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First of all Is there a natural supplement that reduces the appetite without caffeine, I tried Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




asked Apr 30 at 17:47

Jayson's gravatar image


Of course! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

answered Apr 30 at 19:01

's gravatar image


If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude...

answered Apr 30 at 20:19

Mohamed's gravatar image


I've been worried/wondering about you and I am glad to read that Timmy is home and (hopefully) feeling/doing better. Please let us know how it all worked itself out..

I really do understand what it's like to have your perfect little regimented Medifast World routine pulled out from under you..

Given the $$ of Medifast and the bullshit of going in and out of ketosis...I would say start over today - and make it a point to be prepared in the future. Maybe just carry some extra bars with you..

I've seen a lot of people over the last 3 years try modified versions of the plan and it doesn't really work out too well..

The good news is (besides the wine) you were trying to keep it to 5/1-friendly meals and not pizza and fries and chocolate cake..

The two pounds that you gained should come off quickly. Just get back on plan and drink a lot of water..

Love to Timmy...

answered Apr 30 at 21:51

Kaden's gravatar image


I am strong because I am weak..

I am beautiful because I know my flaws..

I am a lover because I am a fighter..

I am fearless because I have been afraid..

I am wise because I have been foolish..

I can laugh because I've known sadness...

answered Apr 30 at 22:18

's gravatar image


For anyone who missed it last night....and because it amuses me......

answered Apr 30 at 23:52

's gravatar image


WTH! It seems it was just 9/3 yesterday. Time really does fly, doesn't it? LOL.

Having said that...good morning Shams! I am relieved that your alarm clocks are smarter than I, and that at least two of you are getting ready for work..

Lori ~ I swear you wrote that Levi's ad. I likes it, too!.

Ang ~ Is everything "normal" now at home (with your sleep and Olivia being sick)? I hope so..

Heather ~ I swear you look younger with every new Avi. How you do dat?.

I couldn't sleep last night...I know...Weird, huh? So, I thought I'd go ahead and get my day started. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat on the couch to watch T.V. I was suddenly awakened with my shirt and pants soaked with something warm. No, not p.p. coffee. Apparently I fell asleep..

I have started the "process" of doing my hair. Since it was so dark last time, I needed to either bleach it or use a color fix it product. I went with the latter. Now I have decisions to make because I kind of like the color it turned out just removing the dark color. I don't remember ever having this color before. Wonder where it came from.

In all the years doing my own hair, I have never done one. I decided to keep the longest part (in the back) dark...and still thinking we'll do the peekaboo highlights. I'm just not sure how many different colors I want in my hair. lol.

Dang, I'm tired. Did I say that already? LOL.

Ok girls...off to do the strand test. I think I'll wait on doing the whole thing...just in case I fall asleep again..

If I don't make it back here soon...Have a WONDERFUL day!..

answered May 01 at 01:08

's gravatar image


Hi slores.

Been super not feeling well the past two days. major headaches, feeling faint (almost vertigo) and am really run down- I suppose i'll feel that way till I have this **** fixed. ah, till then.....

Dawn- sooooo awesome! congratulations!!!!!!!.

Lori- sorry about your hair, you know you have swagger even if you were bald......

Lauri- we must have pics....

Ang- mornin' hooker.

Sandy- thanks for the mani halloween idea, i'm really excited to do it!.

Darlene- hoping Timmy is feeling better! and Captn is right....just throw some packs/bars in your purse, so easy..

Sorry- can't remember anything else..

Where did wendy run off to?.

Have a great day!..

answered May 01 at 02:28

's gravatar image


Dawn - I am stoked for you! are you still on that high??? you certainly earned it!..

answered May 01 at 02:45

Micheal's gravatar image


AFM - I ran the pup 2 miles around the neighborhood and saw some houses I'd not seen before... then hubbie got up and we hiked the pups almost 3 miles and got home just as it started sprinkling. great day in WA..

And I learned that I like the healthy me. today I'm logging again and making healthier choices. you guys have always been so supportive and welcoming and it's a true treasure to have my Shammie Family behind me. THANKS!..

answered May 01 at 03:33

Javier's gravatar image



- Good to see you. Don't be such a stranger, gorgeous..


