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My question is Medifast Diet - day 5, don't feel as though I'm losing any weight.? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... Hi everyone,.

I'm a returner to Medifast starting this new, open board for all who are.

Putting themselves first.

To reach their goals!.

I love the quote "what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!".

So, let that be our motto and let us focus on the.


, staying OP and meeting our goals. With support, we can all make our journeys, no matter how much weight we have to drop..

This is a place to return to as you realize it's all about you this time.

It's your time, you're doing it your way, and it will be YOUR VICTORY!.

All are welcome!.


asked Apr 28 at 14:04

Elijah's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

answered Apr 28 at 14:32

Zariah's gravatar image


Testing to see if my ticker appears here now...

answered Apr 28 at 15:46

's gravatar image


Nora, welcome! Glad to have you on boardand I love your saying: "happy melting!".

Today has probably been the roughest day for me so farI'm on day 5 and have a headache and muscle tension...maybe I'm not getting enough water. I know that after a week I start to feel better from doing Medifast before, so I'm gonna stick it out..

Together we can do it!!.


answered Apr 28 at 16:43

's gravatar image


Thanks, Sneakywith all the wonderful support available to us here on the MyMedifast site and by staying strong together, we can make it!.

How long have you been on MF? How is your journey coming along?..

answered Apr 28 at 17:02

's gravatar image


I see your ticker there now Nora! I have trouble with all those codes, too...

answered Apr 28 at 18:32

's gravatar image


Hey Folks! Well I am doing it. I love to exercise and have a home gym. One thing that was difficult to come to terms with starting the 5 and 1 plan again was knocking off the workouts for a while. No one can tell me to do this, I had to listen and then come to terms with it on my own. But this calorie count is just to bloody low for me right now until my body adjusts to be able to work out. So as of today I stopped the workouts and focused on the plan.

I am hoping to get that burst of energy and the hunger subsiding by then. Next week maybe I can do some 30 minute cardio stuff and get to my pilates power gym machine. This 5 and 1 stuff is NOT easy. I am tired and hungry. But I do know that it works and I just have to get over the hump.

Just until my body gets adjusted. I am a firm believer in exercise!.

Happy Melting..


answered Apr 28 at 19:27

Leo's gravatar image


Hey Healthy! I'd love to hang out here with you and make it all about ME for a while..

I'm beginning week 3. Week one was fabulous. Week two, I screwed up. Moving forward...getting back on track and back to 100% OP...

answered Apr 28 at 19:51

Izaiah's gravatar image


Nora, I've heard so many say that dropping the exercise is important in the first monthI have to admit I'm addicted to long walks so it's been tough for me, too. I have all this extra energy now and I can't walk 2 miles a day? LOL.

Our bodies need some time to adjust to this new way of doing things. In a few weeks we can hop back into the exercise with a renewed sense of energy about it..

You are doing something great for yourself! Be proud of making it through each day!.



answered Apr 28 at 21:05

Chandler's gravatar image


Welcome, Amy! Glad to have you on board! Sometimes it just needs to be all about "ME" and I think we should't be ashamed to admit it and be scrumptiously selfish..

How is Wk 3 going so far for you? I'm just into Wk 2 now and I see some changes in my body. Mood and energy are on a rollercoaster but most of the time I feel good!.

As Nora says, "Happy Melting!:.


answered Apr 28 at 22:19

's gravatar image


It is a shift in thinking for me. I believe any diet works if you stick to it. This particular plan is a shift from the other side of the tracks. That is why I tell no one in my circle what I am doing. Eyebrows would be raised by the 800 - 1000 caloric daily intake. More eyebrows would be raised by the amount of dollars I put out to eat just 1000 calories per day.

I can say today (Thursday) I am not as tired and I do not have the sheer hunger I had. I do however still have that urge that I just want to eat. I am excited for the day when that urge to eat settles down. Just finished my lean and green for today so technically the only thing left to deal with are the meal replacements. On one level the ease of this is very comforting.

Loss and keeping it off is hard work. I had always ignored that statement, but perhaps it is just plain old hard work..

