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First off, Medifast Diet with hypoglycemia? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Our beloved Water Cooler at 575+ pages was becoming too "MUCH!" Here is a brand new thread that hopefully will be a bit easier to handle, therefore easier to keep up with all the SuGaR's! (.


Hrinking [u].


Irls [a].


Ock!) Let's all meet here now! (until we again become too out of control and have to start a new-new page..


The original post:.

Inspired by another 100+er, Stajo!.

I love her motto in her siggie and in her posts..


I think we need our own version of the guys forum's "water cooler check in " thead..

Here, we can regularly check in, even just once a week, to let each other know how we're doing..

After the lull experienced here on this forum, we don't want to lose anyone..

Lurkers and newbies, you are encouraged to hang out here and post too!.

We all need each other for our long journeys as we are all in this for the long haul!!!!..

asked Apr 28 at 07:37

Andrew's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

answered Apr 28 at 08:15

's gravatar image


You are probably right! BUT, I don't know if it can be moved! Maybe keep it for now, and when it's restarted (next month? Spring?) we'll move it! Thank goodness y'all think clearly when I don't! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 28 at 09:41

Ayden's gravatar image


I think we should keep it here so new members with over 100lbs to lose will join us. Many of us had/have over 100lbs to lose and I think we should stay true to what this team was created for. Just my opinion...

answered Apr 28 at 10:28

's gravatar image


I was kinda thinking the same thing but in reverse? That we started out having over 100 lbs to lose and are there OR well on our way! We can be the help that others in this situation need. The cooler was there for us, and should REMAIN for new members! Just thinking! For now, the cooler stays where it is! (Not my decision, just my opinion!) Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 28 at 11:45

Elliott's gravatar image


I really think that this is where it belongs. It started here for people with over 100lbs to lose and I think we need to pay it forward. As people get to goal/maint then maybe we can have a separate thread for transition and maint but I think we need to keep this thread as what it originally was designed to do, help people with over 100lbs to lose...

answered Apr 28 at 13:12

's gravatar image


The Water Cooler Banner.

Just replace the { with [ OK?..

answered Apr 28 at 13:17

's gravatar image


I don't know why the banner is doing this!!! I will PM anyone who wants it!..

answered Apr 28 at 13:45

Greyson's gravatar image


Hello Shrinkers.

- I found you! I had forgotten that this thread was originally for 100+ lbs to lose. I guess I'm not on the thread I should be, but would love to stay and encourage others. I couldn't have reached my original goal without all of you on here and everyone's encouragement! I feel like we're all.

Shrinker Sisters.


So don't kick me off!! Please!?.

So is that a NEW banner, or for new people that haven't been on here? I'm confused..

Hope you all are gearing up for the Super Bowl and are armed with OP options! I'm not a big football fan, but I do like the super bowl....oh and the commercials! Have a great time at your parties if you're at one. My hubby & I are watching it solo and having an early dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant before the game starts...

answered Apr 28 at 15:09

's gravatar image


Hi Everyone!.

Sorry, I didn't mean to open a can of worms about moving! I'm fine with staying here - I just thought it would open it up to more people and since we were only a few and it seems to fade out.... anyway - forget I menioned it - and Cindy Lu I certainly didn't mean that those of us with less than 100 lbs left to lose should leave - cuz that would include me too!..

answered Apr 28 at 16:43

's gravatar image


Well, looks like we've been doing a little house cleaning! Great idea! There have been times I check this website on my iPhone and if I choose the water cooler to read it takes forever to load..

I've been checking in once in a while but not too many people have been hanging around the cooler...(maybe the boss has been looking LOL) Maybe this will refresh us a little. Well I went the whole month of Jan without weighing myself. I don't think I'll torture myself like that again!.

I'm getting excited...I'm leaving on our two week cruise on the 19th and I cannot wait to get the heck out of Michigan. I love warm weather...I don't know why we ever moved back here after we were transferred to North Carolina for 8 years. We should have just told them "no" and found another job down there. Oh well, water under the bridge. I have my whole wardrobe ready to go. Now I'm vacillating on whether I should take a Medifast break for two weeks or not.