- Keep us posted on the hair. I guess the auburn I suggested yesterday is a no-go, huh?.


- Sorry you were feeling so poopy..


- You're a rock star..

Speaking of rock stars, where is Kori?.


- hi to you, too, but we talk all the time so I never feel like it's rude to ignore you here. LMAO!..

answered May 01 at 03:46

Dawson's gravatar image


WOW - Monday..... how do you spell Blech?.


answered May 01 at 05:10

's gravatar image


And with that - off to work so I can come home to my pillow..


answered May 01 at 06:44

Hugo's gravatar image


Awwww you Shams always are so warm and welcoming, even when I've been away for awhile. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!.

Lauri & Ang.

..thanks about my avi. Seriously??.



...I know..I know..trying not to be no stranger!.


..I couldn't sleep either. Sorry about the coffee...glad it wasn't peepee though!.


..hope you feel better..


...sounds like a great morning in WA. You're liking the move ...that's great!!!.

Ok..gotta go work out. mwah!!..

answered May 01 at 07:31

Marcos's gravatar image


Slauri misses you when you're not here!!!.

So, if you could...like...be here...that would be great. Thank you!.

I don't know what's wrong with you...but if "it" needs fixin'...get 'er done. You silly...

answered May 01 at 08:58

Ivan's gravatar image


10 days until Borgata..

10 days until Borgata...

10 days until Borgata.....

answered May 01 at 09:35

Javier's gravatar image


Tattoo place never called me back..

I must start stalking at noon today..

Also, I talked Ms. Thang in to getting a mani instead of a pedi..

So I need to call the spa, too..

Oh...did I mention I was still 133 this morning?.


answered May 01 at 10:06

's gravatar image


You are a treasure and a Queen!.

That reminds me...I need to change my Avi. Be on the lookout. I are a Princess!.

Here's to hoping your day goes by quickly, so you can get back to that pillow!..

answered May 01 at 10:12

's gravatar image


I'm beginning to worry 'bout Kori, too. Anyone have her number to check on her? It's so not like her to miss more than a day (and even that is rare and she tells us first)..

Now, about this "hair thing". I had already purchased the lighter color before you mentioned the auburn...I think, or I would have checked it out. However, after spending pretty much all night strippin' the old color and applying the new...I believe I have the pretty much the same color as I had BEFORE I started the process. LOL I am conditioning it at the moment. I was going the two toned route again...part of the back (that you can see on the bottom), I was leaving dark and then going some sort of brown on the top (I bought dark blonde, figuring it would go brown). So...when all is said and done, I may have auburn colored hair.

My natural hair color, from what I can remember, has a lot of red in it. I'll keep you posted and will let you know if I go with the peekaboos. I think I just like the name...

answered May 01 at 10:42

Leland's gravatar image


Not a problem on the tattoo thing. I've gotten a couple (three), so just call me when you get there and I'll walk you through it. Ya may want to have a drink or two before hand. If I can't walk you through it, I can print out some instructions off the web. Just sayin'..


When.i.grow.up.i.want.to.be.fat.and.frumpy.like.yo u.net. In other words...You ain't fat! You're gorgeous! You just have bad hair at the moment. I'M KIDDING ('bout the hair)!!!..

answered May 01 at 11:49

's gravatar image


An observation I've had...it doesn't just happen with this thread...but with almost all of them I reply to...there was a crazy one going the other day where one person is irritated because "we" (people in general) don't spell things properly. She started a thread about it. Man, it took off like the cookie thread. I made one comment to defend the last poster because her post went through twice (and she was pretty much telling them they weren't being nice), so I just let them know that there was a server problem and to please not kill her. It seems to have ended right there. Anyway...just an observation.

Except here...I keep coming back..

Ok...gonna rinse the hair and see what we got goin' on up there...

answered May 01 at 13:21

Declan's gravatar image


I know, I know....

I look fabulous! I simply can't help it. Besides, Captain has me on a secret mission today, so I had to pull out the big guns (boobs). LOL.