I continue to melt..


answered Apr 28 at 22:34

Francisco's gravatar image


Week 3 has started well. I'm back on plan and am looking forward to this week's loss. I have a really hard time with water. I hate it! I got one of the calorie burn infuser's to try. It isn't very good. I think I'm going to put it into more water than what it calls for.

Anyway, I've heard they help, so we'll see. You are absolutely right, Nora. "Hard work" doesn't even begin to cover it!.

I agree with you about people and their comments. I don't tell anyone either. It's like they can't help themselves. They instantly start putting it down. But we know better!!! Hope y'all are having a great week so far!..

answered Apr 29 at 00:14

's gravatar image


Thats great!! Im with all of you on this!!.


answered Apr 29 at 00:48

Christopher's gravatar image


Hi everyone,.

Yes, we can all do it! It's so great to have a space to talk with others who share the same goals!.

I posted my measurements in my blog yesterday. Ouch. That took some courage and I had to face the reality of where I am and where I want to be. I feel better now that I've done it. I have a starting point and I don't have to beat myself up about the numbers anymore. They are what they are, and I'm moving on..

How is everyone else doing? Any big plans for the weekend?.


answered Apr 29 at 01:36

's gravatar image


Wow! I didn't see that blog, but congrats for having the strength to do that. Maybe I'll post mine...after I lose 100 pounds! LOL.

Supposed to take my daughter to a birthday party tomorrow. It's a swim party and it is storming right now, so I don't know how that is going to go..

Here's to staying OP this weekend!..

answered Apr 29 at 02:25

's gravatar image


Well Amy, I'll repost my blog here for all to see. It's stormy here today tooI was looking forward to a walk in the sun, but now it looks like I'll be doing some work on my dissertation inside. Nothing like stormy weather for getting some good writing done!.

Other than that, my weekend will be pretty low-key. Trip to the grocery cause I'm out of Eggbeaters! If the weather gets better maybe we'll BBQ some chicken breasts and invite some friends over..

Here is my blog about measurements:.

Accepting Me for MeMeasurements, Confronting Reality, Truth Revealed.

Well, I took a big plunge today and measured my body, something I haven't done in a very long time. Some of the numbers shocked me and I started feeling bad about myself, but then I stopped myself because I know that in a month, these numbers will be down and I will be proud..

Putting these numbers out here is part of my acceptance of who I am and who I will become. I won't hide from the truth anymore, and I won't cower because the numbers are not what I want them to be. They just are what they are. They are a snapshot of me now, but they are not going to be stagnant or moving upwards anymore! I am confronting reality and taking the next step toward making my goal my new reality..

And here they are...drumroll....

310 lbs at start of MF.

Chest = 48".

Bust = 52".

Waist = 52".

Hips = 59".

Thigh = 28".

Ankle = 9 1/2".

Upper Arm = 20".

Wrist = 8".

OK. Done. If you are like me and didn't really want to confront the truth, this will be a good exercise for you to take on, too. It helped me to face my fear and find a way to turn the numbers from embarrassment factors into tangible proof that not only is it time for me to change my life, but that what I am doing each day on Medifast will affect those numbers for the better..

Cheers for all of us who are finally confronting the emotional reasons why we eat, and taking steps toward a better future!.

Happy weekend OP everyonewe are courageous, we are strong!.


answered Apr 29 at 03:31

's gravatar image


Wow! Good for you! I am definitely not mentally at that healthy of a place. I am still too embarrassed and ashamed of myself to even measure for ME, let alone tell everyone else. I don't think it is denial. I am more than aware of how huge I am. Still, I just can't do it yet. I'm sure when I'm done I'll regret it because I won't really know where I started, but for now I'm ok with that..

I broke my new rule and unofficially weighed today. I guess I just can't stand suspense..

I have re-lost the 3 pounds from last week's disaster, and I have 4 more days to lose more. It made me really excited and I'm sure will be the motiviation I need to get me through the weekend with no problem..

Dissertation, huh...fun!.

Really, I'm jealous. I wish I could go back to school. Maybe someday....

Have a great weekend!..

answered Apr 29 at 03:58

Fernando's gravatar image



Good for you on losing back that 3 lbs and getting yourself back on track after a slipthat takes guts and you should be proud of what you're accomplishing...4 more days to go and we'll be excited to see your results!.

