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Quick question... Has anyone used the Medifast diet suppresent and can you share your experiences? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Good Morning all you lovely Melters..

Today is the start of the LAST week of September..

Let's KISS -.









What is the plan for the week? What challenges lie ahead and how will you confront them?.

Remember -.

Prior Planning prevents Poor Performance!.

Let's make this a Melting week together!!!!..

asked Apr 30 at 20:17

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 30 at 21:29

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From JodiNY -.

Good Monday morning melter's!.

Anyway, I had a fun time out with DH on Saturday evening. Good night to be out watching football and I love going to any college campus. Most of them are so beautiful. It was parents weekend and homecoming so lots going on. Our team won but it wasn't the same watching this time, our son wasn't playing! He graduated in May but we still have friends kids to root for. Just not the same...I miss all that business going and doing for my boys..

Oh well on to the next part of life..

I did stay OP all weekend and have lost 2 lbs...hope to be more by Wednesday WI day! Any loss is a HUGE feat for me lately as you all know! I have been on the 4/2 plan the past week and it is working! Love that!.

Looking forward to the week. I have chores lined up and a few fun outings with my dog..


answered Apr 30 at 23:00

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Starting a new thread is never easy huh?.

Well I choked my oatmeal down ( I need WF syrup in it and I am out of it) and am off to yoga class .... hope to see you all when I get back!!!.


answered Apr 30 at 23:15

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Morning Melters.


Guess it's tricky when you exercise so much. Sounds like you have a plan though.....


Yes! Congrats on that scale moving down..

I caught your funk girls officially! I think I'll hop aboard and start posting with my first meal of the day, so don't mind me if it's meal by meal! I've been going off with those bars lately. It's a gloomy day here in NY.....feeling stressed about having to get a job that is right for me. I personally didn't think I needed one but DH disagrees.

I do feel that I miss that routineness and I am a bit loss now..

We went to see a nice college Rider in NJ yesterday. We liked it. They seem like the have a growing theatre program for DD. On a celebratory note, DD got the lead in her school play Beauty and the Beast. She already has the Belle gown from her sweet 16. I'm thrilled for her..

Anyway I promised myself to catch up on a rain day, so guess I better.....

I'll have to backtrack for some shout outs later...I didn't realize I was so missing in action over the weekend! I'm a little wayward lately!.

Xxxooo Jodi Looking forward to reconnecting with my melters later. For now I have 2 litterboxes with my name on it..


answered Apr 30 at 23:17

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Thank you Pamela for helping me see the ( light ) new thread! lol.


Works for me.

I am sunny even though it isn't outside!.


answered May 01 at 00:38

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Good morning! Have the whole crew here today and going out in a bit for some groceries adn a ped appointment..

Jodi - Congrats for DD on her role of Belle!!! ONe of my most fav plays!!!.

I bet a 3x a week job would suit you just fine. What areas are you interested in? SOmetimes not needing the benefits makes you look like a real bonus to a boss who needs some help. It is def not a great market out there. WE had dinner with friend sin the city and they are struggling big time. One is in retail and the other just got an alomst full time position at a school teaching drama. As he said " I have had to cut out all my luxuries like botox adn mircodermabrasion" LOL - But seriuosly it isn't fun out there.


JudyNy watching your son in football games must have been a blast! Are both boys out of the house now? I imagine it to be a very new experience if they both are..

Miss dancing and singing Pamela- hope that yoga does your body and soul good! Have a great day with your happy self!.

Off to look into a shower and get this show on the road..


answered May 01 at 00:55

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Amanda I just read your post from last nite on the onld thread. Yellow is beautiful and soothing - and you will need that when you rock and kiss adn do the midnight mommy dance with that new baby....ooh I am so excited!!!.

Renie did your friends or hubby host a shopping intervention for you? LOL. I think we let our inner shopping beasts out with the weight loss. Hell it was always there we just couldnt justify it and didnt like the reflection staring back!.

Ok well another cup of coffee adn THEN a shower....oh do I love to procrastinate..


answered May 01 at 02:25

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1:22PM and I am still OP and this is my dangerous time .... just for today.......

answered May 01 at 03:13

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Pamela, that's where I am....one meal at a time. Come on girl let's hold hands and do this!.

Pudding shake.

Pudding shake.


answered May 01 at 04:29

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I am still hanging in there .... even with stuffed shells in the oven for the kids..

Getting ready to make some califlower soup ... it is just one of those days. Rainy and dreary here so I will cook HEALTHY stuff so I will be ready to face the day and night and the hungry horrors should they arrive...

answered May 01 at 05:28

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Okay I backtracked a bit......


What a great story...I got "sheer" pleasure from reading it. Hysterical? So I have to ask, did you change what you wear to bed after that? Glad you did some shopping with yourself...three leather jackets eh? What do the ones you own look like? I have the one I had for years, guess I should try it on. Might be the year to treat me to a new one!.


Didn't catch it, how long is DH gone for? How is his mainenance going?.


I could see it being weird and not as much fun, once your son isn't in the games. For a good reason though! It's nice that you still are connected..


So all the kiddies are off this week? Remember I CRS so you will have to excuse me. I know it is a holiday so your pre-school was closed..

Funnily enough, I worked for WW for ten years. I'm comfortable with helping others. I can talk about weight loss forever. Geez do I go over to Jenny? Idk that doesn't seem right either. I want to stay clear of an office, don't want retail particularly ...this is a problem., lol. I had my own jewelry business for years and that and WW is what I have done.

I don't have a college diploma either..I went right to work after school...


Light yellow sounds fresh and bright! Those shades are tricky, glad you are happy with it. I painted my bedroom yellow and wow it was the wrong shade. Been living with it for years, it's time to get rid of it!.

Okay have to get DD....see y'all later...

answered May 01 at 05:36

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Well I am here making my califlower soup ~ I'll let you all know the final results! Just having my 4th meal now an dlooking forward to my l&G - single parenting does no tleave one much time to eat or do anything it seems.

Maybe he should go away more often ( Just joking my friends)..

Jodi - he is gone until Friday. Then it is off to the Cape and Trevor's b-day weekend so I have to have everything ready to go!.

OK I confess I too have a shopping problem ~ in fact 2 BEAUTIFUL skirts just arrived in the mail today!!!They are from Soft Surroundings and I only shop sales too - one is originally $129 and I got it for $29 and the other for $20. I can't seem to stop myself ... it is so nice to have choice though these 2 skirts have some elestic in the waist so when I lose more weight they should still fit!.

One of my tricks when I am in the weight lost phase is I buy clothes too small and hang them on my closet door and try them on weekly ~ too, tight, better, better - wait they fit.

Oh wait now they are too big.

Worst things in life huh? Just have to go shop again!.

Need to clean up and go get Abigail from dance class ......

answered May 01 at 06:02

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Hi ladies! SLow day in the office I see..

Back from a crazy PTA meeting......so they keep saying the air quality is perfect and that they circulate the air and then the teachers spoke up.... MAjor sypmptoms, headaches, stomach aches, nauseau, throat constriction - all in waves- all in the building. Symptoms clear up at home. So we the parents made our voices heard and school will be relocated tomorrow and until further notice so that the kids can learn and they can get to the bottom of the problem. Today 200 kids stayed home in a school of 350 - quite a staement!.

Jodi what do you mean you CRS????.

Off to bed - will try to make it to the gym in the am despite my foot. ugh.


answered May 01 at 06:25

's gravatar image


OHHH CRS!!! Cant remember Sh&t!!!.

I like that one! LOL..

answered May 01 at 07:31

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Wow good for your district. That is scary stuff and your kids and the teachers shouldn't be put in harm's way. I can imagine what was going on there!.

What's wrong with your tootsie?.

You remembered, lol...wonder if they will bleep your bleep?.


You are nice and tall to wear those flowing skirts! I don't have much of a torso so I don't wear belts or skirts......

Aaaah so you appreciate DH while he's away. Single mom's sure do have it rough!.

Okay rest of tonight's menu:.

Egg beaters, veggie sausage links.

Pudding shake.

Choc. crunch bar..

Quiet day at the Inn for sure.............

answered May 01 at 09:00

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I did it!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Okay it was probably 96% OP - I confess I did not measure the redi-whip on my brownie tonight but I didn't huff any either.


