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First question I got is Is Medifast ( weight loss pill ) safe to take while breast feeding? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. USE IT & LOSE IT CHALLENGE CHAT THREAD.

A gentle reminder that this is being set up in advance because I'm off to Alaska tomorrow! So excited! It's even more real as I get these threads set up..

Jonny will link you here from the old thread and you can start posting here on Sunday August 30th. The old thread will be stopped with a big red stop sign no less. That will be the routine each week. A new chat thread and a new weigh-in thread. It makes it easier not to miss any body and if you ever have a problem pm any one of us. I'll be back Sept 7 and in the meantime I'm sure Jonny will make her presence known so she can help along with any of our vets..

So chat away, express your goals, ask questions, get some tips from those who have found some answers that work for them and may work for you. Found a new recipe that's on plan, post it. Share an exercise routine that benefits you and maybe others, post it. Just want to know that you are around, just say hi..

Remember the rules. Drink 64 ounces of water every day. One point for each day with a max of 7 points. Stay on plan every day ( no BLT's bites, tastes, licks) and get one point each day for a max of 7 points. The best ingredient of all is the weight loss. That's 50% of your score.

Don't fret if you are OP (on plan) and don't lose, it will happen over time. We are all individuals, thank goodness, and we are going to lose at different rates. Stick with it and no matter how fast or how slow, it will happen. I believe in you, you need to believe in you..

Striving for #1. Let's do it!.

Lose it & Use it Challenge Initial Weigh-in Thread Here..

asked Apr 30 at 14:33

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Of course! although you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

answered Apr 30 at 14:38

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Chick, your trip sounds great already! Alaska is someplace we'd like to go, probably after we're done w/ college tuitions lol. what cruise line are you on?.

Monday is my WI day and I have to say, I'm dreading it. Who'd have thought it would be so hard to get back OP after a 3 day Medifast vacation? Lesson learned...

answered Apr 30 at 15:46

Nathanael's gravatar image


Morning Dreamers!.

I'm excited about this challenge. 14 more lbs to goal! This will help keep me focused. Especially with school just starting, new schedules, etc. Already know I'm going to have to move my L&G to lunch on a couple of days. Between volleyball games, practices, cheerleading (playing taxi) and trying to get my exercise in before too late in the day, I don't know when I'd have time to fix a meal. That's about 3 days a week.

I have to say it's easier to stay on-plan, on schedule when he's gone. He doesn't mean to, but he tends to put a kink in things..

I ordered the Slim in 6 program, got it Friday. Going to start tomorrow. I'm doing that in addition to running. This last week I switched from mostly bars back to shakes. I seem to do better with shakes than anything else, so will probably go back to them for most of my meals. I have boxes of puffs & pretzels that are sitting there.

Anyone want to trade?.

It's finally cooler here! Only going to be 89 today. YEAH! My a/c has finally stopped running nonstop!.

Chick - I know you're already gone, but it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:52

Andy's gravatar image


Wanted to say WELCOME to all the newbie! I haven't kept up with things very well the last few days. Can't wait to get to know you all...

answered Apr 30 at 17:32

Graham's gravatar image


I'd love to join the team and challenge! I am into week 4 and 100% OP. I'm very satisfied with my loss and need a challenge to keep going..

Thanks everyone and I look forward to losing TONS of weight with you all!.


answered Apr 30 at 18:54

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Morning, Dreamers...so excited about the challenge....I've met my initial goal of 20lbs and well before the goal date I set for myself...21lbs gone forever...I will keep my old weight ticker up for the next 24 hours and add another for the challenge goal...I know that everyone will meet their challenge goals...best wishes to all...smooches.

@Chick-you sound like you are having a wonderful time on your Alaskan adventure.

@Mindy - welcome to the Dream Team...looking forward to getting to know you....

@anyone - what does "OPOWOE" mean I know OP on plan...but what is the rest????..

answered Apr 30 at 18:55

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Yea! Challenge........here I come! Good morning Dreamers!.

Pepi..If I'm not mistaken..OPOWOE is On Plan, On Water, On Exercise, or something like that!!.

Ok, so I weight in this am...my WI day was Friday, which I did, and was down 4 lbs for my first week. To start this challenge today, I weight again and was UP 1lb. I know that weight fluctuates daily so I'm not going to get that bent out of shape...good news is that I know it's just water and will come off easy, therefor giving me a nice loss for the first week of the challenge!!.

I did Zumba yesterday after a long hiatus...still love it and can't wait to get back into it regularly!.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday...Dream Team Rocks!!!!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:26

Shawn's gravatar image


Morning Dreamers,.

Welcome Mindy..

Pepi, congratulations on reaching your first goal!.

I'm hoping to lose 15 lbs this challenge. I only lost 3 lbs between the challenges, maybe my body knew it was on a "break". Whatever, I have been 100% OP and have ramped up my exercise to try to get the weight moving again. I have lost 40 lbs on Medifast in just eleven weeks.

Like others have said I LOVE MF..

Renee, I really hope you reach your goal on this challenge. Seeing other people, like Jonny last time, reach goal is encouraging. I have been looking at the Slim in 6 program too, but honestly I don't really need to spend the money on it right now. I am trying to do at least three miles every day with the Leslie Sansone walk at home dvd's and a bowflex workout every other day, along with crunches every day. Can't stand the squishy stomach..

I noticed that the local community center offers a Zumba class, but it is only once a week. Now honestly, how much exercise is that? I told them they need to offer it at least three times a week for it to be considered benefical and was told the instructor was only availabe once a week..

Closing and moving will be my major distraction this challenge. At least I hope it will. An uncle, who I am very close to is having major open heart surgery in a couple of weeks and he is not in the best of health to begin with, so I really hope all goes well..

Lots to do today, so I need to get off the computer and get going..

Have a great OP Sunday today...

answered Apr 30 at 20:37

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Hi Teammates!! I so need this challenge and all your motivation..

I've been on a business trip this past week and stopped in NY to visit my family. Needless to say I gained 7 lbs.

I just can't believe how quickly it can come back..

I'm still in NY until Tuesday, but am now eating the meals I brought, exercising, and drinking water. Plus now that the challenge has started I will be able to say no to temptation..

I look forward to meeting all the new members of the dream team!! Everyone on the team is so inspiring and caring...

answered Apr 30 at 20:53

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Thanks everyone for the congrats...I am so looking forward to the challenge...I am so motivated for this challenge...LET'S GO DREAM TEAM....WE CAN DO THIS!!! Is there a banner for the Use it and Lose It challenge? smooches.....

answered Apr 30 at 21:45

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I so know that feeling Valerie!! My Vegas trip really threw me for a loop and it is definitely time to get back on track. I am excited for this challenge and know that it is time to refocus and keep this weight off long term...

answered Apr 30 at 23:13

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Welcome Mindy!!.

Congrats on starting MF....I was probably into week 4 by the time Chick found me and invited me to join the Dream Team. The challenges really helped me stay focused!.

I sent you a PM as well from when I checked the weigh in thread..

If you want introduce yourself.....I would encourage everyone to do the same since we have so many new members..

Lets get to know each other and of course encourage each other through this first week!..

answered May 01 at 00:22

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Ya Pepi!!!!!!!.

Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am so glad you picked our team for the challenge.

On Plan, On Water, On Exercise is OPOWOE the three elements essential for good health and weight loss..

