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Quick question... Have you used herbalean? Medifast or ephedrine products? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: TEAM RULES.

Here are the official Rules for TeamWhite as outlined by our Captain, PurpleGoddess:.

Please keep in mind that with PG as team captain she reserves the ability to remove or accept members from this team to maintain this positive environment..

-Remain positive, we are here to support each other, and I feel that each team member must feel that they may come to this team with whatever Medifast related problem for supoort and will be treated with respect..

-No direct insults against another team member or other teams/members, even if they have offended you will not be tolerated within this team thread. If you have an issue with another team member or another team, please pm me, and I will address it as best I can. If you have an issue with another Medifast member, please keep the issue out of the challenge. You may direct your concerns directly with MF..

-NEW RULE!!!! If you feel that you need a response and don't feel you are getting it, pm me, I will be sure that everyone is aware that you need the extra boot in the booty, helping hand or hug. We are all here for eachother, and as our team has gotten so large, it is hard to keep up with the full thread, but at the same time, I want to be sure no one is neglected! We want you here!!!.

-If you have any other concerns or suggestions for TEAMWhite, please do not hesitate to PM me, I am open to ideas..

I thoroughly enjoy the team we currently have and look forward to the next challenge, as I know that with a crew like this, we will all make huge strides toward becoming healthier and happier!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~.


Here is the Team White Banner for your signature:.


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Just copy and paste into your signatures, just delete the ***s..

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TEAM WHITE ROSTER as of 5/22/08:.

(if you need to have me make a change to this list, please PM me, if you are not on the list and want to be, PLEASE pm me!!).

Radiationgirlie =.


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= - Member at Goal.

+ - Cheerleader.

~ - T&M Official Member.

* - Official Member.

^ - Inactive Member.

Please adhere to the knowledge that Radiationgirlie IS the princess AND it is all about HER HER HER..

asked Apr 30 at 15:12

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

answered Apr 30 at 16:39

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I posted a Blog today in honor my Anniversary..

Stop by and let me know what you think...

answered Apr 30 at 16:41

's gravatar image


Good Morning!.

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! I will check out your blog later. I was at work by 5:45 this morning and although DH was going to drive me and we were going to get coffee, I just couldn't bring myself to wake him from his slumber.. he looked so peaceful..

C2 texted me to tell me they are staying in Nashville longer. Doesn't surprise me, I told his dad I bet they will move there anyway. **Shrugs** I guess since I don't see Lailah much I guess it would be easier to stomach that it is "because they are so far away" and not because "they are lazy and don't want to make the time". So.. there IS that..

Today I am contemplating going back on 5/1. I haven't decided because we all know how I don't want to use it as excuse to overeat... but I am sitting at the limit of my upper range. I have been having a LOT of abdominal problems and I am not sure if that is part of it or not. I haven't been eating sludge. I have been trying to cut my prednisone in half too which might also have contributed.

And if that doesn't put me back in my comfort zone then 5/1 it will be starting next week. I don't really WANT to... so we shall see!.

Anyawy... hugs to all.... today will be nuts. Have a great day!..

answered Apr 30 at 18:20

's gravatar image


Congrats Chatty, happy anniversary, you certainly did a great job..

RG hang in there. Hugs.

I don't think the new challenge is unreasonable and I believe I can make that goal!.

This is going to be crazy busy week for me, long days..

Luv y'all.


answered Apr 30 at 19:54

Braydon's gravatar image


Oh darn I had the best-est post ready to go and my computer went wacko and Poof, it is gone..

Well my wonderful words IMHO were to encourage.


I was saying how much I admire what you have done in your life and the situation with Lailah is: Well, it is what it is! There that is enough, right?.

As for the return to 5&1: I do think it is a crutch. But a crutch in this positive sense. If something happened to me and I took a stumble or even a downright fall, and the doctor said I needed to use crutches to allow my body to heal from the stress, I'd be crazy NOT to take him up on it. In fact, I'd be down at my local "supply store" renting a pair and finding some really cute fabric to cover those ugly and painful wooden arm pieces. (ha).

Just as in that situation, I'm grateful that I have Medifast (my crutch) to use anytime I need a little "tune-up". Better to do that for awhile than to let things get so outta hand and as we have all seen on these boards (and in the general public of dieters) people pass that number on the scales and it is too much to reign in and they give up and get back to where they started or worse even higher. I also might add that what you have been thru in the past year, I am amazed that you have maintained at all. You really have learned your lessons well here in Medifast Land, dear Grasshopper!.

So go for it, Bon Appetito, Medifast Style!.


- I'm glad to hear the feedback about the challenge. I wanted it to be enough of a challenge for us to feel successful, yet not too much to overwhelm and cause frustration or feelings of defeat before we ever get started...

answered Apr 30 at 21:17

's gravatar image


I hear you Chatty.. and have told myself exactly that... but before I jump back on.. I, as in the past, have to give myself ONE SOLID week of reigning it in and drinking water to see where I TRULY am..

Love you dearly!..

answered Apr 30 at 21:34

Douglas's gravatar image


Sounds like a plan to me, honey! I'm pulling for you, cause.

You are worth it!.

(copyright Radiationgirlie)..

answered Apr 30 at 22:26

's gravatar image


Good morning Team Whitizens:.

Challenge Report:.

Down 14 since beginning of current challenge.

Logged: 202.3 miles since beginning of challenge.

Logged: 526 minutes of planned exercise.

Chatty, thanks for a great spring challenge, and I'm ready to kick major flyingmonkeybutt during the Hot Summer Slimdown!!.

I was in Denver most of the weekend, we had to place Sammi in-patient as she went into crisis late Saturday night. Her DW and I worked very hard to try to get her stabilized, but couldn't get her pain under control despite working round the clock. We admitted her at about 2 a.m. yesterday and by later in the day, and after tons of morphine, she was finally resting peacefully. The bad new is that she has completely lost her eyesight. We and the docs are not sure yet if this is indicative of the cancer having invaded her brain, a brain bleed, or what exactly.

She insisted that I stay home in bed today so that my back can recuperate so that's where I am right now with my laptop. AND CHATTY I'm listening to the roar of the Thunderbirds practicing over my house right now! Is their Squadron Leader a hunk or what?.

Birdie: LOVEd the photo of you and Lisa. How cute are you two??! And you look about 14 with your hair down like that. Adorable!.

RG: Am glad you have had some great Chris time. You've needed that. As for back to 5/1, it's not an excuse to overeat and bounce back and forth or yoyo so stop telling yourself that. It *is* a great tool to rein back in and regain a sense of order. It's also *perfectly* fine to not be *perfect.* Kids moving to Nashville? I must have missed something I'll have to go back and catch up on the last thread..

[this post was interrupted by ringing phones back to our regularly scheduled program].

Well, I was going to post more personals, but must go take care of some calls and details..

Tons of love to you all!.

Easy Rider..

answered Apr 30 at 23:50

Israel's gravatar image


Jane ((((((BIG HUGS))))))) on Sammie and getting her stabealized, I wish all of you peace, I know how hard this is on you..

RG got to throw my 2 cents in, you have done so well and the way things have been going for you lately, I am so impressed. I hope your week of reining it in works for you, only because I know how much you want to do it on your own, knowing you it will be done.

I like to think of 5&1 (after I get back to maintenance) as the bandage. I.

Ll be keeping my comfort zone very small as it's too easy for me to say well a couple more pounds no biggy..

Caz good to see ya, don't work too hard.

Staci your pic was so cute.

And I'm sure you just "forgot" your camera LOL so whens your next trip?.

I'm so mad I could spit or split, whatever.

Yesterday was bad enough but I stepped on the scale this am and what am I starting this challenge at 168.

I could almost lay odds that tomorrows pink WIW will be 170 LMAO.

Chatty as usual an awesome job, I will get toi your blog here soon. Since I'm at work shoud probably do some..

answered May 01 at 00:28

's gravatar image


Hi remember me?? Popping in to see what's new with Team White. It has been ages since I posted. I'm still struggling to lose my first 10lbs. I'm half way there, but slooooooow going. Had started walking for exercise & was sucessfully getting the scale to move. Well, 2 weeks ago...I fell at work, cut my left little toe open pretty bad, and haven't been able to wear closed toe shoes since.

Knew there was something more than just a cut going on when it kept hurting so bad. Oh well - nothing to do but let it heal with time..

However, since I can't go walking I started searching Craig's List for an exercise bike or something. Then Saturday my brother & I were thrift store shopping and I found an Ab Lounger 2 for $35! Don't know how much it's doing for my abs, but I am moving & burning calories!.

Sunday I gathered up my winter pants & tops and chopped off the legs & arms, hemmed them, and now I have a whole new wardrobe of crop pants & short sleeve tops. One way to get new clothes without buying more! Besides - I don't plan on being big enough next winter to need them..

Well - I'm in for this new challenge. I will try to be better about checking in periodically..

This got lengthier than I intended, so will do personal shout outs next time. But know that each & everyone of you are in my thoughts & prayers..

Hugs to all,.


answered May 01 at 01:56

's gravatar image



You really rocked the last challenge! I know you are psyched and ready for the next one..

Our team is WHITE HOT and we will be slimming down this summer!.

So sorry to hear that Sammie was in so much pain, but that she seems a bit better now. Will continue to pray for her and you thru it all. Selfishly, I'm glad you have to rest your back today, cause it might mean we all get to play with you more!.

CG -.

Hey 5 pounds is 5 pounds, right? Sorry about the toe! Bummer! Way to score on the ab machine. My DH has one and loves it. We have a gym in our home and he does it as part of circuit training while he watches sports. He has one of those remote head phone things that he wears so the TV can be kept at a manageable volume for the rest of us. HA.

