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Quick question: How much does Nutrisystems food cost? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Another noob here......

Been lurking here for a couple months now while I've been on my diet. I'm familiar with a lot of you guys and your takes already and get a lot of inspiration from his board. I think I'm doing pretty good, but I could be doing better..

Here's an obstacle for me....

The weekend. Trips, family and friends, weddings, concerts, ball games, etc. Pretty much anything that involves social interaction. Seems like there's always something..

The bottom line is that getting together with family and friends usually involves a grill and a few beers..

How do you guys handle it?..

asked Apr 21 at 17:25

Isaias's gravatar image


I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

answered Apr 21 at 19:03

's gravatar image


You just have to plan ahead. If there's any way possible, you eat your nutrisystem meals with the add ins. If that's just not possible, you eat sensibly. 30/30/40 of fat/carbs/protein and keep the portions in check..

When you're around a grill, slice up some zucchini or some red and yellow bell peppers of other vegetables and grill them up. Eat that to fill you up so you won't have a tendency to eat the bad stuff..

As for the beer, just stay away from it for the most part. I won't lie and say that I stayed completely away from it while I was on program, but I only drank a couple when I was playing with my band on Friday or Saturday nights. And they were always light (yuk) beers...

answered Apr 21 at 20:26

Gerardo's gravatar image


I am a CPA and I have fought this constently since starting the first of this year. In fact I am headed to charity event tonight. I have been to basketball games, lunches, mixers and dinners with clients and referral sources. Listen to Mobay. If you can have the Nutrisystem meals ahead of time, then do it. If not try you best to stay away from sauces, keep your portions to that in the Nutrisystem meals, stick to the veggies and salads.

As always DRINK WATER! Keeps you feeling fuller and in the right glass with a twist of lime looks like you are drinking Grey Goose on the rocks..

Keep working at it!..

answered Apr 21 at 20:30

Aaden's gravatar image


Like this morning, I went to the monthly motorcycle gang meeting at 0800. Its at a place with a breakfast buffet. Not much there I could eat without exceeding my nutrition limits..

So I got up early enough, drank my 1/2 cup of light juice, ate my banana, had my Nutrisystem oatmeal, and went to the meeting, and just purchased coffee. Had two cups of great coffee while everyone else stuffed themselves..

If there is one thing motorcyclists can do, it's eat. Heh..

Like many have said, plan ahead. Nobody blinked an eye about me only having coffee. Some are trying to hide their envy that my gut is almost gone and theirs isn't. And it's all good..

I agree with Mobay, light beer is awful, and good beer is a big no-no, unless you don't want to eat or drink anything else that day but water..

When I go to something I can't eat before I get there, I do what Melting mentions, veggies (without 300 calorie mega-fat dressing), salads, even fruit if I have to. Seldom do they have an entree I can eat, though times there have been unbreaded fish and chicken so I got a small plate of just that..

Nobody will notice, usually...

answered Apr 21 at 21:50

Jared's gravatar image


These obstacles is where you have to stay strong and stay away from the temptations of the bull**** foods..

When I go to concerts and events, I take a meal replacement protein bar and eat it..

I eat my normal routine until I go to the joint and when I get home..

Slap a nice piece of fish or chicken on the grill...

answered Apr 21 at 21:59

Larry's gravatar image


Agree with all above, except one thing...quit calling it a diet and get back to changing your life. Everyone will understand. If they don't, then *&ck 'em! Keep kicking butt!..

answered Apr 21 at 22:49

's gravatar image


Most Restaurants can make up a veggie plate....and if it is a cook out at a friends house, don't be shy about bringing a Nutrisystem entree.....it only takes 90 seconds in a microwave to make and everyone has a microwave now. Look you are doing this for you...don't let anyone, or anything stand in your way...

answered Apr 21 at 23:38

's gravatar image


Thanks for all your responses. I guess I'm trying to find the right balance between losing weight and having a social life. I've noticed that most people have some strange unexplainable subconscious drive to sabotage our efforts..

The good news is that weigh-in day was today and I didn't gain any since Saturday...

answered Apr 22 at 00:57

's gravatar image


Then one of two things: your friends either perceive that your efforts are not whole hearted or they are threatened by the changes you wish to make. If it's the former, that's on you. Show them you mean to do this for yourself. If it's the latter, question if those saboteurs are true friends and what kind of support can you expect from them in a time of crisis...

answered Apr 22 at 01:13

's gravatar image


I guess that's really just a random observation on my part..

Not necessarily talking about friends per se, but acquaintances, co-workers, family, etc. I think that it might be more of a validation thing...maybe a guilt thing..

For instance:.

