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My question is Medifast...trying to find out info on it? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Rise and Shine girls it's MONDAY!!!!!!!!!.

Can you read the enthusiasm in that?! If not, don't worry, there isn't any there (ROFL)...

asked Apr 30 at 10:57

's gravatar image


That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

answered Apr 30 at 11:27

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Morning Girls!.

BURRRRR! It's cold outside! Frost warning in effect! It's only 42 degrees outside!.

Nothing new around here! Monica so glad your migraine is gone. Hope today goes better for you at work..

Charly here's for a good day for you too! NA, at least your in warmer weather. Almost time to head out of town for the winter!.

Patti, Sandy and Sandy's Mom....have a good day too!.

Talk to you all later..going to put on some jeans and a sweatshirt!..

answered Apr 30 at 11:32

's gravatar image


I give up.

I left early Thursday, everything went to heck in a hand basket. I am truly amazed at how badly things can get messed up or just not done right. I'm so effin tired of all this carp..

"sigh" but what can you do but just keep moving (I would add forward to that but I'm not sure there is a forward here)..

answered Apr 30 at 12:43

's gravatar image


CHARLY - Hey, I thought it sounded full of pep and get up and go....was I wrong. Are you still having a down time?.

MONICA - I wondered what had happened to you...sorry you had a terrible headache. But glad things are better. I was so glad to have my hysterectomy and have the migraines stop. I hope yours end soon too..

ALI - Fall finally came, but it is not supposed to last long. Warming up next week. We have had wonderfully cool days for two days. Made it so much easier to be scrubbing inside the motor home. I cleaned carpet and upholstery today. Tomorrow I'll do some packing in before my chiro appointment and finish Wednesday..

We are only going to be gone until mid November...

answered Apr 30 at 13:55

Emanuel's gravatar image


Morning Glory !.

Grandma used to say that to me, 'morning glory'..


- I take the imitrix for my migraines, have you ever gotten that from your doctor? They help so much. At the onset I take it and within a bit it's like a wash of loveliness from the top of my head to my toes and then a bit longer and totally gone..

I will say though ever since having lost the weight I don't have nearly as many as I used to. Recurring issue here causing headaches is that I'm a 'clencher' when I sleep. I slept with my mouthguard last night and no pain in my jaw/teeth or a headache this morning, thankfully..


- I am feeling better just couldn't seem to rouse any Monday morning mojo (ROFL)..


- morning girl, where did you sleep last night? You know in our younger days that kind of question would have an entirely different meaning followed with a 'grin and a wink' (ROFLMAO)..

Got text from Sandy, she's up and around but it's struggle. She's ok but mentally suffering a bit of depression. Her ma went home and she's worried about that. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers...

answered Apr 30 at 14:03

's gravatar image


Morning Girls! Burrrrr! Freezing here again! I'm in trouble, winter hasn't even started yet and I'm already cold with it in the 40's..

Frost on the ground this morning so what's left of my butterfly garden will soon be disappearing..

Where did I sleep last night? On the couch of course. Night before I was safely tucked in my bed watching TV, last night came home, went downstairs with my nighttime Medifast meal and boom I was out. Tonight I have to make a better effort to get upstairs and sleep..

Monica hope things go better today for you. NA, and here I thought you were going to be gone all of the winter months...silly me! Don't you normally go in the colder months for an extended length?.

Patti, Sandy and Sandy's Mom...waving at you three also..

My agenda today? Take out the sewing machine, set it up in the family room and start mending clothes that have been piling up. I put the machines away when the carpet was being installed, sold the sewing table that holds my reg machine and my serger so now my extra bedroom isn't a sewing room any longer..

Oh well, at least it's clean in there. Might start sewing the child's quilt again that I was making her..

Have a great day girls...talk to you all later!..

answered Apr 30 at 14:21

's gravatar image


I'm here doing better today actually, considering my computer was down this am and everything else was messed up LOL What a place I work at, finally got all of July's bills done now time to start on August.

