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First question I got is Medifast Diet Question... please help!? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: Hello everyone! Just starting Medifast today!! I am excited to get started and hoping I can figure all of this out - clearly I had to go get a new single serve blender. My next purchase this week is going to have to be a sandwich maker. I have found more recipes that I can imagine, thank God, because I will need them soon! I love to try new things with these foods, so that will be good..

I'm starting at 276lbs today and my official goal will be around 150 but not in a rush to get there so long as I am making progress along the way. Truly, my ultimate goal is to be there before I turn 40 in 2 years, so hopefully that will be the case. We'll see how it goes..

Was just wondering if there were some other new Medifast starters around my same weight/goals and just trying to link up and meet a few new friends along the way..

~ Lori (ellekay).

How does everyone have like an "auto signature on their blogs/posts on here? I can't find that option?..

asked Apr 28 at 17:27

Trenton's gravatar image


I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

answered Apr 28 at 18:13

's gravatar image


Hi Lori and Welcome to MF!.

This a great plan and with lots of support and I hope you grow to love it as much as I do...wishing you much success!.


Click on "Community Home" and in the bottom left hand corner will be a box where you can "create ticker". click on basic information to change starting weight..

Then follow the steps - once you "finished" scroll down find URL code that you will have to copy and paste into your signature..

To edit your signature, click on:.

- Discussion Boards.

- edit profile settings (it's right under where it says Medifast Forums).

- edit signature.

And paste that URL code into your signature..

answered Apr 28 at 19:26

Ricky's gravatar image



I too am starting today. My current weight is 232 and my goal is 140. I am pretty excited about the plan and ready to start seeing changes. I am looking for someone to share with through this journey..

I will be 40 in two months and feel like it is definitely time for a change. As someone who used to be pretty active, it is hard to notbe as mobile with my children..

So congrats to you Lori for taking that first step!!.


answered Apr 28 at 19:49

's gravatar image



We seem to be in a similar boat. I am starting at 288.8, and hope to be down to around 150 by the time I am 40. :-).

I have had many changes in my life in the last year, and found that food was a grab and scarf type thing for me. I need something that I can "grab and scarf" that doesn't gome with a side of fries, if you get my drift. This seems ideal to me. I've had 64oz of water between 8am and noe (4pm) which is HUGE for me. AND I am getting my excersize in running to the bathroom every 2 hours. Seems like I pee, then eat.

My challenge is going to be what to do at lunch time. I get an hour! I use to run to the fast food place and read a book. Now what do I do. I'm thinking about running to the mall and boosting the economy, but that will break me in days. So maybe I'll do laps at the mall. I am looking for suggestions.


answered Apr 28 at 20:05

Bruce's gravatar image


Welcome!! We are starting on the same day! So we can totally motivate eachother.

You should join this group my friend here lindsay started it's called nov. knockout's!.


answered Apr 28 at 21:07

Elliott's gravatar image


I am restarting here too. I have a few days in...one slip up so far..but forgetting about that and moving on. Today is another day..and we can do this. Have a great OP day all......

answered Apr 28 at 22:06

's gravatar image


I am still waiting for my food but will be starting here in a couple days. I am 28 and living in Northern CA. I am currently 323 and want to be down to 145. I am not in a rush but I need to do this for so many reasons. I have lupus and this extra weight is making me miserable. I recently came to terms with the reasons why I have been using food as a mask and as a coping tool so now I think I am ready to take this weight off and be the real me again.

I don't expect it to be easy but I am up for a challenge. After all I have been through I know I can do this too...

answered Apr 28 at 22:19

's gravatar image


Hello all I just started Medifast 2 days ago so far so good. I have over 200 pounds to lose but I am hopeful. I wish you all success on the plan as well as myself. Right now I am trying the chicken noodle soup it's growing on me. Let's nip this weight thing in the bud. We can do it...

answered Apr 28 at 23:35

's gravatar image


Just started.....on wednesday the 17th, I am finding it really okay! I can't say I like everything...soups, shakes and cocoa are not to my liking, but the pretzels, pudding, bars and brownies are good. My ideal number of pounds I want to loose is 120......starting at 255....long way to go, but finally think I have found the program for me. I like this support forum too - not 100% sure how it works, but hopefully it will make sense soon....would be delighted to have support from other 'weight losers" in the similar bracket......

answered Apr 28 at 23:41

Henry's gravatar image


Hi everyone!.

