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First question I got is How much am I looking to lose a week on Medifast Diet? Hoping for any comment. Another question... OK, So I did it!!! WOO HOO GO ME I placed two really big orders (my first order was Saturday morning for a variety pack.).

Then after a few hours in the chat room, about brownies ect, I wen back and spent another 300(Sunday afternoon).

, but alas it will offer me huge variety and I will not get bored too easy Thanks to those who told me about app suppression shakes for the first couple weeks~.

ANYHOOO here is were I need the help,.

I am making a list of things I need prior to my starting since I am awating my brown boxes of goodness! Then tomorrow I will make my voyage to wally world (walmart) and buy the things to transform my house....

I got a great tip for using a over the door shoe holder to sort my packets and have them ready at a glance...

I also was told to pack the night before in a zip lock baggie my choices for the next day so it's a no brainer....

So, so far on my list is.....

Over the door shoe organizer.

Zip Lock Baggies.

Any other Tips or suggestions?.


asked Apr 28 at 07:54

Benjamin's gravatar image


I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

answered Apr 28 at 08:55

Jonah's gravatar image


You may already have some of these things, but I'll just list them out in case....

- Food scale.

- A number of measuring cups and spoons, so you're never caught with them dirty when you need a certain size (I keep mine in a big basket in the cupboard).

- Straws, I prefer to drink my shakes through a straw.

- Lean and Green foods, my biggies are egg beaters (cheapest at Walmart!), part-skim ricotta, tomato puree, cheeses (my walmart does not have a good selection of MF-friendly cheeses though), Boca burgers, etc.

- A reusable water bottle that is easily transported with you and has oz measurements on it (my personal favorite are the Camelbak bottles, have to get those at a sporting goods store I think though).

- If you choose to, sugar-free syrups, although my personal suggestion is to stay away from doctoring up the food and relying on condiments in the beginning.

- PAM or other non-stick spray for cooking.

- Any on-plan spices you want and don't already have.

Really, you don't need much, I'm just thinking through everything other than the Medifast foods that I use on a regular basis... If you had to pick just two, I'd say the food scale and water bottle are the most vital items I use, assuming you already have measuring spoons...

answered Apr 28 at 10:14

's gravatar image


Check out the "What I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Medifast" discussion board - lots of great advice!.

1) Sugarless gum to keep the ketosis induced dragon breath at bay if you work with other human beings.

2) Celery, really good pickles (like Clausen's), sugar free jello & Popsicles for snacks.

3) Tabasco sauce for chili, soups & eggs.

4) Low sodium chicken bouillon for soups (while I've come to actually enjoy COB & CWR soups, they still need bouillon & Tabasco in my opinion.

5) A very large mug for microwaving things at work without splatter.

6) A 20 oz protein drink mixer cup (got mine at GNC for $6) for mixing & consuming drinks on the run or making lump free soup (Has a wire ball in it that breaks stuff up when you shake it).

7) Go through some of the L&G recipes and plan ahead to make some of the bulkier leans that can be divided into 2 meals during the 1st hungry week - shrimp, egg beaters, scallops, most of the white fish, 98% FF ground turkey are all enormous servings - too much for me to eat in one sitting..

8) Medifast "convenience" foods for when you get home starving: salad in a bag, pre-cooked roasted chicken strips, salad shrimp, MS or Bocca burgers.

9) Instant coffee for your better than Starbucks frappuccinos - if you're a coffee gal (Choco or vanilla shake, scoop of instant coffee, dash of cinnamon, dash of vanilla, 1 c H2, 6 or 7 ice cubes in the blender - heaven!).

10) Look on the boards for interesting recipes that get rave reviews & try them - even if you can't imagine liking it. For instance- I hate cauliflower, hate it. And I adore cauliflower pizza, chili rellannos (can't spell it, but love to eat it!) mac & cheese, & mashed potatoes. From what I read, my experience is not unique.

11) And get acquainted with the My Plan tracker now - it will help you to stay honest, but also tracks your carbs, calories, etc. so that you can make sure you don't dip too low or go high unintentionally.

15) Print the veggies by grams chart - much larger portions than by the cup.

You'll do great!..

answered Apr 28 at 11:26

's gravatar image


Wow, I guess this much pretty sum it up lol..

answered Apr 28 at 12:01

's gravatar image


Big bowls - deep bowls - like 20 oz or use mixing bowls - to make soups.

The products really boil up & over if you use small bowls..

They still do in the deep bowls if you are not careful - but not quite as messy...

answered Apr 28 at 13:18

Oscar's gravatar image


Hello and welcome to MyMediFast! You are certainly working on getting yourself logistically prepared for this journey, and everything mentioned so far is right on..

My advice is to also prepare yourself mentally. The first few days and weeks can be difficult. Stick it out, it is SO worth it. Remind yourself that it WILL get easier and the cravings and hunger will subside over time, or at least become manageable. Keep yourself busy. Visit this site often.

Be patient and forgiving of yourself if you're not perfect. This isn't a race or a contest. You're starting a new life!.

Best wishes to you!.


answered Apr 28 at 14:34

's gravatar image


I am adding SF syrups as something I wish I had from day 1 - I know we should not doctor up the food - but sometimes you just MISS NORMAL FOOD - and these really help A LOT! It is mental - I know. Just inhaling the aroma of the syrup - my brain does not know it is SF - I just FEEL better. I have purchased both Torani and (just ordered last night) Davinci (they have more variety but are slightly more expensive). You have to be careful not to add too much - just a few drops sometimes is all it takes, not the entire ounce. YUMMEE!..

answered Apr 28 at 15:51

Colin's gravatar image


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