Thanks for the kuddos!.

I told my family that today would be all about ME ME ME! Sorry.


But I just had to borrow that for today..

Okay where is everybody else? And I have not heard one word about the gorgeous HAWT Banner our very own.



Come on, it is OUR day, well, mine, but you know!..

answered May 01 at 02:20

's gravatar image


MOM Jane - had to come back and leave you a note. I am so sorry that Sammi was hurting so much. Hospice is a blessing and they will take good care of her & help manage the pain. Rest yourself and know that she is in good hands. ((((Hugs))))..

answered May 01 at 02:40

's gravatar image


Thanks so much Chatty and CG! Love you both!!.

Just remembered that I need to post the codes for the banners:.




<img**** src=".



As usual just delete the ****.


answered May 01 at 03:10

Cullen's gravatar image


Mom Jane - Thanks! I got asked several times this weekend when I mentioned the end of school if I was ready for my finals and stuff... I answered "not entirely, I haven't written them yet!" They laughed and I told them I am a high school teacher and have been for 13 years now. Reminded me of the days when I got stopped in the halls across campus during my planning periods and asked for a hall pass! (Lisa is 45 and I'm 37 - not a big age difference, especially when you are young at heart or old in spirit!).

Here is the gift she gave me last night:.


It was her grandmother's ring and holds special memories for her... I am honored to have her trust to keep this ring safe and to be reminded that Lisa feels I'm special in her heart and life. I can't express what I am feeling except that I'm extremely happy and blessed to have her in my life..

Ok... sappyness is over... I didn't do too well on the 4/2 plan I was going to embark on this past weekend, however I did make good choices and stayed away from carbs and sweets - stayed with the lean grilled items we had and the veggies mostly. I haven't been near a scale... I don't think I gained (if I did it will come off like it came on... with dedication and perserverance!)..

Jane, I am truly saddened with the news your sister isn't doing well. You and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers! Love you lots and lots!.

KK, RG, CG, Chatty, Luvn, everyone else - Lots of hugs! Ya'll are the greatest!!!..

answered May 01 at 04:04

's gravatar image


Okay, I'm here for this challenge. I just started my Medifast meals today and will continue with them for the foreseeable future. I'm going to rock this challenge..

{{{{{{{Jane}}}}}}}} So sorry for what Sammi (and you) are going through. You know you are always in my thoughts! Thanks for the banner..

Chatty, thanks for setting everything up! I would like to have 30 pounds gone by the end of this challenge. I can do it. I have before..

Staci - the picture of you and Lisa was precious! The smiles on your faces. Best of luck to you!.

CG - good to see you! Sorry about the toe but you will be back good as new soon..

KK - the fluctuations will end soon. You are doing so well this round!.

{{{{{{Sis}}}}} You can only deal with YOU and you are really good at that AND helping others and giving support even if they don't always accept it or appreciate it. You always try. One of the things I love about you. I didn't want to have to go back to 5&1 either but I NEED to. As Chatty said, crutches are tools, not an admission of failure..

Okay, so I'm here and will be. Things need to change for me. This is a good way to do it. {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}..

answered May 01 at 04:15

Uriel's gravatar image



- Glad you had fun and I like your hair the more casual as well. The ring! WOW.

Popie -.

Glad to have you aboard! You WILL rock this challenge, I'm sure..

OOOOO I love seeing all the HAWT banners flying around. Thanks again.


For doing them...

answered May 01 at 04:56

Shawn's gravatar image


Here's another Team White member who's been MIA for the past 2-3 weeks.

Between traveling and having my sister in town for the past two weeks (she flew home this morning), it's been really busy. My mom's 80th birthday was last Friday so we had everyone in for a dinner at a local restaurant last Saturday night, then had the whole group (23 in all, I think) over for coffee, birthday cake and more time together. My mom sat down at the piano and played for a long time (she plays by ear) while we sang just about every hymn we ever learned growing up - it was a wonderful family time and, of course, we captured many of the special moments on DVD. We all went to church with my parents on Sunday, then everyone was over for dinner. Following dinner we relaxed a while, then headed to Lake Michigan so our oldest granddaughters could fly kites. It was a bit chilly and the grown-ups froze, so we left my daughter and her husband and the children and went to my parents' house to warm up over hot coffee.

THEN the guys went to see "Terminator" while the women watched a chick flick at my house. Yesterday was a cookout with everybody over once again..

One thing that happened while my sister was here was that she decided that she wants to go on Medifast when they get back from their mission trip to Costa Rica in July. She has been heavy her entire life and is now diabetic (she's almost 51). She isn't sure that her husband will be supportive of this because of the cost, but she said she'll get a part-time job if necessary to pay for it. She ordered Dr. A's Habits of Health and thought that reading it now will put her into the right frame of mind for when she actually starts. She's seen the difference this program has made for both me and our mom, including a reversal of my own diabetes and a dramatic improvement in our mom's, and she's finally convinced.

Now that things are settling down again (and yes, I'm a bit tired.

), I took stock of the past few weeks and took note that my favorite jeans are feeling a bit snug. Sigh. We're flying to Washington state in less than two weeks, so DH and I decided last night to spend the next couple of weeks back on 5&1. If we didn't have the trip coming up, I think I'd be inclined to just cut WAAAY back and give it a bit more time, but I want to be at my fighting weight and with all of my summer capris feeling the way I like them before I board that plane. So.today is Day 1. It feels good to be doing what I need to do and like Chatty said, if you need a crutch, use a crutch! I am also committed to getting in regular exercise, as this has been a real struggle for the last couple of months.

The fine-tuning of maintenance continues! I'm happy that I'm still in my goal range (though right the very top of it) and still in my goal size (though some things are more snug than I like them to be, as snug feels more like "fat" than it does "sexy" lol). I'm going to try hard to check in once a day during this challenge as a way to keep myself accountable, plus I miss all of you!!.

Jane, I cannot tell you how sad I am that things have taken such a downturn with Sammi. I am keeping all of you in my prayers, praying especially that she will be kept comfortable and able to enjoy the time she has with all of the people who love her. {{{{{{HUGS!!!}}}}}}.

RG, you are one of my true Medifast heroes/heroines and I know that you'll do whatever it takes to stay where you need to be. The fact that you've done so well despite so many challenges is a testimony to your determination and your grit. I hope the kids don't move away - that would be hard, I'm sure!.

Chatty, thanks for all you do to keep our team going. You are such a sweetheart! I'm going to go check out your blog in a couple of minutes!.

CG, I hope your toe gets better soon!! In the meantime, it sounds like the ab machine is going to give you a great workout!.

Caz, hang in there with your busy week - you can do this!.

Staci, the ring is beautiful! I like your hairstyle, too - you're looking great!!.

Popie, I'm glad you're all in for this challenge. I hope that means you'll be blogging your way through, too.


Catch up with all of you later, and a big hug to everyone I didn't give a personal shout-out to!.


answered May 01 at 05:16

Owen's gravatar image


Glad to see you stopping by the Whitezens, dear.


Sounds like you have been having quite the time lately..

I will put your sister in my prayers and her DH too! You have obviously had a tremendous affect on your real family as you have had on your Medifast Family!..

answered May 01 at 06:41

Simon's gravatar image


Hi, Chatty, just wanted to jump over and thank you for stopping by our thread to say Hi. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary! WAY TO GO!..

answered May 01 at 06:48

's gravatar image


Wow, it looks like all my old buddies are on THIS team. Hi Janie, RG, PG, and Cowgirl!..

answered May 01 at 08:05

's gravatar image


Ok Ok Ok.. I KNOW what you all are saying, and I really appreciate it. If my weight isn't back down to the middle of my 'zone' by Monday.... 5/1 it is. However, just by drinking 6 bottles of water today I am already 1 pound lower than this morning and not ONE BITE Of sludge passed these lips today.. or anything else that isn't HEALTHY.

Of true.... reign it in eating.... that has always been my requirement so far.... and will be again.... if it doesn't work...

Glad to see everyone stopping by... even my favorite Jinx... SAnderson **grin*.

Hugs to all..

answered May 01 at 09:11

's gravatar image


Get out the fairy dust to ward off RG's jinx!!! YAY! Susan it's so great to see you!!! xoxox Jane..

answered May 01 at 10:34

Morgan's gravatar image




You are welcome to pop over anytime even if.


Calls you a jinx!.


answered May 01 at 11:22

Andrew's gravatar image




You know your body and have mastered this thing, so do what you must do and we will cheer ya on, 'k?.



Thank goodness for your fairy dust to keep the Whitezens safe from Jinxes...

answered May 01 at 12:58

's gravatar image


Waving hello to SAnderson. Good to "see" you..

Tuesday/Monday is done. I didn't pack a lunch thinking I would drive into town & get a favorite salad. Alas, today was a wild day at work. I couldn't even could stop for "lunch", much less take the time to drive into town to pick something up. Luckily I found a protein drink in the fridge belonging to one of my bosses. I left an IOU note and drank the shake! Needed something in my belly.

So, I am heading out to the grocery store now. Something I should have done this past weekend but I was too busy thiftstore shopping, cleaning out the exercise/sewing room, ab lounging, and madly altering all the winter pants & tops I could find. lol Better get my sloooooooowly shrinking behind to the store & then pack up tomorrow's food tonight. No excuses tomorrow...planning ahead always works better..



answered May 01 at 13:15

Jamarion's gravatar image


Well, I'm off to curl up with my DH and watch something or other he has recorded..

I hate to see today end, but tomorrow is the beginning of my next goal..

To be a 2 year Maint. Person here in Medifast Land!.

