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First of all I need to loose 30lbs in 5 months, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, or Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Since I'm new I thought I would ask everyone what they thought is the best and worse food on NS?.

The only think I really didn't care for so far is the Chicken Alfredo. Not sure how I feel yet about the cup-o-noodle type food yet..

I really enjoyed the chocolate scone, very good..

Wood like to hear others thoughts..


asked Apr 21 at 08:56

Jorge's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

answered Apr 21 at 09:19

's gravatar image


Tab, while it is good to get other folks opinions on this, don't make your own choices based on what others say. Every thread like this that I have seen there are people who love a particular item and those that detest it. An example is the Fajitas..

I personally love 'em. I slice up onion's and bell peppers, saute them in a pan sprayed with non-stick spray, mix it all together, add a touch of ff sour cream and salsa and wrap it in a La Tortilla Factory WW tortilla (50 cal each - two counts as your dinner carb.) With a salad it is almost more food than I can eat. But there are some people that can't STAND the fajitas..

So listen to the advice, but try things for yourself. And if there is something that is ok but not great, check the recipe boards. There are lots of ways to improve things...

answered Apr 21 at 09:40

's gravatar image


Tab, Ted's right. There's a wide, seemingly inexplicable range of tastes. Please try at least one of everything before deciding on what you like. You will even see your own preferences change, so keep trying stuff and keep an open mind. I am surprised about how much I really LIKE most of the Nutrisystem offerings. The very negative reports I heard when researching Nutrisystem before starting were way off base IMO..

That being said, some of my faves and dislikes are:.

Bfast Favorites- Cinn Apple Scones, Cinn bun bar, Blueberry muffins, Harvest nut..

Bfast Least Fav - Eggs (Actually, I kinda like them at times - give them a try).

Lunch Fav - Chick w/Caccatori, Pasta w/Chicken, Veg Beef - most all the soups. I like the lunch bars too. Cheesy potatoes. Aw, heck, I like most of the lunch entre's..

Lunch Least fav - The Choc rasberry bar is a bit sweet for my taste. I don't care for the dehydrated Black Beans Tortilla or Black Beans and rice. I was also dissapointed w/the Red Beans and rice w/sausage - too processed tasting for me, and I LOVE cajun stuff..

Dinner Favs - BBQ beef and rice, Cajun Chicken, Pizza's, Green pepper steak, Lemon butter sauce Chicken, Beef pot roast..

Dinner Least fav: Veggie Fajita, Flamebroiled burger.

Snack/Dessert Faves: Golden Pound cake, Choc pound cake, Brownies, Strawberry cheesecake bar, Lemon BBerrry bar, Choc Nougat bar.

Snack/Dessert Least fav: All the salties/pretzels except the cheese curls, Microwave cake..

Have fun and enjoy the experience! The range of selections is enough to keep you guessing for a LONG time. My first 2 orders, I kept record of everything with a point system 1-5 to try to narrow things down. As you can see from the above, I've learned what my preferences are, but still throw a ringer in once and awhile just for fun..


answered Apr 21 at 10:21

Gage's gravatar image


Thanks Ted and Gordon, actually I have no intent on building my preferences based on what others say. I am just curious as to what people like/dislike. But I do appreciate the point of view..


answered Apr 21 at 11:10

Maddox's gravatar image


I use the standard list, but edit it to exclude all snacks that contain fruits. Then I stock up on the meatloaf, fajitas and split pea soup - removing the oriental stuff but I try to keep a broad range of choices..

If I am having a 'hungry' day, the fajitas seem to settle my hunger quite well..

I actually find most of the foods tasty as is with no doctoring up needed..

Edit: I forgot to mention I deleted all the egg breakfast meals, oatmeals and all scones. I pretty much went all cereal and a few breakfast bars for when I am in a hurry for work..

The oatmeals seem to explode in my microwave and creates this non edible mess that is akin to latex...

answered Apr 21 at 11:21

Elijah's gravatar image


I had that problem with the oatmeal and then realized I am only supposed to cook it at 50% power, now I don't have that problem..

One of my favorite things to have for breakfast is sausage sandwiches..