I'm not thinking of going crazy...just low carb choices...lots of fish and seafood...and maybe fruit if it looks good. At any rate if I decide to go off, I already have a huge arsenal of Medifast foods to start the day I get back..

One week after we return I am scheduled for my first colonoscopy. I don't know if I will get kicked out of ketosis doing that or not. I called the dr's office and they said I could do all diet drinks, chicken broth and diet gatorade...that I didn't NEED the sugar drinks like apple juice or pear juice. I think I'm going to try it the diet drink route. Who knows I may even lose some. I know I'm going to have a heck of a headache anyway...it might as well be for a good cause.

I got a iPhone4 today...my 3G died yesterday, so I going to sync it up and play with it..it does all kinds of cool things. DH got one too even though his 3G was just fine..

I'll try to check in more often...and again good job on the new, fresh water cooler..


answered Apr 28 at 16:58

Tyson's gravatar image




Your cruise sounds wonderful!! I live in the midwest as well....and might as well be Antarctica!! Next week is suppose to be brutal and we have tons of snow that is barely cleaned off the roads as yet!.

I'll be interested in what others have experienced with the colonoscopy routine. I'm due for mine here soon as well...

answered Apr 28 at 17:03

's gravatar image


Everyone is welcome here no matter how much they have to lose. The original Medifast people that started this was for 100+ and I think it is a good idea to stay true to that concept. Either way, we all have something to contribute here and I hope we get more people to stop in and share their journey..

The banner is not new. It is the same banner just some of the regular posters did not have the banner. If you want it, please let me know...

answered Apr 28 at 18:07

Spencer's gravatar image


Glad to see you here and stop by often. I think we are going to start a new thread every month. If we start getting a lot of posts then maybe every week. The original thread was getting unmanageable!.

Your trip sounds WONDERFUL!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 18:27

Grayson's gravatar image


Good morning shrinkers,.

Congratulations, Cindy, on reaching your first goal!! You have done an amazing job!.

Make it a great day, everyone!..

answered Apr 28 at 18:47

's gravatar image


Good Morning SuGaR's! I've got a crazy busy day, but will pop on later this afternoon for some shoutouts! So glad to see y'all here at the cooler. I've missed you so! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 28 at 18:57

's gravatar image


Hey can I join?? Well I have 115 roughly left to lose and I know that probably most of you dont...but ill consider myself a "shrinking girl" LOL....



answered Apr 28 at 19:25

's gravatar image


Hey I have 119 lbs to go do not give up on the rest of us please.susan..

answered Apr 28 at 19:40

Reece's gravatar image


Thanks G4G!.

I think we DO ALL have something to contribute as well ~ after all, we've all in the same boat with weightloss, right?! It's sssoooo much easier when you can talk to people that truly understand this way of eating, both for ideas and support along the journey..

Thanks Jodi.

For the kind words. It's nice to have finally gotten to my original goal and am looking forward to the challenge of the next 20 coming off as well! I'm just not ready to be done yet..

A BIG COOLER welcome to steph & Susan!.

We have a great bunch here at the cooler, you will like it here. I'm thrilled to share this journey with you both!..

answered Apr 28 at 20:15

's gravatar image


Good morning everyone!.

Welcome, Steph! You are definitely a shrinking girl! :-) Isn't that a wonderful part of being on this program?!.

Make it a great day!..

answered Apr 28 at 20:24

's gravatar image


Good Morning Shrinkers!.

Just taking a minute, then heading out the door, to say Hi! and wish everyone an easy peasy OP day with NO temptations or struggles AND.


It's a balmy -7 with wind chills of (-24) !!!!! Can we say COLD???? I do NOT want to leave the house!.

Have a great day everyone....I'm thinkin' it will be a hot tea kind of day for me!!..

answered Apr 28 at 20:34

Jayden's gravatar image


[quote=sneakysteph29][b]Hey can I join?? Well I have 115 roughly left to lose and I know that probably most of you dont...but ill consider myself a "shrinking girl" LOL....