I can see you easily flying past your challenge goal!!..

answered May 01 at 00:57

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I really want to give Zumba a try.....I have requested the DVD series as a Christmas present. I have spent so much money between the program and new clothes that I feel guilty buying anything else just for me..

answered May 01 at 01:36

Tyler's gravatar image


Wishing your uncle well during his surgery!!.

I have to say that while the idea moving is very overwhelming.....I do love being in a new place and the initial organization. Have fun with all that and I am sure your doggies will love their new home and the yard they get to play in...

answered May 01 at 01:47

's gravatar image


Hang in there Maureen!! I know how easy it is to slip and fall, but you did the right thing and caught yourself and are back in the swing of things!! I am sure it will be nice to be home and in a normal routine...

answered May 01 at 01:51

Lucas's gravatar image


I didn't see one in all the information that Chick sent me. I just don't think she had time between the two vacations, so for now we are just using the regular Dream Team Banner..

That code is: [***IMG]http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/5129/11743656864598cm3uy2.png[/IMG].

And don't forget to take out the astericks *** after copying it into your signature...

answered May 01 at 01:55

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Welcome everyone to the Dream Team!!.

A short introduction from me and everyone else please feel free to follow suit in an effort to get to know everyone..

I am married with two children. DS is 21 and with the army in Germany. He was home on leave during the month of July and it was a lot of fun seeing him again. DD is 18 and graduated from High School last spring. For now she is trying to get full time hours at her current job (a craft store where she has been for two years) and start her own Pampered Chef business. She keeps saying she will start on an AA program that her brother bought...we will see what happens when I give her a deadline for starting or paying rent..

DH and I run our own business, Air Conditioning and Heating repair. He gets to go out and do all the work, while I answer phones and do the books from home..

We started Medifast in January of this year. DH met goal in April with a 40 lb. loss and I met goal in July with a 60 lb. loss. DH has done really well maintaining his weight loss and even lost a few more lbs over the summer while working hard during our busy season. I am still working on the transition faze.

So I am going to back track starting tomorrow with my weigh in and get myself back OP!! Hence, my reason for joining this challenge. I know my weight will fluctuate and I don't really plan on loosing more than a couple lbs, but the OP part will be very important to me especially for the next six weeks while I learn to transition and maintain...

answered May 01 at 02:06

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Hi, Dreamers...my name is Stephanie, however, everyone calls me Pepi, and that is what I prefer...I am 44 unmarried (dating a terrific guy) and have no children...I work for the fed gov't and travel extensively for my job (right now I am in TN until 9/25/09)...I do enjoy my job...I have been struggling with my weight for a number of years and I cannot tell you how many diets I have tried...none with the results I've received on my first month on MF...I've lost 21lbs since starting on 7/17/09 and I am just so excited...I know that I will get to my initial goal weight of 185 quickly...after that...who knows...I am so excited to participate in the challenge...and looking forward to getting to know everyone on the team...I know that we can do this if we just stay focused and motivated...best wishes to all on the challenge...smooches.....

answered May 01 at 03:08

's gravatar image


Hi everyone!.

I love reading over everyone's goals for this challenge. It is always so exciting to start a new challenge! They really motivate me to stay on plan!.

I hope to lose 25 pounds in the next six weeks. I am very committed to my plan and to the exercise portion as well. In case you haven't noticed I am a Zumba fanatic and it is the most awesome exercise ever. I do it six times per week and I am literally melting! I couldn't be any happier or more energized..

I wish all of my Dream Teammates the best of luck on this challenge! We can do it!.

Chick: Your Alaska vacation sounds so spectacular! Have fun and talk to you when you get back..

Love & Light,.


answered May 01 at 04:10

's gravatar image


I so want to try Zumba...do you take it in a class or do you use the DVDs? Please tell me all about it...smooches.....

answered May 01 at 04:45

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Afternoon Dreamers!.

A little about me. I'm Renee, married 23 years, two daughters (19 & 12) and two dogs. Going to be a grandmother in Feb or March. I work in an office, where DH works too. He's in sales. We manufacture dry chemical sticks for the oil & gas industry.

I started Medifast June 21, 2008. DH started about 2 weeks after me. Didn't have any problems til around Jan. Mental roadblocks - was pretty close to completely stopping MF. Thanks to a good health coach, a very good friend, and about two weeks of alone time (DH & DD on trip), I turned it around. Did some very hard, very honest, and sometimes painful soul searching during that time.

DH did get got to goal, but.... is having trouble staying there. Long story, another day maybe. All I can say is that this journey has completely changed my life, in many, many ways. It's not over yet!.

One of them is that I actually like exercise. I started jogging around June. It started out as therapy, but now I love it and miss it if I can't run. Starting tomorrow I'm starting the Slim in 6...

answered May 01 at 06:22

Isaiah's gravatar image


Jonny - I was the same way (ok still am, but working on it). I bet you're like me - always putting others first. Don't feel guilty! You're getting healthy!.

This is one thing I'm slowly learning to deal with. In the future, I better learn - going back to school isn't going to be cheap!..

answered May 01 at 07:27

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Evening Dreamers,.

This is my intoduction post..

I am 54 and divorced, although I am still good friends with my ex and he is the one paying for Medifast through the end of the year. I have two grown children, DS is 31 and lives in Phoenix - not married, DD is 29 and is currently an Army officer. She will be getting a promotion to Captain any day now. She is in Military Intelligance and currently stationed at CENTCOM at in Tampa, FL. She did a tour in Afganistan and made it home safely. I'm content to have her stateside.

I have two dogs, mixed breed both of them. A small 10 lb pekenise mix and a 40 lb corgie mix. I spent a bit of the last challenge house hunting and will spend most of this challenge, packing, closing, moving, unpacking an settling in my new house. The dogs can't wait for their fenced back yard..

I am a medical technologist and currently work as a clinical engineer, which is the new term for field service. I install, repair, and maintain laboratory equipment. I spend a lot of time in my van driving to and from calls at different hospitals and clinics, many located in different cities and towns. I also sometimes travel out of my mid-TN territory to help out other areas..

I started Medifast 6/13/09 with 120 lbs to lose to my goal of 150. I would actually like to go beyond that goal, but first I just want to get there. Adding exercise into my day/life is the hard part for me. I had three car accidents in four years, from 1988 to 1991, with several injuries and went from the 140's to a high of 276.

, at first due to injuries, and then due to being out of the exercise habit. I'm hoping to feel like Renee soon and miss the exercise if I don't get it. I used to feel that way back in the 80's, hard to believe that was 20 years ago. Where does the time go?.

Have a good evening Dreamers. It looks like we are going to have a great team for this challenge..

answered May 01 at 08:11

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Hey Pepi! I take Zumba at my local gym! I LOVE it!! You should give it a try!.

I went to a Zumba class this morning..they opened a new gym in my area and had a Zumba Open House sort of thing. It was supposed to be a 90 minute class showcasing 7 instructors. I was planning on leaving after an hour to not overdue it since we are only supposed to have 45 min of exercise per day. I was having so much fun that I totally lost track of time and when the class ended, it was 1 hour and 45 minutes long. WOW! I was sweating soooooooooo much and having fun!!.

I hope it doesn't hurt anything to go so long...any ideas from the Medifast pros???.

I can say that I've had a migraine alllllllllll day since I got home. Same thing happened after yesterday's class. Since I have history of migraines, I'm slow to connect the two. Any ideas if they could be related?? I know I am not dehydrated because I've been getting in at least 100+ oz of water per day..

