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My 1st question is: Is Pur-Medifast plus really a great weight loss product? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... *.



Team PINK.




Welcome to Sept 2010!!!.


Fall season.



Is going to be '.



~ we will.


Into an eating schedule to fit our needs....

~ we WON'T.


Off the wagon....

~ our fears of losing the weight will.


By the way side....

~ our scales will.





~ and our clothes will become so big for us they will.


Off!!! LOL.

Your challenge this month....

If you so choose to accept it ....

Is to post a BIG "OP" at the end of your day!.


The "OP" can be.

Anything you want them to be.....

A picture, a banner, a sign you make, or just type it out!.

But BE OP, BE all you can BE!!.

(sorry about the army reference for those navy PINKs!.


Here is the link to the old thread if you need to.



asked Apr 30 at 21:36

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Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

answered Apr 30 at 22:51

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Hey PINKs!.

I just read up and caught all that enthusiam!!!!!.

Gooooooo PINK!!.

Such great WIWs!! NSVs! ....smaller sizes, bigger baggy pants, !!! LOL ....new weight decades! wow!!! And lookin' good in a size 10.



Is due some bling. (.


Where are you? worried about you.).


Has a new.


Cup! that's showing the.

Team PINK spirit!!.

I love to surround myself in special PINK things that are just for me to remind me of my.

PINK sisters..

Size 10 already! woo hoo!! You are lookin' small!! Gotta love shopping more and more! I like the second one for fall with the sleeves....did you buy them? (oh wait, I forget your west coast, you probably have nice weather year round.).


Good for you for getting back OP to finish the course! you will yell GOAL and it will be a glorious day on.


What are you going to do to celebrate at home?.


(((wish you have all your answers soon))).

I emailed with Pamouse and her son is in recovery now and doing PT..


My finger is not well....I cancelled my doc. appt. and already regret it. The infection looked like it was going to clear up...but it didn't..


Baggy pants!! can't wait to see the pic! GREAT NSV! time for new pants....I buy those HUGE black contractor trash bags and fill them with clothes to haul off. They are stronger and bigger than a standard trash bag and won't tear with the weight off the clothes. Those contractor bags are meant to haul off little scraps of lumber, etc from building sites. lol I get a roll of them same place I get the regular trash bags. look on bottom shelf at WM.


Cleaning out the larger sizes means you are going to have to start shopping soon for new clothes. I love fall clothes! the catalogs are already starting to arrive! btw, no happy about MY bday but am.

Totally happy about YOURs..

LOL Camping will be fun for your family! just last night I was telling my hubby that we need to go on a family camping/hiking trip SOON..the weather is going to be perfect!!!.


Fun shopping on the US side! I wonder what it's like in Canada. But I have my new passport so maybe someday I can find out! enjoy the day with your DS. I think it sounds like a good day of.




Thinking of you today....we are going to a chess tourney for my birthday. LOL I know that is a strange request but all five of my kids will play in the same tourney and I will be happy to have them all at the same one. btw, I like your hat in your avatar. I love hats...also LOVE scarves and they are ALL OVER the fall catalogs this season...I can't wait! I am soo glad you are.



SOOO good to see you posting on.


You sound soooooooo much better today! LOVE that your scale is dropping for you! Medifast works! "If you work the plan, it works for you!" is another Medifast saying. ~smile~ You have a whole team of.

PINK sisters.

Behind you (AND a real sister....


, are you lurking still from the T&M thread (which we lovingly refer to as the 'dark side')? LOL).


, sorry about the not good OP day, but you are doing the right thing about getting back OP ASAP..


Is the best thing for us to drink and I keep reminding my kids that it is FREE! LOL.

>>>PL likes free stuff<<< Your signature goes right along with our new fall.




You made it sound so simple to put that video on.


And there have been many.


Who have tried before! LOL. We had a good storm come through last night and had to get up and turn off all the laptops and lost electricity. We needed the rain but not the strong winds. Actually we could use more rain, I just wish it would rain and not storm, lol..

Congrats on 150s and on to the 140s!!! you are doing it!! gotta feel good!.

Yes, PINK has lots of "battle cries". woo hoo! Reminds me of that scene from Braveheart:.

Instead of freedom from the English...think freedom from the fat! hee heee LOL.


answered May 01 at 00:18

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Team PINK's Wednesday Homework:.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?.

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)?.

3) What do you wear to sleep in?..

answered May 01 at 01:32

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Team PINK's Wednesday Homework:.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale? Some times twice a day. I keep it in the bathroom so rght after I pee.

In the AM I can weigh. I also weigh at night. I have found that what ever my scale says at night, it is.


2 lbs less in the AM..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)? I LOVE being a nurse!!! <3.

3) What do you wear to sleep in? tshirt and panties....

NSV! - on my MediFast dash to the bathroom, I pulled my pants down an realized after I was done that I didnt even unbutton them!!! I didnt have to unbutton them to get them up either! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!.

Have a great day yall! I have to go to sleep for work tonight.....

answered May 01 at 02:45

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Hi, Pinks! I can't believe it is September already!.

Thanks, PL, for the cheering! I needed that!.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?.

I must admit, I weigh almost every day. I have a scale at home in my bathroom but it weighs a lot less than the one here at work. I use the one here at work because it also weighs ounces and it is calibrated to my doctor's scale. I jump on the one at home just to monitor if I have lost, but I use the one here at work Monday through Friday..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)?.

Besides being a mom to some pretty amazing people? I would have to say the one I currently have. I am the senior legal assistant in my office and this is my career, not just a job. I love it and am very loyal and devoted to my attorneys and my firm..

3) What do you wear to sleep in?.

Depends on if hubby is home or not. If he is home, I usually don't wear anything because I love curling up with him. I feel safe with him there (he's 6'3", 300 pound, heavily tattooed big bear - but a mushpot). When he is at work third shift, I usually have on sleep pants and a tshirt...

answered May 01 at 03:43

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1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale? I weigh in once a week. I used to do it more often but it just made me crazy. And I keep the scale in the bathroom outside of the shower near the jacuzzi. That way I can't miss it..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)? I used to work on the lab "hot line" that physicians called when they needed information about tests, results, etc. That job actually paid me to read journals to keep up on new techniques, etc. I loved that!.

3) What do you wear to sleep in? Hmmm...depends on the weather and where I am. At home in warm weather, it is usually a pair of (sexy) lacy jammies....hard concept, I know. At the cottage, it is usually a tee shirt. However, winter times usually find me in FLEECE!!!.

Back OP today...I will NOT do any more back-sliding!.

Hugs to all the Pinks......

answered May 01 at 04:47

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1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?**It depends on the meals I consume but I'd say at least every two to three days. My scale is in the bathroom so morning is good!**.

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)?**I love working critical care on an ambulance!**.

3) What do you wear to sleep in?**In the summer....tank top and panties..in the winter...fleece pajamas**.

WIW: 172.

Height: 5'5".