Just confirmed grill night with some friends, so this will be a new challenge. I'm planning on taking a tomato and mozz salad with light balsamic vinaigrette so that can be part of our L&G, and I think we'll take a pack of chicken breasts over rather than run the risk of burgers or brats which have way more fat. Plus with chicken we won't feel obligated to take the bun, which will be a no-no..

And then there's the beer. It goes with a hot day and a grillout so well. Hubster is gonna have to have some real resolve to say no, and even I'll admit I'd love to have one. I will have to stay strong!!.


answered Apr 29 at 04:08

Luis's gravatar image


Sounds like fun! Good job planning so well. Good luck with the "beer resolve." That's gonna be a tough one!..

answered Apr 29 at 04:41

Xander's gravatar image


Hi all, made it through the grillout without going off plan, but I think next time I'll grab a snack or some Medifast pretzels...as the evening went on both hubby and I started to get a bit woozy when we didn't eat at 9pm for our final meal as usual! I was so worried about avoiding temptation at dinner that I forgot to plan for later in the evening!.

How is everyone else's weekend going?.


answered Apr 29 at 04:52

Carson's gravatar image


Yay to you for staying OP!!! Yesterday I took my daughter to a birthday party and I remembered to have a meal right before I left and took a bar and a bottle of water with me. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm notorious for not taking something, then going WAY too long without eating. At that point, it's like I can't catch up with my hunger and that is when I get into trouble. So, this weekend is going great so far. Can't wait to weigh on Wednesday. After last week, I need a good shot of motivation!..

answered Apr 29 at 05:09

's gravatar image


I am still fueling every 2 hours so I can stay the course. But I find it can be 15 after the hour before I notice it is time to eat so obviously my body is starting to settle into the low caloric intake and this type of eating. Just starting out on this plan again so I will let you know in a few weeks how I am doing. The scale is going down and clothing is fitting better. Just have to perservere. Progress for me.

Happy Melting..


answered Apr 29 at 06:48

's gravatar image


Happy Monday everyone!.

Sounds like we are all hitting our stride and finding what works for us, especially when we are out and about and when we notice ourselves getting the urge to eat..

Amy, good for you for putting that bar in your purse! I have to get better about that..

I'm so excited to get my scale this week and see some results!! It should be here by Friday!!.

Found this quote by Robert Frost today and I love it:.

"The best way is always through." So true. No more bypassing, putting this issue to the side. Gutting my way through it with all of you as a great support system!.


answered Apr 29 at 07:07

's gravatar image


Well, it's weigh in day for me and the official tally is...7 pounds! Yay! I needed that!.

Hope everyone is doing well!..

answered Apr 29 at 08:04

's gravatar image


Amy! Go you! 7 lbs more, gone forever!!!! 16 totalyou go girl!! I am doing the happy dance for you. So proud of you for coming back OP and sticking with it!!!!!.


answered Apr 29 at 09:04

Bryant's gravatar image


How are you ladies? I'm hanging in there. Still OP..

Today is a rough day. My body wants some carbs, really bad. I'm craving food and fighting it. I know I can do it. Just got to go a little longer and break this carb addiction! Hope everyone is having a great week!..

answered Apr 29 at 09:40

's gravatar image


Hi Amy,.

Doing OK but like you today is a rough one for me. I'm just hungry, which has only happened one other day since I started on the plan. I'm gutting it out with some Crystal Light lemonade (the tanginess helps cut the cravings I think) and working upstairs so I'm not tempted to go into the kitchen..

We can do this"just get through today and tomorrow starts fresh," I keep telling myself. And I'm down 4 lbs for Wk 2 so I keep reminding myself that I don't need to put that back on, lol. Soooo close to going under 300 now that I need to keep that motivation up!.



answered Apr 29 at 11:05

's gravatar image


Hey thats great that you all are sticking out this plan and staying op! Its worth it in the end! Ive been on 3 months and have lost 57lbs alrdy and well today and last week or so have been hungry but I promise you get used to it LOL..

I wis you all luck!..

answered Apr 29 at 11:15

's gravatar image


How's everyone doing? I can't believe it's Saturday alreadythis week just flew by for me!.

Nora, how's the melting going?.