I am happy..

Jodi - It is hard being the single mom but I am amazed at how quickly the kids and I get in a rhythm. They are great kids and even better when either Jeff or I have to go it alone!.

Good night everyone! I have my bat and I am not afraid to use it!..

answered May 01 at 09:25

's gravatar image


I know I always think of that old song one less egg to fry........sometimes it seems like things are smoother if DH isn't around...glad they are extra good for you!.

Night Killer! Yeah for being OP!!!..

answered May 01 at 10:50

's gravatar image


Good Morning Melters!!! Gosh I love that feeling of being on plan and then rushing out of bed to pee, weigh in and start the day!!!! That instant reward in the beginning is great..

Today I only have one class to teach so I may just go furniture shopping. Or not. Too early to decide!.

Jodi - have you really decided against health coaching? I think you would be great! I would love to talk to you about my year or so that I have been doing it! The personal growth stuff they train you with is unbelievable. let me know..

OK where are all the MIA MELTERS? Today is the day to come out and play!!! OK?..

answered May 01 at 12:14

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Morning Melters!.

It is quiet on the western front! It's supposed to rain all week. SIGH. lol..

Sounds like your raring to go Pamela! Yes I've decided to shelve it for the main reason being I don't have the connections to get my own customers or want that pressure, etc. I actually thought of maybe I should apply to WW competition, whatever that is. I never became a leader though so not sure if they would feel I have enough training. I also don't want to just "sell" someone else's stuff without believing.....so I don't know..

Thank you for the offer Pamela, you never know if I will change my mind!.

Melters, Melters, olly olly oxen free!..

answered May 01 at 12:36

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Good morning Jodi - I hear you - I definitely do not do the "sell" stuff either but you really can help people and get compensated for it..

My plan for the day -.



Hot Cocoa.

Chili with 1/2 cup diced tomatoes.

Haddock with califlower soup ( came out too salty).


May add an extra shake if needed and a snack but this at least keeps me honest!..

answered May 01 at 13:25

's gravatar image


I do enjoy helping people, that's where I belong NOT in an office. You come into contact with alot of peeps I'm sure Pamela.. I'm kinda a loner and I'm home alot so I really don't know where the opportunities would be. Now if they had a center near me, no probs...or if I was handed clients, lol..

I agree with you as well. I have always ate and felt that better being OP, with extra meals and such than going off. Works for me anyway.....I do have my LC cheese and crackers but I really don't post it here, just my meals. So there, I said it!..

answered May 01 at 14:15

's gravatar image


Well good morning you two chatty girls!.

Hope your plans for the day are filled with fun, laughter and happiness....or maybe just laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping...hey we can all do that with a smile though!.

Well got the kids on the bus for the first time in ages -otherwise I would have had to drive them to the high school. I posted the news link on my FB page - we made the tristae area news..ooh famous!.

Today Jordan goes to school and my sitter will pick him up. I am off to hav some time to myself - yippee..

Will check in later..



answered May 01 at 14:38

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Oh and Pamela and Jodi I will confess that I have found the Atkins bars to be my on plan lifesaver. When I get back on the bandwagon - if I have 2 of those bars in a day I find it a thousand times easier to stay on plan? Mental maybe?.


answered May 01 at 15:20

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Today appears to be confession day!.

Who else needs to 'fess up?.

Michele - enjoy that alone time!.

I was thinking about going to body combat class but I am actually going to take a break and know that today could be a hard day and I would burn too many calories .....

answered May 01 at 16:05

's gravatar image


Morning Melters! We're back in LA. Here's my quick "fly by" until I get to work and have a moment to 'really" post ....

GREAT NEWS ... Down 1.6 lbs. this morning so I now weigh 156.6 lbs. YEAH! And that's with traveling and visiting my DS, DIL, and DGD!.

Catch up with everyone later! XXOO Judy..

answered May 01 at 16:53

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I am off to make a buck or two ... have a great day my Melters!..

answered May 01 at 17:33

's gravatar image


WOW - are you kidding me? where is everyone????.

A gal could get lonely here by myself.

Come out and play - PLEEEEEASEEEEEE...

answered May 01 at 19:03

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Trying to freak me out..


These are scary words for a Catholic!!.

"Bless me Father for I have sinned. It has been ???? months since my last confession. These are my sins.

OOPS, not ready to confess yet!.


answered May 01 at 20:30

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I know what happened to everyone?????.

Yeahhhhhhhh Judy, that's terrific! See, you do need new clothes because everything must be falling off of you..

I actually have an interesting thought....How come almost fifty pounds later, I'm still wearing the same underwear? It fits except it's going up my hoosiewhats with some pairs and those I'll replace. Huh?lol..

Choc. chip pancakes.

Choc. pudding shake.

Choc. pudding shake.


answered May 01 at 21:27

's gravatar image


Good Morning Drooping Drawers!!!.

Jodi, you NEED new panties. There is no way you can wear the same underwear after losing 50 lbs!!.

Panty shopping is the worse. So many styles out there you don't know where to start!.

I suggest you start with a size small!.


answered May 01 at 22:16

's gravatar image


Good Afternoon Pamela, Jodi, Michele and Judy..

Where's Jo, Amanda, Jodi-NY, Pamela-BEB, and Kendywalker?.

Sorry......I've been trying to write some shout-outs for past 1/2 hr. but phone keeps ringing. My two best friends and I are going out "for the day" on Thursday and we are making arrangements..

Shucks, I have to finish this later. Too many interruptions..

Have a great day my dear SWEET Melters..


answered May 01 at 22:53

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Here is Jo.

Just took my sister to the airport....should be back on boards daily again....need to do a weigh-in.

LOL.....not sure...feel good, jeans fit good....ate good....excercised daily.....but NO watching or logging!!!.

Got to go the grocery store...bbl, TTFN..

answered May 01 at 23:13

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So good to see you! I've been wondering how you have been keeping! Sounds like you were in control and taking care of yourself. Have a nice visit?.


Enjoy your free time? Heard your school on the news....wow it's really crazy! Hope that stank mystery is discovered and cleared up soon..

I forgot to look for the bars at BJ's...which flavors are your fav's again?.


Do you keep a journal of your exercise, foods and loses? Should be interesting to see what's what with the changes you are trying to make..

Okay grabbing a walk before the weather gets nasty again.......

answered May 01 at 23:14

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Hi girls....JODI!!!! Buy some new undies!!!!! I cannot believe you are wearing those saggy granny panties bc that is what they are 50 lbs later!.

Had a great day to myself....aahhhh - nothing like not having to look at the clock and rush. Waas a pleasure being in my house for some of it in the silence..

Off to get the kids started on an early bedtime bc they HAVE to make the bus now that they are relocated to the high school until they get to the bottom of this..



Oh Jodi - I love the peanut butter fudge crisp, peanut caramel nougat thingy and the chocoate chip crisp - two have 10 gms protein, 150 cals and 14 -15 carbs. Nougat one has more but it's worth it!.


answered May 02 at 00:37

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Thanks...I'm going to print it out and keep it handy....

Aaaaah love the quiet house, with the wind chimes and the trees blowing..........glad you enjoyed your peace..


The sad thing is they really still fit me!!! Okay maybe I bought a few new pairs after say 20lbs or so.....As a matter of fact, I'm going to look for the same brand and close to the same size I had, and they weren't "small" (thanks Renie), as a matter of fact they are large! My tush and hips are down though so who knows how they size these things..

Marshalls had a decent selection which is where I like to buy a certain brand. So either tonight or tomo I'll get back there..


Enjoy your day tomorrow.....miss your posts but duty calls sometimes!.

Xxxxoooo to the other Melters..........

answered May 02 at 02:13

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AWWW..it feels good to have the house back to just hubby and I. The visit with my sister was nice, but 7 days is a little too long for me. Especially since I am the only one she knows here...I was a full time hostess...

...beach, shopping, boating and hanging out at the community pool, something I very rarely do!!.

Paul and I had not had the boat out in a long time, so that was really nice and I had not been to the beach in I dont know how long....it was kinda like a mini vacation for me. I did keep my scheduled morning walk/jogs and workouts everyday except Sunday...She even walked with me once.