My words for the day are: It ain't easy bein' sleazy..

Ok...really gotta check the hair...

answered May 01 at 14:30

's gravatar image


Hi from work..

Lauri - loving the new ari!!.

And you may have to find airfare and come out and play with us at Borgata - last minute flight?..

answered May 01 at 16:00

's gravatar image


One of these days, I am SO going to do it. At this point, unless the airlines have a deal where they pay me...I have to stay home. lol..

answered May 01 at 16:01

's gravatar image


Monday morning madness to all of you,.

Hope everyone's day is going well so far. My sister and her hubby are up north this week camping so hope to get together with them sometime this week. She's also going to go with us on our girls trip this coming weekend so hopefully this week will go fast. Still have lingering effects of this cold so trying to take it easy so I don't start coughing, etc. Now it seems DH is getting it too. Gotta go call the pharmacy for some refills so I'll bbl...

answered May 01 at 16:51

's gravatar image


Good luck with whatever hair color you end up with Laurilol. Hope it's one you like. Kate has posted on FB and she has made it to Oregon, has kids enrolled in school, herself tested for her new job and I think now has her car. Seems like everything went well with the move. Gotta go do my fave job of paying billslol. Need to hit the lotteryBAD!!! Oh well, I have lots to be thankful including all of my "shams" so I'm a lucky gal. Forget to tell Darlene that I'm glad Timmy is home and to get some needed rest...

answered May 01 at 17:33

's gravatar image


Good morning all... ugh. thought id never get here. lots of drama at work....

Darlene... sending good thoughts to you and timmy. hang in there..

Lori... I'm really psyched for you guys. BTW... fat and frumpy you are NOT!.

Lauri... loving the princess pic! hair ideas sound great. go for it!.

Erin and barb... feel better asap!.

Andi... wtg on that workout and I love what you learned..

Heather.. great to see you here...

answered May 01 at 17:42

's gravatar image


Oops hi ang... 10 more days till borgata. ill be counting down for you guys! you will have a great time!..

answered May 01 at 18:13

Alfredo's gravatar image


Morning all,.

Lori - fat and frumpy - I do not think so..

Glad Timmy is home..

Lauri - have fun with your hair..

Andi - Yay on puppy run and hike..

Heather - glad to see you..

Andrea - you do great shout outs. I would say ditto to everything you said..

Erin - have fun with mani.

Barb - hope you are feeling back to normal..

I have piano lesson today..

10days I am counting..

Off to do 100 something. Glad the web site is working better today...

answered May 01 at 19:02

's gravatar image


Lauri - love the princess..

Dawn - hope you are still feeling high today...

answered May 01 at 20:16

Chris's gravatar image


Just read the rest of yesterday..

Darlene - I post every Wed. It is your ticker so you make your rules. How does that sound...

answered May 01 at 20:42

Jimmy's gravatar image


Hi Sandy & Andrea & Barb ~ I hope you enjoy your days. It sounds as though my little guy is getting sick, too. He sounds horse and keeps coughing. That makes 3 of us thusfar..

I got less than 1 hours sleep and am beat...at 8:33 a.m..

I am going to try to rest.

Much love!..

answered May 01 at 20:50

's gravatar image


Oh no lauri... who said you guys could all get sick..

Feel better soon..

Hi sandy.. I try on the shouts out. it helps when you are actually not working at work. LOL. I ususally weigh in on mondays and change my ticker that day. I forgot this morning...

AFM: having anxiety about homework tonight and it's not even noon. need to destress and come at from a different angle. going to try to make it fun and encourage pos instead of neg behaviors..

Did I tell you guys what me and BF are being for halloween? the KIA hamsters from the commercial. we go away for weekend to a sci-fi convention, stay at a marriot and there is a big costume party!..

answered May 01 at 21:40

's gravatar image


Thanks everyone for the good health wishes...it is a nice warm greeting in the morning..

Imstarving.causeidrankwine.com =) Hitting the Medifast pancakes right now!.

I am taking naps today to catch up so will check in off and on. Lets all share what we will be or would like tlo be for Halloweeen. Andi- way cute..