Nitey nite and seriously, Thanks a bunch for being there with me and for me all along the way and especially to celebrate with me today!..

answered May 01 at 14:33

's gravatar image


Well, I'm back from another walk. So far I've been on plan 100% and still have one more meal to go. Drank lots of water and other fluids. Feeling pretty good so far. Expecting the headache tomorrow. :-/.


Good to see you! Talk about old timers! ::::snicker and flee::::::.

JP - yay, glad to see you too!.

Yes, I will be blogging more if they can stand it..

It will be good to have you around more too!.

Sis - You will do what you need to do..

We were not saying, we're just saying.... {{{{}}}}}..

answered May 01 at 14:37

's gravatar image


Oh wait before I go, my DH just stopped by to check his iphone which he plugged into the computer awhile ago to sync it..

He saw my post and said, now get this:.

He said, "Your new goal is to be a Maintenance Person,.

You mean you want to be a janitor?".

Gotta love him. I told him well, I've been cooking and cleaning up after him and the kids for 38 years w/o getting a salary, so maybe I will become a janitor!.


We were cross posting,.


Congrats on today!..

answered May 01 at 14:39

Charlie's gravatar image


Chatty's a janitor here in MFland... snarf!!! That's great..... many congrats on your accomplishment girlie!.

Hi SAnderson, haven't seen you around in a long while!!.

Janie, great banner... again... thanks. I hope you got some well needed rest and recuperation. Thank God you are able to be there for your sister... so precious..

Sheryl, there you are!! We miss you around here when you don't post for a while. Take care of that foot and stay off the horsies for now....

Jodi, great news about the scale already obeying you. It knows who is in charge....

JP - you will get those couple pounds off in no time!!.

Hi Popie and Staci and KK and everyone else... sounds like we are all tightening our belts so to speak and getting a fresh focus on our plan... that's certainly what I need to do tomorrow... I've been doing really well, but scale not moving for some time... I need to revisit logging absolutely everything that goes into this mouth!!.

OK, have a great Wednesday everyone!!!.



answered May 01 at 15:26

Damien's gravatar image


Good evening Team White! If you some of you remember, I am Chatty's daughter. I am so proud of her accomplishment! I too celebrated my 1 yr at goal on 3/20/2009..

SAnderson....I remember you! We were on Team Bronze together. Nice to see you on the boards. I, like you, have been away for a while..

JP, when are you coming to WA state? It would be great for Chatty and I to meet you in our neck of the woods..

RG, I follow you, or "lurk" on your postings and blogs all the time. You have achieved so much success. I too sometimes get too squirrelly with the sludge and have a hard time fitting in the water. I am at the high end of my goal range right now too and am giving myself this week to reign it in. If not to my satisfaction, then a few weeks of 5 & 1 are in my future. as well as logging my food in detail to have a way to truly measure what I am consuming from a numbers vantage point..

Chatty a.k.a. mom, I love it that you called Medifast a crutch in a positive way. What a great analogy and I think it is a healthy way to gain control and allow the "help and support" that Medifast can offer us..

To all the others, this challenge will be fun to watch as a cheerleader! I am rooting for you all!..

answered May 01 at 16:01

Jayce's gravatar image




Thanks for stopping by the Bronze Team to post on our thread. It gave me an opportunity to visit your page and to read some of your blogs. I found humor, encouragement, and hope in your words. I'm so glad you came for a visit!..

answered May 01 at 17:06

Braylen's gravatar image


Chatty, Congratulations on maintaining your goal for one year!.

I'm so glad you stopped by the Bronze Team and posted on our thread. Thank you for for being such an inspirations and showing us how it's done...stop by anytime.


Way to go!..

answered May 01 at 17:41

's gravatar image


Happy Wednesday Morning, Team White!.

Welp, online here Ive been blogging it up, enjoying Chattys (CONGRATS! again!), Janes (beautiful blog, as usual!), et al..

And HERE we have a new, Summer Slimdown challenge woo hoo!!.

THIS is why I wanted to connect with Team White toward the end of my weight-loss phase I desperately need the accountability!.

Transition-Land has been rocky for me. I think it may be the stress of traveling (never been really good at it), the imminent move from SoCal back up to the Northwest, having to travel again as soon as we get back in SoCal in a couple days to Dayton to help my Mom move from the house there to her churchs Sr. Living community, what to do with THAT house (LOTS of work needs to be done!), of course, how to PAY for all of this traveling, and as always how are we going to get the new laboratory built! Door after door after door has been slammed shut, but we have no choice except to continue on. At this point, if DH and I have to mix cement and haul concrete blocks ourselves that is what well do! Although we still have to figure out how to pay for THAT. (And me with my never-quite-healed broken shoulder. But I think of our indomitable.




She, by the way?), and if SHE can do so much, what can I complain about?) One thing is clearer than ever, though: IF (nope, not that word).


This laboratory is built, we WILL be busy, we WILL make money, it WILL be the best lab of it's kind in the world. The more feedback we get, like at the Portland conference last week, the more certain we are..

Okay. Im stopping now. You all have been extremely patient with me ranting on the whole lab thang. As you can tell, I could go on, and on, and..

But enough about me, what do YOU think about me.

(Bette Midler, Beaches, and a small attempt at humor)..


- I do hope you get to feeling better, and I know you look on going back on 5/1 as a bit of a crutch right now, but look at all youve had to go through with your health! At least it is a HEALTHY crutch, as Chattys said..


- Hang in there this week with those looonnnngg days!.


- Im so sorry to hear what your Sammi is going through. And that she is still concerned about you and your pain is a testament to the deep, loving connection you two obviously have developed over your lives..


- Hang in there! If were committed to following a strict 5/1 we all KNOW it works even when our perverse bodies TEMPORARILY try to convince us otherwise!.


- Great to see you again! But very sorry to hear why youve been a bit MIA. And what an interesting way to get new summer clothes! Arent you clever?!.


- Lovely ring! You two are forging something so special! Its an honor to be able to observe it. Good luck on getting back to 5/1 from 4/2!.


- How terrific to see your steely determination! And THIRTY POUNDS woo hoo!!! You CAN do this! (yeah, you guys always can, grumble, grumble (smile)).


- As always, you are one of my most influential role-models here! And if your sis does the same, she WILL be successful! I know that your two-week 5/1 stint will bring the results youre looking for. By the way, how long will you and your DH be in WA? Were looking to be up here around the end of June or so. If that overlaps your stay, wouldnt it be terrific to have a TW Northwest get-together with you ,and Chatty, and Chattys daughter, and.?.


- How are things in the desert, GF? When does your summer break begin?.


- Sorry our get-together didnt happen while we were in Portland, your Mom said that perhaps you could have joined us, as well! Well be back here pretty durned soon, and if JPs still here, too.What a meeting!.

Best to all the rest of my cherished TW MFers!.

Bj (a.k.a. beej)..

answered May 01 at 18:57

Dallas's gravatar image


:::::waving at Chatty's daughter and friends:::::: She is pretty amazing, eh?.

Beej - I'm so glad you joined us too! I never get bored with your adventures! I think you are pretty terrific!.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both!.

Chatty - janitor ::::snicker:::: too funny! We were cross posting..

RJG - logging is a big help and toll for keeping things in line..

Okay, yesterday went great! I lost 4.4 pounds but of course I know that is mostly waste and water but it is an ego boost. As I was saying, I want to lose at least 30 pounds during this challenge and I'm thinking I should be able to make my goal by the end of the year if I'm really diligent. As always, I'll evaluate when I get there..

I dropped my goal by another 10 pounds. I'm torn about where I SHOULD BE. If I look at the charts it says "165" ish. I've not been that weight since about high school. Even then I never felt "thin". When I was around 220 last year, I felt really good and think it could maintain that if I got serious about it.


Anyway...enough of my ramblings. I hope everyone has a great day! {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}..

answered May 01 at 19:37

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Hi Pope (you BETTER flee!)!.

Hi Janie, and the name's SANDY, not SUSAN!.

Hope y'all have a great day!..

answered May 01 at 20:20

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Popie.. I think you would look... well not healthy at 165.....

I am down 2 pounds today.. which is the upper end still but not the UPPER End... so ... since it has only been 1 day LOL... I will give it til Monday as planned.

Thanks everyone!..

answered May 01 at 21:35

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Jodi - when I met you and Chris, I was about 215. I think I could easily go 20 pounds or so less than that, eventually, but I'm with you, I can't imagine me at 165. When I did Medifast the first time, I got down to 185 by doing nothing but shakes for over a year but as soon as I was back on regular food, it went up. LOL - it's been so long, I'm not really sure WHO is under there anymore..

I'm glad you are seeing some progress. I had little doubt because you are...well....YOU..

Which is a pretty great thing. {{{{{}}}}.

Sandy - I couldn't resist..

Seriously though, you are one of my heroes. You were finishing as I was coming in and you and Lenore were two of the folks that really inspired me at the beginning. {{{{{}}}}..

answered May 01 at 22:25

's gravatar image



What a nice surprise to have you stop by on MY DAY!.

<<wink wink>>.

Of course you can be a Team White Cheerleader! I'll add you to the list when I finish this post. We would love it!.

Merry Heart and Iwilldoit.

- Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome anytime. See my note for.




- The accountability here is why I continue to be a part of TW, too. You and your hubby have so much going on right now. I will continue to keep you in my prayers as I have been doing. Having to deal with my DH's mom has been a huge change in our family dynamic. Almost like have children again. We have to consider her, when we make plans to do anything.

Then there is my momma and her deteriorating health. My sister has taken that on, but it is in Florida and very far from me in the Pac NW..

Speaking of the Pac NW, I do think a TW meet-up would be grand, just grand. I'll bet there are more members here on other teams too and we could just do a Medifast party someplace. I'll put my thinking cap on and see what we come of it all. PM me if you or anyone has any ideas on this, k?.