But for the most part she stayed pretty buzzed. I did my daily 100 ounces of water and she kept up...only it was Windsor. Two BIG bottles in 7 days, holy cow!!!!.

I most likely get some pictures put up on facebook later this evening..

If we are having a confession day.....I dont have enough time to type~~~LOL.

Allthough, like I wrote before, my skin tight jeans still fit, skin tight...I excercised daily, drank all my water and ate pretty healthy....however, one big confession, I made Chicken franchese last night with angel hair pasta. I did use margarine instead of butter and it was still delicious. I will wait till Monday to weigh-in...just because..lol.

I had the babies one night last week and she was a little to drunk to be much of a help...but she did make them laugh. My daughter joined us for dinner Sunday night..my son came over with the girls on Wed. and left them here with us for a few hours....my youngest son's gf came over on Saturday and hung out at the pool with us all day...and she drank too much and dove in the pool and busted her mouth on the concrete edge of the pool...other then that it was fun. We visited my youngest son and his girlfriends house the day previous and invited them both out on the boat ride yesterday...as I invited all my family, even my dil the mom of my gb's...she did not respond. We still have not spoke since the incident. I texted her to bring the girls to beach so she could meet my sister, but never heard back from her.

I figured she couldn't dislike my sister since she never met her and was trying to break the ice...but it didn't work..

My ex got out of the hospital last week only to return the next day...so needless to say my daughter and son-inlaw did not have much time to join us as they care for him full time. They could not make the boat ride so they took us out to dinner at Joes Crab shack on Friday night...

Youngests son's gf was to hungover and hurting to join us on the boat ride..youngest son needed to go to his Dr. appt. and missed the boat ride, oldest son had to work, his wife hates me...so Paul, my sister and I were the only ones out on the big deck boat..

She should be home around 10:00pm and I am happy to have the time to be posting once again. I have lots of catching up to do. And the restaurant I work at opens October 7th..

It is good to be back....even though I didn't leave~~LOL Missed ya'll..

Sweet dreams and see ya'll in the morning...

answered May 02 at 02:35

Braden's gravatar image


Jo's back! YAY! We really missed you..

What a week you have had with your family members..

I have to read your post again!.

Yes, isn't it wonderful when company goes home. You and Paul need the quiet time together before you return to work. Can you believe the summer is over and your back to work already??.

Please don't make any confessions......will put too much pressure on me!! I'm not ready to get on my knees until this week is over!.

So happy to have you back, Dear Jo..


answered May 02 at 03:23

's gravatar image


Good Evening and probably Good Night to my East Coast Melters..

I tried many times this afternoon to respond after reading your posts. Busy afternoon at my house today..

Michele - So happy the parents and teachers "stood their ground." I hope they are able to find the problem at the school soon and have the funds to repair. YAY, for having a day alone. Now because I have "CRS" moments too, PLEASE tell me the date of your birthday..

Pamela - Soooooo, how was Day 2? Your friend that lost 80 lbs, how long has she been on-plan? I know you are probably missing your hubby and tired of sleeping with the bat!.

Amanda - I totally understand living with husbands that enjoy hunting. I used to have "opening" weekends on my calendar to keep track of when he was going to be gone..

Is he deer hunting? How far away does he have to go? Duck season starts 10/23 so my Fridays alone will start. We will have to correspond when we have our lonely weekends..

Judy - Welcome Home and YAY on the lbs. lost especially with all your traveling! You rock. Enjoy wearing your new skinnier clothes. My only confession for today........the UPS man had to make "two" deliveries to my house today..

Since I started typing this.........two phone calls and one interruption from hubby..

Going to send this message before it happens again..


answered May 02 at 04:38

's gravatar image


Hi, just a quick 'good night'. I've missed TWO days, huh?! Life has been very full and busy with work the last two days and not much down time at all. I just got home at 7:30pm tonight and will probably try to do a report or two as I have not been doing any since last thurs and they are beginning to pile up. I am so not into doing them at this time...feels like I am juggling a lot of different things with work....cases, supervising, doing reports....on and on and it never stops..

I will write tomorrow...just wanted to say 'hi' and hope you all are doing well.....


answered May 02 at 05:27

's gravatar image


Hey Amanda get some rest. Those reports will be waiting for you. I do understand how it doesn't stop. Good to see you..

Jo, Jo, nice pics on fb....glad to have you back more tomo. Just popped on to finish posting my meals...

Egg beaters and veggie links.

Pudding shake.

Pudding shake...


answered May 02 at 05:33

's gravatar image


Good evening Melters! Well, my best laid plans to write during the day blew apart. I honestly should have known it wouldn't happen since it is my first day back in the office after two business trips and a mini-vacation. Sometimes I am so optimistic (i.e., unrealistic) about time! It drives my DH crazy!! So here we go with shout-outs ... missed maybe 1-1/2 days, but from all the posts it seems like FOREVER!.


We painted our office a nice pale yellow. I was originally averse to the color because it reminded me too much of the 60's with the hippy-dippy bright neon yellow. However, that yellow is OUT and a nice pale/creamy yellow is IN! Once we did it, I fell in love with it, so I know you'll love the mellow yellow in your newborn's room. BTW, LA broke their high heat record Monday (the day we flew back into town). It was 113 in downtown LA.

But worse than that, it was in the mid 80's at the beach area. Remember when I said we were having a cool summer? Well, NOT SO any more! This morning, I "forced" my DH to thank me for having bought the window air conditioner for our bedroom. Grudgingly, the words slipped out of his lips. We definitely need that baby in the window now! It was in the 80's again here, and we left all the windows open all day ... with no one home ... yes, in LA ...


HI JO!!!!!!.

So glad you are back and on track. It sounds like you did super duper while your sis was in town. CONGRATULATIONS for holding the line and staying the course. I am so impressed. It must be hard to have to "entertain" family when they stay a week with you. The longest I ever stayed with family was my sister Jeanne's house in NV.

So we stayed longer than normal. However, my sister and her family went about their normal daily lives and we fit in wherever. With my family, no one ever expects to be "entertained". Maybe because we have so many siblings??? I don't know. Anyway, so happy you had a wonderful time with her visit and you got to get the boat out and enjoy the waning summer days..


OH NO!!! Not the funk ... you aren't really catching it too, are you? I REFUSE to catch that "bug"! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to DD for getting the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. You must be so proud of her. Does she have that acting "gene" do you think? My sister Jeanne's daughter had the bug for awhile, but she must not have gotten a recent part because she is now talking on FB that she is totally going to give it all up.

She's been in at least 4-5 plays over the last 2 years, so I was so surprised when I read her FB posts. Still haven't chatted with her off-line about what happened, but I need to do that. Was it you who mentioned the ugly yellow bedroom (CRS going on here)? If so, you need to make that a project to get completed in between jobs. It's the perfect time to do that sort of thing..


I've lost 40 lbs. and my old lady, up to the belly button, tummy-tucking front panel undies still fit! BUT ... I read through another post a few months ago where the ladies were all talking about underwear and what to buy, so my interest got peaked. And I made the decision to go back to 100% cotton, so I started buying undies again every style you can think of (except the old lady stuff, okay). I have thong, I have the boy-leg cut, I have the bikini, I have the hipsters, I have them all. See, it was "buying" and I like to buy, so I overbought in the undies category, too! Now I really have too many, but it was so much fun I don't care.


First ... CONGRATULATIONS on your 2 lb. weight loss so far this week. Weigh to go, girl! You should be proud of that accomplishment considering you went to a football game. And so glad to hear you had a wonderful time with DH at the game. My DH and I used to go to all the local JC football games when our good friend's son was the QB.

He really was just too short. You have to be over 6' to be a QB these days. But we used to have so much fun because there would be about 15-20 of us there to watch her son and we all sat together. We keep "threatening" that we're going to catch a Saturday night game some time soon..


First and foremost, thank you for interpreting "CRS" for me.

