing, how do we add the "bronze" emblem to our signature?.

Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack)..

answered May 03 at 19:22

's gravatar image


Thank you! I was wondering what was going to happen, and I also hope we still have a team, but team or not I'll still be here, the Bronze Team has been my home for the last year, and while I have ventured out into the world of medifast, this will always be home to me..

Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack).

3. Katie.

4. Vikki..

answered May 03 at 20:14

Bennett's gravatar image


REMEMBER TO TAKE OUT THE ** first before using in your signature.


answered May 03 at 21:09

's gravatar image


Not sure about the rules - but maybe that "on plan" requirement will keep me on plan..

Anyway, I'm in..

Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack).

3. Katie.

4. Vikki.

5. Sandy (SAnderson)..

answered May 03 at 22:39

's gravatar image



I thought I would share a really neat way of organizing the envelopes of food. I came across it on someone else's blog (I am sorry, I can't remember who it was). I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with everyone. Anyway, I bought one of those shoe holders with the clear plastic pockets...the kind that hangs on the back of a door (like a pantry, closet door, etc.). I cut out off the front of each box, plus the back with the nutrition label and placed those in the front of the pocket with the corresponding food envelopes behind them. I am attaching a picture of what that looks like.

Back to the challenge. Since I am new on board, would someone please let me know when we start and what we are to be doing? Thank you....



answered May 03 at 22:53

's gravatar image


Very clever Alana!.

Quick note to say "hello.".

Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack).

3. Katie.

4. Vikki.

5. Sandy (SAnderson).

Not Participating in Challenge:.

1. Toniann..

answered May 03 at 23:57

's gravatar image


Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack).

3. Katie.

4. Vikki.

5. Sandy (SAnderson).

6. Sarah (sejacobson).

Not Participating in Challenge:.

1. Toniann..

answered May 04 at 01:34

's gravatar image


Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack).

3. Katie.

4. Vikki.

5. Sandy (SAnderson).

6. Sarah (sejacobson).

Not Participating in Challenge:.

1. Toniann.

2. Dawn ~ Redbigler.. but my heart & soul go out to all the DO the challenge. XOXO..

answered May 04 at 02:32

Cesar's gravatar image


Use It and Lose It Challenge Participants.

1. Pammi.

2. Alana (anwblack).

3. Katie.

4. Vikki.

5. Sandy (SAnderson).

6. Sarah (sejacobson).

7. ~S~ (slender1).

Not Participating in Challenge:.

1. Toniann.

2. Dawn ~ Redbigler.. but my heart & soul go out to all the DO the challenge. XOXO.


answered May 04 at 03:58

's gravatar image


Okay, Angelina, I need your secret for dog training!! Please!!! How in the world did you train Gypsy to stay on your property? Molly is always walked on a leash, and never allowed to roam the neighborhood (it is against local ordinances here, anyway...we have a leash law), but I'd love to teach her to stay on our property so she could be out in the front yard with us without being tied up..

Oh, and thanks for the mother-to-mother understanding!! You are a gem!.


answered May 04 at 05:20

's gravatar image



I like the way you think! I'm setting a TOTALLY OP two week challenge for myself. Also, 30mins of exercise 5 days/wk. I started stepping again...just 20 mins, but I want to increase to 30...I'm going to give it a go!.


answered May 04 at 05:44

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