- I'm so glad you are off to a great start. Water or not, it is off your bod!.

As someone said yesterday, it will be fun seeing you around more and reading you blogs and checking out the playlists!.

SAnderson -.

Hi! Can't stay away, huh? You know we love it when guests drop by. We bring out the good dishes, bake some Medifast shake cakes, brew up a nice pot of green tea, and clean up real nicely for them..


- I knew you had a plan. Sounds like it is working great! Sometimes all we really need is a little "focus" on ourselves to reign it all in. Your vision lately has been directed in so many other directions, it was time to look at you for awhile. God Bless, you honey!.

Okey Dokey!.

Everyone - 5&1 today, drink your water and move your tushie!.

Don't forget to stop by members MyPages & Blogs and please please please leave a comment or 2 or 3...

answered May 01 at 23:03

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- I remember.


Too. She was a "Moderator" at the time. Back when all the boards had them. She was a great inspirational success here...

answered May 02 at 00:27

's gravatar image


Hey I think this might help with the Movin' of the Tushie!.


answered May 02 at 01:47

's gravatar image


Hi everyone!.

I'm stopping by on the fly to say hi and report in. This is Day 2 on plan and all is well.

I've been fairly busy today and have a meeting tonight, but am committed to getting in a long walk today before I head to my meeting. It's so easy for me to get busy doing other things until it's too late in the evening to exercise, so my biggest challenge right now is reprioritizing things to make sure I get in some exercise..

I'll be in Washington state for just a few days two weeks from now. We're flying in to Spokane on June 8, then plan to spend the 10th and 11th in Seattle before heading back to Spokane for another day. We're flying home on the 13th, so this will be a very quick trip. Both of my daughters and my two oldest grandchildren are flying to Spokane with us, and DH and I are actually going to help with the grandchildren. My younger daughter's brother-in-law is getting married in Spokane on June 20, so she and the girls are flying out early to spend some extra time with her in-laws and also with my husband's brother and his family. My son-in-law is flying out just a couple of days before the wedding, as he doesn't have a lot of banked vacation time right now.

It's great to see Boxers and Sandy and others stopping by!.

Catch up with you later!.


answered May 02 at 02:50

's gravatar image




Seems like when we just get our schedules ironed out something comes along and we have to re-prioritze ( to use your word).

On the positive side of this, your life isn't boring, honey!.

It keeps you on your toes! I speak for myself as well. Thought I'd be all lonely and depressed with the twins leaving for college. Well, God has been very kind to my mothers heart, because HE's kept me so busy I can hardly believe we go down to bring them home in just a couple weeks..


And I had hoped to pop up and catch you when you are out here, but it won't work this time. Enjoy our little piece of heaven and your family time too!..

answered May 02 at 03:28

's gravatar image


Heya Team Whitizens!.

SANDY!! Sheesh Why in the world I called you Susan is beyond me other than my blonde hormonally confuse brain!!.

Joe and I thrilled to the fabulous THUNDERBIRDS today and it couldn't have been better. The sky was the color of BLUE that can only be seen in Rockies and the boys flew a long, fantastic show. Fabulous..

Then came home, and spent the last 3 hours weeding and planting and getting in my gardening exercise. Things are looking lovely..

Popie, I put in some burning bushes, and some lovely scotch broom bushes this year. My xeriscaped berm from last year is already flourishing and it's exciting to see the snowball bushes that I put in the back yard also just going to town. Let's hear it for the healing power of plants..

Now, I simply must go wash off and get ready for my sweetie to come home. Today was a great day..

Sammi continues to do well although her blood pressure has shot up sky high I'm sure that the docs will get that stabilized pronto, though. She's a bit cantankerous, so we know she is on the upswing..

Love to you all and thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes!.



answered May 02 at 04:52

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- I closed my eyes after I read your post and imagined those jets roaring across a beautiful blue sky. Wonderful image! I love those guys, too. I told my friends who are part of the.


About you being in Denver and excited to see and HEAR them. They laughed and said they would give you a special show. Sounds like they did!.

Boooooo Yaaaaa!.

We spent the holiday working on the yard over in the high desert. It looks spectacular. It has been a huge learning curve for us. When we moved out here to the Pac NW after growing up and spending most of our lives in the Midwest, we had a lot to learn about plants. DH had won many awards for his landscaping back home and when we got here he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. That is when I started calling the Pac NW (aka Heaven) When we built the house in the desert it was a whole new way of planting and growing, not to mention caring for a place where you don't live permanently.

Going green has become a way of life for us as much as going Lean and Green has been for our food choices..

Hope things settle down and get under control with Sammi, but if her mood is indication, I think you are right and she is on the upside of this latest setback..

Prayers will still be a-comin' your way, 'k?.

Well, I spent the day playing here a bit then running around town dropping off job applications for my twins. Since they don't get home until just before Father's Day, most of the jobs may be taken by college students who have been home since Mother's Day. The thing in their favor is they don't return to school until the last few days of September and all those kids will be gone way before then..

If they don't get summer jobs, then DH said, "You have to go to summer school. No way any of our kiddos can lay around and mooch. Idle hands make for the Devil's playground!".

Now he sounds like my grandfather! Ha!.

Gonna go grab a cup of green tea and "lurk" on the boards for awhile..


answered May 02 at 06:18

's gravatar image


Heya Miss Chatty,.

The boys did put on a SPECTACULAR show thanks for giving them a whisper for me! and of course we loved every minute of it. Please pass along my appreciation and admiration. We have not missed one show since 2000 when I moved down here, and Joe hasn't missed one since forever. Rain or shine, we are there. But my favorite is when they practice right over my house the day before. We're about 20 miles north of the AF Academy so it's just perfect.

I just got back in from doing more weeding and gardening. I really do understand about the PaNW being gardening heaven for sure. We are at such high altitude over 2000 feet higher than Denver, that I have to make sure that all of my plants are a bit hardier than most..

High desert planting really is fun, also, though. Joe and I really enjoy finding low water plants/perennials and bushes. Living in such a dry climate, (although more moist than most deserts), we really treasure our water here. I bet you and your DH are having a great time landscaping with a challenge. It really must require a lot of thought to what will survive since you are not there year 'round. I'm sure it's beeeeuuudeeeful though.

Well off to take my bubble bath!.

Have a great night, missy!.



answered May 02 at 07:39

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Nighty Nite, my friend, I'm off to curl up with DH and watch a movie and eat my Medifast Candy..

answered May 02 at 08:59

's gravatar image


Sure .. I show up and everyone leaves....

Tough love.... that's what I am practicing..

C2 sent me a TEXT MESSAGE telling me that they are stuck in TN unless they get 400 dollars for a bus or airplane ticket because their "Ride" wasn't going to bring them back. I told him that was a bummer. Then came the "guilt" texts about well if I find job we are staying. I said.... "ok". Then came the, "sorry I bothered you" text, which I responded with, "no worries.

Then he said, "I kNoW."....

THen I laid it all on the line:.

I told you not to go. YOu have NO MONEY and cannot pay your bills and yet you load up your wife and daughter for a VACATION that you cannot afford. NOw you are stuck and YOU THINK that everyone else should come up with 400 dollars to get you home? Not happening from US. We can't afford a vacation because we can barely pay our bills and so, NO, I am not going to help you. You chose to be an adult and make adult choices..

More guilt.... texts.......

THen I said... there are SOME THINGS that you should NEVER do with texting....ask for money is one of them... then I said.... I am not going to feel guilty. We cannot afford to help you and even if we couldn't, I most likely would NOT. I am STILL paying for his car..

Then I told him tha I didn't appreciate the guilt trip as he NEVER listens to me but ALWAYS wants me to fix things......

THen he called to apologize.... and apparently Cally's sister is buying them bus tickets to Memphis, plane tickets from Memphis to Denver and then she will drive them here? Who knows... she is a crack hoe in Denver who has had her kid taken away 3 times......

KIDS !!!.

Prayers needed that they make it home safely. I told him... you and Cally are smart, you can figure thngs out..

It's hard. I just WANT to fix it..and we could have squeezed the money SOMEWHERE..but I dont believe half of his story...and I really NEED him to learn how to stand on his own 2 feet. And besides.. I have psent the last week giving up every minute trying to find Chris' parents a house here..

This getting up at 4 and going to bed at 10 is killing me and we ALL have sore throats. THe machine at work broke today at 2, and still isn't fixed..

Some days I really DO wonder how I put one foot in front of the other!.

So.. I am off to bed. Loveyou all.. miss you all.....yadda yadda.... teehe!.


answered May 02 at 10:07

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{{{{{{{{Jodi}}}}}}}} You did the right thing. My mom gave into my brothers until they were in their mid-30s and with my support, she booted them out. Were they grateful for all those years of support? No - they complained about how mean she was and how she never did anything for them. ::::::shrugs:::::: Odd how even after your predictions or warnings came true, the guilt is on YOU. Wow..

You constantly amaze me with all you do and what you put up with. And still have time to smile and give hugs and be supportive of so many others. You do more than than anyone would think you should be able to do, all things considered. Guilt? Pffffft!.

The only thing....you say "crack hoe" like that is a BAD thing or something... ::::snicker and flee:::::::..

answered May 02 at 11:14

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Cheryl - Wow! You are a regular globe trotter lately! How do you remember where you are? I'm finishing my second day also and I've been SO on plan and in the groove, it is scary!.

Jane - I really share your love for the desert. I've considered retiring out in the West Texas desert a number of times. Not sure if I will but I love to visit. With the climate patterns going as they have been, we will probably be desert here in another decade or so, low altitude though. I love the high altitude though. I am going to start xeriscaping some of my yard in the fall.