Hopefully Alltell will pay us soon and I can get caught up to my normal month behind. Stressing over work bills has me doing dbl time on my own bills, been more then just tad freaked out..

Charly most of my migraines are caused by stress, or more to the point after the stress is gone they usually hit really hard. I also have cluster headaches and regular headaches LOL I'm just a great big headache and always have been. My big problem with most migraine meds is you have to take them at the onset and I don't recognize them till they are well on their way, so I just deal. This last one did something new, I don't get nauseous till this one and boy was it bad, but then didn't have any light sensitivity like I normally have with one. I would opt for more painless migraines (yea I have those too) but those affect my eyes so I give myself a headache shaking my head to clear my vision LOL.

Send Sany our love and prayers..

Ali stay warm.

I'm hating the idea of winter myself, I have to seal my windows then put some plastic on them, they leak bad, but not sure how long the plastic will last with the kittens, they love the windows to play in..

NA Have a wonderful trip.

Ok they want my puter again so Huggs and Wet kisses (as Charly says) I'll be back..

answered Apr 30 at 15:16

Allen's gravatar image


Good Wednesday Morning Girls!.

Yes, you have it right! Fell asleep on the couch again and was up 2 hours ago looking for things to do. ARRGGGHHH!!.

It's a little warmer outside today, going to reach in the 70's..Woo Hoo a heat wave..

Did ya ever notice when you get up this early you hear all kinds of strange noises? Sounds like someone is tapping on my kitchen window..probably the birds! LOL.

Also has anyone seen the new infomercial for that sensa stuff you shake on your food to lose weight? OMG, what a hoot! You can eat anything you want, just shake on this crap and it makes you eat less. What junk they won't come up with next! Doesn't say anything about teaching you what not to eat or how to change your eating..

Anywho..have a great day girls! Talk to you all later!..

answered Apr 30 at 16:16

's gravatar image


Morning !!.


- You are funny! Things that go bump in the early morning hours. I have seen that and actually know a gal at the gym who is using it. Swears by it, she told me that it 'kills' the taste of everything after a few bites. I wished her luck, perhaps it's a mind over matter thing or the power of suggestion..


- agree totally, tension/stress headaches. I can take my meds after it's too late so to speak and it still works. Sure they suggest taking it at the onset but I don't always have one with me when that happens so taking it after it's already full blown it does work for me, may have to take more than 1 but I can normally kick it with the meds..

Salon appointment this evening. Cut/color but I don't intend to let him cut much, it's not summer and I need my hair for heat (ROFL). Other than that it's Wednesday. Rob and I are going to the Sauerkraut Festival on Saturday. To heck with the food, it's the largest and most gorgeous craft show I've ever been to and so love to see the talent. Sunday my brother is cooking for me (it's my birthday).

He called me this past weekend while I was at the Oktoberfest at the historical society in town. Asked me what I wanted to eat and I said 'pork tenderloin' because I was actually standing there smelling it at the time and it smelled so good. He said then 'that's what we'll have'..

Off and running........hugs to my friends! xo..

answered Apr 30 at 17:09

Jonah's gravatar image


MMMMMM Can I come to your party Charly LOL I love pork tenderloins, sound like you got the makings for a great birthday, hope it's more then you ever expect.

Ali I know those noises, drive me nuts if I can't figure out what made it. There was the sound of a drop safe at my trailer, I would hear every so often. Never could figure out what was making that sound..

OK work time here have a lot to do today with not being able to do much most of yesterday. Computer is up and running and bills need to be sent out..

I did finally get the Wii moved into my bedroom and using it the last 2 morning right after I get up, seemed to have improved my mood and energy levels. Don't do a lot just enough to get the blood pumping, hoping it keeps working. Just have to figure out how to do the running, TMI but I sleep in the nude and don't really want to get dressed before I get dressed. May just have to bypass the running programs LOL the girls hang low enough as it is, don't need to push the progress along.