I take a glass 1 cup measuring dish, add in 2 TBSP of sugar free syrup, then fill to 1/3 cup with skim milk. Add in the pancake mix and stir well. With this I make 4 small pancakes. While those are cooking, I take 2 of the Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage patties and cook in the microwave for 1:30 secs. When pancakes are done I make 2 sandwiches out of them. Add in a glass of Trop50 orange juice (half the calories and sugar of reg orange juice) and a glass of water and it's a very filling breakfast. Sort of reminds me of the sausage mcgriddles that McDonald's serves...

answered Apr 21 at 12:52

's gravatar image


I agree with Ted and Gordon. I'm in the middle of my third week (I started late in march and my April food already arrived yesterday! so my shelves are pretty stocked up).

Anything I've eaten has been good so far has been good (there have been a few things improved with the additional of ,say, cooking spices to jazz some of the items up, or vegetables added like mushrooms)..

I'd say my favorite so far is a draw between the mashed potatoes and the lasagna..

If there is one that I wouldn't necessarily order again would be the Black Bean tortilla soup..


answered Apr 21 at 14:08

Isaiah's gravatar image


Hi! I LOVE the Black Bean Tortilla soup! Funny how people's tastes are different, huh? I top that with one slice of 2% pepperjack cheese and microwave for 10 seconds...just enough to get the cheese all melty..

I love the pound cake topped with FF Cool Whip. I also love, love, love the Tomato & Corn Chowder, Ham & Bean Soup, Pasta w/Beef, Lasagna, Beef Tacos, Mushroom Risotta, and the Chicken & Dumplings..

I don't care for the veggie beef soup. As a matter of fact, I returned several of them to Nutrisystem and they let me exchange those for Ham & Bean soup. Thank goodness...

answered Apr 21 at 14:24

's gravatar image


Does not fit the guideline perfectly as I was always told to use the 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more for my Dairy/Protein add-ins..

For 2 patties it is 120 Calories and 13g of protein so not perfect but I usually do not have protein for morning snack as I move the protein from snack to lunch or breakfast and always have by lunch. Unfortunately not every item made in it's packaging fits the guidelines to perfection so you have be flexible. I was using the Morningstar patties but these taste better and were on sale..

Logging the foods and keeping calories for the day around 1500 to 1800 depending on the day as some days I do 30 mins of exercise and others I do a full hour with just one day a week that nothing is planned.

Gotta say is working well so far as after 3 months am down 68 pounds...

answered Apr 21 at 14:45

Camden's gravatar image


Can't argue with your ticker, Sizzle! That's an amazing rate of loss. 68 lbs since January. Amazing. Kudos!.


answered Apr 21 at 15:20

's gravatar image


I had the sweet and sour asian noodle tonight, first asian food I've had from NS. I have to say I really enjoyed it, may be one of my favorites at this point...

answered Apr 21 at 16:09

Gary's gravatar image


After a week and a half on Nutrisystem there are of course a lot I haven't tried yet..

Loved Cheese & Spinach Ravioli w/ meat sauce, and grilled chicken patty for dinner, thought the flame broiled beef patty and the sweet and sour chicken were pretty good too, but didn't like the chicken breast patty (very processed tasting), didn't like the turkey tetrazini or the stroganoff, really didn't like the teriyaki sauce, beef, veggies, rice (some spice that was so nasty I didn't finish it)..

Liked the chicken salad a lot, and the lunch bars, the cheesy homestyle potatoes were a nice change, the ham and bean soup and pasta parm w/ broccoli okay for variety but not regularly, the chicken a la king was barely edible (like library paste)..

Breakfast scones and bars etc I liked, to my surprise. Cereal was okay but not memorable - can't even remember which one I tried. Scrambled eggs with cheese also pretty good for a change of pace. Didn't like the other eggs..

Didn't like the honey mustard pretzels or the zesty whatever, again to my surprise. Loved the soy chips, the cheese puffs, no surprise. Also loved oatmeal raisin and double chocolate cookies, milk chocolatey delight bar, strawberry snack bar - big surprise..

Not normally a sweet eater. Mostly because of the blood sugar drop after eating most sweets. Didn't have a problem with any of the Nutrisystem sweet stuff. They really are filling and stick with you as a mini meal. The raspberry bar and the strawberry bar are especially sweet, but the fruit flavor is very good..