Patty was asking me what I had growing - mostly squash and tomatoes at this point. Everything out there is Medifast friendly. Still waiting for cucumbers. The beans were a wash-out - too hot and too dry to fast. I'll have peppers soon, all types from habaneros to ancho to sweet green bells.

My citrus trees are full of young fruit too so that is something to look forward to this winter. So I'm enjoying that too! I'm glad you were able to get out there with what your back has been through lately!.


answered May 02 at 12:52

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Just stoping in for a quick Hello to everyone will have to catch up later.


answered May 02 at 14:28

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Happy Is-It-THURSDAY-Already?! to Team White!.

And not only is it THURSDAY, but in just a few days it will be.


!! Trying to wrap my head around it all. By this time we expected to be building the new laboratory, but still dealing with doors not opening..


Since Ive already regaled (or was it bored? (smile)) everyone with my news, I just wanted to stop by quickly and tell everyone how very much I appreciate you..

Everyone is SO very busy, with some incredible challenges even apart from this big one of how to change our eating, which brought us together. Its astounding the bonds that can form!!.

I particularly want to echo what our.


Said to.


: How incredible is it that you can go through all that youre going through health, family, money, etc., etc., and still come back to support all of us..

What an example!.

And, RG, youre not alone here!!! THATs what Im so deeply impressed by this morning..

So, again, just a note of real appreciation for EACH of you, and thanks for allowing me to have a little chance to soak up that amazing TW spirit!.

Bj (a.k.a. beej)..

answered May 02 at 14:39

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Hey everyone! I'm here, I'm here!.

I'm sooo ready to start this new challenge...lovin' it chatty and Mom!.

Ok, so if the last challenge started after Easter, I lost 9 pounds. Good I guess, but it could have been so much better if I had not been halfheartedly doing things. So.....I will be logging all my food and measuring my L&G again, at least until I can get a better grip on things. I think I have been having too much lean, condiments, etc..

Also, I have been in the 180's for way too long and I'm so tired of it!.

So, RG, I'll be trying your 800cals for 3 days 1000cals for 3 days. Hope it helps. It would be sooo cool to get these last 28 pounds off fast, then I can focus on transition and maintenence and do it RIGHT this time!.

So, goal by Labor day(Sept 7th)? So do-able, but I hope to be at goal way earlier.....August 7th(or better) would be cool, since it will be our 10 year anniversary! BUT I will not be putting a date on things, learned that lesson all to well. Although, a goal to be as close as possible is good..

Mom-I'll be thinking of you and will keep you and your sister in my heart always..

The gardening your doing sounds awesome, and so does the Thunderbirds!.

Beej-You sound busy, but happy too!.

Popie-I'm so glad you're getting back into the grove of things! You rock!.

Chatty-Have I told you how incredibly sweet you are? Well, you already know that!.

RG-Hang in there. Very cool that Chris is doing good on MF. AndI can only imagine him be-dazzling! Too funny!.

Oh, and maybe Michael will get on here one day, who knows! But yesterday was 2 weeks for him and he has lost 7.5 pounds already! I make his L&G so since I'll me measuring etc., maybe his loss will speed up a bit as well. Even so, I think 7.5 is awesome since he only has 19 more pounds to lose now..

He wants to go on another cruise sometime this year........yikes! That was the beginning of my undoing last year...the cruise. I'm skeered..

OK, I'll be checking in later. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!.


answered May 02 at 15:33

's gravatar image


First of all -.

Went to my knees.


As soon as I saw your request!.

Secondly - Tough Love is called that because, well, because it is tough. You did the appropriate thing given the situation. My whole life, as a motivational speaker, has been to empower people to be better than even THEY know they can be, and to try hard to never enable them to continue to be less!.

How did we learn the harder things in life? Well, some of us just believed the adults in our lives when they said that fire burns and it hurts really bad and it may leave a permanent scar. Others, are not so sure those same adults know best and that what they really want is to try to control them so they won't be as smart as they are and then we will have to depend on those adults forever, cause they can't let us go. You know it is just opposite, of course, most, (I say most, cause not all parents and adults in kids lives are good, healthy people) parents only want the best for their kids and they really truly want them to live on their own and take care of themselves..

Sounds like your kiddo and his bride needed to learn that the fire is really hot and burns hurt pretty badly..

You are a trooper and I'm sure your Mother's heart is breaking. Stay strong and give me a ring anytime, 'k?.

Beej -.

Huge huggs and biggest MUAH!.


- Hello back atcha!.


- "The only thing....you say "crack hoe" like that is a BAD thing or something... ::::snicker and flee::::::: " At least the first days of Medifast have not dampened your sense of humor!.


- You did great on the last challenge and it sounds like Michael is making his way, too. I do the 800 - 1000 cal days when my metabolism needs a shake up. It usually works, but it requires a lot more thinking on my part. (ha) And YES, you have told me how sweet you think I am and I gotta tell you, it never gets old hearing kind words. Granny always said, "If you say kind words, you'll hear kind echos!".

Ok, I'm off to teach a class and then out to lunch with my oldest and dearest friend here. First person I met when my plane landed in Portland back in 1993. Literally she was picking up someone from my flight and I was (no-coincidence) seated next to that lady and her 6 week old baby. Oh there is a wonderful story there, I will share later when I'm not rushed out the door..

Have a perfectly on plan day, drink your water and move your tushie!.

Here this may help with the last one: (sorry.




answered May 02 at 17:05

's gravatar image


Well...............Chris is home ripping the ceiling out of our new beloved house. We saw a "bubble" in the ceiling.. which Mitch proceeded to shoot with a BB gun.... well this morning... that bubble.. which we could never feel any moisture through.....

Of course, this is NOT a good time as we have NOTHING to repair with and it won't be covered under home-owner's since it is "probably a slow leak or seep"..


I know.. things can be worse... I KNOW That..but I could use just a small break right now... and NOT In the water line!.


answered May 02 at 17:44

's gravatar image


(((((((((((((((RG)))))))))))))))))) it's coming and it will be a good one I"m sure.

And good job on the tough love, I know it was harder for you then for them..

"getting comphy waiting for Chatty's story"..

answered May 02 at 18:01

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{{{{{{{{Jodi}}}}}}} Man o Manishewitz.


Like my grandma used to say, "It never rains but it pours". Literally and figuratively. :-/ Not long after we moved into our new house, we were strapped for money and making little adjustments here and there. Then a storm came through and blew an old tree into our roof and it put three big holes in it. So - new roof. I had to dip into one of my retirement funds for that.

One of these days you will catch a break. I hope it will be soon. I also hope the insurance covers some of it. With ours, they offered to replace a quarter of the roof at least..

Lenders - good job sticking in there! I know it is rough but it's something we gotta do! {{{{{}}}}}.

Beej - keeping my fingers crossed for you and your DH for the new lab. We really appreciate you too and love having you here with us! {{{{{{}}}}}}.

Another OP day for me and as a reward my ketosis headache has been quite mild, maybe because I didn't go carb crazy over the last few weeks. I did more walking this morning and I'm getting pretty good with it. Overall I'm pretty jazzed about it all..

Hope everyone has a great day, especially RG - who really really needs one. {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}..

answered May 02 at 19:04

's gravatar image


Hmmmm....seems like the website is on a MediPause. :-/..

answered May 02 at 20:13

's gravatar image


OMG Trying to get on the site for awhile now. I'm still not able to get into some of the tabs at the top. Hmmmph!.


- W.

W! Sheeesh, I'm at a loss as to what the heck is going on with you right now. Only thing I can do is to offer you my prayers for you, your family and your home now, too..


- Great for staying on plan and I'm glad the Medi-headache is not too bad...

answered May 02 at 20:34

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Well... we found the leak. OF course, it isn't a leak... the whole ceiling in the dining room and family room are now gone. I find myself staring at the beams and pipes thinking, "we could go for the industrial look". The culprit, however, is the master shower.

It isn't a "pipe problem" at all. So, the master shower will be ripped out today, and stay that way, for quite awhile..

The ceiling... well... we will have to fix that. Sheetrock isn't as expensive as new pipes. The GOOD news is that we hated the popcorn ceiling. The bad news is that Chris was only going to rip down the sheetrock to get to the leak and scrape the rest.

So, we decided to rip it all out which would probably be easier than all the patch jobs to fix the old sheetrock anyway. Not to mention that bringing chemicals into the house with Maddie's lung problems really wasn't the best idea..

So... all my furniture is in the other living room / dining room. I have no shower in my bedroom. I have no cable because the cable line in the other room isn't hooked up and they want $26 to do it, which is 3 pieces of sheetrock. I am SURE there is a good side..... there always is when I look at it from a different perspective.

We won't have accoustic ceiling in those 2 rooms anymore LOL. I COULD Cry..but that wouldn't do any good, so why bother?.

C2 and Cally made it to Denver last night and her sister will bring them home. They will have a big reality check when they get back home and have NO MONEY, no jobs, etc. Perhaps seeing our ceiling ripped apart will make them understand that no only does "real life" affect EVERYONE, but that normal adults COPE with that and do the best they can. They don't go looking for everyone else to fix it..

It is a disastrous occurence for us right now but what can you do? We still have a roof, just no ceiling LOL. We still have jobs. I have a stash of Medifast for Chris and if we have to we will start feeding it to the kids LOL. I mean, it sucks BIG TIME... but it STILL isn't as bad as it could be !.

Well... this is what I am doing since I don't have a TV.. but now I need to go take ashower.. in the scary shower... which is a LESS scary option than using the "kid's bathroom"... :::shudder::: They are PIGS!.

OH... and I had my follow up yesterday. Nothing new. She said I frustrate her (Hmm.. Chris says that too.... I see a theme...)...