I was sad when my food scale konked out on me the other day. I felt lost without it but didn't have time to go get a new one. When I looked at my local grocery store they only had non-digital ones. I finally made it to Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday and foud a GREAT one for $19.99. It's got the Biggest Loser emblem on it and it's great...measures in oz and grams!! I feel much better having my scale! My hubby just laughs at me!!.

Ok, long enough. Hope everyone has a great evening!!..

answered May 01 at 09:13

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Take 2.

For those of you who don't know me, I am 40 years old. (yikes!) I have been on Medifast several times, the last time being April of this year. I had some nice results, only to fall off the wagon come vacation time in June. (We went to Mexico for our 10 yr anniversary) I had a busy summer of vacations and work, and just restarted the plan last week. I love this team, very supportive!.

I have been married for 10 years, my hubby works for the Sheriff's Office. He retires in 2 years and we hope to move somewhere sunny! We live in Oregon now, land of the rain!! I have a step son who is 21, he goes to Oregon State, in his last year. I have a daughter who just turned 16, she'll be a junior in High School. Both of my kids play Rugby, so that keeps us busy. My DH also plays in a Band, he sings and plays keyboards..

I work as an Orthodontic Assistant, have been in the Dental field for 17 years. We have 2 dogs, a 9 year old Jack Russell named Emma, and a 1 year old Mini Dashaund named Ernee..

We like to vacation to tropical places and spend time with family and friends! I really want to make it to goal this time around!! I believe with all of your support I will make it happen...WE will all make it happen!.

Hope to get to know all of you!!!..

answered May 01 at 10:32

's gravatar image


Good evening Dream Teamers!.

Where has the weekend gone!.

Introduction I am Kathy and live in west Texas. I have been married for 34 years (today is my anniversary). I have a 25 year old dd - she is married (and hoping for a baby - can you tell I want a grand baby?). My dh is retired he and I have a day care in our home and we care for 8 children three and under..

I started Medifast the last week of May of this year and am 38 lbs down (with about 50 to go). My goal for this challenge is to get into the "overweight" BMI range, which will also put me in the 190 range which will be the first time in about 20 years!!.

Will post my weigh-in tomorrow morning!!.


answered May 01 at 10:46

's gravatar image


Welcome, Kathy...I am sure you will do very well on the challenge...looking forward to getting to know you...smooches..

answered May 01 at 12:10

's gravatar image


Sorry for butting in....love you Mfer's.

I say go PEPI!!!! you can do it!!..

answered May 01 at 13:07

's gravatar image


No real time for an intro today, but did want to check in. Today marks my first day back on plan, and that aspect of today has gone just fine. I had actually planned on it being a 4+2 day, because I was supposed to do a 50 mile bike ride. Unfortunately my husband's bike wasn't up for the task, and I ended up only going about 10, so I flipped today's plan back over to 5+1..

Weighed in this morning and found I'd gotten up to 173.5. It's not the end of the world, but when I was doing my ticker, it struck me that I really feel like this is my starting point, that the big journey is history, and that I'm working within my new normal. So now my ticker shows 173.5 as my starting point, not 307.5. That chapter of my life is closed. And in this chapter, I'll reach my goal of 145. My plan was always to take a pause from the program to do one last round of fertility treatment then to get back on plan and go for the goal.

C'est la vie...

answered May 01 at 13:13

's gravatar image


Hi Dreamers!.

I am excited to weigh in tomorrow (Monday) morning - but am awake and thought I would post the intro. I hope I hit all the points! I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all..

I am 44 years old, married for 8 years with a 3 1/2 year old DD. We are also trying to adopt another child RIGHT NOW and I am hoping that it will happen while we are in this challenge! We have two fabulous cats who get my biggest compliment: they are 'dog like'. We live in NYC. I work full time in IT Consulting, where I have been at my current company since March. I was laid off late last year after being with one company for 24 years... not a good time....

I have been up and down in weight my entire life, and every time I lose - I have gained back a little more. This time is REAL. I have to make it so - as my daughter told me I look like I have a baby in my belly! (Oh - I wish!). So - I don't want to be the 'fat mom' in the class..

I am joining an intensive yoga program that starts in October, and I have made that commitment. So I need to get myself in shape in order to participate in that. It is Vinyassa style yoga, which is very intense and melts away the pounds when I do it right....

I so look forward to doing this with you all - and have Medifast leftover from my previous recent attempts. The difference this time is doing WITH YOU!.

How do I get a ticker on my signature?.

Thanks for being here..


answered May 01 at 14:00

Andres's gravatar image


When you exercise that much I believe you might need to eat a bit more. I am definitely NOT knowledgeable in this area.....its just kind of hear say. Try an extra shake or extra veggies. I heard a saying once.....really liked it...."we didn't get fat eating veggies". That was from someone who exercised a lot while doing Medifast and that is basically what she did. Maybe post the question to the Medifast nutrition support if it your intent to continue exercising for those lengths of time. I am sure Chick could answer this question much better than I, anyone else who really knows please hop in and tell us...

answered May 01 at 15:15

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Happy Anniversary Kathy!!.

I was thrilled when I moved from Obese to Overweight, it was like a huge mental weight was lifted as well as the physical weight...

answered May 01 at 16:32

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Now Tina.....go back to your own board LOL!!! Just kidding, you are always welcome here and I love it over there as well =)..

answered May 01 at 17:17

's gravatar image


And you will get there!! Congrats to you for what you have already lost and cheers for restarting and going the rest of the way =)..

answered May 01 at 17:24

Eddie's gravatar image


Well, I just know you can do it this time!!.

As for the ticker.....when you create the ticker, the last page has a code you can copy and then paste. First you want the code that says it is for Medifast boards then from the discussion board menu go to quick links and then edit signature. You can put your ticker in there, the dream team banner code and your name if you would like and that way you don't have to worry about adding them to every single post...

answered May 01 at 18:30

Luca's gravatar image


Morning Dreamers!.

Heidi - I've been running and I'm adding the Slim in 6 to my routine. My health coach told me to add an extra shake a day and 2-3 oz of protein (hard boiled egg, chicken, etc) to my meals. It's better to eat some protein within an hour of working out..

Drug my butt out of bed at 4:30 to do my Slim in 6 dvd. Think I'm going to like it..

Gotta get around, new routine for me with working out in the morning. Gotta make sure I'm almost ready by the time I wake DD12 up for school. At least until she gets her routine down. Jr High is giving her fits. These poor kids, so much new stuff. Hopefully week two will be less confusing and stressful...

answered May 01 at 19:26

Johnathan's gravatar image


Marvelous Monday, Dreamers....hope everyone is having a great OP day...my day promises to be extremely busy...so I just wanted to pop and wish every an successful day...bbl...smooches....

@marge - you can do it...we are rooting for you....

@Bianca - you will make your goal....

@Heidi - I just ordered my Zumba dvds and can't wait to try it...it looks like so much fun.....

answered May 01 at 20:07

Jayden's gravatar image


The going back to school adjustment is such a big one......usually the excitement helps some, but Jr. High is such a big step. {{Hugs}} to you and your daughter as your schedules change...

answered May 01 at 21:30

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone!! Beautiful morning here in west Texas!.

NSV - Needed new bras (after loosing 38 lbs, old ones just didn't do anything for the twins). Went to Dillards and had the sales associate size me - she came back in with bras that had ONLY 2 hooks. I told her I preferred ones with at least 3 hooks. She looks at me a little puzzled and stated, "Well honey, you just don't need those bras with more hooks.".


answered May 01 at 22:18

Brian's gravatar image


Its the beginning of a new challenge and for those that have done challenges before, a slightly new format..