Even my sister, my brother in law, and I don't agree about some of the items, and I expect that I will tire of some things and grow fonder of others, and of course some items get reformulated..

I have exchanged some things that I thought I would like, and replaced them with others that were better than expected. But overall, I think the food is great..

Good luck especially with your first order! I think the first order must be the hardest. I am looking forward to my second order...

answered Apr 21 at 16:47

's gravatar image


Regarding the oatmeal, I cook mine at high power, but the trick is to put the oatmeal in a large bowl with a lot of surface area. I use a salad bowl, and cook the Nutrisystem package oatmeal with 1/4 cup dry of steel cut oats, that cook up to 1 cup - this is worth 2 carbs which I am allowed due to 100+ lbs to lose. The large surface area allows the cooking "suds" to dissipate instead of building up and "exploding". 1 1/4 cups of water and 4 minutes does the trick..

Of the two Nutrisystem oatmeal types, I like the apple better than the maple...

answered Apr 21 at 18:15

's gravatar image


I thought the chicken and dumplings tasted like glue, and I pretty much don't like anything that comes in a paper cup because they all taste like the paper cup..

I like most of the lunches that come in the small metal cups pretty good..

The apple strudel breakfast bar and the strawberry dessert bar are hideous. The fudge graham bar isn't too hot either. I like a lot of the desserts though...

answered Apr 21 at 19:52

's gravatar image


I found my taste changed over time. Don't stop trying new things. You never know for sure how something might taste in different seasons with different vegetables, etc...

answered Apr 21 at 20:45

's gravatar image


It's funny how divergent personal taste is. The apple strudel breakfast scone is both my wife's and my personal favorite breakfast. Like has been said often here, give everything a try..


answered Apr 21 at 21:29

Kameron's gravatar image


Breakfast: Scones are my favorites, and anything with chocolate.

Lunch: Chicken a la King, Pasta & Beef, Veg Beef Soup, are OK. Forget anything that's in a cup..

Dinner: Mostly anything with tomato sauce is OK. To me, much of the other items that have that brown sauce tastes the same. The Tacos are great..

Snacks: anything with the chocolate. The cheese puffs are ok, but I with that they were a tad more flavorful. I dislike that microwave choco cake. The pound and choco pound cakes taste a little artificial but are ok...

answered Apr 21 at 21:36

's gravatar image


My faves:.

Breakfast: Apple Streudal Scone, pancakes (fixed into crepes w/ fruit and a touch of f/f cream cheese & lemon juice..

Lunch: Just about anything not in a cup, but I also like the black beans and rice.

Dinner: anything pasta, did I say anything PASTA. Oh, the hamburger hockey pucks too. Yumm..

Desert: Can't get enough of the chocolate caramel bars but totally hate the pretzels, chex mix stuff, peanut butter bars..

NS just sent me a whole bunch of 'free' stuff and about 75% of it is going back, they seem to like to send all my dislikes for the free stuff...

answered Apr 21 at 22:51

's gravatar image


Nutrisystem just sent me a whole bunch of 'free' stuff and about 75% of it is going back, they seem to like to send all my dislikes for the free stuff.[/quote].

Why do they send you free stuff?..

answered Apr 21 at 22:56

's gravatar image


I prefer the Black Beans and Rice over the soup..

The other night I had the Cheese & Spinach Ravioli w/ meat sauce and love it...

answered Apr 21 at 23:02

's gravatar image


Why do they send you free stuff?[/quote].

I get a "free" week of food on every order... I am not on auto-shipment...

answered Apr 21 at 23:38

Ricardo's gravatar image


I love the black bean tortilla..

Don't quite like the split pea soup, it's not tat bad tasting, it's more the way it looks that terrifies me, hate all the pizza, the pretzel sticks, microwave cake...

answered Apr 22 at 00:25

's gravatar image


I haven't had any pasta yet that was bad. I have several favorites but the best so far is chicken and dumplings. For lunch I really like the cheese tortellini. For snacks and desert I like the Snicker bar thing (I can't remember what it's called), blueberry lemon bar, brownie and the chocolate crunch bar...

answered Apr 22 at 01:10

Jayson's gravatar image


I tried the Pasta Primavera with Tofu last night. Eh. I think I'll not get it again because there are too many I do like...

answered Apr 22 at 01:24

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