I need to get labs done. She wasn't happy that I am on a "one month hiatus of needle sticks and labs"... and she wants me to start some new antidepressant drug. Not become I am depressed (because honestly, even with everything going on, I am more at peace with life than I have been in a really LONG time) but because she hopes that it might kick my immune system into gear. She doesnt know why I have neutropenic white cells, and a low count at that.

She wanted it in triple digits and now said she would be happy if we could even keep it in the 50s. Damn.. people are lowering their standards for me... teehee..

And at work.. the big boss from TN was here and let my boss here know that he has heard great things about me from other customers, the corporate office, etc. That I:.

1. Get everything done that I am asked to in a ridiculously efficient manner..

2. That I am super cheerful to patients and other staff members..

3. That I am very frugal with company dollars and even us coupons. (Sad but true.. I mean.. their money is passed on to me with bonuses and such....).

4. blah blah blah....

It made my day... I know that I am good at my job.. but who doesn't loev to know that other people agree!!!.

Ok.. really... off to the scary shower.....

answered May 02 at 21:36

's gravatar image


((((RG))))) I can't even imagine how hard all this is on you, but you said it "your more at peace with life then you have been in a long time" This hill has turned into a mountain for you, you will reach the top and move to the down hill side. I"m so sorry it's never ending right now, but you know you have all our thoughts and prayers. Wish I could do more then give you a virtual hug and the assurance it will work out..

answered May 02 at 21:43

's gravatar image


Oh my goodness, RG!.

Each piece of news more challenging than the last!.

I'm with everyone else, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers..

But your ATTITUDE!!! Absolutely stellar!.

I am DEFINITELY taking a page out of the RG book for all of our own trials and tribulations..

One completely good thing is what you mention about how your son can observe for himself how responsible adults deal with misfortune. With a wife and daughter now he needs a wake-up call..

Learning from misfortune is what we humans do best. Wish we could learn better from the GOOD times, but we're just not made that way, I guess..

"This too shall pass".

(of course, that means the good times are temporary, too, but somehow I never think of this phrase then (smile)).

Please take good care.

Bj (a.k.a beej)..

answered May 02 at 22:08

Martin's gravatar image


Dearest RG.

- I have to say I was going to post something similar to Beej, about this being the silver lining in your newest disaster..

I've also learned that most times what happens to me is not all about me. It just may be for God to get someones else's attention. This latest disaster, hopefully will be the wake up call your DS needs. Time for him to grow up into his new role as provider of a wife and child. Also time for him to "help" his parents and to give back. This will help him think of others before self and he will grow in ways he can not even imagine yet..

Now Yippidy Doooo Dah Day for the bosses recognizing what we all here in Whitezen Land already know about you. Must have felt great to hear, huh?..

answered May 02 at 22:35

Derrick's gravatar image


Here is to help with the Tushie Movin'.


answered May 02 at 23:09

's gravatar image


Wow, Sis. All in all, the reality may be better than what you feared - ceilings are easier to replace than pipe..

Probably more disruptive though. :-/ I'm glad the bosses are recognizing what so many of us know..

Is there a position of "Company Princess"? Should be - with a big raise and perks (caffeinated of course). {{{{{{{}}}}}}}.

It's Day 4 - "Coyote on a Mission" - I've already walked my 2.8 miles this morning and will blog a little soon. Two Medifast meals down. So far I've lost 7.6 pounds and am feeling like a different person. Must be the Medicrack! :::::snicker Chris and Chatty:::::.

Hope everyone has a great day! {{{{{{{}}}}}}} I'll be around...

answered May 03 at 00:07

's gravatar image


Hellllllllllllllooooooooo Team White! Yay - it's FRIDAY!!!.

Weigh in today: 178.5!!! 5.5lbs lost & 4.5lbs to my 10lb mini-goal! Looks like I am.


Staying under 180!.

RG - What a bummer about the ceiling & all. Ditto to what beej & others already said best. Congrats on the positive from the big boss..

Pope - have been following your blog. You are rockin it dude! Way to go!.

Chatty, RJG, KK, Staci, Lenders, MOM, JP, beej, Kathy, et al: Been lurking and keeping up. Kudos for all of you! Lots going on, but everyone just keeps working the Medifast Plan..

Gotta run - work calls. Will see you all later!..

answered May 03 at 00:39

's gravatar image


Happy Friday everyone, my long week paid off and I am balancing my numbers, no small feat..

My son crashed his dirt bike and has been in a bad mood ever since. I am not being the most sypathetic mother, I had told him he should rather save for a car, and he chose not too. So he is SOL and I am not getting involved..

He has no respect for his things, even when he pays for it himself. I can't take responsibility and should not have to..

Of course the house has been filled with his negative energy and I told him to put a stop to it. To take it on himself, no-one did it, he was the one riding and going way to fast, showing off. UGH.

RG - tough love is the best thing you can do, it is not easy I know. But I believe you are doing a great job. HUGS AND PRAYERS..

Popie - great job.

I am pretty caught up with everyones going ons..

Love you all, don't where I'd be without each one of you..

Back to work.............

answered May 03 at 01:17

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Hi Caz! We were posting at the same time. When is your Monterey vacation? Any chance we might meet up somewhere? Would like to try...

answered May 03 at 02:20

's gravatar image


Oh trust me, we are glad it isn't pipes.. Chris can do sheetrock. And.. although the shower will not be done for quite awhile... I have 3 other bathrooms.... they are just "scary"....

And by scary I mean:.

1. One belongs to the kids... I am sure science experiments could be done in there!.

2. One is off the kitchen, which is the one I used today. It needs new lighting and I need to remember upon.. ahem... exiting... that there are windows all around when you walk out the door and "darting downstairs for clothes while choosing to put the towel on my HEAD and not the body" probably wasn't my best choice..

3. The other is downstairs... where there are... spiders......

HOWEVER.. I DO have 3. And so, although inconvenient, I am not too worried about it. We always wanted to redo that shower anyway.. CHris is ripping it out.. which will at least begin the process..

His brother laughed because I was told that I couldn't get a new bathroom til HIS was finished (his wife told me that)... and it took him 10 years..but he finished it 2 weeks ago..so he said, "well the good news is, you can have yours".....


Ok back to work.....

answered May 03 at 02:38

Caiden's gravatar image


Yippee! See aren't you glad you came back home to the Whitezens, even if you do have to "lurk" due to all the crazy stuff on your plate right now?.


- This is why I always tell those brand new mommies who are always complaining about how tired they are and how hard it is to have a baby to care for: 'Well at least they wear what you like, they eat what you fix, and they stay where you put them!".

Bwahahahahaaaa Hang in there, you are doing great, and I love your determination to stay positive. It really is a huge change from a year ago. You are awesome!.


- I like your new attitude as well. Coyote on a Mission! Kewwl!..

answered May 03 at 03:12

's gravatar image


Jodi- I know you got in the shower with only 1 towel on purpose!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm here guys. Struggling but here. Just flying by to say hi..

I'll post tonight if Medifast will let me on without an error message!..

answered May 03 at 04:38

's gravatar image


Thanks Chatty. Oh & I'm lurking not so much because I have lots of crazy stuff on plate right now. More like I am worn out from all the crazy stuff that was on my plate!.

Taking life slow and easy right now and trying to rejuvenate. Would love to spend a few days at the coast/beach but budget says no. Next best thing to to relax at home and do some of my home projects that bring me happiness. Like the sewing I did this weekend. Which reminds me that tonight I need to make baby bibs for a baby shower tomorrow. Glad I thought of it!..

answered May 03 at 05:05

Lance's gravatar image



Wasn't that error thing awful?.

I hope your struggles get lighter soon..


- Baby bibs. I love that quote (don't know who said it) "Children are God's opinion the world should go on!" Happy Sewing!..

answered May 03 at 06:23

Roman's gravatar image


Good evening Team Whitizens!.

Just a quick flyby to say howdy and wish everyone a great weekend. We had a busy day, lunch with the Scots wich was lovely and then buzzed off to Denver to drop off Sammi's dog, pick up her MIL and go over to the in-patient for a nice visit. I took her a bouquet of some of my fabulous lilacs (we're always a couple or more weeks behind Denver due to our alititude) and that really cheered her up. She's now abulatory and while most of her vision has returned, she cannot read - -the words get jumbled and she's stil hallucinating a tiny bit from all of the medication. Other than that, she's doing wonderfully compared to when we admitted her. So, since I spit and polished the house before the Scotmen arrived, and since I have gardened my tush off all week burning off all the stress and since Sammi and her DW and MIL are all doing well, I can have a weekend just for myself.

Then it's back to Denver Tuesday to meet with the Hospice team and to see if they will transfer Sammi back home..

RG When it rains it pours, literally. In the two years I have known you, I'd say that you really *could* use catching a break, and especially in the last few months. Good for you for serving up a plate full of tough love to C2 and his bride. When I was their age I was totally alone, with a baby and no parents to help out. I'm all about "not being a baby once you have a baby." Time for them both to grow up, for sure..

McLuvin Glad things are going so well !.

KK Send me some sunshine, will ya?.

CG Rejuvinate is the word of the weekend I'm with you on that one!.

Popie YAY on the walks! And oh how I love to hear about your maters and peppers!.

Chatty wishing you a fableeous weekend..

Beej Holding good thoughts for the L A B..

Kath Miss you hon!.

KG Keep on keeping on. Am wishing for the best possible outcome.

Pattycakes Where are ya, cleaning toilets?? hahaah!!.

Okies am going to go snuggle with my sweetie and let the R E L A X I N G begin!.


Easy Rider..

answered May 03 at 07:44

Leland's gravatar image


{{{{{{{{Jane}}}}}}}}} Yay! Glad to hear that Sammi is doing better AND that you have a weekend to phutz around as you please!.

