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First off, I am on the Nutrisystem diet, and working out, but i've stopped losing weight? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... In 2006, I lost 40 pounds on Nutrisystem and got down to my goal weight of 160. Well, that lasted about 6 months, then the weight started coming back on. Now I'm heavier than when I first started Nutrisystem 3 years ago, and thought I'd do it again. It worked then, it should work now, right? Well, I started at the beginning of this year, and now it's the end of March, and I haven't lost an ounce.

For some bizarre reason, I'm finding it impossible to stick to it.

One difference between now and 3 years ago is that I'm now living with someone, and I was living alone back then. But I should still be able to stick to it. I was getting so frustrated that I even considered seeing a hypnotist...maybe I need some mental reprogramming..

Driving home today, I started thinking that maybe it's time to stop this lifelong struggle and just accept the fact that I'm overweight. I have tons of things to be thankful for...a good job, nice house, nice car, family and friends that care about me. So I'm doing pretty good. This weight thing I just can't seem to grab ahold of...but if that's the one bad thing in my life, I should be ok, right?.

So, I'm just curious how many others feel like just giving up and accepting the fact that they're fat. Instead of the constant worry and guilt, do you feel like just enjoying your life and enjoying food?.

Whew...I feel a little better whining about this. But I'm not sure I'm up to struggling with weight my whole life. I'm about ready to accept being a fat guy..

Oh, and the past 2 shipments of Nutrisystem have included the little bears...and the last one was the "GOAL" bear. And I haven't lost an ounce. Are they making fun of me with these things???..

asked Apr 21 at 11:25

Bruce's gravatar image


I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

answered Apr 21 at 12:30

's gravatar image


IMO, I think that you weren't as committed to it. You gave up before you started again because in your mind you are thinking, "So I'll get to goal again, only regain it again in 6 months". You're convinced that you will gain weight even if you reach goal again..

So let me say straight. It's not okay. If you want to have kids one day, your example will cause them to fail. Family and friends will always like and love you, but if you continue to gain weight, the medical field will like you so much more. If you think you're wasting your money on NS, wait till you have to waste it on medical visits, high blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, etc. in the thousands a year for some..

It's better to just say, "I don't care what happens to me", then to think that the weight won't affect you down the line. So yeah, it can be worse, if you let it. Good luck, and don't fall into this trap...

answered Apr 21 at 13:33

's gravatar image


Melting...BOY does the "Monday morning fresh start" thing sound familiar. I've had HUNDREDS of those. But after all of the false starts for you, what finally clicked and got you to stick to it? I know all of the cliches, and say them to myself EVERY FREAKIN DAY. Suck it up...now or never...no time like the present...stop whining and just do it...etc...

answered Apr 21 at 14:54

's gravatar image


I just finished doing the "Week 5 Mindset Makeover" again, this time online..

There are a couple notes that seem to fit your situation.....

Expect to make mistakes..

No one's perfect. From time to time, you'll slip up on your meal plan or your physical activity. The point isn't to be mistake-free; the point is to recover quickly from your mistakes and move on.

An effective way to deal with high-risk situations is to examine the factors that led to overeating or not being active. Then you can figure out a way to do things differently. Behavior chains can be good tools for identifying dangerous patterns.

I think you know what you need to do, so just man up and do it...

answered Apr 21 at 15:56

Joshua's gravatar image


BryCola, There is a joke in the medical field....how many doctors are needed to change a lightbulb? Only one...but the lightbulb really has to want to change. You clearly don't want to change. This sounds hard but I was you for 20 years...trying diet after diet, dropping a few, then going back to old habits and gaining even more....over and over again. Last year my Doctor called me while I was on vacation to share my blood test results and give me a precription to fill. That shocked me straight..

I finally wanted to change and with Nutrisystem I did and it was EASY!.

So look into yourself..decide if you want to change, if not, ditch Nutrisystem and do what you want...however think about this...you are just putting this off. At some point your doctor, or your body, will give you a wake up call and you won't be able to put this off any more. Best of luck bucko....you have a hard decision to make...

answered Apr 21 at 17:32

Graham's gravatar image


My best friend and mentor is fighting for his life now in the hospital - mostly because he's so overweight. The weight just complicates everything. YOU HAVEN"T MADE THE DECISION. Stop Nutrisystem - go out - get serious - and decide what quality of life you want to have. Do you want to live or die. S41t or get off the pot!.

NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS! This healthy lifestyle can be WONDERFUL - but it starts with discipline..

It will take 21 days of committed effort to make the change - the first two days are the most important - that's breaking the momentum of your old lifestyle. Be the MAN you've always wanted to be - quit being a pussy!..

answered Apr 21 at 18:58

's gravatar image



The plan doesn't lose the weight for you. You lose weight by following the plan. I think you should make the decision that you know is right and shed the weight. If not for yourself, do it for the people who love you. They will all thank you in the long run...

answered Apr 21 at 19:04

's gravatar image


Hey Bry,.

3 weeks ago I was in the same situation you are in now. 2 years ago I lost around 60 lbs on Nutrisystems. I never made my goal at that time because I moved overseas for a while and made that an excuse not to continue on plan. I really regret not staying on it. For the past year and a half I had been trying to "get serious" with Nurtrisystems. Getting that motivation to be serious is the hardest thing about losing weight.

I could share my motivation with you, but it won't matter. Everyone here can tell you what their motivation is, but that won't give you motivation. You need to sit down and think about your life, what you value, what you can give up, and where you want to be in the future. What moves you?.

If you have a problem with motivation one of two things is going on: 1) The important things in your life do not rely on your weight (meaning you aren't having health problems yet and you don't think your weight impacts any other major area of your life); or 2) You are lying to yourself..

I can tell you from experience that living with someone makes things a little harder because you can't do as many things togather, but it's not impossible to stay on plan and live with someone. You need to understand it's all about you. You can't blame anyone or anything else for your need to lose weight or the inability to stick to it. If you do you are just fooling yourself and probably damaging your relationship..

BTWIf you used the forum a couple years ago you are probably familiar with the Dean. If he were still active my guess is he would be all over this thread......

answered Apr 21 at 19:46

Martin's gravatar image


Dude you're driving straight for a cliff and these guys are telling you like it is. If you don't change direction you will go over the cliff and die. Tough love is tough, hate lets you keep going in the same direction..

You can do it. You have to do it...

answered Apr 21 at 21:23

Randy's gravatar image


Just adding my .02....

When I read your post, I was torn between thinking it was a cry for help or justifying why you were planning to quit..

I, much like you, had decided that life as an overweight person was my destiny. My family history pointed that way and everything else in my life was very good. What difference does it make if I am overweight?.

I can't even tell you for sure what pointed me towards Nutrisystem other then something in the back of my mind that said "make a change and live"..

You may not think your being overweight is greatly affecting your life, but I can guarantee it is and it only will get worse as you age. I can't believe how much better I felt after a lost the first 15 pounds and that has only continued as I have lost additional weight..

You need to decide you want a different physical life then you have now. Once you make that decision, this plan will work if you apply the principals and make it happen..

These boards are full of people ready and willing to help in your journey, but you (and only you) can decide to take it..

You need to decide that you want to change your life style. This can't be "just a diet". If it is, you will fail again..

Man up and make the change...You and your family will be very happy you did..


answered Apr 21 at 21:37

Emerson's gravatar image


Here's the lowdown..

We all have a fat guy inside of us. The only way to overcome him is to beat the living **** out of him, stab him, shoot him and blow him to kingdom come. Then you have to bury him so deep in the ground that he'll never come back to haunt you again..

Now, all that said, when he does start reaching up from his grave with his one dirty hand punching up through the ground, you have to be ready to stomp it back down immediately. Don't waste one minute dwelling on how he came back from the dead, ready to take over. Just get the hardware back out and get him ready to be buried again. The longer you wait the more power he attains and he will eventually rule over your body again if you let him...

answered Apr 21 at 21:53

Peter's gravatar image


Hey, guys, I just had to peek in this Mens' Room and am I impressed! I really like that you all tell it like it is rather than pussyfoot around the problem (wow, is that a bad word?)I post more often on the blogs, but it seems I find myself doing the tough-love thing, and I really believe that falling off the wagon starts with that first bite, so if you run away from that first bite...Why make things harder on yourself? So many times I want to say "Quit-Sher-Bellyaching" "Try Harder" "No Whiners Zone"...

answered Apr 21 at 22:22

Mitchell's gravatar image


Wow...you guys are great. I wasn't expecting so many responses. And I guess maybe I just haven't committed to this yet. I certainly THOUGHT I did. But it's so frustrating having a false start EVERY Monday. I'm all motivated and ready to go Monday morning...I eat the correct foods all day...go to the bootcamp class at the YMCA Monday night.