So, I'll chalk up last weeks no loss to my new gym regimen. I'm actually feeling very good but have noticed that I have to be careful about the length of the workouts. I"m finding myself very hungry later in the evenings and tend to lean toward the soy crisp snacks. In the past, I had a slower loss. At this point, it's not a bad thing to go slower but I don't want to become discouraged..

I hope everyone has a great OP night. I'll be doing an online tutorial on balloon pumps for cardiac patients. lol Have a great night...

answered May 01 at 06:26

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PINK HUGS last big test was today.. neuro appt nexy friday and hope to have answers.. tingling is still bad.. still not back to Medifast .. love you all though..

answered May 01 at 07:47

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Just heading to bed - not tired but a big storm brewing and since everyone else is sleeping I get spooked out - shopping was great!.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale? scale in upstairs bathroom - I weigh every day and sometimes twice a day bad habit.

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)? I liked my job when I first started it 15 years ago ....

3) What do you wear to sleep in? usually just undies..

answered May 01 at 07:50

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Hi PINKies,.

First, I am happy to post my first OP of the month! woo hoo!!.

(I have to admit I did NOT want to be OP today, but I just did the next thing (a RTD) LOL and got through the day!!.

I am OP, baby!!!.

I picked up some antibotics for my finger today...on the way to healing now but I think I am going to lose the entire nail!! eeek!!! It is lifting from the bed UP!!.

((Team PINK)).

Let's hear some OP shouts!!!..

answered May 01 at 08:14

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My HW:.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?.

I do best when I weigh daily but I don't panic if it flucates on a daily basis (unless I deserve it.) lol I keep my scale on a piece of plywood on my closet so it will weigh more accurately than on the carpet. I have a full length mirror behind my mirror and weigh in the buff in the mornings. My DS cut a board to be the right size for my scale , made the edges pretty and then stained it to match my dark bedroom furniture..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)?.

Hardest job I ever had is being a mom. The kids don't get easier with age! LOL (I just get older.) But my favorite job is Health Coach (HC). It keeps me on track on my own weight loss and is blessing in so many ways to help others..

3) What do you wear to sleep in?.

Heee heee...this is a long standing PINK knowledge that PL sleeps in the buff!! LOL.

It's the best way to sleep (I don't like night gowns getting tangled around me when I sleep.)..

answered May 01 at 09:06

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Ok here's 3 pic's of my butt/back side and my pants showing some wrinckles..

The 1st pic my husband took was kinda not so close so I told him to take another one....LOL.

Pic # 2 a closer look at the wrinkles.

Pic # 3 is showing how I am standing on the bottom of my pants...that always happens when I'm loosing weight..

So that's what I have to show for now..

answered May 01 at 09:24

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Meshka!!!!!! LOVE your bum pics! The wrinkles in your pants mean you are losing weight!!! And when you can walk on the end of the jeans, that shows weight loss too!! Reminds me when I was losing my weight, my skirts got longer! LOL and I would step on them on the staircase! LOL ....here's another funny thing I noticed as I lost weight: my necklaces got LONGER!! (as my neck and shoulder thinned out). Isn't Medifast amazing!! woo hoo!! Medifast works! you go, girl!!.

(btw, I wonder what your hubby thinks of the PINKs when you said we wanted a photo of your bum!!! LOL)..

answered May 01 at 10:35

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My Team PINK's Wednesday Homework:.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?.

Well, I'm a closet daily weigher, now. I need the scale to motivate me to stay OP. If I see a gain I look back at what I ate, what I did (exercise,) and how much water did I drink, what condiments did I use, to see if those are the cause. Just like I can't eat the cracker or soy crisps, they seem to slow my weight loss down. So now I've omitted the my Medifast "I like" list..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)?.

My most favorite job is being a mom. My job consists of so many things but I think this will sum it up and hopefully make you all smile or laugh, maybe both:.

Mom: Job Description.


Mother, Mom, Mama, Ma, Mommy, Momma..


Long term, team players needed, for challenging permanent work in an, often chaotic environment. Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call. Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities. Travel expenses not reimbursed. Extensive courier duties also required..


The rest of your life. Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily, until someone needs $5. Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly. Also, must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat in case, this time, the screams from the backyard are not someone just crying wolf. Must be willing to face stimulating technical challenges, such as small gadget repair, mysteriously sluggish toilets and stuck zippers. Must screen phone calls, maintain calendars and coordinate production of multiple homework projects.

Must be willing to be indispensable one minute, an embarrassment the next Must handle assembly and product! safety testing of ! a half million cheap, plastic toys, and battery operated devices. Must always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Must assume final, complete accountability for the quality of the end product. Responsibilities also include floor maintenance and janitorial work throughout the facility..


Virtually none. Your job is to remain in the same position for years, without complaining, constantly retraining and updating your skills, so that those in your charge can ultimately surpass you..


None required unfortunately. On-the-job training offered on a continually exhausting basis..


Get this! You pay them! Offering frequent raises and bonuses. A balloon payment is due when they turn 18 because of the assumption that college will help them become financially independent. When you die, you give them whatever is left. The oddest thing about this reverse-salary scheme is that you actually enjoy it and wish you could only do more..


While no health or dental insurance, no pension, no tuition reimbursement, no paid holidays and no stock options are offered; this job supplies limitless opportunities for personal growth and free hugs for life if you play your cards right!.

3) What do you wear to sleep in?.

In the summer, just bra and panties. Winter time - T-shirt or night shirt on top of what I wear for summer, plus socks...

answered May 01 at 11:05

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Dcroome2005 ==>.

Hurricane Earl!.

Stay safe! Keep us posted. 1 more test to go and hopefully the Docs will know what going on..

Meshka70 ==>.

I like the Cinna Preztels too. I've been tradin Parmesan Cheef Puff with DD1 for them. Camping sounds fun. DH want to do that but my girls don't want to. I think we should do once and if they don't enjoy themselves then we'll never take them again. But I think they will like.

Going to try to start the invites today if I get a chance..

Pointe_of_view ==>.

GFU! gettin recommited! You can do this..

Joshsmom ==>.

WTG! dropping 5.5 lbs. Keep up the good work, enjoy your reatail therapy..

PinkBetty ==>.

Congrats! on dropping 16.6 lbs. in 3 weeks, that is awesome, keep up the good work!.

Fatgurlslim ==>.

Oh I love it when DH works nights. Its the only time we get enough sleep. LOL! He'll be changing to that shift when he gets back from TDY. I love UR pink travel cup. I like the first dress, let us know if U get 2 a size 8 and which one U buy!.

PrairieLady ==>.

Well DD! wouldn't put it on youtube 4 me, said it'd B easier 4 me on Photobucket since I'm already familiar with it. Photobucket has link below the pics/videos like this (not all button are showing on mine):.

So I just copied the IMG code & pasted. Take care of that finger!..

answered May 01 at 12:20

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Here's a pic of the "light" damage that was done, this is not in my yard but the neighbors. The tree use 2 B standing up...

answered May 01 at 13:56

's gravatar image


Setae, Those are great pic's of the "light" damage. I remember a couple of years ago in Jan. we had a huge wind storm and the power was out at our house for 2 days, my family and I could hear the trees across the street swaying and snapping....kinda scary!.