Buh bye for bit.....

answered May 01 at 22:33

's gravatar image


Hang in there Darlene.. get rest and stop by later!..

answered May 02 at 00:09

's gravatar image


Sending rest to Darlene and Lauri..

Andrea - Halloween sounds like fun. Last year 4 of us went in on a custome together. We lined up in order. On the front one shirt had a 1,next 2,then 3 and finally 4. Then on the back p, next l, then a and finally y. We were fourplay...

answered May 02 at 00:22

Marshall's gravatar image


That sounds like so much fun! I love the costume idea..

My niece (the one in the picture on my page, with my brother and I) was going to be Flo from the Progressive Commercials. She would have been PERFECT! Such an easy costume, too. Oh well...her loss...

answered May 02 at 01:48

's gravatar image


God Bless my oldest son. He came by and saw that I can't keep my eyes open and then took Nevan with him to watch a movie in Nate's room. So, I'm so there on the nap idea...not in a creepy way.

...you take yours there and I will take mine here. Okay...

answered May 02 at 02:57

's gravatar image


There is a costume available that is like a bedside table with a lamp on it = One, nightstand. hee, hee!..

answered May 02 at 03:52

Waylon's gravatar image


Ok guys...I'm dyin' here...must get some sleep..

Much love to you all!..

answered May 02 at 04:12

's gravatar image


Headed home from work which ends me up in homework city.. be back later tonight!..

answered May 02 at 05:23

Justice's gravatar image


Sorry I've been MIA, been super busy yesterday and today. I am stuck in traffic on the interstate right now. Dh is driving so I'm not typing while driving. I did my 5k yesterday and somehow pushed myself to run 2 miles straight. I've only done 5 minutes before and wanted to die, Dawn you were my inspiration! Then had to work bingo last night and pretty sure I walked another 5k selling pull tabs. Today's was shopping spree at the outlet mall.

But... Know I'll be helping with a school project too. Love you all madly and thinking of the shammies even when not able to get on much...

answered May 02 at 06:20

Jayce's gravatar image


Hi all! Just dropping by and sending some mad love to you all..

And I love all the new avis. I need a new one since I'm about 25 lbs lighter now, lol. Lori, we will need to take inappropriate and filthy pics next week..

I'm off to the pediatrician. I think Kaitlyn may have a ringworm (most likely caught from her mom's dirty skanky ho azz house - do I sound bitter) so I need to go get her checked out..

I'll try and get back on later!..

answered May 02 at 07:03

Chance's gravatar image


Afternoon Sexies!.


Will try to catch you later......

answered May 02 at 07:39

Brodie's gravatar image


Andrea ~ I like your new avi! WOW! Side by side photos are just amazing to me. You look wonderful..

Ang ~ I didn't hear any bitterness at all. lol Are you home from the doc yet? Were you right about Kaitlyn?.

Andi ~ Enjoy your pillow. Well...you know what I mean...rest well. lol..

answered May 02 at 08:49

's gravatar image


Andreapix of the new you are great. Let us know what doc says Ang. Hopefully he will document it and something can be done so it doesn't happen again. Doc put me on a z-pack to try and kill this cold. Long wait at the clinic but I'm glad I went. Better try and get some stuff done so I'll try to get back later and if not, have a good night everyone and I'll see ya tomorrow...

answered May 02 at 10:15

Cade's gravatar image


Barb ~ I'm so glad you went. I hope you start feeling better REALLY soon! Have a good evening. Hugs!..

answered May 02 at 10:17

Dawson's gravatar image


Hi Shammies,.

Barb - I'm glad you went too..

Erin - Thanks for checking on Kori..

Lara - WTG witchyo' 5K yesterday!.

Lauri - I've got a couple of tattoos now...just needed to be sure I got the appointments..

Ang - Filthy pictures are what I do best..

Today at work was INSANE. I didn't get out until 6:00..

But sexy motorcycle CM brought me vodka and shared his grapes with me - so it wasn't all bad..

(Side note: I did not drink the vodka.) (But I wanted to.).