Enjoy yourself, Elfsister!.

Kath - I miss you too!.

Man, last night WAS crazy on here. I could get a few places by coming in back ways but the blogs were locked down tighter than my grandfathers wallet. Glad things are back to normal..

Another on plan day for me! In fact, I still have two meals to go. :-/..

answered May 03 at 08:10

's gravatar image


Hi I am finally here.

Logging on from the lake.

The boat was launched yesterday.

The boys are having fun I will be out for my first run tomorrow.

I haven't been able to log to Medifast on at home or work for days AND have been burning the candle at both ends swingin back and forth between nights shifts.

I am off to bed after catching up.

Missed you guys too!!.


answered May 03 at 08:23

Nathaniel's gravatar image


{{{{{{Kathy}}}}}}} Enjoy yourself! As Fred Sanford would say, "At my age, I can afford to burn the candle at both ends, round the middle, down the sides and up the back. "..

answered May 03 at 08:32

Beckett's gravatar image


Looks like a good morning for a walk, think I will.

Good morning all..

answered May 03 at 09:23

Dean's gravatar image


Mornin' KK!.

I made it thru another school year! Woo Hoo! I'm so glad summer is here! I might actually get to go swimming this summer!.

I'm spending the weekend and part of the week with Lisa... I have an interview Wednesday at a school near here... just gonna see what is offered and everything..

Gonna go take Ms. Sadie Mae (Lisa's dog) on a potty walk... bbl!.


answered May 03 at 09:50

's gravatar image



Well... the good news is.... I have lost (since Tuesday)... 6.4 pounds. SERIOUSLY... I never even lost THAT my first week of Medifast (Which was 4).

So YAY.... I am happy with that.... and won't revert back to 5/1 (yet)... but might still consider it to get back to my lowest Medifast weight.... but don't know yet..

Anyway.... I am killing 20 minutes because I made Miss Mae-hem take a nap. She is going to her first Father / Daughter dance tonight. She is so excited she can barely stand it. She doesn't know that there is wrist corsage for her in the fridge, or that it matches her daddy's shirt (she picked for him to wear his orange one). Her dress is black / white.

She will look ridiculous with her bruises down the front of her legs and her scratches all the way down her arms (she had a major wreck on her bike 2 days ago).. but it will be perfect because she is NOT graceful and that is just WHO SHE IS. Chris is super excited too, which is so funny. They are "double-dating" with Chris' Brother and his daughter that is 6 weeks older. I LOVE that I get a break..

The scale moved for Chris today. That is huge. he said that he does great when he is home and I help him but that he gets so bored in the field. I cannot figure out how to help him, which as a coach, is frustrating, but I am trying..

We officially have no ceiling left. We went to HD last night and priced EVERYTHING. I have to know.. to the penny.. what we will be spending since we have NO PENNIES LOL. He also stopped at a discount store this morning and found sheetrock for 3.99 instead of 4.99 that HD has.

He told HD that and they lowered their price and beat it by 10%. So... he got ALL of it plus the screws and a few thigns for 85 bucks. Not a bad start. I just laugh when I walk by it, because what can you do? I didn't, however, laugh when I opened my office door.

The furniture had to go SMEWHERE... but I didn't know it was HERE... It was an obstacle course getting to my desk LOL..

I have on a skirt today. For no other reason than... I WANTED TO... I haven't worn one in awhile. I have lost a lot of muscle tone.. that is hard for me...

The only thing I am allowed to do is the treadmill and no more than 15 minutes at a time. BAH !! But I am listening. I am refusing to be poked right now..but I AM following directions..

That's about it. Haven't heard from C2 since the other night, which is fine. I think when Chris and Maddie leave, Mitch and I will clean. He wants to earn some money for a field trip on monday. I don't really HAVE any money.... but Chris gets paid on Monday..

It has been sooo long since I have had to "budget a few bucks".. but ... you have to do what you have to do !!!.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!.

Big hugs!..

answered May 03 at 11:05

Beau's gravatar image


Glad to have the Whitezens checkin' in. We have all gotten very involved in each others stories and lives, haven't we?.


- I closed my eyes and got a pretty mental pic of your gorgeous lilacs. I also imagined it bringing a smile to Sammies face.

Chill today, you have earned it!.


- This site really has been messed up. I still am not receiving any of my Blog subscriptions and that bums me out, cause I just figured out how to get them and that had truly simplified my time on here. Oh well! It is what it is, right?.


- Enjoy your walk..


- Well, ya know with the White Hots having a summer slimdown, you WILL be able to wear that swimsuit and enjoy this summer for so many more reasons, right?.


- I love hearing about Maddie and the Daddy/Daughter dance. It brings back fond memories of when my girls did that with their daddy. The last Daddy dance my DH did with our DD#1 was at her wedding and it was soooooooo emotional for everyone in the room. My dear friend wrote the song for them "Where has the Time Gone!" Not a dry eye, I tell ya! She also sang it at a party we had when the twins graduated from HS. Oh again, tissues were being passed around..

Sounds like you might be getting a break with the ceiling in that HD was willing to price match. (yea!).

Now onto your other great news and the 6.4 loss. My jaw dropped when I read it. I even re-read it thinking it was a typo. We have talked often of how you never lost those big numbers, even from the start of MF. Looks like the 'Big Guy' upstairs decided to give you another break besides helping with the ceiling costs..

<<<wink wink>>>.

It is sooooo easy to Praise HIM when everything is going well, but a truer test is when the ceiling is crashing around you...

answered May 03 at 11:54

's gravatar image


Well, we just unloaded my rig (first of many trips it will take to empty the twins rooms at College).

They decided to come home for the weekend to look for summer jobs before school is out and hopefully get the jump on other students returning later this month..

When I take them back tomorrow night, I'll load up more and then they want to come home next weekend, so I can do it again. By the time they are finished with this freshman year, and I make the last trip down to get them, I hope to fit everything left into my rig..

This weekend the house is full, so I hit Costco to buy enough to feed and army..

(Well actually AirForce dudes and Sorority sisters).

It is so much fun hearing all the banter and laughter, not to mention hugs and kisses from so many young people who absolutely love being here with us..

I think I mentioned before that DD#1 still has friends from HS and college who stop by now and then..

Well, best go dig up some more towels. It looks like I'm having a fundraiser in my driveway with all the cars being washed!.



Just gave you an idea for how Mitch can make some money!..

answered May 03 at 13:26

's gravatar image


That scene out in my driveway reminds me of all the carwashes the dance/drill teams did for my girls and the many times the TaeKwonDo/sports teams did them for the boys..

It made me think of cheers ( I used to coach a dance/cheer squad years ago).

Any whoooooooo here goes it is like an echo:.

Who are the Whitezens?.

Who are the Whitezens?.

We are the Whitezens,.

The Mighty Mighty Whitezens..

Here we are.

Here we are.

So we tell them.

So we tell them..

We are the Whitezens.

The Mighty Mighty Whitezens..

We are White Hot.

Yes: We are White Hot.

I don't think I'll be doing this cheer out in front of the kiddos tho! I get enough eyes rolled as it is!..

answered May 03 at 14:46

Ronald's gravatar image


Chatty, you crack me up !!!.

And I know.. there is a higher power than me.... and that is what gets me through a LOT!.

Maddie looked like a PRINCESS and was so excited when she saw her corsage. Her cousin had been prancing around with hers for 30 minutes and Maddie had NO idea that she had one too. She looked B E A U T I F U L and her daddy looked handsome! I hope they have a great time !! I know they will..

I cannot find my cell phone. I was going to text to see if it was fun... probably another higher power telling me to WAIT so I can hear the details later.. how rude to interrupt a date!.

Anyway.. mitch ditched me too to stay at a friend's house so I am all alone and have been watching trash TV which makes me laugh... and I needed that. I need a nap..but know I won't get up if I do. I had the hugest salad ever for lunch and just downed a water bottle and feel sick..

I hope the scale still says 6. somethign tomorrow..... and that it wasn't a fluke LOL. I wore a skirt.. so I don't care !!!.

Anyway... I am going to go switch laundry. I need to dust and stuff but it is pointless until they are done.. sheetrock dust is everywhere .....

Hugs to all..

answered May 03 at 15:46

Charlie's gravatar image


Hi all I had awonderful day.

Went to a wonderful wedding ceremony spent time with my best friends from work then most of my favorite family members then time with my best lake friends.

My boys hepled their aunt and uncle tear down a half done bathroom.

Nothing my boys like better than hitting down some sheetrock.

Jodi you probably could have used them tearing out your ceiling.

Didn't get out in the boat but there is always tomorow and isn't dark yet either so ya never know.

I have been nesting since the sun hid behind the trees doing things like hanging jolly roger flags and a cool little plaque I made years ago for my sandbox that used to be a garden before I took over this yard 12 years ago that says TONKA GARDEN cause there used to be every kind of heavy duty equiptment from little mighty machines to great big tonkas.

This year there are only a few tonka's for visiting kids cause my boys refuse to let it stop being a tonka garden.

They are 14 and almost 19 and both over 6 feet tall but both say the yard won't be the same without a tonka garden so oh well we keep less maintainance anyway and more time for doing what I love.

Charging my solar batteries lying in the sun.

Going down to my best friends place tonight to play games and giggle and laugh.

We all could use some the hubby was dx with colorectal ca about 10 days.

Ago and just came home from hosp on fri.

Have a wonderful saturday night everybody.

It sure was heaven on earth here today.



answered May 03 at 16:56

Moises's gravatar image



It sounds like you had a terrific day. I miss the lake and the boat a lot. So does our family, but we sold our place there and the boats in order to send the twins to college. Since they would not be home as much to enjoy we decided it was the right time..