There were many trees down across our main road as well. We have huge trees around here, Redwood trees that are a million miles tall, but in our back yard we have Pine trees and Alder trees that we need to have topped off because they are soooo tall and they could fall on our house. We have cut about 2 or 3 trees down in the last 12 years, but we need to cut or top off a couple more. That's a task my husband is trying to figure out because he cut the last few and he thinks that a professional should come in for these ones because they are so big and a couple are right next to our house. I am so glad that you guys are safe and sound!..

answered May 01 at 14:33

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Hey you late night PINKs! LOL ....I thought I was headed to bed but can't sleep now..

....gonna read up and hang around here for a while. lol..

answered May 01 at 15:57

's gravatar image


Setae, thanks for posting the photobucket explaination and I am almost too embarassed to ask, but which code option do you pick for the PINK thread? LOL ...IMG code?.

I absolutely LOVE that description of MOM. LOL soo true, sooo true! LOL.

Thanks for posting storm pics...everything looks so green after the rain but scarey to lose trees near your house!.

Hi Meshka, We are up late but I am up later than you because I am central time! LOL ha ha.

Tomorrow is gonna be another OP day!.

I didn't see any PINK OP posts....let's see some tomorrow, dear PINKs!!.

Sept 2 is gonna be an OP day! I have my trusty RTD already on my nightstand next to my bed...

answered May 01 at 16:58

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Meshka70 ==>.

I like the Cinna Preztels too. I've been tradin Parmesan Cheef Puff with DD1 for them. Camping sounds fun. DH want to do that but my girls don't want to. I think we should do once and if they don't enjoy themselves then we'll never take them again. But I think they will like.

Going to try to start the invites today if I get a chance..

Yes, those Cinna Preztels are good and they take care of the crunchy snack craving and are as good as the crunch bars; I did not order those this time so we will see how it goes. I will have to order the crunch bars next time tho because I like them and I'm almost out. I like to have a variety of snacks. So your DD1 is doing Medifast too? That's cool it gives you a Medifast buddy....YEAH!!! I want my mom to Medifast with me, but I think she's more into another program...can't remember if it's Medifast or something else....see she like different types of foods than me, she is into more frozen lean cuisine meals and she doesn't care for oatmeal. I love oatmeal. She does like soups and shakes tho.

Good luck with that slummber party! I'm sure it will be fun! You might need to catch up on sleep the next day tho. Live, love and laugh! Then sleep!..

answered May 01 at 17:43

's gravatar image


Yep, it's only 11:28 pm here, but I need to get to bed soon. It's a more mellower day tomorrow so it's ok....not 8 kids only 1 in am and 2 more in pm and then my 3 add in afterschool in pm. so six spread out...

answered May 01 at 19:05

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Hi Meshka, ya'll camp a lot don't you? We used to but have been too busy lately...my hubby has taken our oldest boys on a canoe trip for a weekend or two but because of the white water, I stayed home with the younger ones. I would LOVE to do one of those BIG rafts down the river in CO!!! Those are suppose to be scary rides (and a trained guide required!). I was talking to a chessmaster the other night, a GRANDmaster, actually. LOL and he likes to hike mountains in his spare time. I told him I would have to do that so now I gotta find a mountain to climb. lol....just a small mountain. they do make small mountains, don't they? lol..

answered May 01 at 19:42

's gravatar image


Good morning, Pinks! I am not a late owl like some of you...I need my sack-time. When you get to be my age you need all the help combating wrinkles that you can get!.

Counting down for the weekend now. I was hoping today was Friday......

Hugs to all,..

answered May 01 at 20:06

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Hi all!!!.

PL- all that white water sounds COLD!!! I actually did a rafting trip in South Carolina when I was in Girl Scouts about 20 years ago! OMG! Did I just say I have a memory that is 20 years old?!?!?! that makes me feel so old!.

Speaking of old, we have a LOT of September B-days here! Happy early birthday!.

Meshka- have you tried the oatmeal as a bar? I put one oatmeal pack in a small bowl (the size of the brownie tray) and 1/4 cup of water and microwave for 1:20. I let it cool for about 5 mins, and it's almost like a chewy granola bar. YUMMY!!!.

Aileen- My DH is also 6'3 and weighed 300 (now at 275 due to work and exercise) but, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Snuggling up next to him! I have found that I can lay up next to him, and kiss him now without having to move too much! THANK YOU MF!!!.

Barbara- Yikes! Balloon pumps and critical care transports! Are you an ICU nurse?.

Everyone else- have a great OP thusday! I will be sleeping the day away until it's time to get up for night shift.... again.....

answered May 01 at 20:20

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Prairielady ==>.

Yes, I use the IMG code..

Well ladies I am worn out. I got a phone call around 8pm from DHs work, informing me we are in TCCOR - 3 (again) apparently another typhoon is approaching, and if it continues on course it will be here Sun. WTH! After the phone call I just felt exhausted. Usually I'm not tired until about 12 midnite - 1am. Well after I post this I off to bed..

Anyway, after seeing cute pics of Meshka70's kids, it made me go through my album and look at my kids when they were younger and cuter. I found these pics of them from 10 years ago. Gosh they've change so much. I made this pic for DH to see and just wanted to share with y'all too:.

Okay, off 2 bed 4 me!..

answered May 01 at 21:54

's gravatar image


Good morning PINKs.

Lynn, I am draggin this mornings...paying the price for being up to late..

Nec, cool tutorial but io don't do body/blood things well. Glad there are people that do...like you, FGS, Jonna, Lynn and Krystin that do.....all medical PINKs..

FGS, you can switch bdays with me and get older faster..lol.then I can stay younger for a few days. Lol..but Meshka birthday is first.

Setae, you do great graphics! I meant to thank you for asking about me the other day, sometimes life gets me down too and iget get quiet. I saw you posted a pic so I need to go back up after I post his and ketchup some more..

Everyone glad to see some OP signs!!..

answered May 01 at 23:03

's gravatar image


1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?.

I've been trying to weigh every morning before breakfast. The scale is kept under our bed..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)? When I first started teaching college I came home and said to my husband "and they PAY me for this!".

3) What do you wear to sleep in? a cotton nightgown, sleeveless in the summer..

answered May 02 at 00:35

's gravatar image


Fatgurlslim, no I haven't, but I will have to try that..

answered May 02 at 01:52

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Hi PINKS!!!.

First day of school today....


, you are right, I can't figure out where 14 years went!.

This morning....

Last Fall Picture....

SIGHHHH... Next year she will be in High School..

Ok... I have some medical stuff to take care of..

Hugging all people PINK!!!..

answered May 02 at 02:04

Holden's gravatar image



LOL at your answer about favorite job!!!! TOO funny!!!.

That is a great feeling to have!.