We would love to have you Steph! Welcome to the group!!..

answered Apr 28 at 21:19

Raymond's gravatar image


It really does not matter if we have 25lbs to lose or 225lbs to lose. We all share a common thread and we all have something special to contribute...

answered Apr 28 at 22:17

Braxton's gravatar image


I woke up to MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When is it going to stop?!?!?.

I am taking a break between reading for my classes and having a cuppa joe with a Medifast hot cocoa. YUM!!!!!!.

I hope everyone has a great OP day!!!!!..

answered Apr 28 at 23:48

Rodrigo's gravatar image


This morning I made my Vanilla pudding with yesterdays leftover cold coffee instead of water (I AM SO CHEAP!) AND a VIA packet....it was super coffee goodie-ness! Made it to work for a couple hours, but that's about all this body can handle today! (This bug is really kicking my butt.) But at least I accomplished something today. Time for a nyquil cap and a nap. Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 29 at 00:11

Justice's gravatar image


Were you pointing this out to me? If so, believe me...it does sound like a lot of weight for me to lose (us) but we can so do this!!! Im IN IT TO WIN IT!! And I definiely look forward to seeing you "shrink".



answered Apr 29 at 01:37

's gravatar image


Hey thank you!! Yes Im excited that I am finally having the "mindset" that I did when I first started this journey. Today is day TWO of me being 100% back OP and although Im starving to death, I know that will pass by and I'm not going to die of starvation LOL....



answered Apr 29 at 01:46

Ronald's gravatar image


Hey thanks!! Yes it sure is GREAT to know that Medifast sure does work when you stay 100$% op and dont fall off!! I definitely cant wait to get to goal heehee....

Congrats on your weightloss so far!!!.



answered Apr 29 at 03:06

's gravatar image


Wow, that is COLD BRRRRRRR...heehee...Im down in texas for the time being (dfw area) and it WINDY and cold here and I sure dont like it and it's weird cuz Im from PA LOL....

Id be drinking me some hot choc for sure!!!!.



answered Apr 29 at 04:39

's gravatar image


Now thats a POSITIVE way of thinking about it!!!.

We are all here for SUPPORT for our weightloss journey..cant get any better than that.



answered Apr 29 at 04:56

Brycen's gravatar image


Depending where you are Im in dallas tx and well we are supposed to get more SNOW tomorrow and I am soooooo...dreading it!! I dont miss this weather at all LOL...



answered Apr 29 at 06:22

Phillip's gravatar image


So what you all having for your lg tonight?? Im having 6 sausage veggie links with mashed cauliflower....light swiss LC cheese..YUMMMMMMMM!!!!.



answered Apr 29 at 06:49

Grant's gravatar image



- great question! I love to see what others are having for their L & G's. I just got home, so since I was gone all day, I picked up a roasted whole chicken on my way home (yea, call me lazy) and have some fresh green beans roasting as I type this in the oven (my favorite veggie!). Super simple and quite delish...if I do say so myself!.


- the bugs that are going around in the midwest are NASTY!! Sure hope yours is short lived. Take care..


- don't study too hard tonight. Got to get some relaxation in there too! I don't know how you do it!.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing evening tonight. I will be having my usual "brownie" for my nightly treat! I so look forward to it every night! Keep thinking I should vary it up a bit, but then the evening comes and I just can't let it go!! Must be a bit of OCD coming out!..

answered Apr 29 at 07:55

Erick's gravatar image


LOL, well would you consider them chickens very fattening since they are "premade" from the store? I was curious as to getting one of them and splitting it up for some lg meals throughout the week...I never did eat the skin or dark meat....just the BREAST part....

Also, how about them green beans...how do you make them and how long for?? I never tried "green beans" before LOL I know weird haha.....

answered Apr 29 at 08:34

's gravatar image


I have been the same way lately. I have had a brownie every evening for the last four days. My husband commented tonight and asked why I don't mix it up a bit. :-).