Boom, another week is shot. "I'll try again next Monday"...if I had quarter for everytime I said THAT!!! I'm so damn tired of "next Monday, next Monday, next Monday..." that I could hit something. And bwv4me...you're probably right. My initial post was BOTH a cry for help and a justification for giving up. I'm either going to get some perspective on all of this from y'all, or I'm going to quit the miserable cycle of start, fail, try again...

answered Apr 21 at 23:07

's gravatar image


My first thought is that waiting until Monday is a major excuse..

And, believe me...I've done the same sort of thing..

We're not perfect and pretty much all of us are going to mess up. But, then waiting five days to restart is flat out wrong. Get back on the horse as soon as you can. Take a walk, go to the gym, drink some water. Don't use one meal as an excuse..

Look at it this way, if you mess up a day...it may take you a couple days to recover and start losing again. But, if you delay that into five days, now it may take you two weeks to regain the progress. You're putting yourself into a pattern that is doomed from the start..

Only you can decide if you want to lose weight..

And, only you can do the work to make it happen..

Let your co-workers eat the fried chicken, go hang with them and have a salad. If they are your friends they won't care and more likely they will be happy to see your commitment..

The ball is in your court and it has to be you who makes the change in your own life to make this work..

Good luck to you!..

answered Apr 21 at 23:36

Devon's gravatar image


You need to get your mind right. Accepting being fat as your lot in life is equivalent to accepting being poor and uneducated for life. These are things you can control and change. Being fat is not genetic except for the less than 1% that actually have a physical disorder. The rest of us got like this, and stayed like this, because we allowed it to happen then made excuses as to why it was too hard to change..

I have been extremely angry at myself. I've made great progress. Yet, being unable to work out due to a bad shoulder combined with a few drinks and a few off plan meals had me gain 18 lbs in the span of 3 weeks. I have lost 6 of those lbs and will be back to my low weight in a week, two tops. It has been extremely frustrating to see how quickly my efforts can be undone. I can whine and feel sorry for myself or I can do what I've chosen to do - get back on the horse and ride it out..

Don't wait for Monday, start now. Monday will have it's own excuses and obstacles. You either want it or you don't..

It is true: the fat guy never leaves. Like a bad horror flick, you have to kill him off, stomp him into the ground then prepare yourself for battle the next time he appears. You can be the hero. Or you can be the chick in the cheerleader's outfit that trips, lays on the ground and screams uncontrollably until the mad man reaches her and puts her out of our misery. It's up to you...

answered Apr 21 at 23:47

's gravatar image


Right there is the problem..

If you screw up on Tuesday, nobody (but yourself) is holding a gun to your head saying you have to wait until the following Monday to begin again. You're giving yourself permission to go hog wild (pun intended) for the rest of the week..

Try this next time: if you screw up on a TUESDAY, begin again the very NEXT day! That way you won't successfully erase any gains you've made from the preceding week..

Oh, and tell your "friends" at work that you need them to respect your efforts and to please not "tempt" you with greasy foods!..

answered Apr 21 at 23:57

Walker's gravatar image


Nothing to add.. I had "given up" years ago after many losses and gains. Nutrisystem has given me a new lease on life and I'm grateful for the program and for the support here. If you commit to 1 full month on-program, you'll be over the hump and on your way..

I loved your Nutibear story! Funny, but very believable..


answered Apr 22 at 01:25

's gravatar image


I wouldn't even wait for the next day...Start again the minute you realize that you have strayed from the plan..

That is the main reason I stress this is a life style change, not a diet..

Life happens...Whether it be on vacation, a fancy dinner out, holiday, birthday, whatever. You will have times when you lose control of your food intake..

After it happens (and as soon as you can), just start back on the plan..

NS is really nothing more then portion control using food that is balanced to avoid the highs and lows of blood sugar (which causes cravings)..

This isn't rocket surgery and that is why so many are successful..

However, to be successful, you have to FOLLOW THE PLAN. No Exceptions!!!!.

That can only happen when you want it to happen. Nobody is forcing you to eat anything. Only you can control what you put in your pie hole..

You can do it!.