I read that you put your scale under your bed. that means you have to drag it out each morning? is it digital? If it is digital it needs to stay in one place so it can caliborate or "settle" or whatever it does to give an accurate reading. I don't move mine for that reason....i don't want to mess it up. lol I have to weigh on carpet so my son made that wood platform for me. Is there somewhere else you can keep it that it won't have to be bumped around?.

Sharon!!!! Wow! she has realllllllllllllllllly grown up! I remember even older pics of her ...she's beautiful and growing. Be proud, momma!.

Setae, ANOTHER typhoon so soon?? eek. What a cool way to compare your kids from now and ten years ago!!! amazing what ten years will do. makes me want to cry!! I know if I did that age comparison to my kids like that I would be choked up....my empty nest is coming...in ten years and look how fast THAT goes by! Beautiful girls! Which one do you think looks the most like you?.

FGS, nice OP! oatmeal bars, GREAT idea. Good for on the road. Yesterday was an all RTD day for me. Today I have already had two and about to have my third. I love RTDs and used to order one case a month but with the traveling I did this summer I upped it to two cases a month and now am spoiled. lol They are just tooooo easy!!.

(((Team PINK)))..

answered May 02 at 02:06

Devin's gravatar image


I don't have a pic of my kids to share ATM but we just finished a project so I will show that instead. A few years ago my neighbor gave us an old vanity that my boys have been passing around (without the mirror) for a while now but I decided my daughter is growing up and needs a vanity. So my hubby painted it white to match the rest of my daughter's bedroom furniture (daybed and armoire) and put the mirror back on it. I was trying for a Pottery Barn kids look. see link, but for free! woo hoo.


answered May 02 at 03:00

's gravatar image


Grrr..I don't think that link worked..

Try this....


Edit: I guess that link did work so now here is a second. lol.

(it won't let me delete this post??)..

answered May 02 at 03:12

Kevin's gravatar image


8am RTD.

10am RTD.

12noon RTD.

2pm RTD.



Not sure what LG will be....I still have a LOT of squash and zuccini from the church lady ....

Trying to decide between chicken or tailapia for dinner tonight... really not hungry so that's good....i am keeping to my schedule so I don't get famished. And I definitely need more water... I have to reallllly concentrated to get my water in again until it's a habit. The two stainless steel water bottle system was working for me but I need to refill the second bottle and keep them rotating out of the fridge so they stay cold...

answered May 02 at 03:41

Marco's gravatar image


Sharon, Setae.....cute kids you both have!!!.

Pl, nice job with the vanity project and what a great gift for your DD..

Setae....stay safe!.

Op day for me and have tons of energy and the sun is shinning andit's hot out side!!! I love it when my Friday comes early and then I have a 4 day weekend and it's my b-day and DS1b-day too....extra special to share the weekend with DS1..

7:15am shake.

9:15am shake.

12:00pm veg beef stew and whole grain crackers.

1:00pm green tea infuser.

Not sure about the rest yet.....but it will be OP that's for sure!!!.

Ok BBL..

answered May 02 at 03:57

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Team PINK's Wednesday Homework:.

1) How often do you weigh? And where do you keep your scale?.

I usually weigh everyday once in the morning and once before bed....this way I have an idea where I'm at....this week has been different tho, I have forgotten to weigh a couple of times and after I've gotten in the shower I remember and say oh well next time..

2) What's the most favorite job you've ever had (past or present)? I would say when I worked at the mill as a Block Picker(I also got to fill in at other stations) but really enjoyed switching to the Clean up crew....I had more freedom and din't have to stay put all day..

3) What do you wear to sleep in?.

I wear a short sleeve night gown....don't care for pants unless it's winter and freezing out side then I layer up with the night gown, pants, sweat shirt and booties...then I wake up and take all of that off except the night gown and go back to sleep...LOL...

answered May 02 at 04:36

's gravatar image


I work critical care on an ambulance. We only transport SCTU (specialty care/critical care patients). With today's insurance, you'd be suprised what insurance companies will put critical patients through in order to get to the right facility. It's really a shame how ill some patients are that have to get ground transport simply for insurance reasons. I understand when our helicopter can't fly but most of our runs should be lifted..

We do heart cath standbys at several hospitals and do balloon pump transports when needed along with trauma transports to level 1 trauma centers. Basically, while monitoring the numbers and helium...we're troubleshooting the machine. If anything should happen in route....i.e...balloon deflation...machine errors....we have thirty minutes to get them to a hospital and get the balloon out...

answered May 02 at 04:47

Victor's gravatar image


Good morning pinks!.

Even though it is 4pm, I am just getting up and getting ready for work. I really dont like to work nights, but it does seem to make the shift go faster..

Gonna be an OP night! Started out wih my oatmeal bar, and packing my lunch bag for the rest of the night. YAY!.

Ok, well gunna go spend some time with the fam before heading off to work!.

Night yall!.

Playing the OP slots, and winning!!!..

answered May 02 at 05:02

's gravatar image


Meshka70 ==>.

Yes, DD1 is doing Medifast with me. She got really upset when we took her clothes shopping. She had DH and me both trying not to cry, that's how upset she was about her weight. She started about 2+ weeks after me and finally het her 1st goal on Wed. - she lost over 10lbs. She is losing slowly, but she's losing.

I think us doing it together makes it a little easier. But we still have a ways to go. She passed up a slumber party because she said she knew she would not B able to stay OP, even if she took her meals with her. Made me sad, so we are both determined to stick with it and lose the weight so we can start enjoying island life and stop watching it from a far. I am definately going to mention camping to DH.

But we might just wait until next year. Depends on DHs job..

Momtolissa ==>.

I know right, UR DD is very pretty and has a beautiful smile. Better get U a bat when she starts HS. Love her shoes!.

Fatgurlslim ==>.

Hiyah! love the slot machine.

Pointe_of_view ==>.

Good morning!.

PrarieLady ==>.

TY! U can make UR own sign smilies @ this website:.


I understand, I was just panicking , just a wee bit, since I hadn't heard a peep from U. That vanity turned out great! Tell DH he did a great job. R U still going 2 change the knobs? I think DD2 (the one on the left with the big brown doe eyes), I've got friends form HS that swear she's like my twin. Funny thing is DD1 always gets mistaken for me. Its weird. Especially on the phone, even my family can't tell the difference between our voices.

My own sister has done the same. I think DD3 look more like my DH..

I forgot to say where I keep my scale for WEDs HW - I keep my scale in the dining area connected to my kitchen. I leave it in the corner & don't move it..


Found out this morning that Typhoon Kompasu did do some damage up north @ Okuma Beach & Recreation center. The eye passed over them and left downed trees, loss of power & communication. I think we were lucky to be down south. The place is closed at the moment while they do repairs and stuff..

Well I need to workout, BBL have a OP day Pinks!..

answered May 02 at 05:29

's gravatar image


(((((((((((((((((((((((PL))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))).

Hope you rested well last night. Love the vanity. That is GORGEOUS!!!.

Bed time peeps... second day of school and eye Dr appt in the am..


answered May 02 at 06:19

's gravatar image


Hey PINKs....storms hit last night and electricity was spotty. decided to go to bed early only to be waken up by my hubby when he came into our room to fix our closet rod that had fallen (too much weight/clothes on it). Anyway, now I am wide awake. *sigh*.