Laters gators..

answered Apr 30 at 18:38

Reese's gravatar image


Morning Glory !.

Grandma used to say that to me, 'morning glory'..

CHARLY - Glad you are getting back on track..

The Morning Glory was my sweet ole Granny's favorite flower. She grew them every where she lived. They twined over logs, through trees, along fences and covered ugly butane tanks. Here we consider them a weed and try to kill them as they get in the potato fields and strangle the plants. I am sure that makes her sad..

What a sweet brother you have to cook a special meal just for you. I wonder what he will serve with the tenderloin?.

Please send Sandy my love and prayers for her..

ALI - Well, at least you had one night in your bed. Does the sofa make into a bed...maybe you could just make that your new bed. Hee Hee.

I wish I were a sewer. My other Grandma, the English one, would have loved to have taught me. She was a marvelous seamstress....made a lot of my clothes, including my beautiful prom dress. I was such a fool not to take advantage...but I was crazy about science and music and that was all I thought about..

I have not heard about the sprinkle thing and think I'll just ignore it. Sounds like snake oil to me. LOL.

Birds that early? But, yes I hear strange noises at night too. Sometimes they are accompanied by the smell of a skunk. They try to get into the peanut can on the patio. LOL.

MONICA: So glad you are feeling better. I am very confused about your company's billing system. Why are you just not working on August bills - - does it take that long for the crew to get the paper work to you? No wonder you are always looking for money for the bosses bills..

Are you talking about real running like outside, or with the Wii thingy? Maybe you could just slip into a running bra and shorts and run around the house. LOL.

Hugs to all. See you tomorrow...

answered Apr 30 at 19:07

George's gravatar image



Joyce is very ill. Been vomiting for several days and is very weak. She has been admitted to the hospital in Medford and the doctor thinks the stent in her stomach has either been plugged up or moved. They will do an endoscopy at 8 in the morning to see what is going on. They don't feel they can do surgery on her again as she has not recovered her strength from the last three in a row several months ago. She is very frightened and down heartened again.

Thanks for your support. NA..

answered Apr 30 at 20:07

's gravatar image



- prayers running fast and furious for sweet Joyce. I will be thinking of her..

Monica - ummm.....from someone who dabbles in running/walking I agree that the 'girls' can't handle it without support (ROFL). I swear my sports bras are more supportive to me than a regular bra..

NA - that's cool that the morning glory was your grandma's fav, I can see them as clearly this moment, like they were out my back door..

Ali - how are you today?.

Salon visit a success, got him to NOT take off any length, he just cleaned it up. It's Thursday which means BC......ugh!! only 3 more weeks after this one!..

answered Apr 30 at 21:04

Rylan's gravatar image


Morning Girls!.

NA, continued prayers for Joyce..always in my thoughts too! Hope all goes well with her test this morning..

My couch is a recliner couch..so each side reclines back and the middle section is normally where I put my laptop, water bottle and glasses when I take them off. It's a perfect world down there. LOL Problem is I wake up 900 times a night because I hear the TV or I have to shift myself to get comfortable. My problem is I'm just to lazy when I wake up the first time around 11pm to get myself up and move to my bedroom. I have to make a better effort to do that..

Now for bras....

I love these new Lilyette ones from Maidenform that I bought..they lift me up, no more sagging..ok, TMI Absolutely the best bras I ever bought. My sports bras always did a great job too, but these seem to work better for me..

Well, it's supposed to be in the 80's by the weekend..go figure! Furnace on the last week and we'll be back to windows open again by today. LOL.

Have a great day, ladies. Talk to you all later....

answered Apr 30 at 21:58

Gregory's gravatar image


NA she's probably done by now but sending out lots of prayers for Joyce and you.

And yes I'm talking about the Wii. What I need to find is a one piece something to throw on when I get up in the am. If I give myself any time I will probably find excuses to not exercise, I don't have Charly's drive.