I have all but six weigh in's from our list of prospective team mates and I'll send out PM's reminding them that the challenge was starting today..

I was OP yesterday and I had few moments where I wanted "more", but wasn't hungry. I need to look at my transition guide and see what it is I can be eating right now, I just went back to basic with the six small meals..

I have a very cool NSV and I am so dense it didn't even sink in right away LOL!!! I am so not used to being noticed or getting compliments..

DH and I went to the movies last night and while I made a trip to the restroom, he went on in and got a seat. There weren't very many people in the theater and I made my way in and sat beside him and this guy a couple rows back says "all the empty seats in the theater and you had to sit by him?" The previews started within a few minutes and the movie was just starting when it hit me that he was saying he wished I had picked a seat by him!!!!!.

I came home and had to share with DD, she thought it was absolutely hysterical especially since her Dad was right there with me LOL!! She is so much more supportive now than when I first started the program...

answered May 01 at 23:03

Simon's gravatar image


That is so very awesome!!.

JC Penny's had an awesome sale early this summer and thats when I got my new bras and some new clothes, the first in a size 10!! It was an awesome day.....and I couldn't stop smiling!..

answered May 01 at 23:12

's gravatar image


Hi everyone and welcome to all the new members! I am so happy to be back in a challenge and especially with the new rules. The summer was slow with weight loss, but what I wasn't seeing on the scale, I was definitely noticing with my clothes. I am wearing what I currently think are my "smaller sizes" and people keep telling me my clothes are too big! I really want to kick things into gear, so this is just what I need right now and the support from you all! Shooting for 15 lbs on the challenge! Good luck to all. I am just back to work after having the summer off, so things are hectic right now, I will try to check in as much as I can. Have a great day!..

answered May 01 at 23:20

Dillon's gravatar image


Afternoon Dreamers,.

Great NSV Jonny. What a confidence booster..

I have already experienced the new bra phase. I stopped at an outlet where they were having a sale and got 6 playtex bras for $15 each. Good enough for interim. I can't wait to fit back into Wacoul bras. They may be expensive, but they are worth it. I will save those for after the weight loss phase..

Late start today, I had a Dr appt this am. She removed 8 pre-cancerous moles, 1 spot required 2 stitches. Five of them were on my face, now I red spots all over my face. Only one customer this afternoon and hopefully by tomorrow the raw spots will be healed enough I can wear makeup..

Have a great day everyone. Gotta get on the road...

answered May 02 at 00:38

Emilio's gravatar image


Quite a transition, going back to school. It must be really exciting though to be getting all those compliments from people you haven't seen all summer!!..

answered May 02 at 01:34

Colt's gravatar image


Wow nice to see all these new people on the thread. I have been mia for a while. Just me not making the time I should. But I find I do so much better when I post and get on here daily. So that will be my goal to get on here almost everyday. Good luck everyone!..

answered May 02 at 03:04

's gravatar image


Hi, I've been MIA a lot myself. Trying to get back on the wagon, I've been off and on..

I have to say hi to Bianca68. You have my deepest sympathy. We are the same age and I'm in the same boat. We went through trying to have a baby for 11 years and finally at age 40, they told me I was in early menopause and my eggs are nearly gone. There aren't enough for IVF and my hormone levels are in the menopausal area. It is so depressing and I gained a ton of weight being sad.

I'm trying to get on with my life and say I'm Ok not to have them. As everyone goes through, it's really tough with constant pregnancies and baby showers at work. I just send a present and don't go, I don't want to cry in front of coworkers and take anything away from the mother to be..

What is also frustrating is my regular doctor told me there is nothing to do for me in early menopause but take calcium. Well I went to a new doctor because I felt like crap and my hormones are a mess and thankfully I'm on therapy now. I also found my vitamin levels were well below normal, so hopefully I'm finally on track to get my health back..

I was skinny until I hit about 35 so I'm hoping I can get back to good habits and get skinny like you who have so wonderfully hit your goals!!.

I'm 41, I am a financial analyst and have an MBA in finance. As I've always been studying for all those classes, work or something, I got in the awful habit of always having snacks with my books. I have to end that. Also a terrible addiction to Pepsi that I'm getting off of..

I will be married to my hubby 15 years in January. I am very jealous of Chick as we were going to go on an Alaskan cruise this week too but had to postpone. The plus is next summer I should be thinner and take better pictures! I hope you are having an awesome time Chick!.

Welcome to the newbies, I need to read the rest of this thread!..

answered May 02 at 04:31

Isaiah's gravatar image


Laurie, I understand totally about the "too big clothes"...today someone told me that I needed a smaller pair of pants...it never dawned on me that my clothes were that noticeably large...I looked at the tag of the pants I was wearing and they were a size 16...I don't even know what size to buy now...I guess for the time being I will be wearing belts (at least until after the challenge)...I really don't want to buy new clothes right now until I reach my challenge goal...Good luck on the challenge...smooches..

answered May 02 at 04:38

's gravatar image


Hi All!.

I am starting tomorrow and need the motivation!!! I travel 70% of the week so Medifast seems like the best for me!! I think joining the team will keep be on track!..

answered May 02 at 04:39

's gravatar image


Welcome to the Dream Team. Did you already post on the Dream Team weigh in thread for this challenge? You must do so by midnight tonight. You can also participate by cheerleading if you do not want to participate in the challenge. Go to the first post on this thread by our team leader, Chick, that will explain everything. This challenge is all about being on track, or OP as it is called..

Either way, welcome and good luck...

answered May 02 at 05:34

's gravatar image


Hello Beautiful Dreamers:.

Sorry I was MIA for a few days - just took some time to read over everyone's threads. I'm new too (just two days shy of my second week) so it's great to do this challenge. Sunday was an off-plan day. We went to a Reniassance Fair. God - All the fried food, but I managed to find a stand that had grilled chicken on a stick. Unfortunately, I was tasting stuff here and there that my son and husband bought.

My quick intro - I'm 46 married with a 12-year-old son. I work in a training department in a large health care organization in Wisconsin (we live in Milwaukee). My husband of 22 years works for the Vet Administration and is a Master Sergeant in the army reserves. My son just started 6th grade, plays three differents sports seasonally and is a boy scout. Very active kid makes for a very active mom! I'm originally from Long Island and most of my family is still there..

I'm also a Polish Folk dancer (my husband and I met through dancing - that's another story) and I've been folk dancing since I'm 15. I have the distinct "honor" of being the largest (weight-wise) woman in my dance group. An honor that I wish to shed..

There was a lot of talk about Zumba on the thread. Great workout! Our family belongs to the YMCA and I went to an introductory class several months ago. Usually, I walk for exercise (during lunch breaks and after work), but I have to look for something else to do when the weather gets cold. I really need to make time for me and get down to Y more often..

I promise to keep up with the chat more often so I don't have to catch up. Here's to a great week of MFing and exercise!..

answered May 02 at 06:36

's gravatar image


It's been a hectic couple of days for me, but happily I've been able to stay OP and drink all my water (plus some). It's really been exciting to read all the recent posts... I feel as if I know each of year a little bit better! I know this will be an exciting challenge for all of us as we watch the numbers on our scale go downward..

I am also 40 and been happily married for (gasp!) 20 years. I have a 15 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter who keep me busy and crazy. Luckily, I work at home as an accountant so keeping to Medifast has been relatively easy for me... no coworkers, scheduling or travel issues that I know alot of you experience. My DH is in consulting so he is traveling most days of the week. And finally, I have a 7 yr old pug who is just hilarious..

