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My question is Need good Cherokee Indian Medifast recipes...? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Hey friends,.

I'm in need of support please:) recently started eating really badly and then throwing it up. After a family crisis almost two months ago I also started smoking again. I probably havent exercised in over a month! so between eating poorly, smoking, and not moving around much Im becoming the person I WAS before the.


Any ideas on what I can do? I depend on all of you for your wisdom:).

Thank You..

asked May 09 at 15:07

's gravatar image


Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

answered May 09 at 16:40

's gravatar image


Have your little pitty party and feel like shit for a bit. BUT than girl you gotta get up and put on your big girl panties and step to the mark. We all fall short every now and than so get.

Over yourself and just do it..

Keep in mind little girl, it would be a horrible thing to have destroyed a perfectly good stomach if it turns out you're truely insane? LOL I.


, if not it's a you problem forsure!.

Jus sayin Lu..

answered May 09 at 16:53

's gravatar image


We all have to deal with stress in our lives but we need to find a healthy mechanism to deal with it. Food, smoking, and referring back to old habits is not going to help you. This has worked for me I cant say that it will work for anyone but I am a believer that it does work. My psychologist had me create a list of the reasons why I wanted to.

Lose weight.

My instructions were to post them where I knew I would be able to read them everyday. I keep a list on my fridge and an index card in my purse (inside my Medifast food journal). Anytime I am tempted I simply read them. Instead of going to the fridge or referring to other vices I get out of my house, go for a walk, or do anything that takes me away from Medifast food as it shouldnt be used as a source of frustration, stress, celebrations or whatever but merely to fuel our bodies. That being said I am not perfect and Im sure I will have my moment of weakness (I did pre-op), forgive yourself, get back up and keep in perspective why you are doing this..

If you dont take care of you, who else will?..

answered May 09 at 18:04

's gravatar image


I have to say I just love Josie's (jortiz) idea. Remember why you wanted to do this.... keeping it in your face will help to keep you on track... You chose to put your health first and you need to do it again. Remember, stress can cause us to revert back to bad habits.... smoking & eating poorly are only adding to your stress....

Exercising can be a great stress reliever....You deserve to be happy and healthy!! You can do this....

((((big hug))).


answered May 09 at 18:57

Blake's gravatar image


Sounds like you already know what needs to be done ;) the opposite of "eating poorly, smoking, and not moving around much" Good for you for recognizing it and knowing you need to make changes..

A few suggestions....

Visit your Dr and be honest about what is going on (he/she can help).

Quit smoking (google image search lung or mouth cancer, former smoker I know it's hard).

Plan your meals.


Chart your intake (fod/drink) & output (.


) for awhile on.


Or nutritiondata.

Move everyday (something, walk, dance, something).

Come hang out here. Support =success IMHO.

Good Luck! You only fail when you give up. So don't give up ;).

~Michelle "Shelly"..

answered May 09 at 19:40

Jack's gravatar image



Thank you so much for the support. Im definately going to make a list(have in the past) and stick to it. Im on the.


And just need to stop the damn smoking! After losing almost 57 pounds I would know better. You know I really miss being HEALTHY. Need to get back there..



answered May 09 at 20:30

's gravatar image


Amen to all the advice already posted here. I'd just like to add this: family dramas and crises are part of the whole family package. There will be more of them in the future. When that happens, what are you going to do? You don't want to slide back into old bad habits again, so you'll need to have a strategyor several of themto help you deal with emotional pressures when they come. Make a list of those coping strategies too: For example, call a friend, pray, take a walk, get a.


...do deep.

Breathing exercises.

....whatever may work for you. Keep that list handy along with your list of reasons for being healthy..


This helps...

answered May 09 at 21:20

Louis's gravatar image


When you are trying to discontinue two addictions at the same time,it rarely works. It is critical to get professional psychological- behavioral help to prioritize and make a treatment plan. Rehab works!.

Do not try to do this by yourself when there is so much help available. Don't just depend on anti-smoking meds and.


Gotta dive in and figure out what your body is trying to tell you!..

answered May 09 at 22:39

Dennis's gravatar image


RickyDee- Your so right! I see a therapist every other week and have since before I ever thought of doing the.


Since the family incident I got lost, made a bunch of excuses, and now I'm in denial. I will make these changes again. Another thing is I do a lot of.




About over eating. Something I wish I had done before the.


:) thanks!..

answered May 10 at 00:09

Theodore's gravatar image


Looks like another well done.


Without any repair to the head to me! And having quit smoking for this life changing nighmare was the single best unexpected aspect of GBS..

Now I know I was kind of an asshole earlier, so I just wanted to say it's not like you started smoking post.


And while it's the worst.

Thing in this life for you, don't lose your opportunity with time and your pouch to figure out your smoking addiction..

Just do your best and.



Goodluck and love Lu..

answered May 10 at 00:54

Bruce's gravatar image


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