DD has an earache last few days and was crying earlier. She is such a sweet girl, I don't like to see her in pain. she rarely complains about anything.....

(((Team PINK))) see you all tomorrow...love and hugs to the PINKs...

answered May 02 at 07:58

's gravatar image



Meshka70 ==>.

Yes, DD1 is doing Medifast with me. She got really upset when we took her clothes shopping. She had DH and me both trying not to cry, that's how upset she was about her weight. She started about 2+ weeks after me and finally het her 1st goal on Wed. - she lost over 10lbs. She is losing slowly, but she's losing.

I think us doing it together makes it a little easier. But we still have a ways to go. She passed up a slumber party because she said she knew she would not B able to stay OP, even if she took her meals with her. Made me sad, so we are both determined to stick with it and lose the weight so we can start enjoying island life and stop watching it from a far. I am definately going to mention camping to DH.

But we might just wait until next year. Depends on DHs job..

I am sorry that it made you guys feel that way, but it would have made me feel the same if my DD was going through that as well. I get sad when things happen to my kiddos that shouldn't have....I totally understand. I'm so glad that she has hit her 1st goal...what a great feeling for her and you guys as well!!! That's a great team you guys have going there, I only wish my mom was living closer to me so we could do that too. You both can do it together and it will make you both stronger...what a great feeling! Camping is fun!! The girls would enjoy it.....winter camping here....not so sure. What does your DH do for work?..

answered May 02 at 08:35

's gravatar image


PL, I looked it up to be sure, but my scale is electronic, powered by a lithium batteryyou tap it with your foot to get it to display zero and then get on it. I have hardwood floors, so it works well..

Setae and Meshka, I'm enjoying the pictures of your kids; they're beautiful..

I've been working longer days than usual, but lurking and enjoying hearing the conversation here...

answered May 02 at 09:53

Griffin's gravatar image


Hello - my hat is off to stay at home moms I have been off work since Wednesday - today is day 3 at home but it is the first day I did not make plans - Wed I was out with DS1 all day and yesterday both boys and I were out with gramma all day - so today is PJ day - no one is moving from the house - just chilaxing ... but no computer time for some reason - strange but it is really busy at home keeping the boys occupied.

Have a great day everyone,.


answered May 02 at 11:13

Paul's gravatar image


Meshka70 ==>.

Thanks! My DH is an aircraft mechanic..

LeitaJ ==>.


Joshsmom ==>.

Enjoy UR day!.

Happy Friday or at least it was. Sheesh didn't realize it was already 12:50 am. So I guess happy Saturday! I'm gonna let myself sleep in. Good nite PINKs!..

answered May 02 at 11:24

Morgan's gravatar image


Dear PINKs,.

I am sorry for the delay in reporting in today....been going non-stop and am here now and need to ketchup but first gotta this to say:.

I am having my bday party at a three day chess tourney! LOL ALL FIVE of my kids will play at the same tourney (which is rare) and the chess folks will celebrate with us. Since my birthday falls on a long holiday weekend (which are traditional chess tourney weekends) then I thought to combine them. My kids think I'm crazy! LOL I am imaginig a family fun time. Three years ago I saw a picture of myself at my husband's 40th birthday party...it was horrifying and that led me to MF. So when starting Medifast one of my goal was to get my weight off before my own 40th. I didn't make it completely but OH WHAT a difference 150 pound loss will make on a body! LOL I am half my former size! ....*sniff* now....I am getting all choked up and teary-eyed from the thought..

The picture that started it all:.

(((Love you all and thank you for being PINK with me))))..

answered May 02 at 11:47

's gravatar image


Hi PINKs,.

It is a.


Day outside...my DD must be feeling better from her earache because she is walking around outside enjoying the sun with cooler temps from the rain storms we had last night. I was looking out the window at one point XPECTING to see a tornado coming at me on the second floor!! LOL.


AWESOME OP sign you made, thanks for the link! I will try it! So glad your DD is learning healhty LG eating habits now and will get some weight off and know how to keep it off for life. Losing weight and maintaining is something that we all need to teach our kids as a life skill. Good job!!.


, aren't you the one that mentioned Garnet Hill the other day? I just got their catalog in the mail and J. Jill catalog. OH I love that one!! I drool at the clothes...all the fall catalgos are starting to arrive in my mailbox and looking at them inspires me to keep losing the extra weight. I want cute clothes in smaller sizes! LOL about the slots!.


, You put up a new avatar!!! You look GREAT and I can tell you have lost weight!!!!! You are beautiful!! Love the pretty flowers in there too! Now we need to get your weight loss ticker set up in your signature. Those are fun to make on the Medifast "community home page" look on bottom left corner for "ticker factory" then follow the steps. When you get to the last step it will give you a code. Pick the one for the 'discussion boards' then paste into your signature like you did the PINK banner..

You look sooo happy! Medifast works!.


Kids are exhausting. plain and simple. lol I like your chilaxing word. How are you doing on your water? When you think you want to BLT, first guzzle a whole bottle of water in one guzzle. That will help slow you down to give you a chance to come up with an escape plan. (((hugging you))).

My DS1 is loving his college classes. He is dual enrolled and comes home at night and tells me the funniest stories about his professors and classmates. Being homeschooled his whole life, it's pretty excitng for him and he tells the stories to make me laugh so much I have to hold my sides. LOL I like to sit on his bed and just let him talk. I cherish those moments!!!..

answered May 02 at 12:32

Calvin's gravatar image


Team PINK's Friday Homework:.

1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day?.

What's your plan of attack to stay OP?.

2) What do you collect?.

3) Have you ever broken a bone?..

answered May 02 at 14:11

Evan's gravatar image


My Actual Factuals (that is what I have ACTUALLY eaten and not just plan on what to eat):.

8am cinn pretzels.

10am cinn pretzels.

12noon LG.

2pm cinn pretzels.

( I am such a creature of habit!! LOL ....yesterday it was RTDs all day! lol)..

answered May 02 at 15:02

Erik's gravatar image


Flying by to do homework before I go home to do more homework :P.

1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day?.

What's your plan of attack to stay OP?.

Other than moving furniture from downstairs to upstairs and from upstairs to downstairs, we are going to a big cookout on Sunday. I'm planning to take my meals with me and drink plenty of water. I don't think I will have a problem.

2) What do you collect?.

I don't really collect anything anymore, but I love love love Snoopy.

3) Have you ever broken a bone?.

Just my toes and my tailbone..

answered May 02 at 15:13

's gravatar image


Hi PINKS, I just thought my DD's ear was getting better. She spent most of the afternoon in pain and tears..

I gave meds and hugs..

Aileen, thanks fordoing your homework..

Hope you didn't break your toe and tailbone in the same accident..

I am OP.....little hungry but I am tough..

...drinking water now because I am behind on that and it shows up as hunger. Lol..

answered May 02 at 15:15

's gravatar image



Been very busy preparing myself to go back to work on restricted duty on Tues. Sighhhh..