I will also admit to being a daily weigher. For me, seeing each 0.1 lb decrease in weight motivates me for the next 0.1 loss and each 0.1 increase in weight motivates me even more. Luckily, the swing is not depressing to me..

Since my early teens, I have been slowing adding the weight to my frame. My weight does not fluctuate. It goes ever so slowly upward. FYI I spent a year going to the gym 5 days a week, working with a personal trainer and watching what I ate. After all the hard work and time, I lost ONLY 10lbs. After 4 weeks on MF, I lost 12.5 lbs towards my goal of 50 lbs..

But to be honest, I have no idea what 50 lbs means to me.... I came up with the number based on the BMI calculator. I know what I want to experience when I go clothes shopping. What does this mean to the total pounds to lose???? not exactly sure... time will tell..

I am so happy and excited with the Medifast program......

answered May 02 at 07:48

Michael's gravatar image


Hi, Dee...I know what you mean about festivals...I am going to the Great Smokies in TN for the weekend and I am so afraid that I will go off plan...I am going to do my best by drinking mucho water and making sure I have my Medifast with me...I don't know what will happen...but...I am a little anxious...I just ordered the Zuma dvds and I am so looking forward to trying it...the Zumbafanatics on the boards here swear by it and looking at the videos on youtube I think it will be a great workout...smooches..

answered May 02 at 08:30

Preston's gravatar image


I know what you mean about doing diets and working out and such...I've had about 5 personal trainers in the last few years and have been on as many programs and never successfully lost the weight...I lost 16lbs in my first month with Medifast and I feel great...I think it is worth the investment...I travel about 90% of the time for my job and having my Medifast with me has made the program super easy...I want to lose about 50lbs as well and I too am not sure about what that means...I just know what I would like to look like and how I want my clothes to fit...and you are right...time will tell...smooches..

answered May 02 at 09:50

's gravatar image


Laura - Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, infertility is a brutal path. I happen to be lucky enough to have had one child before the miscarriages and failed treatments, plus I have two more that my husband's late wife gave birth to. I just really, REALLY wanted to have a second one who was biologically linked to me..

As for who I am, my name is Wendy, and I'm 41. A couple of you out here would appreciate that I'm a native Texan (Dallasite), but I have made my home in the Chicago suburbs. I am married to a man who is wonderfully suited to me (I couldn't hope for better). We have three children, twin 12 year old daughters and a three year old son..

I have a masters degree in market research, and I actually work in my field. I started in consumer packaged goods but moved to the pharmaceutical industry, where I feel like what I do benefits the patients rather fattening them. A couple of years ago I moved into data analytics as a developmental move, and rather than go back into primary market research, I was asked to move into payor analytics, which has the potential to be a great career move, but I've been struggling with the job itself and the lack of leadership on my team since I joined it..

I've struggled a bit with weight most of my life, but it didn't really get out of control until I married the wrong person. I gained 50 pounds the first six months we were together then 10 pounds a year for the next seven years. On top of the 15 pounds I needed to lose when I finished high school plus the 20 more I gained in college, I topped out at 320. After we got divorced, I got down to 160 but promptly regained all the weight. I lost 140 then gained 120 while I was pregnant with my son. I got 65 of it off then regained it (plus a few) during my fertility struggles..

Needless to say, I've put my body through a lot, and it needs to stop. Being able to stay near goal for a couple of months helps reassure me that I can keep the weight off this time. Today marks my second day back on 5+1, and it's going well. I woke up this morning already feeling a bit better physically just from starting to detox. I didn't go swimming this morning, but I am going on a bike ride as soon as I get the clothes out of the dryer (yeah, I know it's late, but it will be fun)..

That's about it for now. Enjoy the remainder of your evening and have a good Tuesday..


answered May 02 at 11:17

's gravatar image


Good Evening Dream Team! I hope everyone had a great day! I had a 100% OP day which included a 30 minute brisk walk with my overweight mini-dashaund..he's pooped!.

And happily I am headache free today!.

Now it's time to wind down, put away some laundry, cook up my green beans for tomorrow's lunch, and hit the bed!.

Have a great evening everyone!.

PS....I just received my Capella Water flavor drops in strawberry kiwi...it is very good in my water! Adds just a kick and makes it easier to drink! Glad I made the purchase!!.

Zumba tomorrow! Can't wait! Pepi, when you receive your DVD's, let me know what you think! I hope you love it as much as I do!..

answered May 02 at 12:29

Elliot's gravatar image



I did see your weigh in over on the other thread, so you are official..

What is your job that it entails so much travel? Share only if you feel inclined..

We have been doing kind of an introduction this week since it is the beginning of a new challenge and lots of newbies, so if you have the time go back and read through the thread and introduce yourself..

The banner code and directions on adding an automatic signature line are in there, but if you need help send me a private message..

MF is fairly simple and easy to do!! Congratulations on jumping in with both feet...

answered May 02 at 13:25

's gravatar image


Very busy life indeed!!.

Pretty soon they won't be calling your the largest dancer, just the best dancer....right!!??.

The fair sounds fun....glad you had a good time...

answered May 02 at 13:59

Lane's gravatar image


Ya, I struggled with finding a goal weight. Finally ended up real close to what Medifast said my weight should be for my height. The biggest factor for me was clothes as well, I desperately wanted to fit back into a size 10 and I have!!.

Your goal weight may change over time depending on how you feel about when you get there, or if you fit in the size you want and like what you see! Its all subject to change and that's okay!!..

answered May 02 at 15:21

Colt's gravatar image


What a busy life and full of diversity to. You keep on keeping on and that within itself is such an inspiration to me as well as others for sure..

Hope you had a wonderful bike ride!!..

answered May 02 at 15:59

Jeremiah's gravatar image


Pepi - The first time I realized my clothes were too baggy and looked bad, someone at church shouted across the room "Ms. Knight - Where are you under those clothes?" So, DH made me go shopping. If he had only known then ..... I love shopping now! That was a good idea putting the challenge goal and each week beneath your tickers. I like it so much I copied it!.

Kathy - I finally found my dream bra at Dillards. Love it!!!!! I made my daughter go there to get hers (since I was buying). When you're pregnant, you have to have a good bra!.

Jonny - Don't ya just love it when people say stuff like that????.

Got up at 4:30 am and did my Slim in 6 dvd (the first one). Think I'm going to like it. I am slightly sore. I ran tonight too. Almost 2 miles straight!!!!! How far I have come!.

Goal weight??? I just picked a number I actually remember weighing at one time. I can already tell, I'll be going past that. Where it ends up, don't know. I'll know when I get there..

The challenge has already helped. Having to be 100% OP causes you to think about everything you put in your mouth. Maybe by the end of the 6 weeks, it will be habit!..

answered May 02 at 16:51

's gravatar image


Well nothing like sliding in under the wire! I am an original Dream Teamer who has sorta slid into heavy-duty lurker mode during the last couple of challenges - lots of personal life strife happening that kept me from posting too much - not wanting to be too much of a Debbie Downer!.

But I have kept up with reading the posts and followed our Team through it's ups and down - especially Johnny with her "downs" all the way to goal - I am so proud of her and consider her (and Chick) role models! I want to get my mindset locked in and be as great a success story as they are - and many others of our team which I'm too addle-minded to remember all by name at the moment - I have only been skimming the new posts today..

I will make time later this week to read about all our new joiners and welcome everyone - but I have to keep this post (relatively) short as I'm headed out of state for a quick 2-day trip early tomorrow a.m. so need to hit the sack soon. Just wanted to make it official after much debating (within myself) to join with this latest challenge. I need it!!.