Didn't get to the gym either. Had to come home and let dog out as Joe is at hospital w/S'Dad who just went through first procedure..

I'm going over early tomorrow morning to be there for the next procedures. Pace maker or defibrillator..

Just got super annoyed - Joe called - spoke w/my stepbrother who informed him he is going to 'stop by' the hospital tomorrow. I texted him TWO WEEKS ago and told him I was taking off Tuesday - Joe had Monday covered - could he go Wednesday, blah blah blah. Never heard back. Now I'm sure there will be no one to go to the hospital on Wednesday and he may be coming home and I'm just so disgusted with people only giving a shiiiiiiiiiit about their damn selves..


Oh, and.


, we're booked for tats for around noon on the 16th. I just called!..

answered May 02 at 10:46

Simon's gravatar image


Wow, it seems we have more sick or ailing shammies or shammie Jrs. than healthy ones. The change from summer to Fall often always seems to be the biggest shock to systems, mentally and physically. Pledge to get well one and all !.

I got some great rest today and so did Tim. I am enjoying some dreary, dark weather for my cat naps. DH is going hunting for some dinner out in the forest (of fast foods) after he gets back from the gym since the cupboards are bare. He is doing double treadmill for me too so no one worry ;-)..

I have a great pic to share of Tim and I in costumes from last Halloween, but I need to shrink the size so I can post it here. Be back with that soon. Dinner and more water.......

answered May 02 at 11:08

Carson's gravatar image


I almost killed Kitty when I got home..

I kept wondering WHY I could not get the door between the bathroom and laundry room closed..

Until I heard the scream...

answered May 02 at 11:58

's gravatar image


YAY for sexy m/c man; and vodka; and grapes!.

YAY for filthy pictures!.

SHITZ on step-brother and his selfishness!.

YAY for tattoos! I'm glad you won't need to do them by yourselves. That could be more painful than it needs to be...

answered May 02 at 12:56

's gravatar image


If anyone ever wondered how I made it to 43 with no children...see post above..

I try and spare the innocent...

answered May 02 at 13:49

's gravatar image


Can't wait to see the pic. If you can't get it to post here, post it to your page and let us know to go look. For some dumbass reason, they only allow a certain size picture on the boards, but bigger ones on your page...

answered May 02 at 14:57

's gravatar image


Woulda been better had he fed me the grapes..

But probably inappropriate for the office..

Just sayin'.....

answered May 02 at 16:05

Cameron's gravatar image


Damn it! I had it playin' out in my head that way and you had to go and ruin it. lol..

answered May 02 at 17:39

Marvin's gravatar image


Now days, you can get away with saying "this is the new normal". Seems to work for everything else. Just sayin'. Probably could get away with the drinkin' too. They can't just fire you...they'd have to offer you rehab first. lol..

answered May 02 at 18:03

's gravatar image


This was taken last Halloween time at Disneyland. They have some special nights where everyone can wear costumes and go 'trick & treating' in the parks. It is great fun and we actually have tickets to go again twice this year. Hoping for a good upswing in the crap in Timbos health. I was a ghost bride and Tim was a vampire. Fun side note is that I had some great make up on Tim-grey lines,blood stains etc..and it was too scary for him! He made me wash it all off of his face. Enjoy...hope you are all having a good evening...

answered May 02 at 19:26

Quinn's gravatar image


Darlene ~ LOVE it! Thank you for sharing. My boys do the same thing with scary makeup...they just can't get past it...

answered May 02 at 20:27

Johnny's gravatar image


Yeah, he can't stand to look at himself or even think about it. It is one reason that Disney works great because they dont allow masks or violent costumes in the park. Most all Halloweens- Timmy hides in his room, playing computer, when the trickers come to the door. He Dad always tries to call him out to see a great costume and the door goes slam...Classic game now for over 20 years. I am pleased he was able to handle my ghost bride. DH and I were hobos one year and Timmy freaked out. Good times...

answered May 02 at 21:12

Hayden's gravatar image


Quick fly-by. I am still alive. Just drowning at work..

Have to run, just finished staff meeting, now have class tonight. Then gym if I can muster the energy. Will try to check in late tonight..