If they can get me to eat something that I shouldn't be, then it makes them feel better about eating some of the awful stuff that they eat regularly. Kinda like people that don't want to drink alone...

answered Apr 22 at 01:49

's gravatar image


I have told every family, friend, and coworker who I interact with - before the topic of food ever comes up - the plan that I am on. Otherwise I would not like to disrespect someone and simply refuse the invitation to eat - if someone asks to take me to lunch I must tell them otherwise it could harm a relationship. Keeping an 'open book' policy on my eating habits has solved a lot of potential issues and people are very supportive of my goals..

Planning ahead is great. I have even taken my Nutrisystem meal to Round Table pizza while my coworkers ate pizza; it's not about whos eating what, it's about the social interaction and if they can't understand that then blank them...

answered Apr 22 at 02:39

Max's gravatar image


I've been open book with all my friends, family and co-workers from the moment I started NS..

They in turn have been wonderfully supportive and encouraging whatever choice I make at each meal. Not one person has been offended or put off yet..

And, now that I'm 65 pounds down, I get a really nice amount of compliments from them (as a group) about how good I'm looking and how well I've done..

This is about me, and me being healthy. Anyone who doesn't respect that really doesn't have my best interests at heart. The people who really care about you will do so without conditions or trying to undermine you...

answered Apr 22 at 03:29

Daniel's gravatar image


I haven't missed out on any social activities. As suggested it's simply a matter of planning and being honest with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. They will understand. I bring my Nutrisystem entree's with me whether for an evening or a trip..

You're doing great HTown... keep it up!..

answered Apr 22 at 04:48

Lucas's gravatar image


I had a wedding to go to this weekend in Reno. The wife wanted to stay an extra day and have some fun for ourselves as well. So knowing I wouldn't be able to totally stay on plan 100%, I came prepared..

I brought several Nutrisystem lunch bars, dessert items and water..

The hotel I was in didn't have a microwave, so I knew it was going to be tough. Then I thought, what the heck...lets see what I have learned. I wanted to see how 3# months of Nutrisystem has affected my decision making and decided to be off plan all weekend..

I started with a normal Nutrisystem breakfast Sat morning before we left..

Lunch was an Nutrisystem bar and apple. Then at the reception, I had the grilled salmon and salad with no dressing, just some squeezed lemon juiced, plus some whole wheat rolls. I passed on the Wedding cake, then when I got back to the room that night and had an Nutrisystem dessert..

Next morning breakfast was an eggwhite omelete with mushrooms and onions, WW toast and fruit. Lunch was turkey sandwich with WW bread and subbed the fries with salad and FF dressing on the side. Dinner was a turkey sandwich on WW and subbed the fries with fresh fruit. I also made sure to use the Nutrisystem snacks and desserts when needed..

Today I had Oatmeal and fresh fruit with some scrambled egg whites for breakfast and lunch was an Nutrisystem bar and bannana. I'm back home now and my dinner is going to be a grilled lean Filet Mignon, salad and FF dressing and a great Nutrisystem dessert..

Bottom line, I was very happy with my decisions this weekend. I had every opportunity to take the easy route and give in to old habits, but I didnt..

All the meals I had were from 5 different restaraunts, including room service and a buffet..

We can eat right, no matter the situation, I think we just have to learn how to do it. Nutrisystem gives us the tools. We need to learn how to ASK for what we want. Most places will do it, they want your money, we just need to ASK for it. It's easy to just say "Burger" or "Pizza", we need to understand what needs to go into our bodies, as well as knowing how to communicate it..

The added incentive in all of this was the dozens of NSV's I got from people who haven't seen me since I started NS..

I had a great weekend and I don't feel like I missed out on a thing...

answered Apr 22 at 06:27

Wesley's gravatar image


That's a great report, Whipper! I admire your ability to basically stay on plan through this. Great ticker result!.


answered Apr 22 at 06:44

Caiden's gravatar image


Welcome to Nutrisystem Htown138!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community. Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.....NutriSystem is a great place to start!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


answered Apr 22 at 07:51

's gravatar image


Do most of you treat holidays and family gatherings the same as a vacation or a meal out with friends? I've been really good about telling friends that I'm on Nutrisystem and that I can't go get pizza and beers with them and things like that. But, Easter is this weekend and I'm a little nervous about going home for mom's cooking. I absolutely love my mom's cooking and I had kind of been planning to just go off plan for that meal. My mom has been supportive of my weight loss and all that. I think I probably could say no to a home cooked holiday meal, but I don't think I want to...

answered Apr 22 at 08:16

Colby's gravatar image


In the first few months, it is really important to not derail the weight loss. I had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in my first 3 months, so I can understand. Whatever you decide, stick to your gameplan. When you get into the most trouble is when you make spur of the moment decisions to deviate from plan. If you plan well, then you will feel a sense of accomplishment and control instead of regret and loss and control. You can still eat non Nutrisystem food and remain fairly well "on plan".

Then, you can just enjoy the meal! Good luck and let us know how you did...

answered Apr 22 at 08:19

Jasper's gravatar image


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