I am really proud of myself though it was a bit chilly this am so didn't want to get out of bed, I got up thinking maybe a day of rest today, but jumped right in and did it anyway. I do have a nice sports bra, am going to check out your bras Ali sound nice, but it's harder to get in and out of then doing my exercises LOL.

By product of doing my exercising first thing is I don't get on the puter so have been on time for work HA doing something wrong here LOL.

OK played enough time to get moving..

NA I"m talking about the businesses bills, our cash in is not keeping up with our cash out. We do have some delinquent accounts but it cost money to collect them too. Had some really big bills go out and am waiting on money to return, a bad thing about lots of businesses now days, want you to pay right away but they have a standard 45 day wait before they pay their bills, no use fighting it either, I"m talking huge corporate accounts, that we still have to buy parts from no matter if they pay their bills...

answered Apr 30 at 22:15

's gravatar image


CHARLY - I am so glad you are almost over the torture of BC. It has shaped and molded your figure and given you lots of stamina and good health...but all good things can sometimes be too much...

answered Apr 30 at 23:46

's gravatar image


MONICA - Does your boss offer a discount for paying in 15 days...and do you hold tight to charging fees for late pay? When we were in business, when we started the discount for 15 day pay we upped our accounts received over 50 percent. Then we started a service charge on anything not paid within 30 days and that got people paying on time too..

I remember having to pay $20,000 aviation fuel bills and wondering when people were going to pay....it is scary. So I know what you are going through. You feel responsible to your boss. Hope it all works out OK...

answered May 01 at 00:49

's gravatar image


ALI - I am going to try your bras too. I hate bras and rarely wear them because they are so very uncomfortable. Of course, when I leave the farm I have to wear them, but otherwise never. I would love to find something that does not bind, cut and chafe..

I would love to have one of those recliner couches. They look so comfortable..

How is your knee doing these days?..

answered May 01 at 01:51

Emanuel's gravatar image



First, thank you for your concerns and prayers. They are so appreciated..

Today the surgeon used an endoscope to check things out. He found that one of the large tumors had moved the stent that is in the bottom of the stomach and it was sort of pinched. So they either reset the old one or put in a new one...I was not quite sure about what Treva was saying. Also, part of the pain she had was an inflamed colon that was swelling. They are treating that also and she is a lot more comfortable..

They pumped everything out of her stomach to do the procedure, and want to keep it empty until the inflamation is down...so she will be on IV for a week or so. I'll go see her tomorrow and get the exact story...

answered May 01 at 02:29

Carlos's gravatar image


Friday - seems like it took a while to get here!!.


- Poor Joyce, what a terrible thing she has to go through, please give her a warm hug from me today and tell her we are praying for her..


- I've heard some of the consultants (independents) are being paid on 45 day gig as well, I know it's tough on them and the families..




House work is done so I'm free/clear of that for the weekend. Follow-up eye appointment this evening then no obligations until 9:30a Monday. I've taken Monday off (afterall Sunday is my birthday (LOL)). I have a dental appointment and then a service appointment for my Jeep in the afternoon, otherwise it's me time. Not sure how I will spin away that time but doesn't matter, it's mine!! (LOL)..

answered May 01 at 02:43

's gravatar image


NA Glad Joyce is doing betterand pray for her continued recovery. Yes we do offer a discount, only a few do it and I have thousands in late fees, which I offer to rescind if they make continual and prompt payments to at least bring their bills down, only a few take me up on that too. The worst are the ones that nitpick about their bills for month on months, insist on discounts etc then charge us full board when we use them for something..

Oh well that's the Bosses doing not mine just have to disassociate myself, it's getting a little better..

Charly spin away your weekend and your pork loin LOL I'll probably clean house this weekend as the kiddos' BFFB (best friend forever boyfriend lol) girlfriend is in town, so she might even be home, probably not but maybe LOL. I know she is planning on dinner tonight with me as I bought some asparagus and if she wants any it has to be tonight..

Ali you still asleep?.

Must have made it to your own bed..