Have a great night!..

answered Apr 29 at 08:58

Colten's gravatar image



- they are roasted on a rotisserie that constantly turns. The fat juices would drip off I would assume as they baked in the big rotisserie. They may brush them with something, but I pick all the skin off and eat only the white meat - hubby eats the dark, so it works out perfect. One whole chicken makes about 3 meals for us. I weigh each of my servings so I get the right amount. So I would guess (hope) that it would be pretty low in fat..

This is how I roast my green beans. My store sells bags of ready to cook fresh green beans, so I dump them in a big bowl. Sprinkle with a bit of EVOO and season. Spread out in a foil release lined sheet pan. I usually use a garlic & herb seasoning mix. I bake them at 450 for 25-30 min, then move to top rack and switch it to broil for about 5 min.

We eat them with our fingers like fries! Both my hubby and my favorite veggie done that way. Although, I do cauliflower, radishes, turnips, broccoli & zucchini all that way. Try it, you'll be amazed at how good veggies are that way...

answered Apr 29 at 10:35

's gravatar image


Good morning! It is cold here this morning, but at least the wind finally quit blowing!.

Cindy - The green beans sound good made that way. I'll have to try it sometime..

Have a great day, everyone!..

answered Apr 29 at 11:19

's gravatar image


I am in New England, Massachusetts. It has been a very brutal winter this year. I am ready for the spring!!..

answered Apr 29 at 11:26

Austin's gravatar image


Hello and Happy Wednesday to everyone!! I am taking a breather before I hit the books again. I hope everyone is doing well and having a good morning. Wishing everyone a great OP day...

answered Apr 29 at 11:51

's gravatar image


I don't know how I do it either. I guess I am a glutton for punishment!..

answered Apr 29 at 12:44

's gravatar image


Good "Hump Day" Shrinkers!!.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any colder....I wake up to -9 this morning!!!! But, good news is, that it's as still as a church mouse, so really doesn't feel as cold as the 'ole thermometer says - so I say,.


Oh well, too late now..


- O.M.Gee!!! You have not tried green beans roasted yet???? I think I may just turn in to one we have it every other night and have not tired of them one bit. But I love all of the veggies done that way, especially fresh veggies. I have tried frozen cauliflower, it just takes longer. You will be amazed how "sweet" roasted cauliflower tastes, I couldn't believe it the first time I did it that way!.


- glad to hear you're taking some breather's between all that concentration on the books!.


- Hope things are going well for you on Medifast today! I've got my water bottles filled, how about everyone else? Glug, glug!..

answered Apr 29 at 13:40

's gravatar image


On medications that are making me very fuzzy-headed. I've been popping on to keep up with everyone's successes, but not enough brain power to do many shout outs. I'm still around, and cheering for all y'all! I'm starting to feel human again, so will be back/active soon! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 29 at 15:04

Johnny's gravatar image


Thanks for the input on the chicken and beans! Thats does sound delish and Im going to try that sometime heehee..also how about them radish fries I read about everyone eating and ranting about..hmmm...how we make them??..

answered Apr 29 at 15:27

's gravatar image


Its going fairly smoothe today rather than the freezing winds outside and the ice we got yet again here in dallas texas LOL. Sure cant wait for it to get warmer out heehee!!!.

Well today is my third day back on plan and although still having cravings (at work now and they have cake in the other room and they asked if I wanted some and is said no thanx) And kinda savoring that taste in my mouth as I want to just eat a piece or FIVE LOL, but I'm not giving into temptation it's just a mind over matter phase!!.

Also sure cant wiat to get back into ketosis...heehee whenevr that be...

What you all having for lg tonight??.

Me I'm having..boca burgers and salad with cumcumber and newman lighten up balsamic dressing!!!.