PL: ((((((THANK YOU))))))).

Team PINK's Friday Homework:.

1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day?.

Not really. just getting ready to go back to work and trying hard not to hurt myself more. Think we might drive to the balloon fest for a morning or evening balloon launch. It is one of the most beautiful sights!!.

What's your plan of attack to stay OP?.

I bought some RTD's and cases of water!!! I WILL be OP, BABY!!!.

2) What do you collect?.


Not really much any more as I have tried SO hard to de-clutter and not collect. I do collect mugs (the kind you drink out of, not look at LOL).

3) Have you ever broken a bone?.

Yes... hairline fracture of my tailbone which included a grade 2 slipped vertebrae from a nasty horse accident 26 years ago. I now also have stenosis and pinched nerves from the slip and my weight..

I have also had stress fractures in my foot as well as a small fracture of my ankle. Oh and a broken finger... WOW, I guess I didn't realize I broke that many things..

Have a great labor day weekend.



answered May 02 at 15:48

Fernando's gravatar image


Happy Birthday.


Our PINK sister,.


Today is YOUR day!!!.

(This VIRTUAL cake is totally OP!).


answered May 02 at 17:15

's gravatar image


My HW:.

1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day?.

Chess tourney!.

What's your plan of attack to stay OP?.

I bought some RTD's and brownies! I WILL BE OP!!.

2) What do you collect?.

I have a collection of old antique saucers that I hang around the top of my kitchen and living room. I also collect old antique platters (and use them to serve food). That said, my house is full so I stopped buying them. LOL.

3) Have you ever broken a bone?.

No. I always thought it would be cool as a kid to wear a cast though! LOL..

answered May 02 at 17:38

's gravatar image


1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day? I'm spending today and most of tomorrow at a chess tournament with my youngestbrought my favorites, parmesan cheese puffs and peanut butter bars. My husband is meeting me tomorrow and will take over the chess tournament duties so I can go home, see my daughter, and make it to my rehearsal for the local symphony tomorrow night..

2) What do you collect? books. I have somewhere around 7,000 of them in my house. Bookshelves line the walls of our (finished) basement..

3) Have you ever broken a bone? No, but I had my knee replaced, which involves a surgeon sawing through the bone...

answered May 02 at 17:53

's gravatar image


Actual Factuals:.

(trying to stay focused).

8am fruit and nut crunch bar.

10am fruit and nut crunch bar.

12noon grilled chicken breast (but no green yet).

(It was a sandwich but I threw away the bun. I asked for no bun and lots of lettuce but they didn't do it that way.).

...I will be OP, I will be OP...

answered May 02 at 18:45

's gravatar image


Hello PINKs,.

Hi Leita, chess tourney, me too! lol.

I just arrived to chess tourney and set up my PINK laptop. The Tournament Director knows me well here and came in to ask me if I had set up my "office" yet. LOL He knows I travel with an ice chest and he calls that my "kitchen". I'm set! lol..

answered May 02 at 20:25

Colt's gravatar image


((Christina)) I see you! yeah! Thanks for popping in to wish Meshka a Happy Birthday..

Hope you are on the way to recovery..

I am drinking my water now. The trips to the ladies room count as exercise! LOL..back and forth, back and forth. LOL..

answered May 02 at 21:17

's gravatar image


Hello everyone - again - no personals - sorry - just a quick check in ... I am on program today ... I am starting my own personal challenge ... there are 96 days until my birthday - last year on my birthday I weighed 142 pounds ... I want to weigh that again - my eventual goal is 140 - my dream come true goal is 130 ... but if I set 142 as my b-day goal I really think I can do it ...


Bbl for personals .....


answered May 02 at 22:29

's gravatar image


Hello, Pinks! Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. Happy birthday, Meshka! Many happy returns of the day..

Today is our 34th anniversary. I am not sure where all of the years have gone; just know that they have been (mostly) good. We leave this evening for a couple of days in Manchester, MA visiting an aunt and uncle that we haven't seen in years. I am packing my MF....I don't go anywhere without it! I will catch up when we get back into town late Monday..

Hugs to all the Pinks!..

answered May 02 at 22:56

's gravatar image


Hi PINKs....

I had something interesting to share...my DD is playing a blind man on a custom-made chess board. The black pieces have a rough pattern carved in the top of each one and even the white squares are raised so he can tell them apart. Very cool. He is being very nice to my DD but will probably beat her...

answered May 03 at 00:32

's gravatar image


Close up of black piece with texture at the top (white pieces are smooth at the top):..

answered May 03 at 01:16

's gravatar image


(((Team PINK))).

It's quiet here so you all must be having a great OP weekend!..

answered May 03 at 02:15

's gravatar image


HI PINKS!!! Have a great holiday weekend! Laying low. Hurt my back this morning again trying to do laundry..


answered May 03 at 02:44

's gravatar image


PL LOVE the chess set. How awesome is THAT!!!.

Happy Anniversary Lynn! Have a great time!!!..

answered May 03 at 04:13

's gravatar image


I love the chess set, too. Never seen that before...

answered May 03 at 05:47

Zion's gravatar image


This was me yesterday! OUCH!!!! I was BAD gir!!! I was not OP and almost felt like I needed to call a sponsor..

Hi my name is FGS, and I am not OP....

But, today is a new day and I am determined to be OP again!.

I hope everyone is having a great day!..

answered May 03 at 06:03

Jeremiah's gravatar image


Happy birthday PL.

Happy Anniversary Lynn.

Hello to eveyone else ... here is a cheater post (copied from another group I write with): for those of you who don't know me well, we have a family orchard with a cider house and estate winery..

The farm was hopping today - lots of customers - lots of families coming to pick apples, run on the trials and stroll through the walking gardens - I love it because people want to be there and I for sure feel like a better person there .... MIL had the formal dining room set for dinner tonight - I love that! during the summer we get more relaxed and eat outside but there is nothing like us all sitting around the dining room, laughing about the day and eating gramma's cooking (there are usually 15-20 of us)..

Okay - am going to spend some time with DH and then hit the sack ... see you all tomorrow...

answered May 03 at 07:16

Colt's gravatar image


Thanks PINKs for my birthday wishes..

Everyone at the tourney sang happy birthday to "Chessmom" LOL.

Happy Anniversary, Lynn.

(((Team PINK)))..

answered May 03 at 08:05

's gravatar image


Hey PINKs,.

The good thing about being born on a holiday is that I can milk it for 3 days. LOL.

Kids are playing chess and swimming all weekend. And they gave me a new camera for my bday gift....now for the learning curve on that thing. I don't like to read directions. Lol.

How is everyone doing?.

(((Team PINK))).


answered May 03 at 09:16

's gravatar image


Hope everyone is having a fantastic day off!! I have to work tonight, so I have to go to sleep now....

I will post more later tonight and say hi!..

answered May 03 at 10:41

's gravatar image


Happy (belated) birthday, PL! Hope your day went well!.