The fact that you are asking help shows you want to. Start now! Tomorrow is to late!.


answered Apr 22 at 01:38

's gravatar image


'Nothing to add to the great advice given!.

Take the words to heart and man up and get it done!..

answered Apr 22 at 03:06

Esteban's gravatar image


When you go off plan it's as simple as getting back on the horse. We're all human, we all make mistakes or slip ups every now and then. Lord knows I have a few every now and then but I keep my slip ups minor by making sure I surround myself with healthy alternatives. I always keep bottled water near by to fill me up, sugar free gum or sugar free hard candy with me to handle cravings, and healthy choices like fresh fruit in my fridge and healthier snacks so when I get hungry at 3 AM I reach for an apple instead of my keys for a trip to White Castle. But most importantly I surrounded myself with supportive people. Ive explained my situation to all my friends and family.

Every Thursday they ask me about my weigh in and it's awesome. Try explaining to your co-workers and your housemate that you want to lose weight. Its nothing to be ashamed of. The key is you actually have to want those goals. When it comes to my weight loss Im stubborn as a mule because I want it that bad..

Good Luck Bry, I hope to see you around the forums sharing your success...

answered Apr 22 at 04:42

's gravatar image


Why do you have to say stuff like that? Now I'll be craving White Castle as I proceed to get to goal! Hmmmmm...White Castle..

Luckily they don't have them in Austin, TX..


As to the thread...the advice is spot on. Do or die - no other option. Being fat sucks and you know it. Reads these forums every day and record you food. Look at the tickers of people dropping weight. Get competitive with them - they are kicking butt and you can too.

Find me a dude who has lost 100+ on Nutrisystem and you'll have found inspiration. Shoot - anyone working the program is an inspiration...

answered Apr 22 at 05:21

Braxton's gravatar image


My bad Paparazzi, I thought about it before my post and I honestly thought I was choosing the least appetizing option. My friend had a great quote the other night about Whities....

"Id love to get some WC, but I have things to do tomorrow."..

answered Apr 22 at 06:19

Dustin's gravatar image


Even if you fail on Tuesday, don't wait until next Monday. If (and when) you fall get back up. If you blow it for lunch don't use it as an excuse and say screw it. Get right back on track and get back on plan Tuesday night for dinner. Anyone can make excuses, a real men make commitments..

Hang in there Bro.....

answered Apr 22 at 07:56

Micah's gravatar image


Ya know, you dont have to get fried chicken and fries. get a damn salad! let your coworkers make fun of you. youll be the one laughing in the end and thats what matters..

answered Apr 22 at 09:18

Alexander's gravatar image


I already am seeing ONE thing I can do...and that's post on this message board EVERY morning when I get to work. Have the people here say "stick to it...stop being a whiney girl" actually helps. I may save this thread also...and read it often..

Paparazzi said it best..."Being fat sucks"!!! I can't STAND that I have exactly 2 pairs of pants I can squeeze my fat @ss into. I have been saying for months that I will NOT buy larger pants because I'm going to lose this weight. So, I'm washing the same 2 pairs of pants constantly!..

answered Apr 22 at 10:23

's gravatar image


This points to another problem with being fat and that there really is no upper limit. At some point you will weigh enough for a long enough time to do permanent damage to your body, lessen your enjoyment of life and likely shorten your life too. You're not just.

Accepting the fat guy you are right now.

If you give up...

answered Apr 22 at 10:25

's gravatar image



I think a few of things will help and you hit one of them..

1) These boards are a great support system. Post about your progress, issues, and questions. Read them as often as possible. I actually do most of my reading during lunch, which actually helps make sure I stay on plan. There are a lot excellent members! Learn from them..

2) Get a scale. You need to know where you are starting (if you don't already). Take before pictures!!!! It is much easier to resist going off plan, if you have seen the success. Set a weekly weigh in day and stick with it. You will be accountable to the scale (I also highly recommend putting a weight loss tracker on your messages)..

3) Set your goals. When I started, I set a goal of losing 30 lbs. I soon realized that I could do much better, but I really believe setting short term goals that you can achieve in a short period of time will help you stay on plan. I know you want to get to 160, but losing 60 lbs will take a while. How about setting your first goal at 200. Once you get there, then target 180.

4) Learn the plan, Live the plan. It works. Just follow it to the letter for 3 months. Once you do that, you will have changed your habits and continuing will not be a struggle. BTW...In three months, summer will be here. Think how great it will feel to be thinner!.