Hope you al are staying warm and bein gon plan!!..

answered Apr 29 at 16:52

's gravatar image


I did fried radishes as part of my L&G today. I'm not sure if this is how everyone else does it, but I spray a nonstick pan with Pam, slice the radishes, sprinkle with a little bit of garlic powder and seasoned salt and cook until they start to turn a little brown. Yum!..

answered Apr 29 at 17:58

Jaime's gravatar image



- so you didn't soften them in the microwave first and they still got crispy? The recipe I've used said they had to be softened. I'd love to skip that step - but thought maybe that was the only way they would get crispy when roasted...

answered Apr 29 at 18:53

's gravatar image



- I'm doing something with my leftover rotisserie chicken - not sure whether I'll chop it up and put into a salad, or in with some faux zucchini noodles or have it just plain. Can't decide! But I will be roasting some fresh cauliflower to go with it if I don't do the faux zucchini noodles. Decisions....decisions....decisions......

Had some faux snicker doodle cookies from the van. pudding mid morning and some COB soup crackers this afternoon. Yum! Anxiously awaiting my yummy brownie this evening!!.

Medifast just ROCKS with all the choices!!!.

Oh!!!!! And my Christmas "box" came this afternoon, so I have many MORE choices to choose from once again!!..

answered Apr 29 at 19:34

's gravatar image


I fixed some Italian sausage (turkey) and grated zucchini for my L&G. I slice and weigh out the sausage and just grate the zucchini raw, then for lunch I nuke the whole thing for a couple minutes. I like my veggies with a little chew to them, so I don't really cook the zucchini so much as heat it!.

I usually will make a batch which is good for a couple meals. I also love to pick up those rotisserie chickens on the weekends if I'm in a hurry. I haven't tried roasting different veggies for a while, but it's about the only way I like asparagus. Now that it's on my mind, I may roast some veggies this weekend! Thanks!..

answered Apr 29 at 20:38

Fernando's gravatar image


Oh Kay.

! That turkey sausage & grated zuc sounds wonderful - I will have to try that one soon!.

Also, welcome to the "cooler"! Maybe you've been on here and I missed it, but glad to "see" you here! It's a great group of shrinkers!..

answered Apr 29 at 20:49

Javier's gravatar image


The predicted snow storm did not hit us!! YAY!!!!! If I NEVER see snow again it will be too soon!!!!!!!.

Not much happening here except the usual. Oh, yeah!!! The plumbers did not install a pump correctly for my washing machine and when it started to drain the water was shooting out all over the place. It looked like a geyser!!!.

I called the plumber (owner) that night and he was here first thing in the morning. I guess his guys caught heck for that one!!! I did not want to get the guys in trouble but they were late for their next job and just did not finish mine!!! Thankfully the washer is on the cement part of my basement as the rest of the basement is carpeted..

Taking a break for a few hours from the books today and will just kick back and enjoy my coffee. I hope everyone has a great OP day!!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 21:34

's gravatar image



- LOVE the dog!! Hahaha....I can smell it too!! Can't wait! You have the BEST graffics!.

They always make me laugh..

Have a great day everyone!.

Another below zero balmy day in the midwest.....but they are "saying" it's to get in the upper 30's, low 40's this weekend and get rid of some of the huge mounds of snow everywhere! Yay! Other than the fact that everything will be wet & muddy....but better than all this snow!..

answered Apr 29 at 22:43

Deandre's gravatar image


I am glad my graphics make you laugh!! It is good for the soul!!!.

It is cold here too....About 18 degrees!!! BBBRRRR!!!..

answered Apr 29 at 23:14

Gavin's gravatar image


It's 12 here this morning, and only supposed to be a high of 18 today. Spring can't come quickly enough!.

It's going to be a long day here. My son has been up since 3:15 with a stomach bug. Poor guy can't seem to catch a break. He was sick all week last week with a viral illness (fever, headache, and sore throat)..

Make it a great day!..

answered Apr 30 at 00:16

's gravatar image


Good Morning SuGaR's! It's a balmy 20 degrees here in NW Montana! That 's practically a heatwave for us. One of the towns near here had an overnight low of -47 this past weekend, so anything above 0 is a heatwave! I'm sorry I've been a bit absent the past few days....the "cold" I've been fighting turned out to be walking pneumonia, of the bacterial sort, so lots of antibiotics, cough suppressents, and pain meds.....hence the fuzzy head. I've been reading the posts, but just can't seem to form coherent thoughts to do shout outs. Please know that I've been cheering each success and feeling each trial. Shrinking Girls Rock! As an aside, how are we doing with the new thread? Seems quite a few have found their way, but if you think of someone who may not have, maybe PM them and guide them here!?!? Hugs and Smiles to all!..

answered Apr 30 at 00:49

Kenneth's gravatar image


Hey all!! Hope you are having a great day, I know I am.