Amy, I've been following your blogs and you have a lot of great writing going on about working out your plan for success when hubby isn't as supportive as he could be!.

Steph, what's up in your world?.

I had some happy news from my sister today. We were on Yahoo Messenger with webcams and she said right away "you look really good!" This is not normal behavior for my sister, lol. She could tell a big difference. We haven't seen each other since June so I was proud that she noticed right away..

I'm down to 304 from 347 a few months ago, so I am thrilled. The scale keeps inching down and I am getting close to seeing the 200s for the first time in 5 years. This is pretty exciting!!.


answered Apr 29 at 12:27

Lance's gravatar image


I agree! I don't know where this week went either! I think I've been concentrating so hard on MF, I forgot about everything else. LOL.

Yeah, Healthy, my hubby is NOT the greatest. Usually I give him all kinds of excuses and always the benefit of the doubt, but really he's just a jerk, generally..

I'm doing pretty well. I made it through my rough hungry day without incident. I've started having a problem that I remember from when I was on Medifast years ago. I'm having a hard time getting all of my 5 in. When the hunger passes and I'm feeling good, I don't even think about eating. And when I do, it's kind of like the "food" isn't worth the time it takes to make (shake) it.

Other than that, all is good. I still sneak a peek at the scale every day. I just can't help myself. And it seems to be slowly headed in the right direction!.

On the non-MF front, my son woke up sick this morning and I ended up taking him to the doctor. He seems perfectly fine, but keeps vomiting every time he eats or drinks anything. Why do they always get sick on the weekends? LOL She said he is fine and gave him something to help with nausea so he can eat. My daughter has a 4 hour class at her Tae Kwon Do school this afternoon. She is testing for her black belt next month, which seems so silly to me since she is only 6!.

It is so awesome that your sister noticed! It feels so good when people can see it, doesn't it. I can't wait to get there. Congrats on the 43 pounds! Another week or two and you can say goodbye to 300 forever!!!.

Holy cow, steph! 57 pounds in 3 months? That's crazy! Congrats...

answered Apr 29 at 12:31

's gravatar image


Amy, I hear you on that "getting it all in" issue. The other night I was so full and I had a soup left. I just stared at the packet for like 5 minutes, then walked out of the kitchen. I couldn't do it. Finally I went back in and traded out the soup for something faster that I didn't have to nurture in the microwave for 5 mins with different steps (too much work then, lol). I switched out the soup for a bar and spent 10 minutes chewing on it to get it down, not hungry in the least.

Your poor little guyI hope he gets to feeling better. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. I'm determined to get out in the sun today for a while. Just finished up some good writing on the dissertation so I'm giving my mind a break. Heading out to the garden for a fresh perspective. No more screen time!.

Have a good one,.


answered Apr 29 at 13:58

's gravatar image


Two quick things....

I LOVE the chocolate chip pancakes!.

I sneaked a peek at the scale today and I'm down 20 pounds!.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!..

answered Apr 29 at 14:50

Maximilian's gravatar image


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Keep going! You can do this!..

answered Apr 29 at 15:01

Hayden's gravatar image


Michelle - you've been so quiet! I hope you are doing well! I finally hit the 20 pound mark! Yay!.

Have a great day!..

answered Apr 29 at 16:09

Trenton's gravatar image


Amy, I knowthis week is flying by with work and writing and I didn't get into the boards like usual!!.

I am SO HAPPY for you!! 20 lbs down, that is FANTASTIC. I'm cheering for youcan you hear me all the way from Milwaukee?.

In happy news, my scale is steadily creeping toward that magical 299. Today I'm at 301.8 and looking to head to TWODERVILLE by this weekend if all goes well..

My sis and nephew may come up to visit me this weekend for Labor Day and I am so excited to see them. I love my little nephew so much it would light up my month because I don't get to see him all that often. It will mean sharing with her that I'm on Medifast, but I think that will be OK. It will impact how and what and where we eat while she is in town, but I'm hoping that she will be supportive instead of a sabotager!.

Nora and Steph, how are you doing? Steph, you are so close to 60 lbs gone, how WONDERFUL!!!.

Hope to hear from you all soon,.


answered Apr 29 at 17:49

Owen's gravatar image


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