I was going to ask the very same question and then saw that you had answered it. Same with the NY Chinese. Go figure, whoda thunk there were so many different Chinese tastes! BIG QUESTION from the peanut gallery, though, I wouldn't even think to eat Chinese. What do you get that you think is the best for OP? Inquiring minds want to know. By the way, maybe Renie's DH won't have to do an intervention with buying, but mine may have to! BUT I have gone two whole days without buying any clothes ... aren't I incredible??? I like almost all the *A* bars and just bought a new one that I will try tomorrow morning, "Cranberry/Almond." I also am buying their shakes, although I will mix half of theirs with half a Medifast to cut the chocolate taste..


(in an effort to make Renie come out of the closet and confess her sins) I am slowly removing Medifast foods from my diet and replacing with other brands. My body does have a hard time assimilating their foods (gas, etc.) and it's easier for me to pick up alternatives locally than to place an order and wait for a shipment. There are some things (like the brownies and puddings) that may not have a suitable replacement so I may continue with them, but I am weaning myself off. For so long on this program I've done the 4/2 anyway with a slower weight loss, so it really doesn't bother me to have the slower weight loss ... I'm used to it..


CONGRATULATIONS on your almost OP day! Weigh to go!!! Keep up the good work, great focus, and extra planning. Planning, as you know, is an important key to successful OP eating..

Baseball bat and iPhone ... hmmmm, wonder which one an intruder would go for first to disarm you??? What you need is a couple of dogs, Pamela. Our local police said that only 10% of home burglaries were done at homes with dogs. So 90% are done where there are no dogs. Our dogs bark at you if you are walking across the street one block away. They consider you in their appointed and anointed territory! They are our built-in alarm system.

BY THE WAY ... I vote for Monday weigh in (since that's my normal routine)..

MY PLAN: Stay on a good 4/2 plan for the next two weeks that I am not traveling..

MY CHALLENGE: Grocery shopping so I can cook meals at home the next two weeks. I'm so out of the rhythm of grocery shopping and cooking at home. Tonight I picked up a chicken taco salad for me and a chicken burritto for my DH from Del Taco on the way home after my workout at the gym. I need to get my buttsky to the grocery store!.


LOL ... I loved your naughty-nightie story ... you had me laughing out loud. However, there's no way in you know where that I would have stayed in a garage for 8 hours. Naughty-nightie or not, I would have broken back into the house. I actually did buy new night clothes, but not "naughty" ones.

My old lady undies may still fit, but my PJ's are just too baggy. I have a couple of shortie night gowns I use in the summer months that are still good. I have a hard time with PJs because I may start the night off a little cool, but by midnight I could be roasting and yanking them off. It's hard to be menopausal sometimes!.


Pamela BEB (so unlike you to not be chatty), Denise, Marie and Kendy. Hope you are doing well. We miss hearing from ya'll. Check in to let us know you are A-OK!.

Food Today.

- Bar.

- Bar.

- Soup.

- 12 almonds.

- Del Taco Taco Chicken Salad.

Exercise: 20 min. elliptical and 25 min. weights.

Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great OP day and since Pamela BEB hasn't said it today, I'll say it on her behalf ... drink lots of water!!..

answered May 02 at 07:10

's gravatar image


Awesome post Judy...needed to be re-posted.

I just finished my work-out and jogged instead of wogged~~~LOL Had to beat the rains..A tropical depression is upon us. My sister left just in time.

Have to wake up sleepy head Paul...bbl.


answered May 02 at 08:26

Noah's gravatar image


Thank you.


....missed you and it is good to be back posting and back to a "normal" day~~LOL..

answered May 02 at 09:18

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone! So nce to see some of those lovely faces back on the boards!.

Jodi - I am with the others - PANTY RAID!!! Out with the old and in with the new!.

Jo - glad you had a good time with your sister! It is hard being around her with her drinking? I know I have had a hard time with people and their eating and have to remove myself from their constant gluttony ~ part of me fears one of them is going to have a heart attack soon and I am legitimately scared for them. What to do? It is their decision ultimately!.

Judy, Judy, Judy .... oh how I missed you! I have not committed to the 4/2 yet - with Jeff gone 5/1 is easier! Oh and BTW - I have an 80 pound dog ~ part pit bull and lab mix ~ the scaredness is simply in my head. I live in a beautiful town and neighborhood but remember I worked in the criminal justice field for decades soooooo I know what goes on behind closed doors!..

answered May 02 at 10:32

Hudson's gravatar image


Thank you.


...it so nice to know I wasn't forgotten..

answered May 02 at 11:53

's gravatar image




....her drinking made me glad I do not drink any longer....thanks for asking though...my hubby was bit worried about me being with her every day....but not a problem...

answered May 02 at 11:57

's gravatar image


Back with more stuff ... I keep losing long posts and then get frustrated .....

Amanda - this is such an exciting time ~ cherish this time with Delaney and take time for YOU! You probably are goin gto be getting more tired and sleeping less ( if I remember correctly). Just listen to your body and respect what it needs!.

Renie - I still chuckle over your nightie story. I confess my good jammies are teh t-shirts that are size large rather than 2X. I have pretty ones but it is so hard with my little guy who simply LOVES his mama! Freud would have a field day with Trevor!.

Pamela BEB - WHere are you my dear?????.

COnfessions of yesterday - also had 24 ( 1 ounce) of cocoa almonds and 12 smoked almonds and a cheese stick. Over on the snacks but trying to dig in and have a 100% OP day. Darn nuts!!!! Jeff forgot to take them with him..

Jodi - I do need to slow done and start logging everything to figure out the balance ~ someday sigh..

Well ladies today was my "free" day but I have not 1 but 2 sick kids... and the workers come back to finish up! so no gym and no shopping ( for Trevor's gifts for the weekend though we did get him a very cool trick bike already) ......

answered May 02 at 13:34

's gravatar image


I missed you JO!!!!!.

So glad you are back!..

answered May 02 at 14:34

's gravatar image


Welocme back Jo and glad to read Judy's post!.

Amanda yelllow is my favorite color and I am amazed at all the different yellows there are out there to paint with! I have a creamy lite yellow in my foyer, going up the stairs and into the laundry room. It just ties all the other rooms together. Love it!.

Renie I really need to get new jammies but won't buy anything right now until I hit my first goal of 199. That should happen around the Holidays...at least that is what I am trying for!.

Jodi a panty raid is needed in my house too! Hope you enjoyed your walk..

Judy I am doing the 4/2 right now and I love it! I am actually losing weight. My body is responding to it better than just 5/1. It may not be fast but works for me. My menopausal issues are nightmarish right now. I won't go into detail but geez louise!.

It is so bad that I am actually buying less soy Medifast foods to try to get it all regulated again..

So I spent part of yesterday sitting at my desk doing an online auction, bidding for 4 Michael Buble concert tickets in the center front 3rd row from the stage! Ta Da Ta Da Ta Da I got them!!!!!! I am so excited...I actually got them! I love him and I hear his concerts are the best!!! I figured if I was gonna spend lots of money on seats far away I might as well bid for front row seats and really have a once in a lifetime experience!!! Concert in on December 1st in Buffalo NY! Yahoooooo..

Have a happy day everyone! Jodi NY..

answered May 02 at 15:02

's gravatar image


Morning Lovely Ladies.


Nice to have you round and posting.

Sooooo panty binge? Which type do you prefer....Thongs? Ouch! I think I'm going after the hipster type, all cotton....nuttin sexy for me!!!! I want comfort!.

DD has been doing local theatre for four years now (which is late to get started in these parts). It is her passion and she will be pursuing it in college. Maybe your niece was getting frustrated..it's a very competitive field. Now if your a boy, that's a different story!.


Neva forgotten Jo.....I can't believe you will be back at the restaurant soon enough. The summer flew...are you looking forward to it?.


Maybe we need to commit to logging in on our Medifast page? What do you think? Knowledge is power???.

Catch my other Melters later....I'm going to grab a walk, then I'm off to the Pet store. It finally stopped raining and it's clear! TTYL..

answered May 02 at 16:41

's gravatar image



Congrats on nabbing those tickets! Nothing like being upclose and personal, it makes all the difference. I'd frankly rather not go if I'm not. I just don't feel part of it!.

I also think it's good to have these small things to shoot for.....like new jammies...it's such a feeling of accomplishment when you reach it, which you will!..

answered May 02 at 17:31

Charles's gravatar image




I hope you have a wonderful day, and get some more Michele time!!!.


answered May 02 at 19:01

Marvin's gravatar image


Happy Birthday Michele!!!!!! Whatcha doing to celebrate?????.