LeeAnn, I love to hear of your time on the farm. It sounds like your family is pretty special. Thank you for sharing these stories with us. Fall apple season here, too always means a trip to the orchards for us to pick apples for a couple of pies and some home-made applesauce. It is a ritual we have enjoyed since our kids were toddlers. I still love it!.

FGS, I will tell you what everyone here tells me....GET BACK OP right now! Cheating only makes us stay fat longer...LOL!.

Now, having said that, I am going to fess up: I was WAY OP this weekend. Or at least I tried to be. Talk about bum luck...for our anniversary I had decided that I was going to go OP for just one meal. We had decided to get some take out food to have in the hotel room on our way to Boston Saturday evening, so we stopped at an Italian place near the hotel. David ordered a meatball sub and hot wings; I thought I would order a Greek salad (dressing on the side, please) and a (gasp) piece of pizza! I ordered just one, figuring that was safer than ordering an entire pie. I mean, if I was going to be OP, at least it wasn't going to be a blow out.

The sub smelled wonderful. The wings looked great. The salad was huge. The pizza....wasn't in the take out bag. They had forgotten to put it in with the order! I checked the cash register receipt, and sure enough, it was on there and paid for.

Even planning to go OP didn't work! So I ate my salad and drank a diet Pepsi and that was that. Bummer!.

However, my NSV came the next morning when I took my shower and wrapped the hotel towel around me...with room to spare! Here at the house we have those gi-normous bath sheets, so I wasn't aware that I fit into a regular size towel!.

Hugs to all the Pinks!..

answered May 03 at 11:39

Michael's gravatar image


Good Afternoon PINKS!.

Been pretty busy, decided to go forward with the slumber party. Decide to let my girls plan it themselves. I finally finished the invites last night and my girls took them to school with them today. Here's how they turned out:.

PrairieLady ==>.

Hope DD feels better. What a cool chess set! Never even hear or seen anything like it. TY for sharing!.

Dcroome2005 ==>.

{{{Hugs}}} Hope U R feeling better.

Meshka70 ==>.

Pointe_of_view ==>.

On 34 yrs of marriage! Great NSV..

Momtolissa ==>.

Hope UR back feels better.

BBL with homework..

answered May 03 at 12:53

Johan's gravatar image


My Team PINK's Friday Homework:.

1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day?.

Nothing planned, Just hanging out with kids!.

What's your plan of attack to stay OP?.

No need for plan, not doing anything so will B OP!.

2) What do you collect?.

At the moment I am collecting recipes..

3) Have you ever broken a bone?.

Nope, never! I hope I never do...

answered May 03 at 14:27

's gravatar image


Pl, Thank you!!! I am back home and I will have to catch up tomorrow....didn't really check in with my mobile...so BBT..

answered May 03 at 16:06

Brenden's gravatar image


Christina, Thank you!!! I had a great weekend camping!..

answered May 03 at 16:38

Axel's gravatar image


Good Morning PINKs!!.

Hope everyone had a great OP weekend and are ready for the new day..

Together we are stronger!!..

answered May 03 at 17:11

's gravatar image


Good Evening PINKs! Just checking in then i'm off to bed. Another OP day! I hope tomorrow (WIW) the scale goes down. Tom is visiting and I'm trying not to get bummed. Well, I'm off have an OP day ladies!..

answered May 03 at 18:35

's gravatar image



You know whats worse than being off plan all weekend? Having to own up to it and confess... I dont know what has gotten into me (besides off plan food!) Maybe the fact that I was running low op Medifast and decided to "stretch" it out. Well that didnt work!!! I was doing SO GOOD!!! I am very angry with myself! This is abou the same weight as I was when I went off plan last time. At least I recognize it this time. 3 days late, but recognized none the less... I think that I am at a weight right now where people are starting to notice, and I am starting to feel better about myself, and I think that one little off plan meal wont hurt.

1 leads to 2 and so on... I will not rob myself of my goal this time! I WLL BE OP TODAY!.

My shipment is somewhere in my city right now, so when I wake up, maybe it will be on my door step! I WILL BE OP TODAY! I WILL BE OP TODAY!!!.

Setae-LOVE LOVE LOVE the invitations!!! How cute are those!?!?!?! Do you do scrapbooking too?.

Meshka- was it cold for you this wekend camping? it wasnt very warm here this weekend....

P_O_V- Thanks for the encouragment... I am mounting the proverbial horse as we speak!.

Someones DD birthday is today, and I am so sorry, that I cant remember whose... Happy birthday D(mystery)D!.

Night shift stinks! Its 8 in the mornin, and I'm on my way to bed. Hope the rest of you sun lovers have a great day!..

answered May 03 at 20:09

's gravatar image


Hi PINKs,.

I am here and I am OP...but need some serious ketchup. lol ("catch up" with things, not the red stuff. lol).

I had a long three day birthday weekend but am ready to get back to life now. The weekend tourney did not turn out anything like I planned. lol The kids that I thought would do well didn't and the ones I wasn't expecting much from, did well...but we all had fun and made a lot of memories..

This morning I started with LOTS of water (going to be perfect with my water this week) and a Swiss Mocha shake. I hadn't had one in a while and it was good. Then for my 10am, I had a Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and hadn't had one of those in a while either....They are quite filling!! ...guzzling more water now.... Today I am taking my younger three on my walk with me. We all need to stretch our legs daily and SO MUCH of our lives is seditary these days. I've got our route planned out, something new.

(((Team PINK))).

Setae, LOVE your OP signs! You have some serious creativity running in your veins!.

FGS, you are OP today! Forget the past because if you let it get you down, you'll never get up..so just forget it (but learn from it) and move on!.

...I gotta read back some more but will post this now..

Team PINK....we CAN do this! Weight loss is easier with friends!..

answered May 03 at 20:30

Cruz's gravatar image


Lynn, what a great story about the P word! Ha ! You tried to cheat but couldn't! yeah!.

That's a great thing! and the towel...fit! you are small!! you are little! woo hoo!.

LeeAnn, what a sweet imagine I get of your family sitting around the big dining table. I love moments like that when families get together to talk and learn about each other. PINK is kind of like that. We all come here to gather around to encourage one another..

((Team PINK)) Medifast works!.

BTW, here are my Actual Factuals:.

8am shake.

10am oatmeal.

12noon shake.




answered May 03 at 20:42

's gravatar image


Aileen, how was your weekend? Are you getting some more walking in during your lunch breaks? That is such a good use of time since you can have a Medifast meal quickly..

Krystin, where have you been?.

Christina, Can you believe it is already Sept. 7. What's your latest info on your condition? Do you have movement back yet?.

Mimi, I need to scroll back further because I still didnt see your posts..

Nec, you are doing awesome on your weight loss. Did you take your test you were studying for? Your workouts are looking good on you!.

PINKs, come out and play..

FGS, you are sleep....maybe you and Setae are now on the same schedule since she is in Japan and you are working night?.


answered May 03 at 20:57

Ashton's gravatar image


Thanks PL for calling me. I needed that.. Neuro appt 9 am on Friday...


answered May 03 at 21:06

Erik's gravatar image


Hi PINKs,.