Best of luck,.


answered Apr 22 at 11:11

Manuel's gravatar image



Man, I have been there in more ways than one..

First, I grew up in Columbia and there is some good eating going on there. I have eaten at all of the best chicken joints in town, and most of the bad ones as well. It can be hard to stay away from all of that Southern Cookin', but my downfall was Maurice Bessinger's. The best BBQ in the world!!!.

Second, I have gained and lost more pounds, more times than I can count. Each time is the last time-I will keep it off this time. However, they come back along with a lot of their friends. It gets harder and harder the more there is to lose and the older that you get..

Third, I started to lose every Monday morning, but was off by lunch. I could always find an excuse to eat and enjoy food..

Lastly, I too was down to 2 pair of regular shorts, 2 pair of dress shorts and one pair of slacks that I squeezed into. I said no more clothes until I get into smaller ones..

What triggered me, even after all of the concerns that my loved ones had for me, was seeing a picture of myself with a VIP at meet and greet. Damn-did I really look that bad?? Yes I did. I came home 4 days later, ordered NutriSystem, got my box, ate one last weekend like the pig that I am, and now 5 months & 3 weeks later, I am kissing close to 100lbs gone. Still a ways to go to final goal, but a good start..

From experience-do it now. It gets harder every day. You have received some good advice from the others, listen to it. This stuff works, but you have to follow the directions. Enjoy life now and don't be like many of the rest of us and miss out on so many things by being fat. It appears that you are not yet out so far of control that you can't stop-don't go there..

It isn't easy, but it really is not that hard. Just one day at a time is what has gotten me through it. I know that I will struggle for the rest of my life to keep this weight off. However, if I keep it off, I will have a longer time to struggle with it and more time to antagonize my wife and son. That is motivation enough for me..

Good luck, I know that you can do it if you want to...

answered Apr 22 at 11:36

's gravatar image


As far as going to lunch with your co-workers I found that what I enjoyed was the camaraderie NOT the food. Well, I do enjoy the food but I really wanted to have both - the friends and the weight loss. I was very open about my goal to loose weight and when it was time to go to lunch, I took mine with me. No waitress or waiter would be willing to turn aside 4 or 5 paying customers because one of the guys at the table wasn't buying anything. I even asked them to heat up some of my entrees and they were more than happy to oblige...

answered Apr 22 at 13:11

's gravatar image


If I had your commitment, I'd be 250 when I started NS. You're fortunate to have restarted at 222..

So are you ready to start Nutrisystem at 250? ARE YOU!!!..

answered Apr 22 at 13:57

's gravatar image


Well put! Lol.

I did the same thing for months before getting my a$$ in gear and got serious..

"Come Monday...I'm gonna get to the gym".

"Come Monday...I'm gonna stop eating a bag of potato chips in front of the tv every night".

"Come Monday..."Insert your own bulls@#*t statement here".

No more Mondays!! Get out there and start doing the work!! Your not alone!!.

Stay strong brother!!.


answered Apr 22 at 14:58

Cody's gravatar image


1. Congrats on having "tons of things to be thankful for". Just think how many more you will have when you beat your addiction. Yes, addiction..

2. I think most of us would like to enjoy life and be able to eat the whole left side of the menu at the same time. However, that just isn't possible. There is a whole lot more joy in life when you are not saddled with the extra weight that keeps you from being able to.


Enjoy it. You can still enjoy food, just not so much food..

3. Quitcher whinin'. Either do it or don't - your choice. You can accept being a fat guy. That's a cop out. Bottom line is - while you are learning to accept being a fat guy - think about learning to accept yourself as dead guy a lot sooner..

I read your posts on the other thread you started about starting again today and I wish you luck. I'm starting again today as well. I can give you all this advice because I suffer from the same addiction you do and I struggle with it every day. I've fallen off the wagon some myself.

And have about 15 to lose to get back to goal. Let's do it together...

answered Apr 22 at 15:25

's gravatar image


Yellerdog...Thanks for the encouraging words. I've convinced myself that I am sticking to this for 28 days! At that time, I'll convince myself for 28 more. I seem to do better with shorter goals than right from the beginning saying "for the rest of my life". I guess that sounds a bit overwhelming. So for now...it's 28 days at a time. And I totally agree about this problem being an addiction. I don't think a lot of people understand that...

answered Apr 22 at 16:51

Andrew's gravatar image



28 days is a long time. One day is manageable. After you achieve that, do one more, and then again and again. Set small goals that help you attain the big one..