Where's the beefcake Jo????..

answered May 02 at 20:21

's gravatar image


Happy Birthday, Michele!!! I hope you ahve a wonderful day!!!..

answered May 02 at 20:35

's gravatar image


I came back just for an OP piece.


answered May 02 at 20:36

Harrison's gravatar image



How's it going there? Are you getting sleep at night? How much work will you take off?.


Caught the exercise at the bottom of your post..........Terrific!.

I just walked fourty minutes.....I am going for that fifty pound marker.....let's get er done!..

answered May 02 at 22:11

's gravatar image


Hi girls! Thanks - late start to the day but so many p[opst to catch up with. Havne't even had my coffee yet - been doing things around the house and taking care of some beauty needs....when oh when does the need to pluck stop!!???.

Anyhow - Amanda - you sound pooped nad overworked - find some time for mommy bc it is needed!.

JO_ WE ALL MISSED YOU!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY - it isn't the saem without you and your posts! Thanks for the beefcake.....delic!.

JodiNY - aaaahhhh Michael Buble - that voice - those songs! You could be sure that most of the men at the concert will be getting lucky that nite bc of what he does to the ladies!.

No time for individuals bc like Jodi and Renie and I bet a few others who wont confess.....I CRS!!!!!!.

Oh but I remember...Judy - your post was the bomb!!! Loved it and reread it bc it was so good..

Ladies - off to redeem gymbucks on line so jolie wont feel like she only has Abby's hand me downs! Then Jordan and I have a fun filled day ahead claning the basement...no really we are going to organzie a little bc that will be a terrific presnet to walk down there and not hyperventilate anymore! Lol.


answered May 02 at 23:03

's gravatar image


Oooohhhh, gymboreee can get me in trouble! Except I find myself saving those clothes for 'good' and then at the end of a season realize Delaney hardly wore them! Have fun spending $$!..

answered May 03 at 00:36

's gravatar image



Hope your birthday is wonderful and that you do the things that make you happy! Be blessed sista!.

XXOO Judy..

answered May 03 at 00:53

Hunter's gravatar image


Well, I got 8/10 reports done between last night and this morning. So, with only two left for today, I refuse to do them during Delaney's naptime. Today, that will be for ME to relax, too! We just got done pulling the garden out and cleaning it up. That was a chore. Glad to get it done, but sure the back will pay for it the rest of the day. Thought I'd check in real quick, but nothing has happened! Good reason to get a back rub from hubby tonight, although I feel bad since he's been up since 4am working a 10 hour day..

Jodi~I am feeling good overall. I am up about four times a night with going to the bathroom and changing positions. Sometimes, right as I get comfortable or fall back to sleep Delaney gets up and I need to put her back in bed. I don't wake up feeling tired in the morning, which is good, but I am definitely falling asleep in the living room way earlier at night and then wake up and go to bed! Thanks for asking! RE: underwear...I think I had lost about 40 lbs. when I realized 'oh, some of my smaller underwear probably fit now!' and they did! I agree with you, though, I like comfort...thongs...NEVER!.

Michele~Nothing has drastically changed with work. There's been some situations that have just been stressing me out the last few weeks. Then I am taking on two extra cases while another gal is on maternity leave, which is good, because I will be closing a couple of mine soon. I think it is just hard juggling the 3-4 different roles I have at work and gets overwhelming at times. I do not have to go anywhere today, which feels soooo good! tomorrow I will be going on a field trip with Delaney's preschool and then work in the evening. Friday, the only thing is my OB apt.

So that is in the morning and the rest of the day is free..

Seems we've lost a few melters this week or they're just not checking in or really, really busy..

Judy~that was an awesome post...I love reading everyone's posts to each other. Ok, question...do you actually WEAR the thongs?!?!? I tried them once in college and could not stand them for more than 15 minutes! My friend told me they take getting used to, but I didn't really want to make myself get used to them!.

Pamela~I hope the kiddos get to feeling better! Are they down with the flu or just not feeling well?.

Will check in later,.


answered May 03 at 02:05

's gravatar image


Is it really Michele's birthday today? I thought it was the first part of October!.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Horny Michele.

Happy Birthday to you!.

You gals are a chatty group this morning. I have Maddie here so can't respond properly just yet..

However, I did laugh when I read Pamela's remark that.

"Jeff didn't take the nuts on his trip.".

(I mean the edible nuts)..

Can you imagine him trying to pack all the treats in his luggage!!.

Oh shucks, that still didn't come out right..

Write more later..


answered May 03 at 02:59

Cesar's gravatar image


Morning Melters! It's me ... Judy ... and it's morning! Ha!ha! Did I catch you all by surprise?.


Good to hear you have a dog ... and part pit at that! Well, you are safe as safe can be! You have the bat, you have the dog, and you have the iPhone! Who could ask for anything more?? So, you were in the criminal justice systemthat definitely explains why you feel the way you do. I don't know if I would want to be exposed to that much "humanity". Sometimes mankind is depressing, what they can do to one another. That's why I don't watch CSI-Sex Crimes or Criminal Intent. They are just toooo horrible to think about.

I don't know about you, but when I'm tired my resistance definitely slips and I'm more susceptible to my old habits and environment. So be sure to get some sleep ....

AND THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO AMANDA!! You need your sleep/rest as well..

Pamela, I'm also going to join the daily food logging it helps keep me focused and on track. Let's do this thang together. 10? 20? or more pounds ... why are we hanging on to them for dear life???.


It's so great that you can be with your sister who has all your old habits and not fall back into any of them. GOOD JOB!! You should be proud of yourself and feel really good about the time you spent with her. And what a great sister you are, encouraging her into at least thinking about new habits in her life as well. I will be with my sisters soon, and that will definitely be a test for me. It is easy for me to slip and slide into old habits when we are together. I am really going to have to hold the line.

I have led us into many a night of skinny dipping when I've had a couple of glasses of wine.

How's that for WTMI???.


CONGRATULATIONS on the big score! I've never heard of Michael Buble, but honestly that doesn't mean a thing. I don't have a wide range of music that I listen to and I rarely listen to the radio. If I do, it's often smooth jazzsomething in the background that I can listen to and not really hear. I'm going to go on-line, though, and see if I can find a sound track of his so I can listen so I know exactly what kind of concert you're going to. After all, Michele said all the ladies might "attack" (not a direct quote of Michele's) their DHs afterwards, so he must be some sort of awesome swooner! Happy concert to you ... does your DH know about the possible after affects of this and if so, is he ready.


Yeah, I went on a panty binge, but HEY ... it's a lot healthier alternative, don't you think? There's absolutely NO carbs and NO sugar in fine lookin', sexy undies.

Also, JoBeth, you will be surprised how more comfortable these hiphugging, low slinging panties are on a slimmer body. What was something I REFUSED to wear (come on who wants to look at a body with bikini underwear on that the belly is hanging over???) now looks sexy. You need to go outside the old lady/comfortable box and try a couple pairs of sexies!! I'm also thinking what you said about the acting being so competitive is what happened to my niece. She is now a senior in high school and it has become more competitive. She has been acting through local children's theater companies, but now she's moving to the next level and the competition is more fierce. I think if she really wants to pursue acting she will need to get voice, dance, and acting lessons FOR REAL.

Can we do this together ... can you say yes???.


Hey, birthday girl, YEAH to you for basement cleaning! That is a great start on getting organized. I really think if our house is somewhat organized then our lives will be more organized. What that equates to in my life is more "control"more control over my food, my buying (ha!ha!ha!), and my emotions. Before we had the back lawn put in and it was mostly dirt, our dogs brought SOOOOOOOOO much dirt into the house that by then end of three days I was a screaming meemie! That is so true. I would just literally fall off the dee end. My poor DHhe was always blind-sided.

We had chores we were responsible for each week and we dust-mopped/swept/vacuumed the hard wood floors three times a week. VOILA! No more emotional outbursts from me because now my house was "in order" and I didn't feel like I was living in total chaos. Some times it's the simple things in life, isn't it? Have fun spending your gymbucks today!.