Mad love hookers...

answered May 02 at 22:18

Sawyer's gravatar image


HEY! That's EXACTLY what I do on halloween! Not a big fan here...

answered May 02 at 23:29

Jackson's gravatar image


Kori, girl - We have MISSED you! Sorry you're so busy...

answered May 03 at 00:57

Albert's gravatar image


Have talked w/Joe a few times and it seems that S'Dad is doing pretty good..

I just set my alarm for 5:00 and that should give me the time to get to the hospital before they take him in for surgery..

I hope I remember to bring some magazines or whatever....sounds like he could be in there for a long time..

But I'll be here in the morning while I'm having my coffee fo' sho'..

Mad love...

answered May 03 at 01:17

Aaron's gravatar image


Lori ~ I will keep him in my thoughts tomorrow and hope that everything goes smoothly. I'd bring a pillow...you should fit perfectly on one of those tiny little chairs they have there...

answered May 03 at 02:12

Caleb's gravatar image


Finally caught up from yesterday and today. Yesterday was one hot mess on hear with all the serve issues and Lori having hair messes. But girl you are smokin hot no matter what! Sandy- loved the charm. Darlene- hoping Timmy is feeling better- lvoed the pic. The family is dressing up as hippies when we go camping that weekend and I'm being Barbie at work for Toy Story 3. Ang- Hate that dd has a ring worm from a nasty azz house- t hat suck.

I'm missing so many of you I know, but my brain is fried and I'm super tired. Heading to bed- hoping I sleep better than I have been. Need to get my azz back into Medifast mode tomorrow- been straying off the straight path the last couple of days...

answered May 03 at 03:11

Romeo's gravatar image


Miss Lara ~ I would think the campers around you will be very confused with the family dressing as hippies. That is too funny. I love the Toy Story 3 idea. Can't wait to see pics...

answered May 03 at 04:26

Tristen's gravatar image


Ok...I'm off to.


To sleep. See y'all either in a bit or in the a.m..

Much love!..

answered May 03 at 05:08

's gravatar image


Hi all... I must be crazy. ok maybe you knew that already, buy tonight it's because it is after 10 pm and I'm making lasagna now (for kids) for dinner tomm. and doing a load of laundry..

Lara... wow chica, you are busier than usual. you'll make such a cute barbie..

Darlene... love the pic of you and timmy. I can understand his dislike for halloween. oh I liked your shammie jr comment. cute..

Lauri... I used to not like halloween much. BF loves it so I go along. going away for weekend makes it more exciting. I love the party at big hotel and super king size bed. I'm thinkin this year the open bar and dinner buffet will be off limits for me.

Lori... your comment made me laugh real hard. poor kitty.. LOL. sorry no vodka but grapes sounded good. ill be prayin for your sdad tomm..

Ang... curse that woman and her ringworm infested house... I'm feelin bitter for ya. it's beyond gross. poor kaitlyn..

Barb.. good to get those meds. that z pack will knock it out..

Kori... glad your alive... bummer about work..

OMG... BRB... cat is climbing on me and pc.....

answered May 03 at 05:46

's gravatar image


Lori... thanks for the hotpieceofass comment.. I think your smokin too!..

answered May 03 at 06:26

's gravatar image


Thanks to all for the props on my pics. I really like them. kids couldnt believe them. kinda great and really scary too. how did I ever look like that.. amazing how our brain distorts our own image of ourselves...

answered May 03 at 07:41

Judah's gravatar image


Thanks Lauri... I think you are awsome yourself... gonna chat till my laundry or lasagna get done.....

answered May 03 at 09:11

's gravatar image


Maybe I can keep talking to myself... occupy page 10 and get us to #100???..

answered May 03 at 09:53

's gravatar image


Oops we are only on page 9... gotta check the oven and washer... BRB..

answered May 03 at 10:23

's gravatar image


Hi/nit all..

Sorry to hear about the ringworm -YUK..

Lori - sending positive for SDad..

Hope all sickys have a good day tomorrow...

answered May 03 at 11:46

's gravatar image


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