Well it's pretty COLD here too, and I cant wait for the spring time heehee..im in freezing mode now as I know my body is getting into ketosis one of these days..its day four so guess it's around the corner LOL..

What we having for lg tonight ??.

Me I'm having four cheese sticks with salad and newman own balsamic dressing yummm!!!.

Hope you are having a great day!!..

answered Apr 30 at 01:06

Mark's gravatar image


Is turkey sausage good? And how many grams can we have of that??..

answered Apr 30 at 02:09

Dawson's gravatar image



- I have had the turkey sausage years ago on WW, and you really can't hardly tell the difference. Now, that said, I have not looked at the stats on the package, so don't know what the cals, fat, carbs are on it. The serving size may very well not be the amount you can have of reg. plain turkey breast..

Maybe Kay can tell us that.

Since she's had it recently...

answered Apr 30 at 02:58

's gravatar image


Yeah I was kinda thinking that it might be a drag to see and deal with all that, but I can surely wait to t&m to squeeze that in there LOL.....

Also I love eating th e msf sausage links...their pretty good!!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:03

's gravatar image


Hi Ladies! Sorry I've been MIA -work has been crazy -I will come back later when I can do some shout outs - until then, keep those water bottles chuggin!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:43

Charlie's gravatar image


Just dropping by to wish everyone a wonderful OP Friday!!..

answered Apr 30 at 04:47

Darren's gravatar image


Just stopping by to wish everyone a great friday and have a great OP weekend..Iknow I will..

answered Apr 30 at 06:24

's gravatar image


I just wanted to say....I love the Medifast fruit drinks now! Hated them at first, but now...YUM! Still not a big fan of the peach tea, but then again, I never liked any peach tea. The only reason I got those is that they were included with some tropical punch packets I got for a steal on eBay. I do find them very strong and sweet though so I premake them the night before and put them in 16 ounce water bottles. Then when I drink them, I put about a quarter of the mix in a tall glass with ice and top off with water. By the time I'm done, I've got one Medifast meal in with 6 glasses of water! I've been doing 2 of these a day. Since they are on the lower calorie, carb and fat count, it also gives me a little more room to experiment with my lean and green. Just wanted to share! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 30 at 07:45

's gravatar image


Love this one! Thanks for sharing! Hope all my fellow SuGaR's are well! I've had a very busy weekend. I taught an EMT refresher class on Saturday, and I work Sundays and Mondays, so weekends really aren't my WEEKEND! Less than 5 pounds to go before I get the OK to start the C25K. I'm so excited! Lunch time~ I intended to make the Thai Meatball recipe that's floating around the boards but had to sub ingredients....so they turned out more "Greek Meatballs" but oh-so-YUMMIE! I made a large batch and had to IMMEDIATELY freeze all but one serving or I'd be passed out in the middle of a pile of meatballs on the kitchen floor right now! Love ya all! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 30 at 09:14

Yahir's gravatar image


Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Love all the graphics!.

EMT -thanks for the info on the fruit drinks. I am saving those and the strawberry, orange and banana shakes for the warm weather so I have something new to try after 6 months on MF. Where did you get a weight threshold for the C25k? from your doctor? just curious b/c I've heard of ladies weighing much more than you doing it..

My scale finally started moving again - hopefully it will keep up the momentum!..

answered Apr 30 at 10:30

's gravatar image


I've had bad knees, torn ACL's, MCL's, dislocated patellas, torn meniscus', and a fracture just below my knee a year ago Novemember. To protect the fragile knees, my doctor wanted me to get into the 180's (no longer obese) to minimize the "pounding." Just being careful..