How is your hectic schedule today? Are you doing okay? How's the baby's room coming along now that it's painted? What's the next thing you are going to do in there. Dreamy, creamy mellow yellow ... love the thought!.

BTW, everyone, the *A* Cranberry/Almond breakfast bar was sooooooooo yummy! I even made the extra special sacrifice and offered one up to my DH.

He took his to work to eat it during the day. I highly recommend this one. It is very good..


- Bar.

- Bar.

- Chx/rice soup.

- Brownie.

- TBD (dinner).

- Bar.


- My plan is to do 20-30 minutes of weights after work. I have a prayer meeting at church tonight, so I don't want to do cardio and go sweaty. Weights alone will be perfect!.



answered May 03 at 03:17

's gravatar image


Amanda - Nah, I haven't tried the thongs yet, but I have a couple of sisters who wear them religiously. I'll try them this week and give everyone a scantily clad report!..

answered May 03 at 03:49

Dean's gravatar image


BUMP~~we were on the 2nd page...just not acceptable, huh, girls?!..

answered May 03 at 04:00

's gravatar image


Off to start supper for the fam. Sometimes it is so hard to come up with ideas. I thought trying Judy's spaghetti squash would be great sometime, but wonder how hard it is to find that kind of squash? May have to see if hy-vee has it..

Enjoy your evening!..

answered May 03 at 04:16

Phillip's gravatar image


Amanda - try it! It shouldn't be hard to find this time of year. I had a request to make it for a friend of mines birthday this weekend and he is not even on plan!!!!.

I am off to a school meeting - leaving hte kids alone for the first time at night.

I knwo I was babysitting others at this age but life seemed more innocent back then though I know it wasn't..

Judy - you are so right - tiredness often equals bad choices. I have been ok today except for those pesky nuts! Instant energy ... it could be cocaine right? See how tired and punch drunk I am.....

Renie - I bet you are loads of fun at a party!!!!!.

I need to dash off ... someday I will be a size 5.


answered May 03 at 05:50

's gravatar image


I'm still here! I will have to catch up on reading later... for now, good news is, YES, somebody at the pool party noticed that I had lost, they noticed it in my legs? Anyway, I'll take it. Bad news is, I gave in to temptation and had 3 beers so on Monday's weigh in, I stayed the same, didn't lose an ounce - but didn't gain either! I felt myself retain water for like 3 days! Today is the first day that I feel like I'm losing again. Talk to ya'll later ~ Marie..

answered May 03 at 07:24

's gravatar image


Marie - Drinking wine has been the HARDEST thing for me to "give up". I've only had three glasses since I started in May..

I understand how difficult it is, but it definitely will slow down the weight loss all those dang carbs we are learning to hate.


Good to hear from you and that you are alive and well. And THANK YOU to those who mentioned your weight loss ... they are good peeps!..

answered May 03 at 08:43

's gravatar image


Amanda - I think you should be able to find spaghetti squash at any store. I think squash is a "universal" veggie.

If you make it, let me know how you like it! Bon appetit!..

answered May 03 at 09:09

Leonardo's gravatar image


I don't know ladies I made Spaghetti Squash and definitely overcooked it and it came out stinko! I don't know if I would like it if I didn't screw it up. It was kinda messy!.

Marie, nice of someone to pay you a compliment. Be prepared to give them to yourself though because we aren't always that lucky! I remember how long it took for people to wake up, lol. At least you didn't gain........onward and downward!.

Michele, gee organizing on your b day? Sheesh shoot me instead!.

How old is your oldest Pamela? They will be fine....now we have cell phones!..

answered May 03 at 09:19

Omar's gravatar image


I know I see squash easily enough, just wondering if I'll be able to find that specific kind? guess I'll see...

answered May 03 at 09:31

's gravatar image


"Jeff didn't take the nuts on his trip." (I mean the edible nuts)..

Can you imagine him trying to pack all the treats in his luggage!!.

Oh shucks, that still didn't come out right.

Renie..who is the horny naughty one now!!!???? LOL..

answered May 03 at 11:08

's gravatar image


Judy I am going to have to try to squash...one of these days. Not a big cook...shopper yes - cook no..

Basement is clean clean clean....aaahhhh! Cant tell you how good it feels. Just need hubby to take out the garbage down there before Jolie sees it and starts to pull things out. Then I can slowly bring lots of the toys to work and say buuuhh bye!.

Going to bed...gotta take another few days off from the gym which really kills me. Darn foot was doing great until I wore those fantastic wedge sandals and walked all over CHelsea on Sat. nite! dumb dumb dumb! So as hubby put it - take the rest of the week off or you may be out for a month. That was enough to convince me...though maybe I can just do weights??.

LOL I cant believe I am actually saying this..

Nite lovely ladies..


answered May 03 at 11:48

's gravatar image


Good night all and sweet dreams.....and hope your birthday was terrific,.


My dd b-day is Friday..the BIG 30.

Since I do not have the finances for a big party or gift I have been working on all day a photo album with pictures of her from every birthday party from age 1!! I made a custom cover for the album and laminated it. It sure was fun looking at all them birthdays...seems like yesterday she was born..

I still need some borders for around each picture and to bind the book together...it is really kool....at least I think so~~~LOL.

See ya'll in the morning...

answered May 03 at 12:21

Raymond's gravatar image



Sounds lovely I hope she appreciates it.

Okay ladies too tired to shout...just remembered I didn't post my food..




Choc. crunch.

Choc. crunch.


Egg beaters...

answered May 03 at 13:04

Walter's gravatar image


Hi Melters: It's me again. I fell asleep for a few hours after Maddie left this afternoon..

I was one tired Grandma! I need to read your numerous posts (love it) and catch-up..

I'm off for fun with my two gal friends for most of the day tomorrow..

I hope to post tomorrow evening..

Friday, October 1, is the DAY for me to get my act together..

I'm going to post about 5/1 foods/l&g meals/water intake/"exercise.

And BUG all of you to do the same..

We, Melters, are going to be in great shape when the first major holiday hits this year..

Thanksgiving not Holloween!!.

If we "work together," we can enjoy the last six weeks of this year feeling great, looking fantastic and feeling happy..

We have to live up to our name (Melters)..


answered May 03 at 13:09

Justice's gravatar image


Is it still confession day?? haha.

IM Cecilia.. I think this would be a great forum for me.. ive been struggling HARDCORE for the past few days.. the morning I'm fine, lunch good... dinner BOMBS AWAY sink !! sooo yea I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day...

And to the lil lady who put the gentlemen with the cake pic... woooozers hahaha..

answered May 03 at 14:35

Deandre's gravatar image


Morning Melters.

Welcome Cecilia.....love your underwear quote! Some of us have been posting in advance or at the end of the day what we ate. Feel free to do that as well....keeps me accountable and not nipping at the bars!.

Rainy stinko day here in NY. Let' see if I can get motivated to do some things.....I have a HappyLight that I use when the weather gets me down. I think I have that seasonal depression, because my mood is definitely effected by the sunlight or lack there of, so I find it helps. I'll catch up with with I missed yesterday later......I have to get a move on!.

Renie, naps are good for all of us sometimes. Have fun Renie!!!!! See you later...

answered May 03 at 14:51

's gravatar image


Good hectic morning!!!.

Let's see the tree guys showed up today while I am trying to get the garbage and recycling ready and then it pours down rain whiel I am trying to get my lesson plan today and burn a CD .... No worries ... I have my WOnder WOman cape on today!!!.

Okay breathe .....

I am excited - I am abou tto go buy some lights for our family room ... they were $900 a piece.

I have them down to $399 but that is still much more than we were planning on spending BUT they are sooooo cool and will define the space. They are 4 ft high and green fabric -.

Yes Renie I will post some pictures when I get my act together and find my cord to camera down load.

My plan for the day -.

Lots of coffee.

Choc chip pancake.





For my lean and green I have NO IDEA at this point but may be a take out grilled chicken salad from somewhere ....

Have a good one ... I am off to sing and dance!..

answered May 03 at 16:00

Chance's gravatar image


Good morning Pamela and Jodi...and other melters soon to come!.