Everyone have a great day and week and I will check back in Thursday - stay strong!.


Johnny - I have posted my starting weigh in to make it official :-)..

answered May 02 at 17:31

Adan's gravatar image


Got it Dawn!!.

I checked the weigh in thread first and I was sure your screen name was familiar to me, I am so glad you elaborated!!.

Welcome back.....use this as a starting off point with fresh commitment to reach your goal. I, myself, wasn't even sure I would ever be at the point I am now.....I just know you can get there to...

answered May 02 at 18:35

Ramon's gravatar image


Hello all,.

I have really enjoyed catching up and reading all the info on members and the NSV's going on....a great boost for me this morning!!.

I am a 50 year old middle school teacher at a private school. Married for 14 years, my stepson is 35 and recently married to a woman with two children so now I am a grandma!.

Hubby and I are VERY different in temperment and approach to food. He weighs in at 140...Last time I weighed that little was in 7th grade. sigh. I topped 200 in 8th grade and have never been lower than 220 since I was in my 20's. Went over 300 in 1997 ....SO Glad to have found this Medifast community and gotten some of the weight off! I still am really struggling but will do my best for the team!.

Have a great day!..

answered May 02 at 19:09

's gravatar image


Morning, Dreamers...just popping in to say hello...and wish everyone a healthy, happy and OP Tuesday...bbl...smooches..

answered May 02 at 20:09

's gravatar image


Renee - 4:30 am. And I thought 5:30 was early. I've actually been struggling to start getting up at 5:30 again. I was already sliding a bit, then back-to-school threw me way off. This morning the alarm went off, but when I got up and stumbled to the bathroom, I was so dazed that I knew it would ruin my day if I didn't get another hour of sleep. I have the great fortune of having a pool with four lap lanes available at 6:00 am; I need to be taking better advantage of it..

Tonight at dinner, we need to have a family discussion about how mornings are going to run. The girls have to get up at 6:30 to make their bus at 7:00, but when I work out in the morning I'm not available to check in on them until 6:45. One of them is good about getting up (and in fact gets up to an alarm at 6:20 to make sure she's got enough time to wrestle with her new contact lenses). The other one, not so much, and she gets angry at her sister when she tries to help her get up (and I've heard both sides of the exchange, the problem is the sleepy one being grumpy, not the awake one being pushy). Plus with a potty-training 3-year old, it's hard to let go of being there to help in the mornings. My husband will help make it happen; I just need to outline my needs for him and make sure the girls know what's going to be expected of them..

Anyway, I need to head to the water cooler, have my bar, and get to work. Have a good one..


answered May 02 at 21:37

's gravatar image


Just a quick fly by and hello to my fellow dreamers....lots to get done today..

I will be gone this weekend...Friday to Monday, so just a heads up..

Hope everyone is having a great day. I have learned so much from those that chose to share a little about themselves.....thank you to everyone!!..

answered May 02 at 23:04

's gravatar image


Morning Dreamers! (almost afternoon).

Just a quick fly by. It's been busy at work - end of the month..

Until I get my morning routine down, I'm trying not to get on the computer at home. DH will be home this weekend, so that will throw another kink in the schedule..

Have a great day!..

answered May 03 at 00:23

's gravatar image


Wendy, yes infertility is a difficult road. But is so helps to have others who understand. It sounds like you have a very interesting job too. Definitely keeps you busy!.

Hope everyone is having a great day!.

I so understand the wrong guy too. I was engaged from age 18-25 to definitely the wrong guy. I got away from him and then married my husband 1 1/2 years later. He is the best, and I'm so lucky to have him. He's been doing all he can to help me get my health back and now conquer the weight gain..

Oh boy 4:30 and 5:30 am getting up. Not for me. I get up at 6:30 and we do our work outs after work. I'm just a night person and don't function that early.


answered May 03 at 01:27

Landyn's gravatar image


Hello Beautiful Dreamers:.

Just checking in on my lunchbreak to say HI!.

Renee - what's "Slim in 6?" Something that Medifast does?.

Jonny - LOL thanks!.

- I'd like to think I'm the best dancer in my group (I'm certainly one of the most seasoned dancers), but it's tough competing with the 20-something girls with the younger, stronger legs. Also, I had a knee injury in 2006 - something that contributed to my weight gain. If I can't be the best dancer, I'll at least I know I will be a.


Dancer with my weight loss..

Tracy - I've turned into a daily weigher too. Not a good thing for me. I'm very impatient with my weight loss and I have to stop that. I have to concentrate more on staying on plan. It's been almost two weeks for me and it's been a challenge..

Hi PEPI - you enjoy those ZUMBA DVDS!.

Gosh what do you do when you want to go to a festival or any social event for that matter? This Saturday we're going to a friend's house for BBQ..

In fact, question for all - how much do you advertise the fact that you're on MF? I really don't like a lot of people knowing. My husband and a close friends knows, but then it leaked out to my co-workers. I really didn't want to make a big deal of it. We're a really social department and with lots of goodies that come in. My willpower has been really challenged these past two weeks since I've gone on plan. Now that people in the office know, I feel like I'm being watched.

I'm sick of it and just want to get the weight off already!.

[rant done] Thanks ladies! That felt good!..

answered May 03 at 01:44

Leonardo's gravatar image


Hello everyone! I'm on day 3 and I'm STARVING!!!!!!.

I've gone on and off this plan for a few years. The last time (back in March) I had to quit because I was FIRED from my job! Ugghhh!! So I have a job and now I'm getting back to serious. I usually fall off because I'm so weak when it comes to food and WINE. I can make it about 2 weeks pretty well and then I DIVE off plan and stay there for a while. I actually think it would be okay if I could go 2 weeks on and then a meal off, but I can't. Once I start cheating, the plan seems tainted (does that make sense?) and I can't stay ON plan anymore.

I can't wait to meet all of you!..

answered May 03 at 01:47

Alex's gravatar image


I didn't tell hardly anyone at first, unless they noticed something obvious like my shake or a bar I had brought a long..

I also didn't want to "advertise" the fact that I was doing something cause I have failed so many times in the past..

It all worked out though and it's all good LOL!!! =)..

answered May 03 at 01:51

Beckett's gravatar image


I am thinking if you have been on Medifast before you know what your snack options are. If you have any questions, let us know and I am sure everyone would give you for their snack options on those days you are just hungry, hungry..

I've added everything from the flavor infusers, pickles, celery, and even one hard boiled egg cause I was exercising every day...

answered May 03 at 02:20

Bryson's gravatar image


Thanks Jonny,.

I ate some egg beaters tonight - whew that's a LOT of food, so I'm good. I try to keep as simple and as basic as possible; I'm easily confused..

Sad, but I think I'm going to go to bed - I don't remember being this tired.....


answered May 03 at 03:00

's gravatar image


I too keep my program very simple...I know if I start introducing new things or experimenting I will fall off...simple and basic works until you feel confident enough in the program (and yourself) to try new things....smooches..

answered May 03 at 04:36

's gravatar image


I do feel you on telling people...even now...with the noticeable weight loss I have not shared with anyone that I am on MF...I just say that I'm watching what I eat...I don't think anyone knows that I am doing MF...now, if someone who feels they really need it asks...I will certainly sing the praises of the program because I know if it works for me it will work for them...smooches..

answered May 03 at 05:28

's gravatar image


Good evening, Dreamers...just wanted to pop in and say hello.