Everyone have a grand day.

Hopefully Medifast will get things back up and running right soon..

answered May 01 at 03:41

's gravatar image


Hey Squirrels!.

Just sort of got caught up with the posts, okay I am lying like a dog, just this week!.

Prayers to Sandy, her mom and Joyce. Life deals us some unlucky cards at times. Hope all of them heal quickly. I will put them all on the BS prayer list..

Ali - You are too funny with some of your posts!.

Wish I could sew too, what a gift. Stay warm and WtG on the weight loss!.

Charlycakes - well haven't you been tooting around everywhere, now the sauerkraut (?) festivial?? Girl you know how to live! LOL Have fun, and it's very nice your brother is cooking for you on your BD, he is a good brother!.

Missy Monica - hope the headaches go away. Are you still dancing?? How many 4 footed friends are residing with you now?.

NA- If you haven't left yet, hope you have a great vacation!.

What can I say, just been busy with life, nuttin' earth shattering. Big horse show in Vero Beach this weekend, it's only an hour away so we won't have to sleep over, yahoo to that! It has been in the 60's and 70's here, loving this cool weather. Horses are frisky too..

P is still runnng CC, doing really well, loaded down with homework as usual..

DH is fat as a tick but not saying anything. He started walking this week, not enough to make much difference but it's a start. AJ and wife are great too..

I am still up about 6 pounds from my lowest, I go on and off MF. Not in the frame of mind to buckle down, but will soon enough. Pants are snug which is not a good thing!.

Well I am off to a "Premire Jewelry Party" tonight as a friends house. Went to a Princess cooking party last week, both giving % to breast cancer so I show up and buy something..

Hugs to all of you, wishing you all well and a fun weekend too!..

answered May 01 at 04:23

's gravatar image


Hey..It's Friday afternoon...where is everyone? LOL.

Nothing new here, same old same!.

Weather is a lot better, scale is not! ARRGGGH! Should not have jumped on it this morning, AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!.

Oh well, hope everyone is having a good day! Have a great night too! Talk to you all tomorrow!.

Edited to add:.

OMG what a dumb butt!!! Everyone was here, I didn't go to the second page of posts. LOL..

answered May 01 at 04:52

's gravatar image


LMAO Ali and with Medifast site acting up easy to miss something too.

((Patti)) miss you girl.

Back at it yuck but hey it is FRIDAY..

answered May 01 at 06:07

's gravatar image


First - Joyce Update. Called her this morning to be sure she was up for company and she was waiting for the doctor to come in and let her go home....this lady and God are amazing. She can eat again, has no pain and things she has some time left after all. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. I'll see her tomorrow and head south to pick up Cora Sunday. She thanks everyone for their prayers..

CHARLY - I sure hope you have such a wonderful time at your brothers for your special day. I am amazed you took Monday off too....good for you. You deserve it..

MONICA - I don't know what to say...sounds like you have some 'mean' customers. Enjoy your weekend, but don't work too hard cleaning, you need some YOU time..

PATTI - Wow, you have been busy. Good luck at Vero this weekend. And to think, when we were there I was only an hour away from you...of course at that time I didn't even know there was a you. LOL.

Nice of you to support your friends as they support breast cancer awareness and research..

ALI - I have been caught with that second page thing too. Sorry your scales are out of whack...that is always disappointing. I am sure next week will be better..

I am so enjoying the cool cloudy days this past week. It is 65 outside and I have the doors and windows open. Will have to close them soon, Roger gets cold easily..

See you all tomorrow.



answered May 01 at 06:14

Dennis's gravatar image


Morning girls!!.

Good to see you Pattishakes! Enjoy that horseshow and say hey to the boys for me!.

Ali - my posts haven't exactly been posting as they should, I sit her and wait but sometimes the page doesn't come back..

NA - GREAT news about Joyce, what a blessing!.

Monica - cleaning?! really?! why? (LOL).