Christina, I was just coming here to tell the PINKs that you are still PINK and waiting for some answers on your medical stuff. Praying you get answers and well soon..

Leita, how are things there? Has the dust settled now that the new school is underway?.

My DS1 was at the chess tourney with us all weekend and studied between rounds. He is find out that college is VERY time consuming..

I had a LG today of beef and cucumber. I don't do beef often but it was already cooked (leftovers) so I ate it but it is OP so it is ok. I need to do some serious grocery shopping. I got some birthday money and I am dreaming of stocking my big freezer again. Maybe tomorrow night after church I can get a grocery shopping spree in. lol.

Friday I have to go to a college day with my DS1. They are having an Open House. One of our old friends teaches there so it will be good to see him again. He and his wife have had three babies in the few years we've known them and I take full credit for their last one finally being a boy. LOL (I told her how to get a boy. lol)..

answered May 03 at 21:28

's gravatar image


YAY YAY YAY!!! My shipment came in today! ITs gonna be a BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT OP DAY!!!.

I just tried the cranberry mango cold drink and thought it was great, until the aftertaste set in. But it wasnt bad enough to make me not order it again!.

Christina- good luck at your neuro appt. praying for answers for you!.

PL- yes I think we wil be on the same schedule!.

I only got 4 hours of sleep today.. I am going to be one tired OP Pink tonight!.

Hugs to all!..

answered May 03 at 22:53

's gravatar image


Lynn, I love the towel story!.

Today I cleaned out all my big jeans and all my "fat tops" and put them in bags to take to Goodwill. There was one top I kind of liked, but I put it in there, too. Good riddance..

Because I've been a yo-yo dieter all my life, I have sizes right on down to my smallest, so I got the next size of jeans out of the basement. I like these a lot better. In fact, the ones I didn't like, I put in the Goodwill bag, too. Some were a bit big around the waist but small at the knee, and my knee isn't even swollen anymore, so out they went. I'm going to have clothes I like!..

answered May 03 at 23:49

's gravatar image


Team PINK's Tuesday Homework:.

1) Do you consider yourself a fast or slow eater?.

2) Do you play a muscial instrument?.

If so, which one(s) and for how long?.

3) What's the first thing you say in the mornings?..

answered May 04 at 00:05

Ivan's gravatar image


FGS, get some sleep!! ((hugging you, nite-nite. lol)) Be careful and once you get back into the fat burning state to protect it ....i am preaching to myself too. "Protect your ketosis" is one thing I like to say..

Sharon, how are you today? thinking of you..

Leita, AWESOME on getting your bigger sizes OUT of the house! good ridance is right! you don't need them and you don't want them!.

If those sizes are out of the house you'll never go back to them. Onward and Downward to goal!!..

answered May 04 at 01:42

's gravatar image


Hi PINKs,.

Here are some pics from this weekend...somehow I got throught the weekend without anybody taking a picture of me..

We forgot to take the camera to my birthday dinner, went to the car and then back in, only to find out it didn't have the SD card in it. LOL.

Anyway, here is pic of DS4 at the tourney (my youngest son). He was suppose to play in a easier division but there were not enough people so they combined it and he had to play tougher oppoenents. This made me decide not to take him to anymore adult tourneys for 6 months or more..

And this is a pic of my oldest son DS1. He started college classes now and is lovin' it. I still remember him as a little kid, more like the size of my DS4 is now. they grow up so fast!.

And this is a science experiment my DS3 and DD did...there are three layers: syrup, water and oil and the rock is at the bottom, the grape in the middle and the cork floated on top..

I am just having fun playing with my new camera. I need to get a case for it so I carry it in my purse without it getting scratched up..

Anybody with Actual Factuals and/or NSVs to report??..

answered May 04 at 03:06

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Happy Birthday.




(It's a virtual cake so it's OP! LOL).

ENJOY your DAY!!..

answered May 04 at 03:09

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Hey FGS, it was nice while we were camping...Fri. was pretty warm when we arrived about 6ish, Sat. was pretty hot when you were in the sun, but that night it started to get pretty cold while we were sleeping and I started to cover everybody up with more blankets. When I got up I noticed that 2 of our doorway bottoms were unzipped and the breeze was flowing right through our tent...my DD did that the evening before...grrr! So Sun. was windy, but a warm wind and Mon. was pretty hot in the sun...so over all it was pleasent..

Today is my DS1's 9th Birthday....he had a wonderful day. We brought cup cakes to school for him and his class. We bought him a skateboard and a helmet...he loves it. Now for his pizza party next Fri..

Hope you had a better day today. Don't feel bad about going off plan...I did it to this weekend....I had a great OP day today and I am moving forward again...that's what counts!..

answered May 04 at 04:28

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Hello PINKs!!!!.

Sorry for being MIA all weekend...my cell phone battery was low and I didn't feel like hanging around in the bathroom and let my phone charge...LOL.

Today was my DS1 9th Birthday and he had a very special day. He had brought cup cakes for him and his class mates to share, played football in the drizzle/light rain, came home and the family had an oreo cookie ice cream cake(not me tho...I stayed OP!) and he opened up his present from us ~ a skateboard and a helmet, he just loves it!! We are planning his pizza party for next Friday night..

My NSV for today was staying totally OP!.

7:15am shake.

9:15am oatmeal.

12:15am vegetable beef stew with whole grain crackers.

Had 2 infusers today...1 in am and 1 in pm.

3:00pm chicken noodle soup.

6:00pm chicken breast and tomatoes.

8:00pm shake.

I still have to ketchup on my reading and will do homework...

answered May 04 at 05:37

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Thank you!!.

What a great day for a wedding anniversary!! Happy Anniversary...34 years...WOW!!! That's awesome!!!..

answered May 04 at 05:48

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Team PINK's Friday Homework:.

1) Got plans this weekend for Labor Day?.

Yes, We are going camping and it's my birthday....last year we went camping and it was both my b-day and then my DS1's b-day....It's starting to become a Labor day weekend tradition for us..

What's your plan of attack to stay OP?.

I packed my Medifast and lots of water...oh and the joggin stroller for walks with my DD...she gets tired of walking and then she wants me to carry her, she's 30 lbs and it gets tiring after awhile..

2) What do you collect?.

I would say pictures/video's of my kids and family. I have tons of them and still take tons more. I love to capture every moment...LOL.

3) Have you ever broken a bone?.

Yes I have. When I was about 10 years old I was skating at the roller rink and was waiting to cross from the middle of the rink to the other side of the rink and was knocked down by an adult and his skate landed on my right arm....this frctured my elbow and broke my wrist. Then about 2 years ago I slammed my right baby toe into the back of my couch and it swelled, bruised and was pretty sore to walk...the doc. said I broke it. Then last year I slammed my left baby toe into the back my DS1 foot and it was swelled(one of those instant stops your kids make right in front of you...didn't hurt him, just me)...not sure if I broke it, but it hurt...I never had it checked out...

answered May 04 at 06:51

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