...it has been a very busy and stressful day...I was putting out fires all day and did not get anything I needed to get done done...all the to do items for today are added to the to do items for tomorrow...even with all the stress I was able to stay OP...wishing everyone a great evening...cya 2morrow...smooches..

answered May 03 at 06:44

Josue's gravatar image


Hi ladies -.

So, being new to this challenge 'stuff' - are we supposed to be recording our daily 'stuff' anywhere? I think I saw mention of points? Where do those go?.

In general I had a good day..

On the question of whether I tell anyone, I don't really tell anyone. I try to organize my day so that if I am in social situations, I eat my meal there. Today was weird in that I actually did have a lunch AND dinner. I ate two 'lean and green' meals - and in good portion sizes. I am going to count that as 'on plan'. Not something I would want to do more than once a week - but I figure for this once it was ok.

Ugh! OK - I won't sweat this, and tomorrow is another day!.

Laura and Bianca (and any others?) - we had alot of fertility issues as well. I am so thrilled that IVF #3 did work (like a little miracle) and we now have a 3 1/2 year old daughter - that we had when I was 42. However, we then tried again and it did not work (#4). So we stopped. We are now trying to adopt a baby - but this is as emotional of a roller coaster as the fertility treatments... but that is a topic for another post....

I am heading to bed before I decide to eat something!.


answered May 03 at 08:01

's gravatar image


Good evening dreamers ~.

Home from bowling and got our spreadsheet turned in for our initial weigh ins. There were a couple people who said they were going to and didn't and several who weren't on the list Chick compiled who did....hopefully they meant to join our team and didn't just inadvertently post in the wrong place....guess we will see!!.

Sounds like we had some ups and downs today as well as some stressful things with work and family......hate to say it, but that is what will make us stronger. Especially all of us who used to eat as a coping mechanism (ME!!). So treat every day as a learning experience....lets learn to be thin and stay thin....its very much a mental learning curve =)..

answered May 03 at 08:29

's gravatar image


Next week when we report, you will have your current weight along with how much you lost or gained. Then you will say how many days of the week you drank all your water (64 oz. each day minimum) and how many days of the week you stayed OP. So an example would be.

-1/7/7 = -1 lbs./7 days drank 64 oz. of water/7 days was OP...

answered May 03 at 09:27

Aden's gravatar image


A couple of you have commented about being daily weighers, I typically weigh daily but decided to hold off as I am getting back going with the program. Like cellador, I'm just wrapping up day 3. I'll get on the scale on Saturday, but then I won't have access to a scale again until Tuesday morning. After that, I'll be weighing every day again. It helps me be accountable to myself, and I really learn just how my body responds to my intake and activity level. I'm kind of geeky about having census data instead of sample data when it is readily available.

Gotta get to sleep soon. Have a good tomorrow..


answered May 03 at 10:21

Hunter's gravatar image


Good Morning, Dreamers...busy day ahead for me...stayed OP under very stressful circumstances yesterday...none the less I am determined to stay OP throughout the challenge...here's hoping everyone has a wonderful OP day...bbl...smooches.....

answered May 03 at 11:08

Sawyer's gravatar image


Good morning Dream Team members!!.

Since my weight loss is becoming very noticeable, 39.5 lbs (I know, I need to change my ticker), people are beginning to notice. But when I say Medifast, people assume it is some crazy thing like Oprah did years ago..

Received a new box of food yesterday yeah!! Now I have bars and puffs!!.

Really busy day planned started my preschool program with my 2 and 3 year olds in my daycare. We are looking at the number 2 and the concept of pairs - today we will make a mountain with shoes and make pairs with them..


answered May 03 at 12:35

Brenden's gravatar image


Marge - I somehow missed your message last night (I'll blame it on exhaustion). If you have two L&G meals, simply drop one of your MediFast meals, and it's a 4+2 day. That's not an "official" meal plan, but it is what Nutritional Support recommends for those who choose to exercise beyond the 45 minute recommendation while on 5+1, and it's fine as a fallback for when circumstances put you in the position of eating two meals. You end up getting about 200 extra calories for the day, but depending on your choices, you can easily keep the carbohydrates you're eating well within the range to stay in "the fat burning state" and keep your hunger at bay..

I'm really open about using MediFast. I was quiet about it the first 60 pounds or so, but by the time you lose 150, there's no mistaking that something is up, and people will ask how you did it. Considering that I lost 15-17 pounds a month instead of my more typical 10 when I have followed other plans, I'm happy to share how I did it, because I don't want to deny other people access to such a good tool if they're truly interested in using it..

I recently told a woman who works in the cafeteria at my office about MediFast. Apparently the two of us have crossed paths at heavier weights but don't recognize each other. She mentioned that she used to weigh over 400 pounds. I had no idea, and she didn't realize I'd ever weighed over 300. She mentioned that she wants to lose more (I'm guessing 60 or so) but that although she has done well maintaining a lower weight, she hasn't been able to get the rest of it off yet, so I told her how I lost mine..

And Marge, good luck with getting through the adoption process. My sister adopted two children a little over a year ago. She couldn't get anybody at DCFS to call her back for months and months and had begun looking into overseas adoptions when a colleague of hers from the women's shelter she volunteers at became a CASA worker. She made an offhand comment that if her friend ran across any spare children she could send her way to let her know. Within two months her friend hooked her up with sisters whose adoption had fallen through. The older one is considered special needs because of a cleft lip and palate (its amazing that such a minor imperfection makes a child "special needs").

And don't discount the possibility of doing fertility treatment with donor eggs. It's easier than adoption, and your child would have a biological link to your husband..


answered May 03 at 13:44

Nicolas's gravatar image


Hi Dee!!! (my sister's name too).

The Slim in 6 is a 6 week exercise program by Beachbody (same people that do P90X). I just started (day 3). Love it so far. I've tried lots of different dvds/tapes too. I wanted something that's going to tone. This says it will, so we'll see..

People knowing????? I didn't advertise either, but eventually people will notice the weight loss, you not eating, etc. I just tell them I'm watching what I eat. I never say "dieting"...

answered May 03 at 13:51

's gravatar image


You can say that again!!!! It took me about 8 months to figure it out (the mental part) and almost completely falling off the Medifast wagon. Then it took about another 2 months to get it together (and still working on it). Without the "mental" part it's just a diet and when you stop "dieting" you will gain the weight back. I can look back at all the times I've lost weight and gained it back and go "Oh, I see now". I posted earlier DH has done MF, got to goal, now gaining it back. It all goes back to the mental part, but it's not something I can do for him.

I'll be honest - after my "mental transformation", it has put a strain on our relationship. I'm not the same person he's been used to for the last 23 years. Actually, I'm almost completely opposite. So, it's a learning curve for everyone...

answered May 03 at 15:30

Lucas's gravatar image


Ya, I get really mixed responses, most negative when I actually do talk about the program. Oh well, it's there loss...

answered May 03 at 16:11

's gravatar image


Happy Wednesday Dreamers~.

Lots going on this week, so not a lot of time to post..

Sounds like everyone is doing really well. I will have more time to chat tomorrow and will try to get back on this evening for a minute, but it will be late..

Have a great day!!..

answered May 03 at 16:15

's gravatar image


OK, too many posts to remember everyone so I'm sorry for not responding individually. I really did enjoy reading all of the posts though. Now that I know this thread is so active, I'll make sure I check in more often..

My name is Mindy and I'm from Ohio (GO BUCKS!). I have two beautiful little boys, 1 who is going to be 4 in October and 1 who is going to be 2 in October..