I'm feel bad and that stinks!! HOWEVER I will go to the festival today. They do all kinds of strange stuff with sauerkraut but I don't eat it. It's never been a friend to my stomach IYKWIM. From my nose up my head feels fine, from my nose down I have such terrible ear ache pain in right ear and a horrible horrible sore throat. Hurts to swallow and when I do it feels like I'm not swallowing. I do so badly want to go to the festival and will go just to see how long I can hold out.

I'm drinking fizzy cold pills and taking aspirin (started yesterday) so I'm just crossing my fingers. It's really unusual for me to not feel well, I don't like it at all!!.

Wish me luck, and I'll push through the day with the MOXIE MOJO! (LOL).


answered May 01 at 07:08

's gravatar image


Morning...ewwwwww Charly that's how mine started out! Woke up with it in my throat and nose and it continued downward from there. Next day my ear started and then it was total head congestion. The minute my sore throat started, I opened a zpac and started taking it. Hope you feel better for your birthday dinner though. Stay home from the festival and rest up..

Well, I was up with the birds again. It's all my fault that I do that..fall asleep on the couch. Too lazy to get up!.

Something is wrong with this Medifast site. When I first log on the community page and look at the "MY NEWS" section it never lists the people that have posted, they are from days ago...and then I wondered why I was on the wrong posting page yesterday. LOL I can hit the post reply button and it just sits there. I have to open another window to see if it actually did post, and it's there..

Well, supposed to be a nice day today, alot warmer but I'm working in the garage to get some stuff cleaned out that NO ONE came to pick up when I was going to have that garage sale. Furniture pieces that they wanted, so don't give them away to anyone else...they are still in my garage. I hate when they do that..

You all have a wonderful day and I'll see you all tomorrow..


answered May 01 at 08:33

Brayan's gravatar image


Oh and I just hit the Post Quick Reply, it sat there..opened another window, it posted..went back to the original window and it still says..POSTING! LOL They are having issues. Later gators!..

answered May 01 at 08:43

Ricardo's gravatar image


Ali that is EXACTLY the same type of thing I'm experiencing with this site!..

answered May 01 at 09:40

's gravatar image


It's almost 9pm and I had to turn the air back on. Dang weather! Indian Summer? Have a great sleep girls. Let's hope I don't fall asleep down here again..

Sweet Dreams!..

answered May 01 at 09:59

Caiden's gravatar image


CHARLY - Bummer, and with your Birthday party tomorrow too. Please get well fast...sounds like you have a very nasty bug in your throat..

Yes, it is good news about Joyce - - she definitely is one of God's Works of Miracles...

answered May 01 at 11:17

's gravatar image


Yes, I am having trouble too. I thought it might be AOL, but since you two are having problems, I won't be able to blame them this time..

I won't be on line tomorrow and probably won't be able to get a signal from the first camp grounds....so you all behave yourselves until I am in civilization again..

I am so glad that Joyce is better so I can leave and not feel like I am abandoning her. And I finally got a good nights sleep last night too. I was so worried....she said to tell all of you thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. Hugs, NA..

answered May 01 at 12:56

Cash's gravatar image



Have a great day! Hope you're feeling better today?.

NA be safe in your travels and check in when you can. So glad that Joyce is doing better. She's a cat with nine lives!.

Take care everyone..going to the nephews to watch football and cook! LOL.


answered May 01 at 13:21

Harrison's gravatar image


Thanks Ali!! I'm holding my own, did get to urgent care yesterday and got antibiotics for what ails me. Hoping they work. Between those and aspirin that has a bit of codiene in it I can push through no worries!..

answered May 01 at 13:46

's gravatar image


Remember today is ALL about you.

Glad your feeling better or have the good drugs to help you feel better LOL.

Looks like the site is up and running right again too..

All is well with the world..

answered May 01 at 14:32

Josue's gravatar image


Thanks Monica - lovely card!.

And YEA to the site behaving well!..

answered May 01 at 15:59

's gravatar image


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