Delaney's preschool is canceled today due to both teachers being sick. So, we don't have to do the morning rush today. I owe her a trip to the park since she wanted to go yesterday, but I just couldn't do it after working in the garden. Laundry to get done today, too. It's supposed to be low 70s here the next two days and then low 60s and sunny...I'm so ready for this cooler weather!! Then I work this evening..

Renie, what are your plans with the friends today? Have a good time! I miss not having my closest friends nearby, they all live out of state..

Jodi, what's your plans the rest of today? Anything going on or just a day to hang out at home?.

Check in later,.


answered May 03 at 16:57

Jeffrey's gravatar image


I thought a few of us could use this post from cgstitch/cheryl from another forum..

It was a good reminder to me. JodiNY.


MF Food.

I have seen a lot of posts lately, and not just here, about running out of Medifast food. So, I am challenging you all to take stock of your Medifast pantry and make sure you have enough to sustain you and make you successful. A tip I read on the boards early on was to get an over the door shoe organizer to put all of you food in. It has helped me so much! 7 packets fit in each little pocket. It is perfect! I can see immediately if I am running low on something. I got a semi transparent one from Target, and I wish I had gotten a clear one, but now I have memorized what is in each pocket!.


As the weather is turning cooler in many parts, it may be harder to get motivated to get your water in. I know I have failed the past few days. I am prepared today and have my water pre-measured in a container..


Weigh and measure everything! My weight is hovering, and I realized over the past week that I have been very lax in measuring and weighing my L & G..


Plan ahead. If your weekends can get crazy. Sit down now and plan ahead. Write out your schedule of all your social obligations and plan accordingly. Also, I keep an emergency stock in my car, a shaker bottle and several shake packets. (Just how many times can I use the word plan in a paragraph?).

These are just a few things that I have been on my mind and need to focus on. Since I am not the only person on this journey, and with not too many original thoughts, I thought some of you might be in the same place as me! (I hope this doesn't come off as too preachy! Please forgive my if it does ).

Have a great OP day!!!..

answered May 03 at 18:29

Avery's gravatar image


Good Morning Merry Melters.....

Finished my work-out....hubby is gone to work and all is good. Last night I had the girls....actually from 2:30 until 9:00 last night. It was real fun. We played outside with the nieghbor kids. (ages ranging from 1 to 14). There was about 5 kids plus my two.

A big wheel, Barbie Jeep, Little tikes car, electric airplane, and a water blaster 3 wheeler. Also I set up the caport with Shyanas kitchen set and dishes. Her and the 7 year old neighbor girl played and my little Vittoria (who will be 1 next week) just LOVED playing with all the kids!! After dinner I bathed them and my son told me they fell right asleep in the car on his way home. The way it should be.

I had to share my NSV before I left for the day.....

When I started getting back into my (every) morning work-out routine I was able to do 3 crunches on my Inversion table....I am now up to 15!!!.

I think it has been 6 or 7 weeks that I have reguarly worked-out each and every morning at 5:30am...except Sunday. I can do 30 crunches on the slant board....

I am so excited feeling so much stronger..

My walks are longer, with longer periods of jogging in between. It is amazing how quickly your body gets stronger as you work it. I am feeling great physically...still working on the emotional part with all the family drama, but good physical health is the start of good mental health.....

I believe!.

I am helping a friend today clean out her cluttered garage as she just bought a new Honda Hybrid and wants to use her garage once again. She is paying me...which I feel terrible about taking it since she is a friend....but I will work hard and God knows I need it..

TTFN , Have a wonderful day!..

answered May 03 at 19:11

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone! Welcome Cecilia! I just joined this forum also and everyone has been great..

JodiNY - I have done this very same idea with the shoe organizer, I got the clear one and I'm not sure how transparent the one is that you have, but what I did is cut out the picture on the front of the box so that it fits right in front of each pouch so I know what is in each one. See if that works, then again, if you have them memorized you might not need that..

answered May 03 at 20:13

Cayden's gravatar image


Jo....great job on the consistently working out and all the progress you're noticing! Keep it up!! I'm betting you're wanting to do better and stick with healthy eating since you're working hard on your workouts!!..

answered May 03 at 21:52

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Good morning girls.....actually it is almost afternoon. I am still in my pj's. I really do much better with a schedule - but then of course I will be frantically rushing around next week once back at work and school for all..

Rainy rainy rainy. Pamela do post pics bc those lights sound amazing! We stayed at this condo at the shore adn the lighting really made such a difference - they were so interesting and added such detail and texture..

Jodi - I may be getting one of those lights myself this winter. I def get the winter blahs - though right now it is teh torrential rain blahs..

Welcome Ceila - feel free to post anytime - we try to give kicks in the butt when needed..

Ok gotta get in the shower and get Jordan to krate - at least we have something today before the girls get home. I stayed inside all day yesterday to organize - cant possibly do it two days in a row - though if I was alone I would make it a coffee drinking , amazing race and glee watching marathon!.


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JoBeth - You simply must try spaghetti squash again. Preheat oven to 350. Cut squash in half, remove all membrane in the middle of the squash. Pierce the skin with a knife in about 3 places (cutting all the way through), place it on a cookie sheet or baking dish, open side down. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes until knife goes thru easily. Remove from oven and let cool for a little bit then using a fork, pull out the squash which comes out in strings like spaghetti.

Let me know if this is how you did itif not, let me know if this works. I did it this way and it was wonderful..

And, you're right about Michele organizing on her b-day ... but maybe it was a nice reward to have an orderly basement.

... only Michele can answer that question!..

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Michele - I have problems with my feet and didn't wear anything higher than a 1/2" heal for the last 2 years. Just a month ago I bought a pair of shoes with a 1-1/2" heel. The brand is Umberto Ruffini and I got them at "The Walking Store." They were pretty pricey (over $100), but my feet feel fantastic in them and I was able to wear them first time all day without ruining my feet. I have plantar fascitis in one foot and it can be very painful, but these shoes are awesome ... although I didn't walk around on my feet the whole day either..

LOVE the weights because they tone your hangy, saggy, baggy skin..

If you can't do anything but weights, do them! Also, do you have one of those core training balls? My DIL (who is a fitness expert) taught me some exercises for the ball so now I'm going to buy one so I have it at home to use. I needed some good core exercises to strengthen that area of my body..

Stay cool my friend! XXOO Judy..

answered May 04 at 01:26

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Jo - There is NOOOOO better birthday gift than the one you are making for your DD. What a blessing that will be. I wish I had more pictures of me younger so I could put one together. I told my DIL that I would put together a scrapbook for each of her kids for their first year only. She remembered that "promise" and asked me about it when we were in DC. So, I told her that what was reasonable was 6-8 pictures each month to record Romy's first year.

I did a really nice scrapbook for her baby showers (she had 4) that turned out really lovely and she just loved it. This is something no one else will do for her that will become a special treasure, and a treasure for Romy when she is older. So, all that to say, that is a wonderful gift and you should be glad you don't have any $$$ to buy her something, so you can give her a "priceless" treasure instead that will last a lifetime...

answered May 04 at 02:24

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Here's my food for today:.

- Shake.

- Bar.

- L&G (going out to lunch).

- Bar.

- Soup.

- Brownie.

Exercise: My DH and I have to date to go to the gym together tonight. I will do 20 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weights...

answered May 04 at 02:39

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Renie - Were you ever a cheerleader? Well, today you are our cheerleader for the next six weeks..

I'm with you all the way. Let's make it a melting holiday year. We do NOT have to gain over the holidays ... as a matter of fact we can even lose.

Over the holidays ... yes, lose! Let's do it together girls. WE CAN DO IT!..

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Welcome Cecilia!.

That was Jo who located (who knows where) and posted (bless her heart) that wooooozer photo. She keeps it handy for everyone's b-day! Hope you stay with us because we are one committed group of Melters and love to communicate regularly with each other ... very regularly actually! But we are here to encourage, exhort, and "spank" each others' way into melting.

Again, WELCOME! Judy..

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Good Morning Melters:.

I should be getting ready but I wanted to stop by and do quick shout-outs before I leave for my fun activities. I don't know where we are going today. This is a belated birthday luncheon and day of shopping?? We do something for each of our birthdays each year and won't tell the birthday gal where we are going or what we are doing. It's usually a great day of laughter, eating, drinking xine, shopping, sightseeing and catching up..