I am an attorney, but only work part-time for a small company where I do some legal work, but mainly do other things like the accounting, payroll, benefits administration, etc..

I have been up and down the weight scale several times in the past few years. Starting in late 2002, I weighed about 216 and began doing weight watchers. By the time I got married in Oct of 2003, I weighed 164 pounds. By the time I got pregnant in early 2005, I weighed in at 198. I gained 60 pounds with my first and lost back down to 180, again with weight watchers, when I became pregnant with my second. I gained another 60 pounds and lost down to 174 with weigh watchers.

I finally decided in late July that I needed to do something that held me more accountable than WW, so I decided to try Medifast after doing some research on the net. I am almost done with being one month completely on plan (WOOT WOOT!). I told myself when I first ordered my food I'd commit for a month and then reevaluate. However, I am so thrilled with my success and more importantly the way I feel (emotionally and physically), that I ordered more food. I feel like it's finally time to quit screwing around and finally get down to the goal weight I've always had in my mind, which is 130.

So thank you all for your inspirational posts and for this challenge!!!!!! I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!..

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Good to meet you Mindy!! I wish I had lost my weight sooner in life, I will be 50 in just a few more years. WOW....can't believe it actually....I feel younger than that LOL!!!.

MF is an awesome plan and it doesn't surprise me at all that you were hooked on it right away....the hardest part for me was the first week and the rest is history..

answered May 03 at 18:13

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Its so nice coming on here and seeing all the help we give to eachother. I'm just checking in, met up with Chick on FB and she is having a fantastic time. She would be proud Jonny, you are doing such a great job. And she also wanted to remind everyone to go under the "thread tools" at the top of these postings and "subscribe to the thread" so that you can find your way back here. it's hard to keep up and it helps to know where to look. I hope you all have a great OP week and I'll be checking in again soon, keep up the great work!!!!!..

answered May 03 at 18:35

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Hello Beautiful Dreamers!.

Today is my regular weigh-in day (week 2) and I lost another 2lbs. Pretty happy with that since I slipped off plan twice this week and I'm battle premenstrual bloat (ick).

Jonny - so for the challenge first week on Monday - I weigh in again? I'm thinking so..

Renee - Checked out Slim in 6 online - looks cool. Wish you luck with it. It's always fun to try something new. (Incidentally, my real name is Diane - "Dee" and "Di" are two of my alias'.


Pepi - hang in there GF, better days ahead. Those Zumba tapes will be in soon and you can ZZUMBBAA the stress away..

Hope everyone else is doing well. Gotta hit the hay - g'night!..

answered May 03 at 20:06

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Good evening dreamers!.

Thanks for all the good words - directly and indirectly! It is hard when only checking in once a day or so to post replies to everyone individually..

Wendy - thanks for the good words on the adoption front. Actually - I will throw it out here: if anyone should happen to know about a situation where someone finds themselves not being able to raise their child (born or unborn) - please let me know - and you can put me in touch with the person directly. We do have a 3 1/2 year old daughter - so we are only looking for 2 1/2 years old or younger. OK - thanks for listening to that..

A good day so far - and I am about to try to do some yoga (on DVR) and see if late night will work for me... Rather than screwing around online and sitting on my big ole butt. I did alot of walking today - but I have procrastinated all week to get to this next yoga class: so the time has come! I have to do it!.

Mindy - your up and down in weight sounds pretty similar to mine. I only did WW once, other times I mostly did Atkins (on my own) or some such other 'diet'. When I was a swinging single I did the 'food delivery' plan - as it was cost effective since it kept me from going out so much. I lost a TON of weight on that - but it did not teach me how to deal with being in the real world at ALL..

OK - I need to stop procrastinating and DO THIS YOGA!!.

Nite all!.


answered May 03 at 21:26

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I bombed on the yoga - but I did two 10 minute workouts (abs and legs) and worked up the heart rate and sweat! YAHOO! That was EASY and definitely do-able every nite!.

Now I am really going to bed! I am off for a play day with my fabulous daughter on Thursday. I will be running around after a 3 year old all day... do I need to do anything else? LOL! Luckily I got my box of Medifast today - so I have plenty to eat and be OP..

Nite nite!.


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DeeCongrats on the loss!.

MargeI know you will find a child that needs your love now that you are considering that route. Good Luck! I know several friends who have adopted and they just can't imagine life before they adopted their child..

Jonny Thanks for your support..

I'm finishing up my delicious oatmeal (can't wait for winter I'll enjoy it even more) and about to head to the treadmill for a brisk run/walk. I just finished week 5 and was only down a measly 0.3 lbs. On the bright side it was less than 0...Better slow than none. This is kinda frustrating as I have been 100% OP this last week and drinking more water than required. I just have to believe that I'm going to wake up some morning (hopefully soon) and the numbers will go down, down, down, down and down..

Good Luck today everyone........

answered May 03 at 22:52

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I'm starting Day 5 back on 5+1, and it's going smoothly. I didn't experience the Day 4 "hungries" that is typical of me getting going. Hopefully I'm in the clear and won't experience them today. I'm actually having to make a conscious effort to get my water in. I'm typically a big water drinker (on plan or not), so it's a bit odd that it's not coming naturally to me right now, but I'm getting it done. I'm still having trouble getting up and getting to the pool for my swim in the mornings, but I am getting my bicycling done in the evenings..

Marge - I'm glad you got your food. I had a very quick transition into the midset where I was ready to go back on 5+1, so I started it with the food I had on hand (mainly bars and puddings) and placed an order. Because of the timing, it doesn't look like I'll have my food until Tuesday, so as soon as I got to the office on Monday (where I've got a little bit of variety in my Medifast food choices), I packed up what I'm taking on my camping trip this weekend (including the last of my oatmeal and hot chocolate), so I'm set. I do need more food next week, though, or I'll run completely out..

Have a great Thursday!.


answered May 03 at 23:18

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Good afternoon everyone! I am so happy to report that I had my official weigh-in today and I lost 4 pounds since last Thursday, so I'm a happy Medifast girl! I am PMSing, so I worry about that affecting this next week, especially in light of Tracy's post about week 5..

Marge - I tried Yoga for awhile and why it was relaxing, I personally never saw much benefit from it. I like Pilates much better. I am getting ready to try a Zumba class, so I'm excited about that. I've also been walking about 2 miles everyday. Best of luck in your adoption efforts..

Tracy - I live between Dayton and Columbus. I am originally from the south end of Dayton, so I've spent a lot of time in Cincy. Just keep on keepin on and the weight will come off, which I'm sure you already know because you've already experienced such great success so far. I know it sucks to see such a crappy number on the scale..

Wendy - I hope you get your food before you run out. I ordered my food a week ago and still haven't received it. I called yesterday because there was still not any tracking information available. They said there was a glitch in the system and they would ship it out either today or tomorrow. I said I was going to run out of food, so they said they'd upgrade the shipping. There's still nothing on the site about tracking info though.

I eat 2 eggs, 5 oz. ground turkey, one portion of green, and 4 Medifast meals. I don't know if it's that or the exercise or both, but I seem to be losing at a much faster rate than on the 5&1..

Well, I must get back to work. Have a great day!..

answered May 04 at 00:33

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Yes, you will weigh in again on whichever day you did last time (sunday or monday).

This time you will put your current weight and then.

Weight gain or loss/# of days you drank all 64 oz of water/# of days you were 100% OP.


Current weight 136.


answered May 04 at 02:02

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