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Question I have... Is general motors,the Nutrisystem diet program safe? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... New here and starting Saturday 1/31. Yes, I know everyone starts something on the first, and for just that reason I'm starting on the 31st. Besides, I wanted a couple days under my belt before taking this show on the road to work..

I've been reading these threads while waiting for my food, and found them to be a big help in selecting the foods, picking up some add-in foods, etc. Look forward to (virtually) meeting everyone...

asked Apr 21 at 08:11

Titus's gravatar image


Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

answered Apr 21 at 08:14

Keith's gravatar image


Welcome aboard...stay as active as you can in here, these guys who have been around a while have outstanding advice. Follow their lead...

answered Apr 21 at 09:21

Cody's gravatar image


Way to go ISD! Welcome aboard..

Great folks out here on the forums; great advice too..

Stick with the plan 100%, one meal at a time. Works..


answered Apr 21 at 10:16

's gravatar image


Another welcome here for you! As stated a bunch of good folks here to listen... and to kick butt when needed...

answered Apr 21 at 11:12

Tristan's gravatar image


You made a great choice. It's working for all of us!..

answered Apr 21 at 12:22

Miguel's gravatar image


Welcome ISD..Lots of help here on Dan's Team....and folks who will kick your butt (virtually) if you start wimping out...Try to stay 100%, including drinking all your water, as many days in a row as you can. The weight loss in the first few days can be pretty cool. Best of Luck. JT..

answered Apr 21 at 13:15

Albert's gravatar image


Welcome and congrats!.

'Looking forward to hearing your progress!..

answered Apr 21 at 14:02

Emerson's gravatar image


Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. Polished off some Nutrisystem pancakes with a side of strawberries, some SF syrup and skim milk this morning. Must say I was very pleased. Already looking forward to trying out a lunch...

answered Apr 21 at 14:41

Thomas's gravatar image


Welcome aboard! Congrats on a great way to get to a new you. I've only been here a month but in that time have found the system works great and and is easy with the support and knowledge on this board...

answered Apr 21 at 15:45

's gravatar image


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