I ordered my Medifast food 2 days ago and I am very excited to start. I have 65 pounds to lose. I ran into an old co-worker of mine and she has lost 80 pounds using Medifast since January. It was really motivating and gave me the confidence to FINALLY try something!..

answered Apr 29 at 00:01

's gravatar image


Hi all!.

I started 3 weeks ago, some days are really easy and just fine - some are HARD! - but I do know that in these 21 days i've lost more than 15 pounds!! ( tomorrow is official weigh in day ) I started at 296 - and would like to be about 140 ..... 125 is my "dream" weight..

We can do this, one little itty bit at a time...

answered Apr 29 at 00:57

Allen's gravatar image


Good luck to you...today is the 1st day of my second week. I actually like the program (not all the food though) and believe I have finally found a plan that will work...

answered Apr 29 at 02:26

Daniel's gravatar image


I'm joining in! My start date was 11/16. Tomorrow will be the start of week 1. Still just thrilled to be here!..

answered Apr 29 at 03:26

Kai's gravatar image


Congratulations Sassypants3! 15 pounds in 3 weeks is fantastic! I will be on the plan 3 weeks tomorrow and have lost 11. Seeing the number decrease every week is incentive enough for me to keep going!! Good luck everyone... we can all do this!!..

answered Apr 29 at 04:04

's gravatar image


Hi everyone! I am on day 7 now of Medifast and I have to say, the 4 lbs lost even with Thanksgiving, I was shocked and excited! Can't wait to see what this week brings..

Oh, I started at 209 and would like to be down to 130...

answered Apr 29 at 05:03

Ayden's gravatar image


Wow-go Brandi! I don't think I'm going to lose anything this weekI kind of expected to, especially since I didn't have a HUGE loss week 1, but, oh well. I'm getting a scale to measure my protein with, and I'm going to focus on MAKING SURE to drink all my water! Plus I start the 12 week walking program today!!!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 05:16

Jaydon's gravatar image


Hi all, I've just started today. I've lots to loose and hopefully Medifast will make it possible...

answered Apr 29 at 05:28

's gravatar image



Where did you get the info for the 12 week walking program?.


answered Apr 29 at 06:36

's gravatar image


I started Medifast on November 8th, a Monday. It has been 3 weeks since I've been on it and as presented in my ticker, the scale says I'm down 13.2lbs. I can't wait to reach my goal weight and all my mini goals on the way!.

Good luck to everybody on their weight loss journey!..

answered Apr 29 at 07:29

's gravatar image


Today is the beginning of week 3 already! I DID end up losing this week! 2.2 lbs! I think I need to watch my condiments a little more though. I've been a little liberal as of late....

Samantha- it's on the medifast website, but I'll try & see if I can link to it...There should be a link that says Exercise Guide here (it's a PDF). The walking program is in the pdf.


answered Apr 29 at 09:02

Albert's gravatar image


November starters!.

We're already in december, can you believe it? I hope the last month was great, I look forward to hearing more about december!..

answered Apr 29 at 09:06

's gravatar image


We lost about the same. I don't have a digital scale so I don't know the point but I lost 2 lbs as well! Congrats on the weightloss this week. And I am checking out the walking program. Glad you posted the link cuz I was going ask about it as well!..

answered Apr 29 at 09:41

Dawson's gravatar image


Amelie, the link didn't work but I found what you were talking about. Here is the correct link..

answered Apr 29 at 11:17

's gravatar image


SORRY!! Whoops...It's the first time I've tried linking, so I probably messed something up!!.


Update: I JUST discovered what I did wrong!!! Let me try it again, as mine actually looks a little different.....


answered Apr 29 at 12:51

Terrance's gravatar image


It WORKS!!! YAY!!!.

Ok so if you click my link and then click on the Exercise Guide link it'll lead you to the PDF with my 12 wk program in it !! (It's on pg 13).

YAY!!! Thanks for the learning experience Brandi!!..

answered Apr 29 at 13:29

Jaime's gravatar image


Hi, I been on this plan for two weeks now. I am in KC .I like it!!! feel good , I can sleep better.I was on the other site, support in motion, read about this one. I like this one better. I was 236.... and now 230. I know this goning to work for me....

answered Apr 29 at 14:23

Raymond's gravatar image


Welcome Pat! I also did Support in Motion boards first, but a friend told me about these and they are MUCH more frequented!.

CONGRATS on your loss!..

answered Apr 29 at 14:27

's gravatar image


Hi everyone...I started the day after Thanksgiving and have lost 27 lbs so far. I would love to join your group if you will have me... ;-)..

answered Apr 29 at 14:46

's gravatar image


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