I do love my fruit drinks. They are so thick and sweet tho' that I've changed up my method just a bit and the cran-mango is a bit off, but I've come up with a great tasting treat! The night before when I'm preparing for the next day, I line up 6 1-liter water bottles, (2 Medifast fruit drinks and 1 calorie burn infuser) my blender bottle and my magic envelopes, along with one of the new Ocean Spray Cran-lemonade packs (like Crystal Light) Each Medifast fruit drink is mixed in the Blender bottle and divided between 2 1-liter bottles then filled with water. So each meal gets you an additional 7 cups of water! The Cran -Mango gets the Ocean Spray pack, gives it a bit of tartness, and better flavor. The next morning, I've got 6 liter bottles in the fridge to drink throughout the day..

This method works for me, and is an easy way to up H2O intake!.

I know that the Ocean Spray full pack counts as 2 condiments and admit that I am usually frugal with my condiment choices, but adding this hasn't seemed to hurt me....personal choice though, for sure!.

Yay! on the scale moving again! Glad to hear that!.

Off to work! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 30 at 11:04

Nicolas's gravatar image





I too, love all the graphics - you ladies are so creative!.

Had a very busy weekend...almost glad the week is here for things to slow down? Well, we'll see anyway....

Down a surprising -2 again this week. I keep being amazed at this way of eating! I just don't know why anyone wouldn't LOVE it! So very happy I've found Medifast and all of you too - you are my lifeline on MF!.

Have a fantastic Valentine's day with someone you.

Love today ladies! ((hugs))..

answered Apr 30 at 11:45

's gravatar image


HAPPY VDAY ALL!!!! Also hope you all had a great weekend as I did!! I stayed 100% op and made it a whole week FINALLY after my slips here and there...so just shows it....I HAVE THE RIGHT MIND SET AGAIN!!!! WOOHOO!!!.

Went on scale (with clothing LOL) and lost roughly 11 pounds~~~!!.

Ok leaves me 118 more pouns to lose til GOAL!!!.

Hope you all have a great day!!..

answered Apr 30 at 13:22

's gravatar image


Just a quick drive by to say HELLO!!! and wish everyone a great OP day!!..

answered Apr 30 at 14:50

Zayden's gravatar image


Hello fellow Shrinkers!.

The snow is melting and feeling like.


Well, at least until next week when we get more snow & back to the frigid temps, but I'll take it while we've got it!!.

Wishing all of you a totally OP Tuesday - get those water bottles filled!! Have a great day gals!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:28

Malachi's gravatar image


Water bottles ARE filled and I'm ready to "TAKE ON TUESDAY!" Here's my motivation for today...I am SO in one of "those moods!".

Not sure if I'm feeling like the penguin or the polar bear (LOL).

Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 30 at 17:17

Zackary's gravatar image



- O.M. Gee!!!! Your graphic made my day!!! I am definitely the bear today....and those symbols....well, if someone would hit them that close to me.......

I would not be responsible.

....just sayin'.....

(fighting a headache today....).

Thanks for the laugh!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 17:50

's gravatar image


Just stopping by to wish all my shrinkers a "happy tuesday" haha. I think that I'm finally in ketosis I'm not sure but the hunger has definitely subsided and the cravings are still there but thats just my brain...I dont listen to that devil heehee......

Hope you all are having a great day!!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:06

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Hey thanks! Just taking it one day at a time. I know time will fly by and Summer be here and Ill be thinner just like all of us on this thread!! Yay!!!! Hope you having agreat day!!!..

answered Apr 30 at 19:21

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I for one am glad it's hump day!! Now I can have that visual in my mind's eye all day today - thanks for sharing that!!.

Have a great day everyone - let's do a BIG toast with our water bottles to.


answered Apr 30 at 21:01

's gravatar image


G4G~ Love it! Thanks for sharing. You do know that YOU are my 'graphic inspriration?!?!' Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 30 at 21:57

Esteban's gravatar image


This HAS. GOT. TO. BE. the BEST yet! Hugs & Smiles..

answered Apr 30 at 22:50

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