Try it, I can assure you that it works...

answered Apr 22 at 18:22

Zander's gravatar image


I actually thought y'all would think 28 days is a very small goal. But I can do it day by day also. It's after lunch, and I'm still on target..

So 1/2 day down, 1/2 day to go. Ha.....

answered Apr 22 at 18:52

's gravatar image


Hey! You got through the dreaded Monday lunch! Congrats!.

One small step for a man, one huge leap for a fatso!.


answered Apr 22 at 19:58

Calvin's gravatar image


I agree. THE REST OF MY LIFE sounds like (and hopefully will be) a long time. I can only control today. Just be in control of every "today" and you'll do great..

Also, success begets success. Just seeing the plan work is encouragement to do it again "today". When I had 130+ lbs to lose I thought it would take forever and a day. But 10 months later I was there. All one day at a time...

answered Apr 22 at 20:15

Bennett's gravatar image


Yeller...good to see another SEC fan on this board. Gamecock fan here. I was at the Carolina/Arkansas game in Columbia this past year. I'm trying to decide which away game I'm going to attend this year...possibly Fayetteville. I've never been to Arkansas before...

answered Apr 22 at 20:58

's gravatar image


Nothing quite says it like FitTom's quote above!.

PS: Now I've got "The Crave" for WC...

answered Apr 22 at 21:10

Ryker's gravatar image


I think being single and having someone else around the house certainly effects the ability to stay on plan..

Especially if that person around the house is not into it..or does not try to support the process..

I was single when I lost 60 lbs.. I have gained 20 back and I am struggling now to lose it.. I have stopped the gain.. and held the line.. and lost 1-2 lbs recently......

But it has been tough..

The issue is my significant thinks Nutrisystem is bad for me... She also calls it Science diet..and seems to think I can lose and maintain on my own..

I Like NS..I like the taste and flavors..and the ease of use...

The issue is the portion size discussed earlier in the thread.. and controlling it.. if it's set in front of me ... I eat it.. Nutrisystem allowed this with Great portions.. and not finishing my plate is a tough habit to break..

Lots of exercise has been my ACE in the hole.. as it has held the line in the face of overeating.. if I could just get a handle on the act of setting the fork down and stepping away.. I may lose a few...

She is not into it.. She is not supportive..I love her.. So no changes are going to happen there...

The Change must be in me....She will say the same thing.. " I am not forcing you to eat"...

The control is personal.... it's my issue..its my choice...

My favorite comment so far may be Mobay's.. Beat that fat guy up and Bury him...Seriously Bury him deep.. He lies....He is a fake...He is NOT cool...and not fun at parties..and he is a total drag on a 15 mile hike...

This Thread has been great for me.. thanks for the Kick in the pants! I am going to do better...


answered Apr 22 at 21:14

Rafael's gravatar image


Nothing significant to add, bu I will say get your ass in gear and just do it. I did it. It changed my life!..

answered Apr 22 at 21:30

's gravatar image


I'm sure it is more difficult to lose weight and stay focused on the end result when there's someone in the picture that's not helping matters. Ultimately the decision is yours. No offense but forget about the girlfriends' negative attitude and do what you need to do. She may or may not be there in the end and you need to take care of you. When you are losing weight and accomplishing your goals you are a happier and healthier person. Not to give relationship advise here but why be with someone who can't support your decision to have a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrisystem is a great alternative to cooking for ones self because it does control proportions which is where most of us tend to get into trouble. I live alone and I love to cook, problem is I never learned to cook for just one person and I too was "taught don't leave anything on the plate" the difference between now and then was I had a health conscienctious mother filling my plate with the correct proportions so it was alright to finsih the plate. I only recently made the commitment to become a healthier person. It has been a long time coming and I have tried many diets and failed at all of them. I finally figured out why, I wasn't ready to commit.

I started about 6.5 weeks ago and have lost 24 lbs. Get with the program and tell your girlfriend to either help you stay on track or don't say anything at all. DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!..

answered Apr 22 at 22:34

Quentin's gravatar image


I myself have been having the same problem, but from all of the great post here, I have had a great wakeup call and I would like to thank you all!!!..

answered Apr 23 at 00:10

Ethan's gravatar image


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