I was told to be ready by 10:30 a.m., dress nice but comfy and will possibly be home by 4:30/5:00 p.m..

Long overdue shout-outs:.

First of all, WELCOME Cecilia! I will look at your page later to get to know you. Also, love your panty quote. As respects the eating/binge late in the day, I found if I eat every 2 1/2 hrs. then make sure I eat my l/g meal with plenty of veggies by 5:30 p.m. each day, it really helps to avoid going off-plan. When I didn't plan my l/g meal each day, then I would start "grazing" and go off-plan.

I'm the senior member who is quiet, shy, timid, with no bad habits, etc. etc. etc..

Yeah, right!!.

Michele - Hope your birthday was fun with the kiddies. I can't believe you were stuck in the basement all day. However, cleansing your house is such a great feeling!! Men just don't understand that part of us. How are the girls enjoying the new temporary school?.

Michele, I always had the impression that you love to cook! Totally shocks me that you are similar to me (dislikes cooking, loves shopping, etc.)..

Judy - Love your postings. Also, I noticed you have lost 2/3rd's of your weight!! How many Medifast products are you using each day? I'm going to try and find those bars you and others have mentioned especially if they help with the gas issues. Have you hooked up the skype yet?.

Pamela - YIKES, your lights are as tall as Jodi and I. I hope you wheel and deal and get the price down even further. Go for it!.

I have more to ask you later about your previous job..

Jodi - Does the light really help? I have been very curious and have thought about buying one. I'm a spring/summer type of person and hate the winter months..

Are you going to Marshall's today? Are thongs a possibility? I don't have the nerve to even try on a pair..

Amanda - YAY,, for a fun day with Delaney. I know it's good to be busy at work but you are busy at home getting the nursery started. What a beautiful experience you will have tomorrow taking Delaney to your doctor visit. Please tell us all about it..

Jodi-NY - Thank you for posting the suggestions from another MF. It's very helpful to get reminded of these tips and ideas. It's important to stay focused on why we are all here. I'm so happy to see you posting. What projects are you working on?.

Jo - You are truly an amazing woman. God Bless you. You show all of us how to endure stress, avoid temptations, survive with limited resources, give love to others, take care of yourself and laugh. Love you..

Marie - Happy to read your didn't gain any weight. I know you are back on-plan especially since you have confessed to us, right? Nice to receive those compliments. They give all of us incentive to keep on going..

Oh, Oh, I'm running out of time and I have to get my hair done..

Shucks, I hope I didn't forget anyone..

Hi to all the other MIA Melters and hope to hear from you..

Gotta run. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors......no time to check!.


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I escaped before the rains came.....went to the bookstore to by The Beck Diet Solution (I've been wanting it after perusing it at the library), hit TJ Maax and Waldbaums. I bought the ugliest blankee jacket (that's what I call it). You know the fleece comfy type. I look like a smurf in it, but the fit isn't bad, and I just couldn't leave it! I'll look around, but it can always be my winter snuggle..


Sorry that you killed your feet walking in heels. It is better than to rest it for a few days though than to be out for a long time. DH is right sometimes! I have the large model, lol called Happy Light by Verilux. If they send me any coupons, I'll let you know. I think it really does help over time. Must have been sunny last winter, because I didn't feel like I needed it really..


I boiled the crap out of the spaghetti squash! I never made it before and I figured better softer than harder. Thanks for your recipe, I'll definitely give it another go..


Thanks for reposting....Always good to be reminded of the basics! Sometimes it's easy to tweek it a bit to make it my plan, lol. I've been pretty good lately, but still...the water? Has fallen off of my radar! Time to bring it back!.


Good deal on those lights....I know they will wind up in your house! Did you take a breathe? Sounds like a harried morning..


Sounds like you are in a decent place. Kids went back home where you would like them to wind up.

, your building on your exercise........I'm sure you will be an asset to your friend, because it's not a fun job. She knows you need the money, and prob. woudn't take it if you didn't.....it's give and take, all good..

So ladies you will all be glad to know I bought six pairs of undies....hey why do they call them pairs? You can only wear one at a time! Nothing crazy...cotton and comfy. Wearing my first pair today. It's so much fun to wear new socks and new underwear! Too bad my friend came, murphy's law, lol!..

answered May 04 at 05:50

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Here's a few shout-outs to those I didn't respond to directly:.


Lamps sound fantastic. Lamps can certainly make or break the look of a room, but you are quite the negotiating queen to get them discounted so much! Also, when you are done with your WOnder WOman cape, can you send it my way? I'm sure it will fit.



Enjoy your day at the park with Delaney and the great weather you are having. I bet the NYers right now are extremely jealous of the sunny 70's! We are cloudy here today 73 degrees right now, with a high expected to be 87! See, summer has finally arrived at the good old coastal California beaches. I knew it would, but I am so prepared with that wonderful window air conditioner in the bedroom..


Good job, Grandma, with entertaining the whole neighborhood! Sounds like everyone had a great day, and you done good to have them fall asleep in the car on the way home. That's the way to hand them off to their parentstired and happy! Also GREAT JOB on the exercise routineI'm "jealous". I can't believe you get up at 5:30 in the morning to exercise. I'm such a weenie about the mornings. I got to bed late last night and barely made it out of bed by 6:30 and didn't get to work until 8I usually try to get to work at 7:30. Because I didn't get home until late and then got to bed so late I didn't have all my clothes and lunch prepared so I could do it on auto-pilot.


Wish I had that tip about the hanging shoe pouch when I was only using Medifast foods. It was often a chaotic mess in my cupboard..

But I did label all the bar boxes so I could quickly pick out what I wanted. But still it was a disorganized mess, and I really don't like that kind of mess. I'm not really a neat-nik because I can be a little on the messy side (just ask my DH), but there are some things I really can't stand it they are disorganized and one of them is the food pantry. In reality, I should totally reorganize the pantry and put in pull out drawers (which I've heard work really well)..


Did you do anything special in your kitchen remodel to organize your pantry area? If so, what, and do you like the way it works?.


Reading your posts the very old song (I think the Carpenters sang it) came to mind ... "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." I think if I lived in an area that had a lot of rain I'd also have a special "happy" light. Go get one and make yourself a happy camper this whole winter.

In the long run it could be a cheap deal..

Everyone ... have a great OP day. XXOO Judy..

answered May 04 at 07:15

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Renie - You are the proverbial straw that is breaking my camel's back.

I'm throwing out a challenge to everyone ... BUY AT LEAST ONE PAIR OF THONGS ... come on girls ... we've lost all that weight and can finally at least try them out. Let's do it and report what we think. I have my pair sitting in the drawer and my commitment is to wear them tomorrow, but I'm N*O*T going to report on them until at least two more of you take the plunge and buy a nice cheap pair and try them too..

Who's up for the challenge?????..

answered May 04 at 08:30

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Renie - True confessions (once again in an effort to spur you on.

) I haven't had time to set up Skype yet. Got to get it done before the weekend because we told our DS we would do a Skype call this weekend. He's actually the one who bought the camera as a gift for my DH's birthday..

I use a lot of the Atkins products bars and shakes. You can get them at either a CVS or Walgreensthat's where I buy them. You can also get a box of assorted bar flavors from Costco if you have one of those near you. I have a ton of Medifast soups left so I still use those, the brownies, and the pudding from MF. I'm almost out of the pretzels/puffs but I did find an alternative high protein pretzel at our local Lindberg's Nutritional Store that I may try. Often when I do the 4/2 I only eat 5 meals because of the extra calories that come with the 4/2 vs.

It's hard to tell if they are helping with the gas because I'm also still using Medifast products along with them. I have heard on other forums, however, that some people do have trouble with the bars. Not only for stomach issues but also others have said if they eat too many bars they don't lose the weight as well. I don't think I've experienced that, but I just don't know because of the 4/2 plan that I'm often on when I travel and that brings a slower weight loss anyway...

answered May 04 at 09:34

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Just checking...maybe I'm missing something....do you use any kind of squash or is there actually a 'spaghetti squash'???..

answered May 04 at 10:04

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