We used to take nice long rides after dark. The lake is great during the day, all the activity, the skiers and boaters etc, but oh it can be so magical and romantic at night. Part of it for me is that we go so slowly at night (don't want to hit anything, ya know) and so there is very little bouncing around..

Sorry about the cancer diagnosis for your friend. Enjoy each other and I pray you laugh till you tinkle!.


- Oh I bet Maddie looked so cute with her scruffed up legs and the corsage! You are right that sounds just like her. I'll bet her daddy was as proud to have her on his arm as she was to have him home to take her. Do post pics when you get the chance. All us.



Uncle Popie.

Would love to OOO and AAAA for you..

Crossing my fingers that your weight was not a fluke either, been there and done that.

Oh well, it is what it is, as I always say!.

Having a great evening here too. Just grilled about a zillion burgers and I don't think there is an ice cube left in my freezer. Kids are just laughing and eating to their hearts content with out any cares in the world. Oh if I could just bottle this up and protect them all like this forever. I don't think most of them have a clue as to what is really going on in the economy or world right now. They have been overwhelmed with studying for finals and writing papers til the wee hours of every night..

As they all finish up this term & return to their respective homes in a couple weeks, the reality of it all will probably hit hard. I know a few of them will not be able to return to school in the fall unless something major changes. It is sad, but it is the real world! Sure wish we could keep them little for a bit longer and protect them too..

Well, the dog has to tinkle and so I'm off for a nice long walk around the mountain and then I will hit the kitchen and clean up. I think I heard that they picked up movies and want the MR and me to join them downstairs in about an hour or so to watch them and eat the homemade strawberry shortcakes I made today...

answered May 03 at 17:11

's gravatar image


Good Morning Everyone !.

Just popping in for a quick hello!.

The kids (and their dads) had a blast last night! Here is the link to a photoshow (took me forever to remember how to do it):.



Today will be nuts. There is a lot of laundry to finish and Chris will try to start sheetrocking..

They didn't accept the offer the in-laws made... which I think my MIL is relieved about.. she doesn't think they can afford it now... she is always like that LOL. C2 stopped by their house yesterday since he is inDenver and that surprised me... but I am excited because they need to see their great grand-daughter!.

Anyway.. hugs to all!.

Kathy and chatty.. so glad you are getting some "kid time"!.

Janie- hope you got some ME ME ME time and some rest so you are prepared for another busy week!.

The scale is holding it where it was.. which is a GOOD thing!.

Big hugs to all..

answered May 03 at 18:05

's gravatar image


Well I spent the last half hour or so trying to post a.

Pic of my view while I sit am my lap top on my lounge chair but it just won't work today so have a great day everybody.


Your house sounds like mine with all those kids laughing and making memories.

That's what it is really all about.

So I just when I give up and post a link the pic works (i think).

So picture me at the beach or looking at this view as I lie on my lounger resting up for my nightshift tonight.

Have a great day.



answered May 03 at 18:49

's gravatar image


Wow, that looks so relaxing, Kath! I miss real trees down here. I grew up near the Great Lakes in Ohio and we had real trees there too. In South Texas, we have trees that are seldom taller than about two stories - the climate won't support it. LOL - I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to stay here after I retire! I'd prefer the desert or the mountains or, like Jane, both!.


answered May 03 at 19:38

Maddox's gravatar image


Wow, Sis, the pictures are great!.

Maddie looks so much like you in some of the pictures - you both have a certain quality when you pose for pictures. Beautiful dress too! Chris looks so happy and proud in those pics! I'm glad he was able to do it and they had such a good time!.


answered May 03 at 20:51

's gravatar image


Good morning teammies.. remember me??? I know you do. just kidding. just dropped in and just got filled with such good feelings from you..

Chatty, how wonderful that you have your house open to all the kids and cooking for them and just having them all around there. I never had my own kids (DS is a foster child) and it does sound like your are making wonderful memories for you and them. bless you..

Kathy, the lake pic is amazing. I am so jealous. I am at sea level here and mountains and lakes is where I grew up. there is nothing like it. what a nice way to relax before work. i'm also sorry to hear about your friends DH.

The tonka garden sounds so cool and I can see that your kids don't want it gone. again, great memories..

RG, little Maddie is looking so much more mature from last years pics that I remember. How cute she looked in her dress which looks perfect on her. And your DH is a handsome one. I loved the slide show, especially the ones where they all had crowns and some goofy faces (DH)..

Don't work to hard all of you. Time goes by way too fast. Laundry and housecleaning and the yard work will always be here, but your precious children grow too fast..

Have a wonderful sunday..

Hugs to all~popie opie, sis jane, CG, KK, Groobie, Mary, KG, lenders, Stace, sorry if I left someone out, you're still in my heart..



answered May 03 at 21:51

Maximus's gravatar image


Jodie - Thanks for sharing the pictures of the "Father/Daughter Dance"! (Yes, I still lurk on the Team White thread.) Maddie is adorable! I do see a lot of you in her!..

answered May 03 at 21:53

Morgan's gravatar image


RG.. that Maddie is adorable.. she is growing so fast.. and she is so cute with her handsome daddy....

Hope everyone on Team White is hanging in there.. Love to ya.. Patty..

answered May 03 at 22:37

Brett's gravatar image


What FUN!.

I mean it.


- That slide show tells it all. The outfits were age appropriate as I knew you wanted them to be. The flowers were so pretty. The dads looked like they were truly enjoying it all. The girls seemed to be like real life Princesses for an evening. Seeing her daddy have to lift her into the back seat was precious.

Loved the slideshow and the weather looked like it co-operated,too..

Glad your numbers are holding!.


- Ahhhhh { sighs } brings back many wonderful memories!.


- I vote for the mountains and a drier climate, but then I am a bit prejudiced since I get to live in heaven (aka the Pac NW).


- Nice to see you, of course we remember you. Pop in anytime. I've always got a pot of Green Tea ready to drink while I visit with company. Same goes for you.


Whitezens love our "lurkers" too..


- Keeping the volvo ready, I'm sure. But looks like Whitezens are doing so amazing on these challenges that you won't have to go hunting any of us down. Well, but then just the threat of it (or reading your cyber crazy lady blog) should keep us all On Plan, for sure..

Well, guys, as it starts to heat up all over, be sure to wear your sunblock. We don't want any Whitezens turning to.


That is the other Team! We are hot. But we are White Hot, and if my chemistry serves me well, that is wayyyyy hotter than.

Red hot!.

OOPS, I know they are lurking, but it is true, so I'm sticking to it!.


answered May 03 at 22:42

Peter's gravatar image


Oh and this is for Janie today..

So sorry he had to die at over 750 pounds. What a loss. If only he had found MF?.

Whitezens we are so blessed..


answered May 03 at 23:13

Keith's gravatar image


I just mowed the yard and raked... what a chore and it is HOT. Now, I just made 2 Medifast pizzas for Dh and I and am popping them into the oven. he skips meals because he forgets to eat.... THAT is why he does well when he is home... I remind him..


Hugs to everyone.. off to shower!..

answered May 03 at 23:44

Zachariah's gravatar image



G -.

Gives me an idea for dinner tonight. Medifast pizza!..

answered May 04 at 00:31

's gravatar image


Howdy Whitizens!.

Just got out of the shower and am lazing around now after several hours out taming the back 40. OK well the back 3/4 of an acre. Ha! Had a great time listening to This American Life podcasts on my peapod and admiring all my handiwork while Joe continues to fix the sprinkling system. He totally re-designed and built a manifold for it from scratch (love being married to an engineer!)..

RG am so glad that the scale is your friend. Cutting those steroids really makes a difference and then add your own diligence on top of that and you have kicked some major flyingmonkeybutt!! Loved the photos. Miss Mahem looks so adorable as usual, and I adored her little peeptoe shoes. Chris looks wonderful and handsome as ever. I did get in some Me Me Me time yesterday just watching trash TV and Hulu. It was just what I needed.

I know that you can sooooo relate..

Chatty what a fun household! Will you adopt me? Or I could come and be a nannie..

Thanks for the IZ vid. That just made my day. It's about time for me to put another one up on my page for some summer time spirit..

Popie You can always run away and retire in CO. KG, RG, and I would love it if you and your sweetheart did that!.

Nonnie Huge Rinos and muchosmoochos!.

Kath The pic is gorgeous. Shoot, I'd never want to leave. Loved the Tonka Garden. Josef when he was little was a Tonka guy I can just see those bright yellow (now a little scratched and rusted around the edges) growing in that sandbox. I say keep 'em for sure!.

Hey! My may-un just came in and actually beat the "home DIY" clock. He had thought he'd be done by about 3 (which I figured really meant 5 by "house hours") and so I'm going to sign off and fix some tall cool ones shakes that is!.


Easy Rider..

answered May 04 at 02:03

's gravatar image


Ya'll are working too much... it's making me tired...lol... tee heee.....

answered May 04 at 02:28

's gravatar image


Me too patty... we should stop. teehe.

Chris Brother and SIL are here. I didn't want company today. They are sooo loud and they have the kids... and I'm tired and trying to get stuff as clean as I can. Which isn't really clean because there is sheetrock dust everywhere even with the plastic up..

It bites..

And I'm tired. and crabby and tired of ironing..


This is what I am trying to remind myself to do:.

These are the letters that Chris and I made the other day!.

But this is what I am living in.. which makes it hard:.

And I know that people remodel and live like this all the time.. but it is different when it's a choice.. rather than a FORCED thing !!!.

Anyway.... back to slavery I go !.

Have a great day everyone!..

answered May 04 at 03:24

's gravatar image


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