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Quick question... Is Sara Rue HOT looking in those Nutrisystem commercials ? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I'm going in for a Colonoscopy tomorrow..

Today I had to start the prep. I am not allowed to eat anything solid for basically 24 hours. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to handle not eating, but I will be missing out on 4 regular meals and 4 snacks in that time frame..

I imagine I will be so hungry when I come out of this that going off plan will probably be what happens. I think what I'm going to do is have a nice meal ready to go for when I get home..

I'm thinking maybe a nice big chunk of Fresh Salmon I can grill up quickly, some Salad and Brown rice..

Anyone else have to do this while on NS?..

asked Apr 21 at 12:16

's gravatar image


Of course! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

answered Apr 21 at 13:28

Brayden's gravatar image


The worst part of the colonoscopy is definitely the prep..

I need to sign up for another one this year. Haven't done it yet though..

Good luck!..

answered Apr 21 at 13:55

's gravatar image


Colonoscopies aren't that big of a deal, for sure. But, the prep stuff was rather vile tasting. I had to drink a whole gallon of something (I've forgotten what it was) so I was full of that for sure during the prep period..

I didn't loose an appreciable amount of weight, either. Oh well! Guess those infomercials on colon cleansing as a means to weight reduction are just another load of nonsense..

I didn't feel the need to rush out and eat when I came home...

answered Apr 21 at 13:59

Jameson's gravatar image


I did my first less than a month before I started NS..

The prep is the worst...but I don't recall being that hungry when I came out of it...(at least any more than usual back then.).

You should be fine with the skipped stuff...I lost about 5 pounds that week by not eating (and all the stuff they make you drink to clean out your system). It was a part of my decision to try Nutrisystem a couple weeks later to see if I could lose more on a "diet" when I already saw those 5 pounds had come back on a week later at the gym...it was an illustration of just how fast I could pile on pounds with my old eating habits...even with going to the gym...

answered Apr 21 at 15:28

's gravatar image


I'm also due for the same. Maybe your fasting will kick your weight lose into hyper-gear this week. Try not to blow it when you get home (or on the way home)...

answered Apr 21 at 16:27

Michael's gravatar image


I took a peek into the operating room. Seems like they're ready for you, including having this bad boy all prepped and fired up:..

answered Apr 21 at 17:46

's gravatar image


Lmao...I just don't want wake up after the procedure and see the Dr. and Nurse smoking a cigarette...

answered Apr 21 at 18:56

Casey's gravatar image


I never had a colonoscopy, but I have had several abdominal ct scans. I had to drink several pints of bari-yum. Not fun, awful prep...

answered Apr 21 at 18:57

's gravatar image


I have yet to have one, now I don't think I ever will allow it!.

(Okay... Maybe, I did not loose the weight to die of some silly prostate problem or gut cancer)..

answered Apr 21 at 19:48

Ismael's gravatar image


I hear the post colonoscopy gas blows nutritoots out of the water! have fun...

answered Apr 21 at 20:04

Kolton's gravatar image


This looks worse than being kicked in the groin..

answered Apr 21 at 20:10

Taylor's gravatar image


And as you're going under the doctor ask "Mind if I pick your brain?"..

answered Apr 21 at 20:31

Kristopher's gravatar image


My doc has been pestering me for two years (since I turned 50) to get one done. Been procrastinating about scheduling it. DW had it done about 5 years ago and also said the prep was the worst part. She isn't used to drinking much anyway. Then having to drink about two quarts in the 12 hours prior........

answered Apr 21 at 21:27

Peter's gravatar image


I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1983 and have had about a dozen colonoscopies since..

Does the prep suck? Yup. But what would suck worse is not having the procedure done, only to find out later that you have cancer or some other lower abdominal malady that would have been easily treated if caught early enough..

And mulewhipper, please don't let it become an excuse to go off program. It sounds like you're building a justification for bad behavior ahead of time. As a matter of fact, your doc will probably advise you to go easy on the food for the first day. You will have had enough trauma in the lower intestinal area with the prep and examination.....

answered Apr 21 at 21:37

's gravatar image


Uh, guys, you think one is bad - I've had two since February (prep wasn't effective first time), and prep was the "industrial strength Drano" second time around. (backing out of the men's room now)..

answered Apr 21 at 22:26

's gravatar image


I dunno. Sounds like an opportunity for a really good weigh-in afterwards!.

I've been dodging it since turning 50. We'll see..


Still a virgin..

answered Apr 21 at 22:55

's gravatar image


Here's a link to a very well-written, funny Dave Barry article on his first colonoscopy:.


answered Apr 21 at 23:48

Corey's gravatar image


Originally Posted by nyctfl.

I took a peek into the operating room. Seems like they're ready for you, including having this bad boy all prepped and fired up:.

Is that a benfield88???..

answered Apr 22 at 00:26

's gravatar image


I've had a couple of these, since my mother had Colon cancer. The peace I have from knowing I am "clean" far out weighs the brutal prep. If my mother had caught hers earlier, it would not have had a chance to spread (as it did) and she wouldn't be using the bag for body functions. Don't put this off!! (plus it will help with your weigh in that week!)..

answered Apr 22 at 00:35

Zane's gravatar image


I'm terrified of getting one...however I'm only 33 so I get to put it off awhile longer hopefully.....

answered Apr 22 at 00:37

Jett's gravatar image


I've had 3 over the years. They have switched away from having to drink a gallon of some vile chemical concoction to just a regimen of pills, which is a lot easier to do. I didn't have any problems before or after. The anesthetic makes me groggy for most of the day so I got plenty of rest. It's worth doing just for the peace of mind...

answered Apr 22 at 01:52

Israel's gravatar image


Well all is done. I don't think my medication worked like it was supposed to because I basically felt the whole thing.

Interesting video though..

They found and removed a large pollup. So I guess all is good for 3 years, when I am scheduled for another visit..

The prep wasn't too horrible as I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be. However, when I got home I was pretty hungry..

I had a nice piece of salmon I grilled on a cedar plank, along with some brown rice and salad. I was very full and satisfied afterwards..

Back on the plan today..

answered Apr 22 at 03:12

's gravatar image


Speaking as someone who has had TWO in the last six weeks, they just are not that big of a deal. People make jokes about it because of the subject matter. It beats the crap out of the alternative (sorry for the pun). And as someone whose father has had colon cancer, I'll have them just as often as anyone wants me to. If you have no family history, they usually recommend you have your first one at age 50, and how often after that depends on what they find that time - if you have polyps or a family history, they will have you repeat every 3 to 5 years. Otherwise I think they let you go 10 years between them...

answered Apr 22 at 03:58

Drew's gravatar image


Glad to hear all is well, going to get me to get a complete physical this year...

answered Apr 22 at 05:11

Nasir's gravatar image


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